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TitleCall numberPermalinkAuthorLocationPublisherYearISBNSummeryStatus
Du : das KulturmagazinAP32.D78 Du Kulturmedien. Zürich : Conzett & Huber Zürich : TA-Media Sulgen : NigglCulture. Art.
Myth: Its Meaning and Functioning in Ancient and Other CulturesBD143.K575.1998 KirkCambridgeUniversity of California Press19989780520023895Myth, ritual and folktale --, Lévi-Strauss and the structural approach --, The nature of myths in ancient Mesopotamia --
Nature and culture : Gilgamesh, Centaurs and Cyclopes --, The qualities of Greek myths --, Tales, dreams, symbols : towards a fuller understanding of myths.
Donated by MM Foundation
Carl Jung Memories, dreams, reflections.BF109.J8 A3.1989 G Jung; A JaffeNew YorkRandom House1989039443580X Jung, C. G. -- (Carl Gustav), -- 1875-1961. Psychologists -- Germany -- Biography.
The psychology of art and the evolution of the conscious brainBF311.S652 2003 L SolsoMassachussets MIT Press20039780262194846Consciousness. Cognition. Brain -- Evolution. Visual perception. Art -- Psychology. Psychologie. Kunst. Cognitie. Kunstpsychologie. Art. Biological Evolution. Brain. Visual Perception.
An un-stretched canvas.BH301.C84 U68 2007 Arts Foundation (Bombay, India)MumbaiBodhana Arts Foundation2007Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) Art -- Philosophy. Art, Indic.
Aesthetic essaysBH39.B835 2008 BuddNew YorkOxford University Press20089780199556175Aesthetics.
Art, emotion and ethicsBH39.G36 2007 Nigel GautNew YorkOxford University Press20079780199263219Aesthetics. Ethics. Art -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Philosophy and conceptual artBH39.P474 2007 Goldie; Elisabeth SchellekensOxfordOxford University Press20079780199568253Conceptual art. Art -- Philosophy.
Encyclopedia of aestheticsBH56.E53.1998 v. 1 KellyNew York Oxford University Press19989780195113075Aesthetics -- Encyclopedias.
Encyclopedia of aestheticsBH56.E53.1998 v. 2 KellyNew YorkOxford University Press19989780195113075Aesthetics -- Encyclopedias.
Encyclopedia of aestheticsBH56.E53.1998 v. 3 KellyNew YorkOxford University Press19989780195113075Aesthetics -- Encyclopedias.
Encyclopedia of aestheticsBH56.E53.1998 v. 4 KellyNew York Oxford University Press19989780195113075Aesthetics -- Encyclopedias.
The Hindu pantheonBL1201.M63.1976 MoorNew YorkGarland1976824035674Hindu mythology. Hindu gods. Hindu art. Hindu mythology
Prince of Dharma: The Illustrated Life of the BuddhaBL1202.P756.2004 Prime, B.G. SharmaCaliforniaMandala Publishers2004
Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha -- Pictorial works.
Indian myths & legendsBL1202.S85.1998 E SullivanLondonBrockhampton Press19989781860193729Mythology, Hindu. Legends -- India. Folklore -- India.
HinduismBL1210.S46.1991 M SenNew YorkPenguin Books1991140136509Hinduism.Hinduismus.
An encyclopaedia of Hindu deities, demi-gods, godlings, demons, and heroes : with special focus on iconographic attributesBL1216.B86.2000 v.1 W BunceNew DelhiD.K. Printworld20008124601453Hindu gods -- Encyclopedias. Demonology, Hindu -- Encyclopedias. Idols and images -- India -- Encyclopedias. Hindu art -- Encyclopedias. Hindu mythology -- Encyclopedias.
An encyclopaedia of Hindu deities, demi-gods, godlings, demons, and heroes : with special focus on iconographic attributesBL1216.B86.2000 v.2 W BunceNew DelhiD.K. Printworld20008124601453Hindu gods -- Encyclopedias. Demonology, Hindu -- Encyclopedias. Idols and images -- India -- Encyclopedias. Hindu art -- Encyclopedias. Hindu mythology -- Encyclopedias.
An encyclopaedia of Hindu deities, demi-gods, godlings, demons, and heroes : with special focus on iconographic attributesBL1216.B86.2000 v.3 W BunceNew DelhiD.K. Printworld20008124601453Hindu gods -- Encyclopedias. Demonology, Hindu -- Encyclopedias. Idols and images -- India -- Encyclopedias. Hindu art -- Encyclopedias. Hindu mythology -- Encyclopedias.
The life of the Buddha; retold from ancient sourcesBL1470.D43 de Silva-VigierLondonPhaidon Press 1995Buddha and Buddhism. Buddhist art. Gautama Buddha.
Awakening The Thinking Mind : An Inward JourneyBL1899.K863.2016 KumarNew DelhiWinspire, An Imprint of Lifi Publications20169789382536611
Lao Tzu's The Tao and Its Virtue (EN)BL1899.T368.1940 Tao-têching; (trans.) John C.H. WuShanghaiLaozi1939/40n/aDonated by MM Foundation
The Dance of ShivaBL2000.C666.1952 K. Coomaraswamy; Romain Rolland BombayAsia Publishing House1952n/aFourteen essays on the Indian/ Hindu identity and its iterations within cultureDonated by MM Foundation
OpenBL2001.3.G43.2011 Gibely GhaiVaranasi Pilgrims Pub20119788177699722India -- Religious life and customs -- Pictorial works. Nepal -- Religious life and customs -- Pictorial works. Thailand -- Religious life and customs -- Pictorial works.
India, a timeless celebrationBL2001.3.M44.2008 Mehra; Suparna RajguruNew DelhiTimeless Books20089788189497149India -- Religious life and customs. India -- Religious life and customs -- Pictorial works.
Fundamentalism : a very short introductionBL238.R87.2007 RuthvenNew YorkOxford University Press20079780199212705Religious fundamentalism. Radicalism.
The archiveCD971.A715.2006 MerewetherLondon Whitechapel20069780262633383Archives. Art archives. Archival resources. Museums -- Collection management.
An inspired journeyCS1209.B582.1998 Bhatia; Rajen Bali; Kajal Sengupta; Ananda Kamal Sen; Birla Archaeological & Cultural Research Institute.KolkataBirla Archaeological and Cultural Research Institute19988175953047Birla family. Philanthropists -- India. Businesspeople -- India.
The first city interviewsCT1506.F57.2008 MullickNew DelhiFirst City Publications20088190627104Celebrities -- India -- Interviews.
Reconstructing the body : classicism, modernism, and the First World WarD523.C295.2009 Carden-CoyneOxfordOxford University Press20099780199546466From the ashes of war rose beauty, eroticism, and the promise of utopia. Ana Carden-Coyne investigates the cultures of resilience and the institutions of reconstruction in Britain, Australia, and the United States.
Reconstructing civilization in post-war culture -- Culture shock : trauma, pleasure, and visual memory -- Monumental classicism : healing the western body -- The sexual reconstruction of men -- The 'golden age of woman' -- Performing the new civilization -- Healing and forgetting.
Figures, facts, feelings : a direct diasporic dialogueDA125.S57 S5.2000 ShahNew DelhiCentre for Media and Alternative Communication20009788178630007Parthiv Shah's exhibition of photographs with texts of Indians living in the UK interspersed with contributed articles commenting on the photos and the Indian diaspora.
Weimar CultureDD233.G39.1974 GayLondonPenguin1974n/aDonated by MM Foundation
Norway : past, present, futureDL419.2.E44.2006 Ove Ekeberg; Svein SvarverudOsloJ.M. Stenersens Forlag20049788272013768body in contemporary ary
A History of India Vol. 1 DS331.T437.1968 ThaparHarmondsworthPenguin19680140138358 9780140138351Donated by MM Foundation
The Speaking TreeDS333.L366.1975 LannoyNew DelhiOxford University Press19750195650778 9780195650778Donated by MM Foundation
From Kashmir to Kabul : the photographs of John Burke and William Baker, 1860-1900DS352.K53.2002 KhanNew YorkPrestel20029783791327860India -- History -- 19th century. India -- History -- 19th century -- Pictorial works. Afghanistan -- History -- 19th century. Afghanistan -- History -- 19th century -- Pictorial works. Photography -- India -- History -- 19th century. Burke, John, -- d. 1900. Baker, William, -- d. 1880. Pakistan -- History -- 19th century. Burke, John, -- m. 1900. Baker, William, -- m. 1880. Photographes -- Grande-Bretagne -- Biographies. Photographie -- Cachemire -- Histoire. Photographie -- Pendjab -- Histoire. Photographie -- Afghanistan -- History. Punjab.-- Histoire -- 19th century. Pendjab -- Histoire -- 19e siècle -- Ouvrages illustrés. Cachemire -- Histoire -- 19e siècle. Cachemire -- Histoire -- 19e siècle -- Ouvrages illustrés. Afghanistan -- Histoire -- 19e siècle. Afghanistan -- Histoire -- 19e siècle -- Ouvrages illustrés. Foto's. Photographie Kaschmir Afghanistan
Hidden faces of IndiaDS408.M64.2002 MohanLondonNew Holland20029781864367515Ethnology -- India. Ethnology -- India -- Pictorial works. India -- Description and travel. India -- Pictorial works.
India : my land & its peopleDS408.R34.1997 RaiNew DelhiVadehra Art Gallery19979788187737162India -- Pictorial works.
Raghu Rai's India : reflections in black & whiteDS408.R345.2007 RaiNew DelhiPenguin20079780670058334India -- Pictorial works. India -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works.
EarthscapesDS414.2.R35.2006 RaiNew DelhiBodhi Art20069788190349963India -- Pictorial works. India -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works.
Conservation of cultural heritage : essays in honour of Shri A.S. BishtDS419.C66.2009 S Bisht; Kamal K JainNew DelhiAgam Kala Prakashan20098173200815Cultural property -- Conservation and restoration -- India.
KhajurahoDS433.M37P83.1968 Publications; Mulk Raj Anand; Charles Fabri; Stella Kramrisch; Alexander CunninghamMumbaiMarg Publications1968n/aDonated by MM Foundation
Architecture of Mughal IndiaDS436.N47.1987 pt. 1, vol. 4 B AsherCambridgeCambridge University Press19929780521267281The world famous Taj Mahal is but one of the many magnificent buildings erected by the Mughal emperors who ruled India from the early sixteenth century through to the middle of the nineteenth. To date scholars have considered the most splendid of these works built by the rulers, while the lesser known or remotely situated structures have been ignored altogether. In this volume, Professor Catherine Asher considers
Bharat mata : India's freedom movement in popular artDS463.N48.2008 Neumayer; Christine SchelbergerNew DelhiOxford University Press20089780195685183India -- History -- British occupation, 1765-1947. India -- History -- British occupation, 1765-1947 -- Pictorial works. Nationalism and art -- India -- History. Art -- Political aspects -- India. Prints, Indic.
India, the definitive images : 1858 to the presentDS479.I516.2004 PanjiarLondon Penguin Books India20049780670049653India -- History -- 19th century -- Pictorial works. Memory -- Social aspects -- India -- Pictorial works. Photography -- India -- History -- 19th century.
GandhiDS481.G3 R84.2001 Rühe; Sophie Spencer-Wood; Terence McNameeLondonPhaidon20019780714841038Gandhi, -- Mahatma, -- 1869-1948. Gandhi, -- Mahatma, -- 1869-1948 -- Pictorial works. Statesmen -- India -- Biography. Statesmen -- India -- Biography -- Pictorial works. India -- Politics and government -- 1919-1947. India -- Politics and government -- 1919-1947 -- Pictorial works. Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand Bildband
Marwar - Jodhpur : Gateway to the TharDS483.S564.1996 SinghJodhpurMehrangarh Publishers : in association with Banyan Books1996
501 images of Taj Mahal and glimpses of Mughal AgraDS486.A3 K58.2005 Khullar; Monisha MukundanNew Delhi Prakash Books20059788172340810Taj Mahal (Agra, India) -- Pictorial works. Agra (India) -- Buildings, structures, etc. -- Pictorial works. Architecture, Mogul -- India -- Agra -- Pictorial works.
Calcutta, Repossessing the CityDS 486.C2.K45 2006 Kejriwal; Tapati Guha-Thakurta; Bina Sarkar ElliasNew DelhiOm Books International20079788187107620
Kolkata (India) -- Pictorial works.
Kolkata (India) -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works.
Manners and customs.
Delhi : Red Fort to RaisinaDS486.D3 D4365.2012 P Losty; Pramod KapoorNew DelhiLustre Press20129788174368614Delhi (India) -- History. Delhi (India) -- Description and travel. Delhi (India) -- Pictorial works.
Delhi : Red Fort to RaisinaDS486.D3 D4365.2012c P Losty; Pramod KapoorNew DelhiLustre Press20129788174368614Delhi (India) -- History. Delhi (India) -- Description and travel. Delhi (India) -- Pictorial works.
City of Djinns : an albumDS486.D3 M65.2001ès Montanari; Nathalie Trouveroy; William DalrympleNew DelhiNS2001Delhi (India) -- Pictorial works. Delhi (India) -- Description and travel.
A spot in the mountains : a photographic exhibition focussing on Dharamshala, 18 September-2 October 2007DS486.D435 K37.2007 Kapur; Siya Singh; Arjun Sawhney; Gallery Espace (New Delhi, India)New DelhiGallery Espace2007Dharmsala (India) -- Pictorial works. Dharmsala (India) -- Exhibitions.
Moda Goa : History and StyleDS498.R57.2012 Rodricks; Mark SequeiraNoidaCollins20129789350292112
Goa (India : State) -- History.
Clothing and dress -- India -- Goa (State) -- History.
Lifestyles -- India -- Goa (State) -- History.
The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu and their race to save the world's most precoius manuscriptsDT551.H366.2016 HammerNew YorkSimon & Schuster20169781476777405Monografie over de reddingsoperatie van bibliothecarissen uit Timboektoe waarbij 350.000 manuscripten veilig werden gesteld tijdens de bezetting van islamitische opstandelingen.
Hawaii: People and CultureE14..S737.1976 Czarkowska Starzecka; British Museum.Londonritish Museum Publications Ltd for the Trustees1976071411541X 9780714115412Donated by MM Foundation
The Times Concise Atlas of the World (8th ed.) G1001.T564.2000 Books (Firme)New YorkCrown Publishers20000609608908 9780609608906Times concise atlas of the world.
Concise atlas of the world
Atlas of the world
Donated by MM Foundation
The third raceGR305.A334.2004 AhujaKolkataSeagull Books20048170462479Fables, Indic.
Tilt Pause Shift: Dance Ecologies in IndiaGV1580.C447.2017 E. Cherian; Tulika BooksNew Delhi Tulika Books20179382381856 9789382381853
New directions in Indian danceGV1580.K684. KothariMumbaiMarg Publications20038185026629
Hybrid Cultures - Strategies for Entering and Leaving ModernityH61.T468 Garcia Canclini; Peter BeilharzAustraliaThesis Eleven1997Nestor Garcia Canclini; Peter Beilharz
Working questions : independent research & interdisciplinary practiceH62.5.I5 W68.2007 Sengupta; Vivek Narayanan; Mahmood Farooqui; Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.; Sarai (Programme)New DelhiCentre for the Study of Developing Societies20079788190585385Sarai (Programme) Social sciences -- Scholarships, fellowships, etc. -- India. Interdisciplinary research -- India.
Do you remember Kunan Poshpora?HQ1101.B346.2016 Batool; Ifrah Butt; Samreena Mushtaq; Munaza Rashid and Natasha RatherNew DelhiZubaan Books20169789384757663
Visible Histories, Disappearing Women : Producing Muslim Womanhood in Late Colonial BengalHQ1101.S275.2008 SarkarNew DelhiZubaan Books20089788189884437
Lady Driver : Stories of Women Behind The WheelHQ1101.S575.2017 ShrivastavaNew DelhiZubaan Books20179789385932205
Feminine fables : imaging the Indian woman in painting, photography, and cinemaHQ1743.S424.2002 SenAhmedabad Grantha Corp.20029788185822884Feminism -- India. Women in art. Motion picture actors and actresses -- India.
Myself Mona AhmedHQ449.D39.2001 Singh.; Mona AhmedNew YorkScalo20019783908247463Ahmed, Mona. Eunuchs -- India -- Biography. Eunuchs -- India -- Social life and customs. Eunuchs -- India -- Pictorial works. Eunuchen. Eunuch -- Indien -- Bildband. Eunuch -- Indien -- Briefsammlung. Indien -- Eunuch -- Bildband. Indien -- Eunuch -- Briefsammlung. Singh, Dayanita, -- 1961-
The mothers of Manipur : twelve women who made historyHQ755.R44P45.2017 Rehman; Pamela PhiliposeNew DelhiZubaan Books20179789384757762
LadliHQ792.I4.S44.2007 SheikhGöttingen Steidl20079783865213815Sheikh, Fazal, -- 1965- Child prostitutes -- India -- Portraits. Squatters -- India -- Portraits. Girls -- India -- Portraits. Women -- India -- Portraits. Child labor -- India. Girls -- Crimes against -- India. Women -- Crimes against -- India. Women -- India -- Social conditions.
Elite Clubs of IndiaHS2515.I4.E45.2005 Bhageria; Pavan MalhotraNew DelhiBhageria Foundation20058190289802Clubs -- India -- History. Clubs -- India -- Pictorial works.
Urban imaginaries from Latin America, Documenta 11HT127.5.U733.2003 Silva Téllez; Vincent Martin; Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Instituto de Estudios en ComunicaciónGermanyHatje Cantz20033775790780Cities and towns -- Latin America. Art, Modern -- 20th century. Popular culture -- Latin America.
Inspiring Delhi : Creativity and the cityHT178.I42 D454.2012Gigi Scaria; FICANew DelhiFICA2012Participant Reading Pack
Silent exodus : portraits of Iraqi refugees in exileHV640.5.I76 A53.2008ï AhadNew York Aperture Foundation20089781597110778Refugees -- Iraq. Refugees -- Iraq -- Pictorial works. Iraq War, 2003-2011 -- Refugees. Iraq War, 2003-2011 -- Refugees -- Pictorial works.
Another me : transformations from pain to power, girls and women in the care of Sanlaap, KolkataHV6570.4.I43 A56.2007 Frederick; Achinto Bhadra; Harleen Walia; Sanlaap (Organization : Kolkata, India); Terre des hommes SchweizSwitzerland Terre des hommes Foundation2007Sexually abused girls -- India -- Social conditions. Sexually abused girls -- India -- Social conditions -- Pictorial works. Women -- Abuse of -- India. Women -- Abuse of -- India -- Pictorial works.
Contested commons, trespassing publics : a public recordK1401.A6 C66.2005 Bagchi; Sarai (Programme)New DelhiThe Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies20058190142968Intellectual property -- Congresses.
Nanhe KhojiLH1.N36 K46.2011FICA Deepalya CollaborationNew DelhiFICA2011The Learning with Art Project Magazine
Étonne-moi! : Sergei Diaghilev and the ballets russesMD1785.D52 E86.2009 Diaghilev; John E Bowlt; Zelʹfira Tregulova; Nathalie Rosticher; Nouveau musée national (Monaco); Ekaterina (Organization); Villa Sauber.; Sporting d'hiver. Salle des arts.; Gosudarstvennai︠a︡ Tretʹi︠a︡kovskai︠a︡ galerei︠a︡.New YorkNorth America by Rizzoli International Publications20099788857200910Diaghilev, Serge, -- 1872-1929 -- Exhibitions. Ballets russes -- Exhibitions. Ballet -- Stage-setting and scenery -- Exhibitions. Ballet -- Costume -- Exhibitions. Diaghilev, Sergei, -- 1872-1929. Russian ballet -- Paintings, drawings, photography -- 20th century
Voices from the Inner Courtyard - The Music of Rajasthan & the Life of Leela SomaniML198.M85.N5 2012Nita Mukherjee, Nandini PatodiaMumbaiShri Venkateshwar Somani Cheritable Trust20129788192349305
India's Great Masters : A Photographic Journey into the Heart of Classical MusicML385 .R138 2010 Rai; Aśoka VajapeyīNoidaCollins20109788172239466Musicians -- India -- Portraits. Musicians -- India -- Biography.
Musical Instruments of IndiaML500.D483.1979 Chaitanya Deva; B A V Peacock; Hong Kong Museum of History.Hong KongUrban Council, Hong Kong Museum of History1979n/aPublished for the 4th Festival of Asian ArtsDonated by MM Foundation
In The ZooMLCM 97/07102(P) Books19968170461367Children's stories, Indic (English)
How Hanu Became HanumanMLCM 97/07101(P) Books19968170461359Children's stories, Indic (English)
Agnes Martin : Recent Paintings, April 27-June 3, 2000MLCM 2006 /44592 (N) Martin; PaceWildenstein (Firm)New YorkPaceWildenstein20009781878283962Exhibition catalogues
ArtecontextoN7 .A78 2004 Accessible Arts & Humanities Journals.MadridArtehoy Publicaciones y Gestión2004771697234009Freely Accessible Arts & Humanities Journals.
A Biographical dictionary of artistsN 25 .E53 1983 vol. 2 N40 GowingNew YorkFacts on File19959781856276665Artists -- Biography -- Dictionaries. Beeldende kunstenaars.
The art lover's almanac : serious trivia for the novice and the connoisseurN 31 .H86 2003 D HumeSan FranciscoSan Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, ©2003.20039780787967147Art -- Encyclopedias.
Antoine Watteau, 1684-1721N 44 .W35 L3813 2008 LauterbachKöln Taschen20089783822853184Watteau, Antoine, -- 1684-1721. Painters -- France -- Biography.
A Dictionary of Art and ArtistsN 45.M877.1959 Murray; Linday MurrayLondonPenguin1959n/aDonated by MM Foundation
Rameshwar Broota : Interrogating the Male BodyN 47.B766.2015 Broota, Roobina KarodeNew DelhiKiran Nadar Museum of Art20159788192803746This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition Vision of interiority: interrogating the male body, Rameshwar Broota A retrospective (works from 1963-2013), October 13, 2014-February 28, 2015
In Black & White: The Authorised Biography of Manjir BawaN 47.P875.2006 PuriNew DelhiPenguin India20069780670058792 0670058793Donated by MM Foundation
Dictionary of Indian art & artists : including technical art termsN 55.I4 S55 2006 ShethAhmedabad[Ahmedabad] : Mapin ; Ocean Township, N.J. : Grantha ; Easthampton, MA : Antique Collectors' Club [distributor], 2006.20069781890206338Art, Indic -- Dictionaries. Artists -- India -- Biography -- Dictionaries.
The Enchanted Forest: Paintings and Drawings from the Crites CollectionN 58.S593.2017 Singh Shyam; Aurogeeta DasNew DelhiRoli Books 2017 9789351941323 9351941329
Rūpa-Pratirūpa : The Body in Indian ArtN61.A38.N36 2014 P Ahuja; National Museum of IndiaNew DelhiNational Museum20148185832277Catalogue of an exhibition held at National Museum, New Delhi during 14th March to 7th June 2014.
Body City : Siting Contemporary Culture in IndiaN61.C436.2004 Chandrasekhar; Peter C. Seel; Tulika BooksNew Delhi Tulika Books20048185229767 9788185229768Urban Studies - Contemporary Art - Indian Contemporary Art - Indian Modern Art - Political Art in IndiaDonated by MM Foundation
Cityscape 1910-39: Urban Themes in American, German and British ArtN61.D749.1977 Drew; Arts Council of Great BritainLondonArts Council of Great Britain 19770728701375 9780728701373Urban studies - Urban subjects in art - city art - modernismDonated by MM Foundation
Husain's Raj: Visions of Empire and NationN61.R363.2016 Ramaswamy, M.F. HusainMumbaiMarg Publications20169789383243136 9383243139
The Avant-Garde: Race Religion WarN61.S455.2012 SellKolkataSeagull Books 20129781906497996 1906497990
Pacific Basin Futures' in Art in America Journal 85:6, June 1997N61.S745.1997n/aJudith E. SteinNew YorkBlant Art Publications1997n/aDonated by MM Foundation
About LookingN63.B474.1980 BergerLondonWriters and Readers Publishing Cooperative19809780747599579 0747599572Donated by MM Foundation