ClubClub DescriptionClub EmailMeeting Date + Time + LocationInstagram HandleAdvisor(s)President(s)President Email(s)Meeting Minutes Submission Person
Anime ClubMV Anime Club is a club that strives to bring together fellow anime fans around Monta Vista in order to partake in activities such as watching the latest shows, discussions, art lessons, and more!mv.acgclub@gmail.comEvery other Friday in F106@mv_anime_clubJodi JohnsonSriya Vennam (12)sirivennam18@gmail.comKyle Huang,
App and Web Development (App and Web Dev)Join our 15+ year club at Monta Vista High School to learn more about iOS development, Android development, and Web development! As a member, you can select whichever branch you would like to be a part of and learn a focused curriculum that will allow you to embark on your own passion project second semester. Our club will feature plenty of guest speakers and clients this year, which will allow you to expand your networks, gain internship opportunities, and build connections with professionals.montavistaappwebdev@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch in D207@mvappandwebdevScott DeruiterParmi Shah (12), Sachita Kashyap (12), sachitakashyap19@gmail.comSuryateja Duvvuri
Art ClubAs Monta Vista's oldest art club, we host art activities, create fun arts and crafts, explore different art techniques and mediums, learn about art history, and most importantly, use art to reach out to our community and other Tuesday during Lunch in Room F103@artclub.mvBrian ChowCharline Li (12)licharline2004@gmail.comSamuel Lewis,
Art of InvestingArt of Investing is a club that focuses on investing, whether it is with money, time, effort, etc. We invite guest speakers to share their experiences and how they invested their time, in addition to sharing tips and tricks in financial investing. We allow members to be involved with stock investing, podcast creation, and more interactive activities. No prior experience or knowledge is needed! We meet every other Monday at lunch.artofinvestingclub@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday at the beginning of Lunch in D108mvartofinvestingMeenakshi GuptaDillon Huang (11), Kyle Wong (11), kylelokwong@gmail.comEmi Kosakura,
Artificial Intelligence Club (MVAI)MVAI helps members develop AI skills, starting from basic AI knowledge to neural networks, advanced machine learning programs, and more. We introduce AI topics through hands-on projects and presentations from industry-leading guest speakers. No experience is needed – Everyone is welcome!mvaiclub@gmail.comEvery Friday during Lunch in Room F105@mvaiclubMr. Joe KimAnsh Chaurasia (11), Nathan Wang (11), Xu,
Badminton ClubWe hold open court in the field house to play badminton, and will occasionally have trivia games. Mvbaddy@gmail.comEvery Thursday at lunch in the field house @mvbaddyclubJulie Sullivan Kiran Manghnani (12)Kiranmanghnani09@gmail.comLance Fuchia,
BhangraasA club which allows members to learn Bhangra or Raas and perform at many locations!, montavistaraas@gmail.comEvery friday afterschool in the rally court@mvbhangra, @montavistaraasSupriya MooreKarunya Ramamoorthy (12), Sahil Goel (12) , Sindhu Dhulipala (11),, sahilgoel2004@gmail.comNA (we are a dance club)
Biology ClubGet help with your classes, study for competitions, discover opportunities to become more involved in STEM, and explore your interest in biology in our club community!mvhsbiologyclub@gmail.comEvery Tuesday during lunch in Room A208@mvbiologyclubJoyce FortuneKyle Zhao (12)monkeyc2011@gmail.comHarshitha Nandula,
Bite ClubBITE club is a food-science club centered around exploring the world of food and building connections between food (cooking, baking, nutrition) and science. We aim to increase awareness of healthy eating, share food from a variety of cultures, and teach basic cooking techniques through tasting sessions and hands-on experiments.mvbiteclub@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during Lunch in Room B103@mvbitePamela ChowJayanti Jha (11), jjha998@student.fuhsd.orgTanvi Nallagatla,
Board Games ClubThe Board Games Club is a special interest group that focuses primarily on the playing of board games and the specific interest of board games not only as a passion but also as a method of self-expression and relaxation after a hard and stressful week. In addition to board games, online games that are adaptations of popular card and board games increase the accessibility and scope of our club, and may be played at the officer team's discretion.gkarlcut@gmail.comEvery Friday during Lunch in B206 (Mr. Holaday's room)N/ARandy HoladayGeeta Karlcut (12), Aneesha Sinha (11), write2aneesha@gmail.comGeeta Karlcut,
BookshelfMonta Vista’s only book society for passionate readers and bibliophiles! Biweekly meetings on campus will feature topics such as author talks, book discussions, and writing activities. Members can extend their passion beyond the classroom in off-campus engagements ranging from book drives to raising money for local bookstores. For more information, check out: other Monday during Lunch in Room B211@mvbookshelfLynn RoseTvisha Gupta (11), tgupta306@student.fuhsd.orgIona Xia,
Bring Change 2 MindMV Bring Change 2 Mind works to decrease the stigma against mental health within our community. We host educational events and discussions on various mental health disorders, bring therapy dogs to campus during finals week, bring mental health professionals as guest speakers, host mental health month collaborations with clubs such as MV Neuroscience, host activities such as putting positive sticky notes around the school and creating self-care kits, help out with Challenge Day, and have an annual summit for members to attend in order to discuss mental wellness and how to promote and act on Mondays at Lunch (1:05-1:50)Richard PrinzAishwarya Manoj (12)
C++To teach and showcase C++ and the variety of opportunities associated with it. This includes competitive programming (USACO, Codeforces, etc.), Virtual Reality, games and more. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with C++ or programming, we adapt our curriculum to make sure everyone is welcome and has a fun learning experience!
montavistacpp0@gmail.comEvery Monday (Weekly) in Room E203
@mvcppclubShozo ShimazakiAnsh Chaurasia (11) achaurasia396@student.fuhsd.orgRachel Chan,
California Scholarship Federation (MVCSF)Monta Vista CSF is a volunteering club at our school which is based on an honorary system where you need a 3.5 gpa or above. There is only 1-2 meeting per semester, so it a very low commitment club. To be an active member you will need 5 hours of volunteering every semester. CSF provides opportunities such as senior scholarships and senior awards for our members. For more information please check out
montavistacsf@gmail.comOnce/Twice per semester Wednesday during Lunch in Room A212 (Guadiamos's room)@mvcsfMolly GuadiamosGeeta Karlcut (12), Jasmita Yechuri (12), jasmita99@gmail.comJoyce Lui
ChessWe are a community of chess players. We teach chess, play games, discuss latest events and exciting puzzles, and host fun tournaments of various formats. We also represent Monta Vista at team chess tournaments like States and Nationals.mvhschessclub@gmail.comEvery Wednesday during lunch in room E102 (subject to change!)N/AMr. LordanOjas Karnavat (12), Suryateja Duvvuri (12), duvvurisuryateja95@gmail.comYashnil Saha
Chinese Club (MVCC)Chinese club's main goal is to share and spread Chinese culture to the students at Monta Vista. We hold meetings that consist of informational/educational presentations, boba parties, and Chinese cultural activities, as well as field trips.montavistachineseclub@gmail.comClub members meet the first Wednesday of every month at lunch in room A204@mvchineseclubZoey LiuCharlotte Dingli (12)cdingli605@student.fuhsd.orgAmanda Wong,
Chinese Honors Society MVCHS is a chapter of the nationally recognized Chinese Honors Society. Established in 1993, the nation-wide organization is dedicated to fostering growth within the Chinese language and culture as an extension of Chinese classes at school.mvchinesehonorsociety@gmail.comTBD@mvhschsI-Chu ChangSamantha Au (12)samanthaau17@gmail.comSoteria Li,
Computer Science ClubMV Computer Science not only teaches the Java programming language, but also teaches the arts that are computer science, coding, and the integration of both into technologies that make our life tick.mvcsclub@gmail.comEvery Wednesday and Thursday during lunch in E204N/AScott DeRuiterIshaan Gupta (12), Ved Pradhan (11), vedprad1@gmail.comSaloni Gupta,
DECAMonta Vista DECA is the premiere cocurricular business organization at MVHS that allows students to take what they learn in business classes and apply it to the real world. Giving students a taste of marketing, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and finance, DECA offers a wide variety of business topics that prepare students for real world experiences with internships and volunteer opportunities, and, of course, competitions. Monta Vista DECA is part of a larger organization that caters to 225,000+ students globally, and MVDECA is currently ranked 4th internationally, giving students a great opportunity to participate in a club that excels through competing in a variety of events. mvdeca@gmail.comEvery Wednesday during Lunch in C110@mvdecaCarl SchmidtRiya Ranjan (11)riya.ranjan.00@gmail.comJayden Lim,
Design ItThe MV Design It Club is a graphic design club that aims to promote the idea of good design and understanding how the design’s attributes achieve a specific purpose. We hold mini-lessons, eg. typography, and opportunities for members to participate in competitions, club commissions, and other design-related competitions. Through our curriculum, we hope members will be able to apply design skills to resumes, portfolio, UI/UX app design, and more.montavistadesignit@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during lunch in A102@mvdesignitclubBrian ChowParmi Shah (12), Aanya Mehta (12), aanyamehta413@gmail.comAngela Zhang,
Digital Humanities ClubIn this club, we will explore the means and methods of analyzing humanities subjects utilizing the power of digital tools. Our club aims to teach students how to construct formal historical models in the field of Digital Humanities. We will do case studies of key research projects to understand the process of building a model, the tools used by each project, and their impact. Eventually, we hope to aid students in developing their own digital humanities projects.montavista.dh@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch in Room A204N/AZoey LiuIshanvi Kommula (10)isha.kommula@gmail.comJingyang (Jennifer) Long,
Environmental Science Club MV Environmental Science focuses on both the activism and scientific sides of environmental protection. We attend international science olympiads and invite National Geographic guest speakers!mvenvironmentalscience@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during lunch in room D206@mvenvironmentalscienceMrs. GuptaMichael Ding (11)michaelding2233@gmail.comIona Xia
Ethical Hacking ClubThe Ethical Hacking Club covers topics in Cybersecurity from the perspective of hackers. We'll hack (mock) websites, games, servers, and more. As Ethical Hackers, we'll focus on how hackers hack technology, and how the field of cybersecurity stops them.mvethicalhacking@gmail.comEvery other Thursday during Lunch in Room B211N/ALynn RoseJeffrey Meng (12), Howard Peng (12), Kyle Huang (12),, kylehuang13@gmail.comJeffrey Meng,
Fashion ClubWe help our members grow their knowledge and skill of fashion styling, designing, construction, and more by assisting them in their journey to create a project for the end-of-year fashion show.mvfashionclub@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during Lunch in Room F106@montavistafashionJodi JohnsonNabeeha Ahsan (12), Melody Cui (11), melodyjcui@gmail.comNila Katchapalayam,
Field Hockey ClubWe practice field hockey on the lower field to improve and learn new skills. Anyone can join regardless of experience.mvfieldhockeyclub@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch on the Lower Field@field_hockeyclubNick BonacorsiTanisha Pulla (12), Jean Mattekatt (12), jeanumattekatt@gmail.comNone as this is a sports club
French Honor SocietyThe French Honor Society is an organization whose intent is to recognize high school students in the United States who have studied French. In this club we explore French culture through food, games, music, movies, discussions and more, all while helping students achieve their national honor certificate. mvfhs09@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during lunch in Ms. Finck's classroom@mvfrenchhonorsocietySarah FinckInniya Santhanakrishnan (11)isanthanakrishna120@student.fuhsd.orgAnika Manjesh,
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)Monta Vista FBLA is a career-technical student organization dedicated to providing our members the opportunity to learn, explore, and experience business and leadership through our various state and national competitions, projects/initiatives, and networking opportunities. Please visit for more information!mvfbla@gmail.comOfficer Team Meetings: Tuesdays at Lunch (Room C110)
Club Member Meetings: Thursdays at Lunch (Room C110)
@mvfblaCarl SchmidtNikhil Sathye (12)nikhil.sathye@gmail.comVidusha Adira,
Future Practicing Physicians Network Club The Future Practicing Physicians Network (FPPN) club is a student-led organization aimed to spread medical knowledge amongst the Monta Vista community. We work with students interested in healthcare and science to further improve their medical literacy and biological knowledge. mvhs.fppn@gmail.comEvery other monday during Lunch in Room B108@mvfppnLora Lerner Anika Somasundaram (11), Lauren Ruckstuhl (11), lruckstuhl011@student.fuhsd.orgAris Yang,
Girls Empowerment ProjectGEP aims to empower women, encourage female leadership, and promote intersectional feminism. We want to spread awareness of gender inequality and injustice in all its forms.mvhsgep@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday in Ms. Evard's room, Lunch@mvhsgepKate EvardRachel Wiley (12)rwiley558@student.fuhsd.orgRachel Chan,
Girls Who Code (GWC)Girls Who Code focuses on providing a welcoming environment to inspire and teach girls concepts in Computer Science ranging from Python, HTML/CSS, and Robotics, plus so much more.montavistagirlswhocode@gmail.comEvery other Monday during Lunch in Room E201@montavistagirlswhocodeSushma BanaJana Woo (12)janakwoo@gmail.comMillie Huang,
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)The Monta Vista Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a coalition of LGBTQ+ students and allies dedicated to advocating for LGBTQ+ student rights, educating the student body about LGBTQ+ issues, and creating a safe space for all students to be themselves. Friday during lunch in room C103@montavistagsaMark CarpenterAnnika Lee (11)annika.lee43692@gmail.comAnnika Lee,
ImprovImprov Club is a place for friends to get together and have fun, and everyone is welcome. We perform improv comedy where you make up a funny scene as you go! We play a variety of fun improv games meant to improve people's public speaking and to just have fun.mvhsimprov@gmail.comWednesdays @ Lunch in F104 (the Black Box)@mvimprovclubRandall HoladayRoma Hashemi (12)romahashemi@gmail.comRoma Hashemi,
Indo-American Student AssociationMonta Vista Indian culture club, engaging with Desi culture and events. iasamv@gmail.comEvery other Thursday during Lunch in Ms. Bana's room@iasamvSushma BanaKushagara Srivastava (11), Atmaja Patil (12), and Sindhu Dhulipala (11),, dhulipalasindhu@gmail.comSindhu Dhulipala;
InteractMV Interact is a service club that focuses on community. Every year, we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for both community and international projects! Every other Tuesday at lunch in Room A211@mvhsinteractMike WhiteMichael Ding (12)michaelding2233@gmail.comAnusha
Japanese ClubThis club is created to form a place where people of many backgrounds can learn about Japanese culture. We aims to establish a community for students to foster their interest in Japanese culture, and help students at Monta Vista who are learning Japanese by offering tutoring services.mvhs.jpc@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch in Room B210@mv_japanese_clubMr. ShimazakiHinako Takmatsu (12)htakamatsu306@student.fuhsd.orgHinako Takamatsu,
Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS)JNHS is a club intended to promote Japanese culture and language through fun events and activities, providing an inclusive community for Japanese language other Friday during Lunch in Room B201@mvhs.jnhsKeiko Howard (She is retiring, but we will ask the new Japanese teacher to be our advisor, so TBD at the moment)Joshua Kim (12)joshuackim22@gmail.comAizen Baidya,
Key ClubKey Club International is the oldest and largest SERVICE/volunteer club for Monta Vista students. We are all a part of Division 34 South Purple Penguins: Monta Vista, Cupertino, Fremont, Gunn, Homestead, Los Altos, Lynbrook, Menlo-Atherton, Mountain View, and Palo Alto. Within our division, we have service events, monthly division meetings, as well as exciting opportunities such as Fall Rally North (FRN) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and District Convention (DCON)! Join us to gain service hours and to meet fellow Key Clubbers from all over the Bay Area and California! montavistakeyclub@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during lunch in Room C107! @montavistakeyclubPete Pelkey Lydia Lu (12), llu414@student.fuhsd.orgJoyce Lui,
Korean Club & Dance Crew [KCDC]Our club is the largest community for high schoolers interested in Korean culture and dance. We hold club meetings, special events, and challenges in order to promote and spread awareness on connecting Korean culture with topics such as Kpop whose interest have increased over the years. We are also proud of our dance team which holds meetings and workshops for people to come together and share their love for Kpop dance through performing at events and showcases.koreanclubmvhs@gmail.comE102 for Culture on Every Other Tuesday / Dance room on Every other Tuesday@mvkoreanclubJulie ChoiKevin Kim (12), Parinita Saha (12), Anita Huang,
La Pluma La Pluma is a club geared towards exploring new art and writing styles. It is Monta Vista's only art and literary publication club. Every semester, we create a physical magazine with the published works of our club members. mvlapluma@gmail.comEvery other Friday during Lunch in Room C202@mvlaplumaVennessa NavaManasi Ganti (12), Sury Dongre (12), surya9.don@gmail.comAnvitha Mattapalli,
Leo Club Leo Club is a volunteer club that participates in a variety of events throughout the year that serve the community, hoping to make a positive impact on others wherever we can. Along with events, we host fun, bimonthly meetings that include fun games, leadership opportunities, boba fundraisers, and more! We can't wait to meet you all in person, and hope to see you at our meetings.montavistaleoclub@gmail.comTwice a month on Fridays during Lunch in our new advisor's room (not sure which room yet for next year, but will be held where our advisor is)@montavistaleoZoey LiuRonit Mehta (12), Maggie Yang (11), myang021@student.fuhsd.orgKashish Agarwal,
Math and Science ClubWe encourage the participation in math and science by hosting weekly activities, lectures, year-long competitions, and encouraging participation in local tournaments.mvmsclub@gmail.comEvery Friday during Lunch in Room E201N/AJoe KimEdwin Xie (12), Stephanie Wu (12), stephaniekwu8@gmail.comSamhita Srivatsan,
MicrofinanceMicrofinance club holds fundraisers at school, as well as off-campus to raise money to lend. We use the platform Kiva to lend money to small businesses in developing countries. We teach members how to effectively make loans and participate in activities that teaches them about poverty eradication and the flow of money.montavistamicrofinance@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during lunch in room D202 (subject to change based on specific schedule)@mvmicrofinanceJeff PayneOjas Karnavat (12)omkarnavat@gmail.comAlex Zhang
Model United Nations (MVMUN)MV Model UN is a club that promotes leadership skills by simulating the United Nations, debating world affairs and leading others toward global solutions and individual goals with both hands-on competitive experience and nuanced lessons on leadership and geopolitics from experienced veterans.montavistamun@gmail.comTBD@mv.munPete PelkeyDylan Yang (12), Sylvia Li (12), sylviali9999@gmail.comMaggie Yang,
Monta Vista Animal Protection Society (APS)We are an animal welfare club, and we aim to spread awareness about animal welfare through educational presentations and activism projects. We're the only voice animals have, which is why it is so essential to use that voice to spread accurate information surrounding their wellbeing. We also discuss the role ethics plays in animal welfare, and how certain actions can unintentionally contribute to an increase in animal abuse. Through projects, such as making blankets for shelter animals, we then take the next step and help animals who need it. montavistaaps@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during Lunch in Room B111@montavistaapsKyle JonesAashi Venkat (10) avenkat331@student.fuhsd.orgLucy Han,
Monta Vista ArtReachMV ArtReach is a volunteering organization that creates and donates crafts to various organizations such as St. Jude's Children hospitals and the Salvation Army. Sometimes, we also make just-for-fun crafts on holidays. mvartreach@gmail.comEvery other Friday during Lunch in Room D107@mvartreachMelinda GaulTrisha Sathish (12)reachtrishas@gmail.comLaura Chang,
Monta Vista ASLWant to learn American Sign language ! Want to get access to a community and new opportunities - or just have fun? Come out and join the ASL club - we meet weekly at tuesdays ! asl.montavista@gmail.comEvery Tuesday in the choir room @montavista_aslAmy YoungMadeline Choi (12)mchoi471@student.fuhsd.orgRohit Dayanand,
Monta Vista Competitive Programming ClubMVCPC is a hobbyist club that supports and promotes competitive programming, an activity wherein participants solve algorithmic and informatic challenges such as the USA Computing Olympiad.programmingcompetitive@gmail.comMondays at Lunch in room D104N/AKatie CollinsNathan Wang (11) Yeung
Monta Vista Mock TrialMonta Vista Mock Trial is a legal club that conducts various full trials preparing students for the world of criminal law. Students can use this opportunity to exercise skills in critical thinking, acting, and public speaking.mvhsmocktrial@gmail.comEvery Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 in Room D202@mvmocktrialJeff PayneVaishnavi Suresh (12), Devin Gupta (12), vsuresh284@student.fuhsd.orgArya Srivastava
MV AndaazMV Andaaz is a co-ed Bollywood dance team that performs at schools across the Bay Area.mvandaaz@gmail.comEvery Friday after school in front of the gym@mvandaazTed ShintaAryaa Pathak (12), Shaivi Shah (11), Rudra Phalnikar (12), Ronit Avalani (12),,, avalanironit@gmail.comRonit Avalani
MV Connected Devices (MVCD)MV Connected Devices is a club on campus that teaches about aspects of both software and hardware engineering. As in the name “connected devices”, our club goes in-depth with teaching about microcontrollers such as the commonly known Arduino IDE. Throughout the year, we use an abundance of peripherals that allow us to create complex circuits. Joining this club will allow you to learn the basic usages from simply being able to turn on an LED up to learning how to work with AC and DC motors. Ultimately, the goal of this club is to allow all of our members to experience the applications of the abstract concept known as the Internet of Things. Above getting to participate in our great projects, learning about the Internet of Things and becoming advanced in this field can open up many opportunities for those that are interested in the field of STEM. Overall, if you're someone that wants to either pursue a career in the field of STEM or simply wants to work with hands-on projects, Join us today by signing up with the form below.
mvconnecteddevices@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday in C207@MVConnectedDevices ClubSara BorelliDhruv Sharma (12) , Dhruv Sharma;
MV Sports MedicineThe purpose of our club is to inform and engage students at Monta Vista about sports medicine. During club meetings we discuss and explore the different careers in the field of sports medicine, learn more about the body and how it works in relation to sports, talk about the different types of injuries and how to prevent them while teaching basic first aid skills.

We hope to develop a community at Monta Vista that is interested in sports medicine and injury prevention.
montavista.sportsmed@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch in G201@mvsports_medicineJenna SmithMira Wagner (11), Jeevith Chanveer (11), jeevithchanveer@gmail.comPreetal Deshpande,
National Honor Society (NHS)NHS is a nationwide service club that provides student scholars with local volunteering and service opportunities to promote leadership skills and community engagement.mvnhsofficers@gmail.comEvery other Thursday during Lunch in Room D205.@montavistanhsElizabeth McCrackenSophia Liu (12)sophia.w.liu@gmail.comCatherine Huang,
Neuroscience ClubThe Neuroscience club explores and discusses the various facets of neuroscience, from neurobiology, neuropsychology, and intersectional fields like neuro-ethics and technology. Members of the club will engage with recent neuroscience research, innovate their own ideas, and participate in dissections and other hands-on activities.montavistaneuroscience@gmail.comEvery Thursday Lunch Room B104@mvneurosciencePamela ChowAnanya Rupanagunta (12), Nica Tofighbakhsh (12), nicatofigh@gmail.comSaee Ranade,
OctagonOctagon is Monta Vista's largest volunteering organization and is a branch of Optimist International, the nation's oldest volunteerism nonprofit. At Octagon, we give members the opportunity to earn volunteer hours through a variety of exciting community activities, including our annual cancer fundraiser, CCC. We also offer scholarship opportunities and presidential awards! mvoctagon@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Brunch in Room C104@mvoctagonRobyn BrostowiczRiya Ranjan (11), Aishwarya Manoj (11), Sohni Tagirisa,
Ohana ClubOhana aims to bridge the social gap between general and special education students through biweekly meetings filled with fun activities that foster a welcoming environment.mvohana@gmail.comEvery other Friday during lunch in room C210N/AErica Kim, Ruth SeyerSophia Bokovikova (12), Rhea Sidbatte (12), rsidbatte170@student.fuhsd.orgJoyce Lui,
Persian ClubPersian Club aims to educate students of all cultural background about all aspects of Persian culture including food, holidays and traditions. Mvhs.persianclub@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during lunch in A201@mv.persianclub Maria, AutranNika Zamani (12)Nzamani687@student.fuhsd.orgRoma Hashemi
Photography ClubMonta Vista Photo Club is a club where students who find interest in the art of photography come together to not only share their knowledge, but also learn and develop new skills in photography. Club meetings take place every other Friday during lunch in the photo room (F102), where a slideshow will be presented to introduce a new skill or concept. Meetings are usually accompanied with a hands-on learning component where club members have the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned from the meeting. To enhance the learning of photo club members, photo club also provides further opportunities like field trips. In the past, we have explored areas like San Francisco, Fremont Older Open Space Preserve, and Santana Row. montavistaphotography@gmail.comEvery other Friday during lunch in Room F102@montavistaphotoBrian ChowMatvey Jenssen (12)matvey.jenssen@gmail.comKayla Chang,
Physics and Engineering Club (PhysEng)At MVPhysEng we teach a variety of physics and engineering concepts in addition to hosting games, competitions and engineering challenges.mvphyseng@gmail.comEvery Tuesday at Lunch in Room B101N/AJim BirdsongVedang Pradhan (11), Daphne Guo (11), daphne.dgdg@gmail.comIshaan Desai,
Politics ClubThe Politics Club has discussions on politics, current events, government, and more. Our club is an official chapter of the national JSA organization, the largest student run club organization in the country. We offer a multitude of platforms for you to explore and learn, including discussions, forums, conferences, debates, and much more! Feel free to drop by :)mvjsapoliticsclub@gmail.comEvery Monday during lunch in Room C101 @mvpoliticsclubBen Recktenwald/ Hilary BarronAlex Zhang (11), Saloni Gupta (11), salonigupta12405@gmail.comJustine Garcia,
Psychology ClubThe goal of the Psychology Club is to educate students at MV about the many aspects of psychology and the vast impact that those aspects have on the world. Members can learn about the various applications of psychology in crime, mental health, everyday life, and so on. Since MV does not offer a psychology course, we would like to encourage as many people as possible to become engaged with this type of content in fun and educational ways at our club.mvhspsychologyclub@gmail.comEvery other Monday during Lunch in Room C207@mvhspsychologyclubSara BorelliAlison Wu (11)creambuncat@gmail.comSai Bhujangari,
Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)Random Acts of Kindness is a student led club with a mission to spread kindness in our school, our community and beyond! This club gives students the opportunity to take initiative in leading new projects and ideas. RAK is for people looking to be a part of a friendly, tight-knit community and is a safe space. All are welcome! montavistarak@gmail.comEvery other Monday during Lunch in Room B212 @montavistarak Jariwala, MonicaLydia Lu (12) Vasant Satheesh,
Red Cross Monta Vista Red Cross sets out to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. mvhsredx@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch in Room B103@mvhsredcrossJenna SmithShivali Tewari (11), Sophia Bokovikova (11), hisophiaboko@gmail.comHimani Jha,
Res NovaeRes Novae is Monta Vista's STEM publication; every month, writers will get the opportunity to explore cutting edge STEM topics or write their own sci-fi stories, exploring the intersection of writing and science. No experience is necessary, and at the end of the year, writers will get the chance to see their writing in a printed magazine! Join us if you have interest in STEM topics or journalism. mvresnovae@gmail.comEvery other Tuesday during Lunch in Room B111@mvresnovaeKyle JonesRiya Ranjan (11)riya.ranjan.00@gmail.comDivya Venkataraman,
Research Club The research club not only expands the members' horizons as researchers by giving lessons on the basics of research and exposing members to lab opportunities, but by also guiding them through participating in the Synopsys science fair that takes place annually in March. mvresearchclub@gmail.comWednesdays Lunches in room B102 @mvresearchclubRenee FallonMadeline Choi (12), Jonah Tien (12) , Iona Xia,
Robotics Team (MVRT)The Monta Vista Robotics Team is MVHS's FIRST robotics team. We compete in FRC tournaments across the state and nationally, and students who participate will get a chance to hone their skills in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. We also offer a wide variety of engineering-related volunteer opportunities. Come join MVRT if you have any interest in robotics and want to learn more! mvrt@mvrt.comTBD@mvrt115Ted ShintaArnav Dalal (12)president@mvrt.comTBD
Science National Honor SocietyMV SNHS is the MV chapter of the national SNHS organization. Through hands-on labs and lectures covering a wide variety of science topics, we make science fun and exciting!mvsnhs320@gmail.comEvery other Monday during Lunch in Room B103mvsnhsPamela, ChowShreya Mantripragada (11)shreya.mantripragada@gmail.comAmogh Sukhthankar
Science Olympiad (MVSO)MVSO exposes students to various sciences by participating in the National Science Olympiad competition while giving them a chance to make long-lasting bonds.montavistascioly@gmail.comEvery Monday during lunch at A104@montavistasciolySeema TandonTarun Batchu (12), tbatchu195@student.fuhsd.orgAngelica Wang,
Spanish Honor SocietySpanish Honor Society is an international organization made up of 2,900 chapters in 40 countries and over 20,000 students. At Monta Vista Spanish Honor Society, we offer co-curricular language strengthening activities, fun events in collaboration with the other cultural clubs on campus, volunteering opportunities, and a tutoring program.  We aim to immerse our MV students in foreign cultures, strengthen Spanish speaking skills, and develop a long lasting love for learning new languages. mvhs.shh@gmail.comEvery other Thursday in Room A209@shs.mvhsMaria AutranJayanti Jha (11), jjha998@student.fuhsd.orgSuhani Vakhariya,
Speech and DebateMVSD is a state and nationally ranked (4th in California, 18th nationwide), award-winning Speech and Debate team that competes in tournaments nationwide, while providing members with opportunities to develop essential public speaking skills and find their own voice.montavistasd@gmail.comNOTE: Speech and Debate meet on separate dates/times and send meeting minutes separately. [Rooming is subject to change]

Speech Meetings: Every Tues, 6:00pm-9:00pm, in B205
Debate Meetings: Every Wed, 3:30pm-5:00pm, in A211
@montavistasdGavin Wong (Speech), Jenny Jin (Debate)SPEECH: Divya Vekataraman (11), Atmaja Patil (12); DEBATE: Madeline Choi (12),, SPEECH: Meggie Chen, DEBATE: Kevin Kim,
Sports Analytics ClubThe club is for analyzing data in sports to make predictions of who will do well in a given season. We use fantasy sports to test our predictions and also have some fun.mvsportsanalytics@gmail.comEvery Friday in D203@mvsportsanalyticsclubAlan WongNikhita Saldi (11)nikhita.saldi@gmail.comAmogh Rajagopal,
Table Tennis ClubTable Tennis Club is a club dedicated to those who wish to play table tennis at school. No experience is needed, and our trainers are available to teach new members who have no prior experience with table tennis.mvtabletennis777@gmail.comEvery other Thursday in the quad@mvtabletennisMia OnoderaPradyuman Sai Vijayakumar (11)pradyvijayakumar@gmail.comPradyuman Sai Vijayakumar
TechnovationMV Technovation encourages girls to get involved in Computer Science and Business through building apps, writing business plans, and pitching apps to judges.mvtechnovationclub@gmail.comPotentially Every other Friday(due to change) during Lunch in Room E204@mvtechnovationDavid GreensteinJana Woo (12)janakwoo@gmail.comIshaani Dayal,
Tri-M Music Honor SocietyTri-M aims to foster a community of passionate young musicians and to give back to society by hosting volunteer and performance events. Members of Tri-M have the opportunity to develop their own musical skills and gain experience performing. Musicians of any skill level are welcomed, as long as you are passionate!mvtrim@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during lunch in Room F114@mvtrimJohn GilchristAngelica Wang (11), Erica Liu (11), ericaliu9@gmail.comAmy Zheng,
Video Making Club (VMC)Monta Vista VMC is a safe space to be creative, produce videos of all genres, and experience different aspects of video making (ex: cinematographer, director, actor, editor). This club will not only focus on the technical aspects of filming but it will also concentrate on the diverse techniques and importance of artistic storyboarding (artistry). Our goal is to create a fun and innovative environment where all ideas and opinions are treated equally. We want to take our imagination and make it a reality.The purpose of this club is to be creative, produce videos of all genres, and experience different aspects of video making (ex: cinematographer, director, actor, editor). This club will not only focus on the technical aspects of filming but it will also concentrate on the diverse techniques and importance of artistic storyboarding (artistry). Our goal is to create a fun and innovative environment where all ideas and opinions are treated equally. We want to take our imagination and make it a reality.Every Wednesday during Lunch in Ms. JSatt's room@montavista_vmcSatterthwaite JuliaAmy Hu (11)amyhu2005@gmail.comXenia Jenssen
Volleyball ClubVolleyball club allows for both beginners and experienced players to enjoy volleyball at on-campus events such as open gyms and tournaments, and through coaching younger players at community clinics and local teams. mvhsvolleyballclub@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday in the Main Gym or Field House @mvhsvolleyballclubColin AndersonKrupa Shanware (11)krupa.shanware@gmail.comKrupa Shanware,
Women in STEM (WiSTEM)WiSTEM encourages young women interested in STEM to pursue their interests by exposing them to different fields within STEM through games, labs, and other other Wednesday during lunch in B108@mvhswistemLora LernerAkanksha Roy (12)akanksharoy79@gmail.comVarsha Bharadwaj
Ultimate Frisbee ClubMonta Vista Ultimate Frisbee club is an exciting after school club where students are able to relax and get some exercise and play fun games with new people. All levels of skill are welcome to joinanganinikhil@gmail.comEvery Friday in the lower fieldN/AJohn, ConlinNikhil AnganiAnganinikhil@gmail.comNikhil Angani
Archery ClubArchery Club is a club where people can learn about the fun of archery and discuss the nuances and history of the sport itself. We also host shoots at the local range.mvhsarcheryclub@gmail.comEvery other Wednesday during Lunch in Room D103