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How to Deal Max. Damage?1. LevelUp & Evolve & Boost own Medails2. Buff own Medails3. Debuff Enemy4. Upgrade Keyblade5. Pimp Subslot6. Put Traits on your Medails7. Level Spirit8. Skills9. Spirit Training
1. LevelUp & Evolve & Boost own Medails1.1 fuse Medails with Huew/Duew/Luew (Tick/Trick/Track)
EXP Medails you get through draws / quests / rewards (best way is farming tuesday-thursday that certain special quests)
1.2.1 For Evolving an 6Star to an 7Star Medail you need Blue Fairy of the same Special Level as your MedailBlue Faires Medails you get through draws / Eventquests / PVP rewards
1.2.2 To Evolve an 7Star medail to Supernova/SN+ Medail you need Dual Meow Wow of that Special LevelDual Meow Wow Medails you get through Platinum Ticket Draws or PVP/PVE Rewards
1.3 you can boost 6/7Star Medails with up to 1000 extra STR & DEF by fusing Chip/Chap Medails and SN/SN+ cards with up to 3000 extra STR & DEFChip & Chap Medails you get through Quests Rewards
2. Buff own MedailsAll medails can be buffed with 15 STR, 15 U/R STR and 17 PSM STRsee best setup medails in my "KHX - Top Medails" list
3. Debuff EnemyAll medails can be debuffed with 15 DEF, 15 U/R DEF and 17 PSM DEFsee best setup medails in my "KHX - Top Medails" list
4. Upgrade KeybladeEvery Keyblade needs to get upgraded at least to Level 20 to unlock all Medail slots, Element Multiplyer and Upright/Reverse Multiplyernormal Upgrade materials you get mostly through normal Story. All the proud keyblades needs special upgrade materials you get through proud story. Sometimes also through eventquests
5. Pimp SubslotInside of your Keyblades you can equip medails into your subslot to get a very good damage multiplyerthe better your medails the more they improve your multiplyer. as it looks like all tier 7-9 medails improve it most (0,2-0,3)
6. Put Traits on your MedailsAll your medails have 1-5 slots for traits. Fuse a Medail with the same Medail (dosnt matter the star-rank) to get a trait on itsee best traits in my "KHX - Best of" list
7. Level SpiritYou can level your Spirit by equiping it with up to 6 of your medails. The higher the gear level the more EP. you can improve the EP outcome but giving your medails a trait.
8. SkillsFor dealing much more damage you need Scrooge (Dagobert) Medails to infuse Medails with strong skillssee best skills in my "KHX - Best of" list
9. Spirit TrainingAdditionaly to normal traits you can get a spirit trait through spirit trainingspirit training can be used every 20h to give 1 medail a spirit trait. more training slots can be temporary unlocked by paying real-money. see also my "KHX - Best of" list
10. PerksYou can equip your avatar with special outfits. some of the accecoires has a cost factor and a special perk (skill, crit... and more but you only need these)if you want to improve the trigger chance of triple treat medails than put some skill perk clothes on. otherwise critical is always the best choice.