StateBill Number with hyperlink to legislative page/draftDate IntroducedStatus as of June 27, 2022Primary SponsorDescription*
*This is a summary of notable provisions. For detailed analysis of bills, see our report and monthly round-ups.
Explicitly TargetsEnforcement/Penalties* *Penalties do not necessarily apply to every provision of the bill.
IllinoisHB 54941/28/2022Pending (no further action in 2022)Rep. Tom Weber (R)Bars K-12 schools from including or promoting certain ideas in their curricula related to race or sex. Prohibited from contracting with any third party for that purpose. Special instruction related to socialism, Marxism, and related ideologies are required. Requires schools to receive parental consent prior to any instruction related to sexual health.K-12Private right of action
Monetary penalty/Loss of state financial support
Professional discipline
Loss of accreditation
Civil penalty by state AG
IllinoisHB 55051/28/2022Pending (no further action in 2022)Rep. Adam Niemerg (R)Bars K-12 schools and colleges from directing or compelling students to affirm or adopt certain ideas related to sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color or natural origin. Parents, students, and members of the public have the right to object to any part of a K-12 curriculum that directs or compells affirmation or adoption of such ideas, and the school must address that objection. Note: The bill goes on to state that one way the school may address the objection is to "provide additional balance or factual basis, or correct any factual bases found to be incorrect or biased." It is unclear how this step would address a lesson involving directed or compelled speech.K-12, collegesNone specified
MichiganSB 4605/20/2021PendingSen. Lana Theis (R)Bans public school curriculum from including critical race theory, the 1619 project or any of the specified "anti-American and racist theories."K-12None specified
MichiganHB 5097, Passed by House in amended version that prohibits the "promotion" of certain ideas. 6/23/2021Pending, passed by HouseRep. Andrew Beeler (R)Prevents the state board model core academic curriculum from including "any form of race or gender stereotyping or anything that could be understood as implicit race or gender stereotyping."K-12None specified
New HampshireHB 131311/20/2021PendingRep. Roderick Ladd (R)Amends HB 2 to extend prohibitions on teaching to colleges.CollegesPrivate right of action
Professional discipline
New HampshireHB 12551/8/2022PendingReps. Alicia Lekas, Glenn Cordelli, Keith Ammon, Tony Lekas, Erica Layon (R)Bars teachers from advocating in any state institution for socialism, Marxism, or any doctrine that calls for the violent overthrow of the United States. Bars teachers in public schools from advocating for any doctrine promoting a negative account of the founding of the United States without also including "the worldwide context of now outdated and discouraged practices."K-12, colleges, state institutionsProfessional discipline
New JerseyA3647/A6140/SB6641/11/2022PendingRep. Harold J. Wirths, Sen. Steven Oroho (R)Bans public employers from requiring that any employee complete a training program that encourages the adoption of certain ideas related to race, sex, and other identities. K-12, colleges, state institutionsNone specified
New JerseySB 598/A 7831/12/2022PendingSens. Michael Testa, Joseph Pennacchio, Reps. Gerard Scharfenberger, Robert Auth (R)Bans public schools from including certain concepts in their instruction, except when the concepts relate to specific historical events or documents. Prohibits teachers from "endorsing, supporting, or opposing" any political candidate, policy, or court decision. Requires that teachers only discuss an issue included in a political party's platform when it is germane to the subject being taught, in which case the issue must be presented in a fair-minded and nonpartisan manner.K-12None specified
New JerseyS 26855/19/2022PendingSen. Edward Durr (R)Prohibits K-12 schools from promoting or using materials that promote "concepts related to critical race theory", including certain ideas related to race or sex. Creates a hotline to be used by parents to notify the state of any violation.K-12Professional discipline
Monetary penalty/Loss of state financial support
New YorkA85791/5/2022Pending (no further action in 2022)Assemblyman John Salka (R)Prohibits public schools from including certain concepts in their courses. K-12None specified
New YorkA82531/5/2022Pending (no further action in 2022)Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (R)Prohibits public schools and universities from holding courses or curriculum teaching certain concepts. Bans requiring students or faculty to learn or study the 1619 Project.K-12, collegesNone specified
North CarolinaHB 10675/27/2022PendingRep. Keith Kidwell (R)Public K-12 schools ay not include any instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in K-6 curricula. K-12Private right of action
North CarolinaHB 7555/25/2022 Note: This is the date on which the bill was amended into an EGO.Pending, passed by SenateSen. Deanna Ballard (R)
Note: Ballard is the sponsor of the amendment that transformed HB 755 into an EGO, but is not the bill's original sponsor.
Public K-12 schools may not include any instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in K-3 curricula. Parents must be notified prior to any change in the name or pronouns school personnel use in reference to a student.K-12Private right of action
OhioHB 3275/25/2021PendingRep. Diane Grendell (R)Bans teaching or training of divisive concepts. Bars funding for school districts in violation until in compliance. Allows the "impartial discussion of controversial aspects of history." Prohibits state agencies (including institutions of higher education) from offering "teaching, instruction, or training on divisive concepts to any employees, contractors, staff members, or any other individual or... requir[ing] them to adopt or believe in divisive concepts." Bars punishment for state employees' "refusal to support, believe, endorse, embrace, confess, act upon, or otherwise assent to divisive concepts." Bans state agencies from accepting private funding for curriculum or training that promotes divisive concepts.K-12, colleges, state institutionsMonetary penalty/Loss of state financial support
Ineligibility of state contracts
OhioHB 3225/25/2021PendingRep. Don Jones (R)Bans requiring teachers to "discuss current events or widely debated and currently controversial issues of public policy or social affairs." Requires teachers who do to "explore such issues from diverse and contending perspectives." Bans requiring students to engage in political advocacy. Bans private funding of curriculum or teacher training. Bans teaching or training of staff to believe in certain concepts. Bans those concepts in teaching materials. Bans teachers from being required to affirm certain beliefs.K-12, state agenciesNone specified
OhioHB 6164/4/2022PendingRep. Mike Loychik (R)Bars public and private K-12 schools from using or providing any instructional material designed to promote certain "racist" or "divisive" concepts, including "critical race theory," "intersectional theory," and the 1619 Project. Employee training may not promote these concepts. No instructional content related to sexual orientation or gender identity may be provided to students in grades K-3, nor thereafter in a manner that is not age- or developmentally appropriate.Public and private K-12Professional discipline
Monetary penalty/Loss of state financial support
PennsylvaniaSB 12786/10/2022PendingSen. Scott Martin (R)Prohibits public schools from offering any classroom instruction on gender identity or sexual orientation in grades pre-K-5, nor thereafter in a manner that is not age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate. When discussing these subjects, teachers must remain neutral in a fashion similar to the constitutionally mandated posture of neutrality toward religion.K-12Private right of action
Pennsylvania HB 15326/7/2021PendingRep. Russ Diamond (R)Bars communications from state agencies, school districts, or public universities that "adopt, express or promote any racist or sexist concept." Bars punishment for public employees, contractors, or students for "refusal to support, believe, endorse, embrace, confess, act upon or otherwise assent to an racist or sexist concept." Bars teachers and professors from "teach[ing], advocat[ing] or encourag[ing] the adoption of a racist or sexist concept while instructing students." Bans schools and universities from "host[ing], pay[ing] or provid[ing] a venue for a speaker who espouses, advocates or promotes any racist or sexist concept." Bans contractors from engaging workplace training that teaches such concepts.K-12, colleges, state entities, state contractorsPrivate right of action
Monetary penalty/Loss of state financial support
Ineligibility for state contracts
Pennsylvania HB 25214/18/2022PendingRep. Barbara Gleim (R)Prohibits K-12 schools, their employees, or invited speakers from compeling any individual to adopt or affirm certain ideas related to age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, marital status, familial status, mental or physical disability, religion, or national origin, nor penalize any individual for "a refusal to engage in prohibited indoctrination." Similar prohibitions apply to any contractor.K-12, state contractorsLoss of contract
Rhode IslandHB 75392/18/2022PendingRep. Patricia Morgan (R)Bars K-12 schools from including in their curricula certain ideas related to race, color, national origin, religion, disability, or sex. Prohibits them from using race or gender stereotypes " in any part of the school curricula or instruction....Terms such as "supremacy," "racial guilt," "racial fragility," and other racial slurs or terms used to cast negative opinions on individuals based upon race, ethnicity, gender, or religion" may not be included in curricula. No classroom material may depict "identity groups" as victims or oppressors. History shall be taught using "the standards, customs, and traditions in use at the time of the historical event." Instruction may not focus on the history, literature, or cultural contributions of individual identity groups, nor may they center on "any race, ethnicity, gender, religion or viewpoint." Prohibits use of the 1619 Project. Sex education shall not explore sexual preference, gender dysphoria, or sexual lifestyles. Forbids use of pronouns that refer to a gender different from a child's biological sex.K-12Professional discipline