Rappelz Event History
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DateEvent NameLinkContentsComment%Type
October 6th - October 13 2006Tortus Server Gladiator Challenge Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1
October 16 - October 25 2006Team PK Tournamenthttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/2Pantera only
October 27 - November 5 2006Halloween Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/5Combine with "Star Candy" to get other items, huge list including permanent masks PUMPKIN HEAD
November 8/9/10 + 14/16/17 2006Skeleton Invasion Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/750k-200k rupees
November 21 - December 5 2006Thanksgiving Day Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/8collecting a ton of turkeys
??December Holiday Giveawayhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/9A number of untamed cards will be hidden along with 1 grand prize item,
a TAMED pet card.
??Rappelz Christmas Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/11Red Candycane
Green Candycane
Yellow Candycane
Cube - Skill
Rank 2 Cube - Strike
Rank 2 Cube - Defense
Fairy in a Bottle
Feather of Return
Feather of Union
+1 Creature Taming Card
Christmas Presents
January 9 - January 23 2007Bonus Experience Weekhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/12Servers: Tortus, Lydian, Pantera, Yeti??Drop
January 23 - January 31 2007Rank 4 Item Giveawayhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/13three highest level players on each server will be considered the winners
January 24 - January 31 2007Rappelz Poster Giveaway Contesthttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/14One of 20 Rappelz Posters signed by GM Tanda
February 5 - March 7 2007February Free 100 iPod Giveaway Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/15giving away 100 free iPod shuffles!"Rappelz" and the url on the back
February 8 - March 7 2007Creature Card Giveawayhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/16This will be rewarded randomly when any monster is killed.how was this an event???
??Valentine's Day Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/17Valentines Day Gift Boxes with chocolates and bouquets
March 27 - April 10 2007BBQ Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/19Cute Pig Prizes:
Macaroni Salad (Timed)
Feather of Summon
Rest Tent
Tent for a Long Rest
Special Rank 2, 3, 4 Earrings (Timed)

Gold Pig Prizes:
Feather of Return
Carrot (30 Day)
Untamed Pet Cards
March 30 - April 30 2007MMOsite Rappelz Referral Event and iPod Giveawayhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/20win one of 10 Rappelz iPod shuffles
April 4 - April 10 2007Easter Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/21Sweet Chocolate Bar
[II] Ancient Element Defense
Stamina Saver (Non-Tradeable)
Skill Cube
Fairy’s Bottle
E-Protect Powder
Bunny Mask
Easter Egg drops
April 25 - May 1 2007Player Appreciation Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/22Every day during the event an Untamed Blue Pixie, a Blue Butterfly Mask, a Woven Cape, and an Ancient Knights Sword will be dropped on every server.
June 4 - June 25 2007Why I love Rappelz Contesthttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/25Prizes include 1 Rapelz iPod shuffle, posters, mousepads, and gPotatoes
August 22 - September 4 2007End of Summer Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/50Each egg contains random items ranging from rupees, cubes, and even stamina savers
??Halloween Eventthere are lots of pre-event news posts but none for the event itself saved
November 20 2007Thanksgiving Holidayhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/137Thanksgiving Turkeys that are stuffed with bountiful goods for you to enjoy??Drop
Hedeon installs Rappelz - December 9th 2007
??Christmasagain only a preview notice
December 27 2007New Years drop rate increasehttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/187??Drop
January 25 - February 25 2008Zomg Logout Timerhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/260all hell breaks loose
January 29 - February 5 2008
Winter Event

Permanent Exp increase
http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/195Combine drops to make snowmen to open
Small + Large Snowballs
Snowman Broom, Nose, and Eyes
Snowman Mask
broom sword, yea!
February 12 - February 19 2008Valentine's Event
July 3 - July 8 20084th of July Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/41250%Drop
July 22 - August 5 2008Christmas in Julyhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/421Start collecting the event boxes in-game and open them to receive prizesI think it was bobble hats etc
July 28 - August 11 2008Xfire's Dare to Rappelz Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/425top 10 w/ 45+hrs
Rappelz Ipod Shuffle 1GB
Idealist Ring

top 10 w/ 25-45hrs
Untamed Hawkman Card

top 10 w/ 1-25hrs
Perfectionist Ring
yoooo xfire RIP
September 9 - September 16 2008
Increased Lak Event!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/467??Lak
September 16 - September 29 2008
Increased Drop Event!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/487??Drop
October 15 - October 28 2008Increased Exp Event!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/539??Exp
October 22 - November 4 2008Halloween!!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/550timed costumes, capes, and hats, as well as restorative candy and SPOOKY Stamina Savers!Gala-Net, Inc. is not responsible for nightmares, hauntings, or other otherworldly occurrences resulting from consuming Spooky Stamina Savers. Spooky Stamina Savers should not be consumed by children, pets, or adventurers of level 170 or higher. If you are taking any other Stamina products, please consult a Cleric before using.
October 22 - October 28 2008Increased Drop Event!??Drop
November 10 2008Happy Birthday Rappelz!!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/569accounts created before November 5, 2008 will be eligible to receive the 7-day Hidden Village Passstock up on lydians
RAPPELZ 2nd Anniversary - dont question it
November 12 - November 25 2008
Raining Pets!!

2 year Anniversary Event
http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/572Creature Name Change
Creature Resurrection Scroll
Pet Respecialization Potion
+1 Creature Taming Card
one of two Pet Boxes
Rain Drops
November 26 - December 2 2008Thanksgiving Event!!!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/592drop items ranging from Mana Boxes to Ancient Cubes!!
December 10 - December 24 2008
Here Come SanTeh Laws!!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/606Every day between December 13 and December 25, one winner will be chosen, and each winner will have his or her Rappelz Wish granted!
?? - December 30 2008Christmashttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/639
December 30 - Jauary 13 2009New Years drop rate increasehttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/639??Drop
January 19 - January 22 2009Deliverance!!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/647All servers that participate receive an increase in Lak for one week. The winning server receives a greater increase in Lak for one week and frequent visits throughout the week from GMs, more mini events!The winning server will be determined by how well and how quickly the server can band together to escort the Salamander back to town
January 28 - February 3 2009Deliverance!! Increased Lak!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/665Tortus won??Lak
February 3 - February 17 2009Valentine's Day Eventdrop Valentine Hearts. Players can either eat the hearts or exchange them at any Valentine HostessSelect from one of three buffs or a timed Heart looter
March 11 - March 24 2009Spring Event100 - Shrapnel Bomb
500 - Potion of Everlasting Life
1000 - Lucky Potion
5000 - Timed Cerberus
5000 - Timed White Dragon
exchanging of Laks to event NPCs
March 18 - March 24 2009Increased Exp Event!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/70950%Exp
April 1 2009April Foolshttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/721lel
April 8 - April 21 2009Easter Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/7233 - 2 Honey Water
3 - 2 Honey Bread
30 - Timed Sun Rabbit
36 - Timed Bunny Mask
60 - Moon Rabbit Cloak

1 - Mystery Box of Horrors / Ancient Elemnets
10 - Mystic Witch's Jewel
10 - Corrupted Piece of Shadow
36 - Timd Black Rabbit Masl
60 - Corrupted Moon Rabbit Cloak

The Witch Wins - Decrease Rupee drop rate for one week.
May 13 - May 26 2009May Flower EventCreature Name Change
Creature Resurrection Scroll
Pet Respecialization Potion
Empty Salamander Card
Empty Hawkman Card
Timed Love Heart
Ipomoea Flower
Rose Bouquet
Lily Bouquet
May 20 - June 2 2009Wandering Merchant EventAll armor obtained from the Wandering Merchant is +10, Level 10, grants +15 Vitality, lasts for 30 days, and has the same skins are the 'Pure' series of R2 armors.deconstruct 'ruined armor' drops to salvage wire, piece of iron, thread, piece of string etc
June 19 - July 3 2009Review Rappelz Epic VI Prologue: Navislamia Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/7803 Nintendo DSi, 2 Rappelz iPod Shuffles, Posters, and Mousepads
June 3 - June 10 2009Twitter 50% Exp Increase50%Exp
June 17 - June 30 2009Fun in the Sunhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/797Mana Box
Rupee Bag + Big Rupee Bag
Immorality Soap
Vit Stone Box
Cube Box Defense + Strike
Timed Swimsuit
Timed Flip-flops
July 1 - July 7 20094th of July Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/81750%Drop
July 15 - July 28 2009Christmas in Julyhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/84150%Exp
July 29 - July 31 2009Invasion: The Seekers Revealedhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/860All servers that participate will receive a special Drop Event. The winning server will receive a bonus event drop in addition to the normal ones.Boss summoning
August 12 - August 25 2009I Love Petshttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/874Creature Name Change
Creature Resurrection Spellbook
Creature Transformation Potion Random Box
+1 Creature Taming Card
+1 Summon Creature Card
Empty Blue Pixie Card
Empty Red Pixie Card
Timed Helmet Crab
Mask of the Crow
additional Empty Yeti Card for Yeti server because they won the invasion event
August 10 - August 28 2009Rappelz a la Modehttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/875Grand Prize: 1 Rappelz iPod Shuffle, 1 Rappelz Poster, 1 Permanent Decorative Costume
Honorable Mention: 1 Rappelz Poster, 1 "Sweet Deal" Chocolate and Candy Variety Pack
Participant: Banana cakes!
I was gonna make cookies for this
September 2 - September 8 2009Dungeon Party Buffethttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/899Enjoy Attack Speed, Cast Speed, and Movement Speed buffs that are both delicious and nutritious.
September 9 - September 23 20095000 followers Twitter Event: 25% increased exp/jp, drop rate, lak drop.http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/90825%E/D/L
September 30 - October 13 2009Farewell Navislamiahttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/928Ninja Suit Box (7 day)
Swimsuit Box (7 day)
Viking Costume Box (7 day)
Timed Tamed Wolf (14 days)
Timed Tamed Harpy (14 days)
Timed Tamed Gnoll (14 days)
I Love Pets Box
Fun in the Sun Box
October 15 2009Solus Aurum: Tame to Touch, iPod Touch Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/960Be the first to tame one of the three new pets in Rappelz and instantly win!

Octopus: black 4GB iPod shuffle
Nage: black 8GB iPod nano
Genie: 8GB iPod touch
October 14 - October 27 2009Attack of the BossesMain Dungeon bosses such as Primal Scream and Abhuva will drop a decorative Solus Aurum Cloak25%E/D/L
??? - November 3 2009Razer EventRazer tokens dropped, I think it was another tech givaway thing
October 21 - November 3 2009Halloween Event 2009http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/963A new Trick or Treat option has been added for Spooky Stamina Savers. Combine a Spooky Stamina Saver with a Unit Card to receive either a "Trick" 14 day Pumpkin Head decorative helm or a "Treat" permanent Pumpkin Head helmet. Note that the permanent Pumpkin Head is a normal R1 helm, not a decorative helm.repeat of the 2008 one I guess plus this extra bit
RAPPELZ 3rd Anniversary
November 4 - November 17 2009Three Year Anniversary Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/983Item pieces will drop from monsters in the world and broken armor will drop from dungeon bosses. Combine these items with each other or with Unit Cards to get cubes, pet cards, and more!Strile/Def cubes
Empty Normal Basics
Timed Deco pets
Vitality stones
Premium Creature Box
November 18 - December 1 2009It's Raining Pets Again!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/996Creature Name Change
Creature Resurrection Scroll
Pet Respecialization Potion
+1 Creature Taming Card
one of two Pet Boxes
literal repeat of the 2008 one

also Thanksgiving
December 9 - December 22 2009Winter Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1014And Large Snowball and Small Snowball drops25%E/D/L
December 13 - December 19 2009Race to 25!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1016the GMs will be holding an open competition on each server to determine the fastest leveler in the game. Every day this week one server will play host to a dash to Level 25, and the Top 3 contestants on each server will win prizes, including an exclusive Lydian mount! Additionally, the server with the most representatives finishing in first place will receive a bonus EXP event!this is what SALA(name) etc is from

The overall winning server is TANDA! They will receive +25% Bonus EXP from December 23-29.
December 23 - December 29 2009Christmas Event 2009http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1029Lucky Number Cards - Combine to create circlets!
Ball Pieces, Crystal Powder, Star Pieces, Wire - Combine to create potions!
Rudolph Gift Box - Open to receive a full Rudolph Costume!
Christmas Hat, Cloak, Mittens, Costume
Holly (7 days)
Decorative Pet Name Change
numbers, ornament pieces and a gift box you can open once an hour
December 30 - Jan 20 2010New Year Event 2010http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1034Combine H-A-P-P-Y for one of the following items:
R2-R3 Cubes
Feather Set (2 each)
R2-R3 Luna Chips

Combine N-E-W-Y-E-A-R for one of the following items:
R4-R5 Cubes
Feather Set (5 each)
R4-R5 Luna Chips
30 Minute Lucky Potion (30 days)

Combine H-A-P-P-Y-N-E-W-Y-E-A-R for one of the following items:
R6-R7 Cubes
Feather Set (10 each)
R6-R7 Luna Chips
Lucky Potion (30 days)
Stamina Saver (30 days)
Timed Fallen Angel's Wings
Letters H A P Y N E W R !

Each combination also includes:
Skill Cubes
Timed Unity Ring
Immorality Soap
Timed Decorative Pet
Altered Pieces
30 Minute Stamina Saver (30 days)

takes too much space to list x3
December 30 - January 20 2010Rappelz Film Festival!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1035Best overall: Canon Powershot SD1200 digital camera
Winners of the other 3 categories: Altec Lansing VS2620 speakers
Best Overall: Shandalzare (Pant)
Most Creative: jaimelesradis (Tort)
Funniest: BLOOOOOOOO (Naga)
Most Dramatic: Icedsoul (Baha)
January 8 - January 13 2010Emergency Maintenancehttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1047Please enjoy a +50% Bonus EXP and Drop Rate increase until next maintenance. Thank you for your patience during the downtime.50%E/D
January 27 - February 3 2010Dungeon & PVP Week!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1064We'll have bonus EXP, Drop Rate and Lak Rate all week, plus Immorality Soap will drop all over the world!Lak rate doubled as well25%E/D
February 1 - February 9 2010The Seekers' Ambush!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1074The Seekers are prophesied to attack between 10-11 AM and 2-3 PM PST.
The Seekers may drop a variety of items including epic soulstones, enhanced consumables, skill cards, and ancient cubes!
they were in the dungeons
February 4 - February 18 2010Valentine's Day Event 2010http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1087Combine all 5 flowers to get a random box! Inside the box you can find any of the following:
Ring of Passion: HP, MP +100, Vit +30
Ring of Unity: HP, MP +500, Stats +30
Ring of Valiancy: HP, MP +100, Dexterity +30
Rose Bouquet or Lily Bouquet: Stamina recovery +20%
Rupee Bag
Flowers: Rose, Soothing Herbs, Orchid, Lily, Ipomoea

Chocolates: Heart White Chocolate, Fruit Filled White Chocolate, Sweet Chocolate Bar

February 10 2010Server Mergehttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1051Salamander + Yeti = new server Naga
Tanda + Lydian = new server Fenrir
this is what characters and guilds with "tehlaw_001" etc is from
February 24 - March 2 2010 Epic VI: Ressurection Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1112All monsters will have a chance to drop:
Yeti Token - Obtain Yeti Card: Empty, and a chance to win one in fifty Rappelz Yeti T-Shirts.
Timed or Permanent Witch's Hat.

Boss monsters will drop a Hector's Mantle
Yeti T-shirts!! ahhh Sestock won one of those
February 24 2010New Events for a New Server!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1116Be one of the first 10 to hit a rank milestone and win Stamina Savers!

All dungeons will be occupied by GMs! Grab a friend or even 10 and kick them out!

Opened with -50% Exp
and 300% Drop rate
March 24 - April 7 20101337 Springhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1175Combine P-E-W for one of the following items:
Decorative Pet Name Change
Timed Loot Pet
+1 Skill Card
2 Honey Bread
2 Honey Water
Rupee Bag

Combine P-W-N for one of the following items:
1 Honey Bread
1 Honey Water
Card with !

Combine PEWPEWPEW! for one of the following items:
Creature Name Change
Timed Loot Pet
+2 Skill Card
4 Honey Bread
4 Honey Water
Letters P E W N !
April 1 2010April Fools 2010 - Epic VII: Wrath of the Witch Queenhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/1184New Decorative Pets added: Mini-GMs! Now Mini-Lux, Mini-Magma, Mini-Sarkata, Mini-Itoki and Mini-Zar can pick up loot for you!

New Storyline Quests: The Witch is re-re-resurrected! Embark on all new quests to discover the true truth about her re-return! Prepare for the final showdown with the Ultimate Witch's missing legs!
My fav is this one

New Bunny Cloaks available for all players. These unique and permanent items will last for six months then mysteriously disappear.
April 7 - April 14 201050% Experience and Drop rate!50%E/D
April 28 - May 5 201050% Experience all week!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/1216Donating 65,536 items to the altar will no longer disconnect players from the server.lol those patch notes50%Exp
May 3 - May 17 2010Create a Cloak!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1225The top entries will be added to Rappelz and their creators will receive their cloak in-game! Other players will be able to trade orbs to Ghesh for their own copies of the winning cloaks!I dont remember being able to trade for them, werent they just in the cash shop?

Gazman: Mech Cloak
Bahiti: Butterfly Cloak
Dreganius: Dragon Cloak
May 5 - May 20 210PETS!Combine P-E-T for one of the following items:
Creature Resurrection Scroll
Normal Basic Pet Card
14 Day Decorative Pet
An Exclamation Mark!

Combine P-E-T-! for one of the following items:
5 Creature Resurrection Scrolls
Special Basic Pet Card
30 Day Decorative Pet
+1 Creature Taming Card
+2 Creature Taming Card
Animal Cracker
Letters P E T !
May 24 - May 31 2010Death Match Madness!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1243All this week, the GMs will be buffing players in the Death Match Free area from 2:00 to 3:00 PM PST with +10 Lvl 10 Priest buffs! Come join us for the Death Match Madness and get your PK ON!
June 7 - June 14 2010Quest TestSix races to see who does quests the fastest will be held, on a different server each day.

Once you’ve completed 75 quests you must alert a GM. Please keep count! Repeatable quests are acceptable! Wrath removal services will be provided from 2:00 – 3:00 PM PST (This means you are allowed to PK the racers!)

1st: Ash Lydian (30 days), 10 God Mother Fairy’s Bottles, +5 Skill Card of your choice
2nd: Ash Lydian (30 days), 10 God Mother Fairy’s Bottles
3rd: Ash Lydian (30 days), 5 God Mother Fairy’s Bottles

The server with the most representatives finishing in first place will receive a Bonus EXP event
another NAGA(name) etc thing

Naga won btw
June 11 - July 11 2010World Cup EventPrizes include Honey Bread, Honey Water, Mystery Crystals to restore HP/MP, World Cup Rings that benefit all stats, decorative Soccer Ball Hats, trophies that increase speed and restore HP/MP every 15 seconds, and winning the tournament can even earn you Champagne Bottles, deluxe Stamina Savers that increase P. Atk and M. Atk too!"World" Tickets drop from every monster in the game. These "World" Tickets can be traded to Soccer Enthusiast Jack, in every major town for a Soccer Ball. Opening the Soccer Ball will result in various rewards
July 7 - August 13 2010Login to Win over $10,000 worth of prizes!http://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1310Login one hour a week:
w1 - Ice Skate (7 Days)
w2 - Stamina Saver x2

Login multiple days, Stamina Saver x5 +
5 - Rest Tent (15 Days)
10 - Dark Lydian Mount (30 Days)
15 - Rare Creature Box
20 - T-Protect Mirror
25 - Eye Patch
30 - Sun Rabbit Decorative Pet
35 - Mystic Creature Box

Login 35 days total and you'll be entered into a grand prize drawing for a chance to win premium in-game items, a stack of 5000 gPotatoes, or a 32GB iPad!

You must log-in each day for a day to be counted.

Being logged in for consecutive days will result in 1 day counted, so please remember to logout once every 24 hours.
July 28 - August 3 2010Server Crash Bonus Exphttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1345Due to technical issues, most Rappelz servers experienced a period of extended downtime on Saturday night. Our apologies for this interruption of service and any resulting inconvenience to you.25%Exp
August 13 - August 24 2010Player Appreciationhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1371We would like to show you our appreciation of your patience through our technical troubles the other morning.

So, here is a Player's Appreciation Package. It contains 3 non-tradeable Animal Crackers and 1 non-tradeable Stamina Saver
Coupon Code
September 14 - October 28 2010Epic 7 Eventshttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/2000000000/1403Free 7 Day HV Pass

Login multiple days:
1 day/week - Animal Cracker x1
5 days/week - Stamina Saver x5
15 days - T-Protect Mirror x1
30 days - Archangel Wings (30 Days)
+ HV Pass (30 Days)

Weeks begin on Tuesdays and end on Mondays to follow our maintenance schedule.
September 29 - ?? 2010Harvest Eventhttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/4000000000/1420An event that allows players to collect items and combine them for such prizes as timed Altered Pieces(24 hrs)The Cooking event,
meat, sugar etc
October 28 - November 1 2010Fright and Flighthttp://en.rappelz.webzen.com/News/All/1000000000/1456Ghosts are rising from the grave in the Public Cemetery of Wolha! Gather around for a spooky race across the world to safety. Four GMs will be positioned around the world to serve as waypoints for the race. It will begin at the Public Cemetery of Wolha and will end at the Templar Headquarters. In order to qualify for the event, you must take and post four screenshots of the GM at each waypoint in the official event thread. The first three people to post their four screenshots will win prizes!

1st: Horseshoe (30 Day), Stamina Saver x8
2nd: Whip (30 Day), Stamina Saver x6
3rd: Carrot (30 Day), Stamina Saver x4
October 27 - November 3 2010Halloween Event 2010The gateway to Halloween Wonderland has been opened, talk to Halloween Gatekeeper for access. Monsters inside these 'dungeons' drop special items.usual candy + 336hr timed decorative costumes and masks
RAPPELZ 4th Anniversary
November 3 - ?? 2010Rappelz 4th Anniversary Eventhis event includes +30% EXP, a drop event, +50% Max HP/MP buff for all players, and an additional white dragon card dropped on each server each dayidk what the drop event was30%Exp