Children's Book Project Class Sets
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CBP Class Sets
TitleAuthorQuantityLevelClassificationDescriptions from the Library of Congres Catalogue
A Company of FoolsDeborah Ellis22MShistorical fiction
A Jar of DreamsYoshiko Uchida278-12historical fictionGrowing up in California during the depression isn't easy for eleven-year-old Rinko. She desperately wants to fit in and be like everyone else, but instead she is ridiculed and made to feel different because she is Japanese. But when Aunt Waka comes to visit, and brings with her the old-fashioned wisdom of Japan, she teaches Rinko the importance of her Japanese heritage, and the value of her own strengths and dreams, in this warm and touching story.
A Midsummer Night's Dream (with Connected Readings)William Shakespeare399MS/HSclassic play
A Wizard of EarthseaUrsula K. LeGuin22MSmagic/fantasy
Across Five AprilsIrene Hunt29HS
Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carroll16MS/HSClassic
Blue WillowDoris Gates508-12After enduring abuse at the hands of her cruel stepmother, Chinese Cinderella (CC) seeks refuge at a martial-arts school and joins a secret dragon society. Under the guidance of Grandma Wu, CC is introduced to the exciting world of espionage as a part of the Chinese Resistance movement. And when CC and her new comrades take on a daring mission to rescue a crew of WWII American airmen, they prove that true bravery knows no age barrier.
Breaking AwayCory Groshek398-12adventureBook One in the Rabylon series
By the Great Horn SpoonSid Fleischman218-12adventureGold Rush California
Caddie WoodlawnCarol Ryrie Brink358-12Newberry MedalCaddie Woodlawn is a real adventurer. She'd rather hunt than sew and plow than bake, and tries to beat her brother's dares every chance she gets. Caddie is friends with Indians, who scare most of the neighbors -- neighbors who, like her mother and sisters, don't understand her at all.
Carry On, Mr. BowditchJean Lee Latham23Ages 8-12historical fiction
Chinese CinderellaAdeline Yen Mah60MS/HSMemoirA Chinese proverb says, "Falling leaves return to their roots." In Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah returns to her roots to tell the story of her painful childhood and her ultimate triumph and courage in the face of despair. Adeline's affluent, powerful family considers her bad luck after her mother dies giving birth to her. Life does not get any easier when her father remarries. She and her siblings are subjected to the disdain of her stepmother, while her stepbrother and stepsister are spoiled. Although Adeline wins prizes at school, they are not enough to compensate for what she really yearns for -- the love and understanding of her family.
Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon SocietyAdeline Yen Mah62Ages 8-12fictionAfter enduring abuse at the hands of her cruel stepmother, Chinese Cinderella (CC) seeks refuge at a martial-arts school and joins a secret dragon society.
Double or Die: A James Bond AdventureCharlie Higson20MS
Great Expectations (abridged)Charles Dickens422MS/HSclassic
HatchetGary Paulsen158-12Newberry Honorsurvival adventure
I Am a StarInge Auerbacher38MS/HSmemoir of a child Holocaust survivor
I, Juan de ParejaElizabeth Burton39MS/HSa teacher says: "good for MiddleSchool. Fits in with the social studies unit on the Middle Ages. It is about the African slave of Velazquez, the great Spanish painter.
Island of the Blue DolphinsScott O'Dell388-12Newberry Award Winneradventure
Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the PalaceDonna Jo Napoli268-12In the Prince of the Pond, the hero left his frog family unintentionally when he was kissed by Marissa, a princess. Now his venturesome son Jimmy leaves home to find the magic ring that will save the family pond from the curse of their old nemesis, the hag. As he hops into the palace, he is captured by the hapless princess Sally, Marissa's preteen sister. When Sally kisses his wounded leg, Jimmy finds himself in unsteady human form. The kindest of the palace inhabitants is Marissa's husband-to-be, a prince whose unusual empathy with frogs includes a taste for bugs. Jimmy must betray this friend to steal the magic ring from his pocket. Of course, the prince is Pin, who faces a bittersweet choice between his human and frog lives and loves. Napoli balances the comic possibilities of Jimmy's struggles with his human form with his deeper feeings of loyalty, courage, and honor. The ultimate strength of the book lies in Napoli's rich descriptive powers that include a respect for biological accuracy.
Little House on the PriarieLaura Ingalls Wilder308-12classic
Local NewsGary Soto288-12contemporaryGary Soto captures nuances in the everyday lives of boys and girls growing up in a Mexican-American neighborhood.
MercyRebecca Lim29HSMystery/SupernaturalAn electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, MERCY is the first book in a major new paranormal series.
Off and RunningGary Soto238-12contemporaryALA Notable Chidlren's Book/ Memoir
Rabbit HillRobert Lawson198-12Newberry MedalAn ALA Notable Book, A New York Times Book Review Best Children's Books, and considered to be among the greatest children's novels of all time. Why is the land so important to Cassie's family? It takes the events of one turbulent year-the year of the night riders and the burnings, the year a white girl humiliates Cassie in public imply because she is black-to show Cassie that having a place of their own is the Logan family's lifeblood. It is the land that gives the Logans their courage and pride-no matter how others may degrade them, the Logans possess something no one can take away. Taylor wites not with rancor or bitterness of indignities, but with pride, strength, and respect for humanity.
Raising the GriffinMelissa Wyatt44MS/HSAbout a 16 year old; When the people of Rovenia vote to restore their monarchy, sixteen-year-old Alex Varenhoff must suddenly leave his native England to become prince of a land he knows only from his grandfather's stories.
Subjects: Princes--Fiction. Identity--Fiction. Interpersonal relations--Fiction. Responsibility--Fiction.Europe--Fiction.
Regine's Book: A teen girl's last wordsReginne Stokke25A memoir/blog of a teenager fighting against leukemia.
Revolution Is Not a Dinner PartyYing Chang Compestine59Ages 8-12ALA NotableNine-year-old Ling has a very happy life. Her parents are both dedicated surgeons at the best hospital in Wuhan, and her father teaches her English as they listen to Voice of America every evening on the radio. But when one of Mao's political officers moves into a room in their apartment, Ling begins to witness the gradual disintegration of her world. In an atmosphere of increasing mistrust and hatred, Ling fears for the safety of her neighbors, and soon, for herself and her family. For the next four years, Ling will suffer more horrors than many people face in a lifetime. Will she be able to grow and blossom under the oppressive rule of Chairman Mao? Or will fighting to survive destroy her spirit―and end her life?
Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryMildred D. Taylor23MS/HSNewberry winner"The vivid story of a black family whose warm ties to each other and their land give them strength to defy rural Southern racism during the Depression. . . . Entirely through its own internal development, the novel shows the rich inner rewards of black pride, love, and independence despite the certainty of outer defeat." —Booklist(starred review)
Rules to Rock ByJosh Farrar22MS/HSContemporaryTwelve-year-old Annabelle Cabrera's parents have uprooted her and her younger brother, Xavier, from Brooklyn to Providence, RI. Belle misses the band she was a part of; the friends who went with it; and her beloved abuela, who took care of the family. She has a lot on her plate in her new hometown, like minding X and putting together her very own rock group. She comes across resistance at school due to bullying and a code of silence that keeps aspiring musicians at bay. Nevertheless, rock prevails in this spirited, never-say-die story about a girl and her dream. Farrar's first novel hits home about tween life, especially among the creative set, and for anyone who has ever been bullied.--Chicago Public Library
Silas MarnerGeorge Eliot31HS
Terrifying Shark TalesScott Ingram41Elementary
The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnMark Twain68MS?HSclassic
The Alchemist's Cat (Book One of the Deptford Trilogy)Robin Jarvis31MS/HSThe year is 1664 when young Will Godwin comes to London. In order to survive, he becomes an assistant to a wicked alchemist, Elias Theophratus Spittle. On an errand one freezing night, Will finds a mother cat and her three kittens, and brings the family back to his master's lab. Among the bubbling bottles and evil smelling jars of his master's apothecary shop unfolds an extraordinary tale of villainy, sorcery, and murder. The Deptford Mice trilogy witnessed the harrowing battles between the mice of Deptford and Jupiter, lord of darkness and treacherous disguises. Now in this gripping prequel, Jupiter's secret history is revealed.
The Call of the WildJack London32classic
The Ear, the Eye and the ArmNancy Farmer20Newberry Honor"Weaving African tribal language and lore . . . into a rich tapestry featuring a witty projection of the future, a score of vividly realized characters, and a nonstop adventure culminating in a denouement that's at once taut, comic, and touching, Farmer has created a splendidly imaginative fantasy." --KIRKUS, starred review
The EdgeRoland Smith23MS/HSadventureGr 6–10—Extreme sports meets ruthless killers in a survival-of-the-fittest chase. 15-year-old Peak Marcello and a film crew are off to climb the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan. Peak is more focused on the climb than on Afghanistan's outlaw factions, which pose more than a slight travel risk. When kidnappers kill the documentary director and two guides and take crew members in the middle of the night, Peak and ex-Marine climber Ethan set out to rescue them. A budding romantic interest in one of the teen hostages, French climber Josette, is one more reason Peak runs into the face of danger with no weapon, no means of communication, and temperature extremes that ensure an untimely death. All the while being tracked by a snow leopard, the unlikely heroes pool their military and outdoor survival knowledge for a nail-biting rescue attempt that will have middle school and older reluctant readers turning pages.
The ExaminationMalcolm Bosse23MS/HSfrom a teacher: "great for Middle School. Fits in with the social studies unit on China in the Middle Ages in 7th grade. I used it for my honors class in English. I had the same group for SS and it helped them remember the history. A great adventure story."
The GoatsBrock Cole23YAStripped and marooned on a small island by their fellow campers, a boy and a girl form an uneasy bond that grows into a deep friendship when they decide to run away and disappear without a trace.
The Near WitchVictoria Schwab97HS
The New International Webster's Standard ThesaurusWebster's20Upper Elementary/MSreferencelarge print, 2006 edition
The Return of the IndianLynne Reid Banks32Ages 812adventure
The Revolution of Evelyn SerranoSonia Manzano44Ages 8-12Pura Belpre Honor/Americas AwardThere are two secrets Evelyn Serrano is keeping from her Mami and Papo? her true feelings about growing up in her Spanish Harlem neighborhood in 1969, and her attitude about Abuela, her sassy grandmother who's come from Puerto Rico to live with them. Then, like an urgent ticking clock, events erupt that change everything. The Young Lords, a Puerto Rican activist group, dump garbage in the street and set it on fire, igniting a powerful protest. When Abuela steps in to take charge, Evelyn is thrust into the action. Tempers flare, loyalties are tested. Through it all, Evelyn learns important truths about her Latino heritage and the history makers who shaped a nation. Infused with actual news accounts from the time period, Sonia Manzano has crafted a gripping work of fiction based on her own life growing up during a fiery, unforgettable time in America, when young Latinos took control of their destinies.
The Time MachineHG Wells26Elementaryadapted
The White MountainsJohn Cristopher34MS (ages 9-12)
The White StagKate Seredy28Ages 8-12Newberry winner
The Year of the HangmanGary Blackwood36HSIn 1776, the rebellion of the colonies against British rule was crushed. Now, in 1777--the year of the hangman--George Washington is awaiting execution, Benjamin Franklin's banned rebel newspaper, Liberty Tree, has gone underground, and young Creighton Brown, a fifteen-year-ol Brit, has just arrived in the colonies. With nothing but an attitude and empty pockets, Creighton lands a job with Franklin's print shop. The English general expects the spoiled yet loyal Creighton to spy on the legendary printer. But as battles unfold and falsehoods are exposed, Creighton must decide where his loyalties lie... a choice that could determine the fate of a nation.
Thomas (Book Three of the Deptford Histories)Robin Jarvis22MS/HSThomas begins four years after the fall of Jupiter, when Thomas Triton, a midshipmouse, is tormented by horrific visions of the past: stormlashed seas, ferocious battles, lost cities and terrifying heathen gods. But now the time has come to confront the most chilling memory of his youth, a dark and dreadful secret.
Which Way Freedom?Joyce Hansen18Ages 8-12Historical FictionObi had never forgotten the sounds of his mother's screams on the day he was sold away from her. Making plans to run away to find her was a secret game he played with friend Buka, an old African who lived at the edge of the farm. When the Civil War began, Obi knew it was time to run -- or be sold again. If he was caught, he'd be killed...or worse. But if he stayed, he might never know freedom. When the Civil War began, Obi knew it was time to run -- or be sold again. If he was caught, he'd be killed...or worse. But if he stayed, he might never know freedom.
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