School/InstituteLocationStart dateEnd dateApplication deadlineTopic(s) / NotesLinkDate added to this list
Tufts University (VERSEIM)Medford, MAJun 3Aug 9Mar 3
(apply early)
Limited data tomography; Optimal transport and signal processing; Permutation groups and algebraic geometry; Spectral graph theory and differential equations
4 Jan 2024
Fairmont StateFairmont, WVJun 3Jul 26Mar 4Discrete and Continuous Analysis in Appalachia
Probability and combinatorics; Data science; Linear algebra; Control Theory
23 Nov 2023
Illinois Institute of Technology
University of Chicago
Chicago, ILMay 27Aug 3Mar 4The BigDataX (from theory to practice in Big Data computing at eXtreme scales)
7 Feb 2024
UCLALos Angeles, CAAug 12Sep 20Mar 11Topological data analysis
"REU is designed to be local in nature, so the students must be living in the greater Los Angeles region and be able to commute to UCLA campus" Feb 2024
Boston UniversityBoston, MAJun 10Jul 12Mar 15Summer Institute in Biostatistics and Data Science (SIBS)
9 Nov 2023
Columbia UniversityNew York, NYMay 28Jul 12Mar 15Summer Training Institute in Biostatistics and Data Science at Columbia
9 Nov 2023
Kansas State University (SUMaR)Manhattan, KSJun 3Jul 26Mar 15offering projects in discrete complex analysis, computational imaging, and number theory Jan 2024
North Carolina A&T State UniversityGreensboro, NCMay 20Jul 26Mar 15Data Science and Analytics
20 Jan 2024
North Carolina State UniversityRaliegh, NCJun 10Jul 19Mar 15Summer Institute in Biostatistics (SIBS)
* Pending support
20 Jan 2024
Notre DameNotre Dame, INJun 17Jun 21Mar 15Undergraduate Summer School in Rationality and Hyperbolicity
3 Jan 2024
Salisbury UniversitySalisbury, MDMay 29Aug 6Mar 15EXERCISE - Explore Emerging Computing in Science and Engineering; interdisciplinary project that explores emerging paradigms in parallel computing with data and compute-intensive applications in science and engineering
18 Dec 2023
Georgetown University
Washington, DCJun 2Jul 20Mar 15​SPIRAL and SPATIAL-Stats are research experiences for undergraduates (REU) aimed at providing a mentoring structure that promotes active learning and engagement in problems in statistics and mathematics. Undergraduate students in the SPIRAL and SPATIAL-Stats will learn how to conduct scientific research. Dec 2023
Mississippi State UniversityStarkville, MSMay 28Aug 3Mar 15Computational Methods with applications in Materials Science
11 Jan 2024
UC IrvineIrvine, CAMar 15Irvine Summer Institute in Biostatistics and Undergraduate Data Science Jan 2024
UNC CharlotteCharlotte, NCMay 20Jul 26Mar 15projects in topics including inverse problems, differential equations, number theory, material science, probability theory, and statistics Feb 2024
University of North Caroloina, GreensboroGreensboro, NCMay 13Jul 5Mar 15Graph Learning and Network Analysis: from Foundations to Applications
16 Jan 2024
University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, CAJun 17Jul 26Mar 15
Apply early
Los Angeles Biostatistics and Data Science Summer Training Program at USC Oct 2023
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyEdinburg, TXMay 27Jul 26Mar 15Wave phenomena and mathematical modeling; Mathematical modeling of spatial processes and deep spatial learning Nov 2023
Autonomy Technology Research Center (ATRC) Summer ProgramDayton, OHMay 6
Aug 16
Jan 15 --
mid March
Multi-source Fusion, Machine Learning / Deep Learning, High Performance Computing, Synthetic Aperture Radar: Multi-static Radar, 3D Reconstruction, Laser Vibrometry , Narrow Band Imaging, Image Registration, Overcomplete Dictionaries, Manifold learning, Compressive Sensing, Neural Networks, Radar Feature Analysis, Wide Angle Signature Analysis, Radar Target Detection, Sparse and Low Rank Regularization, Advanced SAR Image Formation, Synthetic Aperture Ladar, Target Tracking, Pattern of Life Analysis, Graph Theory, Covariance Estimation
US citizenship required, housing provided, pay dependent on experience level ($796 to $1,060 per week for undergraduate students and from $1,104 to $1,280 per week for graduate students)
15 Oct 2023
University of IowaIowa City, IAJun 3Jul 19Rolling
apply early
Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics Oct 2023
University of Texas Medical BranchGalveston, TXJun 8Jul 27Rolling basis
Jan 26 - Mar 15
UTMB Summer Institute in Biostatistics and Data Science
9 Nov 2023
Bernoulli CenterLausanne, SwitzerlandJul 1Jul 7Mar 19Number theory Dec 2023
University of UtahSalt Lake City, UTMay 31Aug 2Mar 22Trust and Reproducibility of Intelligent Computation
15 Feb 2024
Marshall UniversityHuntington, WVJun 3 Jul 26Mar 24
Appalachian Mathematics and Physics Site
complex analysis (computation of analytic capacity), statistics/data science (statistical machine learning for creating predictive models), computational physics (binary neutron star mergers), and experimental physics (filtration of textile dyes) Feb 2024
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
Pasadena, CAJun 24 Aug 2Mar 29The JPL Summer Internship Program offers 10-week, full-time, summer internship opportunities at JPL to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics
26 Oct 2023
Texas A&M University-CommerceCommerce, TXJun 10Aug 2Mar 29Coding Theory: “Graph-based quantum error-correcting codes”; Complex Analysis: “The excess area between images of domains under analytic mappings”; Vector Fields to Image Analysis & Machine Learning: “Correlation between vector field features embedded into modified by operators and original images”; Mathematical Biology: “Estimating the damage due to reperfusion caused by Ischaemia via a mathematical model”
7 Jan 2024
Florida Institute of TechnologyMelbourne, FLMay 13Jul 6Mar 30Statistical Models with Applications to Geoscience Jan 2024
Arizona State UniversityTempe, AZMay 15Jul 12Mar 31Quantum Machine Learning Algorithm Design and Implementation
30 Jan 2024
Portland State UniversityVirtualJun 10Aug 16Mar 31Computational modeling
15 Oct 2023
University of GuamMangilao, GuamMay 28Jul 20Mar 31Game Theory and Graph Theory Jan 2024
University of UtahSalt Lake City, UTJul 8Jul 12Mar 31Mathematical Biology, Graduate School Preview in Mathematical Biology
28 Jan 2024
Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, INMay 20Jul 26Feb 15
Apr 15
Summer Research Experience in Structural and Computational Biology and Biophysics
16 Jan 2024
IOL LabBerlin, GERFlexibleFlexibleRollingTheoretical optimization, with applications in ML, OR, and AI. Students with coding experience are especially encouraged to apply.
Can work with international students (may need lead-in time to get German visa) and take graduating seniors. Expect >=10 positions for summer 2024 Nov 2023
Colorado School of Public HealthAurora, COJun 24 Aug 2Rolling
late Jan - late Mar
Colorado Summer Institute in Biostatistics (CoSIBS)
26 Jan 2024
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew UniversityJerusalem, IsraelJun 2Jul 30Feb 15
Topology and Geometry, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Set Theory, and Model Theory
26 Oct 2023
Polymath JrVirtualVariesVariesApr 1Assorted topics, TBA
Encouraged to not apply until mid-March and first see if you have been admitted into another REU program
16 Nov 2023
University of Texas at AustinAustin, TXJun 3Aug 2Apr 1Cyberinfrastructure Research 4 Social Change; High Performance Computing (HPC), visualization, and data intensive computing
15 Oct 2023
MathILy-EST (Bryn Mawr College)Bryn Mawr, PAJun 16Aug 10Apr 2combinatorial geometry of origami Dec 2023
Florida International UniversityMiami, FLMay 25Aug 1Apr 7 (???)Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies
20 Jan 2024
University of ConnecticutStorrs, CTJun 17Jun 21Apr 7Cluster Algebra Summer School. "intended for ... advanced undergraduate students with research interest in cluster algebras."
7 Feb 2024
University of Puerto Rico in PoncePonce, PRJun 3Aug 2Apr 13Combinatorics and Coding Theory in the Tropics -- coding theory, combinatorics, graph theory, parking functions, locally recoverable codes, and codes from finite geometries
Combinatoria y Teoría de Códigos en el Trópico -- teoría de códigos, combinatoria, teoría de grafos, funciones de estacionamientos, códigos de recuperación local, y códigos de geometrías finitas
9 Feb 2024
Montana State UniversityBozeman, MTMay 28Aug 2Apr 15
Apply early
focuses on collaborative algorithm development and problem solving for topics in the broad themes of optimization and sustainability with specific topics including computational biology, computational geometry and topology, graph optimization algorithms, machine learning, and cybersecurity
13 Jan 2024
University of MissourriColumbia, MOTBATBATBAPerspective Analytics for AI-enabled Operations Engineering
29 Dec 2023
NSA Summer programVariesVariesVariesOct 15Must be US Citizen and able to get security clearance. Multiple different programs open to undergraduates. Sep 2023
University of WaterlooWaterloo, ONJun 3Jun 14Jan 2Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing
Can take international students
4 Sep 2023
FermilabBatavia, ILMay 20 Aug 16Jan 4Summer Internships in Science and Technology (SIST) -- conduct research with Fermilab scientists and engineers
10 Nov 2023
Department of EnergyVaries??????Jan 5SULI (Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships)
Can take graduating seniors Nov 2023
Santa Fe InstituteSanta Fe, NMJun 2Aug 10Jan 11Complexity. Students learn how to combine theory, methods, and data from the physical, natural, and social sciences to ask big questions about real-world complex systems using the rigorous methods employed at SFI.
8 Oct 2023
CaltechPasadena, CAJun 18 Aug 23 Jan 12Caltech LIGO Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program
Projects include "Data analysis" Dec 2023
Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCold Spring Harbor, NYJun 10 Aug 10 Jan 15Bioinformatics and Computational Neuroscience Summer Undergraduate Program
2 Nov 2023
David Harold Blackwell Summer Research Institute
UCLA; UC Berkeley; Stanford
CaliforniaJun 17Jul 26Jan 15Applied Probability, Analysis, or Theoretical Computer Science
Aimed at African-American men and women
26 Oct 2023
Northwestern UniversityEvanston, ILJun 17Aug 23Jan 15Synthetic Biology: research at the interface of biology, engineering, chemistry, math and physics
8 Oct 2023
Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OHJun 3
Jul 27
Jan 15Research Opportunities in Mathematics for Underrepresented Students (ROMUS). Topics include analysis of PDEs and mathematical finance, ergodic theory and dynamical systems, combinatorics, model theory, algebraic geometry, and quantum algebra, category theory, and operator algebra and operator theory Nov 2023
University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleKnoxville, TNMay 26 Aug 2 Jan 15 Quantum Algorithms and Optimization
8 Oct 2023
North Carolina State UniversityRaliegh, NCMay 20Jul 26Jan 16Socially-Relevant Computing and Analytics Oct 2023
Rochester Insitute of Technology (RIT)Rochester, NYJun 2Aug 3Jan 19STEM education research
26 Oct 2023
University of Texas at TylerTyler, TXJun 10Aug 2Jan 19Graph splines; Integer partitions; Inverse semigroups
8 Oct 2023
Fields Institute Toronto, OntarioJun 10Aug 9Jan 21Nonlinear Dynamics in Acoustics & Hearing; Defects in Variational Models in Liquid Crystal; Deep Learning Techniques for Real-Time Artifact Removal for EEG Brain-Computer Interfaces; Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Optimal Transport Theory and Applications in Quantum Physics/Chemistry; Risk-Averse Dynamic Programming for Non-Sequential Decision Processes; Bootstrapping Random Matrices; Language Similarity and Cross-Lingual Transfer for Low-Resource Languages; Optimization Models for Risk-Based Operations of Offshore Wind Farms; Discovering Combinatorial Identities Using Mathematical Physics; Random Multiplicative Functions over Function Fields
Can take international students
8 Oct 2023
NYU Center for Data ScienceNew York, NYJun 10Aug 16Jan 22Data science Dec 2023
University of Massachusetts, AmherstAmerst, MAJun 11Aug 10Jan 22Computing for an Equitable Energy Transition
10 Nov 2023
Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem, NCMay 27Aug 2Jan 26Biomedical Engineering and Informatics Summer Research Program
8 Oct 2023
Aalto UniversityHelsinki, FinlandJuneAugustJan 29Projects run for 12 weeks, and is flexible within each research group
Can work with international students; have 2 positions in math
Formalization (using lean) of aspects of probability theory, analysis or algebra
Matrix theory/algebra/number theory
9 Nov 2023
Arizona State UniversityTempe, AZMay 28Jul 20Jan 31Quantitative Research in the Life and Social Sciences Program (QRLSSP) Nov 2023
DIMACS / RutgersNew Brunswick, NJMay 28Jul 26Jan 31Cut/Flow Structures in Graphs with Terminals; Approximability of Euclidean k-center and k-diameter; Tight memory-sample tradeoffs for learning parity with noise (LPN); Advancing Homomorphic Encryption: Robust Security and Efficient Schemes with Large Keys; Projects in Algorithmic Game Theory; Differential privacy and data visualization; Graph algorithms with weak and strong signals; Truth Learning in a Social and Adversarial Setting; Data Privacy and Applied Social Science Research; Optimization, learning and high-dimensional macroscopic limits; Genome folding and function: from DNA base pairs to nucleosome arrays and chromosomes; Genomic data-guided computational modeling of cancer
Training LLMs on Mathematica packages; When Fourier analysis meets ergodic theory and combinatorics; Mathematical Investigations of Physics in One Space Dimension; Projects in Pure Math; Simplifying explicit equations of fake projective planes; Curves on topological surfaces; Simulating Random Origami; Triple Product L-function; +1 more
26 Oct 2023
Hunter College (CUNY)New York, NYJun 3Jul 26Jan 31immersive visualization and virtual/augmented/mixed reality
26 Oct 2023
Illinois Institute of TechnologyChicago, ILMay 28Aug 2Jan 31SURE offers insight and learning into some of the hottest topics in data science and computational mathematics through hands-on research experience
13 Dec 2013
New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologySocorro, NMMay 30Aug 3Jan 31Intelligent Energetic Systems Engineering (INTENSE) REU
5 Nov 2023
NISTVariesVariesVariesJan 31SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) Oct 2023
Park City Math InstitutePark City, UTJul 7 Jul 27 Jan 31Motivic Homotopy Theory
Can take students who have just graduated
9 Nov 2023
UC BerkeleyBerkeley, CAJune ??August ??Jan 31Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley-Responsible Artificial Intelligence (SUPERB-RAI)
8 Oct 2023
University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesMinneapolis, MNJun 3Aug 9Jan 31Equitable Data Science in Adolescent Development
4 Nov 2023
University of South FloridaTampa, FLMay 27 Aug 2Jan 31Center for Cryptographic Research offers an REU Site program in Cryptography and Coding Theory
8 Dec 2023
Brown UniversityProvidence, RIJun 3Aug 2Feb 1Dynamic Earth in the 21st Century: Undergraduate research on the evolution of Earth’s interior, surface, and climate Nov 2023
California State University, ChicoChico, CAJun 24 Aug 8 Feb 1Topology (topics may include knot invariants and traces)
Aperiodic Order (topics may include regular sequences and related objects) Oct 2023
Clarkson UniversityPotsdam, NYMay 19Jul 23Feb 1High performance computing
8 Dec 2023
Icahn School of MedicineNew York, NYJun 3Aug 9Feb 1Summer Research Training Program in Biomedical Big Data Science
8 Oct 2023
Leadership AllianceVariesVariesVariesFeb 1Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) is a fully paid summer internship that provides undergraduates with training and mentoring in the principles underlying the conduct of research and prepares them to pursue competitive applications to PhD or MD-PhD programs.
Particularly targeted to under-represented groups
8 Oct 2023
Northwestern University (CIERA)Evanston, ILJun 17Aug 16Feb 1Astrophysics
8 Oct 2023
Rosetta Commons REUVariesJun 4Aug 8Feb 1Interns in this geographically-distributed REU program have the opportunity to participate in research using the Rosetta Commons software. The Rosetta Commons software suite includes algorithms for computational modeling and analysis of protein structures. It has enabled notable scientific advances in computational biology, including de novo protein design, enzyme design, ligand docking, and structure prediction of biological macromolecules and macromolecular complexes. Oct 2023
Southern Methodist UniversityDallas, TXJun 3Jul 26Feb 1Data science for social good
2 Nov 2023
University of North Caroloina, GreensboroGreensboro, NCMay 28Jul 31Feb 1Complex Data Analysis using Statistical and Machine Learning Tools Oct 2023
University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasRio Piedras, PRJuneAugustFeb 1IQ-Bio-REU: Interdisciplinary and Quantitative Biology Research Experience for Undergraduates
23 Nov 2023
Williams College (SMALL)Williamstown, MAJun 10Aug 10Feb 1The groups this year are (1) Prismatic Polyominoes: a De Bruijn type object, (2) Knot Theory, (3) Number Theory and Probability, and (4) Combinatorial Algorithms for Hamilton Paths.
Combinatorial algorithms:
Knot theory:
de Bruijn:
Number theory:
26 Oct 2023
Brown UniversityProvidence, RIJun 3Aug 2Feb 2Artificial Intelligence for Computational Creativity
9 Nov 2023
Harvard Medical SchoolBoston, MAJun 10Aug 9Feb 2Quantitative biology Nov 2023
NASA Internship programVariesVariesVariesFeb 2Opportunities for some international students (depending on country of origin) Oct 2023
University of Southern MississippiHattiesburg, MSMay 29Jul 20Feb 2Mapping freedon
22 Oct 2023
Yale University (SUMRY)New Haven, CTMay 28Jul 24Feb 2Well-edge-diminated graphs; Hyperbolic 3-manifolds; Spectral Analysis and Applications in Mathematical Physics; Geometric manifold learning
29 Dec 2023
University of MichiganAnn Arbor, MI> May 1< Aug 15Feb 3Dates and times vary by mentor pairing
8 Oct 2023
University of Nevada, Las VegasLas Vegas, NVJun 17Aug 10Feb 4Artificial Intelligence on Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Network
20 Jan 2024
University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesMontana + MinnesotaJun 9Aug 10Feb 4Sustainable Land and Water Resources - A Community Based Participatory Research Experience for Undergraduates Dec 2023
Brigham Young UniversityProvo, UTJun 3Aug 9 Feb 5Physics & astronomy; some projects involve mathematical modeling/computation
5 Nov 2023
IUPUIIndianapolis, INJun 3 Jul 26 Feb 5Mathematical modeling of retinal oxygenation; Incorporating subcellular structures into cellular models; Mathematical modeling in addictions; Modelling cellular and membrane dynamics
13 Dec 2023
Pepperdine UniversityMalibu, CAMay 6Jul 19 Feb 7Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Biology (SURB)
13 Dec 2023
SIAM-Simons Undergraduate Summer Research ProgramVariesTBATBAFeb 7 (1) Interest Rate Modeling and Asset Pricing in Incomplete Markets; (2) Characterizing Biological Patterns Using Optimal Transport and Topological Data Analysis; (3) Fun at the Intersection of Linear Algebra and Probability; (4) Data Augmentation Applied to Tabular Data; (5) Biomimetic Design Criteria for Self-Assembly and Self-Folding Viral Capsid Models
23 Nov 2023
Boston UniversityBoston, MAJun 10Jul 19Feb 9Pattern formation, differential equations, applied dynamical systems Dec 2023
University of Central FloridaOrlando, FLMay 20Jul 26Feb 9 Partial differential equations; Computations mathematics; Financial mathematics; Mathematical biology; Application in linear algebra
2 Dec 2023