EDITORIAL NOTE: This is a living document. Please help us fill it out by sending suggested resources or organizations offering NVDA training to
e.g. strategy, key principles, tactics, de-escalation
Across FrontlinesKalaya'an Mendoza | kala@acrossfrontlines.orgThe experiential training Across Frontlines offer are grounded in Healing Justice; co-built with human rights defenders from Tibet to Aotearoa to Turtle Island and shaped by over two decades of nonviolent direct action training, organizing and mobilizing. AF has three trainers who are available to cover interactive digital workshops and in-person socially distant trainings. They are open to customizing a training for an audience of 40 - 150 people. Trainings include:
101 - Basics of Protest Safety [1 hour]
201 - Tactical Safety and Security [2 - 3 hours]
301 - Holistic Safety and Security [4 + hours]
Protesting 101 [Preparation, Basic Street Med & Aftercare], tactical safety and security for human rights defenders, de-escalation, and strategic nonviolent direct action 
Albert Einstein Institute Jamila Raqib | info@aeinstein.orgNonviolence trainings based on work of Dr. Gene Sharp. Open to being contacted by groups looking for custom trainings. Strategy, planning
Beautiful Trouble Nadine Bloch, Training Director I nadine99@gmail.comOffers popular education and experiential trainings and workshops, in person, online, and in blended format as appropriate. Has global network of trainers and are actively involved in supporting a variety of trainings and workshops on US election action. Free online toolbox highlighting intersection of arts and culture and activism from around globe, with key principles, theories, tactics and methodologies drawn from stories of creative resistance. Trainings range from 45 minutes to 5 days. Upcoming trainings in Washington, DC with ShutDownDC;
- Oct 1 | Timeline to A Meltdown: Scenario simulation game
- Oct 2 | Direct Action & Street Smarts
- Oct 3-4 | Direct Action Training of Trainers. Apply
Creative nonviolent action strategy and tactics, NVA street smarts and street safety, support structures and dealing with violence, autonomous/action affinity groups, active consent-based decision making, mass mobilizationFree & Paid
BlackOUT CollectiveChinyere Tutashinda, Executive Director | chinyere@blackoutcollective.orgOffering series of public trainings specifically for elections. Provides primarily safety tips and tools, de-escalation tactics, and digital security awareness. Trainings are tailored to the context. May be held online or in-person. Online can accommodate as many people as possible, depending on how interactive/intimate the group would like the training to be. Standard public safety training is typically 90 minutes but can vary depending on organization needs. Free training on Oct. 6, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT. Public safety, digital security for actions, de-escalationPaid
Build A Movement (BAM) | Contact us form hereOffering online education, workshops and mentoring on nonviolent social movements for individuals and groups on movement leadership, strategy and tactics. Ideally 10-20 participants.Methods of strategic nonviolence, movement building, and digital security. Inquire for rates
Center for Popular DemocracyJennifer Flynn Walker, Senior Director Mobilization & Advocacy | jflynn@populardemocracy.orgOffering free 60-90-minute online trainings if you organize 15 participants and a Zoom room. Large network of trainers focused on nonviolent civil disobedience. For larger trainings, can organize breakout groups by state. Request a free training here. Principles & history of civil disobedience including its effectiveness and what other countries have done in transitions of power, demanding the right response, joyous resistance, tacticsFree
The Center for Conflict ManagementEllen Lahtinen, Administrative Specialist VI
School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development Kennesaw State University | | (470) 578-6115
Provides training in conflict management skill and educates the public through conferences, symposia and workshops. The series of workshops range from 90 minutes to a few days. Upcoming paid online workshop registration required: - Oct. 23rd @ 9:00am - 12:30pm Nonviolent Resistance People Power with Dr. Maia Hallward Basics of nonviolent resistance (AKA people power), participants will learn the basic premises of nonviolent action, explore its strategies and tactics, and take the first steps to planning an action of their own. Mix of presentation, discussion, and small group activities.General Public: $200
Early Bird: $175 (before September 30, 2020)
USG Employees: $150
Choose Free online training w/ George Lakey & Zein Nakhoda
Part 1: Oct. 1 @ 7:30pm ET | 2-hours
Part 2: Oct 6 @ 7:30pm ET | 2-hours
Civil resistance strategy, key principles of mass civil resistance in cases of coups and power grabsFree
Christian Peacemaker TeamsJulie Brown, Outreach Coordinator | outreach@cpt.orgWebinars and Campaigns: Basics of nonviolent tactics for social change and de-escalation, 3 hour training, ideal size for a CPT workshop or training is around 15 participants. Minimum of 6 participants & maximum of 100. Request training.
De-escalation, Participating in a protest, Police, Military, and other violent presence, Self Care, Community transformation. $500 for groups under 20 participants, contact for rates 20+ participants, negotiable rates on as-needed basis.
Climate Disobedience Center Marla Marcum, Director I info@climatedisobedience.orgLocation: Tennessee, Appalachia, New England. Helps groups prepare for specific contexts and practice specific skills (e.g. moving and communication). Value the transformative process and seek to form relationships with groups after the training has passed to consider culture and organizational strategy. Online trainings can accomodate 50 people. In-person preferred. 5 in-house trainers plus 5 more in network.Transformative, messaging, framingGift economy
Cure ViolenceKaren Volker, VP Strategy & Partnerships | kvolker@cvg.orgDoes custom trainings for leaders, organizations, journalists and police. Delivered via custom online training platform, Zoom, or in person. Has capacity for on-the-ground interventions including recruiting and training hub leaders, volunteers, and organizations in key locations, facilitating targeted meetings to activate local networks, selecting and training credible messengers to train insiders on interrupting violence. Upcoming Training: - FREE w/ registration 10/16 @ 1pm EST Stopping Violence in the Setting of the Election, Protests, and Division. Register Here. This is a neutral, non-partisan event, free with registration. Invited: Local city and organization leaders, community leaders, journalists, activists and non-activists. Main Topics -- What to expect and what to do:
- The expected violence
- Anticipating, preventing and responding to real life situations
- Developing local situation responses and media responses
Understanding violence as an epidemic, keeping yourself safe from violence and not spreading to others, keeping your loved ones safe from violence and not spreading to others, de-escalating in the momentPaid
DC Action LabNoor Mir l noor@dcactionlab.comContent and format vary depending on context and group. Can accomodate most trainings online. Overall, trainings are focused on decision ponts—giving participants knowledge and power to make their own decisions. Encourages folks on how to think about your own positionality in multi-ethnic environments. De-escalation is a stand-alone training, typically 60-min and must be done in person.Technical direct actions, marshall training, legal training, de-escalationPaid
DC Peace TeamEli S. McCarthy | esm52@georgetown.eduWashington, DC
- 9/25 Online training on the tool of Early Warning, Early Response for Unarmed Civilian Protection teams | 12pm-2pm EDT. Register
- 10/3 Online training in Unarmed Civilian Protection and Accompaniment | 12-2pm and 3-5pm EDT. Full training is both segments. Register
- 10/4 Online session on Active Bystander Intervention in Mental Health situations | 1-3pm EDT. Register
- 10/17 Online training in Active Bystander Intervention | 10am-12pm and 1-3pm EDT. Full training is both segments. Register
Active bystander intervention, de-escalation, train-the-trainer, unarmed civilian protection & accompaniment, nonviolent communication, restorative circlesSliding scale, free for students
East Point Peace Academy Chris Moore-Backman, Core Team Member I I (510) 500-7853Have dilineated online workshops for BIPOC and white identifying groups. Their flagship training "Fierce Vulnerability" sets the introduction to the ethos and principles of NVDA. Trianings held typically on weekends or evenings. Typically around 4 hours online.
Scheduled mini workshop on November 4th discussing "Kingian Nonviolence". 8 trainers with some co-facilitators. Have capacity and open to being contacted by orgs looking for training
Ethos and principles of NVDAGift economy
Eileen Flanagan: Inspiring Positive ChangeEileen Flanagan, Leader & Trainer | eileen@eileenflanagan.comPre-recorded online course for those just stepping into activism or ready to move beyond attending marches: Finding Your Role in this Moment of Social Change. Explains different roles of social change with a special emphasis on non-cooperation and other forms of NVDA. Includes tools for staying grounded while afraid and tips for attending protests where violence is a risk. Also provides more online courses & written resources. Thinking strategically about change, the pillars of power theory, the four roles of social change, getting in the streets, fear, & two messages for targeted audiences: one for white people & one for those wanting to bring their spirituality to this wok.Sliding scale with financial aid available
GreenpeaceBrent Maness, Deputy Director, Actions | brmaness@greenpeace.orgNational network of trainers and dedicated staff with prepared to do online/virtual trainings for your group or organization. Trainings are typically 1-2 hours and geared towards preparing folks to mobilize safely and effectively on and after election day to defeat Trump and demand that all votes be counted. Webinar Registration for upcoming trainings: - Protect the Results: Prepare for Protest | Monday, October 26⋅5:00 – 6:00pm PT - Deescalation Training: Dealing with Anger before Violence | Tuesday, October 27⋅5:00 – 6:00pm PT - Protest Legals: Rights and Risks | Thursday, October 29⋅3:00 – 4:00pm PT - Protest Art: Messaging and Poster Design | Thursday, October 29⋅5:00 – 6:00pm PT
Mobilization Training Menu

-Mass Mobilization Prep: what to expect when you hit the streets after election day

-Deescalation Training: Dealing with Anger before Violence

-Navigating protest: legal rights and risks

-Protest Poster Design
Free public trainings. Paid org trainings.
Hold the Lineholdthelineguide@gmail.comTrainings start by reviewing potential scenarios that might unfold between Election Day (Nov. 3, 2020) and Inauguration Day (Jan. 20, 2021), and then offer evidence-based strategies to respond, and steps you can take to act. We also encourage you to read the full guide online at to get up to speed: Each training has two sessions. Dates are Oct. 15 & 22 and Oct. 20 & 27. FREE. Offers two-session trainings focused on helping people start election protection groups in their community to ensure that: Every vote is counted, Any irregularities are investigated and remedied, The results of the election are respected—at the state and federal level.Free
If Not NowOffering Action Upgrade Workshops. RSVP here.
- 9/24: Preparing for Powerful Action—the basics of preparation for post-election protest
- 10/8: De-escalation and Assertive Intervention—skills and training to help you navigate chaotic protest scenarios
- 10/22: Physical Health and Safety for Protests—how to keep yourself and comrades safer in situations of physical confrontation
- 11/5: Taking Action & Non-cooperation Offering How to Fight Fascism This November: A nonviolent action training for everyone. RSVP here. -10/29 @ 7PM EST: How to Fight Fascism This November -11/1 @ 7PM EST: How to Fight Fascism This November -11/2 @ 7PM EST: How to Fight Fascism This November
Preparing for Powerful Action, De-escalation and Assertive Intervention, Physical Health and Safety for Protests, Taking Action & Non-cooperationFree
MPower Change/Rad OrganizingKifah Shah, Senior Campaign Manager, M |,
Will start trainings as part of their work on the Hold the Line guide. Also doing trainings via Rad Organizing.
Nonviolent PeaceforceMel Duncan, Director of Advocacy & Outreach I
Trainings are not used for direct action, rather the third application - strategic nonviolence to protect civilians and prevent violence. Trainings discuss nonviolence in neutral contexts, not taking sides but keeping the space open for discussion. They cover the history of nonviolent methods in the United states, however, they have done international work in Iraq, Mynamar and the South Sudan. Trainings may range from 5-10 hours online and can accomodate up to 50 people.
Interpositioning, de-escalation, unarmed civilian protectorsPaid
Pace e Bene - Campaign NonviolenceRyan Hall, Executive Director | ryanhall@paceebene.orgOffering series of paid online trainings that anyone can sign up for. Live and recorded. They are open to being contacted by orgs to design custom trainings. Can train online or in-person anywhere in the country. Unlimited number of spots for online trainings. 5 trainers and access to bigger network. Numbers don't matter for online trainings.
Scheduled Trainings:
- Practical Tools to Prepare for Street Demonstrations: Clergy Edition // September 23, 2020
- Online Deescalation Training // October 1, 2020
- Nonviolence In Action: Planning & Strategy Online Course // October 6, 2020
- Nonviolence Online Community Course // October 8, 2020 (6 week course)
- Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for Social Change // October 9, 2020
De-escalation, tools & tactics, planning, strategyPaid
Speak Up Now/Oregon Peace InstituteAle Moreno | Oct 13 @ 4:30pm PST | Defend Democracy Discussion | Zoom Mtg
- Nov 10 @ 4:30pm PST | Missing Peace: Peace teams and civil resistance | Zoom Mtg
Nonviolent defense of democracy, strategic value and methods of organizing peace teamsFree
Sunrise MovementLauren Black | laurenblack@sunrisemovment.orgOffering weekly action skill trainings for members, but open to connecting about their curriculum or ways to work together. Member-focused trainings include:
- Action Planning 101 (basics of planning a NVDA, including tactics, targeting, action roles, etc.),
- Press + Social Media to Amplify Your Action,
- Action Art (visual strategy, making signs, banners, etc.),
- Speaking + Storytelling at Actions.
Planning, tactics, press+social, action art, speaking+storytelling at actionsFree
Showing Up for Racial; List of Chapters to contact in your area. Calendar of upcoming calls, webinars, and other events that are open to the SURJ network. Some are open to the broader public. Most require registration. Public calls and events have registration information included. Upcoming Training:
- Community Safety for All: Launching the Congregational Action Toolkit on 10/14 @ 8:00pm – 9:30pm (Zoom Mtg.)
direct action, community safetyFree, but must join chapter or start one.
Training for ChangeZein Nakhoda, Director & Core Trainer | info@trainingforchange.orgOpen to being contacted for custom online trainings around nonviolent direct action as well as curriculum research and design. Requests 1-2 week lead time as capacity is somewhat limited. Workshop lengths can vary, 2-4 hoursNonviolent direct action tactics and strategy, action prep and roles, de-escalation, key principles of mass civil resistance. Paid, pro-bono when possible
USIP is offering its entire online course catalogue tuition-free until the end of the year. More theoretical than tactical. Relevant courses range from 4-11 hours and can be done at your own pace. Civil resistance, nonviolent resistanceFree
Vision Change WinChe Johnson-Long, Community Safety Coordinator
Trainers have between 10-40 years of security experience, with a BIPOC, feminist, queer and trans-inclusive, abolitionist, and disability justice lens. A multi-generational lineage of movement security folks whose work they trace to Black Power and Puerto Rican Sovereignty Movements. Minimum training length is 3 hours; maximum is two topics in a day-long training over several days. Offer training, curriculum development, protocol development, and can give immediate safety advice after threats.Verbal and Physical De-escalation, Creating an Organizational Security Culture, Security for Actions and Protests, Security for Events, Building Organizational Safety Teams, Navigating High Level Threats, Addressing Surveillance of Progressive Movements.Paid
Meta Peace Teammetapeaceteam@gmail.comMichigan
PeaceWalksDCDelonte Gholston, Pastor | peacewalks@peace-dc.orgWashington, DC. Organizing some local trainings. Training in October focused on nonviolent direct actionFree
Hold the LineGuide to Defending Democracy