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First NameLast NameAgeSexDate of injuryDate of deathEvent descriptionEvent cityEvent stateOccupationIndustryImmigrant?AffiliationExposureCountry of originCity of residenceState of residenceDirect EmployerData CollectorContractor 1Contractor 2Contractor 3Source 1Source 2Source 3
CharlieJamesmale2015-03-132015-03-13No event description providedANCHORAGEAK48-49 - Transportation and WarehousingUnionCaught in or betweenSea Star Stevedore CompanyOSHAOSHA
23male2015-06-16Employee was engulfed by loose soil while working in a trench. He sustained broken bones and massive bleeding.AnchorageAKroad construction worker236115 - New Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders) Hartman Construction And Equipment, Incof Anchorage
Allen DaleJonesmale2015-08-052015-08-05No event description providedANNISTONAL23 - ConstructionCardio-vascular; respiratory system failureTecta America Southeast LLCOSHAOSHA
MarshallWaltonmale2015-02-132015-02-13No event description providedCITRONELLEAL23 - ConstructionStruck byJohn G. Walton Construction Company, Inc.OSHAOSHA
RonaldByrdmale2015-03-182015-03-18No event description providedEVERGREENAL23 - ConstructionStruck byByrd Contractors, Inc.OSHAOSHA
PhillipCowanmale2015-04-062015-04-06No event description providedTHOMASVILLEAL11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and HuntingStruck byLower Dixie Timber Co., Inc.OSHAOSHA
CharlesPughmale2015-08-282015-08-28No event description providedSTOCKTONAL11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and HuntingCaught in or betweenBlack Sheep Woodlands, LLCOSHAOSHA
Keith Leverettemale2015-03-112015-03-11No event description providedBRENTAL81 - Other Services (except Public Administration)OtherBRENT INDUSTRIES, INC.OSHAOSHA
EarlGrandberryfemale2015-05-082015-05-08No event description providedENTERPRISEAL56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation ServicesFall (from elevation)Tolbert Tree Service & Stump GrindingOSHAOSHA
TrentonWaymale2015-12-162015-12-16No event description providedBESSEMERAL44-45 - Retail TradeOtherCircle K Stores, Inc.OSHAOSHA
Bobby Millwoodmale2015-06-262015-06-26No event description providedJASPERAL44-45 - Retail TradeCaught in or betweenGCR Tire and ServicesOSHAOSHA
ThomasKeithmale2015-02-272015-02-27No event description providedIDERAL42 - Wholesale TradeStruck byTrantham Equipment, Inc.OSHAOSHA
MathewLesuremale2015-02-202015-02-20No event description providedTROYAL42 - Wholesale TradeOtherJerry Spurlock Iron & Metal CompanyOSHAOSHA
Allen MichaelBrown25male2015-06-242015-06-24Police in Athens say a worker has died after being run over by a forklift at Federal-Mogul Corporation. Multiple news outlets report Athens Police Chief Johnson says that 25-year-old Allen Michael Brown died Wednesday night. Officials say Brown was walking in front of the forklift possibly securing an empty barrel. Police confirm the accident happened outside of the plant.AthensAL31-33 - ManufacturingcontactFederal-Mogul CorporationBethany
Charles PUGHmale2015-02-192015-02-19No event description providedBAYOU LA BATREAL31-33 - ManufacturingFall (from elevation)Steiner Construction Company, Inc.OSHAOSHA
CedricHayes Jr.male2015-08-312015-08-31No event description providedCLANTONAL31-33 - ManufacturingStruck byStella-Jones CorporationOSHAOSHA
Torris Burtsmale2015-07-202015-07-20No event description providedBIRMINGHAMAL31-33 - ManufacturingUnionCaught in or betweenVulcan Pipe & Steel Coating, Inc.OSHAOSHA
GaryCoopermale2015-10-282015-10-28No event description providedDECATURAL31-33 - ManufacturingStruck byIndependence Tube CorporationOSHAOSHA
VirginiaSandersonfemale2015-02-062015-02-06No event description providedOWENS CROSS ROADSAL31-33 - ManufacturingOtherUltratec Special Effects, Inc.OSHAOSHA
AimeeCothranfemale2015-02-062015-02-06No event description providedOWENS CROSS ROADSAL31-33 - ManufacturingOtherUltratec Special Effects, Inc.OSHAOSHA
Esaul RiosContrerasmale2015-12-292015-12-29No event description providedGLENCOEAL31-33 - ManufacturingFall (from elevation)McCartney Construction Company, Inc.OSHAOSHA
JohnOsmer61male2015-11-102015-11-10A man from Gurley has been identified as the employee killed early Tuesday morning in an explosion at a Madison County cedar product plant. John Osmer, 61, died as a result of the explosion.HUNTSVILLEAL31-33 - ManufacturingFall (from elevation)Giles & Kendall, Inc.OSHAOSHA
DonaldBrightmale2015-11-20A semi-truck with boom crane was at a site picking up LPG tank when the boom hit overhead power lines. The truck driver was electrocuted and the truck burned.LuverneAL238990 - All Other Specialty Trade ContractorsAdvanced BlastingOSHA
52male2015-11-162015-11-16LivingstonALroad construction worker, dump truck driverAlabama Department of
TimothyLatnermale2015-11-122015-11-12Timothy Latner – known to his friends as Chris – was fatally injured by a large piece of equipment while working on a road in Grand Bay this morning, according to Mobile County spokeswoman Nancy Johnson. Latner had worked for the county for about three years, Johnson said in an email to media this afternoon.Grand BayAL92 - Public AdministrationPublic sectorcontactMobile CountyBB
ForrestPerrymale2015-10-052015-10-15It was reported that employees were working on a 3/12 pitched roof they were wearing and using fall protection the employee fell through a skylight and the rope grab did not catch the employee, who fell 22 feet to the concrete floor below. Employee was transported the local hospital where he passed away.TuscumbiaAL238160 - Roofing Contractors AWP Solutions LLC dba AWP RoofingOSHA
William ShaneGallowaymale2015-09-012015-09-01No event description providedARABAL23 - ConstructionShockGrid Utility LLCOSHAArab Electric Co-opOSHA
Don Bayless2015-08-11Employee was electrocuted while hanging all thread.PenningtonAL238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors Burkes Mechanical, Inc.OSHA
2015-08-08On 8/5/2015 employee was installing decking on a commercial roofing project on Anniston Army Depot. Employee works for the subcontractor. Supervisor was aware the employee had become ill and brought him off the roof and had him rest in the shade. He started feeling better and resumed work 15 minutes later. He then started vomiting. He was brought down to the ground level and given water to drink. Later, the employee was feeling better and he went with the work crews to the company approximately 60 miles away. Employee stayed around and spoke to some peers and drove himself home. Family states he took a shower and laid down. Around 9:30pm family states he was unresponsive and called 911. Employee was hospitalized and passed away on 8/8/2015 around 10:25am.AnnistonAL238160 - Roofing Contractors Tecta America Southeast LLCOSHA
JeffreyMerchant53male2015-07-22Employee fell off of a 30 foot building while installing metal roofing. Employee was wearing fall protection but was not tied off.VanceAL238190 - Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors Harpole SteelOSHA/
2015-06-26On 6/16/15 @ approx. 11:00 am - the employee was on a ridge hook ladder attempting to attach a lanyard. While repositioning the ladder, the ladder slid and employee fell to ground.GuntersvilleAL238990 - All Other Specialty Trade ContractorsHallmark ConstructionOSHA
AbelMendozamale2015-04-12It was reported that employee removed his fall protection and then fell from roof 20-25 ft onto a concrete pad.CullmanAL238160 - Roofing Contractors MB Erectors, Inc.OSHA
2015-03-18Employee (owner) was struck by the blade of a CASE bulldozer when he tried to re-mount the machine after leaving it in gear and without the parking brake engaged.AndalusiaAL237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction Byrd Contractors, Inc.OSHA
25male2015-02-13An employee had pulled his vehicle to the shoulder of the road so that he could connect an arrow board trailer to his truck in order to move the sign. A civilian motor vehicle struck the arrow sign which then struck him and pushed him over the guardrail and into the woods. The employee was found immediately by other employees of the company who were about a mile away. The employee was pronounced dead at the scene.ChunchulaALroad construction worker237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction John G. Walton Construction Company, businessOSHA/
42male2015-02-13KimberALdump truck operatorJefferson County Roads and Transportation
Chance Rollan20male2015-01-20Road construction worker struck by auto while working in highway construction zone.BirminghamALflagger237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction T.E. Stevens Company, Inc.a subcontractor for Brasfield and GorrieOSHA/
male2015-11-062015-11-06Nineteen H-2A guest workers were being transported from Laredo, Texas to a worksite in Michigan. The bus was owned by Juan Vázquez Cirtuz, exclusively for the purposes of transporting guestworkers. The bus crashed in Arkansas and six workers died, ages ranging from 19 to 43, and six more were seriously injured.Little RockARGuest workers11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and HuntingTrueguesttransportationMexicoUnclearBB
ShelbyJacksonmale2015-03-102015-03-10No event description providedALEXANDERAR56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation ServicesFall (from elevation)CAPITAL CITY TREE SERVICEOSHAOSHA
Daniel LeeFarmermale2015-08-042015-08-04No event description providedPARAGOULDAR48-49 - Transportation and WarehousingStruck byWal-Mart Distribution Center # 6866OSHAOSHA
ChristopherMillermale2015-10-192015-10-19No event description providedLITTLE ROCKAR48-49 - Transportation and WarehousingStruck byR+L Carriers Shared Services, LLCOSHAOSHA
Sammy J.Woodmale2015-07-272015-07-27No event description providedBATESVILLEAR31-33 - ManufacturingStruck byBad Boy MowersOSHAOSHA
MarvinEstes59male2015-07-312015-07-31One man is confirmed dead after an industrial accident in Harrison, Arkansas. The incident happened just before 5:00 p.m. Friday at the Claridge plant located at 219 Industrial Park Road. Harrison Police Chief Paul Woodruff told KY3 News on Saturday that Marvin Estes, 59, was working with a piece of machinery when his right leg became entangled in the equipment. Officials said that a co-worker of Estes called 911 after hearing him scream for help. When first responders arrived on scene, Estes was deceased.HARRISONAR31-33 - ManufacturingUnionCaught in or betweenClaridge Products and Equipment, Inc.OSHAOSHA
ArlandAlexandermale2015-04-212015-04-21No event description providedHUNTSVILLEAR31-33 - ManufacturingStruck byROYAL OAK ENTERPRISES LLCOSHAOSHA
Velma MariePerkins52female2015-09-182015-09-18An Arkansas woman has been killed in a railcar accident at a paper mill in Ashdown. The Little River County coroner says 52-year-old Velma Marie Perkins was dead at the scene of the accident at Domtar Corporation's plant in Ashdown on Friday. Perkins was an equipment helper in the shipping department.AshdownAREquipment helper31-33 - ManufacturingDomtar CorporationBB
Mr. DillonMcNewmale2015-03-282015-03-28No event description providedHARDYAR23 - ConstructionCaught in or betweenCEG CONSTRUCTION, INC.OSHAOSHA
2015-06-11On June 10, 2015 Employee 1 was helping build a form for a storm drain. Employee 1 started to walk then fell to the ground unconscious. Employee 2 called 911 and Employee 1 was transported via ambulance to Washington Regional Hospital. Employee 1 died on June 11.FayettevilleAR237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction Sweetser Construction Comapny, Inc.OSHA
2015-04-14After rear-ending another tractor during a convoy, the employee was ejected from the farm tractor in which he was driving and landed on the highway below (same level) sustaining crushing injuries from his attached dirt pan. The employee descended from the injuries sustained, 17 days later.PollardAR238990 - All Other Specialty Trade ContractorsCEG ConstructionOSHA
29male2015-03-17An employee was on the 2nd level of an erected steel beam when he lost his footing and fell 11 feet to the concrete surface below.Little RockAR238120 - Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors Hale's Steel LLCbased in Little RockOSHA/
DanielWright46male2015-09-242015-09-24The military ordnance that exploded in a Tucson, Arizona, scrapyard and killed a worker was an Mk 82 general-purpose bomb, police said Thursday. "The employee worked as a cutter," police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Bay told CNN. "He was separating metal and cut into a piece that turned out to be military ordnance. No one else was injured."TucsonAZCutter56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation ServicesfiresTucson Iron & MetalBB
Not yet releasedmale2015-09-092015-09-09A man has been killed after being crushed to death while working on a stack of hay bales, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said. “While removing the cover, the front stacks tumbled over, and one male was crushed underneath the pile. One other male received minor injuries while trying to get out of the way,” Hegstrom stated in a release.TonopahAZ11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and HuntingcontactUnknown
DanielSarrmale2015-08-282015-08-28No event description providedGRAND CANYONAZ92 - Public AdministrationOtherUSGS, Southwest Biological Science Center, Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research CenterOSHAOSHA
Not yet released54male2015-08-212015-08-21One worker was killed and a second suffered critical injuries when a wall of a building being demolished for a city road-widening project collapsed on them Friday afternoon.TucsonAZDemolition23 - ConstructioncontactTaylor's Demolition and RecyclingBBCity of Tucson
2015-08-12Electrocuted on roof when coming in contact with swamp cooler.MesaAZ238160 - Roofing Contractors Isreal M. RamosOSHA
2015-03-10Employee installing lath, fell from the roof on March 4, 2015 at 9:00 am and passed on March 10, 2015 from his injuries.TucsonAZ238140 - Masonry Contractors Fierro Lath and Plaster, Inc.OSHA
49male2015-03-04Employee fell from a 10' ladder which resulted in a fatality.PhoenixAZ238120 - Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors Suntec Concrete, Inc.OSHA/
31male2015-01-14TucsonAZriggerunknown subcontractorsubcontracted by the
2015-01-06One employee, on a scissor lift, at an approximate height of 12 feet 6 inches above the ground, leaned over the scissor lift's top guardrail in such a manner which caused the employee to fall off the lift to the ground below.PhoenixAZ238310 - Drywall and Insulation Contractors Aspen Construction, Inc.OSHA
AngelFerreira Zamora41male2015-08-132015-08-13The death of a man while trimming a tree Thursday in Oak View was ruled an accident, officials said Friday. Angel Ferreira-Zamora, 41, of Oak View, apparently was pruning a tree about 10:40 a.m. near Almond Avenue and Andrus Street when he somehow got stuck, Ventura County Fire Department officials said. Debris from the tree compressed Ferreira Zamora, and he could not breathe. Rescue personnel responded with ladders and other equipment. They later determined Ferreira-Zamora was unconscious and brought him down. He was eventually declared dead at the scene.Oak ViewCA56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation ServicesexposureUnknownBB
DavidMendoza21male2015-08-182015-08-18An employee of a tree-cutting business died Tuesday afternoon when he was struck by a large section of a tree in unincorporated Sebastopol, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.SebastopolCATree care worker56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation ServicescontactNorth Bay Tree CareBB
WilliamVasquez Uz26male2015-09-162015-09-16The investigation revealed that Vasquez-Uz was the driver of the 2009 Sterling three-axle tractor. He had gotten out of his tractor without setting the emergency brake and without putting it in park, according to police. He was on his cell phone at the time and attempted to unlatch the trailer, according to police. The trailer slowly began to roll forward, striking him, and he was subsequently run over by it.Long BeachCA48-49 - Transportation and WarehousingtransportationLos AngelesCAUnknownBB
MiguelRodriguez De la Cruz33male2015-09-192015-09-19A man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of drunken driving and vehicular manslaughter after a crash that killed a road worker on Interstate 580 near Lake Merritt, the California Highway Patrol said. The Alameda County Coroner's Office identified the deceased worker as 33-year-old Miguel Rodriguez Delacruz, of Oakland.Lake MerrittCARoadway construction worker23 - ConstructionSelf-employedtransportationOaklandCASelf-employedBBCaltrans
Walter AlexanderMejia31male2015-08-202015-08-20A man was killed last week in an industrial accident, the Kern County coroner's office said Tuesday. Walter Alexander Mejia, 31, suffered fatal injuries last Thursday in Buttonwillow. The coroner's office said Mejia was crushed by a skip loader and died from blunt trauma.ButtonwillowCA23 - ConstructioncontactUnknownBB
792015-07-272015-07-27A 79-year-old worker was electrocuted Monday afternoon while trimming walnut trees in northwest Fresno, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office reported. Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Botti said the victim was trimming walnut trees using a piece of machinery that came in contact with electrical wires and burst into flames.FresnoCA11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and HuntingexposureUnknownRancho Rio Del Sol
DavidRuhlmale2015-07-312015-07-31No event description providedALTURASCA92 - Public AdministrationInhalationUS Forest Service Modoc National ForestOSHAOSHA
MichaelHallenbeckmale2015-08-082015-08-08No event description providedEL DORADOCA92 - Public AdministrationUnionStruck byUSFS Lake Tahoe Basin Mgmt UnitOSHAOSHA
JohnGlennmale2015-08-052015-08-05No event description providedCLOVISCA92 - Public AdministrationStruck byUSDA Forest Service (Sierra National Forest)OSHAOSHA
GilbertoHerreramale2015-03-112015-03-11No event description providedTERMINAL ISLANDCA92 - Public AdministrationUnionFall (same level)Federal Bureau of Prisons - FCI Terminal IslandOSHAOSHA
ClarkFieldmale2015-11-102015-11-10No event description providedCAMP PENDLETONCA48-49 - Transportation and WarehousingUnionStruck byDefense Logistics AgencyOSHAOSHA
2015-12-16Fall from roof topWhittierCA238160 - Roofing Contractors Afakori IncOSHA
2015-12-09Fall through 3' x 3' opening on 3rd floor. LAPD is on scene. They will contact the coroner.Los AngelesCA238130 - Framing Contractors RDV ConstructionOSHA
2015-11-17Employee walked right off the roof and fell 20 feet from a second floor of a new commercial building under construction. Employee was installing tile on roof. The employee's foreman was on site and witnessed the accident.TempletonCA238160 - Roofing Contractors James A. Quaglino, IncOSHA
2015-11-12Fall from ladder from scaffold, head injury, fatal.National CityCA236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction Y. I. Shushi 2OSHA
57male2015-10-302015-10-30OjaiCAcounty maintenance worker, flagger, warehouse managerVentura County Public Works
2015-10-28Employee was attaching a piece of rake angle when he fell about 18 feetFresnoCA238120 - Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors Valley Steel Construction Fresno, IncOSHA
2015-10-07FatalitySan JoseCA238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation ContractorsJDI Electrical Services, IncOSHA
2015-10-07Went to car to get tools, felt back and chest pain, called 911 and died at the hospital.MontebelloCA238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation ContractorsStrong IncOSHA
AndresAlvarez Esquivel24male2015-10-062015-10-06Andres Alvarez Esquivel was working at a site near Almaden Road and Bruce Way, just outside the San Jose border, when he was hit by an excavator bucket, or the claw-shaped digging attachment, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. Alvarez Esquivel died at the scene.San JoseCA23 - ConstructioncontactBlue Sierra ConstructionBB
2015-10-02struck by vehicleDavisCA237990 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Bigge Crane & Rigging CoOSHA
2015-10-01Employee was walking across roof and fell approximately 30 feet.San FernandoCA238990 - All Other Specialty Trade ContractorsTroy Builders Construction & Remodeling, IncOSHA
2015-09-30Employee was driving a work truck on the way back from a delivery, lost consciousness while driving the vehicle, and struck the center divider.El CajonCA238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors Aerco Systems IncOSHA
33male2015-09-26An employee was working on the freeway and was struck by a car and killed.OaklandCAhighway maintenance worker237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction O C Jones & Sons, Inc.contracted by CalTransOSHA/
2015-09-22Day Laborer fell approximately 20 to 22 feet when he was in the process of removing or demolishing a deck. The employee had removed railings and fell from the third story deck. The deck is 12 ft wide and 40 ft long.San RafaelCA238910 - Site Preparation ContractorsRobin Jacks, HomeownerOSHA
2015-09-10Cardiac Arrest due to possible heat exposure.AnaheimCA236115 - New Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders) Jack KeeterOSHA
2015-09-07Employee was involved in a vehicle accident with another car that possibly crossed into their lane head on.FriantCA237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction Barracuda ConstructionOSHA
2015-09-05Employee fell from the 4th floor of a mechanical shaft. As a result of his injuries, employee passed away on 09/05/2015.Santa ClaraCA238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation ContractorsM.D.E. Electric Company, Inc.OSHA
2015-09-01Employee fell approximately 40 feet from a hoist landing to the ground below.JamulCA236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction C.W. Driver, Inc.OSHA
Not yet released56male2015-09-012015-09-01A 56-year-old laborer plunged about four stories to his death Tuesday from a structure under construction on the grounds of a future East County gambling resort. The man fell off a 38-foot-high platform at the top of an elevator at the Hollywood Casino Jamul project site in the 14100 block of state Route 94 shortly before 8:30 a.m.JamulCA23 - ConstructionfallsUnknownBBPasadena-based
2015-08-26Owner was working on a water well when he cut into an electrical line, became grounded and suffered a fatal electrocution. Time of death was 3:33PM on 8/26/15.TempletonCA237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction Atlantis Water WorksOSHA
29male2015-08-24Employee was walking on scaffold and slipped/tripped causing him to fall 20 to 30 feet from the scaffoldFullertonCA238120 - Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors Mas IronOSHA/ocregister.com
2015-08-15Decedent made contact with energized conductors of an elevator traction motor.Los AngelesCA238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation ContractorsR J Electric CompanyOSHA
Not yet releasedmale2015-08-032015-08-03A California construction worker was killed on Monday by an angry swarm of bees, authorities said. The man and two co-workers unwittingly disturbed an underground hive while leveling an empty lot in Riverside, Calif., fire officials said. Witnesses saw the hapless worker cowering on the ground, struggling to shield himself from the cloud of stingers. Two other workers were hospitalized, and one is in critical condition.RiversideCA23 - ConstructionviolenceUnknown contractorBBof Perris
2015-07-30A friend was returning a trailer between 5:30 and 6:00am on 7/30/2015. It was not detached from the truck. There was heavy equipment nearby where they found the employee up against a tree.AlpineCA236210 - Industrial Building Construction Thomas ScanlanOSHA
2015-07-25Electrician fell off a 15 foot ladder.Aliso ViejoCA238310 - Drywall and Insulation Contractors Solidway Construction IncOSHA
2015-07-25The employee was cleaning/painting on top of a metal trellis and fell approximately 30 feet to the ground below. He was wearing harness with lanyard.San JoseCA236115 - New Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders) Skyline Decking, Inc.OSHA
2015-07-22Plumber found unconscious underneath the property.Pico RiveraCA238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors Catano's PlumbingOSHA
2015-07-20An employee appears to have fallen approximately 10 feet from a residential roof. He was found by his supervisor on the patio. A police officer attempted to revive him, but he was pronounced dead on the scene.PleasantonCA236118 - Residential Remodelers Zamora ImprovementsOSHA
2015-07-18Employee was cleaning gutters when he slipped and fell from roof.ComptonCA236118 - Residential Remodelers First Priority Design & Construction IncOSHA
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