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Latest news:21 Sept 2019
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01 Oct 2019TweetTranslation:
"[Notice of official website update]
"Final Fantasy VII Remake" official site has been updated.
Barret and Tifa are added to CHARACTER, Materia and Summons are added to SYSTEM, and the battle system is described in more detail. Please have a look. #FF7R"
29 Sept 2019YoutubeNew demo gameplay footage in Italian.You can see a Phoenix Down in action at 15:50!
New demo gameplay footage in Italian. You can see a Phoenix Down in action at 15:50!
27 Sept 2019YoutubeSomebody recorded the full Prelude music from the demo.
Somebody recorded the full Prelude music from the demo.
24 Sept 2019TweetCheck out the boss fight revealed at #TGS2019 - Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith face off against Abzu. Take a look at what each of them bring to the battlefield, and get a first look at a summon - Ifrit! #FF7R
22 Sept 2019TweetThe characters in #FinalFantasy VII Remake each have their own unique abilities and fighting styles. Don't be shy about changing things up in a new situation… The choice is yours! #FF7R
21 Sept 2019Tweet#FinalFantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase and the rest of us on the #FF7R team would like to say a huge thank you to @unrealengine for the Unreal #E32019 Eye Candy Award!
19 Sept 2019PS BlogDetails of “PlayStation® Festival OSAKA 2019” to be held on September 29th are now available! Trial reservations for PS Plus subscribers start today!Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will play “PlayStation Festival OSAKA 2019” on September 29th (Sun) in Osaka (Harbis Hall), where you can enjoy the game titles that you have exhibited at the “Tokyo Game Show 2019” PlayStation® booth. It will be held. We will inform you about the details of this event and pre-trial reservations for PlayStation®Plus subscribers.
15 Sept 2019Tweet...and for everyone asking for a photo of the whole Buster Sword, here you go! #FF7R
TweetJudging by the reaction to the #FF7R #TGS2019 trailer, we think you might like the look of our latest PLAY ARTS KAI figures!

Check out the full trailer right here
👉 https://youtu.be/GBpq_Jq7yn0
14 Sept 2019TweetA perfect 1:1 scale version of the iconic Buster Sword is on display on the #FF7R booth at #TGS2019!
Twitter ThreadFull official recap of the TGS special gameplay event.
Twitch videoTimestamped TGS special gameplay event, in Japanese.No English subtitles! Please read the recap a line above.
Tweet#FinalFantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase has arrived at #TGS2019! #FF7R
13 Sept 2019ImgurNext event will begin tonight at 12:20 Japan time. Check the picture to see the time for all timezones.
Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fymZ6AAybMM
Square Enix blogNew article named "So how does FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE actually play?", going through basic combat and a few other things.
12 Sept 2019TweetThe Square Enix pamphlet given at Tokyo Game Show 2019 has a large focus on the Final Fantasy 7 remake! The tag line is “A legend from before they were born” with character info for Cloud, Barret, Aerith, and Tifa. Other info includes summons, materia, limit breaks, and gameplay!
Second tweet focus on a new Tifa screenshot from that same phamphlet.
TracklistThe OST discs are revealed in more detail!
The OST discs are revealed in more detail!

TweetNew FF7 Remake Merchandize announced at TGS
Tweet threadOfficial tweet: "We're at #TGS2019 and have found the perfect way to start counting down to the launch of #FF7R..."
Another one: "Alongside this we've also spotted some brand new #FF7R clear files, featuring Cloud and Sephiroth!"
YoutubeYou can hear Barret sing the Fanfare song at 1:22!
RyokutyaInformation from TGS:
- For summons, you can equip Summon Materia to use in certain battles.
- Summons fight automatically, but you can also give commands for special abilities.
- There is a Materia growth system.
YoutubeDemo Gameplay from gamernejp!
YoutubeDemo Gameplay from Dengeki!
YoutubeDemo Gameplay from IGN!
YoutubeDemo Gameplay from GameInformer!
YoutubeDemo Gameplay from Eurogamer!
YoutubeA video showing Cloud and Barret's moves just got posted.
11 Sept 2019Twitter"Get ready to relive the fight against Shinra with your very own Shinra key card & collectible tin box!" - Gamestop
Press Square EnixFINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be available for the PlayStation®4 system from March 3, 2020 with English, Japanese, French and German voiceover and English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.
YoutubeA new trailer has been shown!
10 Sept 2019FFVII:R WebsiteCountdown has started! New trailer in 20 hours!
11th Sept at UTC: 4pm, PDT: 7am, EDT: 10am, Japan: 11pm!
Here is a screenshot: https://thelifestream.net/forums/attachments/cd-png.4005/
TweetNew official tweet:
"A new trailer for the Tokyo Game Show 2019, which will be held from September 12th, will be released soon on the official website. For the time, please wait for the countdown starting on the website."
(Official website is: https://www.jp.square-enix.com/ffvii_remake/index.html)
FFVII:R WebsiteThe Japanese FFVII Remake site has a placeholder for a countdown clock for when you first load the page.Here is a screenshot: https://thelifestream.net/forums/attachments/countdown-png.4002/
TweetNew official tweet: "We haven't revealed anything about #FF7R for a while, but will soon be unveiling a new trailer to go with #TGS2019, being held from the 12th of September." – Tetsuya Nomura
7 Sept 2019TweetFamitsu and Dengeki will be live streaming FFVII Remake's TGS 2019 demo "Advance Gameplay Special" on September 12th at 11AM Japan time. FFVIIR segement will go for 45 minutes.Links to watch it:
YoutubeA French guy recorded the demo from the beginning to the end!He says nothing of interest so I won't bother doing the translation.
TweetNew official tweet with a new familiar concept art released for the anniversary of the original FFVII release in America!Japanese tweet's version has a bigger image.
Translation of the tweet:
"A new key visual that remakes the key visual of FFVII is unveiled for the first time! This is the cover of the brochures distributed at the Square Enix booth at Tokyo Game Show (held from 9/12 (Thu) to 9/15 (Sun)) !! # FF7R"
6 Sept 2019Square EnixFFVII: Remake will have a 40 minutes special stage presentation at PlayStation TGS event stream on Sept 13th at 8:20pm for PDT / Sept 14th at 5:20am for UTC / Sept 14th at 12:20pm for Japan time.
5 Sept 2019Square EnixHere is a map of TGS's booths.
GematsuA trailer will be shown at TGS according to Sony.
4 Sept 2019Square EnixFFVII Remake will be shown at TGS.
Furthermore, 77 persons will be selected by Square Enix members to play the demo! You can apply to the lottery until the 8th of September and the announcement will be made the 10th. If you win, you'll receive you demo ticket the 11th.
Chosen people will be able to play this demo the 14th and the 15th of September and will be gifted a poster (delivery is limited to Japan).
All you have to do is to follow the steps here: https://member.jp.square-enix.com/camp/tgs2019/
RyokkutyaFamitsu released a short interview with Nomura and Kitase about TGS which was also reported by Gematsu.
Here is what was said:
"TGS will host the debut of characters from the Shinra side"
“The Hardy-Daytona from the remake will be exhibited with even greater detail. A life-size Buster Sword will also be on display."
1 Sept 2019TweetWe were so excited to have @SinowBeats @GabSmolders @Jack_Septic_Eye and @pixlpit stop by the booth and play #FinalFantasy VII Remake! :boom: #FF7R
Photo 1Thanks to Fabs, a friend of mine, we can see how the PAX demo booth looked like!Photos were prohibided there, making them quite hard to take!
Free posters were given to people too!
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
TweetGood morning, #PAXWest! Our top priority at Shinra Electric Power Company is public safety, and as such we have some of our top operatives on hand to take care of you during your Mako Reactor tour. Visit booth 2335 to get your #FinalFantasy VII Remake ticket today! #FF7R
30 Aug 2019Playstation BlogTGS Sony’s booth will feature Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Sony will be hosting and livestreaming stage shows called “PlayStation Presents Live Show TGS 2019”, which will show gameplay footage for a number of games.
Square EnixThe recruitment page has been updated today. They are looking for:
2D Art Designer / Motion designer / Technical animator/ Setup Artist
28 Aug 2019TweetIf you're aiming to get your hands on #FinalFantasy VII REMAKE at #PAXWest, read up on the below instructions! #FF7R
25 Aug 2019Reddit postDetailed first-hand information about the FFVII Remake demo at Gamescom 2019. Along with some pictures.
Someone played the demo multiple times and also provided a very elaborate "visual description" of the video shown in the preparation room before playing the demo, the one Maximilian Dood also described in passing.
Apparently, the leaked footage of the demo by jeuxvideo.com didn't show everything there was to see. This person explained the entirety of what was shown at Gamescom related to FFVII:R.
23 Aug 2019Playstation BlogThe playstation blog released a new article: "11 Things We Learned About Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom." which contain little new info.

1. The interplay between Cloud and Barret is glorious

The original’s opening mission established the fractious relationship between Barret, leader of the Avalanche resistance group and Cloud, a former SOLDIER and now Avalanche’s merc-for-hire via a few lines of dialogue.
Remake expands on that friction, making for numerous compelling cutscenes which emphasize Barret’s distrust in this former Shinra employee.
The exchanges are also surprisingly funny, with Cloud’s cold disinterest playing off Barrett’s bristling anger perfectly. It’s a double-act we’re eager to see more of.

2. Avalanche is getting an overhaul as well

Jessie, Biggs and Wedge round out Avalanche’s troops during the bombing mission. They also get more dialogue and exchanges during the infiltration, helping flesh-out their personalities. (Side-note: Incidental, dialogue pops up on the left of the screen if you happen to be out of earshot at the time). Even when chatter was at a minimum, facial expression and body language on the new realistic character models spoke volumes.

3. You’ll experience unseen moments in the mission for the first time

Remake’s embellishment of the original take isn’t restricted to story. During his presentation, Kitase-san explained how certain sequences of Avalanche’s mission were implied rather than shown in the original. Those moments – such as the group cutting through a fenced-off area during their infiltration – are now included. It gives more substance to both the mission and adds detail to the city’s layout.

4. Midgar looks and feels like a living, breathing city

Midgar’s PS4 makeover is something to behold. Be it jaw-dropping vistas like the sprawling, towering cityscape reflected in a train platform window, or the small stuff, such as the bright yellow hazard tape marking out floored cabling in construction sites: the level of detail is stunning. Every exposed brick and piece of scaffolding tells of the city’s history.

5. This is how you PR in Midgar

Prior to our hands-on we sit through a video primer, built specifically to familiarize us with the new combat mechanics. The decision to make this play out in-world is cute, especially as it allows us a glimpse at Shinra’s marketing, with the company’s video promo showcasing a Midgar with clean streets and blue skies – before it’s taken over by Avalanche’s hacker Jessie,who feeds you the tutorial while Shinra tries to shut down her hijack of their feed.
6. Not all Mako Reactors are built the same
One would assume uniformity in Shinra Reactor interior design, given Midgar powered by the eight stations of equal size and shape which ring the city. Not so, as one new nugget of world-building is introduced in Remake. Responding to Barret’s exasperation at not knowing his way around – given it was one reason why he was hired by Avalanche – Cloud comments that every reactor has a different build. At least he’s earning his pay with a strong sword arm.

7. Cloud’s got two versions of his standard slash…

Attacking enemies with the Square button speeds up your ATB charge meter. It’s a race to fill the bar quickly to get access to your special abilities. But there’s also a more powerful version of the standard sword attack, which grants a bigger boost to your ATB if it lands, by holding the Square button for a few seconds.

8. …and a unique Ability that deals out more damage

On top of normal abilities and magic, every character has a unique ability, selectable with Triangle. With Cloud for example, it switches him from Operator to Punisher mode, a more aggressive, more powerful attack style with a longer reach. The trade-off? You’re much slower.

9. Cloud smash, Cloud get reward

Yes, treasure chests remain, though they’ve been redesigned to keep more in line with Midgar’s unique aesthetic. But there are also Shinra crates and barrels dotted around most areas. Reap a reward for such carelessness by smashing them with your Buster Sword. Most contain items.

10. Your Materia, so shiny

In Final Fantasy VII, holes in clothing and weapons are a design decision, not a sign of poor craftmanship. These slots allow you to equip Materia, mystic stones that grant you magical abilities. Every type has a different color, and these are no longer relegated to a menu: you’ll notice a prick of color on your character where the Materia is placed. Look close enough and you’ll see them glow with an inner light.

11. The glow of battle

As we said, it’s the small touches that really hammer home the level of polish Square Enix is putting into Remake. Barret’s attacks are all long-ranged and built around his gun-arm. Hold Square for a continuous unloading of ordnance at whatever enemy he’s targeting. If you look closely at the tip of his gun barrel when you cease, you’ll note an orange glow that’ll diminish as his gun cools down.
TwitterThe FFVII: Remake demo will be present at PAXWest.
22 Aug 2019YoutubeNew interview of Yoshinori Kitase at Gamescom.
20 Aug 2019YoutubeA French gaming news recorded themselves playing the demo at Gamescom.
Tweet"#FinalFantasy VII Remake has landed at #gamescom2019!

The show opens to the public tomorrow, so come and find us in Hall 9 to play it for yourself. #FF7R"
YoutubeThe E3 trailer was re-released with German voices. No official details yet!
Imgur galleryHere is what the Gamescom Demo Booth looks like. Pictures are sadly not allowed.
19 Aug 2019TwitterNew pictures of Cloud from the demo.
16 Aug 2019AmazonThe Final Fantasy VII and FFVII Remake 2-LP Vinyl just got cheaper. From $79.98 to $69.99 on Amazon.
15 Aug 2019GameradarFinal Fantasy 7 Remake is a modern take on an RPG classic: "We're not just trying to make a one-for-one copy or a remaster of the original game," Kitase says. "[We] wanted to go beyond the original and tell the story in a much deeper way, write a much more modern and fresh game experience."
"In the Remake there really is this greater emphasis on the characters, their expressions, and the storytelling as well – using this new technology and many of the things we didn’t have when we made the first game. It really does allow us to make the characters more expressive and really ramp up that immersiveness that you get in the game and the story" says Kitase.
07 Aug 2019TwitterThe demo will be playable at Gamescom!
06 Aug 2019TwitterNew Midgar street concept art with an in-game screenshot.
03 Aug 2019Siliconera articleFinal Fantasy VII Remake’s Bombing Mission gives Cloud and the Avalanche crew more nuanced interactions.
30 Jul 2019TwitterNew Shinra Building concept art with an in-game screenshot.
23 Jul 2019InstagramWeta Workshop pulled out all the stops at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, with gorgeous collectibles for sale, including figures from FFVII: Remake.
Imgur link
Imgur link
Imgur linkTwo new concept arts of Sector 1 have been revealed.
Imgur link
12 Jul 2019TweetTranslation: Final Fantasy VII Remake will be presented at the Ani-Com & Games HK (ACGHK), a fair to be held in Hong Kong between 26 and 30 July. For the occasion, a demo of the game will be shown and a special presentation will take place - which will also be broadcast on YouTube - on 07/26, at 20h/8pm Japan time.
11 Jul 2019VGC ArticleSquare Enix says it has “no plans” to release Final Fantasy VII Remake on platforms other than PlayStation 4.
AmazonFFVII/FFVII R Vinyl pre order live on Amazon Canada with price error. $39.72 instead of 77.77$.
10 Jul 2019TweetXbox Germany posted a video on their Facebook page, announcing Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One on March 3, 2020. The post was quickly deleted afterwards with the social lead of Xbox saying: "We did an internal mistake in the Social Team. We took the video off immediately. Sorry, no announcement on our side. Big apologies for this."
09 Jul 2019TweetCloud's Hardy Daytona will be at Comic Con next week.
08 Jul 2019Square Enix StoreFFVII and FFVII REMAKE vinyl LP set are now available for pre-order on the Square Enix Store.
28 Jun 2019InstagramFFVII Remake won the "Best show", the "Best console game" and the "Best Role Playing Game" of E3.
27 Jun 2019TweetA 38 sec preview of the battle music.
24 Jun 2019Tweet"The official website has been updated to show characters and system menus."
TweetReal flowers were smashed then scanned to make the 3D models we see on the trailer.
22 Jun 2019Famitsu articleFamitsu released an interview with Tetsuya Nomura:

"Aerith and Tifa were created to be visually opposites as they were standing positions as the double heroines of this game. Aerith is beautiful with its Western appearance. Tifa emphasizes on cuteness with its Oriental appearance.
In terms of character, Aerith also has a girl-like romance. There is a strong feeling experience in "FFVII Remake". A gap between the outward appearence and the inner appearence, "beautifulness" and "innocence", was born. Tifa, on the other hand, has a lot of visual exposure, but she is a modest woman who is not very strong in character, she does not put herself out.
Both of them have differences in outside and inside appearances, which I think make them charming.

This time, visually there were things that were made quite real, and real-world clothing and accessories are being used as design references. For example, we’re referencing military (wear) for Tifa’s suspenders and martial arts and biker (wear) for the gloves. The full body silhouette hasn’t changed from the original image, and from that part, we’ve aimed to increase the minute details.

First of all, since we wanted Tifa to have defined abs, we made her more athletic looking. And then, there were also directions from our internal ethics committee that as not to make even the most intense action look unnatural it was necessary to bind/constrict Tifa’s chest. And thus, for her simple upper body clothing, we put a black undergarment with a fitting tank top for a fitness-conscious, sporty design.

Sephiroth was adjusted at the laast minute for the presentation. He is beautiful but frightening at the same time, and we must make him facinating. At the beginning of that scene, only fear was emphasized using the lightning of the flames, and we struggled to adjust the nuances. We added small accessories to his design. People will see references to his Dissidia design. Detail on his coat were refined too, and the seams are forming black feathers patterns." - Nomura
"The battle system went through a lot of “scrap & build” during development, but now the direction is decided. While it is action-based, we wanted to make it enjoyable for those who like the RPG command-based gameplay of the original as well. Thus, the current hybrid system was born.

The action part emphasizes the sense of reality and exhilaration, and it is possible to fight without stress by using shortcuts. However, instead of continuing high-speed actions that make you have no time to rest your hands, opening a command menu when using an ATB gauge, as in the original, slows down the flow of time, making it a command-style RPG like It is characterized by the fact that a "possible time" is born. The use of this tactical mode enhances strategicity.

How you use the tactical mode depends on the player's style and skills. If you want to play specifically for the action, you can do that. As you might have said before, "FF" are games where you can see damage numbers and values such as HP. Command selection is also suitable for checking and managing the damage received and resources such as MP.

Because it is a "FF" game, it is important each character has abilities, and because of this, there are compatibilities between the character's skills and the enemies. For example, the Guard Scorpion that was in the original, when it is stuck on the wall, you will have to switch to the Barret and shoot because you can't reach it with short range attacks. Cloud can also attack using magic, but it consumes MP. As recovery of MP requires items, resource management is also needed.

The Materia system is basically the same. Like in the original version, you also have to use strategy to put them in the slots of weapons and armor. This time, the battle system has been renewed, so new Materia will appear and some Materia will disappear. The Materias you are wearing can be seen now.

Main enemies for the original game will appear in "FFVII Remake", but there will be new ennemies requiring additionnal level design to be made. Some enemies from the original version have a crazy apperence that is quite unrealistic (laugh).
Regarding the field, in the original version there were many scenes where the 3D characters moved in a 2D background which made it possible to move a considerable distance within one screen. This time, the whole scale in 3D is different, so we pay attention to the density of enemies encounters and other such things, so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable when moving similar distances." - Nomura
20 Jun 2019TweetScreenshots in HD posted by the official account.