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TimestampClass CodeClass NameProfessorSemester You Took the ClassHow difficult was the class?Class ReviewWhy did you take this class?How heavy was the workload?Do you have any additional tips for doing well in this class?Full NameMajor
4/21/2015 20:02:46BIO 301LMolecules to OrganismsZhao Spring 20153It was a fairly simple class. I've heard mixed reviews, but I think it's been the easiest class I've taken. His lectures are easy to follow, and he puts them online as well. He doesn't take attendance, but if you go to 2/3 of the discussions, he'll raise your overall average 2 points. All you'e graded on is 3 midterms and the final. He drops your lowest midterm grade. I would recommend it. As long as you go to lecture and study your notes, you will do good on the tests. It's easy to get a high grade. Required for Core Curriculum2Make sure you don't just write down what the Powerpoint says, also write down his explanations. That'll help when you're studying.Danielle de la RosaCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 20:18:47E 316NWorld LiteratureRichmond-GarzaSpring 20154It's not the easiest class, but it is very interesting. Dr. Richmond-Garza is a really good teacher and she is well educated on all the cultures you travel through in the readings. She does a lecture based on a different reading each class. She will put up pictures and play clips from movies to help you better understand the reading. Attendance is required. She does give you an extra 5-7 minutes for you to check in and usually lets you out 5 minutes early. Everyday, you have to check in with your TA before lecture begins. If you're tardy or leave early, you'll be counted absent. There's also a weekly discussion which you're required to go to as well. You get 3 unexcused absences and after that, you'll grade will drop. You're graded on 3 exams, 3 reading journals, and participation. The exams are difficult in the sense of time. You have different sections and it's all free response. Your TA grades you, so it also depends on how lenient your TA is. The journals are your own response to the reading for the day. She does not drop any grades. I would recommend it if you're willing to put in effort. You learn a lot about the different parts of the world and grow culturally. Required for Core Curriculum3Pay attention to what she says during lecture! Get together with other people in the class and compare notes because you don't know exactly what'll be on the tests. The tests cover anywhere from 7-11 texts and you have to be knowledgeable of each one. Some of the texts can be very lengthy, so set aside enough time for you to read and be able to analyze it. Danielle de la RosaCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 20:34:59UGS 302Mass Media and SocietyLoveFall 20143I really enjoyed this class. It's a small class and you have the opportunity to get to know everyone. The topic was interesting, and Dr. Love made you think about things in the weirdest ways. He would ask a question relating to whatever form of media we were discussing and then ask for responses. You would get in groups and have to make an argument and had to persuade him why you were right. Occasionally, you would have to do some reading before class in preparation for the class.Before the lesson, he would ask the class how we were doing in general. He wanted to learn more about us personally and our transition into college. He did take attendance and wanted you to participate as much as possible. You were graded on 3 essays, participation and a final group project. The essays were difficult in the sense that he let you decide whatever you wanted to write. He gave a broad topic and you had to narrow in on a specific subject. He didn't drop any grades, but he did let you rewrite and try for a higher grade. I highly recommend take this class. He makes you a better writer and is trying to help you be a better student overall. He also makes you aware of the various resources around campus that are beneficial and free to you.Required for Core Curriculum3Get to know him. He is always willing to help you in any way. Even after you finish with his class, he'll continues to email the class and check in on everyone's progress. Danielle de la RosaCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 21:07:19CSD 367kIntro to Assessment and Treatment of Child DisordersByrdSpring 20154This class was very informative and the work load was manageable. There were four writing assignments, two of which were completed in class and one in which time for for working on it was allocated during class. The exams accurately tested the knowledge of the students and all information on the tests was reviewed during lecture.

The TA and professor were always available and went above and beyond to be helpful beyond just the requirements of the course. The class did not take attendance; however, I would highly recommend going to class as the lecture notes are reviewed and explained.

Grade for Course: 3 exams, 2pg article critique, SOAP notes writing assignment, long-term goals assignment, end of semester project evaluation report (no grades are dropped) - some attendance is part of these grades for in class assignments.

I highly recommend this class as it provided great practice for writing situations we will encounter in graduate school and as SLPs (SOAP notes, etc). Highly recommend Dr. Byrd as well as she wants her class to be successful and provides her students with all the resources to achieve success.
Required for Grad School3Do the assignments, go to class, and read the assigned articles. Alyssa Ivesleveling student
4/21/2015 21:10:51EDP 371Intro to StatsTombariSpring 20151Easiest math class I've ever taken. Attendance is mandatory because there are in-class activities that make up a big part of your grade. Three tests and a final, you can retake one of the first three tests if you think you did poorly and have good attendance. He has you working with other classmates a lot, so if you have a hard time, sometimes they can help and explain it better.ASHA Requirement1His teaching and the course packet are really easy to understand, I could catch myself up really quickly if I missed a class. Do the practice tests and you should be prepared for the exams.Tiffany DoCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 21:14:57CSD 358Anatomy/PhysiologyCzimskeySpring 20154Czimskey was a fun teacher for this class and made the information interesting. She was realistic in her expectations of what we should know for the tests (did not ask for insignificant details) and answered questions put forth out of pure curiosity. I learned a lot and enjoyed her humor. The material was interesting and Czimskey was more than happy to clarify any misconceptions.

Grade for course: 4 tests, 4 homeworks (optional final, substitute for lowest test grade)

This class is slightly redundant of Language in the Brain, Speech Science, and Hearing Science. The information that is covered does not go to much more in depth than these classes. However, for the shear enjoyment of having Czimskey, I recommend taking this class. I'd definitely plan to take this course with her. She always makes herself available for office hours and is more than willing to help.

Required for Major, Required for Grad School2Czimskey also provided "ask anything" sessions in which undergraduates could attend and ask questions about graduate school, etc. She takes her time to answer questions and help guide students which is phenomenal.

Also, she incorporates great stories and a real life application component to the material in class which makes is more valuable.

Great class!
Alyssa IvesCSD leveling student
4/21/2015 21:23:39CSD 140LProfessional Issues in CSDBedoreSpring 20151This class was the observation course which allows you to fulfill all your observation hours before graduate school. I was able to complete several of my hours at the stuttering institute and the rest online using Master clinician (pay $25 can get all your hours online, on your own time). The only tedious aspect to completing the observations was filling out the observation form.

I was able to take this course while also enrolled in a course I physically had to attend. This worked out great.

The class is set up with the expectation that you complete 2hrs/wk. However, some weeks you may complete more and other weeks less. In the end, you need 25hrs and signatures for any hours complete not online.

Bedore was not very responsive and I sometimes had to email her more than once with the same question or talk to her in person to get a response. The TA was responsive and made sure my hours were accurate when I expressed a concern about miscalculation.

I recommend this class as it is not extremely time consuming and allows you to fulfill this requirement in a manageable way. Many opportunities to complete your observation hours are provided without you having to seek them out by yourself.

It does not really matter if you have Bedore or not as the class does not require a lot of feedback. I also do not think another professor ever runs this class.
ASHA Requirement3I did my hours early in the semester on Master Clinician and am so glad I got a head start. I highly recommend getting hours done early before the semester picks up; however, only hours received after signing the confidentiality agreement count toward the 25 hours needed for the course. Alyssa IvesCSD leveling student
4/21/2015 21:25:43CMS 315MInterpersonal Comm TheoryDalyFall 20132Most enjoyable class I've taken. Attendance is not required but it is definitely helpful and lectures are so fun. There are two tests and you can retake both of them. There is also a short essay but the topics are hilarious (mine was giving Miley Cyrus advice about how to get her life together.) You learn how to communicate with others in all types of relationships and situations, 100% recommend taking this if you can.Fun; meets non-CSD comm classes requirement2Each exam covers a lot of material. Focus on real life situations and examples instead of worrying so much about memorizing definitions verbatim.Tiffany DoCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 21:27:52CSD 358Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing MechanismsCzimskeySpring 20152I thought this class was pretty straight forward and helpful in learning the structures and functions of speech and hearing mechanisms. I liked the course. I especially like Professor Czimskey's teaching style. She's very laid back and really sets up all students for success. If you go to class, do your work, and study for the tests, you'll do fine. There is a lot of information, but Professor Czimskey helps pick out the main points to help focus studying efforts. The class has 4 homework assignments which are due the class before the test. There are 4 tests and an optional cumulative final. If you like the grades you have received on all four tests before the final, you may opt out of taking the final. She'll only count the highest 4 test grades out of the 5 offered. There is no attendance taken, but going to class will greatly help you to do well in the class. I like the class and would recommend it.Required for Grad School, Required for Core Curriculum2Definitely attend class so that you can fill in the blanks. Also, make sure to jot down things that aren't in the packet that she focuses on. They might be on the test. It's very helpful to use the study techniques that Professor Czimskey talks about in class. Be sure to attend the class before the test, as she treats it like a review. I like Professor Czimskey. She is a fair, fun, and effective teacher.Lindsey WineholtCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 21:35:32CSD 367KIntro to Speech/Language Disorders: Assessment and Treatment of ChildrenByrdSpring 20153I really like this class. Dr. Byrd is an amazing professor and individual. She really goes above and beyond to make sure that you know and feel comfortable with the material that we cover in class. I also think that much of the information covered can be a bit dry. However, Dr. Byrd does a great job of relating the material to everyday practical uses that we as future SLPs will encounter all the time. The class has three tests and no cumulative final. There are 4 writing assignments: an article critique, SOAP notes, long-term goals and a final case eval report. All the writing assignments are directly related to our future professions, so I have enjoyed doing all of them. Attendance is not taken. However, it is strongly encouraged to attend class. Also, there are some writing assignments that are completed in class, and if you miss class that day, you will not receive credit for that assignment. Overall, I would recommend this class. I think it is a great mix of fundamental theories and basic practices that will serve as the base for our future professions.Required for Major, Required for Grad School, Required for Core Curriculum3Definitely pay attention in lecture. Dr. Byrd is very straight forward regarding information that will be on the test and everything will come from her lectures. Frequently during lectures she will give examples of kinds of questions that might be on the test. No text book is required, and all required readings are posted on Canvas. Lindsey WineholtCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 21:41:37CSD 313LHearing ScienceLiuFall 20142Dr. Liu is great and cares a lot about his students understanding the material. There are random pop quizzes that only hurt your grade if you're absent. There are three tests, six quizzes/small assignments, and a project at the end of the semester that requires you to do hearing tests but it is really easy. The class mostly deals with basic physics and anatomy, it'll help you better understand classes you take later.Required for Major1Pay attention in class for sure, a lot of the information could be hard to grasp if you just read the powerpoints to study. Talk to him and ask questions! He's really friendly and helpful :)Tiffany DoCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 21:42:38LIN 350Language and the BrainSussmanSpring 20154I really enjoy Dr. Sussman's class Language and the Brain. Dr. Sussman is a great professor and a very effective teacher. He does a great job of bringing complicated science into layman's terms. Attendance is not taken in this course, but if you do miss lecture, you miss A LOT. There is no textbook, but you'll have to buy the packet for the course, which Sussman has compiled himself. It has a lot of information in it, much of which needs explanation from Sussman, which is why it's imperative to go to lectures. The class has no homework, and only has 5 scantron tests. The questions on the tests can be a bit tricky, so be sure to read them carefully. The first two tests I felt were much more difficult than the last few, covering more detailed information instead of bigger picture things. However, I think the tested information is fair. I would definitely recommend this class. The material is super interesting, and I like Sussman's teaching style.Required for Major, Required for Grad School, Required for Core Curriculum3Definitely attend all lectures! It's imperative to understand the material in the packet, as not all information has text to explain it. When studying for tests, don't go by the study guide. Just go through each page in the packet and be sure that you understand it thoroughly. Also, attend the review sessions before the tests if you can. They are helpful.Lindsey WineholtCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 22:34:36BIO 301LMolecules to Organisms (non-major bio)ZhaoSpring 20152The class is generally easy. Zhao teaches directly from his powerpoint slides as well as a few additional information that is not on the exams. There are 3 exams and final. We are allowed to drop the lowest test grade and there is ALWAYS a curve. I once had a 15pt curve. There is no additional course work, but there is a discussion once a week except after an exam, which is attendance based for extra points on your final grade. Honestly, I never attend lecture and I don't pay attention in discussion when we go over a few fill in the black and multiple choice supplementary handouts. I just study the powerpoints and it gets me through the course. I also did not buy the book. Zhao and his TAs advice it, but I don't think the book is necessary. Overall, I highly recommend this course for a non-major bio to fulfill the ASHA requirements.ASHA Requirement, Required for Core Curriculum1Memorize the powerpoints and the answers to the practice exams posted in the exam review.Natasha LumangCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 22:36:29CSD 358SSpeech ScienceSussmanFall 20144I loved Dr. Sussman's class. I find him to be a great instructor; he has a talent for explaining difficult concepts in a way that is accessible. The class grade is based solely on in-class tests, no final. Sussman's class was difficult and requires you to really pay attention but if you do so you'll get a good grade. Required for Grad School3Definitely attend all the classes and pay close attention. Leeah KohleyLeveling
4/21/2015 22:38:07CSD 313LHearing ScienceLiuFall 20142Dr. Liu is such a patient professor. He will gladly explain and re-explain a concept until it is understood. I found the class to be quite easy as long as you pay attention in class and complete the assignments. Required for Grad School2Pay attention in class, follow the directions for homework. Leeah KohleyLeveling
4/21/2015 22:41:06CSD 358Anatomy/Physiology of the Speech and Hearing MechanismCzimskeySpring 20153Czimskey is a super fun professor. Grades consist of 4 tests and 4 homework with the final optional to replace your lowest test grade. Required for Grad School3Pay attention in class and write down additional notes beyond solely filling in the blanks in the course packet. Leeah KohleyLeveling
4/21/2015 22:52:19CSD 371Adult TreatmentNericcioSpring 20151Since it is a writing flag course, I assumed that there would be weekly writing assignments. However, Dr. N. spreads out the course load to make it less overwhelming. She is also an amazing professor because she demonstrates her passion for teaching during each 8am lecture. Although she normally reads off her powerpoint slides, she drills us on the information we need to know for the exams by asking us to repeat as a class. Unfortunately, it is attendance based, but it is only for 50 extra points on our final grade (3 unexcused absences allowed). Furthermore, the course load includes 3 short multiple choice/fill in the blank exams that take about 10 minutes to complete, 3 article reviews, 6 website reviews with a 5 minute presentation on 3 websites, a 10+page APA style research paper, and a final take-home reflection paper. Although it may seem overwhelming, Dr. N. assigns the work in a timely manner and she is very understanding of our other courses. She provides several writing days to work on our assignments in class as well. Overall, I highly recommend this course because it is an easy A and Dr. Nericcio is an amazing professor. I enjoy attending her office hours just to talk to her about her life and ask her for advice about SLPA and grad school.Required for Major2Although she requests a textbook, it is unnecessary to perform well on the exams. Attend lecture because she tells the class which slides to skip on the exam or other information that is not going to be on the exam. If there is an exam review provided, only study the review. Go to her office hours because she provides you observation and other opportunities in the clinic.Natasha LumangCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 23:00:56CSD 367KChild TreatmentByrdSpring 20151I thought the course load would be excessive as a writing flag, but it is very doable. Dr. Byrd is by far my favorite CSD professor because of her genuine passion for teaching as well as her teaching style. I have her at 8am and it's so hard to complain or fall asleep in class because she makes it enjoyable to learn. She elaborates a lot from her powerpoint slides and she shares several personal stories and experiences that make it easier for her students to understand. She shares several examples and she allows us to interrupt her during lecture for questions. Although she does not take attendance, I highly advice not to skip her class because she is an amazing professor to learn from. There are 3 exams and 5 writing assignments. They are all fairly easy and most of them are done in class. Overall, I highly recommend this course with Dr. Byrd than any other professor because she teaches us more about the duties as an SLP from her own experience rather than just by her powerpoint slides. If you have not taken a writing course, wait until this course and CSD371 to fulfill it because this course is now split into two different professors. Dr. Byrd is the writing flag and Dr. Brown is not.Required for Major2Attend lecture and take notes because most of what she says in not on the slides. Study the slides for the exams.Natasha LumangCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 23:33:30BIO 301LMolecules to OrganismsZhaiming ZhaoSpring 20152I loved this class! Not only was the professor incredibly nice, but the material was quite easy to understand and he gives large curves (13 points was the highest curve on the last test!) and gives extra credit if you attend most of the 1 hour discussions each week. The only grades in the class are the three tests, of which you can drop the lowest one if you really need to. The final is mandatory. I recommend this class if you are good with understanding accents - sometimes his accent is a bit difficult, but you get used to it after a few classes.Required for Core Curriculum2The tests literally come from the powerpoints, and always ALWAYS study the examples that he gives in class and look over the sample tests as those questions almost always show up. Also, take BIO 301L and 301M in adjacent semesters as half of the information covered is the exact same, down to the test questions and everything.Aimee VillaretCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 23:38:45CSD 313LHearing ScienceChang LiuSpring 20152Dr. Liu is the nicest man I've ever met. When you start the class you think "oh crap, physics", but he walks you through it so patiently and so thoroughly that it's completely understandable. There are 4 exams and multiple quizzes, but he does give many bonus quizzes and there is a bonus question on every exam. The class does not take attendance.Required for Major3Definitely pay attention to the things he repeats multiple times in lectures, as they will be on the test. His tests are fill in the blank and short answer, but they're usually not difficult if you study (and sometimes even if you don't). I would recommend taking this class at the same time as or before CSD 311K as they cover some of the same information.Aimee VillaretCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/21/2015 23:45:04UGS 303 Scientific InquiryStuart ReichlerSpring 20154Difficult, at least for me as a quiet person. This class is very independent, with the majority of work requiring you to work with other people as you create and implement research projects. There is homework about every other day, so it is easy to keep an A, though the big reports are worth 50% of your grade so it's also easy to bomb. It mainly depends on how nice your TA is. I would recommend this class only if you're willing to put in the work and are interested in research. I only took it for the 3 flags (IL, Wr, and EL) and I've realized that I'm not very good at the whole research thing.Required for Core Curriculum4Never do a research project based on human participation. Make it something that you can work on in lab. People will say that they'll help you and then they don't. Also be very thorough in lab reports and go in for help with the TAs - if you really don't understand, they'll walk you through every bit of your report.
Also go to class - there is an in-class assignment almost every day.
Aimee VillaretCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/22/2015 12:19:21EDP 371Introduction to StatisticsTombariSpring 20152This class is SO easy and SO helpful. I have learned more from Dr. Tombari in one semester than I learned from any of my high school math classes combined. Everyone should take this class to fulfill their statistics requirement. You get to use a "cheat sheet" on every test, so there is no memorization -- you just need to understand basic concepts! Attendance is required, but it would be a bad idea to skip this class because Dr. Tombari is such a great teacher. There are 3 tests plus a final. He does not drop any grades, but you are given the opportunity to retake a test if you have good attendance. I would definitely recommend this class! Required for Grad School1Pay attention in lecture. He also really appreciates when you ask questions. Alexandria McStayCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/22/2015 12:26:29CSD 358SFundamentals of Speech ScienceChandraSpring 20153Dr. Chandra is a great professor. His lectures are easy to understand and he is great at explaining more difficult concepts. Attendance is not mandatory, but I would recommend going to class s much as possible. There are four tests - no final - and quizzes that are graded on completion. No grades are dropped. His tests are only 20 questions and mostly focus on the main points of lecture. Overall, this class is very interesting. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chandra!Required for Major2This class builds off what you learn in Phonetics, but I do not feel like phonetics is a necessary prerequisite for this class, because Dr. Chandra always reviews before going into more detail.Alexandria McStayCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/22/2015 12:33:20CSD 311KPhoneticsDavisSpring 20153This class has been one of the more difficult CSD classes I have taken. Dr. Davis is very nice and knowledgeable, but the content is sometimes difficult. Attendance is encouraged through pop quizzes, so it is important to study before every class. There are 4 tests(1 is dropped), 12 pop quizzes/assignments (2 are dropped), and a lab assignment. I would recommend taking this class with Dr. Davis because she is kind, but it would be very helpful to visit office hours! Required for Major3Study every night!Alexandria McStayCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/22/2015 16:57:55CH 304KChemistry in Context 1SutcliffeSpring 20153Dr. Sutcliffe is really nice and laid back. Chemistry can be kind of boring but she is nice to listen to! There are two different grading systems and she calculates both and uses the higher grade. Tests are fairly easy. Lots of extra credit opportunities. One of the TAs I had was really good and the other two were pretty sub-par. I would definitely recommend for a science!Required for Grad School, ASHA Requirement, Required for Core Curriculum3Do the homework, review the homework before the tests, actually pay attention to the learning modules. Lecture notes are online but you should go to class for clicker points.Heather GrosenbacherCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/22/2015 17:01:21ASL 610DAmerican Sign Language- BeginnerWynneSpring 20152ASL in general is a great class to take for a language requirement! Classes are always fun and interesting (even at 8am) and all of the professors are very nice and approachable. I've learned a lot in my classes and they've always been my favorite class!Required for Core Curriculum2Pay close attention in class. Also, it helps to finish the video assignments early so you can go in and ask how you can improve (and get a better grade in the end). Also don't procrastinate on the observation report.Heather GrosenbacherCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/22/2015 17:04:47CSD 341Principles of AudiologyChenSpring 20153Chen makes things pretty easy to understand and the tests are pretty easy. The only issue is that sometimes he doesn't quite understand the question you're trying to ask, and as a consequence, doesn't really provide the best answer. He is very nice, though, and will be patient and explain things more fully if you need it. The labs are interesting.Required for Major, Required for Grad School, ASHA Requirement2Don't fall asleep in class (even though it's at 8am- just try to pay attention).Heather GrosenbacherCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/26/2015 16:35:02PSY 301Intro to PsychologyJacqueline Evans Spring 20153This class was absolutely amazing. I only though psychology was a tiny portion of what it actually is. You have to go to lectures because she does not put the powerpoints on canvas. But, she is so energetic, funny, and engaging that you don't really want to miss the class anyway. There are two very easy canvas activities and 4 tests. She drops the lowest test score if you don't skip test days. Required for Core Curriculum, I was interested4Pay attention in classKayley HoagCSD- Audiology
4/26/2015 16:42:16BIO 301MEvolution, Ecology, and SocietyProfessor ZhaoFall 20143I really enjoyed this class. The professor has a heavyish accent, but you can understand him clearly from day 1. He kind of just reads of the powerpoint, but he sometimes sings and dances for us. I think there were three tests and a final and nothing else. There was a lab for the class, but is an hour. It is also used for extra credit on your final grade. You can't drop grades, but he is very lenient on the grading system. I recommend this class because it is a fairly easy class. You have probably learned the material before so it is really just review. ASHA Requirement, Required for Core Curriculum3You do not use the textbook. Go to lab hours to get extra help (and extra credit). Go to lectures because he usually shows videos and then asks questions about it on tests. Kayley HoagCSD- Audiology
4/26/2015 16:47:34LIN 306MIntro to LinguisticsJustin CopeSpring 20154I was not a fan of this class, but it could have been me personally. My teacher is a grad student, so he had very particular interests that didn't seem like they belonged in an introduction class. The class consists of take home midterms and finals, daily open book quizzes, attendance, and assignments. The take home tests are not easy. The material he teaches hasn't really been in the textbook or even online. My friend is taking the same class with a different teacher and she couldn't even help me with the material. You don't drop any grades. I would recommend this class if you already have a basis in linguistics (yes I know that seems contradictory). He doesn't teach but wants discussion. I did not understand the material from the textbook, so I was always lost in class discussion. If you really like computational analysis and coding, then take this class. If you want to learn about language acquisition, do not take this class (at least not with this teacher). Required for Core Curriculum2Go to his office hours. He is better explaining information one on one. Kayley HoagCSD- Audiology
4/26/2015 23:28:53CSD 308KPerspectives of DeafnessBernsteirnFall 20143The class was very interesting, and it definitely gave me perspectives on what it means to be deaf. Dr. Bernstein has a unique teaching style in which it seems like he is telling a story throughout the lecture. You really need to pay attention to his lectures as most things are expanded from the powerpoint. The class does not take attendance but due to his lecture style, attendace is recommended. There are 2 exams, 2 papers, an internet log, and a final exam. The internet log was simple but took time to do. He also assigned videos to watch. These were essential for exams and helped apply the material learned in class. The exams really caused me to think and use my critical thinking skills. Although the material, exams, and papers were challenging, I enjoyed the class as it broadened my eyes to see the deaf world around me. You do not get to drop any grades. Bernstien is the only professor, and since this is a required course, it must be taken. Required for Major4There is a booklet that can be purchased. Although it is not necessarily mandatory to read, the articles in there are good supplments to his lectures. It would be recommended to pay attention as missing or not listening can cause you to be very confused for the next lecture. A study guide is given for each exam which is very helpful if you separetly add in information. I also recommend going to office hours if there is any confusion. He always willing to help me.Hannah LeungCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/26/2015 23:36:41LIN 306Introduction to the Study of LanguageNora EnglandSpring 20152I really enjoyed taking this class! Learning linguistics helped me feel more comfortable with the material covered in other CSD classes. Nora England is a great professor. She can get a little boring at points, but I honestly didn't mind because her explanations are very clear, and her love of the field of linguistics is very obvious. There is a lot of memorization required in this course, and the tests are geared toward problem solving, yet they are not difficult as long as you study for it. Minor in Linguistics3Read the textbook. A lot of people skip out of reading the textbooks, but it helps a lot to read because the homework is directly from the textbooks. Do the study guides for exams, they are more or less exactly what will be on the test.Katarina AntolovicCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/26/2015 23:51:48CMS 306MProfessional Communication SkillsSeth FreiFall 20142Seth Frei is an awesome instructor who is very thorough and interactive during every lecture. There is a lot of textbook reading involved and quizzes for each chapter, which are really chapter specific so definitely read the book. He is a very generous grader on the speeches, as long as you are prepared. Overall this class was fun, and as interesting as it could have been. Required for Core Curriculum3Read the textbook, don't procrastinate on this because the chapters are semi-long. Review guides are great. Practice speeches a few times before you actually present them.Katarina AntolovicCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 1:11:38BIO 301MEcology, Evolution, and SocietyPaneroSpring4This class covers a part of biology that I'm not necessarily interested in. Although I think some of the information we go over in class is irrelevant to biology, Dr. Panero provides it as supplemental to our class material. He is very nice at office hours and is willing to help. The class does not take attendance, but he does extra credit pop quizzes that can be added onto the final grade which help a lot. There is participation in discussion session as well as assignments and quizzes in there. There are 3 exams as well as a comprehensive final that can be used to drop any exam if its score is higher. I recommend this class because Dr. Panero clearly understands what he is teaching and is passionate about teaching. There is another professor, but I would recommend Dr. Panero.Required for Core Curriculum4Make sure to read every chapter so as to understand what Dr. Panero discusses in cass. Hannah LeungCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 1:18:23CSD 313LHearing ScienceLiuSpring 20151I really enjoyed this class and understanding the science that goes behind sound waves, our ear, and psychoacoustics of sound. Dr.Liu is a humble and an amazing professor. He makes sure that you understand everything he teaches and if he sees that the majority of students did not understand the conccept or question then decides that it was his inability to convey the concept. The class does not attendance but he does pop quizzes very randomly that can be added or subtracted from your overall grade. There are 4 exams, some quizzes and assignments here and there, no final exam, and either a lab or essay portion. You cannot drop any grades. I recommend this class becuase Dr. Liu is an awesome teacher and what is learned is really interesting. There is no other professor.Required for Major2There is a textbook but it is not necessary to buy it as his exams are based off of his lectures. It is important to pay attention in lecture because Dr. Liu likes to expand a lot outside of his powerpoint notes.Hannah LeungCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 7:36:13CSD 358A&PCzimskeySpring 20152I loved this class! Going into it, I wasn't very excited, but Prof Czimskey is by far one of the best teachers I've ever had. She is witty, funny, and really cares about her students. The class doesn't take attendance, and you're graded by 4 tests with an optional final. There are also 4 homeworks, which are really just reviews for the tests. You definitely don't need the books though. Required for Major, Required for Grad School, ASHA Requirement, Required for Core Curriculum2Make sure you copy down what she says in lecture that doesn't appear on the slides. Mary MellencampCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 7:40:40CSD 318KAcquisisiton of Communication Abilities in ChidrenBoji LamSpring 20153Boji was a TA last year, so he may not be the teacher again. However, he was very funny and understanding, though it was difficult to follow him at times. Your grade is based off 3 tests and 5 assignments. Personally, I felt the assignments to be annoying and excessive- they didn't prepare you for the test. However, they really weren't difficult, and Boji was an easy grader. The class doesn't take attendance, and no grades are dropped. Required for Major, Required for Grad School, ASHA Requirement, Required for Core Curriculum4Study what he says in lectures most. I do recommend getting the book-if you have time to read it it's very helpful. Mary MellencampCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 7:43:59CSD 341Principles of AudiologyYu Fu ChenFall 20152Honestly, as an SLP major, this class felt like a bit of a waste of time. It's also only offered at 8 am, which automatically made me somewhat unenthused about it. The teacher was a TA this year, and he wasn't very experienced. He often added slides to the powerpoint that weren't in the course packet without telling us. You are graded based on 3 tests and a mandatory final, and also 7 labs throughout the semester. Required for Major, Required for Grad School, ASHA Requirement, Required for Core Curriculum4Don't bother getting the book, and make sure you ask clarifying questions in class. Mary MellencampCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 11:33:03CSD 371Intro to Speech/Language Disorders Assesment and Treatment in AdultsMarquardtSpring 20154I enjoyed the topic which involved in more depth of TBI, various stroke, and disorders seen in brain impaired adults. The style of teaching is lecture and powerpoint. No lab or group project/interaction. The class lecture can be boring so take notes to keep you occupied. He does not care if you use a laptop and recording device in the class. He took attendance once when it was after a holiday but for the most part, he does not take attendance. However, it is a smaller class (30-45 enroll) and he might notice you missing. There are 2 tests (midterm and final) both written in short answer where you examples and proper vocabulary usage. There are no make-ups so STUDY! There are five 10 question homeworks due throughout the semester and only graded by the TA (which is nice.) They are just paragraph answers and usually answers can be found in the powerpoints, book, or internet. No pop quizzes, lab, or required participation. There is a review paper that you summarize an assigned article specific to you and a few other classmates. He allowed us to re-do this paper to bump up our grades. There is also a research paper (8-12 pages) required to have 10 references and written with his specific rules. The paper is due near the end of the semester. A revision of the research paper is at the end but is a separate grade. No dropping of any grades. He might allow a second re-do for the review paper but not the research paper. I recommend the class because it prepares you for grad level writing. He is a nice professor but is strict on the writing style. Be prepared to work hard for an A. There is another professor but I can't recall the name. Required for Grad School3I know some students recorded to catch any facts that they may have missed. I would definitely recommend in creating a FB group to help each other out. Most of my questions or crazy moments were clarified in the class group. Ask the TA's questions!! They were both prompt in email and friendly in helping you. There may be delay in email response from the professor so TA's are definitely a plus. I would suggest reading the book because it explains the concepts a little more clearer. Marquardt's powerpoint sometimes did not make sense, had too much, or too little infromation on them. I am making an A but I have to pay attention, take the time in my writing skills, and read the book and online websites to fully understand concepts to do well on the test and paper. Krystal McDanielCSD leveling student
4/27/2015 11:45:53EDP 371Introduction to StatisticsTombariSpring 20151This class is very straight forward. Tombari does a good job in organizing notes, resources, and materials online for those who need additional help. He is very interactive with the class, uses technology well, and practice problems with you. I recommend getting the classbook because he goes through every page. There are example problems to work in the book with answers on how to do it. He takes attendance through class work activities that you do within a group. This is usually every class day so come if you want to have the option to re-take a test. There are 3 tests which you are allowed to create a 1 page cheat sheet, scheduled final exam that is cumulative, a research participation project or written paper requirement, no outside homework but lots of practice and resources available for studying, no pop quizzes, no lab, and no points for participation but he does ask for people to answer questions during class. You can drop 1 test that is between a 60-69 if you have good attendance. He takes the highest out of the two grades even if the first grade was higher. Easy to talk to and is available through email and office hours. He is prompt in email response! I definitely recommend taking with him. Some may find it easy and it's not too challenging. Yes there is another professor (I don't know the names.)Required for Grad School2There are several tutors to work with your schedule which is great. If you fail the first test he does require you to meet with a tutor to fix your mistakes. He cares for his student's grades and wants the class to do well. Take notes of his examples and have the classbook every time you go to class. He does a great job in working step by step through the math problems but does not explain the reasoning. He expects you to read the chapter to understand further of why you do what you do with the math. This is usually what is tested. Bring a calculator for the tests because phones are not allowed. Also, print out any tables he says you to print out. You will need it during class and it's a pain to try to bring it up on the phone. Krystal McDanielCSD leveling student
4/27/2015 12:12:49CSD 373Aural Rehabilitation - Web basedZapplerSpring 20151Where do I begin...this class has interesting points like cochlea implants and devices to to use for the hearing impaired but it was a struggle to have the class online. Zappler posts pre-recoreded lectures and notes online and during the online class, she goes over key points and answer any questions. You type your response in a chat box and listen to her talk through a mic. Attendance is not graded but she does appreciate if you email her when you're not able to attend. There are only two 20 question tests both timed, online only, multiple choice and short answers. You can use notes, textbook, and online. No projects, homework, pop quizzes, or required participation. There are written labs that progessively become harder and longer to do. You do not get to drop any grades. Your grade average is immediately shown and she does +/- grading. Zappler is a nice professor. I recommend taking it in a regular classroom because it was hard to pay attention some nights. Also the time of the class was sometimes inconvenient so try to plan accordingly. I think she is currently the only professor teaching the course but she might offer in class instead of online next semester. Required for Major, Required for Grad School, ASHA Requirement3Try your very best to not get behind in looking at the powerpoint or listening to the lectures during the online class. It's easy to trail off from this class because it is easier than most CSD classes. However, some questions on the test might be tricky. Read carefully! You might be able to survive without the book if you unable to pay for one but then you need to focus on the powerpoints and resources she gives instead. I recommend participating during the online chat because it puts your name out there. If your goal is to get a recommendation letter, then she should be able to know your name well enough. Especially since you could easily make an A in this class! She is a friendly professor and wants to get to know everyone in the class that are willing. Krystal McDanielCSD leveling student
4/27/2015 12:59:09UGS 303Writing, Scripts, and LiteracyJohn HuehnergardFall 20143This class was really interesting and informative. Dr. Huegnergard is very knowledgable and involved in his field, and he always has a relevant anecdote about what the material is covering. The class is very well organized with powerpoint presentations. The discussion section quality varies greatly depending on the TA you get, but you could still definitely pass this class despite the TA. If you like learning about the history of written communication, this is a fascinating course. There is a lot of reading, and daily quizzes on the reading, so take this course only if you know you can dedicate 1-2 hours reading for it a week, depending on how detailed you like your notes to be.Required for Core Curriculum4Definitely read the textbooks. Attendance to discussion sections is mandatory, but they can also be really helpful. The review guides he gives are also extremely helpful. Definitely attend lecture, as he doesn't post the lecture powerpoints online. Katarina AntolovicCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 13:27:01CSD 358Anatomy and PhysiologyCzimskeySpring 20153This class was well organized. The professor's teaching style was entertaining and engaging. I genuinely looked forward to attending this class. The class does not take attendance. We were required to do homework's that were due the class day before the exam. We also were given optional study guides. There are 4 tests and one optional cumulative exam that will drop your lowest score. I highly recommend this course because I never thought anatomy and physiology could be so much fun. Take this class. You want to take this class.Required for Major, ASHA Requirement2Go to Czimskey's optional grad school meeting!Megan NationsCSD- Audiology
4/27/2015 13:30:07CSD 313LHearing ScienceDr. LiuFall 20143Dr. Liu is a great professor. He explains the information clearly and concisely. The exams are all fill in the blank and short answer, but they are easy if you just study and show up for class. He also has homework and pop quizzes.Required for Major2Watch out for the third exam! It will surprise you.Megan NationsCSD- Audiology
4/27/2015 13:33:41CSD 311KPhoneticsDr. YangFall 20144I loved this class. Dr. Yang does a good job at explaining the material. The course packet is set up to explain the material well. She had homework's, in-class quizzes, and exams. Make sure you review and preview the material before class starts or you may be lost because Dr. Yang can go quickly in her lectures over the minutia that you should already know. The final project is challenging, but fun. Don't wast so much money on printing. Record all the sounds at once. Work with classmates on this project.Required for Major4Main thing I wish I knew at first was to just go ahead and memorize the IPA chart immediately. The rest of the class is easy once you get that down.Megan NationsCSD- Audiology
4/27/2015 16:16:10CSD 358Anat/phys speech/hearing mechCzimskeySpring 20152This class was awesome. Professor Czimskey is great at communicating information in a way that's easy to understand. She does not take attendance. The class consists of 4 exams and an optional final that can replace a lower exam grade. There is also a homework for every exam (a total of 4) but are relatively easy and very helpful.Required for Major1Make your own study guide, pay attention in class, and do the reviews.Josie MunizCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 16:21:38CSD 341Principles of AudiologyChenSpring 20153The class was fairly easy. At times it was difficult to understand what the professor was saying but over all it was a great class. He does not take attendance. His class consists of 4 exams, no optional final, and 6 labs. The labs were really easy and as long as you study for the exams you will do great.Required for Major2Make a study guide, pay attention, and don't miss labsJosie MunizCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 16:28:55318 KAcquis of comm abils in childrenLamSpring 20153It was not my favorite class but it was interesting. Sometimes the professor would go through the material pretty quickly and it was hard to keep up at times. He did not take attendance. The class consists of 3 exams and 4 assignments. I found the exams to be a bit tricky but other people did really well on them. You also need to take the corresponding lab to the class which consists of 7 labs and they are relatively easy. Each lab has a writing component to it but they only need to be a page long.Required for Major3Study for the exams and do your assignment and labs with time because you will most likely have questions on them. Go to office hours, TAs and professor are really helpfulJosie MunizCSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 21:00:55CSD 341Principles of audiologyYufu Chenspring 20143
The only thing to make up your grades were the exams and lab. The lab didn't weigh much so it didn't make a difference. I think other exams or quizzes would not only help the students, but also help keep the students attending the 8am class. The course packet needs to be updated because There is so much slides added or different, he posts the slides online but it's not as convenient. On the flip side, Professor Chen is very helpful.
Required for Major
Go to class, print out the additional slides.
Francees Ulep
CSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 21:09:13Csd 311kPhoneticsDavisSpring 20153
I loved Dr. Davis. She related all of our lectures back to SLP. She would tell us how a certain section would pertain to actually working in the field. I found this very interesting and helpful. She also did transcription almost every class which was good because it helped you practice for the actual transcription for the exams. Although, this can be difficult at times because sometimes she changes what she says or says that she said something else when the majority of the class thinks that she said something else. Hyoyoung, was ,y TA and she was very helpful. She knew that not a lot of students could understand her well so she true dreamily hard and made sure that the students understood her. The quizzes also help and the lowest ones get dropped. Also for the exams the lowest exam gets dropped
Required for Major
Pay attention in class
Look over your exam
Bring course packet everyday
Review notes from previous class because of pop quizzes
Frances Ulep
CSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 21:17:38Edp 363Humansexuality BrownsteinSpring 20153
This class was a great break from my CSD courses. It has nothing to with my major but it has everything to do with everything else. The class is not only about sex but also about life and relationship with everyone else besides your boyfriend or girlfriend. The class is very discussion based, which is the best part. Brownstein is always lively and is very kind. He offers extra credit and is very generous when it comes to extra points on the test. The class does not take attendance but Brownstein is very good at remembering faces so you better go. The grades are bad off the exams but if you do all the assigned written assignments you are given additional points to your final grade. He a.so requires research pools. These take awhile, but it's either the subject pool or a research paper. His test are kind of hard because it has ,ultisols questions, true/ false, and short essay.the first exam was definitely hard because it was different and a lot of the items on the test are from the lecture not the text book. He is also very helpful during the exams you can go and ask him a question about the test and will help you find the right answer.
Required for Major, Upper division elective
Go to class the class is lecture base. Also, his class is very enjoyable
Right notes during class
Study group or fb group
Go over your exams
Frances ulep
CSD- Speech Language Pathology
4/27/2015 21:24:36Adv 315
History and development of advertising
AtkinsonSpring 20153
This class is great and very trivial and discussion based. The class makes you think. Attendance is not taken but there are surprise attendance checks. Grades are based off of three exams and a final and the. Three I class assignments. The exams are not that bad because it is all multiple choice. The inclsss assignment in the other hand is a lot harder than it sounds. You need to read the text book to do well in those I additional to your notes from class. One of the frustrating things about the inclsss assignment is that they fall between two tests so you need to re review things you've already learned. The lowest inclsss assignment and exams do get dropped do it helps. There is also research needed for this class and there is extra credit for the class also.
Required for Major, Upper class elective
Take notes
Pay attention during clsss
Go over in class assignment with TA and professor
Frances Ulep
CSD- Speech Language Pathology
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