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#DateIngredientsWhere did you eat it?How much did it cost?Other notes about the experienceEntry ByFeedback from the club
18/20/2011Ricotta, apple, sardines, anchovies, black pepper on sourdoughat home-I love this sandwich. Though it seems like it is not for everyone.Shannon & Eve (Sam has also eaten this sandwich)
210/2/2011FalafelDamascus Bread and Pastry Shop, 195 Atlantic Ave~$5?No chairs. Meat filled grape leaves weren't good, but vegetarian grape leaves wereShannon & Sam & GabeSIT AWAY FROM THE DOORWAY
32/6/2012Shrimp po' boy: battered fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato, pickles, hot sauceCheeky Sandwiches, LES$8.50Cheeky Sandwiches is one of my favorite places to buy sandwiches because their chicken sandwich is SO GOOD. This po' boy was less impressive. The bread seemed a little stale and as we all know, bread is importantShannonBUT HOW WAS THE SHRIMP?!?!?! (-ben) // Ben, The shrimp was good but nothing crazy -sf
42/6/2012Corned beef, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, salt, pepper, banana peppersCity Sub in Park Slope~$8.00This sandwich is a lot like sandwiches from Hogan Brothers (Northfield, MN). I do like that they give you the option to heat your sandwich without toasting the bread. Shannon
52/9/2012avocado, salt, pepper on whole wheat sourdough (open face)at home-this sandwich never fails to be deliciousShannonnext time try it with cream cheese!-jk
62/13/2012BLT with olive oil mayonnaise (what does that even mean?? it means it's made with olive oil not lard. i think. - aliya) on country whiteBrooklyn Bowl~$9.00The bread on this sandwich was so of brittle/crumbly which I did not like -sfJenny & Shannon
72/21/2012turkey, brie, cranberries, pestoThink coffee, Bowery st, Manhattan $7.95grilled like a panini. it was delicious, although a bit greasy and probably not very good for you. I would have preferred it had some arugula or spinach or something else a bit more lively to counteract the heavy cheese. But very enjoyable for an alternative turkey sandwich.
paid for by Nato Thompson.
82/27/2012chicken kebab sandwichBlack Iris$8.50The chicken was very well cooked, hot suace was a great additionShannon & Jeila
93/4/2012avacado, salmon, brie and tomatoAthom, Bushwick$8.50DELIGHTFULShannonsounds delish! -aliya<- what she said -Man
103/8/2012roast beef sandwichmy job$3.00i brought it from home; it was an okay sandwichSam
113/14/2012burrito: beans, fresh herb salad, corn, chipotle from a can (!), chilula, brown rice, cheese, broiled.the schoolhouse kitchen (in wassaic)not sure, made mostly of food leftovers other people boughtWhile the burrito holds a contriversal sandwich status, I think this deserves mention because A) it embodies one of the best things about sandwiches -- you can put any sort of random stuff from the refrigerator onto it and it generally (when well curated) tastes great! B) after eating it, I exclaimed, "I LOVE BURRITOS!"Aliyawhat is the difference between this column and column E?? -aliya // Aliya, this column is where other people can comment on your sandwich experience -Shannon // OH/AWESOME. -aliya
123/14/2012"Tunisian Tuna with harrisa, hard boiled egg, cured lemon chopped israeli salad & olives"Cafe Petisco$9.00I have almost tried every sandwich at Cafe Petisco. This one was a little weird but mostly deliciousShannonSHANNON, based on your sandwich choices, you should probably be jewish. - aliya
133/15/2012hummus, jarlsburg, spring mix lettuce, salt and pepper on 12 grainat work-adding salt & pepper can do wonders for a sandwichShannon
143/15/2012Tuna, olive tapanade, cherry tomatosFiat Cae$7.25A delightful summery sandwich. Olive tapanade is a wonderful sandwich ingredientShannonI HAD this sandwich!!!!!. Love how much tuna you've been eating. Really inspiring - Rachel
153/18/2012smoked trout, marinated onions, parsley, lemon, mustard, potatoes on nice baguetteSit & Wonder, prospect heights$9 (i think?) (free for me -- got it at the end of the day before they were throwing them out)OMG IT WAS SO GOOD! you'd think with bread AND potato it'd be too much but it wasn't it was perfect. and the parsley is key -- a nice fresh light balance. you kinda end up with fishy breath afterwards but it's so worth it. really it's like the classiest tuna sandwich you've ever had. but more like a nicoise salad.
while i'd be hesitant to actually pay $9 for a sandwich, this was totally worth it free. I ate two. I'd even probably buy it for realz as a midday sandwich.
ALIYAAliya, will these be availible to buy during your opening on Saturday? -sf //
UPDATE: they took them off the menu, health code violation (must be stored at sub-38 degree environments? lame. germs don't exist) -Aliya
163/19/2012soppressetta, goat cheese and olive tapenade paniniInoteca- wine bar on LES$10.00delicious. SImply delicious. So big that it lasted two mealsRACHEL
173/19/2012Avocado, salt and pepper on 9 grain (open face)at home- I eat this sandwich all the time. Always great.Shannonare there no condiments at all/?! i suggest adding lemon juice or mustard or tomato or something-mf // Lemon &/or hot pepper is a nice addition
183/19/2012Pork chop, apple, mustard on challahCheeky Sandwiches, LES$8.00The fried chicken is really Cheeky's masterpiece but this is a solid sandwichShannon
193/20/2012Harissa falafel with hummus, israeli salad, pickled cabbage and tahini sauceTaim Falafel & Smoothie Bar, West Village$6.25These people really know what they are doingShannon, Rachel and MeganTaim is so good. My ex bf used to work there. It tastes even better when it's free. -ERCM
203/22/2012Nutella, peanut butter and sriracha on 9 grainat work-Nimo recommended I eat this sandwich. And then Molly also recommended I try it. It was great, though I want to try it again on higher quality bread.ShannonWhat! This sounds so crazy, i cant wait to try-myla
213/23/2012Two Veggie burgers (as the outside) with lentil soup in the middleat work$2.50I ran out of groceries--no bread, cheese, anything-- and had only veggie burgers and a tiny bit of lentil soup left so I made this weird thing. Surprisingly ok, but what a mess! You need gloves if you want to eat this wet sandwich with your hands.MylaMyla this is hilarious. Especially because you ate it at work -sf
223/24/2012lentil and beet salad, olive tapenade on toasted whole wheat (open face)in my bed-very good, but could have used something else...goat cheese?Mollythis sounds like a really zesty delish/incredibly innovative vegetarian sandwich (known for their lameness)! - aliyai am glad you eat in your bed-- myla
233/24/20122012 Meltmodern times cafe, minneapolis$8.00sauteed seitan mushrooms spinach veggies hot cheese on toasted sub roll topped with garlic fries. this sandwich is DELICIOUS but it leaves you thirsty for days. Myla
243/24/2012Saratoga Club: maple bacon, "zesty" chicken salad, some sort of lettuce, maybe tomato and POTATO CHIPS IN THE SANDWICHParm, Soho$12.00A+Shannon & GabeYEAH ABSOLUTELY - SAM
253/25/2012Meatball parmParm, soho$12.00I mean jesus christ, we're talking about the pinnacle of sandwichcraft hereSam@sandwiches4lyfe needs to tweet sam's note - ALIYA
263/27/2012 not tried this, maybe you shouldMollya+Molly, I also added this to the other tab of this spreadsheet which is all sandwich recommendations -Shannon
273/28/2012Serrano ham, fig spread, manchego, balsamic vinegar, arugulaBierkraft, Park Slope$10.00I liked this one more than the Italian but Sam felt oppositely. We both agreed the bread was a little tough. But overall, delicious sandwichesShannon & Sam
283/28/2012ItalianBierkraft, Park Slope$10.00Shannon & SamI THINK WE NEED A COLOR CODE SYSTEM -- GREEN FOR GOOD SANDWICHES, RED FOR BAD ONES, ETC. maybe a cloud tagging system. maybe a blog..... - aliyai agree--- myla
293/29/2012greek hummus and jarlsburg on whole wheat sour doughat work-I am very congested so I couldn't really taste the sandwichShannon:-( sickie sick - myla
303/31/2012Roasted Garlic hummus, baby spinach, red pepper hummus and Sriracha on whole wheat pita at workReally good sandwich! Also, I found it surprisingly filling. I brought hummus and pita and a random bag of babay spinch to work. Desperation is the invention of....good sandwiches? I think so. Nimo
314/1/2012"Huevos Rancheros: two fried eggs, cooked over-medium, and served with avocado, pickled jalapeños, a sauté of Ranchero peppers and onions, chipotle mayo and a spicy pinto bean and crumbled chorizo spread" Tortaria, near Union Square$7.81ditto to shan. interesting take on the torta with a bun instead of a big piece of bread...i'd say better bread to stuff ratio than your typical torta but small. Claire & AmandaI LOVE SANDWICH CLUB. THIS DOCUMENT IS GREAT!
324/1/2012"Mexican Egg Sandwich: scrambled eggs served with avocado, pickled red onion, spicy black bean spread and Crispy Bacon"Tortaria, near Union Square$7.81Very delicious, a little smallShannon
334/2/2012MEYER LEMON CHICKEN, Sun-dried Tomato Mayo, Kale, Olive Oil No 7 Sub, near penn station$9.00wish the lemon packed more bite, could have done with one more ingredient, not sure what. but still a very satisfying sandwich. i really appreciated the use of kale. more sandwiches should involve kaleAliyamaybe cheese as the final ingredient?
CANADIAN BACON, Radicchio, Cucumber Salad, Maple Mustard
No 7 Sub, near penn station$9.00Sam
354/2/2012PORK & SHRIMP CHORIZO, Sweet Potatoes, Pickled Rhubarb, Cilantro $9No 7 Sub, near penn station$9.00great combination of sweet and savoryShannonPICKLED RHUBARB??? geezus i didn't even know that was on that. i don't even know what normal rhubarb tastes like. ARB
4/16 update: took my mom here, she also agreed this sandwich was "the best" - ALIYA
364/5/2012Peppered turkey, pea sprouts, jarlsburg, greek hummus, stone ground mustard on 6 grain with pumpkin seedsat work-Not my best sandwich. The bread was a little overwhelming and the pea sprouts not as delicious as I anticipated. Shannonvery impressive for not your best sandwich.
374/6/2012Hillel Sandwich: charoset and horseradish on matzoat sam's and at nicole's (4/7/2012)-delicious as well as symbolicShannoni challenge your hillel sandwich to a passover sandwich off. who's coming up to wassaic to try mine?? friday april 13. be there or be hametz. ALIYA
384/8/2012Lamb BurgerXi'an Famous Food, East Village$3.00A+Shannonshit gurl, 3 bones for an A+ sandwich? nice.
394/9/2012Peppered turkey, jarlsburg, greek hummus, stone ground mustard on 6 grain with pumpkin seeds OPEN FACEat home-same as the sandwich I had on Thursday but open face– much betterShannon
404/10/2012The Passed(over) Sandwich: Kosher Turkey leftovers (w/ gravy), kale red pepper onion saute combo, siracha/mayo, stone ground mustard on tuscan wheatat home-not bad--would definitely eat it again; served with tomato soup (lots of black pepper)GabeThis sounds SO GOOD -sf // what about on some matza? - ALIYA
414/10/2012Seared asparagus spears, red onion soak in balsamic vinegar, hard boiled egg, red onion, French mustard, olive oil, and fresh dillat home. Based on this recipe: very refreshing sandwichShannonwhat about adding cucumber??? -aliya // That sounds like a good idea, though one potential problem might be trying to get everything to stay in the sandwich. -sf // truth - aliya
424/14/2012Serrano ham, fig spread, manchego, balsamic vinegar, arugulaBierkraft, Park Slope$10.00This was my second visit to Bierkraft and I was slightly less enthused. The bread is very tough and bread is very importantShannonbierkraft has my favorite sandwiches ever!! I'm sad you haven't had a good experience. I have been there too many times to try to recount the past experiences but I'll make a note the next time i go. - Claire // I think I need to get into the "build your own" option. What do you usually order, Claire? -sf
434/16/2012almond butter and strawberry jam on a toasted english muffin; open face yoat homecrazy cheap, like I don't even knowalmond butter is delicious, and there are no sandwiches mentioning it listed here, so i wanted to put this on everyone's radar. i had this sandwich for breakfast at 8, and i was totally satisfied until i had lunch at 1. i even used the silly 100 calorie english muffins that my gf makes us buy. Risai know the power of almond butter but this is impressive. nice. - aliya // Can we talk about other butters? Is cashew butter something I should be getting into? Pistachio butter? -sf
nothing compares to almond butter - aliya
444/20/2012falafelHerm's Box (truck at 91st and Central Park West)$4.00This falafel is pretty good, especially in the food desert that is Central Park West. I always get a little confused about the nature of "white sauce" when I am ordering (is it tahini or mayo?) and often my falafel ends up a little heavy on the mayo. Another funny thing: I have probably bought a sandwich from the man at this food truck 8-10 times and this time he told me I have a British accent. Doesn't make sense.Shannontahini. --mmmm, debatable. I frequently think it's tahini either diluted with something else, like yogurt. Either way, pretty delicious--gs
454/20/2012Meat ball sandwich (#4) and some sort of pork & pate sandwich (#2)New Sau Voi Corp, soho$4.00 eachOutstanding Vietnamese sandwichesShannon & Sam & AliyaI think i have had this same sandwich-- myla
464/21/2012BLTCafe Petisco$5.50Nothing too special. My favorite thing about this sandwich is that it is listed on the breakfast menu.Shannon
474/23/2012#1 (I can't remember the exact ingredients)New Sau Voi Corp, soho$4.00Back for more!Shannon
484/24/2012Grilled (shredded) cheese on wheat breadAt the apartment where I babysit-Shredded cheese is not ideal for making grilled cheese sandwiches but otherwise an ok sandwich. Harper (age 2) definitely liked itShannon (& Harper)
494/30/2012egg on a roll with: avocado, bacon, tomato (no cheese)Back in the Kitchen (to go / eaten on the road)$4-5 (?)this was the ideal egg-on-a-roll combination. It took me 2 months to figure it out, but it was really perfect. tomato added enough juicyness, bacon the saltiness, and avo the creamy richness. no cheese was necessary. Served with love and a surprise cake-pop from cassie. a delicious and sentimental wassaic send-off as i drove back to nyc!Aliya (and Johanna)Back in the Kitchen is THE BEST - sf
504/30/2012Vegertarian CubanoGrindhouse Deli ( sandwich of the month) $7.00FAKE MEAT(ham) ON FAKE MEAT(pork?) ON PICKELS ON MUSTARD ON SWISS CHEESE.So good. NimoClosest I've come to licking my plate (in public) in months.
514/30/2012Home fries, tomatoes, lettuce and salsa verde on corn tortillain my kitchen freee.99At the end of the month when there were no grociers left. Surprisingly not bad, pretty fresh and tasted like summer. Nimo
524/30/2012scrambled egg, muenster and smoked salmon on a biscuitCheeky Sandwiches, LES$6.50Cheeky's breakfast sandwiches do not dissapointShannon (and Kim)
535/1/2012Cream cheese, marmalade and honey on Toastin my kitchen freee.99Not gonna like, basically an accident of a breakfast sandwich. I thought I had different indgredients and then it was too late to back out and I only had a couple minutes before the bus came, and I was anxious and just put some random shit on this toast. ALTHOUGH-i'd make it again, less honey though it was pretty sweet. Nimo
545/3/2012chickpeas, kale, leftover hummus with hardboiled egg and eggplant on corn tortillain my kitchen freee.99delicious combo. kale and chickpeas in tortilla is my go-to meal. but the hummus made it killing!Molly
555/8/2012Hummus, daikon radish, red pepper spread, sriracha and lettuce on 12 grain breadAt work (from my kitchen)freee.99Not bad, but not my best creation. I had to eat it at a time when I wasn't even hungry, which in my opinion is the worst.Erica
565/9/2012Tuna Camping-club: typical tuna salad with mayo/celery & salt/pepper on whole wheat, but the crucial ingredient was the chopped BACON left over from breakfast that morning (extra crispy). on the top of Wheeler Mountain in vermontfree.netI ate this with very sweet grapes, in retrospect, they should have been inside the sandwich.GabeGRAPES! revolutionary. i approve of all forms of grapes. maybe raisins would be good for camping? -aliya
575/13/2012Pastrami with kraut, arugula, tomato and spicy mustard.Prospect park (from Bierkraft)$10.00As big a fan as I am of spice, I found this combo was a little out of balance. That being said, these sandwiches are always perfect to split with a friend.Erica
585/14/2012Smoked salmon, goat cheese, apples, spinach, capers and rasberry dijon vinaigretteLittle Skips$7.00Awesome.EricaOH WOW -sf
595/15/2012Horseradish hummus, homemade pesto, daikon radish and romaine on sprouted grain bread.At work (from my kitchen)free.fifty!Fridge cleaning roundup! Making your own pesto is such a gamechanger.EricaMAKING YOUR OWN PESTO = awesome. maybe i'll try making some parsley pesto with this surplus i got lately...- aliya
605/15/2012man's wrap (1): lightly scrambled eggs, mexican frying cheese, avocado, a little cream cheese and cayenne pepper on a wrapmy kitchen!pricelesscream cheese it totally optional, and can take the place of the frying cheese when that runs outManI look forward to making this for myself. Sounds so tasty! -sf
615/15/2012Tuna melt (tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, cheese) on RyeDiner waaay uptown. 96th and Madison?$10.00The diner was closed but they still made us these sandwiches! Ate them on a stoop. Also the radio of filling to bread was crazy, did not fit well. But still delicious. Shannon & Aliza
625/16/2012smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, sprouts, bbq sauce, mayo on a wrapBrooklyn Natural$6.50next time i'll try cream cheese instead of mayo, but otherwise was glad i substituted cucumbers for sprouts, and added bbq sauceMan
635/17/2012Southwestern turkey sandwich (don't remember the exact ingredients. I think pepperjack was involved)Grocery store on the corner next to McNally Jackson bookstore in SoHo$6.50Great value. Especially good once you add a little sriracha. Shannon & Daniel
645/19/2012Brie, almond, and fig sandwich (warmed up)Cafe Petisco$9.00?This sandwich is really good, but it is missing a little something. I there was another non-sweet flavorShannon
655/21/2012Bacon, egg and cheese on a rollBack in the Kitchen under $4.00I also ordered iced coffee: best breakfast. This sandwich is one of my favorite things about living in Wassaic. I am very excited to try more of Back in the Kitchen's lunch sandwiches this summer. EVERYONE COME VISIT ME AND WE'LL GO TOGETHER.ShannonOK. see my version, line 50 - aliya
666/2/2012Turkey, arugula, tomato, really good mustard on ryeBack in the KitchenEve and Ryan got me this sandwich when I was really hungry but had to catch the train. Extra delicious due to the circumstances.Shannon
676/3/2012turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pesto on ryeCousin's in Wassaic$6.00?This is Ryan's usual sandwich order at Cousin's Shannon & Ryan
686/10/2012avocado on whole grain (open faced)at home-I never get tired of this sandwich. We don't have a toaster. Oven toasting is very hard to do right. Shannon
696/13/2012hearty bread, tofu (raw), lettuce (from the LIC CSA), cucumbers, shit tons of yellow mustard, leftover baba ganoush from OMG PIZZA walking around at work/doing work errands uncertainthe key in this sandwich was the baba ganoush which made the otherwise bland ingredients come alive, and also made my lame day at work more delicous and lovely remembering eating the babaganoush the first time.

also, this was the second day that i had been carrying around a whole tomato around with me all day with intentions to put it on my sandwich but never did it so I still have a tomato in my backpack as I write this.
706/19/2012egg, pepperjack and bacon on a roll with hot sauceRenny's next to the laundry mat$3.00pepperjack made this sandwich extra tastyShannon
716/19/2012salami, swiss and arugula with mustard and mayo on sour doughmy house-I bought a lot of salami at the grocery store so there are a lot of salami sandwiches in my futureShannon
726/19/2012homemade mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, romano, fresh basil one-face on sour doughmy house-note: I had a sandwich for every meal today!Shannon
736/20/2012veggie philly cheese steak sandwich: nice squishy baggette type bread, chicken-style seitan (seasoned with c-spices), medium sharp cheddar, butter, open face toasted in broiler. optional addition of arugula (fresh from the LIC CSA!!) man's kitchenlots of whole foods moneys (mostly cuz we got carried away with non-sandwich groceries)this sandwich was delish, although man says it's not his best. it was crunchy and delicous and cheesy and did not make you feel inadequate or lacking or hungry even without meat. aliya really enjoyed the addition of arugula for a peppery earthy veggie infusion in the otherwise somewhat dense sandwich experiencealiya (& man)
746/29/2012pepper jack, pepper turkey, arugula, cucumber, salt and pepper on whole wheat sour doughthe schoolhouse-one of my better homemade sandwichesShannonsolid - aliya
757/5/2012whoopie pie (from the best bakery in southern maine): 2 chocolate cakes with frosting/cream in the middlethe bus from Portland, ME to NYC$2.50i ate the whole thing myself for dinner. it was delicious. no shame.aliyatell me which bakery, please? - corinne BREAD AND ROSES!!! THE BEST. IN OGUNQUIT MAINE. aliya
767/8/2012pepper jack, pepper turkey, arugula, cucumber, salt and pepper on cheddar-jalapeno ciabatta from the farmers marketthe schoolhouse-the cheddar-jalapeno ciabatta doubled the deliciousness of this sandwichShannon
777/9/2012Salmon salad (canned salmon, scallons, basil, dill, mayo, mustard, pepper), mustard greens on olive breadthe schoolhouse-Canned salmon isn't really something that was on my radar but it has A LOT of potential for great sandwiches. Eve has taught me a lot of good sandwich tips.Eve & Shannoncanned salmon is a goldmine of secret delish sandwiches - aliya
787/13/2012Spinach, cracked pepper turkey, mayo, sour cherry chutney, sugar, salt and pepper on Berkshire Mtn Bakery Sunny Flaxthe schoolhouse north-very nice. sour cherry chutney needs to get some more use.RipleyHad to add some sugar to the chutney to make it play nice with the sandwich meat. Worked kind of like a cranberry sauce. Next time I'd use butter rather than mayo.
797/15/2012spicy black bean vegi burger, two slices of pepper jack, mayo, sriracha and arugula on cheddar-jalapeno ciabattathe schoolhouse-YOU CAN'T LOSE WITH THIS CIABATTA!!!Shannon
807/21/2012Brisket SandwichBig W's?Big W's is an amazing place. Their sandwiches are not to be missed. Some things I learned: when they ask what kind of bbq sauce you want, say one of each; put your coleslaw on your sandwich; the best sides are the corn pudding, the fruit compote and the "something green"Shannon, Myla, Sam and Eve
817/21/2012i had excellent identical sandwiches today. hot dogs with sauteed sweet onions and nathan's mustard on slices of grainy batard. open faced. home-side of beans. coffee egg cream.Joel
827/23/2012Bacon, egg and cheese and HOT SAUCE on a rollBack in the Kitchen$4.00I don't know why I hadn't thought of putting hotsauce on this sandwich until Raoul suggested it. Definitely the right choice.Shannon, Myla, Sam (and Raoul)hot sauce is a nice addition, i tried it the other day and will add it to my ordering repetoire -breanne
837/24/2012Pepper jack, pepper turkey, arugula, avocado salt and pepper on herb ciabatta from the farmers marketthe schoolhouse-This sandwich has been a staple of my summer. Not surprisingly the avocado brought it to a new level.Shannon
847/25/2012BLTBack in the Kitchen$6.50I realized this BLT is so good because they put mustard on it. Great move.Shannon
858/1/2012""The Nantucket"" : really good turkey, cheddar, cranberry sauce, granny smith apple, mayo, and dijon on sourdoughWoodstar, Northampton, MA$6.75I can't figure out what makes this sandwich so good. I think it might be the mayo & mustard? the mustard is really spicy. or the bread? or the turkey? or maybe its the SYNTHESIS?Corinne
868/6/2012double cream brie, humbolt fog, arugula, fig spread, caramelized onions, balsamic, on baguetteBIERKRAFT, Park Slope$10.00This is my favorite sandwich. I have been meaning to write about it for a long time and continued to forget. I was also intimidated by the lack of love for bierkraft in sandwich club. I whole-heartily believe Bierkraft has the best veggie sandwich options in NYC besides maybe that Cambodian sandwich place in Manhattan that I'm forgetting the name of. This sandwich is the best. Perfect combo of sweet and savory. the textures meld perfectly and the arugula adds a fresh and spicy kick. They should put it up on the board, its just that good. Order it and you won't be disappointed. Better yet, share it with a friend and split an unforgettable ice cream sandwich for dessert! I have tried many combinations including adding mustard, adding sun dried tomatoes, trying a hard cheese in addition to the brie, all of these were also delicious but i like the aforementioned ingredient combo the best. Claire I cannot wait to try this -sf // from Eve: Bierkraft is amazing. I've been going there since they opening and it's absolutely delightful that you can drink a pint of cask beer and eat chocolate, cheese, and sandwiches generally unbothered for most of the afternoon. // sounds great when's the south slope club meeting??? -aliya
878/6/2012"The Breanne" : Egg, cheese, bacon and avocado on a rollBack in the Kitchen?Fellow club member, Breanne Trammell, told me that at Back in the Kitchen if you get anything with avocado on it, it is called "The Breanne." I hadn't realized you could customize sandwiches. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Breanne also recommends adding roasted tomatoes.Shannonsee aliya's entry, line #50 for my version of "the Breanne"
888/7/2012two fried eggs with salt and pepper on toasted sour dough with homemade siracha mayo, sauteed cabbage with salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and onions, and grated pecorino from the pizza boys (definitely staggionato)home! in wassaicnot a lotDoug and Josh ate them, too!Eve
898/17/2012Meatloaf sandwichOakhurst diner, Millerton, NY~$8I really appreciate that kimchi is an option for your side. Also, Ben ate a garden burger that looked amazing.ShannonI also really love this sandwich - meatloaf sandwiches often have mushy flavor and texture, but this one is rather dynamic.
908/20/2012Peppered bacon, tomatos, avocado, mustard on whole wheat sourdoughAt home-"I've been dreaming about this sandwich all summer"- JoshPrepared by Eve, eaten by Eve, Josh, Doug and Shannon
918/20/2012house cured tuna, black olive tapenade, roasted tomatoes, arugala, olive oil, lemon, baguetteFort Defiance, Red Hook, Brooklyn$11.00near-perfect balance between salty tuna and tapenade and sweet, buttery tomatoes and pepper arugulaRisa
928/21/2012grilled tofu in sesame sauce, sautéed spinach and melted brie in a flour burrito wrap my kitchen!-holy crap this was better than i was expecting. i cooked the tofu on just this side of crispy, which i think made the difference relative to the creamy brie and spinachy spinach. well, also the tofu and spinach were cooked in a liberal amount of butter.Man
939/9/2012Marinated mock duck, with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, swiss cheese on a Ciabatta roll Seward Co-op$6.95Didn't help in my never-ending search to figure out which is better: mock duck or duckBen
949/9/2012Meatloaf, butter lettuce, tomato, bacon mayonaiseNo 7 Sub, GreenpointpriceyBacon Mayonnaise is a crazy but delicious ideaShannon
959/9/2012Turkey, provolone, gouda, red onion, micro greens, homemade garlic aioli on a toasted baguetteMy sister's condo in Seattle, WA. She made (for me)This is my first contribution to this spreadsheet. I have been a distant admirer for some time, but now I will become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT. Can't wait.Jenny
969/10/2012Prosciutto, arugula, fontina and fig jam panini. Dipped in potato leek soup for double whammy.Back in the KitchenBreanne
979/14/2012Breakfast bagelwich: veggie chix patty, fried egg, and sriracha on an everything bagelBreakfast nook, my apartment, Mpls near Loring Park--Most of the sandwiches I eat are breakfast sandwiches. Shannon, I got my sticker!GregGood! glad it made it! -sf
989/15/2012"The Western": double beef patty, fried onions, pepperjack, baconBare BurgerLike $12, but someone else paidOnion rings, french fries on side. This is more of a special occasion hamburger than an everyday hamburger.Sam