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Does anyone use Canvas? This will be new for us in the fallI have not used Canvas. That would be a great one for someone to share about in one of the future Zoom meetings.I do, watch the tutorials. Once you understand it the platform makes sense. I use it at Wayne State.We are starting Canvas as well.I used it as a student at Eastern Michigan University. From that end, it was sometimes difficult to navigate.We used to use Blackboard and Canvas isn't as intuitive as Blackboard.We’ve used Canvas for the last 5 years. I love it!I used Canvas when I taught in North Carolina. I really liked it--way better than Google Classroom.LOVE Canvas! I found this Vimeo list of short videos explaining everything about Canvas. You should check it out.
what is the attendance mode you mention in google meet?Jennifer - this is a Chrome extension that you add. It will record the attendance in a spreadsheet on answeredThere is a Google add-on you can download called Google Meet Attendance and it has an apple icon. Then whenever I started a Google meet I clicked on it and it kept track of who was on and how long they were on. They may be adding this in with the upgrades happening this summer too.
I had the problem that the majority of my students didn’t have access to technology. It was also my first semester teaching the classes (I got hired in January for my first teaching position).A teacher friend was intentional in using apps that were phone friendly to have a better response with elementary students.I agree, we gave out paper packets to a couple of students and worked hard to get Chromebooks and internet to all students. I ended up getting every student to do at least something, except for a few seniors that were fine with being done. It is a struggle, I agree!About 2/3 of our students didn’t have any way to access anything. They were given paper packets, but we had no way to check on their progress if they didn’t answer the phone when we called.
How do you include trauma informed teaching to your online science classes? I think that between this quarrantine and all the world events, plus some kids being stuck at home for 5 months in unsafe home situations can give our kids lots of baggage that might keep them from being ready to learn, so I am concerned about how I can address that to my students via online learning.If I was worried about a particular student, I would send them a private chat message during the Zoom meeting. The administration for my district also had the teachers fill out weekly surveys, and we would put an * next to the student names that we were worried about.Such a good question. I thought a lot of this too. When I did weekly Zooms, I started every session with going around and students had to say how their week was on a scale of 1-10. They would then answer the question to some prompt…it was a mini way to mimic a “circle” that I did weekly in my classroom. If a student was 6 or less, I would reach out to them and then if needed, tell the counselor about their situation.It is really important to be thinking about trauma informed teaching in a remote setting! One thing my department did was to include a “mind & body” assignment each week. We had a whole list of options including exercise, mindfulness, and coloring/artwork. The students reported that they really liked these and that it helped them feel less stressed.I agree, this was a huge concern for us at our school too. We were trying to just check in with kids a lot. I think having the relationships already really helped, so I am also concerned about the fall when we don't know them yet. Some teachers did stress release and the junior high my student attends, they had a theme every day and the principal sent out a powerpoint with often some self care, stress release and some fun challenges like shooting baskets outside in a creative way and share or I had students get outside every week and share something they see and wonder. I don't have all the answers by any means, and I think this is a struggle for many.
Do you have struggles with students not wanting to video record themselves on flipgrip?live answeredI use Flipgrid but don't know how to allow students to submit a private video, can someone elaborate how to do that?I have had problems with this and have allowed students to have other images that were appropriate onscreen but have to hear their voice.THere is a setting on flipgrid that you can make them provate and then view and choose to make the video active or not. SO you could have all videos private then update to live only those who want live videosYes, sometimes. I asked them to send it to me privately if they really didn't want to show themselves and there is a setting to make public for the class or private.
For Zoom/Meet sessions, did you require students to be on video?No, they started out doing that at first and then dropped off. I would ask a few if they didn't mind just so I didn't feel alone! And some would at least wave hello at the beginning and maybe at the end. But no, I didn't require and I didn't want to see them going to get a snack or in their bedrooms necessarily anyway. Some just called in with the phone and then I would take a picture of notes we were building and posted in on Google Classroom for those that couldn't make it.We created some norms for that, and told them that it was okay that they were not on video during the zoom call. We also told the students that they could turn off the video and turn it back on when they were talking if they wanted.I don’t require it either - some students have home environments that they did not wish to share.I asked all students to have video on at the beginning so we could see each other and interact for a few minutes - then depending on the day’s task they could turn off their video if they preferedNo, I didn't however I encouraged it. I at least wanted to see their smile and wave at the beginning and maybe at the end if they wouldn't mind. Since I often had small groups of 14 students or maybe 20 max and it was their class they knew, they didn't mind for a bit. And then I would allow any to stay on later for just a fun check in and some would meet with me then and show their face. I would also have them type in the chat or just talk.Yes, my school does. The parents have signed permission forms for this. Since they're the ones paying the course tuition, they are pretty keen to have the students clearly present. If the videos are not on, we call the office who will call the parents to let them know. I know, I'm lucky with this!
Wendy, is there a link for mind and body assignments? How were those developed?live answeredWe just had a document with a list of links. Another teacher in my department made it. I will find the document and share a link to it on the Padlet after this webinar.
I have had difficulty in ensuring academic integrity since we transitioned to distance learning. Can any tools help avoid that?Definitely a problem. We moved to a lot of longer written and drawn out answers for questions, students recording answers on video or meeting on a Google Meet to verbally explain but that is tough with so many students. It is tough, I agree. I did find that seeing students thinking in EdPuzzle was pretty close to what they knew and I didn't see a lot of cheating, however, I wasn't calling those "quizzes" or "tests". I am interested to hear what others have done too.I don't have any I have used but Turn It In is one our district pays for, kids submit to turn it in and then it compares to all submitted assignments and the web for plagirism. It is costly
Jamboard, can we provide a class copy and also individual copies?live answered
Is the Connected Bio an entire curriculum or is it more of a unit that incorporates multiple aspects of Bio as they relate to evolution?live answered
Can everyone access connected bio or is it only available to MI teachers?live answered
If you use Canvas (instead of Zoom/Meets) their Conferences option (similar to Zoom) allows kids to have video but only the teacher sees them. So as the teacher, you see all the kids but th kids can't see each other. My kids said that they are much more comfortable this way because they don't feel like they are on display.This is a great tip! I've added it our Padlet!
Is there a fee for Eduflow?I think eduflow might have been one of the companies that opened up for free during remote instruction. There is a free version that allows for 3 active courses and 50 kids per course.
We were not allowed to have students meet for class without us present. Did you have any issues with students meeting without a teacher / staff member present?I did not encounter any issues with this. Students seemed to stay engaged and on task from what I heard. My principal was okay with this set-up even though there was not a teacher present during their small group discussions.Mary Kay, but what about kids that already meet without us? Doesn't it already happen all of the time?they probably meet, but not through the school districts google platform…
What kind of prizes did you use in the virtual environment?A friend of mine came and drew a chalk drawing in their driveways since he is artistic and kids liked it. One teacher gave out ice cream coupons and said she would honor them later when we re-opened.For the Earth Week spirit week we did, I mailed seeds and a sticker to the winners. For the tiktok challenge, I delivered lunches to those students with another teacher in my building…just tried to switch it up and make it complex/simple based on how busy my week was too.
Will you send us the link to the presentation you are using?We will. It is being recorded so you will get the recordeing and a link to the slide deckYou will also get the link to the slides
Chandler, are there any potential legal issues that we need to keep in mind with requiring students to meet in groups on their own time without a teacher present?That is a great question. I am not positive on this. My principal approved the set-up so I never looked into the legal side of this. If students were unable to attend the team Zoom session, they were never penalized so it could not count against them that way. I never encountered other issues with the virtual team Zoom set-up.
How would you set up teams if we are remote at the beginning of school when students don’t know each other?I may ask students to pick one - three people in the class they would like to be with, then match them up in pairs and make groups of four to six with randim pairs. Then they have a safety net but still random. As continue and start to see skil sets may rearrange. I always change groups as it is.
Chandler, I may have missed this, but do you use a teacher Twitter account too?
That was suggested to me at the 2020 MSTA conference, but I’m not super social media savvy.
I do! I don’t use it as much as my Instagram, but my goal for the summer is to use Twitter more too. My Twitter is @missmissigAwesome! Thanks! Mine is @Ms_Pindzia (Insta is the same)
How can i get access to MABT google drive? Thank answeredWe will be sharing those instructions later, and we will be sending out the link post conference.
I'm curious as to how you "grade" your Instragram answeredThe Instagram stories are all for fun so nothing for the Instagram is counted as a grade.
I'm from WV - can I get access to the MABT resources on FB or do I have to be from MI?NO anyone can have access to them. We will share how to get the access later in the presentationWe are not sharing the resource on Facebook but will show how you can get access.I am all about learning how to create choice boards - super grateful for all help. will watch the videos - thank you.
Didyou use a video to allow the kids to answer your assessment?I did this a lot. I found that you could tell if they really knew things. Then I would follow up with more questions for them to explain. That helped.
Can Insta accounts be shared between teachers (for co-teaching environments)?One option might be to share the login and password so both teachers can login and post. I imagine two devices can be signed on to the same account at the same time, but I am not sure.I agree with Ram, that you might want to create an account and share the login.Thank you! :)Agreed! That would be the easiest way to share an account.
Did you find any time efficient ways to evaluate the summative assessments when they were open-ended questions (like in the Lil Bub unit)?Jennifer, I did give students a list of vocab words to include in their writing (like gene, meiosis, sperm, heterozygous, etc.) and I had them underline these terms. I then would focus mostly on how they defined and described the terms in their writing. It was not necessarily “quick” in any way, but since students were getting credit/no credit grades, as long as they tried their best, they got “credit” for it. If they were way off on something, I would provide feedback by adding comments to the Google Doc assignment
What tool or app do you use to create the actual choice "board"?The choice board is a google slideshow. It is in the MABT “remote learning pedagogy” gogole folder
The choice boards look great in Google Classroom - is anyone aware of other platforms that you do this with, if you don't use google classroom?live answered
Will the scientist assignment be shared? it’s great!Yes! The scientist assignment as well as several others will be shared in our shared drive and in this slide deck after the webinar.All of the assignments linked to my choice board are in the MABT shared folder wihthin the “remote learning pedagogy” folder.
Is all of the google applications (jamboard, choice boards, etc. ) compatable with Schoology?Good question. What about application with Schoology?Hi Rachel! :) I used it with freshmen and they all were able to login to it, but I had them all just download the app beforehand. I didn't try and connect it to Schoology.Thanks Rebecca! :)
Illinois Storylining was an interesting program to follow. Kids did get a little bored with how long the units were, but the different assignments would be awesome to integrate as resources in your normal unit plans.! Thanks for sharing. We'll add this to the padlet too!
A general question: Is it possible to have access to the video recording after?Yes we will be sharing the recording and a slide deck in an emailEveryone will be sent a link to the recording - plus copies of the chat and Q&AThank you very much. This has been such a helpful PD. I am glad I was able to join in!
Will the Google Survey Form be shared (which science practices did you engage in...)?Yes. The choice board and all of the linked documents and the video tutorials are in the MABT shared foleder under “remote learning pedagogy”
Is there a way to use Choice boards with other LMS, like Schoology, rather than Google Classroom?live answered
Did you grade the choiceboards?In the spring we were grading only for participation. I gave feedback on the assignments in google classroom using the “private comment” function. However, it would work just as well with traditional grading. You would just assign a point value to each assignment.
When you graded the choiceboards, did you assign point values, or grade more for effort?We were grading only for participation in the spring. If I were to use this in the fall then I woud assign point values to the assignments.Great! Thank you!
I’m just wondering how can we assess collaboration in remote learning? Thank youlive answeredOne thing I used was a rubric from OpenSci that I adjusted, first as a Google Doc, then as a Google Form.Thank you, this is very helpful! you!
with this, could we upload student AP samples to have them peer grade practice?YES that is another option that certainly could be done
Were these released questions from College Board?I did use released questions from College Board - using Peer Grade or EduFlow prevents it from being publicly posted or available to othersThank you!
You mentioned that the responses would be assigned anonymously to three other students. Are the students who are doing the evaluation also anonymous?Yes - students do not see reviewers’ names - but the instructor can see the reviewers’ names
Are the reviewers anonymous as well?Yes, that is my understanding - the teacher can see who the reviewers are - but the students cannotThanks!
Thank you so much!Your welcome. :)
Will Eduflow have a cost?live answered
Is Eduflow free as well?There is a free account - which I think will work for most situations - and of course there are paid levels as well - the basic paid level is reasonable about $15 - but I think you can do most of what you want with Free Account
on eduflow — does it have to be zoom or can you add a google meet instead?Not sure - they literally just added Zoom yesterday - I know they are working on a connection to Google Classroom - so quite possible it will also work with Google Meet
Will Google Meet be an option in eduflow? We can’t use Zoom.Not sure - they literally just added Zoom yesterday - I know they are working on a connection to Google Classroom - so quite possible it will also work with Google Meet
How long would you estimate it would take to set up an Eduflow?Once you know how the program works - I would predict about 45-60 minutes for something the size of my Experimental Design - provided all your documents are already createed
How can be the hands-on/ experimental part of the investigation can be modified during remote learning? For example how the enzyme catalysis lab can be performed during remote teaching when students have limited access to lab?You could have them doing this with kitchen or home materials, e.g. using pineapple juice and jelloOne thing that our chemistry team did was actually go in and make videos of themselves doing thie lab and the students collected the datat from the observations fromt he lab. Not ideal, but the kids did get usable data.If you were doing cellular respiration, a sourdough starter or yeast with and without sugar in bottles with balloons on top.For this lab, maybe have the students perform it at home with yeast or a potato. You could have them do it in a glass from home and measure the bubbles.I've also provided the students with sample data and have them do all of the analysis...doesn't address the experimental
Do you use the free version of Eduflow?Yes - all of this was done with the FREE version - think this will work for most cases
Can eduflow do the peer grading like you showed with Peergrade? Or is there an alternative for Peergrade if that is being discontinued?Yes - EduFlow have pre-made courses - one of them is Peer Grading - so you could set that up very quickly and works pretty much the same as the first video — WATCH the second video that does and overvirew of EduFLow - which I did not show this morning
there’s also calendly that will do the same thinggood idea, that one works well too
I really hope this is the case. I appreciate you sharing this info!Any teacher can request access to the shared folder. Feel free to share the links and resources with others too.
Can teachers from other states join the shared folder?Yes. Anyone can request accessYes! :)
Any suggestions for submitting completed labs done in person but submitted online?live answered
Could you share a link to the evaluation form that is not shortened? My school blocks shortened links.
certificate says we need to request access. Will we get a certificate once we are approved?We will change the setttings.
how do we request to join the shared folder?Shared folder link:
Any online lab websites you would recommend?live answered
thank you