Resource Compilation: Educating Voters on How to Vote By Mail
Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project
Compiled by: Ali Bloomgarden, Bronte Kass, Alegria Ruseler-Smith, Alexandra (Mac) Taylor

Last Updated: October 12, 2020
Source TitleDate (if available)LinkMedia Form (i.e. video, article, webpage, infographic)Targeted Population (i.e. state, tailored to jurisdiction, Limited-English Proficient (LEP) voters, young voters, first time VBM voters)For Which Election? primary 2020, general 2020, previous election (cycle), universalGovernment Vs. Non-Government SourceHow to...
REQUEST a ballot, FILL OUT a ballot, process to RETURN ballot, explanation of ballot PROCESS, etc.
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Jocelyn Benson (Michigan Secretary of State) @JocelynBensonI just voted from home! Voting from home is safe, secure, and simple. And it's not just me - close to 2 million Michigan voters are exercising their right to vote from home in next week's primary. Visit http://Michigan.Gov/Vote for more information & make a plan to vote today.July 28, 2020
VideoMichigan votersprimary 2020 (August)Government fill out, return2The Michigan Secretary of State describes how to fill out an absentee ballot and return it for the Michigan primary in August.
Miami Dade County, FloridaVote By Mail Overview Video 2020April 29, 2020
VideoFlorida Voters universal Governmentfill out4Instructions for how to vote by mail in Miami Dade County.
California Secretary of State2020 Election - How to Vote by Mail in CaliforniaFebruary 3, 2020
VideoCalifornia votersgeneral 2020Governmentfill out, return, process2How CA voters can cast their vote-by-mail ballots (explains how ballots are processed, what the barcode on an envelope means, signature matching, the two most common reasons ballots are challenged, and how to check whether one's vbm ballot is counted).
Chicago Board of Election CommissionersHow to Vote By MailFebruary 17, 2020
VideoIllinois votersprimary 2020, general 2020Government request, fill out3Detailed step-by-step instructions for how to vote by mail in Chicago.
Riverside County Registar of VotersRiverside County Vote By Mail Voting InstructionsOctober 22, 2019
VideoCalifornia votersuniversal Governmentfill out, return4Instructions for how to vote by mail and return your ballot; could emphasize giving it to USPS with enough time and the importance of signature.
LA County RRCCHow to Use and Return an Accessible Vote by Mail BallotFebruary 5, 2020
VideoCalifornia voters with disabilitiesuniversalGovernment request, fill out, process4Visual (no audio) instructions for how folks with disabilities can vote-by-mail in LA county.
Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RRCC)How to Vote by MailSeptember 10, 2018
VideoLos Angeles County Votersuniversal Government fill out2Video instructions on how to fill out your vote-by-mail ballot.
Senator Ron WydenSenator Ron Wyden Votes at Home with Oregon's Vote by MailNovember 5, 2018
VideoOregon Votersprevious election, universalGovernmentfill out3Video showing the Senator voting by mail at home and dropping off his ballot. Strongly partisan and advocating for voting by mail as the new norm for the state of Oregon and the country.
Oklahoma State Election BoardStandard Absentee Intructions (Aug 25)July 28th, 2020
VideoOklahoma votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentrequest, fill out, process4Video made by Oklahoma State Election Board explaining how to fill out and authenticate your mail-in ballot for the August 25th runoff primary election. Includes where instructions on how to fill out the ballot are and how to either a) notarize or b) legitimize your affidavit with ID.
Oklahoma State Election BoardPhysically Incapacitated Absentee Intructions (Aug 25)July 28th, 2020
VideoPhysically incapacitated or caregiver of physically incapacitated Oklahoma votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentrequest, fill out, process4Video made by Oklahoma State Election Board explaining how to fill out and authenticate your mail-in ballot for the August 25th runoff primary election. Includes information on how to find materials with intructions on filling out your ballot as a physically incapacitated person and properly a) notarize or b) legitimize your affidavit with ID.
Oklahoma State Election BoardImportant Information for Absentee VotersJuly, 2020
VideoOklahoma votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentfill out, process3Step-by-step instructions on how to fill out an absentee ballot for Oklahoma voters (able-bodied and physically incapacitated). Does not instruct voters on how to fill out the absentee ballot, but tells them where to find the instruction materials that are mailed to them (green and orange papers) with their ballots.
State of Hawaii Office of ElectionsElections by Mail - State of Hawaii, Office of ElectionsMarch 30, 2020
VideoHawaii votersgeneral 2020Governmentfill out, return, process2This video for Hawaii voters explains how to fill out and return a ballot by mail.
Snohomish County, WashingtonHow to Vote by MailMarch 5, 2020
VideoWashington votersuniversalGovernmentfill out, return2This video from the Snohomish County Government's Youtube channel walks through a voter's ballot packet in 2019 and explains instructions for how to mark and return the ballot.
Senator Becca Rausch @BeccaRauschMADid you know you can #VoteByMail, early vote, or vote in person in Massachusetts for the 2020 primary AND general election? But if you're voting by mail, your ballot isn't automatically headed to your mailbox. Let me explain how to get your mail-in ballot. #Election2020 #mapoliJuly 23, 2020
VideoMassachusetts votersprimary 2020, general 2020Governmentrequest, return2Senator Rausch outlines step-by-step instructions for how to vote by mail for primary and general election.
Riverside County Registar of VotersRiverside County Vote By Mail Voting Instructions (Spanish)October 22, 2019
VideoSpanish speaking California votersuniversal Governmentfill out6Video covering vote-by-mail overview and instructions for Spanish-speaking Riverside County voters.
Purple Glass ProductionsHow to Vote by Mail in NHJuly 26, 2020 Hampshire votersprimary 2020, general 2020Non-Governmentrequest, fill out, return, process4Video explaining for NH voters how to request their absentee ballot and complete the process.
NYC Votes and NYC Campaign Finance BoardHow to Complete Your Mail-in BallotJune 8, 2020
VideoNew York City Voters universalNon-Governmentfill out, return1Short animated video instructing voters how to fill out and return their ballot for the New York primary. (More information about the return process than the ballot completion process).
Senator Becca RauschVoting by Mail in 2020 Elections2020
Article/VideosMassachusetts votersprimary 2020, general 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, return, process5Article and video by Senator Becca Rausch with description and step-by-step instructions on how to request, fill out, and return mail-in-ballot. Includes a FAQ section about mail-in ballots and important deadlines for voting.
Solano CountyHow to Make Your Vote Count
InfographicSolano County, California votersuniversalGovernmentfill out, return4Step by step process of how to complete absentee ballot with information on what not to do and mistakes that will make your ballot not be counted.
Minnesota Secretary of StateInstructions How to vote by absentee ballot
for registered 2020 state primary voters
June 2020
FlyerMinnesota votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentfill out, return2Six-step instructions with visuals for registered Minnesota voters about how to fill out and return an absentee ballot for the state primary. Includes information for voters with disabilities and about how to correct a mistake.
Pono for the PeopleThis is your ballot! July 20, 2020
InfographicHawaii votersgeneral 2020Non-Governmentfill out, return5Detailed infographic for Hawaiian voters that explains how to fill out and return a ballot by mail for the general election.
Kentucky State Board of ElectionsInstructions to Voters - Voting a Mail-In Absentee Ballot2020
Infographic Kentucky votersuniversalGovernmentfill out, return 5Step-by-step process for completing an absentee ballot in Kentucky.
Minnesota Secretary of StateInstructi􏰀ons How to vote by absentee ballot for Presiden􏰀al Only voters
(Voters who have moved from MN to another state between Oct. 4, 2020 and Nov. 3, 2020)
June 2020
FlyerMinnesota votersgeneral 2020Governmentfill out2Instructions on how to fill out an absentee ballot for presidential only voters (Voters who have moved from MN to another state between Oct. 4, 2020 and Nov. 3, 2020).
County of Santa Clara Registrar of VotersHow to Mark Your Vote by Mail BallotsJune 29,2020
Webpage + infographicsSanta Clara, CA voters (who speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese) universalGovernmentfill out1Instructions for how to fill out a vote-by-mail ballot - by filling in the oval with the correct pen, correctly signing the return envelope - and by when a ballot needs to be returned to be counted. Extra note: has copies of the instructions in Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.
Rhode Island Secretary of StateVote by Mail2020
WebpageRhode Island votersprimary 2020, general 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, process3FAQ and steps for vote by mail. Has information on both the primary (September, 8th) and the general election.
Minnesota Secretary of StateInstructions How to vote by absentee ballot for non-registered voters in the 2020 state primaryJune 2020
FlyerMinnesota votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentfill out, return2Seven-step instructions with visuals for non-registered Minnesota voters about how to register, then fill out and return an absentee ballot for the state primary. Includes information about how to correct a mistake as well as for voters with disabilities.
Minnesota Secretary of StateInstructions How to vote by absentee ballot for military and overseas voters for the 2020 state primaryJune 2020
FlyerMinnesota votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentfill out, return2Six-step instructions with visuals for military and overseas Minnesota voters about how to fill out and return an absentee ballot for the state primary. Includes information about how to correct a mistake as well as for voters with disabilities.
New Jersey Secretary of StateHow to fill out your Vote By Mail Ballot #MakeYourMarkJune 30, 2020
VideoNew Jersey votersprimary 2020Governmentfill out, return2Step-by-step video from the New Jersey Secretary of State about how to fill out and return a ballot for the state primary election. Also applies to the general, but not made for it.
NJTV NewsHow to vote by mail in New JerseyJune 30, 2020
VideoNew Jersey votersprimary 2020Non-Governmentfill out, return3Informational video tutorial created by a NJ-based news organization about how to fill out and return an absentee ballot for the New Jersey primary election. Information applies to the general as well.
Middlesex County NJHow to Vote by MailJune 22, 2020
VideoNew Jersey votersprimary 2020Governmentfill out, return3An instructional video from the Middlesex County Government's Youtube channel that explains how to fill out and return an absentee ballot for the New Jersey primary. Useful for the general as well.
Amy McGrath Personal Instagram (@amymcgrathky)Request Your Ballot June 12th, 2020
VideoKentucky votersgeneral 2020Non-Governmentrequest, fill out, return3Clear and approachable video where Amy McGrath--current candidate running for Senate in Kentucky--explains how to properly complete and mail your mail-in ballot.
College Dems @ UCF (@DemsUCF)In our latest 101, Hannah talks about how to vote by mail and the perks of it!July 26, 2020
VideoFlorida voters, young votersprimary 2020 (August)Non-Governmentrequest, fill out2Video made by college group for college students (and others) on how to vote-by-mail in Florida for the August primary. Includes information on requesting VBM ballot and ensuring that your ballot is counted.
MPR NewsDon't let COVID-19 stop your vote. Here's how to vote by mail in MinnesotaJuly 17, 2020
ArticleMinnesota votersprimary 2020 (August)Non-Governmentrequest, fill out3Article with description and step-by-step guide for the video above.
Marion County Election BoardVote by Absentee Ballot2020
ArticleIndiana Votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, process5Clear step-by-step overview of absentee voting (application, casting vote, etc.) with helpful tips. Includes links to FAQs and voter guides in English + Spanish
Pennsylvania Secretary of StateVoting by Mail-in or Absentee Ballot2020
WebpagePennsylvania votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, process5Step-by-step with instructions and FAQ for mail-in and absentee ballot voting in Pennsylvania. Also shows how voters can track their ballot online.
New Jersey Secretary of StateJuly 7, 2020 Primary Election InformationAugust 11, 2020
WebpageNew Jersey votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentrequest, fill out, process3This FAQ explains for the state primary how to request, fill out, and return an absentee ballot. In addition to describing the process for military and overseas voters, the page also provides supplemental resources on voter registration.
Minnesota Secretary of StateAbsentee/mail ballot instructions June 2020
WebpageMinnesota votersuniversal Governmentfill out2Links to FAQ and instructions (with COVID updates) - absentee ballot instructions and insert for registered and non-registered voters; military and overseas absentee ballot instructions (mailed and electrionic tramsmission); mail ballot instructions; presidential absentee ballot instructions.
Oklahoma Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting in Oklahoma2020
WebpageOklahoma votersuniversal Governmentrequest, fill out, process5Q+A with information on how to request for an absentee ballot with links to tutorial videos on how to fill-out ballots.
Philly MagHere’s Everything You Need to Know About Filling in Your Surprisingly Complicated Mail-In BallotMay 14,2020
ArticlePennsylvania votersprimary 2020Non-Governmentrequest, fill out, return5This article walks readers through how to complete their absentee ballot for the primary, from requesting and contacting elections officials, to understanding the included materials, deadline, and process to fill it out. Also explains how to mail and return the ballot once completed.
VotersNotPoliticians @NotPoliticiansALL Michigan voters can vote safely at home during the #COVID19 pandemic. #VoteByMail is safe, secure, and convenient! Have more questions about voting? Go to for more information on how you can stay engaged while staying safe. #VoteSafeJuly 24, 2020
VideoMichigan votersprimary 2020 (August), general 2020Non-Governmentrequest, return, process2Short, animated, graphics video tutorial. Clear overview of vote by mail for Michigan voters.
Utah Association of CountiesHow Vote By Mail Works in UtahOctober 17, 2016
VideoUtah VotersuniversalGovernment process2Does not explictly say "this is how you fill out your ballot," but emphasizes the importance of the signature and says what a signature mismatch is.
Michigan Democratic PartyVote by Mail: how to fill out your absentee ballot applicationJune 15, 2020
VideoMichigan Votersprimary 2020, general 2020Non-Government request2Step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the absentee ballot application in Michican.
Special ProjectsHow to VoteOctober 19th, 2018
VideoYoung voters, first time voters, disenfranchised votersprevious electionNon-Governmentrequest, fill out2MADE PRE-COVID, does not reference mail-in ballots specifically. Funny, relatable video about the importance of voting. Tells you how to check if you're registered to vote and lays out options for voting in-person or by mail.
State of Hawaii Hawaii Votes By Mail Resources
WebpageHawaii votersgeneral 2020Governmentprocess, return10Webpage features extensive resources on voter registration, key deadlines and FAQs. Also has guides to voter registration, primary election, etc.
ACLULet People Vote2020 voting publicprimary 2020Non-Governmentrequest3This educational tool allows individuals to click on any of the fifty states and learn about their absentee ballot eligibility and how to request a ballot for the state primary. It also specifies application request and return deadlines. While the tool has not yet been updated for the general (as of August 2020), it features "voting tips" and a resources section on each state's page about relevant legislation, how to find municipal clerks, and election protection hotlines available in different languages.
Vote.orgGet Your Absentee Ballot2020
Webpage/ToolGeneral voting publicuniversal, general 2020Non-Governmentrequest1When an individual clicks on a state, the webpage automatically pulls up a tool for registered voters to request an absentee ballot. It also details absentee ballot deadlines, rules, and directions, in addition to how to track a ballot once it is returned. It features offsite links (e.g., to state and local election offices) at the bottom of the page.
Business InsiderHow to vote by mail in your state in the November presidential electionJuly 28, 2020
ArticleGeneral voting populationgeneral 2020Non-Governmentrequest, fill out, return, process5Overview from Business Insider about requesting a ballot, the importance of requesting it early, how to fill it out carefully, and how to return it - with resources that are state-specific for exploring further information.
Stanford UniversityYour Signature on Your Vote-By-Mail Ballot is Important!June 2020
VideoGeneral voting populationuniversalNon-Governmentfill out, process19This video informs eligible and registered voters about the importance of their signatures on absentee and vote-by-mail ballots.
USA.govAbsentee and Early VotingJune 11, 2020
WebpageGeneral voting publicuniversal Governmentrequest, process3Short overview about early voting and vote-by-mail processes. The page also includes offsite links for requesting a ballot for your given state.
Alabama Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting Information2020
WebpageAlabama votersuniversal Governmentrequest, return6Provides an overview of absentee voting eligibility requirements, as well as the application process and procedure for returns in Alabama. Includes absentee ballot application links.
Connecticut Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting2020
WebpageConnecticut votersprimary 2020 (August)Governmentrequest, process3Explanation of absentee ballot eligibility requirements that also provides links in both English and Spanish to request an application (and emergency application) for the state primary. The bottom of the page has a detailed factsheet on absentee ballots in Connecticut.
MPR NewsElection 2020: How to vote by mail in MinnesotaJuly 17, 2020
VideoMinnesota votersprimary 2020 (August)Non-Governmentrequest3Instructions designed for the Minnesota primary in August, but other than saying "for August primary" the instructions can be applied to the general election as well.
Arkansas Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting2020
WebpageArkansas votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process, return3Description of absentee ballot eligibility requirements. Includes a link for requesting a ballot and provides information on various deadlines.
State of DelawareAbsentee Voting in Delaware2020
FlyerDelaware votersprimary 2020Governmentrequest2This flyer explains how to request a ballot for the Delaware state primary in English and in Spanish.
State of HawaiiAbsentee Ballot Guide 2016 General Election2016
InfographicHawaii votersprevious electionGovernmentfill out, return2This flyer provides information about marking, prepping and returning a ballot for Hawaiian voters in the 2016 general election.
Florida Secretary of StateVote-by-Mail2020
WebpageFlorida Voters universal Governmentrequest, process, return4Brief description for Floridian voters about the vote-by-mail process, specifically eligibility requirements, the request deadline, how instructions will be included with the ballot, the tracking process, and how to correct a mismatched or missing signature.
Maine Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting Guide2015
WebpageMaine Votersprimary 2020Governmentrequest, process4FAQ for Maine voters about how to apply for and receive an absentee ballot. The request deadline references the state primary elections, but all other information appears applicable for the general.
Fairfax County GovernmentHow to Fill Out Your Mail-in Absentee BallotDecember 13, 2018
VideoVirginia Votersprevious electionGovernmentrequest, fill out2Instructions for how to request and fill out an absentee ballot in Virginia.
League of Women Voters of California Education FundVoting By Mail2020
ArticleCalifornia VotersuniversalNon-Government request, fill out, process3Instructions (bullet points) on how to get, complete, mail and check the status of a mail-in ballot in California.
The Washington PostHow to prevent your mail ballot from being rejectedAugust 25, 2020
ArticleGeneral voting populationuniversal, general 2020Non-Governmentrequest, fill out, process, return10This article explains that nearly 200 million Americans are eligible to vote by mail in November. Over 530,000 mail ballots were rejected during primaries across 23 states this year, disenfranchising voters and perhaps offering a preview of what could happen in November when turnout rises dramatically. It describes six steps to help protect votes cast by mail: 1) requesting a ballot early, if the ballot is not sent automatically; 2) reading the instructions and seeking clarification from election officials; 3) learning about signature matching, if applicable; 4) avoiding errors that could disqualify the ballot; 5) returning it as soon as possible through mail or other options to ensure it is received in time for counting; and 6) seeking reliable information and updates from election officials.
Detroit Free PresHow to vote by absentee ballot in Michigan: Step by stepAugust 21, 2020
VideoMichigan votersuniversal, general 2020Non-Governmentrequest, fill-out, process4This video offers a detailed step-by-step overview of the vote by mail process, detailing how to register, request a ballot, fill-out your ballot, and return your ballot.
NPRThe Most Important Mail You'll Ever Send: A BallotAugust 11, 2020
ArticleGeneral voting populationuniversalNon-Governmentrequest, fill out, return, process3This short article breaks down the absentee ballot process in six steps: (1) register, (2) request, (3) fill out, (4) return, and (5) help others. An easy and quick read with hyperlinks, but lacks in-depth detail.
Sacramento County, CAVote By MailJuly 12, 1905
WebpageSacramento County VotersuniversalGovernmentfill out, return3This webapge offers step-by-step instructions, including visual imagery, on how to fill out your vote-by-mail ballot for Sacramento County voters.
Kansas Secretary of StateElections - FAQ2020
WebpageKansas Votersuniversal Governmentprocess8This FAQ clarifies how a voter can track their mailed ballot, as well as how the state verifies its legitimacy. It explains Kansas state requirements related to voter registration and in-person voting, including identifcation restrictions.
Iowa Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting by MailJuly, 1905
WebpageIowa Votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process, return3Overview for registered Iowa voters about the request deadline and return process. The webpage notes that the county auditor will include instructions for how to fill out the ballot.
Indiana Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting2020
WebpageIndiana Votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, process, return10Under the dropdown 'Absentee Voting by Mail' page, there is an explanation of Indiana's eligibility criteria for absentee voting, as well as the process for requesting and returning a ballot.
Disability Rights CaliforniaMany Voters with Disabilities Can Vote by Mail and Independently January 14th, 2020
ArticleCalifornia Voters with Disabilities, specifically vision and dextrity impairmentsuniversalNon-Governmentrequest, process4Information on Remote Acessible Vote-by-Mail (RAVBM) available in every county in California as of January 1st, 2020. RAVBM allows citizens with dissabilities to vote privately and independently with their own assistive technology. Citizens using this system must register to vote by mail with a special ballot.
Michigan Secretary of StateAbsentee voting allows you to vote by mail2020,4670,7-127-1633_8716_8728-21037--,00.html
WebpageMichigan votersuniversal Governmentrequest5This page confirms that all registered Michigan voters can vote by mail. It explains how to request an absentee ballot and spoil it, if necessary.
Missouri Secretary of StateAbsenteeJuly, 2020
FlyerMissouri votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, process, return4This FAQ confirms that all registered Missouri voters can vote by mail. It provides important deadlines for both absentee and mail-in voting, and it distinguishes between individuals who are eligible to vote absentee with a notary or without a notary.
Montana Secretary of StateMilitary and overseas voters
WebpageMilitary and Overseas Montana votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process, return5FAQ for military and overseas voters registered in Montana, including registering to vote, and requesting, returning and tracking an absentee ballot.
Dave Cavell @DaveFCavellVote by mail can be confusing, but it’s the safest way to make sure your voice is heard. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to request your ballot today: #mapoli #ma04July 24, 2020
VideoMassachusetts votersgeneral 2020Non-Governmentrequest2A Democratic candidate for Massachusetts' 4th congressional district explains how to request an absentee ballot for the general election.
Los Angeles County Registrar- Recorder/ County Clerk (RRCC)Voting by Mail in Los Angeles County2020
WebpageLos Angeles County, California Votersgeneral 2020Governmentreturn1Information on how to request, track, and properly sign mail-in ballots in Los Angeles County, CA.
Maryland State Board of ElectionsMail-in Voting: Information and Instructions for the 2020 Elections2020
WebpageMaryland votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, process, return5This Q+A clarifies that any registered voter in Maryland is eligible to vote by mail. It explains how to request and return a ballot for the general election, and that instructions are included.
New Mexico Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting by Mail2020
WebpageNew Mexico votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, return5This FAQ clarifies how to request and return an absentee ballot for the 2020 general election. It also includes important deadlines.
California Secretary of StateVote by Mail- November, 3rd 20202020
WebpageCalifornia Votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, process7Very comprehensive information on how to request, process and track your mail-in ballot for the November 3rd general election. Does not include information or materials on how to fill out your mail-in ballot.
New Hampshire Secretary of StateVoting During COVID-19 State of EmergencyJuly 1905
WebpageNew Hampshire votersprimary 2020, general 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, process10Features various links on how to vote during New Hampshire's state of emergency (due to COVID-19) -- particularly, how to request an absentee ballot, instructions for completing and returning the ballot, and contact information for city or town clerks.
Nevada Secretary of StateAbsent Voting2020
WebpageNevada votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process5Information about absentee ballots in Nevada and forms of valid identification.
Nebraska Secretary of StateOverseas Voters
WebpageNebraska overseas votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process5Information on how overseas voters can register to vote, request an early-voting ballot, and track their ballot. (Unsure if this source has been updated since the pandemic).
Ohio Secretary of StateFrequently Asked Questions2020
WebpageMilitary and Overseas Ohio Votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process5FAQ from the Ohio Secretary of State for military and overseas voters, covering voter registration, requesting absentee ballot, etc.
South Dakota Secretary of StateAbsentee VotingMay 2020
WebpageSouth Dakota votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process3Information from the South Dakota Secretary of State on requesting an absentee ballot.
Tenneesee Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting2020
WebpageTennessee votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process5FAQ on voting absentee. Unclear when written, but does mention COVID-19, so information must be relatively current.
Washington D.C. Absentee Ballot (Mail-in) Request Form2020
FormWashington D.C. residentsuniversal Governmentrequest, process3First page is an absentee (mail-in) ballot request form. Second page has FAQ about vote by mail in DC.
Wyoming Secretary of StateAbsentee Voting in Wyoming2020
WebpageWyoming votersuniversal Governmentrequest, process3Q+A for absentee voting from Wyoming Secretary of State.
West Virginia Secretary of StateInstructions for Voting a Paper Ballot by MailMay 2020
InfographicWest Virginia votersuniversal Governmentfill out7PDF explaining step-by-step how to fill out a vote-by-mail ballot. Not specific to the 2020 general election (no dates) but has been updated to reflect standards that will apply to the general 2020 election.
Vermont Secretary of StateEarly and Absentee Voting2020
WebpageVermont votersprimary 2020 (August), general 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, process10Bottom of the page has instructions about how to complete an absentee ballot in Vermont.
New York Board of ElectionsAbsentee Voting2020; York Votersgeneral 2020Governmentrequest, fill out, process, return7These two pages provide information on the absentee ballot process in New York - more specifically, with application deadlines (and the state-specific qualifications), how to cast the ballot, and the process for returning it before the deadline.
St. Louis CountyAbsentee Voting2020
WebpageMissouri votersuniversal Governmentrequest5Descriptions for who is eligible and how to apply for absentee voting in Missouri.
Massachusetts Secretary of StateVoting by MailJuly 12, 1905
WebpageMassachusetts votersprimary 2020, general 2020Governmentrequest3How to request an absentee ballot. Has dates for both the primary (September 1) and the general election.
Massachusetts Secretary of StateVoting by Mail FAQJuly 12, 1905
WebpageMassachusetts votersprimary 2020, general 2020Governmentrequest, process, return3FAQ for voting by mail - defines eligibility, the application process, voting process, and returning the ballot.
Los Angeles County Registrar / County ClerkVoting by Mail in Los Angeles County2020
WebpageCalifornia votersgeneral 2020Governmentprocess3Clear explanation about requesting a ballot and voting by mail. Website is available in several languages.
Colorado Secretary of State OfficeMail-In Ballot FAQs2020
Article Colorado State Voters general 2020Governmentprocess2Official Mail-In Ballot FAQs provided by Colorado Secretary of State Office.
Fairfax County GovernmentFilling Out a Mail-In Absentee Ballot [Spanish]September 1, 2015
VideoFairfax County, VA voters who speak Spanish previous electionGovernmentrequest, fill out1Video, narrated in Spanish, with detailed step-by-step intructions on how to fill out a mail-in ballot.
Southern California Public RadioA complete guide to early and absentee votingSeptember 23, 2016
Article + infographics General voting publicprevious electionNon-Governmentrequest8Infographics on which states allow vote by mail; general article detailing early and absentee voting across America, inlcuding percent chance of voter fraud.
Citizen Clean Elections Committee Voters Without a Home2017
Infographic Arizona voters without a permanent homeprevious electionNon-Governmentrequest3Infographic providing step-by-step instructions on how to register to vote / vote early by mail-in ballot if you do not have a permanent home address in AZ.
Federal Voting Assistance ProgramAmericans can vote. Wherever they are. July 12, 1905
Infographic Active duty military members, military spouses, overseas citizens general 2020Governmentrequest3Infographic providing step-by-step instructions on how to register for an absentee ballot and vote if you are in the military, a military family, or an overseas citizen.
Federal Voting Assistance ProgramHow to vote absentee from abroad2020
WebpageActive duty military members, military spouses, overseas citizens general 2020Governmentrequest, process3Webpage and tutorial for military members, military families or overseas citizens. Clear and easy to follow.
NPRWant Your Absentee Vote To Count? Don't Make These Mistakes October 22, 2014
Radio + written transcript All absentee votersuniversalNon-Governmentfill out, process4Short radio clip on common mistakes absentee voters make. Highlights top reasons.
California Secretary of StateVoter RegistrationJuly 12, 1905
Article + VideoCalifornia Voters general 2020Governmentrequest7How to register to vote in California; includes video explaining registration process (for folks who are blind and deaf); has copies of instructions in nine languages.