Contest name2021 Oklahoma SPJ Contest
DivisionCategory NameAwardOrganizationEntry TitleEntry CommentsCreditsCompetition Comments
Public RelationsNewsletterFirst PlaceOMRFBunsen Burner
The Bunsen Burner was creatively carried out. Well designed. Clever. Liked all the personal comments of how people were coping with the pandemic. I realize this is for employees (and others) but I did not know what OMRF meant until I looked it up.
Ryan Stewart, Lindsay Thomas, Jenny Lee, Shari Hawkins
Public RelationsNewsletter
Second Place
Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET)
Tobacco Stops With Me Cultivated Newsletter
Sjonna Paulson, Chase Harvick, Kelli Brodersen, Matt Morgan, Lindsey Funk
Public RelationsNewsletterThird Place
Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET)
TSET Health Communication UpdateKelli Brodersen, TSET
Public RelationsPromotional MaterialFirst PlaceOMRFAnnual Appeal
The use of faces really draws the reader in. In addition, the acknowledgment that COVID is at the top of people's minds but research to treat other diseases is still ongoing helps show that the requester understands that donors' priorities may have shifted during the pandemic. This was a good balance of an emotional appeal with a statement of how your donation will help.
Jenny Lee, Lindsay Thomas
Public RelationsPromotional Material
Second Place
Citizen Potwatomi NationOk Travel Ad Emily Guleserian
Public RelationsPromotional MaterialThird PlaceCitizen Potwatomi NationBehavioral HealthEmily Guleserian
Public RelationsAnnual ReportFirst PlaceOMRFOMRF 2019 Annual Report
One of the most creative and well written annual reports I've ever read. Really enjoyed the story on the retiree who celebrated his 80th and 90th birthdays with Willie Nelson to raise money for OMRF and another organization.
Adam Cohen, Jenny Lee, Madison Ketcham, Eoin Coveney
Public RelationsPress Release WritingFirst Place
Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust
Rise in Childhood Obesity Adds to Worries During COVID
The story of childhood obesity and how it might worsen during COVID-19 was important to tell. Lots of links for readers to get additional info if they desire it.
Kelli Brodersen, TSET
Public RelationsPress Release Writing
Second Place
OMRF's skeleton crew keeps research alive and well
Shari Hawkins
Public RelationsPress Release WritingThird Place
Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET)
Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline Launches New Website
Sjonna Paulson, Chase Harvick, Kelli Brodersen, Sarah Powers, Lindsey Funk
Public RelationsGeneral WritingFirst Place
Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
'Hardship, Hope, and Home'
Excellent usage of words to paint a vivid picture of Lange'€™s evolving work and associating it with the theme of home. I love the line, "We see home in Lange'€™s photographs because home is not just a place, it is a perspective."€ That really captures what is conveyed in the piece.
Kimberly Roblin, Oklahoma Humanities
Public RelationsGeneral Writing
Second Place
OMRFMystery of Madison
Adam Cohen, Shari Hawkins
Public RelationsGeneral WritingThird Place
Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
'Learning from the Past, Acting for the Future'
Ben Alpers, Anne Richardson, Carla Walker, Oklahoma Humanities
Public RelationsPR Publication CoverFirst Place
Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
'HOME, Spring/Summer 2020'
I believe this cover immediately grabs the reader'€™s attention. Using the image of songwriter and singer/musician Woody Guthrie (who was born in Oklahoma) for the cover of an issue with the theme of “Home” was a brilliant idea. I’m not sure who designed the cover, but having the lyrics of Guthrie's inspirational song appearing on the guitar reinforces the theme.
Sara Bowersock, Anne Richardson, Carla Walker, Oklahoma Humanities
Public RelationsPR Publication Cover
Second Place
Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
'CITIZEN 2020, Fall/Winter 2020'
Anne Richardson, Oklahoma Humanities
Public RelationsPR Publication CoverThird PlaceOMRFOMRF 2019 Annual Report
Adam Cohen, Jenny Lee, Eoin Coveney, Madison Ketcham
Public RelationsBest PR PublicationFirst Place
Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
'HOME, Spring/Summer 2020'
The cover is absolutely stunning and makes the reader want to continue to explore the publication. Nice consistency in theme across the magazine. I appreciated the visually appealing layout and the incorporation of beautiful photography. Great selection of substantive stories.
Carla Walker, Anne Richardson, Kimberly Roblin, Oklahoma Humanities
Public RelationsBest PR Publication
Second Place
Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
'CITIZEN 2020, Fall/Winter 2020'
Carla Walker, Anne Richardson, Kimberly Roblin, Art Lien, Oklahoma Humanities
Public RelationsBest PR PublicationThird PlaceOMRFFindings Magazine
Adam Cohen, Jenny Lee, Shari Hawkins, Brett Deering
RadioRadio: General NewsFirst PlaceStateImpact Oklahoma
Early release dates for Oklahoma prisoners just got pushed back
Excellent explanatory piece on a high-stakes issue for an undercovered population.
Quinton Chandler
RadioRadio: General News
Second Place
StateImpact Oklahoma
A syphilis outbreak in south-central Oklahoma creates yet another strain on the state's public health system
Catherine Sweeney
RadioRadio: General NewsThird PlaceKOSU
Facial Recognition Is Not Just For Your Phone. It Could Be Used To Prevent Livestock Disease
Seth Bodine
RadioRadio: Spot NewsFirst PlaceKGOU - Radio
Oklahoma City George Floyd Protest Leads To Arrests, Tear Gas, And Broken Windows
Compelling spot reporting, capturing the voices of protesters as well as the sounds of police tear gas canisters. Succinct and powerful.
Logan Layden
RadioRadio: Spot News
Second Place
KGOU - Radio
Trump's Tulsa Rally Comes Despite Increases Of COVID-19 Infections
Logan Layden
RadioRadio: FeatureFirst PlaceKOSU
How COVID-19 Is Making The Holiday Season Not So Jolly for Santa Clauses
Rachel Hubbard
RadioRadio: Feature
Second Place
StateImpact Oklahoma
Oklahoma Arts Institute moves off Quartz Mountain and into students living rooms
Robby Korth
RadioRadio: FeatureThird PlaceKGOU - Radio
Oklahoma Engaged: How The White Evangelical Protestant Voting Bloc Impacts Elections In Oklahoma
Katelyn Howard, Oklahoma Engaged
RadioRadio: Investigative and Enterprise ReportingFirst PlaceKOSU
How An Oklahoma Law Meant to Protect Fails Mothers
Allison Herrera
This was a tough call between the first and second place winners. Allison Herrera's reporting on a law that was meant to hold child abusers accountable is failing mothers takes the first place. Not only did Herrera take a close look at one case, using court records and interviews, she also provided extra context regarding domestic violence rates in the state, and how that factors into the unintended consequences of this law. Terrific work, KOSU.
RadioRadio: Investigative and Enterprise Reporting
Second Place
StateImpact Oklahoma
Oklahoma City mental health emergencies outpace police trained to handle them
Quinton Chandler, Whitney Bryen, Oklahoma Watch
RadioRadio: Investigative and Enterprise ReportingThird PlaceKGOU - Radio
Oklahoma Performance Venues Hit Hard By COVID-19 Pandemic
Katelyn Howard
RadioRadio: Government and Criminal Justice ReportingFirst PlaceStateImpact Oklahoma
'We are still human beings': Oklahoma prisoners, officials adjust as COVID-19 spreads
Quinton Chandler
This was a close contest. The first place award goes to StateImpact Oklahoma for its piece "We are still human beings€™: Oklahoma prisoners, officials adjust as COVID-19 spreads." The radio piece focuses on a vulnerable and overlooked population -- prisoners in state facilities -- who fell victim to poor planning and procedures during the pandemic. Great work
RadioRadio: Government and Criminal Justice Reporting
Second Place
KOSUMcGirt v. OklahomaAllison Herrera
RadioRadio: Government and Criminal Justice ReportingThird PlaceKOSU
Muscogee (Creek) Nation's Family Violence Prevention Program Helps Those In Need
Allison Herrera, Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton
RadioRadio: Election ReportingFirst PlaceKGOU - Radio
Oklahoma Democrats Face Uphill Battle To Be Competitive In State Politics Again
A strong examination of the future of state politics, backed by analysis and historical perspective
Katelyn Howard, Oklahoma Engaged
RadioRadio: Election Reporting
Second Place
StateImpact Oklahoma
Oklahoma teenagers want their voices heard to make the world a better place
Kateleigh Mills, Robby Korth, KOSU , Oklahoma Engaged
RadioRadio: Election ReportingThird PlaceKGOU - Radio
Oklahoma Engaged: How Fear And Anxiety Impact Political Behavior
Katelyn Howard, Oklahoma Engaged
RadioRadio: Diversity CoverageFirst PlaceStateImpact Oklahoma
Oklahoma City leaders to reconsider police oversight following protests denouncing racial disparities
Quinton Chandler
RadioRadio: Diversity Coverage
Second Place
What Medicaid Expansion Could Mean for Oklahoma's Native American Tribes
Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton
RadioRadio: Diversity CoverageThird PlaceKGOU - Radio
OU International Students Face Uncertainty And Confusion Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Katelyn Howard
RadioRadio: Special Program/ Interview/Talk ShowFirst PlaceKOSU
Lost Childhood: The Visible and Invisible Weight on North Tulsa Youth
This impactful special delved into many related topics with smooth transitions, creativity and care. The editing was truly remarkable. Special kudos for weaving in so many voices and so much information, especially historical.
Focus: Black Oklahoma
RadioRadio: Special Program/ Interview/Talk Show
Second Place
Kyle Nix on Spaghetti Westerns, Fiddling & Turnpike Troubadours
This was a solid single-subject interview. The host asked insightful question and the editing of songs into the interview was exquisite.
Matthew Viriyapah
RadioRadio: Special Program/ Interview/Talk ShowThird PlaceKGOU - Radio
Oklahoma Engaged LIVE: Voice Of The Voter Episode 3
The live interviews of subject experts were informative and provide an excellent resource for voters in Oklahoma.
Dick Pryor, Logan Layden, Catherine Sweeney, Keith Gaddy
RadioRadio: Best NewscastFirst PlaceKOSUKOSU - December 3, 2020 Newscast
Thorough newscast, including the latest on COVID-19 and stories across the state.
Michael Cross
TelevisionTV: Spot NewsFirst PlaceKJRH-TVEarly Morning House FireStephen Owsley
A powerful spot-news PKG that allows the natural sounds and interviews matched with impressive shots to drive the story. Great work, Stephen Owsley.
TelevisionTV: Special Program/Documentary/Live BroadcastFirst PlaceFox23 NewsCountdown to Kickoff -- OU vs Texas
Nathan Thompson, Luke Slabaugh
An invigorating special program that fans of OU and Texas must have enjoyed. Strong work!
TelevisionTV: FeatureFirst PlaceKJRH-TVSaving our Country's Music VenuesSierra Pizarro
This was a very close call between all three top choices. In the end, Sierra Pizarro's story edged into first place based in part of the photography and editing of her piece, as well as the writing. Great work, KJRH-TV
TelevisionTV: Feature
Second Place
KJRH-TVWWII veteran salutes aloneChris DiMaria
TelevisionTV: FeatureThird PlaceFox23 NewsCowboy Tim -- Twitter FamousNathan Thompson
TelevisionTV: Sports ReportingFirst PlaceFox23 NewsAthlete A -- Maggie's Story
A strong piece of reporting, putting a face to the infamous label "Athlete A" and defining Maggie Nichols beyond just a survivor, but a world class athlete. Amazing work laying out the story behind this courageous woman who took a huge risk coming forward. Solid work, Fox23.
Nathan Thompson, Jay Harness, Todd Pitts
TelevisionTV: Sports Reporting
Second Place
From hungry to wanted: changing lives through food and support
Chris DiMaria
TelevisionTV: Health ReportingFirst PlaceFox23 NewsHigh School Sports During A Pandemic
The great story represents a bookmark in sports history: the year sports stood still during a raging pandemic. Darryan Moss' drive, fueled by his father's death, was a great character to center the story. Strong work from Fox23.
Nathan Thompson, Jay Harness, Lee Carter, Todd Pitts
TelevisionTV: Video EditingFirst PlaceKJRH-TVAdventure Avenue
Editing in this piece takes the viewer to Adventure town without ever leaving their home. Great use of nat sound and weaving the piece together.
Caroline Lee
TelevisionTV: VideographyFirst PlaceKJRH-TVGem In The Rough
Beautiful pictures and editing, this story unfolds like a poem. I especially liked the framing of Kayla'€™s interview in a field. Great writing. Congrats on your win.
Marisa Wojtalewicz
TelevisionTV: Best NewscastFirst PlaceKJRH-TV2Works for you 'Trumpteenth' 5pm 6-19-20
What an unprecedented moment for Tulsa, OK that 2Works For You seized on. Two drastically different events converging on the city, in the midst of a pandemic. The team coverage provided viewers with a front-row view of the events coming together, information they needed to know if they were planning to take part in the President’s rally or the Juneteenth events, and the emotions of participants at both events.
KJRH Staff
OnlineOnline WritingFirst PlaceNonDoc Media
'Gigantic impact': Chesapeake Energy's complex legacy
Smartly written, well sourced look at the rise and stumbles of a major OKC employer and benefactor. An informative read from start to finish.
Andrea DenHoed
OnlineOnline Writing
Second Place
NonDoc Media
During exit, Boren ensured top OU vice presidents got 'retention incentive' payments
Your story no doubt made Mr. Boren squirm. Well done.
Tres Savage
OnlineOnline WritingThird PlaceBBC Travel
The Forgotten History Of The US's Black Cowboys
A pleasure to learn about the contributions and history of OKLA's Black cowboys. Thank you.
Heide Brandes
OnlineBreaking News CoverageFirst Place
Oklahoma Daily (Univ. of Oklahoma)
LIVE UPDATES: OU Black Emergency Response Team ends sit-in at Evans Hall after administration agrees to new demands
Very extensive coverage in this rapidly developing event. The story does a good job in capturing the choas, unknowns as the sit-in developed and the university responded.
Nick Hazelrigg, Jordan Miller, Ari Fife, Blake Douglas, Emma Davis
OnlineBreaking News Coverage
Second Place
NonDoc Media
'Hostile environment': Wetumka mayor thwarted in attempt to abolish police department
Tres Savage
OnlineBreaking News CoverageThird PlaceKOSU
Crowd Underwhelms Inside Trump's Tulsa Rally; Festive Block Party Caps Tense Day
Seth Bodine, Logan Layden, Rachel Hubbard, Allison Herrera, Ryan LaCroix
OnlineOnline: Election ReportingFirst PlaceNonDoc Media2020 Oklahoma County debates
If Oklahoma voters wanted to wade into the deep end of the pool on election issues, NonDoc had the in-depth coverage. Also, good use of a media partnership to help enable debate and discussion of the issues.
Matt Patterson
OnlineOnline: Election Reporting
Second Place
Epic News NetworkThe TroublemakerM Scott Carter
OnlineOnline: Election ReportingThird PlaceKOSU
Election Day 2020 Live Blog: Bice Wins, State Questions Fail & Republican Supermajority Grows
KOSU Staff, KGOU Staff, StateImpact Oklahoma Staff
OnlineSpecial Report/EnterpriseFirst PlaceOklahoma Watch
Epic Charter Grads Less Likely to Enroll in College
Terrific reporting, using data and strong interviews and anecdotal accounts to raise questions about the effectiveness of the state's virtual charter school.
Jennifer Palmer, Whitney Bryen
OnlineSpecial Report/Enterprise
Second Place
NonDoc MediaThe trial of Judge Kendra ColemanMichael Duncan
OnlineSpecial Report/EnterpriseThird PlaceOklahoma Watch
'It Was Hell': Inside an Oklahoma Prison Coronavirus Outbreak
Keaton Ross
OnlineColumn WritingFirst PlaceEpic News NetworkIt's time to End Racism in America
This writer brings crystalline clarity to his topic. The headline might have overpromised, but the powerful straight talk delivers the unvarnished truth on this country's racial legacy and its task ahead. (One SERIOUS demerit: Trayvon Martin was not killed by a policeman. But this writer, with the backing of good editors, has the potential to really make a mark if he keeps tackling things the way he does here.)
Makhi Callins
OnlineColumn Writing
Second Place
Oklahoma City Free Press
Oklahoma City mask ordinance passes in real-life Parks and Rec episode
George Lang
OnlineColumn WritingThird Place
Oklahoma Daily (Univ. of Oklahoma)
Football, friendship and forever: An OU photographer memorializes so much more than her senior season
Caitlyn Epes