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Listing of Healthcare ICOs (Initial Coin/Cryptoasset Offerings) / Token Offerings
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First published:September 25, 2017
Last update:October 8, 2018
This list is NO LONGER BEING UPDATED after October 8, 2018
Created and curated by Vince Kuraitis
Principal, Better Health Technologies, LLC (contact info shown below)
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AIDOC medical data and smart doctor AI technology to provide you constant health and wellness insight. Our blockchain and advanced imaging technology enable us to build a live 3D visual of your health from vital sign readings.@AIDOCMeChina
Aimedis AI backed, blockchain and smart contract supported medical ecosystem, that changes the way patients, doctors, and hospitals communicate, connect and handle information. Users can store, secure and share their medical information only with the people they want to. Live in Germany.@AimedisGlobalSwitzerland/ Netherlands
AIOM scope of the project is to develop AI software for medical analysis and research. The goal is to use AI to find cures for various diseases.Germany
Alphacon platform to distribute healthcare data and provide personalized solutions with a banner of "Big Data Revolution in Healthcare"
Ambrosus for pharmaceuticals quality control@AmbrosusAMBZug, Switzerland USD sold in ICOICO not open to U.S. residents. Contact info: Angel Versetti, CEO & Co-Founder,; or Vlad Trifa, Chief Product Officer,
AMCHART solution which combines secure record keeping, incentive based wellness app, and machine learning/AI processes for proactive healthcare management.@AMCHART4ALLAustin, TX USD Pre-sale, 55MM Public salePre-sale open to accredited investors both US and International. Public sale March 1st-31st will not be open to US investors. Whitepaper link is also here:
ARNA Panacea solution which provides to participants in the cancer diagnosis market with a new way of accessing and interacting with the system for collecting and storing medical research data@ArnaGenomicsMoskow, Russia
Betterpath Health Savings Account (BetterHSA) that helps data owners control their health data as a financial asset.@BetterpathTechBrooklyn, New York, USA
BlockMedxwww.blockmedx.combuilding a solution to end the opioid crisis. cryptographically secure e-prescribing platform on the Ethereum blockchain with integrated machine learning algorithms. @blockmedxLexington, KY, USA pre-sale is now open, public pre-sale to open later in December
BlockRx platform is a comprehensive solution to fully integrate life science researchers, biopharma, medical device manufactures, and healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes@BlockRxProjectPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BloodChain circulation system for value exchange to be used by the community of blood donors and all who want to support it, participate in it and use it. BloodChain is the first open social blood bank.Warsaw, Poland
Blüpass Ethereum based token that enables multiple users to access a platform designed to better connect providers, carriers, and consumers. The platform will put control in the consumers hands to facilitate data transfers between providers and carriers for electronic health records, claims service, policy and premium verification, and more.@theblupassUSA
BowheadHealth comprises of the Bowhead hardware device which monitors a customer's biometric data to dispense personalized medicine and supplements. @bowheadhealthSingapore
BurstIQ leverages blockchain and machine intelligence to enable data from disparate sources to be brought together in a single, unified data repository, and to be shared quickly and easily@BurstIQDenver, Colorado, USA
Care4Me peer-2-peer platform that brings nurses and individuals in need of care management services together@Care4me_Miami, Florida, USA
CareParrot CareParrot protocol allows integration of all health, medical and fitness focused apps to mine CPX using their laptops or mobile devices. A singular marketplace for all to conduct transactions and track digital assets.@careparrot_cpxCheyenne, Wyoming, USA
CareX Blockchain Platform CareX blockchain platform consists of a health records vault, a health services marketplace and an AI trained chat bot for medical service interactions. An ERC20 based token currency (CARE) can be used on the CareX platform for the purchase and sale of health care services. @carexblockchainBellaire, Texas, USA
Citizen Health peer-to-peer health economy powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Medit Token; direct pay/subscription based health cooperative that is owned and controlled by the people & physicians.@CitizenHealthioUSA
Clinicoin open source wellness platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for engaging in healthy activities. Leveraged by a blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect people, developers, and providers, worldwide, improving global health, wellness, and research.@clinicoinSeattle, Washington, USA
CoinHealthCoinhealth’s mobile platform will allow both patient and provider instant and secure access to data or medical records, verification, and payment solutions. Coinhealth is the first cryptocurrency to offer health savings and flexible spending investments.@coinhealth1Dallas, Texas, USA
Coral Health Health uses blockchain technology to achieve an optimal combination of security, patient privacy, and incentivized data sharing. With a suite of business applications for labs, payers, physicians, drug companies, and health authorities, we’re driving down operational costs and encouraging the productive data sharing needed for truly personalized care.@myCoralHealthVancouver, Canada
Cryogen is a European cryonics development project creating technologies for reversible freezing of donor organs and organisms for the purpose of life extension and long space flights.@ICOcryogenRussia
Curaizon healthcare and improving drug-adherence through big data analytics delivered via the blockchain@curaizonLondon, England, UK
CureCoin first blockchain dedicated to medicine & biotech research via "Scientific Mining". Starting in 2014, Curecoin created an automated tokenized incentive for individuals, institutions and corporations who participate in the Stanford University Folding@home distributed computing project. The research focuses on better understanding drug targets in Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and infectious disease. @Curecoin_TeamUSAThe Curecoin blockchain is based on the Peercoin Staking model, with a few notable exception. Here is how Curecoin 1.x is divided:'s conservative ICO completed in early 2014, our rewarded giving blockchain system was co-developed by J. Smith and M. Sanchez in the United States. Initial blockchain beta released in late 2013, with full public GA release was in May 2014. Curecoin is independent of Stanford University, with the exception of promoting and managing the Curecoin folding team (number 224497) on the Folding@home network.
CuresToken the healthcare system, empowering the patients, health app developers, medical service providers and equipment suppliers.@CuresTokenBulgaria
DAYS.Exchange blockchain sharing economy of equitable health and life insurance, backed by investments in Longevity services and AI-driven 4P medicine@DaysExchangeZug, Switzerland
DeepRadiology combines two of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century, deep learning artificial intelligence and blockchain with smart contracts to allow lifesaving medical imaging technology to be delivered to many more who need it at lower cost worldwide.@DeepRadiologySanta Monica, California, USA
Dentacoin solution for the global dental industry; an Ethereum-based blockchain platform regulated by smart contracts@dentacoinThe Netherlands
DentalFix company for Dental clinics and the supply chain.@DentalfixKRussia
Dentix Globalhttps://dentix.ioa global dental EHR platform that allows blockchain backed, secure health record keeping, two-way doctor-patient communication, payment processing and worldwide patient referral and secure chart transfers.@dentixglobalSanta Clara, California, USA
Dermavir on the development and commercialization of a revolutionary new immune therapy platform for the treatment of chronic viral infections, cancer and allergy. Our technology is designed to boost specific immune response in order to modify or control presently incurable diseases.@DermavirICOUSA
dHealthNetworkwww.dhealthnetwork.ioDecentralising global health: dHealthNetwork decentralises healthcare globally using the blockchain, seamlessly connecting consumers with service providers, and researchers with independent data and funding. Enabling ownership of personal health records, achieving unbiased transparent outcomes, resulting in transformed health worldwide.@dHealthNetworkAustralia & Dubai$3.85M
Digipharmwww.digipharm.chtransforming market access, innovative pricing and personalised reimbursement, and the worlds first 'live' RWE respository@digipharmteamZug, Switzerland
Doc Coin blockchain protocol for Telehealth. Users can get specialist advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere in the world in any language.@Doc_CoinRussia
doc.ai conversational AI-powered platform for on-demand, quantified biology@_doc_aiPalo Alto, California, USA
Docademic free basic healthcare since 2016 to the world through universalization, integration and improvement of medicine with the help of AI and Blockchain.@DocademicMexico
Doctor Smart digital healthcare platform, whose embedded telehealth, telemedicine and AI solutions are designed to deliver world class medical consultations to patients anywhere, at any time. The Doctor Smart ecosystem will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to integrate innovative new technologies with the infrastructure of the traditional healthcare system
Moscow, Russia
Earthmedz patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening diseases. @earthmedzAustralia
eCuris, doctors and patients are using the eCuris platform to engage and collaborate on health in an easy and rewarding way. Together with the eCuris Foundation, we integrate a new rewards economy to our proven digital patient engagement, social networking and communities on a single, user friendly platform. @optimacurisLos Angeles, California, USA
eHealth First IT-platform to support decision-making in the field of health management, longevity, diagnostics, the prevention and treatment of common diseases for non-specialist users, medical specialists and researchers based on blockchain technology, machine learning, natural language analysis, neural networks, big data, clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and telemedicine @eh_firstRussia
ELCoin intelligent medicine--The goal of the project is to combine innovative developments in the field of production of medical equipment and modern blockchain technologies.@ELCOIN_IORiga, Latvia
Elige.re platform that works closely with the pharmaceutical industry to create drug discovery and protein folding algorithms that can be run on computers distributed across the internet. When your computer is idle, it uses that algorithm to search for clues valuable to the industry. Results are sold to pharma and payments are made to members of the network. @elige_reRussia
Embleema™ is a cloud and blockchain-based software solution that connects to a patient's different medical records at the various centers of healthcare services and chains them into a consistent, comprehensive, and tamper-proof medical history. @EmbleemaNew York, NY, USA
Emrify Health Passport decentralized personal health record platform to deliver trusted health information to the right hands at the right time anywhere in the world@emrifyNashville, Tennessee, USA
Encrypgen enhanced security for safe cloud storage and sharing of genomic data.@Encrypgen Coral Springs, Florida, USA
Enome patent pending system based on blockchain technology that empowers consumers to take control of their medical history on their smartphone, with ultimate security and privacy. The system allows consumers to anonymously share their data to participate and assist in medical research.@EnomeIoAustralia
Escobarcoin (ESCO) is about healthcare, a single platform revolving around Health record issues, digital insurance, pension problems, community build up, government and project partnerships.@escobarcoinUnited Kingdom
Eterly proprietary technology, the best science, and advanced AI techniques, the Eterly app acts like a personal coach--custom designing and adjusting, in real time--a health and fitness routine mapped to precisely fit each user’s specific needs. The project has been inspired, developed, and funded by longevity experts. @EterlyLifeVancouver, Canada
Etheal blockchain-based incentivized global health platform; the new OS of the $7.6 trillion healthcare industry@etheal_comBudapest, Hungary, but incoroprated in Tallin, Estonia
Farasha monitoring and prevention using blockchain technology; AI & SMDs@CoinFLBFrance, USA
FarmaTrust platform which eliminates counterfeit drugs, creates efficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry, and allows the purchase of genuine drugs anywhere and online@FarmaTrustLondon, England
GeneBTC This is a SCAM human gene blockchain platform; allows users to have their own gene assets, enjoy personalized medicine, healthcare plans, leisure services and dating based on gene background@Gene_BlockchainFremont, California, USA
Grapevine World a decentralized, borderless ecosystem for the seamless exchange of health
data in a standardized, secure manner.
Vienna, Austria
H+ collaborative and secured health records management platform enabling secure, fast, convenient and transparent exchange and usage of health records by patients and care providers on the go anywhere anytime@HPlusCoinNew Jersey, USA
Hayver the Duitcoin to revolutionize the treatment of addiction-related diseases through peer-to-peer monitoring apps and crypto-rewards.@HayverSupportGeorgia, USA
HealCoin unique cryptocurrency redefining healthcare with a DDLTTM blockchain, disruptive robotic telesurgery technology and a business model that makes HealCoin "HLC" a tradable currency in the marketplace. It directly addresses an annual US$360Bn Pharma drug counterfeit problem@TheHealCoinLondon, UK
HealPoint online virtual telemedicine Ethereum based platform, providing second opinions to patients in a matter of hours. @HealPoint_ioLos Angeles, California, USA
Health FX the power of A.I. Machine Learning and Blockchain to empower everyone with their own medical data, provide optimised practitioner matching, simplify payments and ultimately, reward good health@hfxtokenSingapore
Health Monitor world's first device for non-invasive diagnostics of blood glucose level, lung cancer, stomach ulcer and diabetes. The business model is based on creating a vending machine network in the EU.@healthmonitorioCzech Republic
Health Wizz mobile application for individuals to aggregate, organize, and share their medical records on a blockchain. @health_wizzFalls Church, Virginia, USA
HealthBase aims to integrate blockchain technology with medical research. By storing patient records on Blockchain, data is secure and immutable while also incentivising patients and care providers every time their records are accessed by medical researchers and companies. Launching DAPP this year and already has two clinics in which alpha version is being tested.@healthbase1Bonn, Germany ICO planned for 2018
Healthcombix privacy-preserving human data asset management, disease prediction markets, and the power of open, decentralized payment networks to build future healthcare ecosystems, DAOs, & cooperatives@HealthCombixNashville, Tennessee, USA
HealthDex enterprise health data blockchain platform and decentralised exchange@healthdex_io
HealthHeart blockchain enabled EHR can solve the growing interoperability, accessibility, and security issues of legacy EHR systems. The HealthHeart EHR offers affordability and scalability for any size practice or health system.@healthheartllcNorth Chicago, Illinois, USA
HealthSapiens access to a worldwide peer-to-peer (P2P) healthcare and wellness ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, consumers can seek the services they desire from peer-reviewed providers.@healthsapiens
Healthureum platform operates on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 standard to deploy smart contracts for health-related services. Healthureum focuses on six core areas to bring widespread efficiency and transparency, and cost savy healthcare: *Data Systemization, *Doctor Consultation and *Referral, *Medical Infrastructure, *Research Programs, and *Philanthropic Activities@healthureumEstonia
Hearthy decentralized, open and sustainable ecosystem (PHR, coin, app suite) to improve healthcare access regardless of income, maing healthcare more efficient and user-centered@HearthycoSpain
Hi:Health global ecosystem analyst - the date broker of personal medical data based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.The personal ecosystem for diagnosing a human body in real time. @hihealthappBelarus
HIT Foundation Foundation offers a blockchain-based online marketplace for personal health data that allows users to digitize, maintain and monetize their health data.@FoundationHitZug, Switzerland
Ingeniciel blockchain-based health platform, providing you an easy way to store and manage your medical records, through a secured and decentralized application. @ingenicielLyon, France
Instant Access Medical puts users in control of their own health data. Users manage their own personal health records and share these with doctors, hospitals, care providers and other healthcare participants. iAM rewards individuals who elect to share their anonymized health data with iAM tokens.@IAMHealth4LifeGuernsey
Intiva Health credentialing for medical professionals@IntivaHealth
Iryohttps://iryo.ioIryo network is the world's first participatory healthcare ecosystem build on standardised zero-knowledge electronic health record storage. Disrupting the landscape of traditional health IT by promoting standardised health-data archetypes, redefining medical data ownership and securing from unauthorised access. @iryonetworkKranj, Slovenia
Kalibrate Blockchain Universal Patient Index is being developed as a fully autonomous, commonly curated index to patient health information. It overcomes the biggest challenge in the health information world, which is the lack of a universal patient identity that can easily be bound among disparate health information systems. @Klbr8BlockchainOrlando, Florida, USA
Kinect Hub healthcare system, designed to improve life expectancy in the most challenging nations, using the power of blockchain technology.@KinectHubSydney, New South Wales
LenusChain blockchain based cross-hardware platform support to aggregate, evaluate and analyse health data of individuals and groups. On the LenusChain dashboard and app users will be able to create and manage HealthSpaces. Focus on wearables & sensors.@LenusChainZug, Switzerland; Munich, Germany
Linda Healthcare is the token needed in order to have access to the Linda Virtual Medical Assistant through our blockchain smart contracts, CryptoHealthInsurance. Our smart contracts will facilitate your monthly LindaHealthCoin payment. In our healthcare ecosystem, LindaHealthCoin is the only form of payment.@LindaHealthcarePalo Alto, California, USA
Litra toolkit for building trusted decentralized healthcare apps; executable on mobile devices, compatible with major EHR systems@LitraCoinSwitzerland
Longenesis blockchain-based “life data marketplace platform" which provides modular toolsets coupled with integrated advanced AI systems to store, manage, and trade life data: social network data, health data, and medical records@LongenesisHong Kong
Lumenushttps://lumenus.idthe first Indonesian Token built on Stellar Platform@LumenusOfficialWest Java, Indonesia
Luven Diagnostic LUVEN screening test method detects cancer at its early stages with the accuracy of up to 96% only comparable to biopsy. @LuvenmedIUkraine
Lympo to revolutionise the healthy lifestyle #ecosystem by monetising sports and wellness data via #blockchain to reward users by offering incentives.@Lympo_ioVilnius, Lithuania
Mahra decentralized telemedicine platform that connects patients and doctors around the world. It allows patients to store their own data in a secure way and gives access to specialists anywhere, regardless of the payer network or EMR used. of bogosity
MD Tokens a universal digital payment engine to power a smart, secure and efficient healthcare ecosystem, accessible anywhere at anytime@TokensMdHong Kong
MDCNhttps://cryptoheart.orgMDCN’s aim is to have medical services worldwide to provide to the public at a touch of the button. MDCN tokens are provided as a utility to purchase medical care, products, prescriptions and to reward doctors. Using smart contracts, MDCN can store patient data anonymously and securely on the BlockChain and make it accessible to patients. UK info at
Med Layer Layer can detect health signals using a device’s camera. The process is automated, users only share data with computers. Using encryption, the user controls access to their data. With deep learning, the system can identify signals about a user's health.@healthlayer"Global"
MedChain a new healthcare ecosystem enabling a secure dApp infrastructure for Health Record storage@MedChainIncEnglewood, Colorado, USA
MedCredits blockchain-powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized healthcare network@MedCreditsUSA
MediBloc decentralized healthcare information ecosystem for patients, healthcare providers and data researchers, built on blockchain technology.@_MediBlocSeoul, South Korea