Core SetEnemyMob Enforcer
<b>Prey</b> - Bearer only.
[action] Spend 4 resources: <b>Parley</b>. Discard Mob Enforcer.
Humanoid. Criminal.31043
Core SetEnemySilver Twilight Acolyte
<b>Prey</b> - Bearer only.
<b>Forced</b> - After Silver Twilight Acolyte attacks: Place 1 doom on the current agenda.
Humanoid. Cultist. Silver Twilight.31023
Core SetEnemyStubborn Detective
<b>Prey</b> - Bearer only.
While Stubborn Detective is at your location, treat your investigator as if his or her printed text box were blank (except for [[Traits]]).
Humanoid. Detective.21032
Core SetEnemyGhoul Priest<b>Prey</b> - Highest [combat].
Hunter. Retaliate.
Humanoid. Monster. Ghoul. Elite.5 per investigator2244The Gathering
Core SetEnemyFlesh-Eater<b>Spawn</b> - Attic.Humanoid. Monster. Ghoul.41241The Gathering
Core SetEnemyIcy Ghoul<b>Spawn</b> - Cellar.Humanoid. Monster. Ghoul.42134The Gathering
Core SetEnemyThe Masked HunterSilently Stalking
<b>Spawn</b> - Engaged with Prey.
<b>Prey</b> - Most clues.
The Masked Hunter gets +2 health per investigator.
While you are engaged with The Masked Hunter, you cannot discover or spend clues.
Humanoid. Cultist. Elite.42142The Midnight Masks
Core SetEnemy"Wolf-Man" DrewThe Cannibal
<b>Spawn</b> - Downtown.
<b>Forced</b> - When "Wolf-Man" Drew attacks: Heal 1 damage from him.
Humanoid. Cultist.42042Cult of Umôrdhoth
Core SetEnemyHerman CollinsThe Undertaker
<b>Spawn</b> - Graveyard.
[action] Choose and discard 4 cards from your hand: <b>Parley.</b> Add Herman Collins to the victory display.
Humanoid. Cultist.41134Cult of Umôrdhoth
Core SetEnemyPeter WarrenThe Occult Professor
<b>Spawn</b> - Miskatonic University.
[action] Spend 2 clues: <b>Parley.</b> Add Peter Warren to the victory display.
Humanoid. Cultist.31023Cult of Umôrdhoth
Core SetEnemyVictoria DevereuxThe Collector
<b>Spawn</b> - Northside.
[action] Spend 5 resources: <b>Parley.</b> Add Victoria Devereux to the victory display.
Humanoid. Cultist.31032Cult of Umôrdhoth
Core SetEnemyRuth TurnerThe Mortician
<b>Spawn</b> - St. Mary's Hospital.
<b>Forced</b> - After Ruth Turner is evaded: Add her to the victory display.
Humanoid. Cultist.41025Cult of Umôrdhoth
Core SetEnemyUmôrdhothThe Devourer Below
Hunter. Massive.
Umôrdhoth gets +4 health per investigator.
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of each investigator's turn: Ready Umôrdhoth.
[action] If you control Lita Chantler: "It's only after her!" You throw Lita to Umôrdhoth in order to spare your lives. <b>(→R3)</b>
Ancient One. Elite.63356The Devourer Below
Core SetEnemySwarm of RatsHunter.Creature.11013Rats
Core SetEnemyGhoul MinionHumanoid. Monster. Ghoul.21122Ghouls
Core SetEnemyRavenous Ghoul<b>Prey</b> - Lowest remaining health.Humanoid. Monster. Ghoul.31133Ghouls
Core SetEnemyAcolyte<b>Spawn</b> - Any empty location.
<b>Forced</b> - After Acolyte enters play: Place 1 doom on it.
Humanoid. Cultist.11032Dark Cult
Core SetEnemyWizard of the Order
<b>Spawn</b> - Any empty location.
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of the mythos phase: Place 1 doom on Wizard of the Order.
Humanoid. Cultist.21042Dark Cult
Core SetEnemyHunting Nightgaunt
While attempting to evade Hunting Nightgaunt, double the negative modifier of each revealed chaos token.
Monster. Nightgaunt.41131Nightgaunts
Core SetEnemyScreeching Byakhee
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest remaining sanity.
While engaged with an investigator with remaining sanity 4 or fewer, Screeching Byakhee gets +1 fight and +1 evade.
Monster. Byakhee.41233Agents of Hastur
Core SetEnemyYithian Observer
<b>Prey</b> – Fewest cards in hand.
<b>Forced</b> - When Yithian Observer attacks you: Discard 1 card at random from your hand. If you cannot, Yithian Observer deals +1 damage and +1 horror for this attack.
Monster. Yithian.41143Agents of Yog-Sothoth
Core SetEnemyRelentless Dark Young
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [agility].
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of the round: Heal 2 damage from Relentless Dark Young.
Monster. Dark Young.52142Agents of Shub-Niggurath
Core SetEnemyGoat Spawn
Hunter. Retaliate.
<b>Forced</b> - After Goat Spawn is defeated: Each investigator at this location takes 1 horror.
Humanoid. Monster.31032Agents of Shub-Niggurath
Core SetEnemyYoung Deep One
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [combat].
<b>Forced</b> - After Young Deep One engages you: Take 1 horror.
Humanoid. Monster. Deep One.31133Agents of Cthulhu
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyThe ExperimentSomething Went Terribly Wrong
The Experiment gets +3[per_investigator] health.
<b>Forced</b> - When the enemy phase begins: Ready The Experiment.
<b>Objective</b> - If The Experiment is defeated, advance to act 3b.
Monster. Abomination. Elite.72242Extracurricular Activity
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyClover Club Pit Boss
<b>Prey</b> - Highest [intellect].
<b>Forced</b> - After an investigator at Clover Club Pit Boss's location gains any number of clues: Clover Club Pit Boss readies, engages that investigator, and makes an immediate attack.
Criminal. Elite.42033The House Always Wins
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyThrall<b>Spawn</b> - Location with the most clues.
Humanoid. Monster. Abomination.21122Bishop's Thralls
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyWizard of Yog-Sothoth
<b>Prey</b> - Least cards in hand.
<b>Forced</b> - When the engaged investigator draws a [[Hex]] or [[Pact]] card: Wizard of Yog-Sothoth attacks that investigator.
Humanoid. Sorcerer.31243Bishop's Thralls
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyWhippoorwill
Aloof. Hunter.
Each investigator at Whippoorwill's location gets -1 [willpower], -1 [intellect], -1 [combat], and -1 [agility].
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyAvian Thrall
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [intellect].
While Avian Thrall is being attacked using a [[Ranged]], [[Firearm]], or [[Spell]] asset, it gets -3 fight.
Creature. Monster. Abomination.41153Beast Thralls
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyLupine Thrall<b>Spawn</b> - Farthest location from you.
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [agility].
Hunter. Retaliate.
Creature. Monster. Abomination.31144Beast Thralls
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyO'Bannion's Thug
While O'Bannion's Thug is engaged with you, you cannot gain resources.
Human. Criminal. Syndicate.22042Naomi's Crew
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyMobsterRetaliate.
<b>Forced</b> - After Mobster attacks you: Lose 1 resource.
Human. Criminal. Syndicate.21022Naomi's Crew
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyConglomeration of Spheres
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [willpower].
<b>Forced</b> - After you perform an attack against the Conglomeration of Spheres using a [[Melee]] card: Discard that card.
Monster. Abomination.61114Hideous Abominations
The Dunwich LegacyEnemyServant of the Lurker
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [agility].
<b>Forced</b> - When Servant of the Lurker attacks you: Discard the top 2 cards of your deck.
Monster. Abomination.52242Hideous Abominations
The Miskatonic MuseumEnemyHunting HorrorSpawned from the Void
Hunter. Retaliate.
<b>Forced</b> - At the start of the enemy phase: Reveal a random token from the chaos bag. If the revealed token has a [skull], [cultist], [tablet], [elder_thing], or [auto_fail] symbol, ready Hunting Horror.
<b>Forced</b> - When Hunting Horror leaves play, place it in the void.
Monster. Elite.31122The Miskatonic Museum
The Essex County ExpressEnemyGrappling HorrorHunter.
While you are engaged with Grappling Horror, you cannot move.
Monster. Abomination.31132Essex County Express
The Essex County ExpressEnemyEmergent Monstrosity
<b>Spawn</b> - The location to your right (or your location if there is no location to your right).
Emergent Monstrosity enters play exhausted.
Monster. Abomination.52243Essex County Express
Blood on the AltarEnemySilas BishopInfused With EvilMassive.
Silas Bishop cannot make attacks of opportunity.
Monster. Abomination. Elite.6 per investigator2237Blood On The Altar
Blood on the AltarEnemyServant of Many Mouths
<b>Spawn</b> - Any empty location.
[reaction] After you defeat Servant of Many Mouths: Discover 1 clue at any location.
Humanoid.2231Blood On The Altar
Undimensioned and UnseenEnemyBrood of Yog-Sothoth
Brood of Yog-Sothoth gets +1[per_investigator] health and cannot be damaged or attacked except using the ability on Esoteric Formula.
Monster. Abomination.12263Undimensioned and Unseen
Where Doom AwaitsEnemySeth BishopSorcerer of DunwichRetaliate.Humanoid. Sorcerer. Elite.3 per investigator1155Where Doom Awaits
Where Doom AwaitsEnemyDevotee of the Key
<b>Spawn</b> - Base of the Hill.
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of the enemy phase, Devotee of the Key moves once toward Sentinel Peak. If Devotee of the Key is already at Sentinel Peak, discard it and add 2 doom to the current agenda, instead.
Humanoid. Sorcerer.31133Where Doom Awaits
Where Doom AwaitsEnemyCrazed Shoggoth
<b>Spawn</b> - Nearest [[Altered]] location.
<b>Forced</b> - When Crazed Shoggoth attacks: If this attack would defeat an investigator, that investigator is instead killed.
Monster. Shoggoth.62234Where Doom Awaits
Lost in Time and SpaceEnemyYog-SothothThe Lurker Beyond the Threshold
Massive. Hunter. Retaliate.
Yog-Sothoth gets +6[per_investigator] health.
Yog-Sothoth cannot be evaded and cannot make attacks of opportunity.
[reaction] When Yog-Sothoth attacks you: Instead of taking up to X horror, you may discard the top X cards from your deck. Then, if you have no cards in your deck, you are driven insane.
Ancient One. Elite.4154Lost in Time and Space
Lost in Time and SpaceEnemyInterstellar Traveler
<b>Spawn</b> - Any [[Extradimensional]] location.
<b>Forced</b> - When Interstellar Traveler enters a location: Flip 1 clue on that location to its doom side and place it on Interstellar Traveler, or place 1 doom on Interstellar Traveler if there are no clues on that location.
Monster. Yithian.31242Lost in Time and Space
Lost in Time and SpaceEnemyYithian Starseeker
<b>Spawn</b> - Another Dimension.
<b>Forced</b> - When Yithian Starseeker attacks an investigator with more than 10 cards in his or her discard pile: Place 1 doom on Yithian Starseeker.
Monster. Yithian.42135Lost in Time and Space
The Path to CarcosaEnemyGraveyard Ghouls
<b>Prey</b> - William Yorick only.
While Graveyard Ghouls is engaged with you, cards cannot leave your discard pile.
Humanoid. Monster. Ghoul.31132
The Path to CarcosaEnemyThe Thing That Follows
<b>Spawn</b> - Location farthest from you.
<b>Prey</b> - Bearer only.
<b>Forced</b> - When The Thing That Follows would be defeated: Instead shuffle it into its bearer's deck.
Monster. Curse.21133
The Path to CarcosaEnemyThe Man in the Pallid Mask
<b>Spawn</b> - Location farthest from all investigators.
[action]: <b>Investigate.</b> Your location gets +2 shroud for this investigation. If you succeed, instead of discovering clues, defeat The Man in the Pallid Mask.
Humanoid. Elite.3144Curtain Call
The Path to CarcosaEnemyRoyal EmissaryMessenger from Aldebaran
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest [willpower].
Massive. Hunter. Retaliate.
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of the enemy phase: Each investigator at Royal Emissary's location or a connecting location takes 1 horror.
Monster. Elite.4242Curtain Call
The Path to CarcosaEnemyConstance DumaineA Little Too SociableHunter.
While Constance Dumaine is exhausted, she gets +3 fight.
Monster. Lunatic. Elite.6241
The Path to CarcosaEnemyJordan PerryAn Imposing Presence
<b>Forced</b> - At the beginning of the enemy phase: Heal 1 damage from Jordan Perry.
Monster. Lunatic. Elite.81122
The Path to CarcosaEnemyIshimaru HarukoJust Skin and Bones
<b>Forced</b> - After you deal damage to Ishimaru Haruko by an effect other than an attack: Draw the top card of the encounter deck.
Monster. Lunatic. Elite.44163
The Path to CarcosaEnemySebastien MoreauSavage HysteriaHunter. Retaliate.
Sebastien Moreau's attacks cannot be canceled.
Monster. Lunatic. Elite.52233
The Path to CarcosaEnemyAshleigh ClarkeSongs Die Unheard
Each investigator at Ashleigh Clarke's location does not draw cards during the upkeep phase.
Monster. Lunatic. Elite.5224
The Path to CarcosaEnemyDianne DevineMercurial and Mischevious
Each investigator at Dianne Devine's location cannot discover or take control of clues.
<b>Forced</b> - At the beginning of the enemy phase: Find the [[Bystander]] asset with the fewest clues on it. Move Dianne Devine to that asset's location, if able.
Humanoid. Cultist. Elite.322The Last King
The Path to CarcosaEnemySwift Byakhee
<b>Prey</b> - Lowest remaining sanity.
Hunter. Retaliate.
<b>Forced</b> - When Swift Byakhee would move via the hunter keyword: Instead, move it (one location at a time) until it enters its prey's location. If it moved more than one location by this effect, it does not attack this phase.
Monster. Byakhee.31122Byakhee
The Path to CarcosaEnemyBeast of Aldebaran
While assigning damage and horror from Beast of Aldebaran's attack, you must assign as much damage and horror as possible to a single card before assigning it to another card.
Monster. Elite.72135Inhabitants of Carcosa
The Path to CarcosaEnemySpawn of Hali
<b>Prey</b> - Most horror.
<b>Forced</b> - After you successfully evade Spawn of Hali by 2 or less: Take 1 horror.
Monster.41242Inhabitants of Carcosa
The Path to CarcosaEnemyPoltergeist
Cannot be damaged except by [[Spell]], [[Relic]], or encounter cards.
[action] <b>Parley.</b> Test [intellect] (3) to attempt to banish the geist. If you succeed, deal it 1 damage.
Monster. Geist.2234Hauntings
The Path to CarcosaEnemyManiac
<b>Forced</b> - After Maniac engages you: Take 1 damage and deal 1 damage to Maniac.
Humanoid. Lunatic.4131Hastur's Gift
The Path to CarcosaEnemyYoung Psychopath
<b>Forced</b> - After Young Psychopath engages you: You must either take 1 horror, or Young Psychopath gets +3 fight until the end of the investigation phase.
Humanoid. Lunatic.21123Hastur's Gift
The Path to CarcosaEnemyFanatic
<b>Spawn</b> - Revealed location with the most clues.
<b>Forced</b> - After Fanatic enters play: Move 1 clue from Fanatic's location to Fanatic.
<b>Forced</b> - When you defeat Fanatic: Take control of all of its clues.
Humanoid. Cultist.2133Cult of the Yellow Sign
The Path to CarcosaEnemyAgent of the King
<b>Prey</b> - Most clues.
<b>Forced</b> - After Agent of the King attacks you: Move 1 of your clues to Agent of the King.
<b>Forced</b> - When you defeat Agent of the King: Take control of all of its clues.
Humanoid. Cultist.41242Cult of the Yellow Sign
The Path to CarcosaEnemyRoach SwarmX is the shroud value of Roach Swarm's location.Creature.21-23Decay & Filth
Echoes of the PastEnemyPossessed OathspeakerA Damnable Fate
Hunter. Retaliate.
Cannot be damaged during act 1 or act 2.
<b>Forced</b> - At the beginning of the enemy phase: The investigators must either ready Possessed Oathspeaker or place 1 doom on it.
<b>Objective</b> - If Possessed Oathspeaker is defeated: <b>(→R3)</b>
Monster. Servitor. Elite.5 per investigator2243Echoes of the Past
Echoes of the PastEnemySeeker of Carcosa
<b>Spawn</b> - Any empty Historical Society location.
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of the mythos phase: Move 1 clue from Seeker of Carcosa's location to Seeker of Carcosa (if you cannot, place 1 doom on Seeker of Carcosa, instead).
Humanoid. Cultist.3122Echoes of the Past
The Unspeakable OathEnemyDaniel Chesterfield…Or At Least, What's Left of Him
<b>Prey</b> - Highest [combat].
[action] If you control Clasp of Black Onyx: <b>Parley.</b> You show Daniel the clasp, and he staggers backward, collapsing into a motionless husk. Add him to the victory display.
Humanoid. Lunatic. Elite.41133The Unspeakable Oath
The Unspeakable OathEnemyAsylum Gorger
<b>Spawn</b> - Basement Halls.
Asylum Gorger cannot make attacks of opportunity, and cannot attack during the same phase it moved from its hunter keyword.
Monster. Abomination.53344The Unspeakable Oath
The Unspeakable OathEnemyMad Patient<b>Spawn</b> - Nearest Asylum Halls.
<b>Prey</b> - Most remaining sanity.
<b>Forced</b> - When you attack Mad Patient: Take 1 horror.
Humanoid. Lunatic.2123The Unspeakable Oath
A Phantom of TruthEnemyThe OrganistHopeless, I Defied Him
Hunter. Cannot be damaged.
<b>Forced</b> - After The Organist moves from the hunter keyword, if it is unengaged: Resolve its hunter keyword again. The Organist cannot attack this phase. (Limit once per round).
Humanoid. Avatar. Elite.353A Phantom of Truth
A Phantom of TruthEnemyThe OrganistDraped in Mystery
Aloof. Cannot be damaged.
<b>Forced</b> - At the end of the enemy phase: If The Organist is unengaged, move it 1 location away from the nearest investigator (to a location with no investigators, if possible). If it is engaged, disengage it instead.
Humanoid. Avatar. Elite.135A Phantom of Truth
A Phantom of TruthEnemyStealthy ByakheeHunter.
While Stealthy Byakhee is exhausted, it gets -3 fight.
Monster. Byakhee.22153A Phantom of Truth
The Pallid MaskEnemySpecter of DeathA Force From Beyond
<b>Spawn</b> - The starting location.
Hunter. Retaliate.
While Specter of Death is exhausted, it takes 1 less damage from each attack made against it.
<b>Forced</b> - After you fail a skill test while attempting to evade Specter of Death: It attacks you.
Monster. Geist. Elite.5 per investigator2233The Pallid Mask
The Pallid MaskEnemyCatacombs Docent
<b>Spawn</b> - Nearest unrevealed location.
[action]: <b>Parley.</b> Test [intellect] (4) to interpret the guide's ravings. If you succeed, look at the revealed side of any Catacombs location in play. (Group limit once per game.)
Humanoid. Lunatic.2132The Pallid Mask
The Pallid MaskEnemyCorpse Dweller
<b>Spawn</b> - Discard a [[Humanoid]] enemy at any location and spawn Corpse Dweller at that location (if there are no [[Humanoid]] enemies in play, discard Corpse Dweller and it gains surge instead).
Hunter. Retaliate.
Monster.52134The Pallid Mask
Black Stars RiseEnemyTidal Terror<b>Spawn</b> - Porte de l'Avancée or Chapel of St. Aubert.
Monster.41242Black Stars Rise
Black Stars RiseEnemyRift Seeker
<b>Forced</b> - After Rift Seeker attacks you: You must either take 1 additional damage and 1 additional horror, or place 1 doom on each agenda in play.
[action] Place 1 doom on each agenda in play and take 2 horror: <b>Parley.</b> Discard Rift Seeker.
Monster. Byakhee. Cultist.31134Black Stars Rise
Dim CarcosaEnemyHasturThe King in Yellow
Cannot be damaged except by story card effects.
<b>Forced</b> - At the beginning of the enemy phase, if Hastur is ready: Hastur attacks each investigator, in player order <i>(regardless of their location)</i>. If Hastur's attack deals you horror in excess of your sanity, you take 1 damage, as well.
[action]: Test [willpower] (X), where X is Hastur's fight value. If you succeed, exhaust Hastur. Any investigator may trigger this action.
Ancient One. Elite.7 per investigator242Dim Carcosa
Dim CarcosaEnemyHasturLord of Carcosa
<b>Prey</b> - Most remaining sanity.
Hunter. Massive.
If Hastur's attack deals you horror in excess of your sanity, you take 1 damage, as well.
While Hastur is being attacked or evaded by an investigator with no remaining sanity, treat each [elder_sign], "+1," "0," or "-1" token that investigator reveals as a [auto_fail] token.
Ancient One. Elite.9 per investigator233Dim Carcosa
Dim CarcosaEnemyHasturThe Tattered King
<b>Prey</b> - Most remaining sanity.
If Hastur's attack deals you horror in excess of your sanity, you take 1 damage, as well.
While Hastur is being attacked or evaded by an investigator with no remaining sanity, treat each [elder_sign], "+1," "0," or "-1" token that investigator reveals as a [auto_fail] token.
Ancient One. Elite.8 per investigator432Dim Carcosa
Dim CarcosaEnemyCreature Out of Demhe
<b>Spawn</b> - Depths of Demhe.
<b>Forced</b> - When Creature out of Demhe's location or a connecting location is flipped over, if Creature out of Demhe is ready: It attacks each investigator at that location.
Monster.41152Dim Carcosa
Dim CarcosaEnemyWinged One
<b>Spawn</b> - Bleak Plains.
<b>Forced</b> - After a location is flipped over, if Winged One is ready and unengaged: Move it once toward that location.
Monster. Byakhee.33134Dim Carcosa
The Forgotten AgeEnemySerpents of Yig
<b>Prey</b> - Father Mateo only.
<b>Revelation</b> - Search the chaos bag for the [elder_sign] chaos token and seal it on Serpents of Yig.
Humanoid. Monster. Serpent.31122
The Forgotten AgeEnemyIchtacaKeeper of the Eztli
Alert. Retaliate.
[action]: <b>Parley.</b> Test [intellect] (4) to convince Ichtaca you are not her enemy. If you succeed, place 1 clue on her. If you fail and Ichtaca is ready, she attacks you.
Humanoid. Eztli. Elite.4254The Untamed Wilds
The Forgotten AgeEnemyHarbinger of ValusiaThe Sleeper Awakens
Alert. Hunter. Retaliate.
Harbinger of Valusia can retaliate while exhausted.
<b>Forced</b> - After Harbinger of Valusia is successfully attacked or evaded: Place 1 resource on it. Then, if there are 2[per_investigator] resources on it, it vanishes with a sinister hiss. (Set it aside, out of play. It keeps all damage tokens.)
Humanoid. Monster. Serpent. Elite.10 per investigator2233The Doom of Eztli
The Forgotten AgeEnemyPit Viper
<b>Forced</b> - After Pit Viper deals you damage from its attack: If you are not poisoned, put a set-aside Poisoned weakness into play in your threat area.
Creature. Serpent.1133Serpents
The Forgotten AgeEnemyBoa Constrictor
<b>Forced</b> - After Boa Constrictor attacks you: During the next upkeep phase, your exhausted cards cannot ready.
Creature. Serpent.41142Serpents
The Forgotten AgeEnemyBrood of Yig
Brood of Yig gets +1 fight for each vengeance point in the victory display.
Humanoid. Monster. Serpent.31122Agents of Yig
The Forgotten AgeEnemySerpent from Yoth
While there are 1 or more vengeance points in the victory display, Serpent from Yoth gains retaliate.
While there are 2 or more vengeance points in the victory display, Serpent from Yoth gains hunter.
While there are 3 or more vengeance points in the victory display, Serpent from Yoth takes 1 less damage from each attack made against it.
Humanoid. Monster. Serpent.51233Agents of Yig
The Forgotten AgeEnemyEztli Guardian
<b>Spawn</b> - Any empty location ([[Ancient]], if able).
Alert. Aloof.
<b>Forced</b> - When enemies attack during the enemy phase, if Eztli Guardian is ready and unengaged: It attacks each investigator in each connecting location.
Humanoid. Eztli.2142Guardians of Time
The Forgotten AgeEnemyBrotherhood Cultist
Brotherhood Cultist gets +1 fight and +1 evade for each doom on it.
<b>Forced</b> - When you initiate an attack against Brotherhood Cultist: Place 1 doom on Brotherhood Cultist.
Humanoid. Cultist.3122Pnakotic Brotherhood
The Forgotten AgeEnemyFang of Yig
<b>Prey</b> - Poisoned investigator.
While Fang of Yig is engaged with a poisoned investigator, that investigator cannot play cards or commit cards to skill tests.
Humanoid. Monster. Serpent.31133Yig's Venom
Threads of FateEnemyHarlan EarnstoneCrazed by the Curse
<b>Revelation</b> - Switch this card with the [[Bystander]] version of Harlan Earnstone, removing that version from the game. Attach the set-aside Relic of Ages to Harlan Earnstone. Advance to Act 3a - "Recover the Relic."
<b>Forced</b> - After you successfully evade Harlan Earnstone by 3 or more: Add him to the victory display.
Humanoid. Cursed. Elite.21143Threads of Fate
Threads of FateEnemyHenry DeveauAlejandro's Kidnapper
<b>Revelation</b> - Switch this card with the [[Bystander]] version of Henry Deveau, removing that version from the game. Attach the set-aside Alejandro Vela to Henry Deveau. Advance to Act 3c - "Alejandro's Plight."
Humanoid. Conspirator. Elite.31142Threads of Fate
Threads of FateEnemyMaria DeSilvaKnows More Than She Lets On
<b>Revelation</b> - Switch this card with the [[Bystander]] version of Maria DeSilva, removing that version from the game. Remember that she is "Ichtaca's prey." Advance to Act 3e - "The Brotherhood is Revealed."
Humanoid. Conspirator. Elite.41132Threads of Fate
The Boundary BeyondEnemyPadma AmritaCold-Blooded Charmer
Alert. Retaliate. Hunter.
While Padma Amrita is ready, clues cannot be discovered from each [[Ancient]] location.
<b>Forced</b> - After Padma Amrita attacks you: If you have at least 1 clue, flip 1 of your clues to its doom side. Otherwise, take 3 horror.
Humanoid. Serpent. Servitor. Elite.3 per investigator53The Boundary Beyond
The Boundary BeyondEnemySerpent of Tenochtitlán
While Serpent of Tenochtitlán is at an [[Ancient]] location with clues on it, it gains retaliate and alert. Otherwise, it gains hunter.
<b>Forced</b> - After Serpent of Tenochtitlán deals you damage from its attack: If you are not poisoned, put a set-aside Poisoned weakness into play in your threat area.
Humanoid. Monster. Serpent.51133The Boundary Beyond