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Welcome to your Job Search Workbook!
Each day you will have a list of tasks like the one below. Make sure to review the task along with the guidance & tips provided. Once a task is complete just mark the check box. To keep track of your high-level progress, use the Task Tracker tab. All daily tasks have their own tabs in the spreadsheet that you can work off of.
Getting Started Checklist
TaskGuidance & Tips
Copy this workbook and save to your personal copyThis is Teal's Job Search Workbook template and will be view-only. To get started in your personal workbook, use the link on the left to make a copy and save it to your personal drive.
Gather your old Resumes and / or Cover LettersWhen you kick off a job search you shouldn't have to start from scratch when it comes to preparing your materials. Gather old versions of your resume or cover letters you've used to apply to past jobs as you can leverage these to populate your updated materials over the next 10 days.
Identify your target Job TitlesTo dive into your job search and start finding opportunities, you need to be clear on what it is you are looking for.

Not knowing what you want in their next role is one of the most common "blockers" we hear at Teal.

Brainstorm your top 3 job titles that you will use for targeting throughout your search.
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Discover your Work Style (NOTE: You'll have to sign up for a free Teal account in order to access the quiz!)Teal's Work Styles assessment is a career growth tool that helps you increase your self-awareness by helping you to learn about your natural work style and behavioral traits. There are four primary styles and most people are all four styles; however, we tend to lead with one or two styles. Teal’s Work Styles helps us understand what types of situations may energize or drain us and what kind of tasks may come easy or take effort.

It can also be a tool to use to think about what type of work environment might be best suited for you. For example, 1's and 2's tend to be energized by thinking through ideas out loud and working at a fast pace while also being inclined to focus on the big picture and coming up with new ideas. 3's and 4's tend to be energized by being able to think things through before acting and focusing on the finer details and implementation in steady-paced environments.

- Take the Work Styles Assessment
- Review your results
- Request 360 reviews to see what your colleagues, friends, and family think
- BONUS: Watch our on-demand class to learn more about the work styles framework and your results