Club and Organization Electronic Contact List 2012-2013
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TimestampClub or OrganizationAdvisor (Name & E-mail)President (Name & E-mail)Vice President (Name & E-mail)Treasurer (Name & E-mail)Secretary (Name & E-mail)Senator (Name & E-mail)Other (Position, Name, & E-mail)
9/19/2012 10:21:27Accounting SocietyGeorge Romeo, romeo@rowan.eduJeff Ritter, ritter35@students.rowan.eduJoseph Simon, simonj66@students.rowan.eduDaniel Maher,
Christina Nitzsche,
Solomon Feraidoon, feraid50@students.rowan.eduExecutive Vice President, Amrita Multani,
Director of BOBA Relations, Karly Akin,
Director of Public Relations, James Trubin,
9/20/2012 17:31:46Accounting Society George Romeo and Mei Zhang or
Jeffrey Ritter
Amrita Multani
Dan Maher
Christina Nitzsche
Solomon Feraidoon
Second Vice President, Joseph Simon simonj66@students.rowan.ed
Public Relations Director, James Trubin
BOBA Representative, Karly Akin
9/17/2012 17:39:48advertising clubCharles Volpe & volpe@rowan.eduBrianna Schmidt & schmid71@students.rowan.eduJen Inglis & jinglis2@gmail.comTom Quilio & quilio55@students.rowan.eduKristin Garvey & garvey52@students.rowan.eduKelvon Hayes & hayesk39@students.rowan.eduPromotions Director, Nzinga andalcio, &
9/20/2012 11:19:49Advertising ClubCharles Volpe
Brianna Schmidt
Jen Inglis
Tom Quilio
Kristin Garvey
Kelvon Hayes
Event Planner: Carolyn Missimer,
Event Planner: Krista DeMato,
Fundraising Director: Ryan Lindsay,
Fundraising Director: Charneel Bowen,
Promotions: Nzinga Andaclio,
Promotions: Josh Moskowitz,
PAC Liaison: Delroy Coke,
Service Chair: Andrea Lysko,
Social Media Chair: Nicole Martinez,
9/17/2012 18:09:51African Students AssociationDr. Kelly Duke-Bryant
Lesley Ukaegbu
Calvin Martin
Talysha Marcellus
Amanda Gbesi
Ikenna Ibeka
Dance Coordinator- Calvin Martin
Dance Coordinator- Tyray Forte
Dance Coordinator- Deseria Sanders
Historian- Jiong Kuang
9/25/2012 11:22:41Allied HealthMr. Varela
Mallory Niro
Sheryl Arif
fahad noman
Jessica Healey
Amanda Mirmanesh
9/17/2012 17:14:48Alpha Phi SigmaDr. Natalie Schell-Busey (
Dr. Joseph Johnson (
Cherish DiSante ( Schoendorf ( Scharen ( Crump ( Hunter (
9/23/2012 17:04:36Alpha Psi Omega Rho Nu ChapterMelanie Stewart
RoShawn Briscoe
Jenna Lynn Garrison
Michael McEntee
Christina Higgins
Andrew Spinosi

Benjamin Shutman
Alternate Senators:
Jessica Albano:
Ashley Donegan:

Fundraising Committee:
Julia Wagner:
Katlyn Scott:

Social Media Chair:
Joe Grasso:
9/19/2012 18:33:00American Chemical SocietyDr. Gregory Caputo
Dr. Timothy Vaden
Bryan Penczuk penczu31@students.rowan.eduChristopher Sleet sleetc09@students.rowan.eduKatie Twomey Gregory Carrocino carroc07@students.rowan.eduBella Wight
10/1/2012 13:56:52American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)Mary Staehle & staehle@rowan.eduBrittany Arnold & arnold55@students.rowan.eduPeter Schwalbenberg & schwal42@students.rowan.eduFelix Alex & Jennifer Okulewicz & okulew29@students.rowan.eduHeather Malino &
9/17/2012 18:30:26American Marketing AssoiationDr. Berrin Guner - guner@rowan.eduCo-Presidents

Leigha Bannon -
Danielle Magazu -
None Melissa Kelly kellym95@students.rowan.eduSandra Guirguis - guirgu87@students.rowan.eduSandra Guirguis - guirgu87@students.rowan.eduVP of Communications: Glen Desmond -
VP of Fundraising: Dana Russo -
VP of Professional Development: Jordan Dipinto -
Vp of Community Service: Eva DuPont -
VP of Membership: Tyler Baker -
Webmaster: Rob Giannone -
9/21/2012 16:52:34American Society of Mechanical EngineersDr. Smitesh Bakrania - bakrania@rowan.eduRohith (Russ) Gowda - gowdar31@students.rowan.eduJoseph (Joe) Calogero - caloge46@students.rowan.eduJesse Butch - butchj16@students.rowan.eduKelsey Lewis - lewisk43@students.rowan.eduZach Waegener - waegen51@students.rowan.eduSocial/PR Chair: Danielle Cristino -
Service Project Chair: Frank Kemper -
Fundraising Chair: Mark Schneider -
Webmaster Chair: Alex Herman -
Membership Chair: Stephan Brinckmann -
9/18/2012 12:54:51American Society of Naval Engineering (ASNE)Thomas Merrill
Gina Tierno
Andreas Gabrielsen
Nicholas Houghton
Jeffrey Eker
Brittany Coleman
9/17/2012 18:52:25American Studies Club"Blanck, Emily Vanessa" <>"Jacquelyn Rybak" <>"Rebecca Fawkes" <>"Rachel Weber" <>"Rachel Weber" <>"Rebecca Fawkes" <>
9/18/2012 9:15:17Anime ClubMichael Benson
Gary Ertz
Emma Zulker
Luke Nanney
Emma Nathan
Kyersten Harrs
9/17/2012 15:54:49Applied Behavior Analysis ClubDr. Michelle Soreth - soreth@rowan.eduDanielle Smith -"Melissa Charfadi" <>, "Megan Mac Queen" <>"Jennifer Besthoff" <>"Benjamin Silverman" <>PR Director: "Janette Lawrence" <>
12/12/2012 19:23:07Asian Cultural AssociationDr. Han
Jeffrey Javier
Woei Chang
Jiong Kuang
Amy Stehman
Bria Mears
Amy Gill-Murphy

Victor Santa Ana
9/17/2012 16:46:55AvantRon Block - blockr@rowan.eduAlex Grover - grover27@students.rowan.eduAllison Evans - evansa66@students.rowan.eduKimberly Erskine - erskin87@students.rowan.eduThomas Richards - richar75@students.rowan.eduJalina Wayser - wayser77@students.rowan.eduLayout Editor - Lauren Wainwright -
9/18/2012 7:23:49BOBAMargaret Van Brunt -- vanbrunt@rowan.eduRebekah Calverley -- calver07@students.rowan.eduCharlton Hovis -- hovisc89@students.rowan.eduAlyssa Mills -- millsa59@students.rowan.eduRachael Rosenhouse -- now) Charlton Hovis -- hovisc89@students.rowan.eduPR Director (In conjunction with Secretary position) Rachael Rosenhouse --
CAR: Commuters at RowanBrandy Fletcher
Maria Marchi
Alexis Johnston
Waldy Diez
Crystal Holt
Kaitlin Gaffney
9/17/2012 16:39:06Catholic Campus MinistryPatricia Quigley
Sarah Gettings
Gemma Peebles
Janine Norbut
Andrew Furlong
Timothy Kain
9/17/2012 17:03:50Chi Alpha Lori Marshall
Cristina DeBlasio
James Burrows
Marissa Truglio
Lauren Schroeder
Annelise Walker E-board Leader: Kathryn Lashbrook
E-board Leader: Annelise Walker
E-board Leader: Rebekah Russell
9/17/2012 15:50:41Cinema WorkshopSean O'Leary
Matthew Montalto
Corey Pugliese
Jon Hirsch
Jessica Catts
Will Alston
Equipment Manager: Josh Darpino

Promotions Director: Juli Scott

Web Chair: Jason Carubia

9/17/2012 22:48:52Circle KAndrew Perrone
Julie Mizerek
Shannon Perri
Ashley Payne
Our secretary did not return to Rowan this semester, so we are in the middle of electing a new one.Maegan Pollinger
9/18/2012 8:17:55Colleges Against CancerAndrew Perrone
Samantha Musumeci
Julia England
Adrienne Bush
Katherine Andrews
Amira Anderson

Shelby Walerzak
10/18/2012 6:32:30Communication Studies ClubMaria Simone
Maria Lattanzio
Taylor Cohen
Francis Tabili
Cory Hendra
Courtney Rice
9/17/2012 21:52:33Constitutional Review Commissionnone, SGA commission with need of Rowan Announcer privileges Steven Berner berner64@students.rowan.edunone, SGA commission with need of Rowan Announcer privileges none, SGA commission with need of Rowan Announcer privileges none, SGA commission with need of Rowan Announcer privileges none, SGA commission with need of Rowan Announcer privileges
9/24/2012 6:06:20Dance ExtensionsPaule Turner
Brittany Griffiths
DJ Abel
Aaron Pierce
Sam DeBonis
Rebecca Dryl

Samantha Thomas
9/17/2012 16:13:48Early Childhood ClubKaren Hutchison
Jen Pacek
Jackie Parodi
Ashley Hofmann
Krista Edgar
Carly Szabo
Jacqui Soto
9/17/2012 18:41:23Early Childhood ClubKaren Hutchinson Hutchison@rowan.eduJennifer Pacek pacekj18@students.rowan.eduJackie Parodi parodi91@students.rowan.eduAshley Hofmann hofman78@students.rowan.eduKrista Edgar edgark38@students.rowan.eduCarly Szabo szaboc33@students.rowan.eduHistorian
Jacquelyn Soto
9/20/2012 5:17:34Early Childhood ClubLeah Walker walkerl@rowan.eduJennifer Pacek pacekj18@students.rowan.eduJackie Parodi

Ashley Hofmann hofman78@students.rowan.eduKrista Edgar edgark38@students.rowan.eduCarly Szabo szabo33@students.rowan.eduJacquelyn Soto
3/7/2013 13:59:18El Círculo de EspañolJose A. Almanza
Elena Guzman
Jenna Cooperman
Elena Guzman
Jenna Cooperman
Ishien Chung
9/17/2012 16:33:32Engineers Without BordersDr. Yusuf Mehta

Dr. Jess Everett
Sarah Gettings
Andrea McFarland
Kenneth Sears
Jacob Scaramazza
Angela Kinsella

Jessica Guglielmo
Recruiting Chair
Charles Van Sciver

Communications Director
Marika Agnello

La Ceiba Project Lead
Kelly Barb

Gambia Project Lead
Gemma Peebles
3/28/2013 14:47:23Engineers Without BordersJess Everett -

Yusuf Mehta -
Andrea McFarland - mcfarl39@students.rowan.eduJessica Guglielmo - guglie43@students.rowan.eduBethany Grigandi - brigan15@students.rowan.eduJasmine Naik - naikj71@students.rowan.eduSarah Gettings -

***We are in the process of getting a new SGA senator
Communications Chair: Angela Kinsella -
Fundraising Chair: Eric Seckinger -
Alumni Coordinator: Carol Butler -
Project Lead 1: Jacob Scaramazza -
Project Lead 2: Charles Van Sciver -
Web Master - John Gribbin -
9/19/2012 17:26:05Financial Management AssociationOzge Uygur

Daniel Folkinshteyn
Brendon Dluhi
Amrita Multani
Jonathan Hirsch
Erika Hawxhurst
Chris Waldron
3/13/2013 21:46:34Gaming ClubCarrigan, William D.
Melvin Adams
Jack Goldie
Eric Macias
Elizabeth DiPietro
Jessica Tuckerman
9/24/2012 8:06:38Gamma Chi Sigma Dr. Stanley Yeldell
Katrina McCullough
Devin Young
Izeyya Heyward
Jahnel Tompkins
Ashley Harvell
9/20/2012 9:18:35Gay-Straight AllianceDeb Martin:
Gardy Guiteau:
Chris Lane: LaneC86@students.rowan.eduNicole Aszman: nicole.aszman@gmail.comHeather Felker: felker10@students.rowan.eduLeah Ly: ohleahdarling@gmail.comGarrett Miglin:
Ellen Everett:
Communications Director- Heather Malino:
Public Relations Director- Asleigh Laier:
9/18/2012 14:09:05H.E.L. P Hotline Dr. Amy Hoch
Allison Smith
Sara Vallet (co-president)
Melissa Chafadi
Maria Russo
Angara Beaubrun
Vice President Taylor Hurley
Public Relations Director Kathleen Masterson
Membership Chair Natalie Jengo
Alternate Senator Giba Yiantselis
9/17/2012 19:36:59Habitat for HumanityLori Morro, morro@rowan.eduKelly Barb, Barbk91@students.rowan.eduJames Miller, Miller5f@students.rowan.eduKelsey Donovan, Donova78@students.rowan.eduChristina Strow, Strowc27@students.rowan.eduMarissa Johnston,
4/15/2013 11:05:15Habitat For Humanity Lori Morro, morro@rowan.eduMark Steen , steenm56@students.rowan.eduJeff Williams, willia6b@students.rowan.eduMeredith Reeve, reevem40@students.rowan.eduBrendon Rush, Laura Howells, howell88@students.rowan.eduVolunteer Coordinator - Kunal Patel,
9/19/2012 13:29:32Hey MarleneSean Landis, Landis@Rowan.EduAkinlolu Olla, Ollaa13@students.rowan.eduAndrew, smitha50@students.rowan.eduNzinga Gibbs, andalc83@students.rowan.eduSamantha Burke , burkes22@students.rowan.eduBrandon Wiltbank,
9/21/2012 13:39:36IEEEDr. Robert Krchnavek
Charlotte Cecere
Samantha Pfeiffer
Christina Lee
Joseph Natale
Matthew Montgomery
Fundraising Chair
Christen Marie Corrado

Activities Chair
Ari Leibowitz

Web Master
Patrick Louis Quirk
12/4/2012 21:18:50IEEE Robotics and Automation SocietyDr. John Schmalzel
Anthony Merlino
Atharva Amritkar
Zachary Zeitler
Sheffield Kaelin
Jeffery Eker
Evan Jerome
Fundrasing Chair:
Jacob Cooper
Christen Corrado
9/18/2012 12:51:43International ClubTim Torre ( Guirguis (

Antoine Braxton (
Alessandro Popolani ( Wederich ( Kyra Patel (

Surbhi Pathak (
Bruno Vicente (
9/17/2012 19:41:39InterwovenMaria Tahamont, tahamont@rowan.eduSarah Schanck, schanc67@students.rowan.eduRenee Schwartz, schwar64@students.rowan.eduMelanie Erb, erbm66@students.rowan.eduMat'thew Bowen, bowenm53@students.rowan.eduSarah Schanck,
9/17/2012 19:54:09Kappa Delta PiMartha Viator

Corine Cadle Meredith
Kaitlyn Klinke
Rosalyn Wodlinger
Alisa Ridolfino
Colleen Curren
Christine Olesinski
9/21/2012 16:54:56Lyrical AllianceGardy Guiteau guitea@rowan.eduJosh Howard howard47@students.rowan.eduCarly Szabo szaboc33@students.rowan.eduPhil Vassallo vassal17@students.rowan.eduCandice Tucker tucker97@students.rowan.eduCandice Tucker tucker97@students.rowan.eduEvent Coordinator
Scott Sigl
9/19/2012 12:00:34Management Information Systems ClubYide Shen;
Angela Saggiomo; saggio72@students.rowan.eduRyan Powderly; powder32@students.rowan.eduChristina Nitzsche; nitzsc67@students.rowan.edNicholas Morrotto; morrot63@students.rowan.eduSGA Representative: Patrick Williams;
BOBA Representative: Joshua Thomas;
9/18/2012 20:08:24Math TeamOlcay Ilicasu
Samantha Kabe
Lindsey Mading
Marielis Nunez
Kyra Patel
Nicholas Houghton
PR Director: Stephanie Greco

Grad Assistant: Jennifer Hoxworth
9/19/2012 9:52:47Math TeamDr. Ilicasu
Samantha Kabe
Lindsey Mading
Marielis Nunez
Kyra Patel
Nicholas Houghton
Stephanie Greco -- PR

Jennifer Hoxworth -- GA
9/30/2012 10:48:48Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society: Gamma Tau Sigma ChapterEsther Mummert: Mummerte@rowan.eduChristopher Lane: LaneC86@students.rowan.eduMelissa Charfadi: Charfa86@students.rowan.eduAaron Walker: walker33@students.rowan.eduNatalie Jengo: jengon04@students.rowan.eduTBAFundraising Chairperson- Melanie Judge:
Communications Director- Colleen Byrne:
Service Chairperson- Erica Thacker:
Membership Chairperson- Jennifer Vales:
12/11/2012 18:14:00NAACPJames Uzcategui-Gaymon gaymon@rowan.eduTajiana Spann Vice President) Rheanah Johnson
(2nd Vice President) Michael Wilson
Aliah Duckett ducket26@students.rowan.eduBrittney Autry autryb15@students.rowan.eduReva Jackson jackso95@students.rowan.eduPR Director, Abrina Hillson,
Historian, Fatimah Jalloh,
Community Service Chair, Daniel Curtis,
Membership Chair, Deseria Sanders,
9/17/2012 18:46:24National Art Education Association Jane Graziano
Leanna Crisofulli
Stephanie Quigley
Jessica Padilla
Gina Spadavecchia
Rebecca Tronco
9/27/2012 17:45:39National Association for Music EducationDr. Rick Dammers, dammers@rowan.eduMegan Oravsky, oravsk55@students.rowan.eduJoe Sino, sinoj37@students.rowan.eduChristina Raczka, raczka31@students.rowan.eduRhea Fernandes, fernan99@students.rowan.eduMary Onopchenko, onopch81@students.rowan.eduMedia Coordinator, Alex Rones,
2/5/2013 14:14:44New Life MinistryGardy Guiteau Guiteau@rowan.eduKayla Martin martin6h@students.rowan.eduIsaiah Showell showel33@students.rowan.eduDiamond Haynes-Moore haynes55@students.rowan.eduGuirline Derilus derilus37@students.rowan.eduJazmine Wells wells83j@students.rowan.eduPR Director Chealsea McCline
9/19/2012 10:15:31NWIDr. Lesile Spencer
Amanda Mahler
VP of fundraising Nicollete Walker

VP of service projects Lauren Welch
Kevin Shields
Marina Mangano
Alexa Appignani

2/12/2013 13:26:54Operation SmileDr. Michael Grove
Maria Arias
Christine Collins
Gersson Romero
Jessica Casterline
Shannon Esteves
9/24/2012 18:12:58Paintball Club (Rec Center)Dr. Bruce Caswell
Morgan Redes
Dan Collins
Alex Smith
NoneNoneNone (we are chartered through the Rec Center)None
9/21/2012 8:33:13Phi Kappa PsiCory "Rudy" Taylor taylorco@rowan.eduJoseph Chen
Nicholas Holasman
Christian Monsu
Micheal Bramley
9/25/2012 8:13:36Pre Health SocietyTomas Varela
Walter Hinman
Viqar Moosavi
Michael Bacani
Syed Haider
Kaitlyn Toner
9/23/2012 6:20:44Pre-SomaTomas Varela
Mallory Niro
Sheryl Arif
Jessica Healey
Stefanie Gallagher
Stefanie Gallagher
9/25/2012 14:44:24Progressive Student AllianceSandra Jones
Alan Dodd
Jalina Wayser
Akinlolu Olla
Kelsey Coia
Rachel Storch
9/18/2012 19:43:27Psychology AllianceDr. James A. Haugh:

Dr. Valerie LaMastro:
Jeffrey Luery:
Kaylene Irizarry: irizar39@students.rowan.eduDanielle Smith: smithd61@students.rowan.eduhofber92@students.rowan.edulawren97@students.rowan.eduPR Representative- Lyle Zanca:

Psi Chi Liaison- Tiffany Marcantonio:
9/21/2012 16:59:27Public Relations Student Society of America/PRactionDr. Joe Basso
Dr. Susan Sparks- Fitzgerald/
PRSSA-Alexa DiGaetano
PRaction- Michael Moeller
VP of Special Events- Elisa
VP of Ethics, Advocacy, and Philanthropy -Diana DiNapoli
VP of Recruitment & Diversity- Amanda Nardi-
PRaction Vp of Operations- Jess Alamsha-
PRaction VP of Special events- Stephanie
Rhyan Truett- Samantha Swayze- swayze34@students.rowan.eduSamantha Swayze- swayze34@students.rowan.eduPR director- Laura Wade-
Communications Director- Amy Rosenberger-
PRSSA/PRSA Liasion Michelle Bilat-
Historian- Gabrielle King-
10/3/2012 14:30:39R.E.A.L.Jess W Everett
Lew Bivona
Thalya Reyes
Heather Merring
Christopher Marinello
Chelsey Van Heest
9/18/2012 12:38:25Rowan Ad ClubCharles Volpe
Brianna Schmidt
Jen Inglis
Tom Quilio
Kristen Garvey
Kelvon Hayes
Event Planners - Krista DeMato & Carolyn Missimer &
Promotions - Josh Moskowitz & Nzinga Andalcio: &
Fundraisers - Ryan Lindsay & Charneel Bowen &
9/27/2012 18:52:44Rowan Animal AdvocacyAndrew Perrone, perrone@rowan.eduAlexandra Woyshner, woyshn35@students.rowan.eduJessica Beltran, beltra73@students.rowan.eduSamantha Bongiovanni, bongio01@students.rowan.eduAshley Higginbotham, higgin93@students.rowan.eduJessica Beltran, beltra73@students.rowan.eduWildlife Event Coordinator- Katie Irizarry,
Domestic Event Coordinator- Jennifer Racine,
9/17/2012 17:32:36Rowan Christian FellowshipStephen Maiorana
Stephanie Jacobs
Noah Shen
Brenton Boszczuk
Kathryn Hagmann
Brenton Boszczuk
PR: Elizabeth Gravenor
9/17/2012 23:16:43Rowan Emergency Medical ServicesGloria Linn
Ari Bross - Captain
Kevin Crump - First Lieutenant
Jason Wentzek
Zachary Troendle
Zachary Kooker
Ross Gordon - Second Lieutenant
9/20/2012 12:18:19Rowan Original WorksProfessor Thomas Fusco
Jaried Kimberley
Matthew Ploch
Magdelena Goncerz
Alex Grover
Geraldine Janansky
9/18/2012 5:14:11Rowan Television NetworkChristopher Winkler
Pat Harris
Josh Howard
Jon Simmons
Katie Bavoso
Katie Bavoso
PR/Web Director: Priyal Dubal
9/22/2012 8:46:26Rowan Television NetworkChris Winkler
Pat Harris
Josh Howard
Jon Simmons
Katie Bavoso
Katie Bavoso
Joe Ponisi
Technical Manager

Nicole Peraino
Student Programming Producer

Jason Carubia
Special Events Producer

Vin D'Anton
Sports Producer

Brian Newbert
Post-Production Supervisor

Josh Hersch
Programming Director

Ted Moke
Media Manager

Priyal Dubal
PR & Web Director

Sam Powell
Staff Director
2/23/2013 10:10:11Rowan University at Camden Alliance of Student Activities (RU CASA)Dr. Shalanda Gray
Euver Joaquin Castillo
Edgar Irizarry
Yanelis Fernandez
Khoa Vu
Huy Nguyen
Darlyn Medina (Historian)
9/23/2012 11:12:00Rowan University Athletic Training ClubRobert Sterner
Devin Solvik
Dane Brown
Leah Benson
Jay Mistry
Alejandro Arenas

Michelle Lima
Allie Hinkle
10/17/2012 18:10:39Rowan University Athletic Training ClubDr. Robert Sterner: Sterner@rowan.eduDevin Solvik: Solvik93@students.rowan.eduDane Brown: Brown10@students.rowan.eduLeah Benson: Benson29@students.rowan.eduJay Mistry: Mistry37@students.rowan.eduMichelle Lima:
Alejandro Arenas:

Historian- Alexandra Hinkle:
President Elect- Joseph Vogler:
3/14/2013 9:46:54Rowan University Philippine American CoalitionTimothy Torre
Michael Bacani
Arles Jhan (AJ) Rustia
Myra Dawara
Jessica Villa
Christopher Castro
District V Representative

Clarence Jay (Ceejay) Medina
9/17/2012 21:50:10Rowan University Republican ClubVance Kincade kincadev@arcadia.eduSteven Berner berner64@students.rowan.eduKevin Sperling sperli74@students.rowan.eduHarold Reighn reighn10@students.rowan.eduMatthew Bowe bowem25@students.rowan.eduNicholas Pytlowany
2/26/2013 20:54:49Rowan University's Model United NationsLawrence Makowitz
Valerio Ceva
Ethan Stoetzer
Susan Perls
Joseph DeLorenzo
Matthew Liss
9/19/2012 12:05:57RUMTCMarian Stieber:
Bartholomew Healy:
Eli Goldberg: goldbe37@students.rowan.eduRachel Hulsart: hulsar31@students.rowan.eduAndrew Bowling: bowlin47@students.rowan.eduSamantha Smith: smiths35@students.rowan.eduDarrah Maffettone:
9/19/2012 10:37:14Sci-Fi Fantasy ClubDr. Michael Grove
Patrick Callahan
Luke Nanney
Kyersten Harrs
Morgan Redes
Grace Riccardi
9/19/2012 16:30:23Sigma Alpha LambdaMayra Arroyo
Meg Sickler
Christina Ambrose
Jen Vales
Jen Besthoff
(acting senator) Maggie Bonanni
VP of Academic Achievement: Sarah Clark,
VP of Public Relations: Maggie Bonanni,
9/19/2012 7:00:44Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM)Dilip Mirchandani - & Tejinder Billing - billing@rowan.eduRachel Hallion - hallio29@students.rowan.eduJustin Phifer - phifer65@students.rowan.eduDeandra Turchi - turchi90@students.rowan.eduMike Medina - medina16@students.rowan.eduJoe Christopher - christ70@students.rowan.eduBOBA Representative - Joe Christopher -
9/17/2012 16:07:50Society of Automotive EngineeringDr. Eric Constans
Ari Leibowitz
Paul Robinson

Danielle Crisitino
Tom Senia
Mario De Santis
9/18/2012 6:28:13Sociology ClubSandra Jones
Amanda Gebhart
Joseph Di Carlo
Hannah Marin
Erin Gallagher
Marlee Lynch
Lindsay Powell
Karen Richter publicity director
Christine Barone publicity director
10/2/2012 8:52:24Sociology ClubSandra Jones jonessa@rowan.eduAmanda Gebhart gebhar42@students.rowan.eduJoseph Di Carlo dicarl89@students.rowan.eduHannah Marin marinh14@students.rowan.eduErin Gallagher gallag40@students.rowan.eduMarlee Lynch and

Lindsay Powell
Publicity Director Karen Richter and
Christine Barone
9/17/2012 21:51:39State and Municipal Relations Committeenone, SGA committee with need of Rowan Announcer privileges Steven Berner berner64@students.rowan.edunone, SGA committee with need of Rowan Announcer privileges none, SGA committee with need of Rowan Announcer privileges none, SGA committee with need of Rowan Announcer privileges none, SGA committee with need of Rowan Announcer privileges
9/17/2012 17:17:43Student Council For Exceptional ChildrenTheresa Purcell Cone
Mary Cormier
Michelle Borghese borghe70@students.rowan.eduMeghan Ansberry ansber53@students.rowan.eduLauren Brostow brosto24@students.rowan.eduKelsey Donovan donova78@students.rowan.eduScott, Brielle scottb88@students.rowan.eduFundraising Chair- Nina Basu,

Historian- Christina Ambrose,

VP of Community Service- Erica Thacker,
9/18/2012 10:31:08Student Council for Exceptional ChildrenTheresa Cone -
Mary Cormier -
Michelle Borghese -
Meghan Ansberry - ansber53@students.rowan.eduLauren Brostow -
Kelsey Donovan -
Brielle Scott - scottb88@students.rowan.eduHistorian: Christina Ambrose -

Fundraising Director: Nina Basu -

V.P. of Community Service: Erica Thacker -

9/18/2012 12:48:28Student University ProgrammersConstantine Alexakos
Courtney Van Leuvan
Jose Batista
John Boronkas
Alyssa Hart
Alyssa Hart
Off-Campus Erin Niedzwiecki

Live Events Dan Reeve

Special Events Gina Barber

Promotions Rebekah Russell

Tech Julie Batten

Signature Events Katie Cesario

Cinema Brian Jerome
9/17/2012 20:17:01Students for a Sensible Drug PolicyPatricia Coughlan coughlan@rowan.eduSamantha Powell powell83@students.rowan.eduAlaina Wezel wezela81@students.rowan.eduEric Naroden narode14@students.rowan.eduNzinga Gibbs andalc83@students.rowan.eduAkin Olla
9/21/2012 16:12:49Students for LiteracyJaneann Bean- Folkes, bean-folkes@rowan.eduCaitlin Donahue donahu42@students.rowan.edun/aMilann DeAngelo
n/aJordan Hanley hanley89@students.rowan.edun/a
9/19/2012 11:43:27SWEDr. Linda Head
Dr. Jennifer Kadlowec
Sarah Bauer bauers98@students.rowan.eduSamantha Pfeiffer pfeiff36@students.rowan.eduChristina Lee leec10@students.rowan.eduBrittany Coleman colema65@students.rowan.eduBeth Ann Larson larson54@students.rowan.eduFundraising Chair: Amanda Harasts
Events Chair: Emily Jocus
Bulletin Board: Bethany Brigandi
9/17/2012 17:02:33The Elementary Education ClubNancy DeJarnette
Kelsey Donovan
Felicia Lott
Jacquelyn Delgado
Alyssa Stetson
Allison DeCarlo
Public Relations: Kim Ryan
Fundraising Chair: Nina Basu
9/17/2012 16:38:09The GallerySusan Bowman
Christopher Ferrante
Katherine Garcia
Jacquelyn Beck
Megan Richards
Christopher Ferrante
9/19/2012 12:58:18To Write Love On Her Arms Larry Litwin
Surbhi Pathak
Jessica Pizzo
Rose Kravetz
Carly Marie Hagen
Liz Stonaker
Kim Ryan
PR Directors
9/17/2012 18:18:14Veteran Student OrganizationBeth Sosnoski sosnoski@rowan.eduBlanca Hernandez blancahernandez-fer@pm.sprint.comTimothy Chambers chambe03@students.rowan.eduWilliam Wylie wyliew63@students.rowan.eduMorgan Redes redesm70@students.rowan.eduMorgan Redes
9/24/2012 8:11:38Victim Awareness Dr. Stanley Yeldell
Nyanne Lamb
Devin Young
Izetta Heyward
Jahnel Tompkins
Brejhan Doss
10/1/2012 6:31:47