Startup Bookkeeping & Financial Statements Template
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Bookkeeping and financial statements template for startups and small businesses
With this template you can:

1/ keep log of your business transactions;
2/ automatically generate pro-forma P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements;
3/ compare actual results against the budget.

Before using the template for your own needs, make a COPY of it to make it editable.

The statements and the calculations behind them were intentionally simplified, to keep the template easy to understand and to use by newborn and early stage businesses. I very much hope it will make your life a bit easier and free some hours for business development, sales and other important stuff.

The file is unprotected, so use it carefully and try to stick to its initial logical structure. Start from updating the Lists sheet with your common expense categories, currencies, clients (optional), etc. Expand the lists if needed. Then move on to the Transactions sheet, which is the primary source of transcation data. All Deposits should be positive and Payments negative. You can add or delete entire rows but don't forget to copy & paste formulas. On the Statements sheet, you'll find three reports: P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet (cash basis only). Each time period (month) has two columns, Actual and Plan, so you can compare performance against the plan. When adding time periods, copy the last two columns in pair and paste them on the right.

You may use the template without any limitations, share with your friends, colleagues and whoever else may need it.
If you feel you can improve the template itself, please do, but (1) request Editing Access; (2) keep the record of changes on the Change Log sheet.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or suggestions.

Volodymyr Nesterenko
Managing Partner @ Digital Future
LinkedIn: /volodymyrnesterenko
Facebook: /nesterenko.v
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