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Yannick JacobExistential CoachingAfter spending several decades searching for meaning, a client with an existing existential worldview finds peace in the idea that there may not be an overarching one, thereby shifting the meaning of meaning.
Yannick Jacob is a Coach, Trainer & Supervisor with Masters degrees in Existential Coaching and Applied Positive Psychology. He is part of the teaching faculties at Cambridge University and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, and he’s the Course Director of the School of Positive Transformation’s Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching, for which he gathered many of the world’s most influential coaches and earliest pioneers. Formerly Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, Yannick now presents at conferences internationally and his book, An Introduction to Existential Coaching, was published by Routledge. Committed to helping other coaches be the best coaches they can be, Yannick founded and hosts Yannick’s Coaching Lab which gives novice and seasoned coaches an opportunity to witness experienced coaches live in action, and he is the host of Animas Centre for Coaching's popular podcast Coaching Uncaged, as well as his own podcasts Talking about Coaching and Talking about Coaching and Psychedelics.
Linh PhanCoaching for Body Acceptance & Intuitive EatingStruggling with healthy eating and exercise, Linh's client is looking to reconnect with his body through food, revisiting the experience of eating and engaging with Linh's 10 principles for intuitive eating.
What does eating have to do with living an authentic life?
Linh Phan, founder of Bona Fide Life Coaching, has a theory that having a good relationship with food can create more alignment with one’s true desires.
She graduated with an honours degree in psychology from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and is certified as a Transformational Coach and an Intuitive Eating Counsellor.
Growing up, Linh was constantly surrounded by food in her parents’ restaurant in rural Ontario. For her, food is a source of connection and love. However, Linh knows that many people have complicated relationships with food – and quite often, their bodies – and she has made it her mission to raise awareness around diet culture and the harmful effects it has on people’s physical and mental health. Linh works with people who struggle with shame and guilt around eating and helps them find joy and peace with food – and ultimately, with themselves.
Steve MarchAn unfolding approach to coachingSteve's client grappled with her transition from a career in law into coaching, and from living in the city to a small community in the mountains. What unfolded where questions around identity, sadness about having wasted time engaging in a career that now feels fake, as well as a number of parts, which gave ample ground for a powerful demonstration of "Aletheia Coaching".
Steve says:

"Hi, I'm Steve March, founder of Aletheia ( I'm a champion for the power and wonder of the human spirit. Today, humanity is collectively facing a poly-crisis of enormous scale and complexity rooted in a meta-crisis. In my view, this challenging situation is calling us to become a new kind of human being, one whose ways of being more sustainably care for the whole (instead of just our part). I created Aletheia, an emerging ecosystem of courses, practices groups, and communities to gather and support people who want to take up this critical project. Our core offering is training in Aletheia Coaching, a next-generation bio-psycho-social-spiritual-eco coaching methodology that shifts the focus of transformation from self-improvement to unfoldment. Unfoldment is an antidote to seemingly endless self-improvement projects and offers a way to navigate the complex system of crises we face. Formerly, I worked in the field of software development for 15 years both as a software engineer and a manager in large corporations and in smaller and more nimble companies. Today, I often coach leaders in hi-tech and bio-tech. I have been a professional coach since 2000 and a coach trainer since 2003, previously as senior faculty at New Ventures West from 2009-2019. I left the corporate world in 2006 and founded Aletheia in 2013. As of our ten-year anniversary, Aletheia has graduates on six continents (still working to break into the Antarctica market). I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and can often be found exploring and enjoying the surrounding nature or cooking when I'm not working as a coach or trainer."
Jindy MannCoaching polarities and conflicting desiresPresence and intuition within an open exploratory space allowed the client to safely reflect on her conflicting desires between wanting to be taken care of and leaning into her entrepreneurial independence and autonomy, following her mother's death a year ago.
Jindy Mann is a leadership coach, organisational consultant and men’s work facilitator, with 20 years experience working in large organisations and startups. Through his coaching practice, The Selfish Leader, he takes a person-centred approach to deepen self-awareness and understanding.

He sees this as the foundation for meaningful inquiry, choices and action, based on the individual essence of the client - their real needs, desires, hopes and anxieties. The work is dynamic, as neither the individual or the coaching relationship are fixed but evolve and shift over time.

He’s also the founder of Leader Brother Son, facilitating spaces for real and open conversations between men, exploring topics often left unspoken and relating to each other in ways that men may not be able to elsewhere.
presence, intuition, polarity, grief,
AI Coach Bot AlpinaAI CoachingChatGPT4Turbo-based Alpina coaches two clients on creating more business, procrastination and confidence, incl commentary and analysis by its creator/trainer Rebecca Rutschmann.
Alpina is an advanced AI Coach chatbot companion developed by Rebecca Rutschmann, based on the latest GPT technologies (currently GPT4turbo). Created to be a supportive and empathetic coaching chatbot, Alpina incorporates a transformative coaching approach, utilizing principles of positive psychology and clean language. It aims to redefine the boundaries of what AI coaching can achieve and serves as a tool for exploring the current capabilities and limitations of existing technology.
Rebecca's goal with Alpina is to push the limits of AI capabilities and create the best possible coaching chatbot. She strives to incorporate a coaching mindset while adhering to industry codes of ethics. Alpina has already gained recognition from industry leaders, demonstrating high-level ACC coaching competencies defined by the International Coaching Federation. Ongoing improvements are being made to Alpina, with the aim of exploring the potential for this technology to meet the standards of a PCC competency level equivalent in the near future, for now.
Meet her smaller, still evolving brother Alpacco in the GPT Store:

Rebecca Rutschmann is a pioneering and prominent figure at the convergence of coaching technology and artificial intelligence. As a trailblazing tech entrepreneur, communications specialist, and certified business coach, her expertise shines in crafting extraordinary digital and intelligent user experiences, a testament to her deep understanding of both technology and human interaction.
Rebecca's mission is bold and transformative: she aims to democratize coaching through the development of an innovative, digital, and gamified AI chatbot experience. This pioneering work is designed to empower coaches and their clients, unlocking their utmost potential in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Her focus extends beyond theoretical frameworks to practical applications, particularly in coach enablement. She dedicates herself to making AI an accessible and integral tool for coaches, fostering a deeper understanding and practical navigation of AI in coaching.
Renowned for her visionary approach, Rebecca Rutschmann is redefining the intersection of technology and human potential, making significant contributions to both coaching and AI fields.
Follow her on LinkedIn or subscribe to her LinkedIn Newsletter:
AI, chat, procrastination, confidence, business
Andy RamageAlcohol-free Performance CoachingBy guiding his client through a sophisticated pro&against sobriety process, Andy creates profound results to help a former "party girl" to own her new identy and find concrete ways to quit alcohol altogether.
Andy is a former professional footballer, who after injury, created two major financial brokerages. After taking a break from alcohol Andy’s mind life was transformed. 9 years later Andy is widely recognised as one of the world’s no1 alcohol-free performance coaches or, as the Happy Pear coined, “the Godfather of the alcohol-free movement’. Andy co-founded the OneYearNoBeer movement and recently co-created the Dryy app & Dryy Coach online community, which collectively have coached hundreds of thousands of middle-lane drinkers to better performance through alcohol-free performance coaching.
As a coach, Andy is in an elite group trained at Masters Degree level in coaching psychology & positive psychology and is currently coaching at every level, from everyday heroes to premiership footballers and CEO’s.
Andy also trains life/executive coaches on his double accredited (ICF, AC) diploma in positive coaching AND the next wave of alcohol-free coaches on his Dryy Coach certification.
Andy is also a major shareholder director of ‘Empower Sports Agency’ empowering athletes to become the CEO of their talent.
Andy also is a lead trainer at the Professional Football Association (PFA) Business School.
You can train with Andy or contact him at
Alcohol, sobriety, process, tool, transition, PCC
Mark WalshEmbodiment CoachingWorking with the body to help a client build the confidence to be more visible utilizing a blend of coaching and teaching.
“Mr Embodiment” (Mark Walsh) is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He hosts The Embodiment Podcast (1 million+ downloads), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?
He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, and has trained over 2000 embodiment coaches in over 40 other countries (some of which will even let him back in).
He recently went out to Ukraine twice during the recent conflict and set up a charity now run solely by Ukrainian professionals to provide trauma and embodiment training to trainers, therapists and coaching.
He gained honours in psychology (despite being an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world.
He has worked in war zones, and entertained over 50,000 children. He has headlined International Coach Federation events, taught at Moscow State University, lived with the circus in Ethiopia, taught celebrities and kissed a princess.
Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 25 years of experience of other martial arts, with yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation.
Embodiment, somatic, body, confidence, visibility, mentoring,
David RothauserA Psychoanalytic Approach to Coaching A deep and exploratory session working on confidence and a significant family relationship.
David Rothauser, MA, MS, PCC, PsyA is an executive coach, coach supervisor, educator, and psychoanalyst. He brings together expertise in these areas to offer a unique forum for growth and development. David uses here-and-now dynamics, psychoeducation, and humor to help his clients clearly identify and meet their goals. He views the coaching relationship as a living laboratory in which both coach and client work together to explore the client’s perspectives on the world of work, relationships, and the organizational systems they inhabit. David helps his clients clarify their own growth challenges and wishes, especially attending to any obstacles that emerge on the path towards success. As he draws upon the psychodynamic concepts of the unconscious, transference, resistance and countertransference, his clients are helped to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. Equipped with a more dynamic view of their internal environment and external performance, there is greater freedom to pursue and realize their goals. David trained in coaching supervision at Oxford Brookes University, executive coaching at Columbia University, psychodynamic group leadership at the Center for Group Studies, and psychoanalysis at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. He offers individual and group supervision for coaches and is currently the Chair of Coaching Supervision for the Association for Coaching, US Region.psychoanalysis, therapy, confidence, relationship, conflict, transition
Fernando HettiyaduraA Masterclass in ICF Coaching A journey towards self-love is being accelerated by this masterful MCC-style coaching session.
Fernando Hettiyadura is the founder of Ignite Global, Evolving Temple, and Awaken Mind Guide – a group of organizations dedicated for Healing and Mind Development on a global scale. Fernando combines his expertise as a Multidisciplinary Therapist, Master Certified Coach (ICF) with experience over 18 years in creating breakthroughs in transforming lives and organizations. All his transformational interventions are holistic and heart-based, and he also combines powerful, yet uncommon practices such as Integration of Psychedelics and Buddhist Meditation Practice with a modern twist in delivering impact.Transformation, self love, ICF, MCC, competencies,
Olivia D'silvaThe Wisdom of Self-Doubt Olivia taps into the innate wisdom of self doubt using her signature model of coaching and utilizing meditation and powerful space holding.
Olivia says:

“I am a life coach, writer, poet, and meditation guide.

I have made it my mission to promote self-doubt as a positive and purposeful influence in life. I came to this work after a lifelong struggle with self-doubt. I had been attempting to banish it out of my life with positivity. Then, during a particularly challenging episode, I began to question, well, if self-doubt keeps hanging around, maybe it’s got a purpose?

When I qualified as a coach in 2017, I dedicated my practice to exploring ‘The Purpose of Self-Doubt’. My coaching approach was developed through a three-year independent study. I sampled the approach through 130 hours of coaching with 20 clients. To date, I have delivered over 500 hours of coaching using this method.

The coaching relationship begins by welcoming self-doubt as a positive and purposeful influence. I integrate a co-meditation technique based upon the practice of Integrative Restoration (iRest®) Yoga Nidra with coaching. The co-meditation facilitates a somatic welcoming of self-doubt that gains insight through the wisdom of the body.”
Self-doubt, confidence, meditation, holding space, wisdom
Kate BrassingtonLiving with and beyond trauma - A highly resilient single mum cancer survivor who's facing additional trauma is seeking to manage her everyday battles
Kate is a Coaching Psychologist (GMBPsS) and ICF-certified Trauma Informed Coach. She did the MSc positive psychology and coaching psychology at the University of East London, finished in 2019. She's done further training and accreditation as a trauma-informed coach, kids meditation teacher, adult trauma-sensitive mindfulness, Havening Techniques practitioner, mental health first aid, and meaning and purpose guide. She’s a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and working towards Chartership as a coaching psychologist. She helps people move beyond their trauma, to ease suffering and get the fun back.
The WHO published a study in 2016 estimating that 70% of people worldwide will have been exposed to a single traumatising experience. Yet only around 9% get a clinical diagnosis (such as PTSD) leading to treatment.
This leaves a large delta of people with unacknowledged, or sub-clinical, after-effects of trauma exposure. It is likely that this is already in our coaching rooms.
Kate works with the simple rule of thumb - therapists work ON trauma, coaches can learn to work WITH it. She dreams of a world where trauma is de-stigmatised, and coaches do what they are best at, by helping people move forward in life.
There is not (yet) a blueprint for the kind of training and skills that would best prepare and protect coaches, and their clients, when trauma turns out to be present. Indeed, recent studies point out how exposed coaches, and their clients are, because of this gap.
In this coaching lab, Kate hopes to demystify, and bring to life, a trauma-informed coaching session.
Kate hangs out on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Her website is
trauma, trauma-informed, resilience, cancer, single mum, transition, relationships
Mulika Ojikutu HarnettHolistic Coaching - Drawing on transpersonal psychology, poetry and a deep sense of presence and connection, a cancer surviving single mum works through her challenges of balancing the demands of work and life.
Mulika Ojikutu-Harnett works with clients to positively transform the singular enduring relationship they have in life – the relationship with themself – so they can awaken to greater creative possibility for their lives. 
Certified in Transpersonal Coaching Psychology, she works from a deeper field of consciousness with the whole Self, to facilitate flourishing in all domains of life. Her approach is nurturing, collaborative, integrative and robust; informed by extensive training in somatic movement, applied psychology and interpersonal neurobiology. 
Her process as a coach & facilitator is to lay the foundation for sustainable self-directed change to occur for the client, through anchoring safely in the body, befriending the mind, and strengthening the nervous system. 
Mulika believes that we are here to become known to our whole Self and coaching can support this. In centering the relationship we have with self, we increase in compassionate awareness, developing trust, insight, creativity, and the will to engage with the source material of our life in generative ways previously unimagined.  
transpersonal, poetry, presence, cancer, work life balance, holistic
Marcus DruenA Map for Change Coaching - Utilising his signature digital post-it note approach, Marcus draws out and works with his client's "map for change" Marcus as a coach:
For the last 20 years Marcus has worked as a leadership coach and change catalyst for big companies like Microsoft, Adobe, KPMG, and Sanofi Biologics as well as European start-ups and SMEs like Digital Service für den Bund, Ecolocked, Future Energy Ventures, Xempus, different, and Desolenator.
His business coaching practice is informed by a systemic approach as well Adaptive Leadership and Theory U. His coaching style is not ‘classic’ but fluid and incorporates also forms of mirroring, real-play, micro-training, and nudging. He collaborates with Ashridge-trained Coach Christian Erhard under the brand
About his Calling:
Besides (and because of) his ‘corporate work’, Marcus started to deeply explore the link between self-development and regeneration. Assisted by breathwork, meditation, ice baths, journaling, psychedelics, and Compassionate Inquiry, he is on a mission to reinvent and regenerate himself inside out whilst building bridges between our existing system and new ones that are emerging.
Activating his entrepreneurial energies, Marcus has created the Psychedelic Map For Change and, together with Ontological Coach Maximilian Hachtmann, he is giving birth to a brand new project focused on inner work for founders and contributors in web3.
tool, process, methodology, change
Guthrie Sayen IFS Coaching - A true master of parts work helps a new coach figure out why he finds it so difficult to make himself more visible.
Bio & Approach

Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, helps coaches heal and awaken so that they can facilitate healing and awakening in others. He created and leads Coaching with Spirit Fundamentals, a comprehensive coach training accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Coaching with Spirit & IFS, an immersive program in Internal Family Systems, for which the ICF has approved 40 CCEs. For the IFS Institute, he co-created Coaching for Self Leadership, which had more than 1,000 participants and is now available for download. Guthrie has created numerous trainings for the True Purpose Institute, the ManKind Project, and ICF chapters. He has mentored coaches, therapists, and other practitioners at all stages of their careers, from beginners to masters. His mission is to create a college of light workers who can end suffering on this planet by bringing forth the light of love that lives in all human beings. He does this by showing practitioners how they can safely enter another person’s internal system and let that system teach them how to access its natural healing capacity and its natural creativity and wisdom. You can learn more about Guthrie here and more about his next IFS training here
IFS, internal family system, parts, visibility, confidence, new coach, meditation
Devon WhiteCoaching with NLP and Consciousness Wizardry - Devon coaches a high performer about to walk away from a business opportunity on reaching a state of alignment in his personal and professional life.
Bio & Approach:
Devon is the CEO and co-founder of FIELD, a neurotechnology company that helps people “Meet Their Brain” by measuring their brainwaves. FIELD’s mission is to bring brain-driven wellness & unlocking Human Intelligence (HI).
In his own words:
Signs of well functioning Human Intelligence include:
a general sense of wellbeing
the ability to perform at peak on command
a bias toward seeing possibility in every context
a strong drive toward learning and adaptation
decision making and behaviors aligned with the life you want
My approach to coaching is fun, effective and super straight forward. In a session, my clients tap into an embodied sense of how they are “at their best,” and together we discover their personal formula for accessing this state. Like this, they have a sense that anything is possible. Rid of indecision or any sense that anything is “missing” they can be fully in the moment creating with life as it emerges. Then I throw them in the deep end and they have to access it on their own in front of me.
I like to laugh a lot and tell stories.
I live for my wife and kids. And the larger mission of bringing HI to the world.
NLP, transition, business, alignment, presence, body, somatic
37Julia Rogers, MCCPsychodynamic Coaching - Julia coaches a father on rekindling his relationship with his three children following a successful career, a divorce 8 years ago, and a recent cancer diagnosis.
Bio & Approach:
Julia is an ICF Master-Certified Coach (MCC) and qualified coaching supervisor with degrees in Communication Studies and Psychoanalysis.
Julia views both coaching and supervision through a psychodynamics lens and she feels that this is a vastly untapped resource for coaches and supervisors alike. It is part of her mission to bring Freud and other theorists into the world of coaching in order to allow for coaches to use key psychodynamic concepts and theories to unlock deeper levels of understanding and awareness for their clients.
Next to her private practice, Julia is the Coach Training Director at Optimus Coach Academy, a leading UK based ICF provider of Level One and Level Two accredited coach training programmes to students across the world. Julia trains, mentors and assesses students, and provides group supervision for alumni, and she has written and delivers CCE courses accredited by the ICF – mainly relating to how the fields of psychodynamics and coaching can be linked.
Julia held a variety of leadership positions throughout her career and she’s been working with executives from both profit and non-profit sectors across multi-industry backgrounds. Her supervision clients range from internal coaches working in large multinational organisations, to independent practitioners.
psychodynamic, relationships, Freud, divorce, cancer, MCC
Siawash ZahmatBusiness Coaching - Siawash coaches the founder of the Coaching Lab on overcoming an adversity to strategic business growth and traditional business practices.
Bio & Approach
Siawash Zahmat is a high-performance business coach and the co-founder of the Thriving Coach Business School.
He’s a former professional poker player and earned a renowned reputation and success within the scene.
Having gone through a life-changing experience, he was inspired to re-evaluate his journey and stepped away in order to pursue a more fulfilling career.
This is when Siawash immersed himself even more into self-development and chose to be a force in changing people’s lives, which subsequently led him to become a coach.
His enthusiasm and drive to change the coaching space for the better has been a force in always delivering excellence.
His style of coaching is all about leading from a place of love and being fearless with his clients and moving into action based outcomes believing that the client is whole and resourceful.
Siawash's clients range from CEO’s to a variety of different coaches and entrepreneurs.
Siawash now runs a number of exclusive programs where like minded entrepreneurs and coaches get together to create shifts leading them to more success and aid them in growing and scaling their businesses.
Business, strategy,
Daniel Lev Shkolnik Jungian Coaching - A trance-like session drawing on the benefits of meditation, Jungian concepts and IFS techniques (internal family systems) to help this client overcome barriers to living an authentic life.
Bio & Approach:

Daniel Lev Shkolnik offers spiritual guidance and coaching. Along with foundational coaching techniques, he draws on Jungian psychology and various spiritual traditions to inform his work. Those who work with him typically seek deeper life purpose, inner balance, psychedelic integration, and a path toward stable awakening.
Daniel is the co-founder of the Open Div Project, which explores open-source spirituality. He host of Re-Enchantment, a podcast about finding wonder in a secular age. He was a Glean Spiritual Entrepreneurship Fellow in partnership with Columbia Business School and graduated from Yale University with a degree in sociology. He lives in New Orleans, LA and offers workshops and talks on Jungian inner work and how to cultivate a serious form of spirituality for a modern age.
meditation, Jung, IFS, tool, authenticity
Quinn Simpson Coaching for Educators - In this "Graydin-style" Coaching session (eclectic approach drawing on Co-active coaching, NLP and more) Quinn coaches a colleague, trainee, and friend, who is a self-proclaimed "over-thinker" on her management style due to a transition into a new job.
Bio & Approach:
Quinn Simpson is one of the co-founders of Graydin, an organisation working to revolutionise the ways we support, empower and connect with our next generations so they can thrive at school and at home. Together with more than 150 schools and Universities world-wide, Graydin has been at the forefront of the coaching movement in education since 2011. Quinn has 12 years of experience in coaching, teacher-training and learning content creation for teachers, students and parents. She is a certified Co-active Coach and NLP Coach Practitioner, and at the age of 24, she co-founded a small charity called Akosia that operated for 10 years using coaching as a facilitation technique in filmmaking projects for underprivileged children and women. With a deep passion to improve wellbeing in schools, Quinn currently sits on the board of Friendship in Action, a Toronto-based charity that aims to increase emotional and social intelligence in schools and co-founded The Regen Collective and ‘PAUSE’ practice, which are used in Regen Circles by educators around the world. Living in the west-end of Toronto with her family, she enjoys walking through High Park and showing her son Theo how coaching skills are for everyone.
education, overthinking, rumination, NLP, management, transition
Liam Farquhar Psychedelic Integration Coaching - Liam helps his client make sense of a recent altered-state experience which offered insights into navigating motherhood, though IFS and somatic experiencing techniques.
Bio & Approach:
Liam is a London-based legal psychedelic guide, working with psilocybin truffles in Amsterdam where psilocybin is legal. He's also a psychedelic preparation & integration specialist, therapeutic coach, and men’s group work facilitator. He adopts a trauma-informed, holistic, and relational view using a unique '7 Lens' approach that he developed: Internal Family Systems; Grofian (based on the work of Stanislav Grof); Jungian (based on the work of Carl Jung); Mindfulness; Scientific; Shamanic; and Trauma/Somatic, where he leans on his Somatic Experiencing training, which, alongside IFS, is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional talk therapy. For Liam, this broad view allows him to flexibly meet the needs of his clients, whatever their experience, worldview, or goals.
IFS, somatic, body, psychedelics, integration, motherhood, altered states
Prof Windy Dryden Single Session Coaching (SSC) - Windy coaches a client on procrastination issues and demonstrates his approach to Single-Session Coaching
Bio & Approach:
Windy Dryden is Emeritus Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University of London and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He has authored or edited over 250 books. His current interests are in single-session and very brief interventions within a therapy and coaching context.
Relevant publications include:
Single-Session Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques’ (Routledge, 2019) which outlines the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of the single-session mindset and The Single-Session Counselling Primer: Principles and Practice (PCCS Books, 2020) which is a comprehensive introduction to SST for counsellors.
His book, Very Brief Therapeutic Conversations (Routledge, 2018) is focused on work he has done conducting live demonstrations of therapy/coaching in front of an audience that last 30 minutes or less. He has done more than 650 such demonstrations all over the world.
His goal is to disseminate SST/OAAT with the hope that it might help provide help at the point of need within the NHS, a form of IAPT where the ‘I’ stands for ‘Immediate’.
His latest book is Dryden, W. (2022). Single-session integrated CBT (SSI-CBT): Distinctive features. 2nd edition. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
single session, procrastination, CBT,
Matteo Trevisan IFS Coaching - Matteo uses an Internal Family Systems / Parts work approach to helping his client overcome procrastination and stuckness
Bio & Approach:
Matteo is an international Leadership Coach (PCC ICF) & Trainer. Through a style that is both analytic and creative, he helps his clients untangle complex challenges into manageable actions.
His leadership coaching business focuses on supporting leaders working on the future of Tech, Education, and Politics. In addition, he is a Leadership Trainer with Aspire Leadership and Director of Professional Development at the International Coaching Federation.
Previously, as faculty at Animas, he trained over 1300 people to coach, and as Head of Executive Coaching at EqualPlus, he built a team and programmes on Inclusive Leadership Coaching for large organisations.
His style is informed by an eclectic background. He lived across seven countries, has a Masters in Physics, did research at the ESRF particle accelerator, did a PGCE at King’s College to then teach for some years, before starting his own business. The coaching mindset he gained was thoroughly tested in 2019 when he undertook 8 months of antimicrobial chemotherapy for a life-threatening leg infection.
His coaching weaves together about 12 methodologies. The current lenses he likes to experiment with most are those of Adult Development, Internal Family Systems, and Meditation, however, anything might come up!
IFS, internal family systems, parts, procrastination, stuckness,
Mamoon YusafSpiritual Coaching - Helping a client work through grief, using deep presence paired with wisdom from the Quran & Approach:
Mamoon Yusaf is a Spiritual Coach, author of the #1 bestselling book, ‘Inside the Soul of Islam’, host of the ‘In the Moment with Mamoon’ podcast and he’s on a mission to show every human being on Earth how to flip ‘The Psychological Switch’.
The Psychological Switch is the moment of inner-realisation, when it insightfully occurs to us that reality actually always works in only one way - that feeling always comes from thought in the moment. This seemingly simple distinction has tremendous impact on our lives, quietening our minds and freeing us up to reach our highest potential.
Mamoon has developed over 20 online training programs all based on The Psychological Switch, which along with his seminars, writings and podcast are a source of inspiration for thousands of coaches, personal development enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers of all faiths across the world.
Discover how you can turn off dark thinking and live with more love, light and presence, here:
Spiritual, grief, presence, mentoring,
Mia O'GormanThriving in Transition - Helping a client explore and make sense of an upcoming career transition & Approach:
Mia has 20 years’ experience coaching and developing others as coaches. Best known as ‘the corporate coach’, roles in HR and leadership consulting gave her a clear perspective on success and progression in global organisations, as well as the importance of wellbeing and work-life balance. Mia’s coaching helps clients achieve career excellence, professional development and personal growth, in a sustainable way.
Working with both care and candour builds trust, enabling clients to gain insights, overturn blocks, see new possibilities and take tangible actions. Mia’s coaching approach emphasises seeing the whole person, navigating their specific life context within and beyond work, and exploring the inner landscape of thinking, feelings and beliefs to catalyse the outer landscape of behavioural change.
Clients describe Mia as grounded, perceptive, kind, skilled and authentic. They experience her coaching as clarifying, calming, insightful and energising.
Mia lives in Cheltenham, enjoying the town-and-country lifestyle of the English Cotswolds along with good food, good wine, travel, running and hiking. In addition to her own business Coaching With Mia, she serves as Coaching Director for leadership consultancy the Thinkstitute and volunteers as an accreditation mentor for the EMCC.
Transition, career, thriving,
Sachin Sharma Bringing it all back to Zero - A most entertaining and fun session that didn't seem to land with the client in terms of results but sparked fantastic conversations about coach-client fit & Approach
Sachin Sharma has been coaching since 2017 and has worked with hundreds of clients, accumulating thousands of hours of coaching practice. He works with people to create the miracles of life like inner peace, freedom from anxiety and mind created limitations.
After decades of living in reaction, he now chooses to live in creation and is looking forward to demonstrating what he thinks is the most effective coaching method he has come across since he started coaching.
Sachin believes that bringing everything back to zero means dropping the thoughts we have on events or feelings instead of reacting to them, creating an empowering space to live our lives.
Sachin is running his first invite-only retreat in June 2022, called ‘The Ultimate Business Training Retreat’, it combines being and doing to create the most impactful results.
Mentoring, life advice, anxiety, future, metaphor, truth,
Prof Christian
van Nieuwerburgh
A positive psychology coaching session that reached the limits of what the approach can offerN/A & Approach:
Prof. Christian van Nieuwerburgh is the Global Director of Growth Coaching International, Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology at the Centre for Positive Psychology and Health of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Honorary Fellow at the Centre for Wellbeing Science of the University of Melbourne (Australia). He is the best-selling author ofAn Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide (now in its third edition) and the editor of Coaching in Education: Getting Better Results for Students, Educators and Parents and Coaching in Professional Contexts. He has written The Principles and Practice of Coaching in Islamic Culture (with Raja Allaho) and Advanced Coaching Practice (with David Love). His forthcoming book (with Paige Williams) is called From Surviving to Thriving: A Student’s Guide to Feeling and Doing Well at University. Christian defines himself as an engaged academic practitioner, committed to the useful interplay of theory, research and practice. Students, delegates, clients and peers describe him as an inspirational educator and empowering coach. He rides a Harley Davidson (Instagram: @coachonamotorcycle) and enjoys time with family, travelling and being by the sea.
Christian likes to take a respectful, facilitative stance as a coach. He believes that greater alignment is an important outcome of coaching conversations.
Martin StellarHelping nice people sell more - Martin helps an introverted coach reframe what "selling" means to her to open the doors into how to get more clients. & Approach:
Martin is a coach, a former monk, a coach for ethical sales & business growth, and a lifelong psychology fanatic.
In his 20's, his eagerness to understand psychology, human nature and himself, caused him to join a monastery. He never really got to the point of fully understanding himself while there - but he did pick up a few useful lessons along the way, in terms of how to communicate, and how to relate to other people.

Fast-forward a few decades, and he teaches, consults, and coaches business owners on how to grow their venture, while staying true to their values and integrity. Hence his strapline "I help nice people sell more".
According to Martin, it just won't do that coaches with aggressive or unethical sales practices land clients, while good people get left behind, struggling to create clients or earn a decent living. That's why his mission is to show business owners who operate with heart and compassion how to attract, engage, and enrol buyers - and still sleep at night. Because nice people? Nice people should finish first.

So in Martin's approach, there's no "5 Steps to close the sale" or "12 Ways to handle buyer objections", or any of the cookie-cutter hacks and tactics that so many sales coaches teach. Instead, Martin helps coaches see how "selling" (or: trading things of value with other people) is a natural and fundamental part of human nature, and how it's something we all do, all the time. (Hint: and most of us are naturally good at it!)

This Coaching Lab session mixes coaching, consulting and teaching, and shows you a different way of looking at the enrolment process.
Watch as Martin applies his decades of studying psychology and communication and business, to help the client overcome the same doubts, apprehensions and misconceptions, that prevent so many highly skilled coaches from landing clients.

After all, humans are hard-wired for making connections and finding ways to move forward together - and in the end, "selling" is nothing more than that: Figuring out a way for the both of you to move forward, together, eagerly.

You'll walk away with a different view on what selling is, what your buyers need from you during an initial consultation - and how you can have conversations about buying and money and commitment that aren't icky or uncomfortable, but instead cause your buyer to voluntarily step into a coaching relationship with you.
new coach, selling, sales, mentoring, reframe, business, introvert, visibility,
Sid HamidResonance based Coaching - What happens when you meet a client with pure presence and awareness, sharing what's arising in your body and mind as an approach to coaching, and to see what resonates with the client. Find out! & Approach:
Sid's 15 years of experience as a holistic occupational therapist, business networking leader, social impact start-up founder plus tending & befriending his trauma, has grounded him to coach with compassion. He’s also known as the radically inclusive ‘chameleon’ coach who has accompanied diverse people (including those who identify as neurodivergent) to bring their whole selves to life for sustainable change & growth.
Presently, Sid is an internationally sought-after coach with people at all levels across various cultures, industries and organisations such as HSBC, The Coca Cola Company, SCB, A+E Networks etc.
Sid offers a psychologically safe partnering that explores “whole self, whole systems” and stretches people to true transformation. He believes, harnessing the power of ‘resonance’ in ourselves and with others, results in fresh, enduring solutions with forward momentum flowing in and through us and the relationship systems that we’re nested in.
Resonance, presence, self-disclosure, body, somatic,
Sasha Van Deurzen-SmithCoaching Neurodiversity from an existential perspective - A coaching session exploring the lived experience of a mother whose son was recently diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and coming to terms with her own experience of being on the spectrum.N/A & Approach:
Sasha is an existential coach, specialising in neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ issues, self esteem and creativity. Having graduated from the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling with an MA in Existential Coaching, they are now the course leader for the same programme. Sasha regularly runs workshops on existential coaching, gender fluidity and working with autism, and co facilitates a support group for LGBTQ+ adults with an autism spectrum condition. Sasha is currently working on their first book, a self-help title on how to be your own existential coach which will translate existential ideas into accessible life practices. They have published several articles in the Journal for the Society of Existential Analysis, and a chapter on existential coaching in Du Plock’s Case Studies in Existential Therapy. Speaking experience includes the first world congress for existential therapy, the philosophy now conference and the weekend university. In their spare time, Sasha is a drag artist, small-time political activist and big-time animal enthusiast. Sasha is openly autistic, LGBTQ+ and an unashamed Nietzsche fan.
Georgie NightingallA deep coaching conversation exploring the client's re-integration into their life after travelling the world and experiencing spiritual growth, not wanting to slip back into normality but instead establish a life of purpose and meaning. & Approach:
Georgie Nightingall is an ICF-accredited coach, trainer, facilitator and entrepreneur as the Founder of Trigger Conversations, a London based human connection organisation. Bored with every conversation beginning with the question ‘What do you do?’ in 2016, she decided to go on a mission to find the formula for engineering deep meaningful conversations, human connection and community and has since facilitated experiences, delivered training and consulted for individuals, universities, non-profit and for profit organisations and global networks. As a lifelong learner, her next step will be starting a PhD in Design Engineering for human connectivity at Imperial College in late 2021.
She is addicted to exploring and understanding what it means to be human, and has explored a number of modalities which she integrates into her coaching practice: Philosophy (MA Hons: Edinburgh), Applied Linguistics and Psychology (MSc: UCLAN), Forensic Emotion Awareness (PG Cert), Transformational Life Coaching (Diploma, ICF accredited), Mediation (London School of Mediation) NLP, Authentic Relating, Gestalt, Existential Coaching, Constellations, Vipassana meditation and Somatic Coaching. She coaches clients on a range of areas including: career change, entrepreneurship, wellbeing, habits, relationships & identity. She is regularly featured in the press; her ideas have been featured at TEDx, The BBC, The Times, The Telegraph, The Week, City AM, Daily Mail, NBC News, The Huffington Post.
presence, transition, spiritual, meaning, purpose, travel, deep, integration
Rosie PeacockPsychedelic Integration Coaching - A coaching session to help the client further integrate a psychedelic experience while holding the boundaries between therapy and coaching well and working with literature prompts and poems) & Approach:
Rosie Peacock is a Psychedelic Integration Coach and Holistic Positive Psychologist. Rosie’s coaching aims to holistically support clients as they work towards making sense of psychedelic experiences and move towards a deeper sense of wellbeing and self-awareness.
Rosie’s approach is itself integrative, her style of coaching interweaves the scientific and the spiritual, both eastern and the western philosophical stances, the practical and the existential, with a focus on the positive psychological aspects of a client’s life whilst also embracing aspects of the shadow that can emerge to be integrated within psychedelic states.
Rosie's work draws heavily on positive psychology and coaching psychology from her postgraduate studies at UEL. As well as incorporating a scientific understanding of psychedelics from the latest research around psychedelics, she also has a shamanic understanding of psychedelic plant medicines (learned under a master ayahuascero of the Secoya lineage in the jungle of Costa Rica). Her work also incorporates a philosophical awareness through existential coaching (as studied with Yannick) and yogic philosophy and psychology (as studied in the YogaPoint Ashram in India).
The talking aspect of Rosie's coaching is integrated with a range of practical tools from applied positive psychology and other holistic modalities in which she is qualified including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutritional therapy.
psychedelics, integration, poetry,
Linda AspeyCoaching with the Earth in mind - A thinking environment (a la Nancy Kline) to help a climate activist reflect to avoid and understand burnout. & Approach:
Linda is a coach, facilitator, therapist & speaker working on culture, climate change and environment with progressive leaders, teams and coaches, supporting them in facing the challenges that a changing world brings. She helps people to generate new thinking and insight, build stronger relationships, and grow in courage to take action, in highly collaborative ways. She’s alumna of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the Oxford School of Climate Change, a trained facilitator in "The Work that Reconnects" (aka "Active Hope") and delivers workshops and keynotes on understanding our responses to climate change, climate coaching & climate leadership. Her systemic framework, “With the Earth in Mind” - for facilitating conversations about our relationship with the wider world - is available as a free resource from
She is also a member of Extinction Rebellion, delivering public talks and trainings on the climate crisis and non-violent activism. A founding member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, Linda is a global faculty member of Time to Think, a registered member and fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP/FBACP), and was founding Chair of BACP Coaching.
time to think, listening, thinking environment, nancy kline, climate change, activism, earth, burnout
Dr Joel Vos Meaning and Purpose interventions for a client who struggled with covid anxiety (featuring a fair bit of normalising the client's feelings, as well as some teaching).
N/AJoël says:
Joël is chartered psychologist and philosopher. He works as Acting Leader of the Professional Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. He is also researcher at the Metanoia Institute.
Joël has published over 70 research articles on the experience and effectiveness of psychological therapies. His recent research focuses on how to live a meaningful life in difficult life situations, such as during COVID-19, unemployment, and chronic or life-threatening disease. Joel has developed and validated psychotherapies to help individuals live a meaningful and satisfying life despite life’s challenges. He published his experiences in his book ‘Meaning in Life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners’. On the basis of this, he published a self-help book for the general public entitled: ‘Fifty pictures of living a meaningful life’. His other books include ‘Mental Health in Crisis’ and ‘The economics of meaning in life’.
Joel has done his training in the Netherlands, such as the MSc Clinical Psychology, PhD Psychology, MA Philosophy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Contextual Family & Relationship Therapy and Existential Psychotherapy. Joel has much experience in helping clients with a broad range of questions.
Joel also organises the IMEC International Meaning Conferences:
meaning, existential, mentoring, anxiety, covid,
Oriana TickellPCC Coaching by a Positive Activist - #PositiveActivist and Professional Certified Coach Oriana Tickell supports a young mother to get back into work after a break
N/ABio & Approach: Oriana lives between Mexico and the UK. In the UK she heads the areas of Coaching Programs and Science of Happiness at Work for the iOpener Institute. In Mexico she provides coaching services through Metamorphoria and teaches Positive Leadership at the Tecmilenio University. #positiveactivist describes Oriana. Through her work in coaching, in business schools, and in corporations she aims to make a positive difference, particularly with inspired entrepreneurs who also want to make the world a better place. She has a Master’s degree is in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London, and is accredited by both ICF and EMCC.Activist, PCC, motherhood, maternity, transition, positive psychology
Dr D. Ivan YoungICF MCC style coaching with one of the US's leading relationship experts
N/AD. Ivan Young, Ph.D., MCC, NBC-HWC, CPDC has dedicated his life to helping people create positive, lasting change in their lives. Dr. Young is a two-time recipient of The President's Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions as an inspirational thought leader and life coach. He was named “Life Coach of the Year” in 2017 by the National Black Life Coaches Network and was elected to the Forbes Coaches Council in 2021. He's Co-Lead for Council on Race, Equity & Inclusion at The Institute of Coaching McLean, an affiliate of the Harvard University Medical School. Dr. Young is the author of two books: Another Chance...Where Would You Be Without One?, Break Up, Don't Break Down. He is a TEDx speaker with more than 2.7 million views. Dr. D has been featured by, CNN, MSNBC, 20/20 Investigates, The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, ABC, NBC, CBS Radio, iHeartRadio, and Access Hollywood. He has been a recurring expert on TV One's Fatal Attraction & Justice by Any Means and the Oxygen Network's program Snapped - Killer Couples. His new work, "Accurate Empathy, the Key to Transformational Coaching and Leadership," will release in the fall of 2021.MCC, ICF, meditation, listening, business, presence,
Freya BlomHigh Impact Coaching
(breaking some of the traditional rules of coaching and owning it. Plus the client loved it!)
N/AFreya is one of our Coaching Cabinet facilitators. She's an experienced High Impact Coach, Coach Supervisor, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner specialising in supporting High Achievers to ditch burnout and say yes to sustainable freedom. Her approach is highly integrative: pragmatic, practical, intuitive and psycho-educative, using goals as a direction rather than a destination, and dealing with what emerges as the coaching relationship and experience unfolds. She often draws on her past experience as a couples coach and her work with startups and business owners, and existential, psychodynamic, TA and systemic lenses. She sees coaching as a means to reflect back and magnify people's inherent brilliance, share life changing tools and perspectives, and enable freer flowing love, creativity and self expression so her clients can expand beyond their conditioning, experience life as fully and meaningfully as possible, solve problems in ways they can be truly proud of and make maximum positive social impact in the world. Learn more about Freya at, relationships, control, parenting, motherhood,
Robert StephensonNarrative Coaching
- perhaps not the way you think. Robert Stephenson, showcases his approach to coaching.
Robert Stephenson is the Centre Director at Animas Centre for Coaching, the UK's largest coaching school, and he supports the Leadership Team across the globe. With a background that has roots in performance and theatre, Robert's journey to life coaching has taken him along a path of varied experience and learning and has forged his coaching style in the Narrative realm.

Having originally trained as an actor and mime-artist, physical theatre was a big part of Robert's early work where he specialised in theatre and education within schools. This can be seen in his curiosity in the “client as character” within their own Narrative, enabled to re-write narratives/lives as they choose through deep exploration, openness and honesty with the self.

Robert has been on an incredible journey of self-development and consistently expanded both his training and coaching skill set. Initially training as an NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, Robert went on to pass his Diploma in Transformational Coaching, before adding a number of other accredited coach training courses to his toolkit, including David Drake's Narrative Coaching, and Simon Western's Analytic Network Coaching.

You can learn more about Animas Centre for Coaching and their range offerings to coaches at
narrative, anxiety, visibility,
Dr. Magdalena Bak-MaierFinding love through heart-mind integration
(a wonderfully present and mindful session, solutions-focused, yet deep and powerful)
Some people have a special ability to see people. This month we welcome one of those people to the Lab: Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier. I've met Magdalena through our work at the Association for Integrative Coach-Therapy Practitioners and it didn't take her 5 minutes of what I thought was a casual chat to pick up on aspects of my character that took even close friends years to get their head around. Ever since I wanted to see her in action with a client and so I very much look forward to this session.

Magdalena says:
"There’s a way of being that is all head and little heart. Being this way can produce short-term results, but sustaining them can be a struggle. In fact, overlooking human need for connection harms relationships, hampers success and crushes life. It makes people spend time doing things they don’t care about with people they don’t like. But there’s another way. The alternative involves learning wisdom, compassion, love and curiosity.

What I know for sure is that learning to connect heart and mind stands to transforms how we act and live. On a personal level, living with more heart changes how you experience and approach life and your ability to influence the world around you.

Heart and Mind connection is my Talent, Skill and On-going Practice". Some people refer to me as the “Physician of the Soul”, a good number call me an “Angel”. All I can say is that I have simply learned to practice heart and mind connection and this is what I’m inviting others to experience and practice."

Magdalena is a change maker committed to making our world a better place. She does this by teaching people how to operate with more ‘heart’. Connecting heart and mind is what she sees as the biggest challenge and opportunity for a better world, effective leadership and good self-management. Her work and research shows that developing the skill of balance and connection is vital for personal wellbeing, for individual and workplace productivity, for fulfilling relationships, for ending conflict, and for effective education. Her approach focuses on integration and working with the whole person. The evidence for the power of greater wholeness and balance is truly overwhelming and yet our mechanistic world seems rigged to make us act like machines instead of celebrating our humanity. Magdalena is on a mission to change this. She is also author of three books in the area of personal productivity, wellbeing and healing.

Learn more about Magdalena and her work at
presence, love, relationships, deep, mindful, integration, solutions-focused
Dr. Natalie LancerFast-paced coaching to tackle stuckness and inertia on BIG projects (in this case a PhD)
(existentially-grounded but with little time to think, amazing rapport with this existing client, and lots to talk about after)
Natalie is a fellow existential coach, has been teaching coaching skills at Masters level and she's co-authored the 2nd edition of Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring together with coaching heavy-weights David Clutterbuck and David Megginson. She now specialises in coaching PhD students and other clients with BIG projects on their hands. I've been running into Natalie at various conferences over the years and am excited to get to see her coach up close and personal today.

"I am an existential coach and an accredited member of the Association for Coaching. I started my professional career as a secondary school teacher and worked in schools with diverse students in deprived areas with children who had various emotional and behavioural difficulties. I now coach people using an existential approach. My client groups are mainly young people between the ages of 16 and 25 and a diverse range of people who feel stuck on their big projects (such as PhDs!).

My latest book focuses on coaching techniques: Lancer, N., Clutterbuck, D. and Megginson, D. (2016). Techniques for coaching and mentoring (2nd edn). Oxford: Routledge and I have published widely, most recently (2018) in the BPS International Coaching Psychology Review: ‘One-to-one coaching as a catalyst for personal development: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of coaching undergraduates at a UK university’.

I am the Honorary Secretary of the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology. My PhD research explored how undergraduates experience personal growth at university whilst having coaching sessions throughout one or two academic years. I supervise Master’s and PhD students at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling."
existential, stuck, accountability, fast-paced, PhD,
Dr. Nash PopovicPersonal Consultancy (Nash's signature approach to Coach-Counselling Integration)
Nash's unique approach to the integration of coaching and counselling has resulted in the book Personal Consultancy and the subsequent ground-breaking (and extremely popular) MSc in Integrative Coaching and Counselling at the University of East London. Today we'll see the approach in action and you get to ask Nash anything you like.

Dr Nash Popovic is a senior lecturer at the University of East London and the founder as well as programme leader of the MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching, the first programme of its kind in the world. Nash is also a counselor in private practice and an educational consultant with 20 years of experience.

He received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Education, London, for developing the Personal Synthesis programme for young people. This programme has been implemented in a number of educational institutions and other organizations in the UK and abroad. He is also a co-founder of the Personal Well-being Centre, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to promoting the well-being and growth of individuals, organisations, and communities.

Nash runs numerous personal development programmes and courses mostly with disadvantaged groups (refugees, people living with HIV, single parents with disabled children, young offenders etc.). He also presents at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally and was a consultant for the BBC2 series, Happiness Formula (2006).
personal consultancy, integration, counselling, empty chair,
William PenningtonHealth Coaching - William helps his client to understand what stands in the way of healthy habits.
For years I worked alongside William as part of the faculty of the MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP). Today I'll finally get to see him run a full length coaching session with a client.

William is a Health and Wellbeing Coach with over 16 years of professional experience working with clients to make them healthier, to develop their career or business or work to enhance their leadership capabilities.

He is certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), he has Masters degrees in Coaching & Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Health Sciences. William is studying for a doctorate with Warwick Medical School and he's a senior lecturer at the University of East London's popular MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

William has designed and works with clients on a year long approach to achieve a healthy life and optimum weight, which is also being converted into an EHealth app and the subject of his research.
health, habits, diet,
Caroline StrawsonTrauma and narcissistic abuse-focused coach-therapy - Caroline helps her client come to terms with being enough, be more in control of her emotions, and the remnants of a relationship with a narcissist in her life.
award-winning coach & therapist Caroline Strawson. I've met Caroline when she did her Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and ever since her work went from strength to strength. I'm particularly interested in her approach to working with trauma combining elements of coaching and therapy to help people overcome adversity and narcissistic abuse. Fascinating stuff and I can't wait to see her in action.

From Caroline's website:

"My name is Caroline Strawson, and I am a no.1 bestselling author, international and multi-award-winning therapist, and coach in my field of trauma transformation specialising in PTSD, complex PTSD, narcissistic and domestic abuse.
I help you move from post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth achieving higher-level living BECAUSE of your trauma.
I have a medical background and I am obsessed with how trauma affects the brain, mind and the body and I use a unique integration of the latest therapies such as EMDR, Polyvagal and ego state therapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Positive Psychology to heal at a somatic and psychological level to help people achieve post-traumatic growth after narcissistic abuse.
I have been personally trained by world leaders in their field and spoken on stages to over 3000 people inspiring hope that you can live a more joyful and connected life free from your past.
I am widely regarded as an expert in my area and have appeared on the national news, BBC radio, national newspapers, and magazines and appeared on multiple global podcasts."
trauma, trauma-informed, therapy, relationships, narcissist, emotions, enough,
Liz GoodchildPerson-centred, Life coaching for people who give a shit (Liz is abit of a legend in the Animas community and I just love her style)
I've loved Liz's authentic, warm, reflective and person-centred style from the moment I met her. I also love that she swears a fair bit! :) Her writing has inspired me and she's also really smashed the business side of coaching. I can't wait to get an insight into Liz's coaching style in action and really look forward to the session.

Here's an excerpt from Liz's website
"From feeling less stuck to making decisions that feel good, it’s all about doing the things you think you can’t—with me by your side and new confidence in your shiny red sidecar.
After all, I know what your nagging little whispers say, speaking up in the back of your mind when the world goes quiet. “I need to change something. It’s time to show up. But where do I start? Can I start? Should I? I mean, things are fine. And fine is fine. Right? Juuuuuuust fine.”
The mediocrity is sucking out your damn life force (likely with a bendy straw.)
But through life coaching, I’ve learned how the heck to turn fine into fantastic.

I’ve been a certified coach since 2013, running a full-time coaching practice via Skype. I’ve worked with hundreds of people over this time, from all walks of life, helping them to shake their lives up and feel more bolder, excited, confident and content. I get frustrated that we live in a world where asking for help, or admitting we haven’t got it all figured out, is seen as self-indulgent or fucked up, when in fact, I know the exact opposite to be true. And it’s this belief that forms the foundation of my writing and coaching approach. I’m honest and say it as it is. With kindness and a dash of kick-up-the-ass.

I work with both women and men. I’m a certified coach, and yet beyond the qualifications nailed to my wall, I’ve learned how to help other people lead better lives through the lessons I’ve learned by living my own. From wanting to stick pencils in my eyes while sitting at the desk of my 9-5 in a corporate career that stifled me, to running ultra-marathons, to moving to a country I didn’t speak the language of—with a 4 month old baby in tow—I know that daily life can be fucking hard. But I also know that we can do hard things. My mum died when I was 18. She chose to end her life and her death was a huge wake-up call for me. It hit me—square in the heart—that we all get to choose who we are and how we live. As for me? I choose to live simply and brave, gravitating towards everything that nudges me towards personal and physical growth, and most importantly, that lets me just be me."
deep, presence, authenticity,
Ross Nichols"By the books" PPC-Style Coaching Session
(difficult to watch but served the client well and very much aligned with the ICF model, but in a sort-of military fashion)
I love how Ross includes the shadow in his coaching work and we've had many an existential conversation in our days (though this is not that kind of session as it turned out). Ross is also an experienced Coach Mentor and for this Lab I've asked him to deliver a clean PCC session so we can talk about it.

After a 26 year career in the Army, Ross Nichols began mentoring business owners and directors for leadership; and coaching professionals for career transition, health and wellness, cancer, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. He is creative and intuitive. His coaching style is Transpersonal, working with values, energy, vitality and spirit. He is drawn to working with his clients’ shadow side, which is where he believes the learning and healing is to be found. He began writing poetry in 2018.

Ross is a member of 5 professional institutes and a contributing author to the IoD publication, The Growing Business Handbook (2015 and 2016 editions) on: coaching and mentoring; leadership for performance; and authentic leadership for growth. He published 2 e-books in 2019: Insights for the Coaching Journey; and Business Start-up Tips for Coaches.

Ross co-founded and leads the Wiltshire Business Mentoring Scheme and is a mentor to undergraduates at Solent University. He has been mentor-coaching other coaches for ICF credentials since 2015. He founded and leads the Salisbury Coaching Circle and is the organiser of Salisbury International Coaching Week, an annual event since 2016. He is a founder member of the Cancer Coaching Community. His purpose is to help others succeed.
Clive LeachCoaching with Strengths and Positive Psychology (Clive brought a recorded session with a continuing client in Singapore centred around their strengthprofile assessment)
For years Clive and I taught on the same programme (MAPPCP) at the University of East London. But we've never seen each other coach, so I'm excited to see him in action and get a chance to talk about his approach as a group.


Clive is an international organisational, executive, leadership and career coach working extensively within the Corporate & Public sectors. Drawing on his studies in Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology Clive applies coaching to enhance individual and team well-being engagement, leadership development, career transition and mental toughness. He is regularly told he brings great energy, he is good to work with and that he makes a positive difference.

Clive’s coaching clients are drawn from many parts of the world and a wide range of professional disciplines and include leaders within multinational organisations, international agencies and schools.

Clive keeps abreast of the latest evidence-based coaching approaches through attendance and participation at world’s leading conferences. He has spoken widely on issues relating to coaching psychology, coaching, leadership and organisational well-being at numerous global and regional events, most recently at the Australian Conference on Evidence-based Coaching 2020 and the World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019. Clive is published author featuring in highly regarded organisational coaching publications for Routeledge, Sage and in the International Journal of Evidence-based Coaching & Mentoring.

A former Education services leader in the UK, Clive studied at the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit under Prof. Tony Grant and Dr. Suzy Green. He is currently a visiting lecturer teaching ‘Coaching in Professional Contexts’ and ‘Individual Perspectives in Wellbeing’ on the world’s first MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) at the University of East London.
Positive Psychology, strengths, assessment, process, tool, debrief
Catherine BellCoaching with NLP and strengths (I love Catherine's style and presence. She's touching on a lot of techniques and questions in this inspiring session)
I've met Catherine at a meaning conference in Vancouver in 2018 and since been infatuated with her authentic, bubbly and highly professional being. I can't wait to see her coach!

Since 2001, Catherine has dedicated her life towards helping others shine. After early career success in business, Catherine moved to Kyoto, Japan for a working holiday at 25. Quickly rising past English Teacher, Catherine became a Trainer & Coach for 750 international staff in a $3 million educational program, helping others tap into their unique strengths for better results at work and in life. Returning to Australia, Catherine worked in senior corporate HR roles before starting her business in 2010. Her style incorporates traditional Coaching, the science of Applied Positive Psychology, Strengths, NLP and HeartMath to serve the diverse needs of her government, NFP and corporate clients. A respected Coach Trainer, Catherine has trained over 1,000 new Coaches and currently serves on the ICF Australasia Leadership Team. Through her business giving partner B1G1 she has made over 100,000 impacts, supporting projects to fight poverty and create wellbeing for people around the world. With a special interest in EI, Resilience and Leadership, Catherine has presented her work at the INPM Global Summit (2018), the IPPA World Congress (2019) and the Victoria University Leadership Conference (2020). Catherine is positive, courageous and refreshingly down-to-earth - helping clients uncover their strengths, rise above challenges and embrace the adventure in their lives.
Positive psychology, strengths, NLP,
Eric LarsonOntological Coaching by a coach with 10.000+ hours of experience (one of my favourtie Lab sessions to date)
Eric is a full-time coach and has been practicing since 2008. I love how Eric approaches coaching and appreciate his deep way of reflecting on his practice. I'm excited that he's agreed to showcase his way of working for us followed by what will surely be an inspiring discussion.

Throughout his career Eric has helped thousands of clients - in more than 10,000 conversations - identify and free from themselves from internal and external barriers to create a life of greater purpose, fulfillment and meaning. As an advocate of excellence in the coaching profession, he also offers mentor coaching to executive, wellness and life coaches who are committed to improving their skills and/or pursuing ACC or PCC certification through the International Coaching Federation.

A message from Eric: "Fellow Coaches: I am eager to be with you all next month. For 20 years, I have traveled tirelessly through myriad internal and external worlds, in light and shadow, collecting philosophies, methods, techniques, tools, totems, metaphors, poems, songs - anything at all that might help people free themselves from suffering. I bring everything I am and everything I have into each coaching session. A splash of existential philosophy, here. A dash of Buddhist cosmology, there. Sprinkles of neurobiology, CBT, DBT, ACT, IFS, PERMA. Tears, laughter. A moment of silence - or a full hour. Together, in real time, the client and I co-create the context and the conversation. We humble ourselves and make use of whatever the moment demands of us. It’s jazz. Or maybe gardening. Clients grab their instrument, they get on stage, and we play. Or, they grab their packet of seeds, their watering can, and we get down in the dirt together, dig in and get growing. When it’s all over (although it’s never over-over) it’s hard to say what has happened, exactly. But something, something magical; for we are both transformed."
ontological, PCC, authenticity, trauma,
Nathan BlairSomatic Coaching - working with the body (super interesting session where access to the somatic work proofed to be difficult. The true value of the session lies in the reflections)
I'm very happy that Nathan has agreed to join us for this Lab as I've been following his work at the Somatic School since it was founded and I know how powerful working with the body can be.

After working in Leadership Development and Talent Management at a successful Performance Consultancy, Nathan left the corporate environment to train as a Transformational Life Coach. Nathan later joined the team at Animas to head up the Centre for Professional Coach Development. As a coach, Nathan has worked extensively with clients to tap into their vast emotional and embodied intelligence. Working with the subtle messages of the body Nathan helps clients clarify their wants and needs, tune into their inner knowing to make better decisions and align themselves with their deepest desires.

His passion for somatics took him to California where he worked as a Connection & Intimacy Coach, facilitated weekly Men’s Groups and was a lead trainer for workshops on conscious sexuality and relationships. It was at the heart of this work that Nathan developed a deep understanding of relational embodiment and Intricate Tactile Sensitivity.

He has immersed himself in somatic practice over the last five years learning from the founding thinkers and practitioners in Somatic Psychology, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Body Psychotherapy. He is trained in Hakomi, Focusing and Authentic Movement and integrates these therapeutic techniques and similar modalities into a coaching context when working with clients and training coaches.

Nathan currently runs a private Couple’s Coaching practice back in London and is Founder of The Somatic School, the UK’s first ICF accredited school dedicated to training in process-oriented somatic practices and providing coaches with somatic and embodiment skills.
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Nick HatterLife Coaching with "one of the UK's leading life coaches"
(a suprising session which I'm still not sure has landed with the client, very interesting watch given the high profile of the coach)
Everybody who has googled "Life Coach" in the UK in the past 2 years will know Nick's name. He charges upwards of £500/hour for his services and gathered more than 50 five-star Google reviews, which in combination with his smashing SEO work sets him up for fame and success. Nick is constantly aquiring new skills via CPDs and online courses and his thirst for knowledge and experience seems unquenchable. I'm happy that he's agreed to come to the Lab so that I can finally see him in action with a client.

Nick Hatter is one of the UK's leading life coaches and is one of the highest-rated in London on Google. He runs a six-figure life coaching practice in Notting Hill, London, and has appeared in Vogue, Forbes, The Guardian, The Telegraph, as well as on TV and national radio. His clientele includes celebrities, CEOs, ex-military, clinical psychologists and doctors. For more information see

Nick's coaching approach is integrated and incorporates the Enneagram, Psychodynamics (exploration of unconscious motivations), Positive Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Givens Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.
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