The XR UK organism
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The structure is visually represented hereCircles and sub-circles:MandatesDescriptionCoordinatorsContacts:Notes/LinksDate Added
Actions Circle Mandate- Designing specific action projects in light of the overall XR strategy 

- Overseeing those action projects to make sure they are functioning well and working together

- Staying in alignment with the direction created by the Movement Circle and advice provided by the Political Circle
Clare Farrell
Actions circleArts* To contact artists and creative people to make the protests more attractive and newsworthy
* To work out what to do on this score and work with the action and logistics group to make these ideas happen
* To make arty things for actions
* To communicate with action and logistics on how art stuff interacts with plans actions etc
Community art
Artist Liaison
James Thomas
International Rebellion 15th AprilProductionAction briefing
Action and LogisticsHow-to manual of actions and logistics
Non-violent Communication
Arrestee support
* To stay in alignment with the direction created by the Movement Circle and advice provided by the Political Circle
* To come up with and decide upon mass / coordinated action ideas in support of XR’s purpose, movement and political strategy, for these to be interwoven with other events and gatherings that support the movement, for example to build community.
* To discern, communicate and support the implementation over time that will enable such actions, including the build-up period (such as outreach, training, affinity group formation, practice actions, and trust-building), action period, and consolidation period (such as integration and training of newly-involved people, healing of hurt relationships and rebuilding of trust, and debriefing/learning), and regeneration period.
* Taking feedback from local and international groups, to decide and communicate the dates for Rebellion Days, Gatherings, and other UK- or internationally-coordinated events and action periods (days, weeks, etc.)
LegalTo develop a legal strategy that people getting arrested in the context of XR actions can use in court. To provide protesters with basic legal support through legal observers on the action day and to provide arrestees with basic legal and interpersonal support via email and phone calls after an action. To spread a culture of considering legal implications of actions within XR with the aid of legal trainings and the provision of legal materials for standard XR trainings. All the legal information is not provided by legal team members themselves, unless they have an appropriate professional background, but they research legal information or connect XR members with appropriate sources of
LO coordinationFrieda Lurken
Arrestee SupportHannah
Legal StrategyTim Crosland
Trainings and InformationFrieda Lurken
Movement circle Mandatetemporary mandate using the original one from the Movement Strategy team until another one is decided, since this is all there is until then:
- To decide upon the strategic use of resources, where it is not otherwise decided within other teams.
- Drawing upon the wisdom of the XR Guardianship Circle and taking into account the guidance provided by the Political Circle and Actions Circle, to decide upon and clarify the XR Purpose, Principles & Values, Vision, Mission, Aims, and other strategic documents and statements (such as the XR Rebellion Overview document and the RisingUp documents, in other words these things need pulling together, not a huge rewrite), and to make them easily and publicly accessible.
- Taking into account the proposals of the Political Strategy Team, and seeking advice from XR Council, to make decisions for the Extinction Rebellion regarding endgame scenarios – e.g. a win which will lead to calling off civil disobedience.
- Taking temperature and feedback across movement issues for improving practice through collaborative practice.
Gail Bradbrook
Robin Boardman
Movement circleCommunityTo support the growth of XR groups across the world and ensure groups have the resources that they need to function, including information, enough members and training, and have understood the RU's principles and valuesRobin BoardmanIntro Video (3mins)
How to set up a student network
Regional DevelopmentTo help local groups establish and ensure that their coordinators sign an agreement with XR to adhere to the basic principles and values.
To organise the coordinators of local groups to meet and discuss coordination of action
To provide local groups with necessary materials to help grow.
To provide trainings on how to run local groups and how to be a coordinator

To provide each country, regional and affinity group with a mentor/contact person.
To liaise with the political group in order to empower local groups to trial local CAs.
Reactive TeamTo respond to messages on our Social Media, and moderate the space, respond to Emails and signpost people towards places where they can get more information.Teddyxr.reactive@gmail.comReactive team document
NewsletterTo write weekly content for the overall newsletter

To ensure the newsletter is shared by weblink on all of our social media platforms when it is released.

To liase with Country & Regional Development to help local groups with the creation of their own newsletters.
The newsletter team puts together external and internal newsletters, both at a roughly fortnightly rate. The main (external) newsletter keeps our many members informed about our recent and upcoming actions, along with general updates on the ecological emergency. The internal newsletter gives an idea of developments within XR itself.Douglas Rogersxr-newsletter@protonmail.comNewsletter main document
IntegrationTo help integrate new people that want to get involved in the current NEEDS/GAPS of working groups and local groups.

To establish teams of phone bankers and email bankers that can communicate key messages
To provide trainings for new phone/email bankers and to train the trainers in how this system works
To keep track of new recruits and actively communicate with other working groups about potential recruits. To welcome new recruits to the Extinction Rebellion, take their feedback, listen to their hopes and concerns and offer advice/reassurance.
The integration team guides rebels from their first contact with Extinction Rebellion to finding a place within the organisation. We aim to get to know our new volunteers, their skills, and more importantly their passions with the goal of finding them a place in the Rebellion in which they can flourish.Rae W, Paul Lichtensternxr_integration@protonmail.comIntegration plan
Contact & PromotionDavid
FinanceEnsure that XR has sufficient finances to support the movement and collective / national actions therein and that finances are dealt with in a transparent and accountable fashion.

Financial “management” and governance: Ensure that those supporting financial processes have what they need, in both understanding and practically, to do their tasks. Ensure that cashflow is managed. Report to companies house and oversee annual accounts. Observe the compensatory budget process and review / change it if it ceases to work well.

Fundraising: Ensure that money is raised from both supportive funders and through crowdfunding. Ensure that funders don’t unduly influence XR strategy and actions. Reporting back to funders both formally and informally.

Admin: Oversee day-to-day admin of the financial processes
Fundraising & PartnershipsSarah Greenfield
Media & Messaging* To contact journalists and develop existing media contacts.
* To work out key framings, arguments and point and find and brief people to speak to the media.
* To write and send out press releases.
* To sort out social media plan – twitter facebook etc and put it into practice.
* To create and carry out a written media plan coordinated with the action and logistics group.
Sophie May, Ronan McNern, Adom
ContentJamie Lowe
PodcastMarijn van de Geer, Jessica Townsend
Messaging StrategySophie May
Press* Liaises with Local, National, International + Specialist press
* Press releases, advisories, statements
Influencers & SpokespeopleResearching for and relationship management of spokespeople (XR internal) + notables (external voices)

Reach out to and manage ongoing relationships with notables
Liaise between action teams/media teams and notables
Create audience specific opportunities/events for notables
Create and manage events for notables to introduce their notable friends to XR.

To record any XR interviews on radio/TV
To push out on social media
Sam Knights,
Marketing CommunicationsAdom
Events PromotionPublicise events to encourage people to get involved, provide information on current and upcoming
Live coverageEnsure livestream/live social coverage of key events and
Original contentManage an outward-facing image of the movement on our profiles, using internal content/media and
Press coveragePost links to and comments on mainstream media coverage of the climate and ecological crisis and XR actions
Educational contentPost/share stories, documentaries, educational pieces etc that inform audiences in more detail about the climate and ecological crisis
TwitterManage and coordinate Twitter feedNada ; ;
InstagramManage and coordinate Instagram
FacebookTo have facebook events added on the main facebook page contact the email adressManage and coordinate Facebook
Manage and coordinate Facebook feedAdom
XR BlogThe tagline for XR Blog is 'Voices of the Rebellion' and as such we are a platform for absolutely anyone supportive of, or involved in, XR. Beginner writers as well as professional writers are welcome. Our features include ex-IPCC scientist Bill McGuire's 'Climate Bombshells', 'Affinity Group Stories', 'Youth of XR' and 'Shared Vision of Change'
Regenerative Culture* To encourage a culture of care and respect.
* To create procedures which aim to welcome people into the rebellion, that are designed to help people to feel supported and appreciated.
* To help equip all people joining and taking part in NVDA / support roles with the relevant advice on practical and emotional wellbeing
* To ensure people are swiftly informed of ways to engage in respectful and non-violent communication, on- and off-line, e.g. briefing people at the beginning of meetings.
* To design and implement a buddy/check-in system to support people during the rebellion.
* To create written documentation on specific details of what support people can expect before, during, and after actions
* To coordinate support for people in prison and on court dates, liaising with affinity groups.
* To support working/affinity groups to design and implement practical and emotional feedback sessions after the rebellion which are well facilitated and based upon the principles of nonviolent communication.
* To design and implement a clear & transparent restorative justice process to deal with anyone who is being disruptive, harassing and/or disrespectful in rebellion spaces, which may include asking people to leave the rebellion.
* To assist people who are in conflict by implementing the RisingUp Conflict Resolution Process.
Jasmine Salter and Claire
Land and RespiteLand and Respite is a national subgroup of Regenerative Culture. Firstly, we provide residential respite for XR activists at private XR households around the country. Secondly, we are facilitating a network of Land Support Bases in the UK which are existing communal and private land plots and land projects useful to
Long Term Resilience and WellbeingVishal
Action WellbeingJasmine Salter
Regenerative culture DNA
Conflict Resilience and SafeguardingApril Griefsong
Co-ordination and Connections
Movement Strategy* To discern, decide and communicate the overall strategic direction for the Extinction Rebellion.
* To take feedback and stay attuned to the movement (including the other XR Strategy Teams and communities of resistance around the world that share a close alignment of purpose with XR) through debrief and feedback processes, and advocate for perceived needs of the movement.
* To decide upon the strategic use of resources, where it is not otherwise decided within other teams.
* Drawing upon the wisdom of the XR Guardianship Team, to decide upon and clarify the XR Purpose, Principles & Values, Vision, Mission, Aims, and other strategic documents and statements (such as the XR Rebellion Overview document and the RisingUp documents, in other words these things need pulling together, not a huge rewrite), and to make them easily and publicly accessible.
* Taking into account the proposals of the Political Strategy Team, and seeking advice from XR Council, to make decisions for the Extinction Rebellion regarding endgame scenarios – e.g. a win which will lead to calling off civil disobedience.
Tech & InfrastructureThis is starting with a Tech Governance group, and additional sub-groups or teams will be formed as appropriate.
An initial proposal is available:
The previous mandate, taken from the [Rebellion Overview googledoc]( was as follows:
* To sort out legal matters (related to technology, e.g. GDPR)
* To deal with information systems
* To deal with the design of online presence eg website - facebook etc
* To decide which core IT systems are used, and to provide training for those who use them
Rob Collett
Internal communicationsIan Hugh Manna
External communicationsRee Rolph
WebsiteRichard Stones
Data, GDPR & SecurityRee Rolph, Julian Thompson
Talks and Trainings* To absorb more people into XR by organising the Heading for Extinction talk in various communities. * To train XR members in delivering the talk & trainings and serve as a point of contact for them. * To identify a set of key skills & knowledge required by a majority of XR members and develop appropriate training formats to convey these skills & knowledge, with a focus on NVDA trainings. * To stay in touch with other working groups to identify their needs for trainings & to avoid overlaps with trainings they may provide to their members; this includes to compile a comprehensive list of XR trainings that is publicly availableFrieda
Event OrganisationTo receive and reply to requests for trainings across the country in NVDA, Legal, Talks, Extinction Rebellion Induction and local groups trainings.Event Organisation is the Working Group of Talks & Trainings which deals with organising the 'Heading for Extinction' talk, NVDA trainings, Speaker Trainings, and Training for Trainer sessions across the country. Where possible we also help to support local groups who are able to be self-sufficient in organising their own talks and trainings. Currently we are a reactive group, dealing with requests coming from a national request form, and organising through rebels from different local groups. We are also looking to become more proactive as we try to decentralise as much as possible.Liz
How to put on an XR talk
FestivalsTo organise & arrange XR’s presence at festivals this summer, with the aim of delivering outreach, training &
Talks and Trainingsrequest a training
Training the Trainer
Event contentTo build and review our current trainings, taking feedback from different groups and to change trainings based on given circumstances (e.g Swarming for NVDA), to come up with different versions depending on the context (e.g. classroom) and to evaluate workshop feedback from feedback forms.Frieda LurkenExtinction talk
TalksFrieda LurkenXR talk training
Speaker TrainingsFrieda Lurken
Frieda Lurken
 POLITICAL STRATEGYInforming the Movement Strategy Team of ways XR can build political momentum across the political spectrum to achieve XR’s demands;
Organising an XR Negotiating Team to discuss XR’s demands and speak to the authorities/government, as and when an opportunities arise, including through meetings, use of media and through intermediaries as needed
Taking advice and networking with political parties, regulatory bodies, local authorities, affiliated bodies, related think tanks, lobbyists and those working on shaping political narratives and campaigns, and building political community which can inform our work and to feed insights to the Movement Circle and the Actions Circle;
Reaching out, taking advice and networking with others in the radical political movements, and relevant XR groups in Movement shaping political community and narratives at a grassroots level, including international political movements, relating to XR demands, and stay in dialogue about how to proceed;
Building cross party political support for, and deciding the political direction, timing, and key design features of a citizens assembly demanded by XR, as a unique domain for the Political Strategy team, taking into account research and advisory work of other XR groups such as the CACE group.
Establishing an advisory panel composed of a small group of trusted individuals, nominated by the members of the Political Circle Team, who can support these members , including the provision of confidential advice and networking support;
Establishing a Political Task force composed of people from diverse political backgrounds who can commit publically to developing and supporting the implementation of the political strategy needed to achieve XR’s demands;
Making specific proposals to the Action Circle and Movement Circle on interim and endgame scenarios on the basis of the feedback from all the above
Historic: Political Strategy is one of 3 anchor Strategy Teams (the other 2 being Movement and Actions). Political Strategy networks with those working on shaping political narratives and campaigns (MPs, other radical movements, think tanks, local XR Groups taking action at a local political level); in order to (i) feed insights into Movement Strategy and Action Strategy (ii) to organise an XR negotiating team for speaking to the authorities/government as and when opportunities arise and (iii) to shape the political direction in the design of a citizens assemblyExternal Coordinator - Sarah Lunnon
Internal Co-ordinator - Jamie Kelsey-Fry
Citizen's Assembly Working Group Keith Garrett, Linda Doyle
People's Assembly Working Group
Climate & Ecological Emergency
Political Task ForceFarhana Yamin,
Mothiur Rahman
(Not yet established)
Political AlliesSkeena
Self-organising System Team* Evolving self-organising systems for XR & publishing information about them so they are as easy to use as possible

* Equipping people to use XR’s self-organising systems through training, publishing resources, direct support to teams as needed

* Facilitating the mechanisms of debriefing across the XR Organism
External Coordinator- Nick Osborne
Internal Coordinator- David Jennings
Guardianship Team* To offer information and insight to the XR Organism on why things were done a certain way over the history of RisingUp and the Extinction Rebellion, including historical context, processes that took place, how and why particular decisions were made, and other pertinent information.
* To watch the changes the Movement Strategy Team make to the XR Purpose, Principles & Values, Vision, Mission, Aims, and other strategic documents and statements, and if they are found to be significantly different in spirit from previous such documents, to raise such concerns to the XR Council.
* To track the start dates of members of the 3 Strategy Teams, remind those teams of term limits within a timely manner, and ensure term limits are not exceeded
* To decide upon the initial process of selection of the membership and term of the XR Council (Likely to be comprised of older and younger people).
April Griefsong
XR CounselProposed XR Counsel Mandate pending approval from the Anchor Circle

The Circle of Counsel will meet on the days of the waxing and waning moon quarters. 🌓🌗
On the Waning moon they meet (online) to discuss how XR is appearing to them. This will be viewable publicly and recorded.
On the Waxing moon they meet online to take questions from the XR community, who might ask them for guidance or to diallogue on a topic. Questions could be submitted in advance, and a Counsel email will be created for people to send questions.
The Circle of Counsel would make agreements on facilitation between themselves.

The Circle of Counsel also has the mandate to call a UK Anchor Circle meeting (and there to make a proposal for another/wider circle meeting if they desire), to call the participants/community to pause, and to become more conscious about what is presently happening. The Counsel will pay particular attention to the power dynamics within XR, seeking to mitigate for power.

The Circle of Counsel has a seat in the UK Anchor circle.

One Circle of Counsel member could also (optionally) have a place in any Restorative Circles called.
Full details here:
to be confirmed
Internationalist Solidarity- UK (XRISN-UK)to be decidedKofi Mawuli 19th June 2019
Local UK Group Context Role- Representing the local group perspective as relevant in the Anchor Circle
The person who fills the Local Group Context role must be:
i. a local group coordinator who is in dialogue with other local groups
ii. in contact with the XR UK regional development team
iii. able to represent the reality of organising at the local level from a local group perspective.
28th April 2019
Relationships- Considering how partnerships and other associations with other groups add value to the mission of XR and discerning the risks of such association and the best course of action for developing relationships/partnerships

- Publishing internally and updating a database of network information about who is in dialogue with whom

- Proposing policies around partnerships/associations as the need arises, including considerations around matters of financial integrity, legality and focus
Tim Crosland28th April 2019