Connectathon 22 Break Out Rooms
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Saturday, September 14Saturday, September 14
Room M 103 (Capacity 30 People)Room M 104 & 105 (Capacity 50 People)Room International 7 (Capacity 50 People)Room International 8 (Capacity 50 People)
8ato 8:30a8ato 8:30a8ato 8:30a8ato 8:30a
9ato 10aFHIRcast Breakoutisaac@epic.com9ato 10aCARIN Planning Session for RTPBC and Blue ButtonRyan Howells9ato 10a9ato 10a
10ato 11aTerminology Services Support for SNOMED CTRob Hausam10ato 11aCare Planning and ManagementDave Carlson10ato 11a
Vital Records Death Reporting: Connectathon Discussion
Cindy Bush10ato 11aDa Vinci Connectathon Kickoff
11ato 12p
Cross Organization Application Access - Tech Topics
Julie Maas11ato 12p11:00-11:50. FHIR Overview
This tutorial provides a brief introduction and overview of the FHIR specification. We will examine the basic concepts of FHIR resources and supported interoperability paradigms. An instructor led demo will illustrate a FHIR-in-action scenario. If you are new to FHIR, this is a great place to start.
Richard Ettema11ato 12p11ato 12p
12pto 1p12pto 1p 12pto 1p12pto 1pHSPC Sandbox DemoShilpy Sharma
1pto 2pPublic Health and Quality ReportingBryn Rhodes1pto 2pmCODE/Public HealthMay Terry/Alex Goel1pto 2p1pto 2pDa VinciViet Nguyen
2pto 3pUS Core R4: Connectathon DiscussionEric Haas2pto 3pv2-to-FHIR Parameters & .idHans Buitendijk2pto 3p2pto 3pDa VinciViet Nguyen
3pto 3:30pContinua Implementation ApproachesKeith Boone3pto 3:30pFHIR Shorthand: A concise syntax to specify profiles, examples, and generate the inputs for the IG publisher, without breaking a sweat. Come brainstorm with us!Mark Kramer3pto 3:30pBulk Import Operation DiscussionDan Gottlieb3pto 3:30pPrior Auth Support - X12 Codes, SMART on FHIR apps,Viet Nguyen
3:30p4pAMA Implementation ApproachesKeith Boone3:30pto 4pChris Moesel3:30pto 4pBulk Import Operation DiscussionDan Gottlieb3:30pto 4p
4pto 5p
Vital Records Death Reporting: Connectathon Discussion
Cindy Bush4pto 5pFHIR security and privacy considerations
* Discussion on topics like
- what should an IG say about it?
- how should an implementer react to IG
- methods of securing and protecting privacy
- OAuth2 login for the HAPI FHIR web tool
- etc...
John Moehrke4pto 5pBulk Import Operation DiscussionDan Gottlieb4pto 5pPayer Coverage Decision - Exchange paradigms (Bundles vs Communication, Contained resources)Mark Schrimshire
5pto 6pPatient Innovator Track @ DevDays
Since Amsterdam 2018 patient involvement in DevDays has been growing. In a robust #patientengagement stream on Zulip, we agreed the first HL7 project will focus on patient innovators. This session is to explain the track and to ask for ideas on how to make it a success and how to promote the track.
Dave deBronkart, Rien Wertheim5pto 6p17:00-17:50 FHIR Testing and Touchstone
In this tutorial we will introduce the FHIR Testing Framework, the FHIR TestScript resource and how the Touchstone Testing Platform implements this framework.
Richard Ettema5pto 6p5pto 6pDa Vinci - HIMSS discussion (Invite Only Please)Viet Nguyen
6pto 7p6pto 7p6pto 7p6pto 7p
7pto 8pPatient WTF - storming and norming for the formation of a new patient-centered work group/task force/thingy at HL77pto 8p7pto 8p7pto 8p
Sunday, September 15Sunday, September 15
Room M 101 (Capacity 40 + perimeter chairs)Room M 106 & 107 (Capacity 46 + perimeter chairs)Room International 7 (Capacity 50 People)Room International 8 (Capacity 50 People)
2pto 3pCare Planning and ManagementDave Carlson2pto 3p
Subscriptions: Connectathon Discussion -- Progress, Issues
Jenni Syed2pto 3pUS Core R4: Connectathon DiscussionEric Haas2pto 3p Viet Nguyen
1pto 2p
Cross Organization Application Access - Policy Topics
Julie Maas1pto 2pViet Nguyen1pto 2p1pto 2pDa Vinci Wrap Up Viet Nguyen
3pto 3:30pCARIN Blue Button 2.0 debrief and planningRyan Howells3pto 3:30pCDS Hooks debrief and 1.1 planningBrett Marquard3pto 3:30pFHIR Shorthand: No-more-tears method to specify profiles, examples, and IGs. Join the design discussion.Mark Kramer3pto 3:30p
3:30pto 4pCARIN Blue Button 2.0 debrief and planningRyan Howells3:30pto 4pCDS Hooks debrief and 1.1 planningBrett Marquard3:30 pto 4 pChris Moesel
4pto 4:30p4pto 4:30pCDS Hooks debrief and 1.1 planningBrett Marquard4pto 4:30p4pto 4:30pVRDR FHIR connectathon discussionCindy Bush
4:30pto 5p4:30pto 5pCDS Hooks debrief and 1.1 planningBrett Marquard5:15p6:15pProgress on Python ModelsEric Haas4:30p5:00 PMVRDR FHIR connectathon discussionCindy Bush