CountryFaithDenominationInstitution NameType of InstitutionType of divestmentURLQuotes from leaders
AngolaChristianCatholicComissão Arquidiocesana de Justiça e Paz de LuandaDioceseFossil freeOriginal (Portuguese): Respondendo prontamente aos apelos de Sua Santidade o Papa Francisco para a responsabilidade individual e colectiva da nossa Casa Comum. O descuido de cada um poderá levar ao desastre mundial - Afonso Pedro Chamangongo, coordenador Arquidiocesano da Comissão de Justiça e Paz de Luanda
EN: We're promptly responding to His Holiness Pope Francis' calls for the individual and collective responsibility to take care of our Common House. The carelessness of each one can lead to a global disaster - Afonso Pedro Chamangongo, Archdiocesan coordinator of the Justice and Peace Commission of Luanda
ArgentinaChristianCatholicColegio de Graduados en Cooperativismo y MutualismoLay OrganizationPartial Divestment
ArgentinaChristianCatholicPotencialidades y Centro de Paz Jardín del CorazónLay OrganizationFull (Spanish): La desinversión es una manera concreta de apoyar el cuidado de nuestra Casa Común. Fundadora y directora ejecutiva de la ONG Potencialidades y del Centro de Paz Jardín del Corazón.
EN: Divestment is a concrete way to implemtn tha care for our common home
ArgentinaChristianCatholicOng Ambiental CimaLay OrganizationFossil Free
BelgiumChristianCatholicCOMECE - Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European UnionBishops ConferenceFossil free"COMECE joins the Catholic movement to divest from fossil fuels. We encourage others also to join taking concrete steps to solve the climate crisis. Commitments to the Paris climate agreement is important, and the European Green Deal is a way of doing so. Solving the climate crisis protects the human family from the dangers of a warming world, and decisive action is needed now more than ever." Fr. Manuel Enrique Barrios Prieto, COMECE Secretary-General
ColombiaChristianCatholicSICSAL - Servicio Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con los pueblos de América Latina «Óscar Romero»Lay organizationFossil free
Czech RepublicChristianCatholicŽít Laudato si' Česká republikaLay OrganizationFull divestmentwww.zitlaudatosi.czAt Live Laudato si' Czech Republic we are committed to living in ways that support sustainability and fairness. We are dedicated to prayer, to supporting small-scale organic farmers via short consumer chains, and also to not supporting institutions and practices that harm the planet and its (future) inhabitants. That is why we do not invest in fossil fuels extraction, processing, or distribution.
IndiaChristianCatholicSt.Joseph ChurchParishFossil Free
IrelandChristianCatholicSisters of Our Lady of ApostlesReligious orderFossil Free
IrelandChristianCatholicEnglish Province of the Congregation of Christian BrothersReligious orderFossil Free
IrelandChristianCatholicMonastery of St AlphonsusReligious orderFossil Free
IrelandChristianCatholicBalally parishParishIn process
ItalyChristianCatholicForum Internazionale Azione CattolicaLay OrganizationFull divestmenthttp://www.catholicactionforum.orgThe contribution of Internation Forum of Catholic Action as an international body with lay associations members is to promote information and motivate the commitment to protect creation and to divest from fossil fuels where we live in different countries in the world .
ItalyChristianCatholicJPIC Commission USG-UISGReligious orderFossil Freewww.jpicroma.orgWe recognize the effects of the use of fossil fuels on our environment that pollutes the air, that increases the release of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. As members of the JPIC Commission of USG-UISG we encourage our members to consider seriously a commitment in one of the three types of investments. In doing so we can make a difference as we act to address the ecological crisis.
ItalyChristianCatholicWorld Union of Catholic Women's OrganisationsLay organizationFossil Free is committed to caring for the planet, our Common Home. Lavinia Rocchi Carrera, Secretary General WUCWO
KenyaChristianCatholicCapuchin CharitiesReligious orderFossil FreeWhile inspired by the Pope Francis\'s words in Laudato Si, "to listen to the cry of the earth, and the cry of the poor, we realize that the best way to serve the poor and also ensure a better future and prevent climate change, is through investing in clean energy.
KenyaChristianCatholicFranciscan Servants of Mary Queen of LoveReligious OrderFull divestment
KenyaChristianCatholicLittle Sisters of St. JosephReligious orderFossil Freelssj.orgThe decision is important for us as a church institution, to respond to the call of Pope Francis in caring for our common home. The charism of the Little sisters of St. Joseph is giving our hand where it is needed most, so care for life and creation is un important core for our missionary calling.
KenyaChristianCatholicSisters of Mercy Learning and Spiritual CentreReligious orderFossil Freesistersofmercy.or.keWe plan to continue without using fossil fuel. We shall continue to support and encourage all learners in schools associated with Sisters of Mercy to advocate for fossil-free environment Rose Macharia Director Mercy Education Kenya
KenyaChristianCatholicReligious of the Sacred Heart of JesusReligious orderFossil Free
LesothoChristianCatholicTechnologies for the Economical DevelopmentLay OrganizationFull divestment
MalaysiaChristianCatholicCreation Justice CommissionDioceseFossil Free believe that the Church should lead by example to save people and planet from climate catastrophe. Pledging to divest from fossil fuel is the right choice for our diocese in its commitment to creation justice; to being part of the solution and to stop being part of the problem. Clare Westwood, Head, Creation Justice Commission, Diocese of Penang, Malaysia
MexicoChristianCatholicCEDEHU - Centro de Desarrollo HumanoLay OrganizationFossil
MexicoChristianCatholicVasco de Quiroga: Presencia en el Siglo XXILay organizationIn process
PeruChristianCatholicCristo Misionero del PadreParishFossil Free
PeruChristianCatholicProclade Perú-BoliviaReligious orderFossil FreeOriginal (Spanish): Esta decisión es adecuada por que nos permite cuidar nuestro medio ambiente y proteger los recursos naturales. Estamos de acuerdo con la declaración del Papa Francisco acerca de la desinversión en empresas que utilicen fósiles, carbón y arena de alquitrán. Jaiker Rodriguez Garcia Secretario de Proclade
EN: This decision is appropriate because it allows us to take care of our environment and protect natural resources. We agree with Pope Francis' statement about divesting from companies that use fossils, coal, and tar sand. Jaiker Rodriguez Garcia Secretary of Proclade
República DominicanaChristianCatholicGrupo ecológico Salesiano ECOMAReligious OrderFossil free
SpainChristianCatholicNuestra Señora del Perpetuo SocorroParishFull divestment
SpainChristianCatholicDiocese of VictoriaDioceseFossil freeOriginal (Spanish): "Cuando uno da los primeros pasos ve que no es tan difícil, pero para el que no da ninguno parece imposible. El mensaje es sencillo; hay que ponerse en camino. Esto es un mensaje que para la inmensa mayoría de la sociedad es aceptable y acogido con ganas”. Luis Antonio Preciado (Responsable Comisión Ecología Integral - Diócesis de Vitoria)
EN: When you take your first steps you see that it is not that difficult, but for those who do not take any it seems impossible. The message is simple; you have to set out. This is a message that for the vast majority of society is acceptable and welcomed " Luis Antonio Preciado (Responsible for the Integral Ecology Commission - Diocese of Vitoria)
Sri LankaChristianCatholicClaretian MissionariesReligious orderFossil Free
ThailandChristianCatholicCaritas AsiaCaritasFull divestment
UgandaChristianCatholicDominican Sisters of MaryReligious orderFull divestment
UgandaChristianCatholicKikandwa Environmental AssociationLay OrganizationFossil
UgandaChristianCatholicYouFra UgandaReligious orderFossil Free
United KingdomChristianCatholicCongregation of Our Lady, Canonesses of St Augustine (UK Delegation)Religious orderFull divestment
United KingdomChristianCatholicMill Hill Missionaries (British Region)Religious orderFull divestment"Our members have always worked among the poorest and most disadvantaged in Africa, Asia and South America, and the pursuit of social equality and justice has always been a serious priority for us. Concern for what Pope Francis reminds us is ‘our common home’ has to be part of that pursuit. As our numbers decrease worldwide, there can seem to be little that we can do to make an impact, but divestment from fossil fuels is a practical choice that is open to us all and may have far-reaching results. Consequently, we feel that such divestment is in line with Catholic social teaching and the spirit of the present age, and we are happy that we, as a Region, are able to make this small contribution."
Fr Dermot F Byrne MHM, Regional Representative
United KingdomChristianCatholicSisters of the Holy Cross (English Province)Religious orderFull divestment"As Sisters of the Holy Cross in England, Pope Francis' Encyclical, Laudato Si', has encouraged us to focus on Care of Creation. For some time, we have been urging our investors to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. In differing degrees they have agreed to do this, whilst parrying our resolve with reasoning such as the influence they can wield with the fossil fuel companies if we keep our shares in them. We have realised that engagement with these companies only has limited success. We have now informed our Investors that we have decided to completely disinvest from fossil fuels, and thus work towards a zero carbon future."
Leadership Team of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in England
United KingdomChristianCatholicSociety of the Sacred Heart (England and Wales Province)Religious orderFull divestment Province has actively engaged in reducing its carbon footprint for a number of years as the impact of the climate crisis became more apparent and urgent. After reflecting on our own values and the charism which underpins them, we have actively engaged with our fund managers to divest our investment portfolio of fossil fuels. Hopefully, we are making a contribution to working towards a future which is more sustainable and carbon neutral.
Sr Catherine Lloyd RSCJ, Provincial of the Society of the Sacred Heart (England and Wales Province)
United KingdomChristianCatholicThe Sisters of St Andrew in EnglandReligious OrderFull divestment our last ‘General Congregation’ in January 2017, one of the three main themes was ‘Justice, Peace and Safeguarding of Creation’. The final document states: “…we are in close inter-dependence with all of Creation. What happens in one part of our world has an impact on the rest of the planet.”
Deepening this awareness led us to have a closer look at our investments here in England. We realised that part of our financial resources were actually financing more fossil fuel extraction and burning. We were thus contributing to the worsening of the climate crisis and its devastating impact on the poorest peoples of our human family, as well as the destruction of vast areas of wildlife on our beautiful planet Earth.
We therefore decided to make the commitment to divest from fossil fuel and invest in funds that support constructive ecological, social and peace initiatives. This is one more important step on our journey of ‘integral ecological conversion’ (Laudato Si).
We pray that this step may contribute to the healing and wellbeing of our world and the flourishing of our Earth Community.
Lewisham, 1st November 2020
Sisters of St Andrew in England
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandSt Mary's WalthamstowParishFull divestment climate crisis is the most critical issue facing our planet and, as Christians, we must act. People in my parish experience the impacts of this crisis every day through ill health related to air pollution and are worried about what we will leave future generations. It’s no longer acceptable to fund fossil fuels or assume these businesses will regulate themselves. We must divest, and must use our power to hasten the green energy revolution we need. - Revd Vanessa Conant, Rector, St Mary’s Walthamstow and the Parish of Walthamstow
United KingdomChristianMethodistTrinity Methodist Church, ChelmsfordParishFull divestment Methodists are very concerned that not enough action is being taken in response to the climate emergency. We have to do more than just recognise a climate crisis is looming, we urgently need to take action to respond to it. By divesting our resources away from further development of fossil fuels, our Church Council is indicating a direction of travel that we must take, if we are to faithfully care for God's good creation.
Revd Mark Pengelly - Minister of Trinity Methodist Church, Chelmsford
United KingdomChristianUnited Reformed ChurchSouthern SynodSynodFull divestment Southern Synod has transferred its reserves into a new fund that excludes the oil, gas, and coal industries.
“We are pleased that we have been able to achieve this during the COVID lockdown. It’s an issue that we have been wrestling with for several years. It is good that we have now brought our investments into line with our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of the Synod. Many of our local congregations are also exploring how to line up the ways they do things with their belief that this world is God’s world and God calls us to take care of it."
Revd Bridget Banks, Moderator of United Reformed Church Southern Synod
United KingdomChristianUnited Reformed ChurchThames North SynodSynodFull divestment am very pleased that URC Thames North Synod has taken action to divest our investments from fossil fuels. The portfolio was changed and successfully implemented in 2019 and it is performing well. This is a small step towards caring for the climate and Mother Earth. After all, we are stewards of God’s given resources and hold them in trust for future generations. I am sure that we all can do more to encourage individuals and organisations to support a worthy cause.
Revd Dr Andrew Prasad, Moderator of United Reformed Church Thames North Synod
USChristianCatholicAssociation of U.S. Catholic PriestsLay OrganizationFossil free
FADICA - Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities
Lay OrganizationOther Partial divestment“FADICA is inspired to join the global Catholic movement to divest from fossil fuels. Our decision to divest is informed by the Catholic tradition of reading the signs of the times in light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Doctrine. We are a lay philanthropic organization with a mission to serve as a catalyst for a vital Catholic Church and the common good.” Alexia Kelley, President & CEO of FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities).
USJewishAmerican Jewish World ServiceInternational development and human rights organisationFull divestment“We decided to divest from fossil fuels earlier this year to align fully how we invest our funds with our global grantmaking to combat climate change and secure climate justice for the most vulnerable people in the world, ensuring that we live our Jewish values and take up our enduring commitment to repair our broken world.” - Robert Bank, President and CEO of American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
ZambiaChristianCatholicFranciscan Missionary Sisters for AfricaReligious orderFossil Free