2013 Student Affairs Health Pledge
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Pledge: In 2013, as a professional in Higher Education (Student Affairs), I pledge to focus on my overall health this year by eating right, exercising at least three times a week, and talking with loved ones about how I am feeling. I will ask a friend or family member to join me and keep each other accountable.Origin: http://studentaffairsfit.com/health/2014pledge/Please add me on Facebook as a friend, so I may add you to our FB group!: http://facebook.com/
Name: (bold=added to FB group, Italics=friend requested. Otherwise, couldn't find you on FB!)University/OrganizationTwitter HandleWhat I am focused on:What I need help with:Who will keep you accountable?
Ed CabellonBridgewater State UniversityEdCabellonWorking out 6 days/weekNutritionMy wife :-)
Amma MarfoEmmanuel CollegeAmmaMarfoEating right, exercisingTalking about my feelingsFamily and friends
Kayley RobshamUniversity of Rhode IslandkayleyrobshamEating right, runningStaying focusedMy friend Kate
Tom FritzMichigan State UniversityTomLFritzBeing healthyNutrition/motivationMy wife, Coach Ed
Megan LucskoWebster UniversityMeganLucskoEating clean, runningNutrition/motivationMy husband, the internet
Becca ObergefellOhio Dominican UniversityOberBeccaEating cleaner, portion sizes, and exercising at least 30 mins/dayStaying committed and finding balanceHusband and workout partners
Chris RiceWebster Universitychrisrice47Weight lossRemindersMy wife and family
Heather BarbourSalve Regina Universityhbarbour1Exercising/eating betterAccountability Friends & co workers
Laura GerthUniversity of Notre Damelaura_gerthRunning, eating more veggies less meatmotivation, keeping momentummy husband
Joe ColangeloUniversity of MichiganjvcolangeloLosing weight and half marathon prep.Making time for myself when things get busy. Help specifically geared for live-in folks. Partner and co-workers
Kelly CueneUniversity of Wisconsin-Madisonkellycuene3-4 runs/week, 2-3 yoga sessions/week, and eating more veggiesTasty veggie recipes and meal planning advice!Fiance
Erin Ebertformerly Texas A&M UniversityErinKEbertprepping for Beach to Bay Marathon relay and overall wellnessAccountability and procrastination!Partner and friends
Ann Marie KlotzOregon State UniversityannmarieklotzHalf MarathonFinding new health goalsMyself!
Kevin ClearyCreighton UniversitykevinclearyBecoming healthier through eating right and exercisingStaying motivatedMy wife!
Dana McNultyIvy Tech Community CollegeitsdanamcnultyWeight loss through eating clean and increasing cardioConsistencyMy husband
Chris ConzenSuffolk County Community CollegeclconzenFinishing a 1/2 marathonGetting my butt out of bedThe mirror
Clare CadyOregon State UniversityclarecadyCompleting my 2nd century ride, and training in a way that overcomes repetitive stress injuries. Help not overdoing it. Drinking more water.Can you help???
Lisa Endersby University of Ontario Institute of TechnologylmendersbyWorking out consistently, training for more reaces and getting more sleepEating better and actually eating (no skipping meals!)You?!
Mallory BowerUniversity of North Carolina at PembrokemallorybowerEating clean, improve running distance/speed, more consistent strength trainingMotivation... especially to get out of my warm bed to run at 5am!Husband
Sarah CraddockColorado State UniversitysarahhcraddockNutrition, properly rehabbing injuries, burning more calories than I eatnutritionYou :)
Sean EddingtonPurdue UniversityseanmeddingtonNutrition, Running 4-5 days a week, 1000 miles by Dec 31, 2013, 2 half marathons, and my first marathon in October.NutritionMy friends, and colleagues
Mary Jo GonzalesIowa State UniversitymaryjogonzalesGetting back into the healthy habits I had developed a year agoPutting my overall health as the highest priority esp. before others' prioritiesWith Chris on this one... The mirror!
Cathy HolbrookBridgewater State UniversityCholbrook357Getting back to a regular workout routine and dropping the extra pounds I put on this fall.Not giving into laziness or excuses and learning to ignore the crap people bring to our office every day!I agree about the mirror! My wardrobe, and this group
Leslie KingsleyColby CollegeLeslie6225Working out 5 days a week and focusing more on strength conditioningIncreasing my running distanceMy workout partners/friends
Kelley McCarthySaint Mary's CollegeKMcCarthy8185I want to feel more energized, focus on moving, learning how to eat better and feeling strongermovation to get out of bed and stick to my workout planmy co-worker, friend, Ed and this community
Brian RootUniversity of Pittsburgh at GreensburgbeekayrootEating better and regularly doing some sort of phsyical activity with an ultimate goal of losing 20 lbs. this year.not making excuses because I'm "too busy"JKones1205 (Jenna, my Grad Resident Director)
Teri BumpAmerican Campus Communitiestbumpstrengthmy yoga moves :-)me!Thanks Ed-u rock!
Kari WetzelBaldwin Wallace UniversitykariwetzelWorkout routine and eating better. Eliminating soda from my diet.Accountability and reassurance.Myself, The list, My friends, and family.
Julie HayesBridgewater State UniversityJ_E_HayesI want to continue all the great things I have started over the past two yearsBlancing my illness with my regular workoutsMyself
Kelley StierPurdue UniversityKelleyStierExercise 3-4x/week, healthy eating, drinking enough water Accountability/commitment to myself Close friends who know my goals
Alex GarrettIllinois Institute of TechnologyAlexGarrettExercising, focusing on toning/maintaining the healthy feelingBalancing my commute and crazy schedule with a regular workout schedulePartner, coworkers and my mom.
Kristen HymanLeaderShapeKBHymandrink water, limit processed foods, lose the "I had a baby" jigglecommiting time to get physical activity into a full schedulehusband, new jaw bone band
Nathan MeintsHumboldt State UniversitynmeintsBetter diet; I want to run a 1/2 Marathon in 2013I need to learn how to cook!Accountable to myself - support from family and co-workers
Steven LererUC MercedstevelererCompleting my first triathlon in May (Olympic Distance)Eating smaller portion sizes and not finishing my wife's leftovers at restaurantsMyself and my wife
Jody Stone Eastern Illinois University JodyEStoneRunning, core strength, trail runs, and half marathon. AccountabilityRunning partner and colleagues
Teresa TompkinsSt. Cloud State UniversitytftompkinsRunning, eliminating diet pop, strength training. Making time for weight lifting/running, making more meals at home. Boyfriend, coworkers, and my physical strength!
Raul FernandezTexas A&M UniversityRaulFernandezJrLosing Weight & Half Marathon PrepMaking time to do a variety of workouts, control what I eat, drink more water, and runMy friends and colleagues
Melissa RoccoThe Ohio State UniversityMelRoc7Shedding my "Student Affairs Weight," varied workouts 6 days per week, drinking waterMore movement in daily activities/tasks, Meals w/more veggies/lower carbs (recipes welcome!)Gym/Meal buddies, Others tracking food online with me, my clothes, the mirror, my mother's guilt trips
Kelly WalkerUniversity of Northern ColoradoKellyIWalkerExercising 4-5 times per week, paying a little more attention to nutrition, but still enjoy life :)Dedication, prioritizing exercise and nutrition Myself and making things this public
Maureen WardUniversity of MontanaMoBeanMTRunning a marathon in JulyEating healthier and staying consistent with my trainingMyself and people I'm running races with, as well as my partner (sometimes) ;)
Molly BechtelUniversity of California, MercedmmbechtelWorking out 3 days per week, drinking water, not skipping meals, eating less on-campus and fast food and more home-cooked, healthy mealsCooking healthy meals for one person (recipes?), motivation, accountabiltyBoyfriend, gym buddy/co-worker, friends, my mom
Justin GomezSonoma State Universityjustinqgomezracking up 1000 miles running in 2013, eating cooking and growing responsible delicious food!How to build a chicken coop in my backyard and cooking skillsMy dog Gracie-running buddy and my fiance who is also a runner and health care professional who told me she's been waiting two years for me to make this change!
Amber Garrison DuncanUniversity of OregonAmberagdEating organic and unprocessed foods, reduce refined sugars, track in LoseIt, physical activity 3x weekPhysical activity 3x a weekMe, friends, Thank you, Ed!
Sharon SteadUniversity of California, IrvinesharonlsteadWorking out, in some way, every day. Eating more lean protein, Not letting work get in the way of working out.Me, friends, co-workers
Jason MellenFull Sail UniversitymellenjWorking out at least 3 days/wkMotivationCoworkers
Tina TormeyThe College of New Jerseytinatormeylow cal/lower carb/higher protein diet, tracking in MyFitnessPal, using Fitbit, 10000 steps dailydealing with chronic achilles tendinitis, fitting fitness into schedule with a toddler & partner who works nights/weekendscolleagues, family, friends, strong network on Twitter, possibly blogging at my old blog (downsized76.wordpress.com)
Dean KennedyUniversity of HoustondeanfkennedySwim every work day; stop drinking sodanutrition; eating healthy and lessmy partner, Elyssia
Bryant WeathersMichigan Technological UniversitybryantweathersXC skiing 100 days this winter. If this goal is accomplished, I'll try to road/mountain bike another 100 daysEating bettercolleagues, my wife, and my dogs
Sarah RichardsonLasell Collegeslrichar2005Getting into a routine that can be maintainedKnowing what to do when going to the gym for strength trainingmyself
Mason ReuterUNC CharlottemasonreuterEating Correctly & ExerciseStaying focused on eating rightThis group; my family & myself
Erin NunnLake Erie CollegeE_NunnRun the Cleveland Half & 800 miles total in 2013. Eat Cleaner. Build strength.Meal ideas & focusing on getting the right amount of nutrition for workouts/long runs.Me! & Stephanie.
Liz BroughtonEastern Michigan Universityliz_broughton1Healthyworkoutsme!
Liz GordonThe Ohio State Universitylizgordon286Folllow a Paleo lifestyle, 2 1/2 marathonseating clean and staying on track with meal prep!This group, new husband, myself!
Lindsay CzechLourdes Universitylanicholsonworking out 3 days a week, reducing sweets consumptionI have an infant son so finding time and motivation when I am tired; I really struggle with not eating tons of sweets!this group; my husband
P. Max QuinnBridgewater State UniversityPMaxQuinnEat healthier, exercise at least 3 days a week, lose at least 20 pounds by May 2013Early morning Gym motivation and choosing the right lunchKatelyn, Myself and #safit - Ohh and all those new clothes I just got :)
Andy CampbellRutgers, the State University of New Jerseyac_andycampbellSronger, Faster - increase overall athleticism & enduranceDiet Accountability, Trust IssuesGood Question - See "What I need help with"Thanks Ed!
Kristen RothfeldOwens Community CollegekmrothfeldWorking out 3 times a weekStaying focusedThis group, friends, and a bridesmaid dress I need to wear in May :)
Christopher SellWestern Michigan University ChrisFSellEliminating (for the most part) sugar from my diet and exercising 3-4 times a week. Fitting in a workout in the early AM before I arrive to work. My wife and I expect our first child in early March, so I'm anticipating it'll be a challenge to "find time" for exercise as well. Great question, hopefully I can find a few workout partners this winter/spring to help me stay accountable.
Constanza CabelloUMass LowellThisIsConstanza (I don't have Facebook)Working out minimally 4 times a week (finishing Insanity!), Eating more clean, Saying no to desserts, and overall better workout and eating habits while traveling. Staying on track during peaks in the semester and while traveling. Also making better snacking choices. Hopefully, this group! Friends, family, and the many sunny destinations I will be traveling to the year!
Colleen BunnConnecticut CollegeColleenCentralNot beating myself up about weight loss and just getting healthy...if the weight comes off with it, great, but it's not the focus any more!Reminding me to get to the gym and not work through lunches (my normal workout time) so much!The husband!
Krista KohlmannRutgers, the State University of New JerseykristaknjWorking out at least three times per week AND motivating others to be their most fit selves!Healthy snack choices, limiting caffeine intake (especially Diet Coke, my kryptonite, and overall making smarter meal choices.Significant other and close friends!
Tara M. ZurloMontclair State UniversitytaramzurloWorking out 3-4 days a wk; eating clean; embracing my powerMotivation; portion sizing; living with auto-immune disorders which zap energy; balancing life of working mom w/ 2 littles & FT workMy twin sister; my kids; my husband
Mike ZakarianMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMikeZakarianMaintaining a workout plan and eating much better!Avoiding complacency and striving to grow.My Colleagues
Kate PoissonUniversity of Michigan- Ann ArborKatePoissonStart cooking healthy meals and eat out less; do some sort of physical activity every day; Drink more waterStaying motivated to go to the gym- even when it is dark and cold out after work! Taking time to process my mental state each dayFriends and family
Maria Sammut-Mascaro Temple U Alum current #sasearchmariasammutmascworking out, losing weightstaying motivated, job search stress, mother of two
Dee KalcichBinghamton UniversityDekal13Get to the gym, Making better food choicesNot taking the easy way out in the dining hall, finding motivation to go to the gym when the semester gets hecticMy partner and Binghamton BFF
Karen JohnsonSaint Mary's College INjohnson4960Living my life in a healthy mannerMotivation and accountablityLooking for help from this group.
Kristin CothranRutgers, the State University of New Jerseykmcothrancontinue to lose weight, be stronger and fitter work on my image of my bodymyself
Desiree WalkerNortheastern Universitywalker_desireeIncrease in cardio, ability to run a 10K.healthy eatingco-workers, partner, you all!
Jenna KonyakUniversity of Pittsburgh at Greensburgjkones1205Get down to a proper weight for my height, will need to lose approximately 60 lbs.Motivation to keep going, reminders that weight loss doesn't happen over nightMy boss, beekayroot, Brian Root
Kristen Rupert The Ohio State UniversitykarupertGetting rid of me "work weight, and gettinf back to my grad school weight" workout 5 days a week,track food and waterPeople to keep me accountable, motivationMelroc7 who "bullies" me in accountability (i like it) Others tracking food online with me (Chris Conzen who calls me out when I don't track it) my clothes (i like it when they fit) , "ugly pics of me looking chubby" on facebook
Katie CollinsUniversity at Buffalokatie_collinsEating healthy, getting back to a healthy weight (about 100lbs less than now), training for a 5k, and learning how everything really works at the gymMotivation and suggestions of new things that may work for meA couple brides who have me in their wedding parties and my mom! And a few really good friends.
Leilannie QuintanaBryant University leilannieRunning three times a week, training for and surviving my first half marathon in Feb. and full in Oct. Eating healthy even on weekends and during university events! Staying motivated, maintaining work/life balance, incorporating a support system into my goalsMy significant other, family, sorority sisters, friends, work friends.
Katrina WeizerLoyola University ChicagoKatrinaWeizerEating regularly and eating more cleanly. Drink more water. Exercise regularly and build strength. Try Yoga.Also, end my bad habit of signing up for races and not training properly for them -- but still completing them.My sugar habit/addiction is pretty bad. Getting back into a workout routine. Once I start one I am fine, but the second I break from it, I completely stop. This group :)
Cynthia BurkeDePaul UniversitycyngburkeEating well and excersing regularlyMotivation to begin a routine and stick with itMy family, friends and husband
Ryan ByeTexas Tech UniversityByeByeRyanEating better, continue with increasing my running distanc&time, want to start building some strength/How to build upper body strength & cooking delicious but healthy mealsThis group, my significant other, friends/co-workers
Abi KennedyBowling Green State UniversityabikennedyTrip to Europe in May. Working out 4x/wk, Drinking more water, and sticking to WW program.Motivaton to work out in the morning before work and school.my sister, my classmate Katie, and accountability group of former co-workers
Patrick LoveRutgers Universitypglove33Running 7 days/week, Running 200 miles/month, PRs in 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, core trainingMaintaining perspective, making sure I get enough sleep, eating betterMy running group, this group
Megan JohnstonUniversity of Georgia__MeganJohnstonRunning 4-5 days/week, finishing first full, PR 1/2 marathon, 10K, goal is 1,000 mi/yearEating better! My running friends, this group, internet connections
Torry Brouillard-BruceUniversity of the Pacifictorrybrucegetting back in-shape.  I lost 120 lbs on WW and put back on about 80% of that - time to get at it!DO WORKMy partner and I are committed to holding each other accountable.
Laurie BerryUniversity of Southern Indianalaurieaberryeating better and working out consistentlyeating better, finding exercises that do not aggravate my ankle as well as motivationspouse, daughter and friends at work
Sarah GlassmanAmerican Universityslglassmanhealthy eating and exercisefollow-through#safit community! :)
Amber SibleyUniversity of Daytonadsibley1eating better, drinking more water and getting to the gymmotivation and staying committedspouse, close friends and this group
Joe GutowskiUtica Collegej_gutowskieating better, being more physically active, drinking more water/less pop, losing weightstaying on track, creating tangible and manageable goalsMe (first and foremost), #safit community (since I'll be apart from the family most of the time until June.
Jessica DeanFlorida State Universityj_deanSAysmaintaining regular workouts even while traveling & eating healthy (not dieting)Finding ways to be social w/o meals out being involvedMe, #safit, & my partner
Monica GrauSUNY Oneontamcgnotesexercising at least 3x/week; eating right~staying on track! not letting life get in the way.me, my husband and kids. My close friends are also a key support
Sarah CrassSaint Mary's College of Californiasarahtobiarunning a 10k and yoga at least once a weekprogress goals, healthy cookingpartner, family, SA community!
Elizabeth ThompsonMount Holyoke CollegeelizrthompsonUsing my elliptical 3-5 times a week; drinking more waterNot making excuses at the end of an emotionally tiring day.My family
Kristen KearneyCanisius CollegeKristenmkearneyEating well (less meat, more fruits & veg); running and yogaAccountabilityMyself
Mark GreenDrexel UniversitymarkdgreenjrGetting stronger, attempt a triathlonBalance -- diet, exercise, stretching, stress levelsMy partner, SAFit
Tim St. JohnUniversity of New EnglandtimstjohnWorking out 4 times a week minimum and running a 5k with my dad this summerNutrition/healthy recipe and snack ideasMyself, my wife
Ana ZavalaCalifornia State University, Long BeachAnaBZavalaEating Better, gym 3x a week, managing emotional well-being/stressAccountability & motivation when busyMy partner & coworker
Kate KinsellaUniversity of TorontokatemcgkDropping excess weight, toning and strengthening, feeling more energizedNutritrition and motivationMy husband and this group!
Kaitlyn DyleskiAlbertus Magnus CollegekjdyleskiCleaner eating, exercising 3 times a week, Color Me Rad Boston in JulyNutrition when working late hoursMe, friends, and the group
Brian PasserellDelaware State UniversitybrianpasserellCleaner eating, getting back into my 5k form, run a 1/2 marathonBreaking through plateaus, Myself, my wife
Sarah Manzeske TorresRoosevelt UniversitysmanzeskeCleaner eating, running just because it feels good, stress mgmt, body image realismEasy, fast weeknight dinner recipes; motivation in times of a slumpMy husband, close friends, this group!
Joe GineseBorough of Manhattan Community College@JoeGineseCompleting Insanity Twice, P90X once, 2 half marathons and 5 obstacles course races. Nutrition and best stretching techniquesFiance, my calendar, this group!
Maritza TorresUniversity of Miami@ritztorresWorking out 3 times a week and eating better, possibly another 5k and my first 10k.Nutrition!Mentors, friends, personal trainer and of course MYSELF! :)
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