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Submitter Name
US43Best of Show, DistinctionBICSITelecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, 14th EditionThe Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), 14th edition is intended for the instruction and design of low-voltage structured cabling systems for the credentialing of BICSI's Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs). The RCDD is the premier credential in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. This publication is also a valuable reference manual for those who have already obtained the credential. User Support Materials
Clarke Hammersley
BICSI Technical Information and Methods Committee
TDMM 14th Edition Revision Team
BICSI World Headquarters
IF10DistinctionDept. of Homeland Security by Nexight GroupChemical, Nuclear,Dams and Critical Manufacturing Sector ProfilesThe U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shared the Chemical Sector Profile, Nuclear Sector Profile, Dams Sector Profile, and the Critical Manufacturing Sector Profile at conferences to provide a comprehensive picture of the sectors to DHS leadership/staff, sector partners, and the public.Informational Materials Lindsay Pack Kendra Chappell, Nexight Group; Jason Pearlman, Nexight Group; Mel Anton, Nexight Group; Stephanie Spaulding, Nexight Group; Lindsay Pack, Nexight Group; Annie Best, Nexight Group; and Bill Schweigart, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
IF04DistinctionNASA Earth@NightEven enshrouded in darkness, our planet has dazzling stories to tell! NASA's new 200-page book, Earth at Night, shows how humans and natural phenomena light up the darkness, and how and why scientists have observed Earth's nightlights for more than four decades using both their own eyes and spaceborne instruments. Written for the general public, the book shows how scientists use nightlight data to study our planet and how decision makers can use the knowledge gained for public benefit. Informational Materials Heather HansonDouglas Bennett, Sally J. Bensusen, Kristen J. Erickson, Michael J. Falkowski, Michael H. Freilich, Emily M. Furfaro, Steven M. Graham, James L. Green, Heather H. Hanson, Grey M. Hautaluoma, Mitchell K. Hobish, Winnie H. Humberson, Marit A. Jentoft–Nilsen, Jack A. Kaye, Deborah F. McLean, Kevin W. Miller, Amy K. Moran, Kirsten D. Petree, Steven E. Platnick, Miguel O. Román, Ranjay M. Shrestha, Eleanor C. Stokes, Alan B. Ward, and Thomas H. Zurbuchen
IM08DistinctionDell BoomiBoomi User GuideProviding technical content for Boomi AtomSphere platform's audience of developers and system integrators, we overhauled Boomi's User Guide. We migrated to a new web hosting platform to provide a modern infrastructure meeting today's user needs (responsive page framework, custom documentation sets, and direct feedback). The team also filled in gaps, such as creating a new "Building your first Boomi Integration process tutorial" to ease the onboarding process, quickly getting users comfortable.Instructional Materials John W. GeorgeChristi Guzik
Jon Brams
Emily Krueger
Kyle Vargo
Mark Sellings
John W. George
Anne Gibson
Chris Bienick
US12ExcellenceShea Writing and Training Solutions, Inc.Dresser Model 10C25 Series K Installation, Operation, and Maintenance ManualThis manual provides information about installing, testing, operating, and maintaining the Dresser 10C25 Series K Digital Index meter to personnel responsible for installing, maintaining, and servicing these meters in the field or repair facility. The primary audience is expected to be technicians with training on working with gas meters and support personnel.User Support Materials Evalyn M. SheaVeronica Bowman, Cristina Lancelot, Madeline Corb
US35ExcellenceConnectWiseConnectWise Identify User DocumentationThe purpose of my entry is instruct technology service providers on how to use the ConnectWise Identify risk assessment tool. This documentation is targeted toward technology service providers who provide cybersecurity services for their clients.User Support Materials Marshall WrightMarshall Wright, Abbie Tioseco
US41ExcellenceMedidata SolutionsRave Omics Knowledge SpaceThe target audience of the Rave Omics knowledge space is the users of the Rave Omics application, primarily consisting of Biostatisticians and Bioinformaticians who import, manage, and analyze sample genomic and clinical data for clinical trials. This knowledge space provides them with detailed information, both procedural and contextual, about how to use each module of the application in the event that they are unsure of how to proceed with a task. User Support Materials Jonathon WilsonJonathon Wilson
US11ExcellenceMedidata SolutionsMedidata's Dashboard 2019.1.0 Knowledge SpaceA new dashboard app provides Medidata platform users with a consolidated view of the tasks they need to perform. The Dashboard visually tracks and displays key metrics and data points used to monitor the clinical trial management process. Being this was the first release, a knowledge space for only the Issue Management product, is currently supported. However, the knowledge space articles, structure, navigation, and hierarchy were developed to provide a template for all future products.User Support Materials Matthew MuscatMatthew Muscat
IF13 - Used to be IM10ExcellenceNexight GroupTechnology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Renal Replacement Therapy Developed for the Kidney Health Initiative, the Technology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Renal Replacement Therapy outlines the strategies and research and development (R&D) pathways needed to develop commercially viable renal replacement therapy (RRT) alternatives to dialysis. The roadmap is used by the kidney community and by innovators and researchers conducting or investing in R&D that will offer increased treatment options and an improved quality of life for patients. Informational Materials Lindsay Pack Julianne Puckett, Nexight Group; Sarah Lichtner, Nexight Group; Annie Best, Nexight Group; Lindsay Pack, Nexight Group; Melissa West, Kidney Health Initiative
IF09ExcellenceInformation BuildersCustomer Education websiteThe Customer Education website provides customers access to learning options to support their success using Information Builders products. Resources include self-study and instructor-led courses, hands-on workshops, accreditation, and personal training. Learning paths are also provided to help customers plan their learning journey. Updates to the education offerings and website design, based on customer feedback, were published in phases, first in October 2019 and again in November 2019.Promotional MaterialsFrances GambinoSarah Buccellato, Frances Gambino, Nancy Silva, Mike Florkowski, Tomasz Boguszewski, Anup Sharma, Grace Lee
IM05ExcellenceSalesforceCustomer-Centric Data Strategies TrailheadThis Trailhead e-learning module is for Business Users, Admins, and Data Architects. The goal of this module is to get data specialists and admins thinking about planning data strategies based on their customers' needs, instead of the technologies and resources already in place. A customer-centric strategy can help companies put together a project that's easier to scale and implement, because it's highly focused on improving their customers' shopping and service experiences. Instructional Materials Melissa KulmLance Santin, Kellie Carter
IF14 - Used to be US05ExcellenceMount Sinai Health SystemSkin HealthSkin Health is a publication of the Kimberley and Eric J. Waldman Department of Dermatology of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY. Its purpose is to educate patients, the general public, health care providers, and department supporters about skin diseases and conditions. It focuses on current research, public health and prevention, diagnostic measures, traditional and emerging treatments, and services offered through the faculty practices of Mount Sinai.Informational Materials
Susan V. Bershad, MD
Susan V. Bershad, MD (Editor); John Justin David (Senior Editorial Advisor); Yvonne Meyers (Managing Editor); Joyce Weiner, Hallets Cove Studio (Designer); Mark G. Lebwohl, MD (President, Editorial Board); Brian J. Abittan, MD (Author); Saakshi Khattri, MBBS, MD (Author); Harry Meister (Author); Alice Bendix Gottlieb, MD, PhD (Author)
US42ExcellenceVerint SystemsWFM Queue Analytics Quick Reference A new application, Queue Analytics, was developed to replace two applications, Pulse and Pulse History. The purpose is to show users where to find the functions and introduce the new application.User Support Materials Phoebe ForioMarie Mukarusine, Phoebe Forio, Gerry Mullen, Lisa Amitai
IM13ExcellenceLeidosMaking Our Roads Safer One Countermeasure at a TimeTarget audience is the State, and local transportation agencies to encourage them to incorporate proven safety countermeasures. The countermeasures have been established based on effectiveness and benefits encouraging widespread implementation. The goal is to eliminate and reduce serious injuries and fatalities.Promotional MaterialsLaurie WidmanMichelle Neuner, Laurie Widman
IM09ExcellenceNexight GroupPhil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact: Strategic PlanThe strategic plan details the priorities and areas of scientific focus of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, a $1 billion effort designed to accelerate the cycle of moving discoveries to impacts for the greater good, improving the quality of life for people in Oregon, the nation, and beyond. The document audience includes Knight Campus leadership and staff, University of Oregon faculty and staff, external partners or advisors, funders, and the public. Informational Materials Lindsay Pack Sarah Lichtner, Nexight Group; Annie Best, Nexight Group; Ross Brindle, Nexight Group; Lindsay Pack, Nexight Group; Chrissy Sherman, Nexight Group; Robert Guldberg, Phil and Penny Knight Campus; Moira Kiltie, Phil and Penny Knight Campus; Jim Hutchison, Phil and Penny Knight Campus; Andrew Nelson, Phil and Penny Knight Campus
US38ExcellenceWRITEC SrlVR NxT Instruction ManualThe purpose of the manual is to instruct the target audience on how to use VR NxT correctly and safely to reduce sample volume automatically. This also includes information on how to install and maintain VR NxT and use it with other client's laboratory instruments.
We wanted to provide a clear, well organized and easy to read document.
The intended users are laboratory technicians, biologists, biotechnologists and researchers with a deep knowledge of the typical laboratory processes.
User Support Materials
Alessandra Frisullo
Alessandra Frisullo (user&task analysis, document design, writing, draft illustrations, terminology)
Irene Mazzi (UI review, project management, publication plan)
Carmen Picca (final illustrations, page layout)
Alex Calanca (customer’s engineer. Provided rough information and reviewed the document)
IM12ExcellenceNexight GroupSurviving a Catastrophic Power Outage: How to Strengthen the Capabilities of the NationThe President's National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) advises the President of the United States on how to improve the security and resilience of the critical infrastructure. The NIAC also advises the lead Federal agencies and its reports are publicly available. For this study, the NIAC examined the nation's ability to respond to and recover from a catastrophic power outage of a magnitude beyond modern experience, exceeding prior events in severity, scale, duration, and consequence.Informational MaterialsLindsay Pack Beth Slaninka, Nexight Group; Lindsay Kishter, Nexight Group; Kendra Chappell, Nexight Group; Annie Best, Nexight Group; Jim Carey, Nexight Group; Kate McClaskey, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Ginger Norris, US Department of Homeland Security
US15ExcellenceMedidata, a Dassault Systemes company MEDS IngestorHow to use a new tool that uploads user-generated data to a database. Clinical scientists create CSV files and follow the steps to upload their CSV files to the database.User Support Materials Jonathan HodrickGraham Foster
IF06ExcellenceOak Ridge National LaboratoryGenome Engineering for Materials Synthesis Workshop ReportInform research community, governmental entities, congressional staffers, science media, educators, potential grantees, academia, industry, and the knowledgeable lay public about DOE's missions to understand fundamental genome-encoded plant and microbial properties leading to the discovery, development, and understanding of species with traits suitable for fuel and chemical production from renewable biomass or light, and to understand interactions between plants, microbes, and the environment.Informational Materials Holly HaunHolly Haun
Stacey McCray
Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Judy Wyrick
Marissa Mills
US03MeritMedidata, a Dassault Systemes CompanyStudy Management Knowledge SpaceMedidata provides pharmaceutical or medical device companies with software used to conduct a clinical trial, or study, of a drug or medical device. These companies use the Study Management application to track recruitment of study subjects, enrollment in the study, country and site locations, types of services, and other details. The Study Management Knowledge Space is a series of articles delivered electronically as help pages that explain how to use the Study Management application.User Support Materials Anita GossettAnita Gossett, Lelia Livadas
US10MeritMedidata Solutions, a Dassault CompanyMedidata Designer Knowledge SpaceThe Medidata Designer knowledge space is a new Medidata product that allows customers to configure platform-wide settings for their clinical trial studies. The product was recently released, and this is the first public iteration of the knowledge space (it was previously released in beta under a different name).User Support Materials (job aid, online help, reference, system documentation, etc.)
Danielle Heffernan
Danielle Heffernan
US13MeritShea Writing and Training Solutions, Inc.Dresser MeterWare Software ManualThis manual provides information about installing and using the Dresser MeterWare software for personnel responsible for configuring equipment supported by the software. The primary audience is expected to be technicians and support personnel with training working with gas meters and related equipment.User Support Materials Evalyn M. SheaVeronica Bowman, Cristina Lancelot, Madeline Corb
US25MeritConnectWiseConnectWise Sell 2019 Release NotesTo inform current ConnectWise customers about the latest features and bug fixes for ConnectWise Sell. This document provides an overview of new changes, images when needed to further explain changes, and helpful documentation links to explore details about each enhancement. ConnectWise Manage ticket numbers are provided next to each bug fix so that our customers can easily search (CTRL+F) to see if a ticket they created about an issue was fixed. Customers must log in to view release notes. User Support Materials Jaclyn VilardiJaclyn Vilardi
US18MeritBucher Emhart GlassFleXinspect T Site Preparation & Installation ManualThis manual is typically provided to customers when an order is received for the FleX T. The target audience is both our own service engineers who will install the machine, as well as any other groups (e.g. riggers, general contractors, plant maintenance technicians, etc.) that will be involved with the installation. These groups tend to be skilled technical personnel.User Support Materials Tom BeiswengerTom Beiswenger
US36MeritConnectWiseConnectWise Mobile Android DocumentationThis documentation helps current ConnectWise partners to navigate and use the ConnectWise Mobile application. Documentation includes field descriptions for each screen in the application as well as record creation and modification steps. ConnectWise partners can review this information by logging into the ConnectWise University. User Support Materials Jessica PrestonAbbie Tioseco
IF03MeritConcordia UniversityAn Overview of Training and DevelopmentThis book introduces people who are new to Training, or work with Training and Development groups, to the field. Specifically, this book describes the products and services offered by people in the field; the various roles that professionals in the field assume; the processes, guiding concepts, and technologies used in the work; the client-centered nature business context of the work; means of assessing the effectiveness of training; and options for readers' future in the field.
Informational Materials Saul Carliner Margaret Driscoll (co-author), Alison Piper (Editor), Char James-Tanny (miracle worker)
IM14MeritVerint SystemsGetting Started with InteractionsPurpose is to replace existing instructor-led training for agents and supervisors. Target audience: call center agents and supervisors.Instructional Materials Phoebe ForioTamar Katz, Ryan Hargreaves, Itai Weinberg, Dan Wensel, Andy Campbell, Simon Ellis
US39MeritHillrom Inc. Welch Allyn, Inc.Welch Allyn Universal Mobile Stand Assembly InstructionsThe purpose of the document is to help office managers or biomeds quickly verify parts needed for assembly and easily assemble the universal mobile stand.User Support MaterialsLaurie FiarettiLaurie Fiaretti, Brad Hunt, Pete Bettis, Deanne LaFace
US08MeritHP, Inc.HP VR 9.3 Megapixel Virtual Reality Headset QSPThe printed quick setup poster is included in the box with the virtual reality headset. It provides first-time setup information orient users and get them up and running quickly. This is a commercial product, so the poster's target audience is IT people and users at companies which use VR in a commercial setting such as arts and entertainment companies, architecture firms, medical professionals, museums, etc. User Support Materials Lisa HarlanJamie West, Alexandra Jones, Valerie Krohn, Vanessa Vara, Gabriel Herbert, Carolyn Schuur
US17MeritMedidata, a Dassault Systemes companyMEDS ExtractorMEDS Extractor is a tool that allows clinical scientists to download ZIP file filled with data from over the lifetime of their experience using Medidata products. The MEDS Extractor documentation describes how to set up an extract and extract data from that extract.User Support Materials Jonathan HodrickGraham Foster
IM02MeritTechnical Communication CenterProfessional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing SkillsAn entry-level comprehensive online video course for beginning technical writers and career changers to help them start a new career as a tech writer. When students finish this course they end up writing a User Guide of their choice which is personally reviewed by the instructor to make sure they have a great sample to submit to recruiters and HR managers.Instructional MaterialsDr. Ugur AkinciN/A
US37MeritVerint, Inc.Mobile Work View User's GuideThis guide provides instructions for viewing and managing schedules, viewing performance scorecards, staying up to date with notifications, messages, and updates. Target audience: Agents in a contact center (such as a customer service representative). While on the job, agents would perform these functions on our web product. The Verint Mobile Work View app gives them the flexibility to perform the same functions using their mobile device anytime and anywhere. User Support Materials Peggy Armstrongnot applicable
US34MeritConnectWise, IncConnectWise Automate Web Computer Management ScreenThe purpose of my entry is to provide a technical reference guide to end users leveraging the ConnectWise Automate Web Computer Management screen. This documentation enables end-users to become fully familiar with the Web Computer Management screen and integrate the application into their daily business processes and help to diagnose and solve their technical endpoints issues as they arise.User Support Materials
Cameron Valentine
Cameron Valentine, Abbie Tioseco
IM04MeritBucher Emhart GlassFleXinspect BC with SCOUT Technology Job Change & Inspection Setup ManualThis manual serves as a comprehensive reference for setting up all of the available inspection options on the FleX BC. The machine is used in glass plants to inspect glass bottles after they are manufactured and prior to packing. The target audience are job change mechanics and technicians and assumes little prior knowledge of the FleX BC. However, we do assume that they have at least a basic understanding of the glass container forming process and possible defects.Instructional Materials Tom BeiswengerTom Beiswenger
US16MeritDataStaxCassandra Query Language (CQL) quick referenceThe Cassandra Query Language (CQL) quick reference is a single-page reference that allows new and experienced users to quickly see each CQL commands. Our target audience includes system administrators and developers who use Apache CassandraTM or DataStax Enterprise. The quick reference provides a pop-up example module so users can compare an example with the provided syntax. Each command includes a link to a reference topic for the specific command with details about the command options.User Support Materials Jamie GillenwaterIan Evans, Jamie Gillenwater, and Jason Price
IF07MeritOak Ridge National LaboratoryGenomic Science Program By the Numbers; FY 2018Genomic Science Program (GSP) By the Numbers was created for the U.S. Department of Energy's Biological and Environmental Research program to provide an overview of hard-to-get metrics that demonstrate investment across multiple sectors. It promotes GSP’s scale and diversity to related multidisciplinary research communities in government (national and international), academia, the private sector; Congress; science media; educators; potential grantees; and the interested public.Promotional Materials Holly HaunKris Christen
Stacey McCray
Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure App
Our user research showed our audience needed instructional guidance and help with envisioning how Einstein Analytics could be used to build analytics apps. So, we designed a learning experience that provides a conceptual introduction to the product as well as task-based instruction. Einstein Analytics customers have unique systems with their own data, and they need enough instruction so that they can create their own analytics apps. The entry is for beginning through advanced audiences.
Instructional Materials (digital tutorial, eLearning, demo, workbook, etc.)
Content submitted electronically via upload
Mac PC;Windows PC (Windows 7 and higher);iPad
US07MeritHP, Inc.OMEN Gaming Chair Setup Instructions PosterThe printed setup instructions poster provides users clear illustrations and instructions for properly assembling the OMEN Gaming Chair. The target audience is gamers who are serious enough to purchase a dedicated gaming chair and other gaming-specific products. User Support Materials Lisa HarlanNga Diep-Tran, Alexandra Jones, Valerie Krohn
IF11MeritSchlumbergerReservoir Fluid Geodynamics and Reservoir EvaluationThe book introduces the newly codified discipline of reservoir fluid geodynamics (RFG), which is founded on asphaltene nanoscience and thermodynamics advances, development of downhole fluid analysis, and analysis of reservoir fluids in geologic time. RFG resolves a significant deficiency in oil & gas industry reservoir evaluation by assessing postdeposition hydrocarbon alteration over geologic time to ultimately optimize production. Audience: Exploration geologists, geophysicists, chemists.Informational Materials
Elsa Kapitan-White
Oliver C. Mullins, Stephany Siswanto Handoyo, Elsa Kapitan-White, Donald G. Daigle
US02MeritBICSIICT Installation Practices Field Guide, Volume 2 - Copper Cabling, 1st EditionAll technical subject matter within this field guide was carefully vetted and approved for distribution to our membership and all others in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. Its target audience are low voltage cabling installers and technicians. This new field guide is the first of its kind that deals strictly with low voltage copper cabling installation methodologies. We are very proud of this publication. User Support Materials
Clarke Hammersley
BICSI World Headquarters
BICSI Technical Information & Methods Committee
US21MeritHillrom SkaneatelesSpot Vision Screener Quick ReferenceThis Quick Reference supports users of the Spot Vision Screener. The target audience is clinicians as well as individuals from non-profit organizations who provide vision screening services. The Quick Reference is an abridged version of the Directions for Use, which users can access online. It covers the most common setup and clinical use tasks, and it points users to the website where they can find additional support materials and register their product.User Support Materials
Roberta (Bobbi) Werner
Sandra Craig, Kenneth Reid, Megan Schneider, Katie Coles, Roberta (Bobbi) Werner, Naomi Coufal
IF05MeritAGEISS Inc.Solar Farm Feasibility StudyThe Solar Farm Feasibility Study was prepared for and submitted to the Arecibo Job Corps Center in Puerto Rico as a part of the Master Plan. The audience consisted of planners and engineers tasked with master planning for the future of the center. The purpose was to analyze factors and determine if the site is suitable for a solar photovoltaic system and was presented in four sections. Informational Materials Alison DowneyTim Bugh, Miles Smith, Shauna Andersen Jones
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