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Game NameDescriptionWebsite LinkIndivudalHouseholdClassroomSubject 1Subject 2Grade Level
Click File > Make a Copy to save your own copy to Google Drive!Argument WarsEver tried to win a disagreement? In Argument Wars, you will try out your persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. The other lawyer is your competition. Whoever uses the strongest arguments wins! StudiesEnglishSecondary
ActivateDo you have a great idea about how to make positive change in your community? In Activate, you campaign for an issue of your choice. Manage your resources well and grow your organization from a few friends to a national movement! Engage the community and elected leaders to raise awareness and support for your cause._FreeFreeFreeSocial StudiesEnglishSecondary
Cast Your VoteWhat issues do you want to ask candidates about? In Cast Your Vote, you choose the questions in a debate, rate their responses, and vote for the candidate of your choice. StudiesEnglishSecondary
Immigration NationDo you know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, you'll find out as you guide newcomers along their path to citizenship. Good luck! StudiesEnglishSecondary
Responsibility LauncherHave you ever wanted to knock some civic sense into someone? In Responsibility Launcher, you can ... You'll remind citizens that their civic duties aren't just responsibilities, they help get things done! StudiesEnglishSecondary
Do I Have A Right?In Do I Have A Right?, you’ll run your own firm of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law.

You’ll need to decide whether potential clients “have a right,” and if so, match them with the right lawyer. The more clients you serve and the more cases you win, the faster your law firm will grow! Can you think on your feet? You're going to have to! StudiesEnglishSecondary
We the JuryHave fun deciding a tough case while learning about what jurors discuss in the deliberation room. Choose from different civil cases, analyze evidence, weigh testimony, and use the right arguments to reach a fair and impartial verdict. FreeFreeSocial StudiesEnglishSecondary
Counties WorkDo you want to make your community a better place to live? In Counties Work, you decide about the programs and services that affect everyone! Your choices shape the community, and your citizens’ satisfaction determines whether you’ll get re-elected for a second term. Choose wisely. StudiesEnglishSecondary
People’s PieDo you like to control your own money? In People’s Pie, you control the budget of the federal government! You choose how federal revenues should be raised and how taxpayers’ money should be spent. You must decide how to fund programs that are important to you, without setting taxes too high or borrowing too much money. StudiesEnglishSecondary
Crisis of NationsIn Crisis of Nations, take the helm of your own country and work together with others to solve international problems! As the leader of your own country, you'll have to make tough choices about how to use military, espionage, and economic resources to serve both the best interests of your own country and the larger global community. Navigate a shifting landscape of international allies and enemies as you declare war, broker peace, and increase prosperity at home. StudiesEnglishSecondary
Branches of PowerDo you like running things? Branches of Power allows you to do something that no one else can: control all three branches of government! You'll have the power to write any laws you want about issues you choose. Careful, though, there's a lot to juggle when you're playing all three branches. StudiesEnglishSecondary
Executive CommandEver wanted to be President for a day? In Executive Command, you can be President for four years! Try to accomplish what you set out to accomplish while facing the challenges and responsibilities that crop up along the way. Being commander-in-chief and chief executive is no easy job! See how you do! StudiesEnglishSecondary
Win the White HouseRunning for the presidency isn’t easy! In Win the White House, you get to manage your very own presidential campaign by strategically raising funds, polling voters, launching media campaigns, and making personal appearances. Keep a close eye on the map as you battle over electoral votes and popular support. StudiesEnglishSecondary
LawCraftWant to make some laws? You can in LawCraft, where you play a member of Congress from the state of your choice. You'll pick an issue that's important to you and your constituents and take it all the way through the law-making process. If you're successful, you'll have a bill you can print and show off. See if you can make the compromises necessary to get your bill passed and still make a law you're proud of! StudiesEnglishSecondary
Represent Me!In Represent Me!, you work as a legislator trying to meet the needs of your constituents.

The people who voted you into office have various backgrounds, diverse opinions, and they each want different things from you. As their representative, you must consider their backgrounds before deciding what bills to sponsor in Congress. StudiesEnglishSecondary
Court QuestIn Court Quest, people from around the country need your help to navigate our court system. Listen carefully to each case, so you can guide them to the right place! StudiesEnglishSecondary
Supreme DecisionEver wondered how the Supreme Court really works? In Supreme Decision, you help cast the deciding vote. At stake is the suspension of Ben Brewer who wore his favor band t-shirt to school against dress policy. You’ll help the final Justice make up her mind and influence the outcome of the case! StudiesEnglishSecondary
Prep SchoolPrep School is an exciting game that allows young children (grades K-2) to have fun practicing reading, while identifying animals, objects and colors.$0.99N/AN/AEnglishIdentificationSecondary
PRISONER OF ECHOIn Prisoner of Echo, students play a researcher trapped on the asteroid 60 Echo, in a facility patrolled by robots gone haywire, relying exclusively on sound to navigate their surroundings, communicate, and detect escapees. To foil the bots and escape the base, students must use their wits, their knowledge about the properties of sound, and a Sonic Visualizer (a special device that allows them to see sound waves).$9.99$89.70ScienceEnglishSecondary
Cell CommandIn Cell Command, students embark on a series of exciting missions aboard a microscopic "cell ship." At the outset, students operate a single station (e.g., the "ribosome station"), but eventually command all the ship's functions (e.g., duplication, membrane, mitochondria, golgi complex) simultaneously. Successfully completing missions (e.g., mitigating the "cellular crises" that emerge when wounds need healing or muscles need flexing) earns "cell experience" that allows students to upgrade their cell ship, their skills as commander, and the skills of their crew.$9.99$89.70ScienceEnglishSecondary
Citizen ScienceCitizen Science is an adventure game that teaches scientific literacy and limnology
SuperKids Online FunSuperKids Online Fun takes students on a series of quirky learning adventures with the SuperKids, a large cast of animated characters. Students learn the essentials of reading, spelling, and pronunciation through an assortment of fun and simple games, each with its own colorful animations and sounds. The SuperKids guide students through the entire process with helpful voice instructions and feedback.
In Commander of the Nautilus you get to navigate the oceans of the world both above and below the surface. Ocean Explorer Katy Cross Bell will be your guide as you travel the globe. You will use knowledge you gain about forces to navigate the ocean expanse and depths. Apply the correct vectors to your vessel to work against or with the forces in your environment. Try and plot your course to the destination correctly in the least amount of tries for a bonus!
OncologyIn Oncology, the player takes on the role of a newly hired oncologist at a radiation therapy clinic. Players meet with new patients, listening to their symptoms and offering responses based on notes and medical history. Patients are led to a CT scanner where the player is able analyze cross sections of the body (using real life CT scans) and denote areas of cancerous tissue with a marker. After contouring treatable areas, players are given control of multiple radiotherapy beams and take on the task of positioning them in the best possible way in order to blast the cancer while avoiding healthy tissue.
Master MinesLearn how to determine the properties of minerals and unlock their identity! Join Dr. Mike Wise and student Argonauts as they explore the mines of the world.
Landform DetectivesHow did the Matterhorn get so steep? What carved out the Grand Canyon? Who built the Giant's Causeway? Landform Detectives is a clever puzzle game that allows players to travel the world to discover real geological mysteries, turn back the clock to see geologic processes unfold over time and discover how mountains, oceans, islands and other landforms were shaped. Each success unlocks more mysterious places around the globe - some are famous, some are obscure - but all have a story to tell about the processes that shaped them into their current form.
Resilient PlantAn offshore oil platform located in the Gulf of Mexico is scheduled to be dismantled via explosives. The local marine life, including two endangered sea turtle species (hawksbills and leatherbacks), is vulnerable to damage and thus needs to be protected throughout the process at all costs. In Mission 2 of Resilient Planet, players step into the role of a NOAA marine ecologist and licensed operator of the Hercules ROV working to decode a complex ecosystem according to the scientific process. Aided by archaeologist and oceanographer Bob Ballard, and equipped with a host of authentic scientific tools and practices, they must navigate the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in search of data that will help them protect the local marine life.$800.00ScienceEcologySecondary
Coaster CreatorCoaster Creator is an interactive game that explores the science behind roller coasters. Use your knowledge of potential energy and kinetic energy to design your own coaster. Rapid energy transfer is the key to roller coaster thrills but be careful – too much kinetic energy and you’ll crash, too little and you’ll stall
Cosmos ChaosCosmos Chaos is a Nintendo DS title designed to improve reading proficiency and vocabulary acquisition among 4th grade students, a demographic known to grapple with the transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. Part adventure game, part RPG, the game's narrative sees the player traverse a variety of otherworldly (literally, in some cases) terrains in search of their faithful dog, Hugo. Mute robots, mad scientists, inflatable animals, and bean-shaped aliens get tossed into the mix and intergalactic chaos ensues. Add a pinch of alliteration and... voila: Cosmos Chaos!$29.99N/AN/AReadingEnglishSecondary
MinecraftMinecraft is designed from the ground up to be open-ended and modifiable, allowing it to be tailored for YOUR curriculum. Minecraft can support your goals whether you are teaching to Core Standards, allowing your students to an opportunity for creative expression, or anything in between.
The game is being used to teach more than just computer skills. It easily lends itself to science, technology, engineering and math explorations (STEM). But beyond that, language teachers are strengthening communication skills, civics teachers are exploring how societies function, and history teachers are having their students recreate ancient civilizations. It is not an exaggeration to say that the only limit is imagination!
PortalPortal and Portal 2 are non-violent, cleverly written games that challenge players to solve puzzles within a three-dimensional world. Student players must maneuver objects and themselves through the world in order to solve the puzzles and progress from one level to the next. The game features Chell, the player-controlled female protagonist, and GLaDOS (short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), a computer artificial intelligence that monitors and directs the player.http://www.teachwithportals.comFreeFreeFreeScienceEnglishSecondary
CHRONOPTICONHelp Tim and Moby master the Chronopticon, a time machine based on the motions of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.
Build a Solar SystemIn this game, players can build their own solar system, trying to find a perfect balance, or creating a system unlike any we’ve ever seen!
Fly to MarsLaunch a spacecraft from Earth to Mars.
PRIMARY KRYPTOThe rules are simple: Combine five numbers (1-10) using the four operations ( , –, ×, ÷) to get a "target" number.
Deap Sea DuelOkta challenges you to a duel! Be the first to choose cards with a specified sum, and you win. But be careful — Okta will try to outsmart you!
Microbes“Microbes” challenges players to isolate a single microorganism that is causing a plague while supporting understanding of scientific inquiry and life sciences.
Matter SorterSort falling objects (using the arrow keys) based on their state of matter.
Life PreserversThe Life Preservers game teaches National Science standards on evolution, adaptation, and the history of life on earth.
Battleship NumberlineCollect stars and explode paper ships by estimating their position on a number line.
Close-Knit NeighborsCreate a sustainable ecosystem by correctly layering the different communities in our Winogradsky Column.
Alternative Energy SourceWhat could we use to generate electricity? Explore the possibilities in this 3-level platforming game.
Earth's Fossil FuelsThis game will show the dangers of fossil fuels. Play through a world where fossil fuels have run amok - live the danger!
Extreme DepthsDid you know that there are 5 layers in the ocean? The deeper the layer the harder it is for marine life to survive. Can you survive in this National STEM Challenge winning game?
Nuclear PowerNuclear power is misunderstood by thousands of people. This is a chance to help change that. Learn how nuclear power really works!
Dig It!Create and locate fractions on a number line to guide your shovel. Earn points by digging and collecting jewels.
Control of the Cell Cycle300 million cells are replaced in your body every minute! What makes this happen? Take on the job as a Cell Division Supervisor in this game!
Blood TypingThis game is about blood types, blood typing and blood transfusions. Your challenge is to save patients in urgent need of blood transfusions!
Immune System DefenderWhat happens if you get a breach in the skin? Try to get rid of bacteria that have gathered around a wound!
Pavlov's DogCan you train a dog to drool on command? Here you can find out about conditioned reflexes!
The Diabetic Dog GameCan you take care of a diabetic dog properly? It is important not to let the blood sugar get too high or low!
Drop ZoneDrop in for some fun! Make sums of 1 and stop your opponent from doing the same. Practice adding fractions with like and unlike denominators.
Square OffPerimeter, area, and alien spaceships — oh, my! The more ships you capture and area you cover, the more you score.
Drake EquationHow many planets out there could support life? Use the Drake Equation to find out.
Crazy Plant ShopTinker with genetics and breed exotic plants as a young botanist. Learn about hereditary traits, Punnett square, and more!
You Make Me SickIn You Make Me Sick, students learn how viruses and bacteria transmit disease by designing pathogens and trying to infect human hosts (overcoming their strengths and capitalizing on their vulnerabilities).
Food FightHave fun learning about food webs in this two-player game of survival on the Serengeti!
Lure of the Labyrinth: The Employee CaffeteriaHungry monsters come to feed here. Your mission: Figure out what they want to eat using ratios, multiplication, division, and factoring!
Lure of the Labyrinth:Mine ShaftWelcome to the employee lounge! Use prime numbers factoring, multiplication, division, and integers to feed the monster boss a snack!
Lure of the Labyrinth: Employee LoungeCommand demolition robots using factoring, multiplication, and division. It takes concentration (and a little geometry) to keep your bots on the right path!
A Tangled WebHelp Itzi the spider climb the clock to rescue his family! Solve cunning angle puzzles to reveal a path through each level’s maze of tangled webs.
Flower PowerGrow and harvest flowers to make money in this order-'em-up fractions game. Remember to wait for the bee!
Pyramid PanicIn this geometry game set in Ancient Egypt, you have been prematurely mummified and entombed within a Pyramid. Use your geometry skills to build a path across the voids and escape.
Food Chain GameFood chains come to life! When a chain is correctly put together, it turns into an animated working chain!
Budget HeroIf you ever wanted to control where your tax dollars go, here's your chance to decide. StudiesMathSecondary
RefractionLearn fraction concepts while saving animals stuck in space. Teacher assessment portal (available soon!) shows each student’s understanding.
DubloxPut your spatial and transformation skills to the test by flipping the Dublox across a variety of tiled terrains!
Guts and BoltsLearn about the interplay of human body systems as you help Moby construct a cyborg Tim!
Ayiti: The Cost of LifeStrategy game that challenges players to manage a family of five in rural Haiti, and keep them all healthy, educated and out of debt. StudiesMathSecondary
Lord of the FliesDid you read William Golding’s "Lord of the Flies?" In that case you may challenge your memory with this game!
One Hundred Number Chart GameThe One Hundred Number Chart Game is a fun and educational activity for children learning numbers. The chart will help children to see relationships and patterns between numbers one to one hundred. To play the game children must place numbers on the correct spot of the chart.

There are two levels of difficulty:
Beginner: reveals one number line at a time and only two missing numbers at a time.
Advanced: shows the entire number chart and twenty missing numbers.

There is a funny surprise at the end of the activity.
The Alphabet Number GameChildren can practice alphabet, number, and punctuation recognition by clicking and dragging magnets to the refrigerator. Children will hear the letter or number when they click on a magnet. Practice writing names, birthdays or short messages.
Alphabet Slider PuzzleAlphabet Slider Puzzle is an activity for early elementary age children. Students click and drag the puzzle pieces to complete the alphabet pictures. When a picture is complete the letter is pronounced and associated with a word and picture. This activity requires audio and works well on the classroom interactive whiteboard.
Lily, The Wild CatABCya! presents it's second children's storybook for the classroom. Lilly, the WIld Cat, is an original work by Michelle Tocci. The story is about a cat who discovers that being a wild cat is not an easy life. A great storybook to share with the class using an interactive whiteboard.

*This storybook now has narration! Students can click the speaker button to have the story read to them.
Make a PizzaKids click and drag the different toppings to make a pizza! Students learn and practice valuable mouse manipulation techniques while clicking and dragging. Fun for children of all ages. SkillsN/AElementary
Make an AnimationKids enjoy animation, with AnimateStar kids can learn the basics of animation using a 40 frame easy to use interface. Animations can be as short as 2 frames or as long as 40 frames. Kids can save too!

Starters- try to animate a ball bouncing around. Pros - try to recreate a scene from your favorite book! SkillsN/AElementary
Number BingoNumber BINGO is a fun way for children to review numbers 1-100. Children can choose between different levels of difficulty by selecting a range of numbers.
Jet Ski AdditionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve addition skills!!
Tugboat AdditionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve addition skills!!
Kitten MatchA fun an interactive game to teach and improve addition skills!!
Alien AdditionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve addition skills!!
Ducky RaceA fun an interactive game to teach and improve subtraction skills!!
Sailboat SubtractionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve subtraction skills!!
Island ChaseA fun an interactive game to teach and improve subtraction skills!!
Minus MissionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve subtraction skills!!
Grand Prix MultiplicationA fun an interactive game to teach and improve multiplication skills!!
Penguin JumpA fun an interactive game to teach and improve multiplication skills!!
Tractor MultiplicationA fun an interactive game to teach and improve multiplication skills!!
Space RaceA fun an interactive game to teach and improve multiplication skills!!
Meteor MultiplicationA fun an interactive game to teach and improve multiplication skills!!
Division DerbyA fun an interactive game to teach and improve divison skills!!
Pony DivisionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve divison skills!!
Drag Race DivisionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve divison skills!!
Demolition DivisionA fun an interactive game to teach and improve divison skills!!
Orbit IntegersPlay this game to get some more practice and knowledge about integers.
Integer WarpPlay this game to get some more practice and knowledge about integers.
Spider MatchPlay this game to get some more practice and knowledge about integers.
Puppy PullPlay this game to get some more practice and knowledge about decimals.
Puppy ChasePlay this game to get some more practice and knowledge about integers.
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