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الصفحة الرئيسيةهندسة الطيرانمهندسو طيران وفضاءديناميكا هوائيةعلم الطيرانمكونات الطائرة
أشكال وتصاميم الطائرات
بنى تحتية للمطاراتميكانيكا مداريةمنظمات هندسة الفضاءصورايخ وقذائف موجهةمركبات إطلاق فضائية
مركبات فضائية وفق نظام الإطلاق
Supermarine Spitfire operational history
John Joseph MontgomeryExternal ballisticsMatthew Piers Watt BoultonLoran-CNorth American F-82 Twin MustangFuture Air Navigation SystemWoodward effectList of aerospace engineering schools
List of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches
List of sounding rocketsDragon C2+
Lockheed MC-130Alfred V. VervilleEnvironmental impact of wind powerPay to fly
U.S. helicopter armament subsystems
List of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft
Aircraft classification numberProject MorpheusJohn C. Stennis Space CenterList of Long March launches
Comparison of orbital launch systems
Supermarine Spitfire (early Merlin-powered variants)
Ladislao PazmanyAutomobile drag coefficientMobile Rocket Base
Emergency position-indicating radiobeacon station
HL-42 (spacecraft)
Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast
Electrodynamic tetherRoyal Aeronautical SocietyList of Titan launchesSpace Launch SystemGOES-16
Republic P-47 ThunderboltMiroslav NenadovićForces on sails
Balloon propaganda campaigns in Korea
Wing configurationMesserschmitt Me 163 KometAirport securityN-body problemAveos Fleet PerformanceList of sounding rocketsPGM-19 JupiterOrbcomm (satellite)
North American P-51 Mustang variants
Lawrence J. FogelJohn Joseph MontgomeryBalloon boy hoaxVHF omnidirectional rangeDream ChaserAirport rail link
List of spacecraft with electric propulsion
Wallops Flight Facility
Comparison of orbital launch systems
Dragon C2+SpaceX CRS-1
North American F-82 Twin MustangTheodore von KármánCopper in renewable energyCumulonimbus and aviationWingtip deviceFairchild C-119 Flying BoxcarSecond World War Hangar No. 7Single-stage-to-orbitMiGFlugProject MorpheusFalcon 9 first-stage landing testsSpaceX CRS-3
Synchronization gearAdrian NeweyBallistic coefficientNon-rocket spacelaunchCanard (aeronautics)
North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco
Archerfield Second World War Igloos Complex
Space tetherMoscow Aviation InstituteList of V-2 test launchesSpace Shuttle main engineGemini 9A
Saab 37 ViggenEnea Bossi, Sr.Wingtip deviceHistory of ballooningInstrument approachGeneral Aircraft HamilcarAirTrain JFKScramjet programs
Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées
List of Atlas launches (1960–1969)Buran programmeIntermediate eXperimental Vehicle
Japanese military aircraft designation systems
Robert J. CenkerSlowed rotorUnion Army Balloon CorpsRadio direction finderBoulton Paul DefiantFlytogetPhotonic laser thrusterEsterline
List of Thor and Delta launches (1960–69)
Hawker TyphoonSwen Swanson
Derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations
Slowed rotorFly-by-wireList of rotorcraftTrøndelag Commuter RailFrozen orbitEAA AirVenture OshkoshMobile Rocket BaseN1 (rocket)QuikSCAT
مشروع الترجمة الأوسع لإثراء الويكيبيديا العربية
من مختلف التخصصات.
تم تجميع مقالات من الويكيبيديا الإنجليزية، بحاجة للإنشاء
على الويكيبيديا العربية من قبل أعضاء في مبادرة ض لتطوير
الويكيبيديا العربية.
نتمنى أن يسهل عليكم هذا المشروع
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Dream ChaserSima MilutinovićWind-turbine aerodynamicsCabin pressurizationTechnodinamikaWing configurationPulse-Doppler radarChemical Automatics Design BureauMichel GordilloList of missiles by countryMobile Rocket BaseAstrosat
BAC TSR-2Hans von OhainFlight
List of aviation, aerospace and aeronautical abbreviations
LN-3 Inertial Navigation SystemDe Havilland Sea VixenInstrument approachControl moment gyroscopeNanoRacksList of rocket launch sitesInterplanetary Transport SystemGemini 4
Fairchild C-119 Flying BoxcarOctave ChanuteAir bearingOperation OutwardFlap (aeronautics)Carter PAVRadio navigationFlight dynamics (spacecraft)National Aerospace LaboratoryList of Scout launchesNon-rocket spacelaunch
Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
Supermarine Spitfire (late Merlin-powered variants)
Boeing UKCommunity wind energyHistory of aerodynamicsBracing (aeronautics)Avro Canada VZ-9 AvrocarAirspace classSpace rendezvous
Modification and Replacement Parts Association
Project NikeFalcon 9 Full ThrustGemini 6A
General Aircraft HamilcarAlexander KartveliCompressible flowNormal shock tablesGliding flightGlider typesHeathrow Terminal 5Liquid droplet radiatorExperimental Aircraft AssociationITS launch vehicleITS launch vehicleSouth Asia Satellite
USAF units and aircraft of the Korean War
Luigi ColaniNormal shock tablesFlight dynamics (spacecraft)Non-directional beaconAAI RQ-7 ShadowVought AirtransDelta-v budgetLGardeList of Proton launches (2000–09)List of space launch system designsCygnus CRS Orb-3
Aircraft of the Battle of BritainCheng XuWind power forecastingGlidden DomanFlying wingWingtip deviceAutomated airport weather stationHall-effect thrusterGlenn Research CenterList of Atlas launches (2010–2019)Saturn V Dynamic Test VehicleWorldView-4
Lockheed EC-121 Warning StarJohn Carver Meadows FrostCyclorotorHistory of military ballooningAir data inertial reference unitCrew Return Vehicle
Terminals of Los Angeles International Airport
Beam-powered propulsionHellenic Aerospace Industry
Comparison of orbital launchers families
Ares IGemini 7
Convair F-102 Delta DaggerTheodore TheodorsenFlow conditioningStress in the aviation industryTailless aircraftNorthrop Grumman X-47BM2 (Copenhagen)List of orbits
École nationale supérieure d'ingénieurs de constructions aéronautiques
List of Launch Services Program launches
Comparison of orbital launchers families
Link TrainerBeverley ShenstoneUnderfloor air distributionJLENSWingtip vorticesSlowed rotorRequired navigation performanceEuler's three-body problem
30th Central Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Defence (Russia)
List of Proton launches (2010–present)
Soyuz at the Guiana Space CentreSpaceX CRS-2
Martin B-57 CanberraRoy ChaplinBrownout (aeronautics)Mystery airship
Glossary of Russian and USSR aviation acronyms: Weapons and armament
KliperULTra (rapid transit)Orbital elementsTAT TechnologiesNew ShepardSaturn V Instrument UnitLandsat 8
Hawker Sea FuryJohn M. ConroyTheodore von KármánTrajectory optimizationRecon InstrumentsSpace Shuttle orbiterAir traffic controllerStaged combustion cycleAstriumList of Proton launches (1980–89)Ariane 6SpaceX CRS-10
Fairey BattleKurt HohenemserAdrian Newey
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Stabilizer (aeronautics)Long Range Strike Bomber programSecurity theaterMagnetic sailExelis Inc.List of Proton launches (1990–99)New ShepardGemini 5
Macchi C.205Paul R. HillTrajectory optimization
Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
Goodrich CorporationPusher configurationAirport Rail Link (Bangkok)Laser propulsionMacquarie Infrastructure CompanyV-1 flying bomb facilitiesSpace tetherLISA Pathfinder
Curtiss JN-4Sydney CammUnconventional wind turbinesZeppelin LZ 85Gurney flapSukhoi/HAL FGFAFlight levelLaunch loopSurrey Satellite TechnologyList of Zenit launchesKliperGenesis II
Republic F-84 ThunderjetFrederick Handley PageAircraft design processDavid Schwarz (aviation inventor)Dihedral (aeronautics)
List of pusher aircraft by configuration
Gardermoen Line
Electrically powered spacecraft propulsion
Asher Space Research InstituteList of NRO launchesCryoSat-2Interstellar Boundary Explorer
Convair F-106 Delta DartScotty (Star Trek)Outline of wind energyAir data inertial reference unitIce protection systemCanard (aeronautics)
Air traffic control radar beacon system
Dean drivePaul Poberezny
List of Thor and Delta launches (2000–09)
GOES-16Gemini 11
Avro ShackletonJohn W. HutchinsonKutta–Joukowski theoremDrop testPitot-static systemList of electric aircraftAir navigationAerobrakingSky and Space GlobalSaturn (rocket family)Orbcomm (satellite)Jason-3
Avro Vulcan XH558Thomas W. BenoistStability derivatives
Environmental causes of aviation stress
Evacuation slideKAI KF-XPolar routeKepler's equationBarden CorporationAtlas (rocket family)Briz (rocket stage)JCSAT-16
Bristol BritanniaEdgar PercivalWingtip vorticesMichel GordilloClosed wingDe Havilland VenomAirport Express, Beijing SubwayVulcainCivil Aerospace Medical InstituteDelta (rocket family)Saturn (rocket family)MetOp
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
Alfred GessowTethys (database)Explorer IIARINCLockheed Have BlueBeehive, Gatwick AirportGreen Propellant Infusion MissionWittman Regional AirportList of Atlas launches (2000–2009)SpaceX CRS-1
Miniature Sensor Technology Integration-3
Macchi C.200Léon LevavasseurOctave ChanuteAviation call signsArea ruleList of gliders (A)Radar trackerInterplanetary Transport NetworkMichoud Assembly FacilitySmall-lift launch vehicleEuropa (rocket)SpaceX CRS-7
Patrie (airship)Wolfgang KlempererDihedral (aeronautics)Longitudinal static stabilityVariometerList of gliders (S)DFS GroupBusekYoung EaglesSuborbital spaceflight in 2008SpaceX CRS-3Long Duration Exposure Facility
Convair B-58 HustlerLudwig PrandtlBetz's lawGNSS enhancementElectronic flight instrument systemXCOR LynxBidirectional trafficOrbital ringTom Poberezny
List of Thor and Delta launches (1970–79)
Vulcan (rocket)SpaceX COTS Demo Flight 1
CIM-10 BomarcPaul PobereznyCoherent turbulent structureGlass cockpitGlass cockpitRoyal Aircraft Factory F.E.2Prohibited airspaceHypersonic speedHerley IndustriesCanSatStarTramGemini 12
Avro Canada VZ-9 AvrocarJohanna WeberKammbackFlight control modesGarmin G1000Short S.27Airport terminalSpace gun
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
Hermes (missile program)Delta (rocket family)SES-8
Curtiss P-36 HawkRichard Vogt (aircraft designer)Choked flowZeppelin LZ 59Flight with disabled controlsThree-surface aircraftAirport check-inGauss' methodIstres-Le Tubé Air BaseList of Atlas launches (1990–1999)Small-lift launch vehicleDragon Spacecraft Qualification Unit
Spirit of St. LouisFirouz NaderiCheng XuAntonio LippiFlight control modesBirdman ChinookRAF CardingtonLambert's problem
Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Atlas-CentaurXCOR LynxGlobal Precipitation Measurement
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 BeaverEduardo BarrónSwing bowlingHot and high
Environmental control system (aircraft)
Lockheed YF-22Heathrow Terminal 2Two-line element setArmstrong Flight Research CenterSubmarine-launched ballistic missileGemini 9A
Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite
Hawker Sea HawkDragan ĐilasDavenport chained rotationsLakehurst Maxfield Field
United States Air Force Stability and Control Digital DATCOM
Bracing (aeronautics)Jet bridgeBi-elliptic transferEAA Aviation MuseumMighty EagleIntermediate eXperimental VehicleMercury-Atlas 5
AAI RQ-7 ShadowJ. N. ReddyTheodore TheodorsenUS Navy airships during World War IIBlown flapNorthrop F-15 ReporterAirfield traffic patternField propulsionUrthecast
List of Thor and Delta launches (2010–19)
Suborbital spaceflight in 2008JCSAT-2B
Miles M.52Alexander LippischLongitudinal static stabilityParts Manufacturer Approval
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
General Aircraft HotspurArlanda ExpressElectric sailVélizy – Villacoublay Air BaseAtlas LV-3BCanSat
Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Ferdinand FerberAeropredictionBBC One 'Balloon' identsAirframeZeppelin-Staaken R.VIAirport Express (MTR)Apsidal precessionBBA AviationWater rocketBlack ArrowSpaceX CRS-5
Cirrus Vision SF50Dušan StankovCurveballHypersonic speedConventional landing gearNorthrop YF-23Qantas Hangar, LongreachSpace fountainLuftfahrtforschungsanstaltMercury-Redstone Launch VehicleProton-MGenesis I
Tupolev SBJan RoskamArea ruleHamburg AviationAircraft fabric coveringHybrid airship
Civil Air Navigation Services Organization
Reactionless driveCAE Inc.Rotary RocketH-IIANEE-01 Pegaso
Lockheed F-94 StarfireGeorge de BothezatBeverley ShenstoneSmart intelligent aircraft structureBlended wing bodyLockheed D-21Hellenic Duty Free ShopsEquation of the center
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
List of Atlas launches (1970–1979)Soyuz-FGColumbus (ISS module)
Fairey Delta 2Robert H. LiebeckMinimum control speedsHungarian Astronautical SocietyMonocoqueNorthrop YB-35AirTrain LaGuardiaBussard ramjetGoddard Institute for Space StudiesLong March (rocket family)Blue Streak (missile)Cygnus CRS Orb-1
Union Army Balloon CorpsJonathan Edward CaldwellAir flow benchDisk loadingRecaroAHRLAC Holdings Ahrlac
Engineered materials arrestor system
Reaction wheelCalspanList of Proton launches (1970–79)SES-9O/OREOS
Question Mark (aircraft)Jack NorthropNose cone designAeronautical Systems CenterSmart intelligent aircraft structureList of human-powered aircraft
Denver International Airport Automated Guideway Transit System
Skyhook (structure)Spaceflight IndustriesVSS UnityQuikSCAT
Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
Bachem Ba 349List of Russian aerospace engineersWing loadingRendition aircraftIntegrated modular avionicsLifting bodyFEAST testHyperbolic trajectoryCazaux Air BaseAtlas-AgenaCoilgunGemini 3
FMA IAe 33 Pulqui IIKurt TankComputational aeroacousticsSwiss cheese modelKline–Fogleman airfoilCarterCopterNorth Atlantic TracksAerocaptureFrasca International
List of Thor and Delta launches (1990–99)
Armstrong Whitworth WhitleyAlbert MooneyOpen VOGELZero2infinityLeading edge cuffZeppelin-Staaken RiesenflugzeugeWorldport (Pan Am)Expander cycleNexcelleList of Ariane launches (1990–1999)Gemini 4Cygnus CRS OA-6
Mark XIV bomb sightRichard T. WhitcombLifting-line theoryAir Cargo ChallengeFADECFlying wingBellman hangarGeostationary transfer orbitENAC AlumniOgbunigwe
Future Launchers Preparatory Programme
McDonnell F-101 VoodooThomas J.R. Hughes
United States Air Force Stability and Control Digital DATCOM
Small Satellite Program (United States Naval Academy)
Mondragón rifleRigid airshipAeronautical Information PublicationOberth effectNational Institute of AerospaceSM-65D AtlasEvolved Expendable Launch VehicleTecSAR
Aermacchi MB-326Al SchwimmerMonier Ventilation Shaft 2Tiger teamYuzhmashTriplaneAir Defense Identification ZoneSpace tugStone AerospaceVTVL
Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
SpaceX CRS-4
Austin Motor CompanyHorten brothersMonier Ventilation Shaft 1
International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity
L-3 SmartDeckTailless aircraftOptical landing systemApparent retrograde motionDreamUpMcDonnell Douglas DC-XAerojet General X-8SpaceX CRS-6
Airco DH.4John ArgyrisMonier Ventilation Shaft 3
SX000i - International guide for the use of the S-Series of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) specifications
Apache ArrowheadMitsubishi J8MPushbackIn-space propulsion technologiesTenCate Advanced CompositesAstro OrbiterGemini 6AViaSat-2
IAI LaviJannette B. FrandsenAntonio LippiGas balloonWing-shape optimizationVought F7U CutlassConsolidated rental car facilitySpecific relative angular momentumONERABlack Knight (rocket)Ares VSpaceX CRS-9
Arado Ar 234Luigi StipaPaul R. HillNASA researchLocal Area Augmentation SystemRotary RocketLINK TrainSpecific orbital energyUnited Space AllianceGhost rocketsRotary Rocket
Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate
Diamond DA42Antony JamesonErico SpinadelOberth effectList of aircraft weaponsDassault nEUROnExecutive AirlinesGridded ion thrusterTurkish TechnicScout (rocket family)South Asia SatelliteSpace Technology 5
KC-XMartin LowsonShock tubeRobert H. LiebeckRose turretTiltrotorBaggage handlerStandard gravitational parameterIHI Corporation
List of Thor and Delta launches (1980–89)
Cygnus CRS Orb-3TacSat-3
Supermarine Spitfire variants: specifications, performance and armament
Robert Thomas Jones (engineer)Displacement ventilationMental health in aviationTarget-type thrust reversalBell Rocket BeltFlight service stationMagnetoplasmadynamic thrusterAeronautical Society of IndiaNew GlennLiquid fly-back boosterVan Allen Probes
NAMC YS-11Edvard RusjanHypersonic speedFive Weeks in a Balloon (film)Lift-to-drag ratioBell V-280 ValorSeparation (aeronautics)Orbit determinationFull-Scale Wind TunnelLunar Lander ChallengeLong March (rocket family)ADEOS II
Sukhoi/HAL FGFAHenrich FockeAlfred GessowPenny ThompsonTailplaneNext-Generation BomberAERO Specialties
International Berthing and Docking Mechanism
Independent Verification and Validation Facility
List of orbital launch systemsWorldView-4Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity
Fokker ScourgeMark D. MaughmerDrag polarSpace Power FacilityArea navigationScaled Composites ProteusRemote and virtual towerRing laser gyroscopeNational Institute for Space ResearchVLS-1Stratolaunch SystemsMoon Impact Probe
L'Oiseau BlancFred WeickBuilding airtightnessATLAS-ISpar (aeronautics)Motor gliderJames Richardson CorporationFree return trajectoryLIDAXSM-65E AtlasNorth American DC-3High Energy Transient Explorer
Nakajima Ki-43Wiktor EckhausWind resource assessmentAdvisory Committee for AeronauticsFuselageHOTOLChangi Airport SkytrainRadial trajectory
Technicien supérieur des études et de l'exploitation de l'aviation civile
List of Atlas launches (1980–1989)Gemini 7DLR-Tubsat
AGM-28 Hound DogList of aerospace engineersLudwig Prandtl
Arnold Engineering Development Complex
WheelTugMilitary gliderBusan–Gimhae Light Rail TransitLiquid air cycle engineICTACEMRPO-A ShmelDubaiSat-2Cygnus Orb-D1
Kawasaki P-1Takeo Doi (aircraft designer)Ground effect (cars)Aerostat
Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System
Twin-boom aircraftTaxiwayNano-particle field extraction thrusterPakistan Engineering CouncilMissile launch facilityExploration Mission 1Progress M-13M
Lycoming O-320Cyril PullinBoundary layer thicknessAviation accident analysisTrim tabCessna O-2 SkymasterAir-rail allianceTriad method
TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Korean cannonHOTOLSES-10
KAI KF-XEdgar J. LesherBanked turnAerospace materialsTactical air navigation systemDihedral (aeronautics)PHX Sky TrainPulsed inductive thrusterTusaş Engine IndustriesList of Ariane launches (2000–2009)SunkarCygnus CRS OA-5
AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-kuoBruce Simpson (blogger)Heat recovery ventilationGlossary of aerospace engineeringList of unrecovered flight recordersNASA M2-F1Free flight (air traffic control)Field-emission electric propulsionAeronautical Institute of BangladeshChronology of Pakistan's rocket testsSpaceX CRS-2Cygnus CRS OA-7
Douglas F3D SkyknightPer LindstrandKline–Fogleman airfoilFlight envelope protectionVertical stabilizerHorten H.IIINOTAMRendezvous pitch maneuverTAP Maintenance & Engineering
List of Thor and Delta launches (1957–59)
Proton-KResurs-DK No.1
Northrop F-89 ScorpionAlbert Francis ZahmEnergy recovery ventilationFlight envelopeBitching BettySikorsky S-38Aircraft warning lightsMinimum orbit intersection distanceAirexpoSM-65A Atlas
List of Thor and Delta launches (1990–99)
Lockheed Have BlueTatsuo HasegawaPitch-upSkyhook balloonFlight envelope protectionClosed wingAir navigation service providerOrbit equationLandmark AviationTitan II GLVLandsat 8UNIFORM-1
Worldwide Aeros CorpStanko BloudekLaminar-turbulent transitionGround carriageB/E AerospaceHL-20 Personnel Launch SystemTerminal Doppler Weather RadarExploration Upper StageAXIS Flight Training SystemsSkycycle X-2SpaceX CRS-10Student Nitric Oxide Explorer
McDonnell XF-85 GoblinEarl Schuyler KleinhansJohanna WeberGlobal horizontal sounding techniqueAnnunciator panelShort Mayo CompositeThe Plane TrainOrbit phasing
GTRI Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory
SM-65B AtlasViking (rocket)TOPEX/Poseidon
Mitsubishi MU-2Ave KludzeVortex lattice method
Index of aerospace engineering articles
Ground carriageBoeing Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack
Controller–pilot data link communications
Pulsed plasma thruster
National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center
Comparison of solid-fuelled orbital launch systems
Dnepr (rocket)Cygnus CRS OA-4
Reggiane Re.2000Albert Gillis von BaumhauerVertical wind tunnelLoad factor (aeronautics)Course (navigation)Helios PrototypeMalpensa ExpressGravitational two-body problemInstitute of Aerospace MedicineJuno IIChrysler SERVTelkom-3
Gloster JavelinHerbert A. WagnerAeroacousticsGuggenheim Aeronautical LaboratoryAirstairCanadair CL-84Holding (aeronautics)Avatar (spacecraft)
Ingénieur des études et de l'exploitation de l'aviation civile
Super heavy-lift launch vehicleJupiter (rocket family)Hodoyoshi 3
Saunders-Roe PrincessAndrew WinchAir Infiltration and Ventilation CentreCOM DEV InternationalSkin (aeronautics)De Havilland DH 1081940 Air Terminal MuseumNEXT (ion thruster)Naro Space CenterList of Proton launches (1965–69)Ariane 1USA-229
Petlyakov Pe-8Gaetano CroccoLift-induced dragMach tuck
Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring
Lockheed Martin X-33
Aviation transponder interrogation modes
Reaction control system
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
JATO Rocket CarGemini 5THEOS (satellite)
Memphis Belle (aircraft)Waldo WatermanWind lensThe Twenty-One BalloonsInlet coneList of gliders (B)United ClubTrans-lunar injectionHéroux-DevtekHeavy-lift launch vehicleLISA Pathfinder
Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph
Eclipse AviationRobert H. ScanlanAlexander LippischAirport-to-Airport Mutual AidStand guidance systemFairchild C-82 PacketProcedural controlAscent Propulsion SystemTsAGIMedium-lift launch vehicleGenesis IIProba-V
Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2Walter Blume (aircraft designer)Reynolds transport theoremNight CrossingUnapproved aircraft partList of gliders (C)Heathrow Terminal 4Gravitational keyholeJämtlands Flyg
List of U.S. Army rocket launchers by model number
McDonnell Douglas DC-XGOES 13
Waco CG-4John StolleryLift-to-drag ratioAerial seedingCrash position indicatorList of triplanesAirTrain NewarkLissajous orbitTelespazio VEGA UKRehbar-IInterstellar Boundary ExplorerSentinel-1A
Douglas TBD DevastatorWiet HuidekoperPrandtl–Meyer expansion fanGPS/INSEscape crew capsuleSpectrum BeaverJet blast deflectorLaser broomRaven Industries
Center for the Simulation of Advanced Rockets
Gemini 11Hodoyoshi 4
AMD ZodiacDietrich KüchemannSlip (aerodynamics)World View EnterprisesFolding wingScaled Composites White Knight TwoChangi Airport Terminal 3Low-energy transferAerotoxic AssociationMissile vehicleJason-3SOCRATES (satellite)
Diamond Aircraft IndustriesMilton Van DykeAGARD-B wind tunnel modelFlying qualitiesBall turretBell XV-15AirRail LinkUncertainty parameterSkytechReusable Vehicle TestingLockheed Martin X-33Landsat 5
Northrop N-3PBThomas KalmakuAutomotive aerodynamics
Western Michigan University SkyBroncos Precision Flight Team
Yoke (aeronautics)AgustaWestland Project ZeroHeathrow Terminal 3Supersynchronous orbitBarfield, Inc.SM-65C AtlasJCSAT-16BugSat 1
Air Force of ZimbabweWolfgang HaackDownforceHemispherical resonator gyroscopeDiverterless supersonic inletDunne D.8AeroexpressHelicon double-layer thrusterSky-WatchList of military rocketsSoyuz-5 (rocket)Progress M-15M
Brazilian aircraft carrier Minas GeraisWilliam R. SearsRayleigh flowBuild the EnterpriseBERP rotorConvair KingfishSelf-separation
Transposition, docking, and extraction
TIMCOConestoga (rocket)Saturn C-3Sentinel-3A
Boeing YAL-1Ozires SilvaKutta conditionFuel fractionLeading edge slot
List of rotorcraft manufacturers by country
Low cost carrier terminalPogo oscillationBangabandhu Aeronautical CentreSM-65F AtlasShaheen-IIIBlacksky Pathfinder-1
ST Aerospace A-4SU Super SkyhawkFrank BarnwellWind engineeringCameron D-96SatairWright Flyer III
AirTrain (San Francisco International Airport)
AestusAGARDLong March 3AMetOpEkspress MD2
Avro ManchesterGiovanni Battista CaproniJoukowsky transformGrid finYaw stringNorthrop HL-10Aircraft cavern
Magnetic field oscillating amplified thruster
Aeronautical operations technicianNAVAIR Spike
Miniature Sensor Technology Integration-3
Sentinel-5 Precursor
Bay Super VSiegfried and Walter GünterExpansion tunnelRegenerative cooling (rocket)Channel wingFokker G.IAircraft rescue and firefightingBeta anglePioneer AirportSea Dragon (rocket)Soyuz-UC/NOFS
BockscarImraan FaruqueOffshore Structures (Britain) Ltd.Eclipse (software suite)Carburetor heatADM-20 QuailStand guidance systemMagnetorquer
Groupement des écoles d'aéronautique
Zircon (missile)SpaceX CRS-7Cygnus CRS Orb-2
Armenian Air ForceLetitia ChittyRichard T. WhitcombLuftfahrtforschungsanstaltIBM System/4 PiCGS HawkKing PowerOptical liftHEICOAthena IBlack Knight (rocket)Near Field Infrared Experiment
DC-10 Air TankerBoris LaschkaAircraft flight mechanicsRedux (adhesive)Oblique wingLockheed YO-3Airship hangarRam acceleratorTechnicien supérieur de l'aviationTracking shipLaunch loopProgress M-09M
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