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TimestampDate TimeWhich Adult or eagletEventDescription of EventPosted by:
6/30/2017 9:45:266/30/20179:10:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMr. P delivers a fresh, small fish and Honor is there to claim it. She tears into it and it isn't long before she has finished it off. No sign of Glory or TFL this morning as of yet. After finishing the fish, Honor flew out and across the way to a tree somewhere adjacent to the Primary Perching Tree.FreeSoars_AEF
6/30/2017 9:51:246/30/20179:48:00 AMWeatherWeatherIt is currently partly cloudy and 78 degrees. High will be near 93. Sun and clouds mixed are expected for the day. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 93F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. Tonight: A few clouds. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low around 75F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. The next two weeks look to be hot and muggy with temperatures in the low 90s.
6/30/2017 14:15:036/30/20172:08:00 PMNestUpdateTo my knowledge, there has been no activity at the nest since this morning when Honor ate a fish and flew off. Honor and Glory are definitely expanding their territory, as fledglings do. Maybe they're perched in a tree down by the river staying cool and eating fish that MrP is providing them. Hopefully, they'll come back to the nest for some visits.freebird_AEF
6/30/2017 14:47:326/30/20172:42:00 PMEaglet(s)FlyingOne of our fledglings just took off from the parents perching tree across from the nest tree and flew to the right. They may be perched on one of the trees to the right of the nest. Just spotted another flight above trees across from the nest towards the right.freebird_AEF
6/30/2017 14:53:216/30/20172:48:00 PMEaglet(s)Soaring the skiesJust spotted what appeared to be both fledglings flying above right tree line. So they are still with us, just out having fun and exploring the world.freebird_AEF
6/30/2017 16:13:306/30/20174:08:00 PMHonorArrivalHonor flies into the nest and plops herself down after being a big girl perching and flying around all day. She moves some objects around the nest and is now alert, tracking someone. She then flies onto the left V branch very intently watching and tracking, then flies onto the perching branch above the nest. She's such a beautiful sight to see. freebird_AEF
6/30/2017 16:15:076/30/20174:13:00 PMHonorDepartureHonor flies off to the right from the top perching branch.freebird_AEF
6/30/2017 17:01:566/30/20174:56:00 PMEaglet(s)Perched in distanceOur cam operator has found one of our fledglings perched at the parents' perching tree and some eagle chatter is heard, but barely because of the wind making so much noise. The wind and gusts have really increased over the afternoon.freebird_AEF
6/30/2017 18:16:556/30/20176:05:00 PMHonorIn primary perching tree. Honor is perched in tree across from nest. No vocalizations are heard. Two fly bys were seen but could not id them.kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 18:21:496/30/20176:17:00 PMUnidentified Flying EaglesFlying in back of primary perching treeTwo eagles flew in back of primary perching tree. Destination unknown.kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 18:59:256/30/20176:55:00 PMHonorOn nest and high perching branchHonor jumped into nest. Then she hopped up to upper perching branch. And then she flew off in direction of primary perching tree. Distant squees can be heard. Neither parents nor fledglings can be seen at this time.kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 19:15:356/30/20177:06:00 PMHonorFlew onto V limbHonor flew back to nest tree and Is vocalizing. She is open mouthed and panting, looking around in all directions. Parents must surely have a fish with Honor's name on it! Honor responds to bird sounds in the distance calling out loudly. Am hearing train sounds and rustling leaves but still no sign of parents...or Glory.kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 19:28:276/30/20177:20:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomHonor and Glory flew onto nest floor. A fish was brought by Mr.P. Honor claims it. Glory complains. We need another Fish, please!kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 19:36:216/30/20177:30:00 PMFledglings on nestFeedingGlory tries going in for the steal but Honor is too big and pushes him/her away with a nip in the leg. Glory flies off probably looking for parent. He/She flew under the nest.kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 20:11:286/30/20177:55:00 PMFledglings on nestOn nestHonor has polished off her fish and joins Glory at the V. For five minutes it looked just like pre fledge times: Glory in exterior and Honor in interior. Honor even closed her eyes seemingly happy to be sharing space with Glory. But Glory's eyes are peeled to the skies. He jumps into nest to see bare bones and skeletal remains. Not one morsel left. He flies off the nest tree. Honor climbs up to the high curved branch. Glory flies back to nest. Honor takes off for primary perching tree. Sunset not until after 8:30. Still time for a Glory fish.kaco4_AEF
6/30/2017 20:29:536/30/20178:20:00 PMHonorIn primary perching treeHonor is perched comfortably in the primary perching tree across the road from the nest tree. We know she is relaxed It is when she half spreads her wings into a triangle. The primary perching tree is almost exactly the same height of the nest tree...It is also a Tulip Poplar tree just like the nest tree..with very thick and wide canopy of leafed branches, good for shade and wind current. Glory flew to an unknown spot or may just be under the nest somewhere. Still awaiting dinner.kaco4_AEF
7/1/2017 10:25:227/1/201710:21:00 AMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)Some squees this morning from the eaglets. Some fly by's as well. An eaglet perched on the branch above the nest for a minute and then took off, believed to be Glory. Honor also has made two stops, one before 6 am EST in the nest for a brief moment or two and also seen on cam perched earlier. One or both eaglets were spotted flying in the background as well. Some activity! No food on the nest as of yet this morning. FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 12:08:287/1/201711:42:00 AMParentArrival of Prey and by whomAt around 11:42 am, a parent (not sure which one) flew in with a teeny fish in their beak. Glory followed suit as did Honor. Glory claimed and mantled the prized sardine and sat there. But too late, Honor came in and snatched it after some hardcore mantling over this itty bitty fish. Great practice for when they are out on their own and fighting for food. Glory was left out in the dark, and didn't really even make much of a move. I think it was just a tease...something to wet their beak until a more substantial sized fish comes in. But gotta love Mr. P and TFL - they do what they can! It's not the size of the fish that matters, it's how long it can hold off Mr. P and TFL having to listen to their screaming children until the next delivery. Can't you just picture Glory holding a megaphone flying from tree to tree and screaming (whaling!) into the megaphone to Mr. P and TFL "Can you hear me now?" Verizon, you need to sign this bird, STAT!FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 12:41:577/1/201712:30:00 PMfledglingsSearchingHonor and Glory are somewhere in or around the Arb, just don't know exact location. About an hour ago there was a small fish drop by parent claimed first by Glory but then taken by Honor. Glory has not been seen eating on nest since yesterday morning. Honor ate three times at the nest yesterday and once today. kaco4_AEF
7/1/2017 12:46:247/1/201712:40:00 PMWeatherArb conditionsThe temperature is 88 going up to 91 with possible thunderstorm at 5 pm. Low of 73 tonight.kaco4_AEF
7/1/2017 13:29:207/1/20171:26:00 PMEaglet(s)VocalsHonor and Glory are perched somewhere nearby because we're hearing their occasional calls and squees loud and clear. It's just not easy to find them since they blend in so well with their surroundings. They are most likely waiting for a food delivery, freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 13:42:217/1/20171:40:00 PMWeather AlertWeather AlertSEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 389 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 900 PM EDT. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. High 88F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%. Tonight will be partly cloudy with a chance of a stray thunderstorm. Low 73 with winds at 5-10 mph.FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 13:58:057/1/20171:52:00 PMEaglet(s)ArrivalConstant high pitched pealing cries fill the air and Honor or Glory is seen flying below the nest. The cam op finds a parent perched at the nest tree as well as both fledglings. Their calls sound like high pitched alarms as they wait in anticipation for a fish delivery with visions of claiming it first. Things settle a bit as they all wait.freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 14:01:357/1/20171:58:00 PMEaglet(s)DepartureBoth fledglings fly off, one after another, across the way towards the parents' primary perching tree and possibly beyond, since their calls have faded into the distance.freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 14:17:087/1/20172:08:00 PMEaglet(s)VocalsSquees get closer, then farther away, closer, farther away as they fade in and out in volume as Honor and Glory nag parents for food. The only way TFL and MrP will get any quiet today is to feed them already!freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 15:53:377/1/20173:50:00 PMGloryPerchedGlory is perched on the branch above the nest. S/he returns to the nest as the dark grey and black clouds of the storm roll in. Sweet little thing felt like home was the safest place.freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 16:02:197/1/20173:59:00 PMGloryAt nestGlory flies down from the upper branch to the nest and lies down. Thank goodness because that top branch looked slick and the rain is pouring. S/he dances around in the nest flapping his/her beautiful big eagle wings, S/he even does some wing dips. It's the rain dance....and beautiful to see!freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 16:06:517/1/20174:03:00 PMGloryAt nest in stormGlory makes the most out of the storm, taking somewhat of a bath, or should I say shower. S/he jumps from the nest to one of the V branches a couple times and then flies back up to the upper branch to perch. freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 16:57:357/1/20174:53:00 PMGloryPerchedWell, after Glory gave us a big show as the storm moved through, s/he is drying off on the branch right above the nest. Glory has his/her wings down and letting the hot air dry the feathers off. S/he was prancing, dancing, wing flapping, drinking rain drops, up and down the V limbs, here, there and everywhere! Seemed as if s/he was handling it very well! Great to see him/her get through a storm like this! Glory tumbled and wobbled and held on tight to the nest floor and the branches, which probably were a bit slippery! S/he is such a character and a joy to watch. Although we would rather not see him/her have to endure a storm, s/he certainly handled it like the big eaglet s/he is! The sun has peeked out and it's muggy and just plain hot. Though the storm has moved through, some rumbles of thunder in the distance can be heard. The storm watch remains until 9 pm EST. FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 17:32:557/1/20175:21:00 PMGloryPerchedYou may be confused if you are viewing the cam streams at this moment, but what you are currently seeing on Cam A is Glory perched and only showing his/her little tush tail and wing feathers, where as on Cam B you see the entire body. It's all due to the angle of the camera. So Honor is not perched in view on Cam A, it's just Glory, though I do believe Honor is within the home territory as I can here some calling out in the near distance. FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 18:25:427/1/20176:12:00 PMHonorArrivalAt approximately 6:12 pm, Honor flew in and has now joined Glory on the branch above the nest. Both are perched, relaxed and letting out calls to TFL and MP letting them know they aren't moving fast enough and to bring dinner ASAP.FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 18:32:337/1/20176:30:00 PMEaglet(s)DepartureHonor and Glory have departed the nest. They flew off one after the other from the branch above the nest where they were perched. They flew to the left in the same direction and are now in the mood to play hide and seek with the cameras.FreeSoars_AEF
7/1/2017 19:46:517/1/20177:45:00 PMEaglet(s)ArrivalOne of our fledglings has returned and is perching above the nest.freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 20:19:077/1/20178:04:00 PMEaglet(s)At nest treeBoth fledglings are on the nest tree perching in different areas. One is still perched above the nest and the other was seen below the nest but has now jumped into the nest. Both of them have been digging around trying to find scraps in the nest bowl. Glory, who I believe was on the upper branch, appears to fly off the nest tree while Honor remains lying down in the nest bowl.freebird_AEF
7/1/2017 20:33:417/1/20178:20:00 PMFledglingsOn nestHonor is sitting on the nest with wings spread like old times. Glory was up in the high curved branch just after 8 but has flown off. Sunset will occur at 8:37 tonight. Honor calls out every few minutes either for food or family. Firecrackers are heard occasionally. Honor finds a piece of fish carcass near the rails to munch on for a few minutes.kaco4_AEF
7/1/2017 20:53:207/1/20178:36:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomRight after Honor flew off nest, parent arrives with fish!! Looks like TFL. She starts to unzip and eat!! So far no fledglings are aware. There is no activity from our fledglings. Parent looks around and then continues eating. It is surprising that no one is flying in. It may be too dark to see clearly if Honor and Glory are too far away from nest right now. TFL finishes fish, no bones left over, and flies off.kaco4_AEF
7/2/2017 10:34:027/2/201710:30:00 AMEaglet(s)Morning updateHonor and Glory spent an hour or more at the nest tree early this morning. Several fly-bys, squeeing and activity around and beneath the nest. Around 9am, it's believed that it was MrP who delivered a fish that Honor claimed while Glory squealed with displeasure. freebird_AEF
7/2/2017 13:12:137/2/20171:07:00 PMReported injured Bald EagleInjured Bald EaglePlease be advised that the injured Bald Eagle rescued in Washington, D.C. is NOT one of the AEF DC eagles! The injured BE is determined to be about 4 years of age. It was neither rescued by AEF nor will be cared for by AEF, so we will have no updates to give. Please do NOT call the rescue/rehab center, as they need to keep their phone lines and voice mails open for new reports of injured animals. We thank you for your concern and hope it is releasable soon!pfernf1_AEF
7/2/2017 13:48:527/2/20171:46:00 PMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)It's a sunny, hot and muggy day here in DC. The sun beams down upon the home of our beloved eagles. Honor and Glory are out gallivanting, but I can hear one, or both (at times) within range so they are probably exploring or perched somewhere within their home territory. Today will be sun and clouds mixed. High 94F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph, with a low this evening of 73.FreeSoars_AEF
7/2/2017 13:51:377/2/20171:48:00 PM4th of July4th of JulyLast year we experienced a lull in fish delivery during the 4th of July. Since the weather has been pretty marvelous, though hot, it would be expected that the Anacostia River may have some human traffic in that area during this celebratory weekend. This could once again stifle some possible hunting of fish by Mr. P and TFL. That is to be determined. So far, so good! Just a heads up! (A headless fish up!)FreeSoars_AEF
7/2/2017 18:13:137/2/20176:09:00 PMEaglet(s)Afternoon updateIt sounds like three fish have been delivered this afternoon in addition to the early morning delivery. Honor ate the early morning fish, but the other three were shared by Honor and Glory. TFL even got to eat half of the fourth fish. Glory is currently resting in the nest bed and Honor is perching above the nest. It's very quiet and calm and truly wonderful to spend some time with both fledglings at the nest tree this afternoon.freebird_AEF
7/2/2017 19:02:387/2/20176:55:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL arrives with another fish! Glory is right there, ready to start eating. Honor flies down from the above perching branch to eat too. TFL is on the nest feeding them. Glory has gotten the majority of bites so far. It's so sweet to see her feeding them. What a treat for them and for us this afternoon! Honor gets a little snappy and pushes TFL away from the remaining fish. TFL looks startled but moves aside and so does Glory. TFL wing walks up the left arm of the V before flying up to perch on the branch above the nest. TFL looks amazing perched with her wings resting in an open, downward position. What a sight! Honor continues to eat while Glory faces away from her but near.freebird_AEF
7/2/2017 19:17:407/2/20177:14:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingTFL is tracking something and Glory is squeeing and chattering off and on, probably tracking the same thing as TFL. TFL relaxes and looks outward again, while Glory seems to have his/her eye on something, while Honor continues to eat the fish. There's a noise below. It catches TFL's attention. Who goes there? TFL is keeping an eye on things.freebird_AEF
7/2/2017 19:42:457/2/20177:42:00 PMThe First LadyDeparture / Nest updateBoth Honor and Glory are singing a chitter chatter serenade to TFL who must still be perched above. Some fireworks are going off nearby and I would imagine that TFL's presence is reassuring to them. Both fledglings look upward and start singing again to TFL. Honor moves to the outer V. They both chime into song some more. Honor wing walks up the left V branch. Glory squees loudly as TFL flies down into the nest. She grabs the leftover scrap, tears off a small bite for herself and then feeds a bite to Glory. The entire time Glory sounds off like an alarm system. Glory gets louder and demands a bite, s/he then is able to take a chunk of the leftover from TFL. Once Glory is done with it, s/he returns to TFL begging for more. TFL looks at Glory like, "There's nothing left!" All the commotion stirs Honor's curiosity. She must think there's more food on the nest. She jumps down into the nest, crowding TFL. TFL jumps straight up and flies off, touching the leaves along the railing with her feet as she goes.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 11:30:257/3/201711:20:00 AMFledglingsArrival of Prey and by whomAt 5:44 AM today, Mr. P delivered a fish to the nest with Honor and Glory got on his tail. Honor claimed the fish and Glory stole it at 6:15 and for a half hour picked and had some good bites, even leaving over a scrap.kaco4_AEF
7/3/2017 12:31:317/3/201712:23:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whom5:44am - Mr P brings in a fish with Honor and Glory in hot pursuit and rubber necking him as he flies in. Mr. P lands and one after the other Honor and Glory come barreling into him and knock him off his talons. He jumps a bit and manages to fly off. Honor claims the fish and manages to eat it for nearly a half hour. At 6:14, Glory decides it's time to snatch it, and s/he does. A successful steal for Glory and now it was time for him/her to enjoy a morning bite. Glory picks at the fish for a half hour and then leaves a small remainder of it leftover for a quick bite another time. It is currently 88. Sun and clouds mixed. High 93F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Tonight it will be partly cloudy with more clouds for overnight. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 73F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.FreeSoars_AEF
7/3/2017 15:28:437/3/20173:25:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomAt 1:25 TFL brought in a fish to the nest. When she saw there were no takers, she enjoyed a peaceful lunch meal all by herself! She deserves It! Stay calm and carry on sweet lady!kaco4_AEF
7/3/2017 16:05:147/3/20174:02:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchingOver the past hour, the nest itself has been empty but one of the parents and a fledgling was seen flying beneath the nest, as well as a fledgling being perched on an outer nest tree branch. Currently, one of the fledglings is seen below the nest in the center of the V branches from Cam A.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 16:16:547/3/20174:10:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchingOur cam operator followed the fledgling, who looked like Glory, under the nest and found both of them hanging out down there. Silly eagles. They're perched side-by-side and had a humorous beak play episode. Seems they're just chilling out together.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 16:25:157/3/20174:17:00 PMEaglet(s)DepartureOne of the DC kids flies off while the other remains perched in a relaxed position beneath the nest. S/he seems to be tracking and/or keeping a watch on something though, in between some grooming, that is.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 16:39:487/3/20174:28:00 PMEaglet(s)Departure / ArrivalThe remaining fledgling flies off the nest tree. At 4:39, one of them returns to the perching branch above the nest.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 16:52:237/3/20174:43:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomQuite an eagle conversation ensues and serious squees by Glory, along with mantling while on the branch, just before MrP flies in with a fish. Glory joins MrP in the nest, grabs the fish and walks around with it and MrP heads out. Glory stands with talons on the fish, holding it down while looking out, sounding off more squees and a honk before digging in. At 4:47, Honor flies in, both fledglings squeal and scream and mantle. It looks like this could be anyone's fish but in the end, Glory maintains possession and Honor goes into a submissive stance. She then moves to face outward on some smaller branches along the nest rail and hides in the greenery while Glory munches down on the yummy fish.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 17:03:257/3/20174:54:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingGlory did a fabulous job unzipping and tearing into this fish. Honor is still situated in an unusual position with her head in the greenery. I've never seen that before on this nest. It's really quite comical. At 4:59, Honor changes her position, turns around and returns to the nest bed. She goes directly to the fish, grabs it with her beak and gives one tug to get it away from Glory. Glory's had plenty to eat and doesn't even resist; s/he just moves to the side perching branch to relax while Honor gets her turn to feed.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 17:14:267/3/20175:05:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomGlory hops back into the nest and peeks sideways under Honor, apparently checking out how much fish is left. Honor keeps eating. Glory heads to the outer V and lets out some low sounding squees while fireworks pop in the distance. Glory starts vocalizing, both fledglings scream out loudly as TFL brings a fish into the nest. Honor already has nest position since she was busy eating the leftovers, so she approaches TFL, mantles and claims the fresh fish. Glory continues with high pitched squeals, TFL perches above the nest and Honor starts eating the new fish. Glory lets out a loud single honking sound as s/he remains complaining in the V while looking up at TFL. TFL flies off at 5:12.freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 17:20:447/3/20175:14:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingGlory decides to have a bit of a tantrum, screaming out and stomping up the left arm of the V. S/he is apparently focused on a parent across the way. Honor is truly getting her fill. Glory returns to the nest bed and starts eating the leftover that Honor abandoned once the new fish arrived. Both fledglings are happily crunching and filling their crops at this moment. freebird_AEF
7/3/2017 19:01:117/3/20176:56:00 PMEaglet(s)At nestBoth Honor and Glory have been hanging out at the nest tree a lot today. Both are in the nest bed right now nibbling on scraps. Glory has been calling out with peals for "one more fish, please." It's great that they've eaten well today since tomorrow is the 4th of July and there may be a lot of people along the river and fireworks throughout the day and evening.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 11:12:537/4/201711:10:00 AMHappy 4th of July!Happy 4th of July!No activity right now within the home territory. All is quiet. One eaglet can be heard at times, but not seen on camera after searching for him/her. Current temperature is 86 degrees. Cloudy this morning. Scattered thunderstorms developing this afternoon. High 89F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%. Tonight there will be scattered thunderstorms. Low 73F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%. Hope you all have a very happy 4th!FreeSoars_AEF
7/4/2017 11:19:217/4/201711:05:00 AMNest activityMorning updateGood morning! Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. Morning update on the nest: Around 7:30am, MrP brings in a fish with TFL hot on his tail. TFL reminds MrP who's boss and claims the fish as hers. MrP, in his usual amicable manner backs away and departs the nest. One of the fledglings arrives, mantles the fish and TFL backs away to see if she's needed for anything. Once she realizes she's not, TFL flies off. Shortly after, our other fledgling arrives looking to get some of the meal. There only appeared to be scraps left for the second arrival.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 14:16:247/4/20171:55:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomGlory is found perched on a branch away from the nest tree. Suddenly, s/he starts squeeing loudly and takes off. It's got to be food, right? It appears to be MrP who arrives at the nest -- yes indeed, bearing food. MrP stands in the nest looking around. Watch out MrP! In flies Glory and Honor. Glory performs a seriously good mantle and the fish is his/hers and MrP takes off, as does Honor. Glory looks off to the side, keeping track of someone. Branched on an outer branch of the nest tree is Honor. She can be spotted through the leaves on Cam B. Glory continues to eat, then looks over at Honor and squees lightly. Honor starts to move around on the branches, then flies into the nest at 2:14. Glory hunches over in a mantling position. Honor stands on the nest rails watching Glory eat the fish. Every 30 seconds or so, Glory sounds off with some soft squeals.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 14:32:207/4/20172:19:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingHonor starts to move in. Glory grabs the fish with his/her talon farthest away from Honor, mantles, squeaks and opens wings. "No way, Honor. Don't even think about it." Honor stands at rails patiently watching, then casually acts as if she's not interested, but with a spy-like sideways glance, she checks out fish placement as her wheels appear to be turning in her mind. Then she decides to chill out again. At 2:25, Honor moves closer again, begins to move her head closer, without a peep Glory expands wings outward to once again signal Honor to back off. Honor really wants at least a few bites of this fish. There really isn't much left. She makes a move but Glory expands wings again and body bumps Honor away. Honor tries again but fails so she climbs up into the V. I'm not sure which one got the fish earlier today, but this fish is Glory's since there's only a small leftover piece that s/he's still munching on.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 14:39:557/4/20172:33:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingHonor has finally had enough of this non-sharing nonsense, although Glory makes it hard for her. Glory's learned a lot. As Honor moves in to get some of the scrap, Glory moves it to the other side so Honor can't get to it. Finally Honor is able to tear off a piece but it's really just a bite. Once that's gone, Honor tries to steal the scrap but each time she reaches in with her head, she's met with Glory's bobbing head beaking back at her. Boy! Has Honor had enough now! She decides to put her body into the effort. She beaks back, pushing Glory far away from the little mini scrap of food. Glory decides that's not a big deal and departs the nest at 2:37, while Honor picks at the boney almost meatless scrap that she worked so hard to get.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 14:49:317/4/20172:44:00 PMHonorPerchingHonor wing walks up the left arm of the V, then flies over to perch on the horizontal branch above the nest. She sends short sets of calls out every minute or so. "One more order of fish, please."freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 15:17:217/4/20173:05:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomHonor is tracking something. She spins around and calls out excitedly. Once again, MrP delivers! And it's exactly what Honor ordered -- a fish! Honor claims the fish but Glory flies back to the nest and releases his/her screams, directing them at MrP who is perched on one of the V branches, but after all the squeals, he decides it's time to leave. Honor is tearing into the fish without hesitation. Glory stands nearby in the nest letting out whistling squees but they've quieted down. Honor places the fish along the railing, which is something that seems to work well for her, as it makes it more difficult for Glory to go for the steal. At 3:13, Honor is still eating and Glory has been quiet, watching from a proper distance. Honor grabs the fish with her beak and brings it into the nest. The top half of the fish is gone. It's now time to go for the tail while she holds down the body of the fish with her talons. This is much more tempting for Glory but so far, s/he's being very polite. Honor grabs the fish and moves it closer to the railing again. freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 15:32:417/4/20173:25:00 PMEaglet(s)At nestHonor finishes the fish, so Glory flies into the nest to check for any debris that Honor may have left behind. Honor moves out to the side perching branch; she weaves and bobs her head while following something, then flies off. Glory, still in the nest, also looks around but then decides it's relaxation time and lies down.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 16:07:397/4/20174:06:00 PMGloryIn the NestGlory is remains resting on the nest floor as the rain trickles down upon him/her. It must be a nice respite and give him/her a little cool off from this muggy heat. His/Her eyes open and close, and a little shake of the head to get the water out of his/her eyes - which open and close every few seconds. Honor flew off the nest and is either gallivanting around or perched somewhere off cam view. FreeSoars_AEF
7/4/2017 16:30:177/4/20174:20:00 PMGloryPerchedGlory moved to the side branch and started calling out loudly. Then jumped up the limb and then quickly to the overhead branch above the nest. Loud screeching starts up as Glory peers down past the nest. Nothing is found as the camera scans that area. Glory remains perched.FreeSoars_AEF
7/4/2017 17:55:527/4/20174:46:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomOh boy, this is a good one - Mr. P comes flying in with a nice fresh fish and Glory is all over it. A quick and possessive mantle takes place. Mr. P jumps to the safety of the V limb immediately. Glory starts screaming, and I mean screaming on the top of his/her lungs. Why? The little fish was still alive and flopping around. Glory firmly plants his/her talons to hold the fish down, but at one point the fish got away and flopped a good 8" away LOL. It was flopping and Glory was rushing to get to it! It was the most amusing thing to watch. It was like a football player trying to catch a fumble from the other team. Rushing and grabbing it before it got away again. Glory makes a great save and holds the fish down and then drags it back to the center of the nest as the fish is flopping and marinating in dirt seasoned with dead flies as he/she does this. Meanwhile Mr. P is looking as regal as can be on the V limb and sporting a very nice white blaze indicating he has had a nice meal for himself and his crop is filled to the brim. Glory screams to get Mr. P's attention, but he is just looking out into his home domain and not paying any mind to Glory. Finally, Mr. P looks down at Glory but doesn't make a move to help to get the fish under control or started. After incredible pleas by Glory, he/she finally gives up and gets it going after approximately 15 minutes of just holding it in place. Piece by piece s/he tears it apart. Mr. P still could care less to help. At approximately 5:15 Honor comes flying in and tries to approach Glory and the fish. Glory maintains control and Honor steps away and jumps to perch at the bottom of the V, as Mr. P remains slightly above her on one of the V limbs. Glory, of course, still screams as s/he eats. Fireworks go off and it gets their attention and they all three pause. At 5:23 Honor makes her move. She jumps down to the nest from the V and over to the fish. Glory doesn't put up much of a fight and s/he scoots away from it. Honor now has it and is munching on the little leftovers. Glory jumps to the side branch as Honor continues to feast on bits and pieces of the remaining fish. Glory continues to............... scream and scream and scream and scream and scream and scream and scream...... My ears are bleeding. All three, Mr. P, Honor and Glory are in the nest tree for awhile, but then Glory flew off and to the right. Ahhhh the beautiful sound of...........oops, nope Glory comes back at 5:39 just as Mr. P flew down into the nest. At 5:40 Mr. P flew off of the nest as Honor nipped at him. Glory sports a nice crop and s/he jumps up to the overhead branch as Honor remains picking at scraps. At 5:47 Honor jumps to the side branch and then up to the overhead branch to perch with Glory. Silence is golden right now.FreeSoars_AEF
7/4/2017 20:17:327/4/20178:16:00 PMEaglet(s)ArrivalOne of our fledglings arrives back to the nest and flies onto upper branch to perch, then goes out of sight.freebird_AEF
7/4/2017 20:42:247/4/20178:25:00 PMWeather and EventsArboretumThe Arb is alive with the sound of ... no not bird songs. Just the sizzle and pop of the 4th. A brief visit by one of tbe fledglings about 20 mins ago on the high curved branch. Hope our guys hunker down during tonight's fireworks at 9 tonight on the National Mall. The Capital 4th has had a spectacular show so far: BeachBoys, Four Tops, Trace Adkins and more. Sun is setting in DC now and the IR lights are on at the nest. Happy Birthday America and wishing an independant free and happy life for our first family of the DC Arboretum!kaco4_AEF
7/4/2017 20:48:227/4/20178:42:00 PMThe ArboretumJuly 4Sizzle zazzle pop pop ... Glory and Honor stay safe! Looks like the rain decided to skip DC. Temp is a comfortable 83 and all is dry in the District. Some fireworks are going not far from the Arb off of Cam B. These are not the big display from the National Mall. Not a time for eagles to fly!! kaco4_AEF
7/4/2017 21:11:567/4/20179:12:00 PMThe ArboretumJuly 4thFireworks displays going off everywhere. Towards the city and down by the Anacostia. All directions around the Arb. And at the National Mall it is time for their fireworks accompanied by The War of 1812 Overture!! Eaglefantastica!kaco4_AEF
7/4/2017 23:13:137/4/201711:00:00 PMN/AFireworksNot an eagle is to be seen on camera, but there certainly are plenty of brilliant fireworks! Lighting the night and resounding across land and river, the display is a mix of well-timed beauty and loud booms. Somewhere, perhaps nearby, the eagle family is watching the lights in the nighttime sky; and, one day soon, the fledgling eaglets will be equally at ease and content while soaring the great heights at which tonights fireworks fly as once they were as newly-hatched chicks, sleeping nestled and secure in the soft, straw-lined nest cup beneath their parents. liatfos_AEF
7/5/2017 11:10:117/5/201710:49:00 AMDC NestMorning updateAround 6am, one of the fledglings arrives at the nest, no doubt looking for breakfast. S/he stands in the nest briefly then heads up the left arm of the V out of cam view to most likely perch on the branch above the nest. Intermittent squees are heard, then the fledgling is seen flying off. At 6:57, MrP arrives with a fish in talons and Glory hot on his tail. Honor flies in below the nest, lands on outer branches then moves out of view. MrP leaves the nest and Glory begins to enjoy breakfast. Honor flies in at 7:16. She makes a small move to get some fish but Glory blocks her. At 7:21, Honor uses the old hip check trick, knocks Glory off balance but Glory responds with his/her own hip check. Ruckus ensues, a bit of a scuffle and Honor wins to claim what's left of the fish. Glory heads over to the curved side branch before departing at 7:22.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 12:52:527/5/201712:50:00 PMWeatherWeatherBoth Honor and Glory are out exploring or perched somewhere off of cam view.
No sounds can be heard in the near distance at this moment. Currently it is 82 degrees. Today will be mostly cloudy and cooler with pockets of rain. Highs will be near 84 and winds around 5-15 mph. Tonight it will be mostly cloudy with occasional rain with lows near 72 and winds 5-10 mph
7/5/2017 13:02:067/5/201712:57:00 PMEaglet(s)Arrival & DepartureGlory entered the nest at about 12:57 and looked around for scraps then jumped to the side branch a minute later. Honor came in to see what she may be missing out on, but nope, no food for her. She looks around the nest and then flies out the rear of the nest a minute later. At 1:02, Glory jumped back into the nest and found a piece of scrap and starts to pick at it. At 1:05 Glory jumps up one of the limbs of the V and out of cam view.FreeSoars_AEF
7/5/2017 14:34:117/5/20172:32:00 PMEaglet(s)At nestI believe at least one of our fledglings is hanging around the nest tree today. S/he just hopped into the nest and then back out of cam view.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 15:42:257/5/20173:34:00 PMParentArrival of Prey and by whomThe alarms sound off. It was so loud! Both Honor and Glory had been perched above the nest. Their squees sounded like unified alarm systems as a parent flies into with food and then departs as quickly as possible as both fledglings land in the nest bed with resounding thumps. It looks like Honor mantled her way to claim the fish. They're both tracking something, Glory constantly and Honor between bites.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 15:53:227/5/20173:50:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingBoth fledglings continue to be distracted. Honor leaves the fish to go perch above the nest, so Glory decides to take over with feeding.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 16:08:287/5/20174:01:00 PMEaglet(s)At nestGlory eats all but the head then wing walks his/her way up the left arm of the V. Honor continues to perch, remaining alert and observant on the upper branch. Fireworks are heard nearby. Glory flies off the V branch and goes way up to perch on a branch of the tree where s/he can hide in the foliage. An eagle is seen soaring near and around the tree. It's Glory, s/he flew off from the branch where s/he had been perched.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 16:40:447/5/20174:10:00 PMHonorPerchingHonor remains on the tree perching in the center of the upper branch. At 4:37, Glory glides onto the upper branch to land then flies into the nest bed and starts working on the fish head. All the human activity and fireworks have stopped and it's nice and quiet for our eagle family.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 16:55:507/5/20174:49:00 PMGloryDepartureGlory climbs up the left arm of the V. It looked like s/he wanted to hop further up the V branch, over some leaves. Instead, Glory jumps up, falls short of making it above the leaves so s/he does a beautiful dive as s/he flies off the tree. Honor is now showing off her beautiful wing span walking and flapping along the upper perching branch, then settles back down for a good perch for the time being. Honor is back to an alert stance as she tracks something.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 17:31:497/5/20175:29:00 PMEaglet(s)SqueesI believe it's Honor that is still perched above the nest calling out intermittently.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 19:09:327/5/20177:00:00 PMEaglet(s)ArrivalHonor and Glory fly into the nest one after another squealing with their high pitched calls. They stay hunched together on one side of the nest, screaming and looking upward and outward. Bummer. Looks like the kids thought a fish was incoming but so far there's no evidence of that. On the contrary, it was just a parent who had landed on the upper branch in the nest tree and who is seen departing the tree to quiet them down. And it works, all is quiet, but so far both fledglings remain on the nest with hopeful expectations.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 19:23:387/5/20177:09:00 PMEaglet(s)Coming and goingGlory flies off the tree, squeeing as s/he goes. It's likely that Honor could still be perched on the tree. I hear squeeing again by Glory, as s/he buzzes past the nest tree. Honor moves from perching into the nest. She did a really cool move where she perched on the side branch, bounced into the nest, flew up the left arm of the V and then let the wind lift her up and backward and landed in the nest. She's busy watching someone fly around the nest. I imagine it's Glory that she's watching. I hear squees! It's got to be Glory, in fact Glory's spotted under the nest on Cam A, squeeing and flapping. Honor's in the nest looking down at Glory. It's pretty cute. Now both have flown out of cam view.freebird_AEF
7/5/2017 20:37:487/5/20178:30:00 PMFledglingsVocalizations At 8:26 eagle vocalizations were heard near nest area but no fledglings were spotted. The IR light is now on and the nest is bathed in gray leafy fluff. Wherever you are Honor and Glory, have a peaceful night.kaco4_AEF
7/6/2017 10:40:377/6/201710:48:00 AMMorning UpdateMorning UpdateAt 8:32 this morning, Glory flies in and lands on the left branch of the V, pauses then takes off towards the Primary Perching Tree and squees the entire time. At 8:36 Honor, who was previously out of view, leaves the tree and flies off to the same area as Glory had a few minutes prior. At 8:55 Glory flies back to the nest tree to the left V branch then jumps up to the overhead branch and is out of cam view. At 9:04, either Honor or Glory lands in the nest, moves to the left of the V then departs. At 9:14 Honor or Glory can be seen flying in the open area in the home territory and under the nest. At 9:16 am Mr. P delivers a fish, Glory is not far behind. Mr. P departs the nest while Glory starts to eat. By 9:41 Glory finished eating and departed the nest. At 10:08 either Honor or Glory arrived at the nest, jumped up one of the V limbs and then out of cam view. It is currently 74 degrees and raining. High will be near 80, thunderstorms expected today with winds at 5-10 mph. This evening lows will be around 72 with scattered thunderstorms.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 12:21:097/6/201712:16:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchedThe sound of the Arboretum is filled with silence at this time. However, we have one, very beautiful eaglet, Honor, perched at the rear of the tree with wings open and drying off from the annoying rain that has fallen upon her. Glory came into view on cam and jumped up to the left limb on the V and then jumped up to the overhead branch, balancing on the skinniest part near the blowing leaves and staring into a bleak, cloudy sky. With only one squee here and there. Both are waiting for Lunch, it seems.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 12:23:507/6/201712:22:00 PMHonorPerchedHonor flew off of the rear of the tree where she was perched and now is perched near the front, perhaps a better view for incoming food! Glory remains on the overhead branch with wings now spread, drying off.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 12:56:467/6/201712:50:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomI believe it was Mr. P, he delivered a nice fresh fish. Honor whaled and jumped down from a limb on the nest tree where she was out of cam view. She quickly mantled and only nipped at Mr. P once to shoo him off the nest. Glory let out some squees and seemed to hesitate on jumping down and so s/he did not make an attempt at joining Honor in the nest with the fish. S/he remains drying off with wings open wide perched in the same spot on the overhead branch above the nest.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 13:14:247/6/20171:12:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchedHonor has pushed her napkin and plate aside and has had enough fish. Some leftover in case Glory decides s/he wants a bite to eat. Honor is now perched on the side branch with Glory still on the overhead and still with wings spread. I somewhat feel I want to take a hairdryer and blow his/her wings dry so s/he can relax them a bit. But it also can be the heat that is helping to cool him/her off. Either way, Glory is content and comfortable.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 13:19:177/6/20171:17:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchedHonor has made her way to the overhead branch and is perched next to Glory. These two are so precious. They are making every moment together count.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 13:42:467/6/20171:40:00 PMHonorDepartureHonor has departed the nest tree from where she was perched next to Glory. She flew out of cam view. Glory remains perched.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 14:05:417/6/20172:04:00 PMGloryPerchedAs of 2:05 pm, Glory remains perched on the overhead branch. Preening and relaxing.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 14:37:077/6/20172:35:00 PMGloryPerchedAs of 2:35 pm, Glory remains perched. FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 15:17:007/6/20172:50:00 PMParentArrival of Prey and by whomA parent flies in with a fish and both fledglings fly into the nest. Glory claims the fish and Honor backs off without an argument. She flies off the nest to perch. Glory looks down at the fish and studies it. Where's the tail? Seems this parent had a snack before delivery. Still, there's the upper half of the fish and Glory begins to eat. Both fledglings become alert and distracted. Glory stops eating, leaves the head of the fish and flies above the nest to perch. Honor follows shortly after to join Glory.freebird_AEF
7/6/2017 15:35:297/6/20173:34:00 PMHonorEatingAt 3:34 Honor jumped down to the nest from the overhead branch has begun to eat some more of the fish. Glory remains perched.FreeSoars_AEF
7/6/2017 16:29:517/6/20174:25:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchingHonor and Glory have been perched together above the nest for at least the past half hour. They quietly preen, look out at their nest territory and just generally hang out together. They seem to have formed quite an amicable relationship. It's super sweet to observe.freebird_AEF
7/6/2017 16:33:437/6/20174:28:00 PMFledglingsOn branch above nestHonor and Glory continue to perch on the upper curved branch above nest looking relaxed. Looks like a small leftover still in nest. No human presence on Azalea Rd off of Cam B seen. Earlier this afternoon people were seen on benches and walking on path near nest. It must be such a thrill to see our eagle family perched or flying overhead. Stay, stay, stay, stay for awhile lovely eagles!kaco4_AEF
7/6/2017 17:18:417/6/20175:15:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchingHonor and Glory continue to perch together. Neither have left the branch since last post. They've been quiet while looking out at the world and at one another, and it's been a joy to spend this afternoon with them.freebird_AEF
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