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TimestampDate TimeWhich Adult or eagletEventDescription of EventPosted by:
4/30/2017 21:32:504/30/20179:08:00 PMEaglet(s)One the nestDC5 is restless tonight - walking about the nest while DC4 sleeps near the V and TFL sleeps on the side branch. He/she moves across the nest near DC4 and tries to snuggle up close, but DC4 stretches out a foot and almost knocks DC5 over. DC5 moves away and looks about, wondering what to do next. He/she stands tall and does a poop then walks across the nest and sits - just looking about. He/she preens a bit, but that little head is getting heavy and starts to droop. Down it goes - but nope! Up again. Fighting sleep, he/she walks across the nest again and finally plops down. Then up. Then down. In the meantime, DC4 and TFL have not moved a feather. Finally - DC5 just lies down for a while - half dozing and half looking around, trying so hard to stay awake. Finally - sleep sets in. And now DC4 sits up - wide awake and sitting tall.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 6:57:245/1/20176:49:00 AMThe First LadyFeedingTFL gently feeds the hungry eaglets this morning - taking her time and making sure that both babies get their share. It's good to see there's very little bickering and bonking between them two these days. After the meal TFL flies off and DC5 rests while DC4 practices walking.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 7:04:055/1/20176:58:00 AMThe First LadyArrival with nest materialTFL returns to the nest with a large pile of leaves. She works it into the nest, upending DC4 - who sneezes a few times. TFL then flies off through the V and right back to the nest with a nice piece of bark, taking it to the side rails. The eaglets lie side by side napping. TFL hops up to stand between the V and then flies away.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 7:11:525/1/20177:00:00 AMWeatherWeatherIt's about 70 on the nest with a lot of wind. The nest sways back and forth, rocking the eaglets as they sleep. The temps will reach the low 80s with 10-20 mph winds, and will stay mostly cloudy. Sounds like a nice day.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 7:26:195/1/20177:23:00 AMThe First LadyArrival with nest materialTFL keeps bringing in nest material this morning. This time a nice piece of greenery. She drops it on the nest and then hops up onto one of the V branches - just looking out and swaying in the breeze.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 7:29:405/1/20177:29:00 AMThe First LadyDepartureTFL is really busy this morning. After several trips with nest material, she flies off again. Can't wait to see what she brings in the next time!DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 7:41:445/1/20177:37:00 AMThe First LadyArrival with nest materialTFL swoops in with another big pile of leaves and plops it right on top of the kids. They twitter a bit, but return to their nap. Mom hops over to the side branch to rest a spell. She's certainly been busy this morning - feeding the kids, and three trips with nest material. She decides to go higher and hops up to the sleeping branch where she can take in the breeze and rest.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 9:17:355/1/20179:10:00 AMThe First LadyWatching over the nestTFL watches over the nest from the sleeping branch with the wind rocking her back and forth. The eaglets are both dozing with their heads buried in the sticks. They like to sleep like that these days. Both lie facing away from each other near the V.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 10:15:015/1/20179:56:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP brings is a very large catfish and TFL hops down from the sleeping branch. She looks it over from head to tail and whistles her approval, so MrP flies off. TFL begins serving fish to the waiting kids with DC4 the first in line and DC5 waiting his/her turn. TFL then starts giving one bite to one and then the other. Mom takes a break, so DC4 pecks at the fish. It won't be long until they are self-feeding. I wonder if she stopped feeding just to let them peck at it themselves. Finally full, the eaglets sit and rest while TFL stands close by.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 12:40:075/1/201712:20:00 PMThe First LadyFeedingTFL feeds the eaglets, but they don't seem too hungry. In fact - DC4 is zonked out and DC5 takes a bite here and there. Mom has a several bites for herself just to keep up her strength. The wind is still gusting - keeping the nest cool today.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 12:57:595/1/201712:45:00 AMThe First LadyDeparture and ArrivalAfter feeding the kids, TFL takes the last of the fish and flies off. She returns to the nest still carrying the fish and DC5 walks over to watch as she works on it. Off she flies again, only to return in a minute or so. She starts fluffing up the nest and DC5 helps out – moving straw here and there. DC4 just naps and misses all the action.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 15:15:015/1/20173:12:00 PMThe First LadyArrivalTFL flies to the nest and does some tweaking on the side rails - then takes off into the wind.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 15:29:385/1/20173:25:00 PMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)DC5 is chilling out in the V - right on schedule. Most every afternoon now around 3 pm he/she likes to get in there - probably to cool off and let the breeze come up under him/her. DC4 stands nearby trying to tell DC5 that will get him/her in trouble, but to no avail. They are big enough and strong enough now that they seem to be able to back themselves out. Regardless - TFL does keep an eye on it.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 18:30:275/1/20176:30:00 AMThe First LadyOn the nestTFL stands close to the V with DC4&5 sleeping close by with their heads draped over the sticks. The wind continues to rock the nest as TFL stands looking out through the V, maybe watching for MrP to arrive.DGann_AEF
5/1/2017 22:21:465/1/201710:17:00 PMThe First LadyEaglet(s)All is quiet on the nest as each baby sleeps on either side of the V. TFL looks on from the side branch. It's currently 75 degrees at the nest and scattered showers are expected to continue on and off with lows reaching 63. Winds are at 12-20 mph. With the exception of the occasional rain, I would venture to guess that the eaglets are very comfortable with that nice breeze a top that beautiful tulip tree..FreeSoars_AEF
5/1/2017 22:36:185/1/201710:35:00 PMDC ChatDC ChatAs scheduled, DC Chat is live tomorrow morning from 10 am - 12 pm. Sign in at that time and have your questions ready! :)FreeSoars_AEF
5/2/2017 6:28:265/2/20176:00:00 AMThe First LadyFeedingTFL stands in the V with a fish under her big talons, pulling off pieces and feeding her eaglets. When the meal is over, she flies off through the V and the eaglets remain nestled down together. DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 6:55:195/2/20176:53:00 AMWeatherWeatherMostly sunny today on the nest. It's 67 and will reach the mid 70s with a nice 15-25 mph wind to rock the nest. No chance of rain.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 7:44:305/2/20177:35:00 AMEaglet(s)Self Feeding AttemptDC4 is making a good effort of self-feeding this morning - standing on a fish head, holding it down with talons, and trying to get a bite or two - working so hard. It won't be long until he/she will be fully successful.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 7:50:525/2/20177:40:00 AMThe First LadyFeedingWith DC4 making a great attempt at self feeding - even holding the food down with a talon - TFL drops down from the sleeping perch and says, "Let me have that!" She grabs the fish head away and begins pulling bits and bites out for the eaglets. It's amazing how she can pull every little morsel out of a fish, leaving no waste. When they've had their fill, mom stands in the V for a second or two and then flies off.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 8:03:035/2/20177:58:00 AMThe First LadyReturn to then nestTFL lands on the nest and begins fluffing it up, then moves in close to the eaglets - checking them all over. DC5 moves to the V and stands on the fish head that's there. TFL doesn't like that one bit and moves in and grabs it - and then flies off.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 8:20:575/2/20178:05:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP brings in a nice catfish - head and all - and begins ripping into it. DC5 is first in line as Dad works on the fish. It's hard breaking through that tough skin and MrP has to pull and tug. DC4 patiently waits his/her turn, just watching the action. TFL finally drops in and quickly takes over, grabbing the food from MrP's beak and passing it on to the eaglets. This is when DC4 steps in. He knows Mom is in control now and things will get more orderly. MrP sees he's no longer needed, so flies off, leaving TFL in charge. Both eaglets are now being fed. Aren't moms great?!DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 11:11:205/2/201711:05:00 AMThe First LadyArrival with nest materialTFL brings in a nice pile of leaves and drops it right into the V - probably giving the kids a hint o stay out of there. Then she flies off - maybe to look for more. DC4 moves right over and plops his/her head down on the new bundle, thinking I can probably climb over this.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 13:28:225/2/20171:20:00 PMEaglet(s)On the nestDC4 is draped over the V with one leg sprawled straight out. They are both getting so big they can hardly fit in the V now. TFL stuffed that area full of leaves and branches this morning, so it's probably soft and comfy. DC5 snuggles close by. You can hear an occasional cheep as they both stir around. I saw one adult do a fly-by - probably heading over to their favorite perch.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 13:38:135/2/20171:34:00 PMThe First LadyArrival with nest materialTFL flies in with a few small twigs and places them at the back of the nest. Both eaglets rush over to see what she brought in and they watch as she pokes them around the edge of the nest. Mom hops over onto the side branch and DC4 goes back to the V as DC5 plops down on the new sticks.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 15:13:165/2/20173:00:00 PMThe First LadyWatching over the nestAn adult sits above the nest on the sleeping branch swaying in a heavy breeze. It looks like TFL, but hard to tell without close examination. A beautiful day - in the 70's - and a gorgeous blue sky with puffy white clouds floating by are her backdrop. The eaglets putter around the nest. DC4 sits in the V cooling off and DC5 sits nearby.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 15:19:225/2/20173:15:00 PMThe First LadyArrives with nest materialTFL flew off of the sleeping branch and after a minute or two, came flying in to the nest with a branch, adding it to the area she put sticks earlier - at the back of the nest. Then, off she goes - maybe for more. The kids run over and watch and after she leaves, DC5 beats DC4 to the V. He/she stands tall, looking back at DC4 as if to say, "Ha!"DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 15:39:045/2/20173:33:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP arrives with a big fish and TFL hops over to the nest from the side branch to look it over. It meets with her approval, so MrP hops over to the side branch and takes a breather before heading back out. DC5, who was resting in the V got out quickly and came running - DC4 right behind him/her. TFL starts serving bites to each eaglet, both getting a good meal.DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 15:56:445/2/20173:52:00 PMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)With TFL still feeding DC5, DC4 decides he/she better get to the V before DC5. So off he/she goes and nestles in, looking back over his/her shoulder. DC5, finally through, rushes to the V and sees it's taken. Drats! DGann_AEF
5/2/2017 19:24:085/2/20177:18:00 PMEaglet(s)On nestDC4 and 5 are both resting with very full crops. 5 has her foot outstretched with talon on a rail. 4 just arose and sits on haunches glancing around and then preening. It is a cool comfortable night in the tulip poplar nest.
5/2/2017 19:37:235/2/20177:30:00 PMEaglet(s)Preening walkingDC 5 struts partly across nest while 4 lies resting with eyes wide open. More black Feathers are in especially on DC5. And the gray downy fuzz atop their heads almost gone. They become more beautiful with each new day of growth. kaco4_AEF
5/2/2017 19:45:345/2/20177:40:00 PMEaglet(s)On nestDC4 and 5 continue their evening prep in repose with preening and some fidgeting especially by DC 5.kaco4_AEF
5/2/2017 19:52:375/2/20177:48:00 PMEaglet(s)Resting on nestDC4 and 5 chew on some leaves and fluff and continue to preen. Once in a while they sit up on haunches and stare each other down. This leads to a little beak kiss or nip. They are now jointly chewing at a clump of leaves that TFL probably brought in this morning.kaco4_AEF
5/2/2017 19:57:565/2/20177:51:00 PMThe First LadyArrives at nestTFL flies down to nest from a nearby patch. She uncovers a nest over and gives the kids an evening snack. Mom downs the fishtail.
5/2/2017 21:04:505/2/20179:00:00 PMBoth AdultsPerched near the nestBoth eaglets sleep as MrP stands watch on the sleeping branch above the nest and TFL sits on the side branch. DC4 hangs his/her head over one of the side rail sticks and DC4 sleeps near the V. DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 8:15:135/3/20177:59:00 AMEaglet(s)On the nestBoth eaglets are in the center of the nest, side by side, awake and just looking around. A nice breeze rocks the nest as the chirp and stretch - DC4 kicking one leg into DC5's face. DC4 sits up and looks at 5 as if to say "Ooops! Sorry." Then he rises and squirms over by the V to get a little more room. DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 8:56:455/3/20178:30:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP arrives with a nice fish and starts pulling off bites to feed the eaglets. DC5 is first in line, with DC4 inching in. Every bite is going to DC5 until he/she finally moves away from the table. DC4 is not in the right position for Dad's beak and seems to just watch Dad eat - maybe just waiting for Mom to return. DC5 moves back in to get a little more, so DC4 steps in quickly and snatches bites out of Dad's beak. MrP takes the hint and DC4 finally has a good breakfast. DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 9:07:435/3/20179:00:00 AMWeatherWeatherCooler than yesterday, it's now 56 and will stay in the 60s today. Mostly sunny and again - a lot of wind on the nest. Zero chance of rain.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 11:12:095/3/201711:10:00 AMThe First LadyOn the nestTFL sits on the nest with her babies resting close by her side. It's a gorgeous day - cool with a great breeze swaying the nest.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 12:10:065/3/201712:08:00 PMEaglet(s)NamesWe have names! To clarify – “Honor” (DC4) has lighter feathers and looks to be a tad larger at this time. “Glory” (DC5) is much darker on his/her back and head. Keep in mind, as new feathers come in, their appearance will rapidly change, so we just have to keep watching for ways to tell them apart.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 12:49:575/3/201712:45:00 PMEaglet(s)On the nestGlory sits in the V - his/her favorite spot these days - just looking out with a nice breeze blowing. Honor lies near by napping.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 13:01:285/3/201712:59:00 PMMr. PresidentArrivalMrP drops in and fluffs up the nest a bit. Glory doesn't budge from sitting in the V. Honor waddles over to Dad to check out what he's doing, then strolls over to the V to see if it's his/her turn sitting there. Glory thinks not.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 13:22:085/3/20171:15:00 PMMr. PresidentFeedingMrP has been eating fish for some time, while Glory remains in the V. Honor goes over and gets a bite or two, but with a big crop showing strolls off to the V to talk to Glory for a while - chirping and twittering - saying "My turn!" Glory doesn't budge.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 14:56:395/3/20172:49:00 PMEaglet(s)On the nestAfter sitting in the V most all day, Glory backs out to take a potty break, then strolls around a bit. Honor is near the V and looks it over, but decides to keep snoozing. After a walkabout, Glory heads back over and settles into the V again.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 15:21:215/3/20173:15:00 PMAdultWatches over the nestHonor and Glory have had a peaceful day on the nest. There's a heavy breeze, and the temperature is in the low 60s, It looks like MrP watching over the nest from the sleeping branch - but I can't say for sure. He was feeding the kids earlier, so I would think it's him.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 18:14:485/3/20176:10:00 PMMr. PresidentNest WatchingHonor and Glory doze on the nest while MrP perches on a large branch to the right of Cam B. MrP preens while the babies sleep. DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 21:38:265/3/20179:32:00 PMOne the nestOn the nestAt this time, Honor and Glory sleep close together near the center of the nest. One adult is perched on the high sleeping branch (probably MrP) and the other adult perches on the big side branch (TFL likes that spot). It's a peaceful scene. All is quiet and secure with mom and dad faithfully watching over their kids.DGann_AEF
5/3/2017 22:23:455/3/201710:15:00 PMEaglet(s)On nestOur Eaglets--Honor and Glory--are finally settling down for the night after fidgeting and preening. Honor is quite comfortable near rail and Glory more in middle of nest. Temp is seasonally cool at 59 going down to a brisk 51 but no winds. Tomorrow will only be in the 60's. Rest up, newly named beauties.kaco4_AEF
5/4/2017 0:21:305/4/201712:10:00 AMEaglet(s)On the NestWhile MrP perches, and occasionally preens a bit, on a branch beside the nest, the eaglets doze beside each other in what is a remarkably quiet Washington D.C. night; not even a siren or screech of brakes can be heard for over half an hour! The newly-named Honor and Glory peacefully rest beside each other, breathing deeply and moving very little for about twenty minutes. Eventually, the larger of the eaglets, Honor, grows a bit restless, waking up, preening, shifting weight, and even turning different directions before lying back down again. But, none of this disturbs the sleep of the darker, more heavily-feathered Glory; the smaller Glory awakens only for seconds even when accidentally jostled by the elder sibling. Around 11:40 pm, just minutes after Honor finally manages to drift off, little Glory (who appears to be sleeping) suddenly stretches, extending one wing far to the the rear left. With this movement, Glory's wing also bops the elder eaglet directly across the head and shoulders. I'm sure it was an accident. Honor awakens in response and looks around and seems as if trying to find a reason for being awake again, but by then, Glory is once again motionless, wings tucked close. A brief preening session brings another chance for Glory's wing to "accidentally" brush Honor. This time, the light bop on the head draws no response, and Glory then looks intently at the other eaglet, staring while extending head and neck slowly in Honor's direction. Honor, seemingly oblivious to or perhaps simply choosing to ignore Glory, lies down on the nest floor and quickly resumes sleeping. But, Glory is not quite ready to go back to sleep. Before sinking back down onto the straw of the nest, the smaller sibling, relieves himself (or herself) three times, through the air and out over the edge of the nest. This is worth mentioning because Glory also manages to use this as an opportunity to disrupt Honor yet again. The younger eaglet (while relieving for the second and third times) leans forward, appearing to deliberately shift his or her weight until both beak and chest drop down atop a sleeping Honor, before sitting upright again, two quick bobs down then up, all the while looking at Honor. Having mostly ignored Glory until now, Honor now sends a sharp look toward the other eaglet, lifting a wing slightly. The larger eaglet's feathers are literally ruffled by the smaller's behavior. Honor at last edges to the left, stopping once outside Glory's reach, then dropping back down to the nest and going back to sleep. Glory preens for a moment then follows Honor's lead, sinking down to the straw and dozing.

5/4/2017 0:46:545/4/201712:46:00 AMDC ChatDC ChatAs scheduled, DC Chat is live tomorrow morning from 8-10 am. Sign in at that time and have your questions ready :) FreeSoars_AEF
5/4/2017 6:38:275/4/20176:30:00 AMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)Honor and Glory rest side by side in the center of the nest. Honor has learned to sleep with beak under wing, just like mom and dad. Glory lies restlessly, half dozing and half poking at things. Their tiny white fluff feathers are blowing in the breeze. They are serenaded by a beautiful bird song that I can't identify.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 6:45:525/4/20176:41:00 AMWeatherWeatherAnother nice day. It's 52 at this time. It will be partly cloudy (or
sunny, depending on whether you are a glass half full/empty person) with temps rising to the mid 60s. Winds E at 10-20 mph. A bit breezy again today. No rain predicted.
5/4/2017 7:01:045/4/20176:50:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL brings in a whopper. The eaglets rush over for breakfast and Mom starts to work. Honor is trying to help him/herself but Mom keeps serving big bites to each of them. She is a methodical server - first one and then the other. When she stops and looks around, they both take a poke at the fish. Finally full, the eaglets sits side by side and TFL hops over to the big side branch to guard the nest.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 8:44:555/4/20178:38:00 AMThe First LadyBring in nest materialTFL flew off the side branch and returned in just a few minutes with greenery, which she dropped in front of the V. The eaglets are standing tall in the center of the nest, stretching and flapping about. They practice their walking for a while, preen a bit and then settle back down. TFL has hopped back over to the side branch to watch over the nest.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 10:09:385/4/201710:00:00 AMThe First LadyFeedingTFL hops from the side branch onto the nest and starts aerating. Honor cheeps and walks over and pokes at the catfish laying in the pantry - giving Mom a hint. Mom finally heads over to the fish and starts feeding the kids - Honor in line first and Glory waiting his/her turn. Now Glory steps in and Honor watches. They are so polite, these two! And - they can make short work of a big catfish these days, taking in big bites.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 10:49:365/4/201710:47:00 AMThe First LadyNest workTFL works on a very long strip of bark that was brought in earlier. She pulls long pieces off and tosses them into the nest. Honor and Glory are dozing while she works.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 11:29:565/4/201711:16:00 AMMr. PresidentFeedingI didn't see who brought in the fish a bit earlier, but am assuming it was MrP, since he is now feeding the eaglets, who sit up close - side by side. Glory is snatching and grabbing while Honor watches - occasionally getting a bite and often giving Glory a sideways glare. Honor finally steps in and gets the last of the fish. MrP hops onto a V branch before flying off into the wind. The eaglets plop down in pure exhaustion - Glory stretched out on his/her side and Honor snuggled up next to the V.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 15:15:465/4/20173:00:00 PMEaglet(s)On the nestHonor lies with his/her beak hanging over the rails - as usual. Glory lies in front of the V - as usual. They have developed their favorite spots to rest. The wind is gusting through, rocking the nest and bending the branches. One of the adults is no doubt perched close by keeping guard over the no-so-little babies. Honor gets up to take a potty break and preen a bit before going back to the rails. Looks like there's plenty of fish in the pantry.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 15:22:095/4/20173:16:00 PMMr. PresidentArrivalMrP drops in for a bite to eat. The eaglets both look over their shoulders to watch. Then Glory hops up and moves in for a bite. MrP obliges and seems glad to share. Honor ignores them both, having eaten several times already today. So MrP and Glory dine together - one bite for Dad, one bit for Glory.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 15:41:325/4/20173:30:00 PMMr. PresidentFeedingAfter MrP and Glory shared a meal, Honor finally gets up and moves over to see if there's anything left. Not much there. MrP gives him/her the last few bites and then Honor grabs the tail and tries to down it. MrP quickly grabs it back and swallows it, knowing it's too big yet for that little beak. Honor decides to go back to resting beside Glory. MrP does a little nest maintenance - fluffing up, moving sticks, tidying up the fish pantry and then takes off through the V.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 16:08:305/4/20173:58:00 PMMr. PresidentNest workMrP brings in a BIG branch and puts it in the V. Then he adds some smaller sticks to it and pulls up some fluff. I guess TFL gave him the word. Glory is sleeping and will not be happy when he/she sees that his/her favorite resting place will be hard to lie in now. MrP pulls in yet another stick from the side rails and adds to the V. Glory is now standing and watching - flapping wings and twittering. He/she walks over to observe as Dad keeps working. After the V work, MrP goes all around the nest, fluffing it up and moving sticks. It's like he's on a mission! The kids go lie down and stay out of his way.DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 19:10:425/4/20177:04:00 PMEaglet(s)Preening Honor and Glory are busily preening themselves. They are squarely in the center of the nest on this cool evening doing their pre-slumber routines. kaco4_AEF
5/4/2017 19:26:225/4/20177:15:00 PMThe First LadyPerching on lower nest branchTFL perches on lower nest limb keeping her eyes on her offspring. It is quite breezy and cool tonight in the Arb and mom looks like she is relaxed and carefree. Honor and Glory continue to rest with eyes only half closed waiting for darkness to descend on them. Honor typically has his head under a loose branch that somehow found him and has a talon outstretched. Glory is balled up like a kitten. Dark tail Feathers are seen developing on her.kaco4_AEF
5/4/2017 21:17:425/4/20179:10:00 PMOur Eagle FamilyOn the nestTFL sits close to the eaglets on the nest tonight - which she hasn't been doing for some time. I suspect she's aware of pending rain coming in. Honor and Glory lie side by side in front of the V and TFL sleeps right next to them with beak tucked under wing. Glory also has beak under wing, just like Mom. MrP is perched in a nearby tree keeping watch. DGann_AEF
5/4/2017 21:58:115/4/20178:50:00 PMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)Honor has decided to act out on the nest and Mom does not appreciate it - at all! Honor first goes into a flapping frenzy, while TFL tries to sleep. She wakes and give him/her a stern peck. Later, Honor just starts pecking and Mom's beak. Needless to say, Honor gets a sharp reprimand for that too. Now, both eaglets have their heads tucked under TFL's chest trying to stay dry from the rain. Mom's dozing back off to sleep.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 0:53:565/5/201712:49:00 AMThe First LadyIn the Nest/WeatherIt's a very rainy and windy evening and the gusts blow TFL's white crest feathers around while she tries to remain afoot and keep the babies protected. Both Honor and Glory have their heads buried under her chest feathers and every time the nest sways stronger, they dig in closer to her. TFL tries to sleep, but her eyes just won't give in. She keeps looking down at them and making sure they are ok. The nest sways, she sways....It will be a long and nasty night as the rain will continue and winds will maintain 10-20 mph with temperatures in the mid 50s this evening. Tomorrow it will be 75 and a low of 58 with thunderstorms during the day that could also be severe. In the evening, it will partially clear out, but a stray thunderstorm is possible.FreeSoars_AEF
5/5/2017 7:48:335/5/20177:30:00 AMThe First LadyOn the nestTFL is on the nest with her eaglets this morning. All three are soaked to the bone and look misrable. Mom tries to fluff up a very wet nest and moves sticks around. Honor and Glory huddle together up close to TFL. MrP is probably out looking for breakfast. DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 7:51:225/5/20177:48:00 AMWeatherWeatherIt's 61 at this time and will reach the low 70s. We can expect more rain and scattered thunderstorms until about 2 pm. Winds ESE at 10-20 mph.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 8:27:585/5/20178:23:00 AMEaglet(s)On the nestHonor and Glory push and squirm to get wedged under TFL to get relief from the rain. Mom tries to help them, but they've outgrown her. She stayed on the nest all night and hasn't left their side.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 10:16:475/5/201710:10:00 AMThe First LadyArrivalAfter leaving the nest earlier to stretch her legs, TFL returns with a pile of green branches. She moves material over toward the V and then takes off again. The rain has subsided, so Honor and Glory should be drying out a bit. They huddle side by side just looking about.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 10:16:485/5/201710:10:00 AMThe First LadyArrivalAfter leaving the nest earlier to stretch her legs, TFL returns with a pile of green branches. She moves material over toward the V and then takes off again. The rain has subsided, so Honor and Glory should be drying out a bit. They huddle side by side just looking about.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 13:25:085/5/20171:03:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL arrives with a big catfish and starts feeding the eaglets. Honor is first in line and wolfing it down. Glory stands away with his/her back to it all, looking back over a shoulder -just waiting for the feeding frenzy to stop. Mom can't get the food to Honor fast enough. Glory turns and watches for a while, the slowly moves in a little closer, but then decides to practice a few wing flaps. With Honor full and resting a bit, Glory moves in and is being fed. Honor practices her wing flaps too, then asks Mom for another bite or two. After a nice meal, TFL flies off the nest and MrP arrives for a short time before taking off. The kids settling in for a little nap.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 13:37:195/5/20171:31:00 PMBoth AdultsArrival and DepartureTFL perches on the sleeping branch for a bit and then flies off about the same time MrP arrives on the nest. Then he flies off following TFL. Then TFL returns to the nest. Maybe they are trying to decide who gets to go to the fishing hole and who does eaglet-sitting.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 15:06:475/5/20172:55:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP arrives with a nice big scaly fish. TFL hops over from the side branch and they both look it over carefully. TFL must give her approval, because she begins serving the kids and MrP flies off. Glory is first in line, while Honor waits her turn. But soon, both are standing side by side and being fed big bites of fish. The rain has stopped and everyone's feathers are drying out in the wind. They all put in a miserable stormy night and morning, but it all seems to be back to normal and forgotten now.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 15:53:205/5/20173:46:00 PMThe First LadyEaglet(s)TFL perches on the sleeping branch high above the nest with the wind rocking her up and down, left and right, feathers blowing in the breeze. I don't see how she can hang on. Glory and Honor lie on the nest - but don't seem to be sleeping much. It seems as though Honor likes to sprawl out and Glory likes to snuggle. Honor sits up and preens a bit, picks up a stick and then does some wing flaps. Glory continues to snuggle down.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 18:23:175/5/20176:07:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP swoops in with dinner - a large fish. TFL arrives at the same time to check it out. Looks fine to her! MrP hops onto a V branch and then takes off into the wind. Honor and Glory move in right away to get fed and TFL quickly starts pulling off big bites. The eaglets stand side by side and both are getting evenly fed, with Mom feeding one and then the other. Honor seems to be full first and she moves aside letting Glory finish off the fish. Mom swallows the tail then tidies up the nest by moving sticks and aerating. She then hops over to the side branch before flying away. The kids have already settled into their after-dinner nap.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 18:34:475/5/20176:24:00 PMThe First LadyArrival with nest materialAfter flying away, TFL quickly returns to the nest with straw and tosses it about, working it up close to the eaglets. She then flies off - maybe for more straw. Yep! She's back already with green branches. How did she do that so fast? It does add color to the nest (a woman's touch). Honor is acting up a bit - pecking at Mom's beak. TFL says "Enough of this!" - and hops over to the side branch. Glory plays with the greenery and Honor settles back downDGann_AEF
5/5/2017 19:00:265/5/20176:55:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival with nest materialMrP brings in nest material and begins aerating the nest while Honor and Glory laze over by the V. Glory's little head pops up as MrP walks by. MrP flies off and Glory sits up looking around for him while Honor continues to sleep.DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 19:16:515/5/20177:08:00 PMMr. PresidentOn nestMr.P has been on nest for over 10 minutes. He flew in with empty talons but with his tell-tale blaze showing a full crop. Honor gives him some meaningful glances. Hey what happened to my evening snack? She amuses herself by munching on some leaves and moving fluff around. She is up now and playfully beaks Glory who remains prone. Hope TFL is out at Long John Silvers getting a Fri night family fish special. kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 19:25:495/5/20177:20:00 PMMr. PresidentOn nestMr.P looks like he wants to take off. Kids look fine. TFL is not in sight. Oh maybe I'll move a little fluff around. Jeepers with these kids spread out there is hardly any space left in the nest. Mr.P keeps scanning the skies and trees for the wifey. He knows it's hard to find fish during a storm front, but it is passing and skies are clear.kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 19:38:255/5/20177:30:00 PMMr. PresidentOn nestTimes have certainly changed. A week ago Honor and Glory would have been twittering and whining at Mr.P for not offering food. He has been in nest standing for 40 minutes while they sleep on and off. No question P is hoping to see TFL come back for the night hopefully with prey.kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 19:57:495/5/20177:45:00 PMMr. PresidentDeparts nestMr.P flies off nest and heads in direction of the primary perching tree. Still no sign of TFL. Honor and Glory are lying with heads facing the V looking content. Winds are fairly brisk at 14 mph. Temperature is currently 70 going down to 57. Humidity still high at 80 percent.
5/5/2017 21:50:305/5/20179:42:00 PMEaglet(s)Eaglet(s)Our eagle family has had a busy day, with several fish deliveries and a lot of nest material brought in. Honor and Glory are sleeping soundly - barely moving a feather. It looks like MrP on the sleeping branch overlooking the nest. I'm sure TFL is on a nearby perch as well. It's a quiet peaceful scene after the downpour they all experienced throughout last night and this morning. DGann_AEF
5/5/2017 22:15:545/5/201710:08:00 PMThe First LadyOn nestTFL is on nest. It has been raining for a while and Honor is twittering incessantly and trying to get mom to cover her. Mom is not really happy about being umbrella but Honor simply will not stop pushing her head and upper body under TFL and vocalizing. Meanwhile Glory sleeps out in the open without complaining.kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 22:28:555/5/201710:24:00 PMThe First LadyIn nestRain continues to fall lightly as TFL is now shielding both eaglets under her...at least their heads and upper bodies. Soon they will have their juvenile Feathers grown in and will be more protected from wet weather. Feathers are not water repellent but oils naturally produced by the Eagles are used in preening to provide water protection. kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 22:38:295/5/201710:35:00 PMThe First LadyOn nestThe rain has stopped. Honor and Glory emerge from under Mom who had stretched herself to accommodate them. All are wet but ready for sleep. They will have to air dry until the morning sun arrives. Such is nature.kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 22:45:305/5/201710:40:00 PMThe First LadyDeparts nestHonor and Glory are on their own after mom flies off. They are still wet and it is raining again but lightly. They are sleeping like grownups do with their heads turned and beaks into shoulders. That way their beautiful faces will stay dry. Nite nite little ones!kaco4_AEF
5/5/2017 23:06:495/5/201710:55:00 PMThe First LadyOn nestThe rain has picked up again so mama comes back on the nest. Honor resumes her loud twittering and heads under Mom cover. Glory goes under part way. It is quiet except for the patter on the leaves.kaco4_AEF
5/6/2017 0:18:325/6/201712:00:00 AMMr. PresidentOn the NestMidnight brings with it the end of a stormy Friday night high in the Tulip Poplar, and as Saturday begins, it remains warm and humid but the rain has stopped. An hour before, in the midst of a heavy thunderstorm, MrP perched as tall and as steadyily as the tree that is home to the family's nest. Right in the center of the nest he remained, keeping his wings extended to surround and protect both eaglets as well as he possibly could. But, that's not as easy when your eaglets aren't quite so small as they once were! So, in the end, it was the younger Glory who rested (somewhat) beneath the wings of MrP, while the older, larger Honor remained huddled near, fully drenched by the heavy spring rain. Eventually, the storms ended, heading off to the east, and the rain finally stopped, and gave the three very wet eagles in the nest a chance to dry off. The family appeared no more interested in the departure of the storms than they did in the storms themselves. The only difference after the rain was that MrP drew his wings in, close to his body, and soon all three were asleep. And so, at midnight, the skies quiet and with water still rolling from the feathers of MrP and even from the new-growing feathers of Honor and Glory, the family slept peacefully, remaining in exactly the same places they'd been throughout the storm.liatfos_AEF
5/6/2017 0:39:145/6/201712:15:00 AMMr. PresidentOn the NestMr. President sleeps for several minutes beside the eaglets, his feathers springing back into shape as they dry from the earlier downpour. And then, he is suddenly awake, very much so. He now sits and looks forward, his eyes alert, and after another few minutes he is quickly up and, with a flapping of wings, he launches himself into the air and out of the nest. Honor and Glory, their still-rain-soaked down remaining mostly flattened by the rain, continue to sleep soundly.Not far away, though, on one long, thick branch favored by both parents, the figure of either MrP or TFL can be seen perching, beautifully silhouetted by the lights of the surrounding city.liatfos_AEF
5/6/2017 7:58:335/6/20177:15:00 AMThe First LadyStick SrrivalTFL has been perching high over the nest for quite some time. Something
must catch her eye as she takes off, only to return a few moment later with
a branch the size of a small tree. After trying to wedge it into the V, she nibbles
at a few of the small limbs to make it fit but is unsuccessful. She leaves it
sitting across the top of the nest and flies off.
5/6/2017 8:00:415/6/20177:30:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMr P arrives with a small piece of fish. TFL quickly confiscates it and feeds a few
bites to each eaglet. Then it is gone. TFL follows Mr P when he leaves the curved branch beside the nest.
5/6/2017 8:04:495/6/20177:40:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of nesting materialTFL flies into the nest toting a piece of wet bark twice as long as she is.
It spreads across the entire length of the nest until she turns it over, folds
it in half, and manages to cram most of it into the problematic V. After admiring her handiwork a few moments, she turns and flies off.
5/6/2017 9:09:075/6/20178:50:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL delivers half a fish to the hungry eaglets. As always. Glory rushes to the head of chow line and grabs the first several bites, while Honor lurks off to the side...watching and waiting for opportunity to strike. As TFL stretches to meet her beak, Honor makes her moves and with snake-like quickness nabs the food just before Glory can clamp onto it. From then on Honor is on the mark, every bite is hers. As TFL is trying to rip up the last largepiece of fish, Honor takes the whole piece and gobbles it right down. Feeding time over, TFL hops over to the curved branch beside the nest.Ging3_AEF
5/7/2017 0:10:015/6/201712:01:00 PMEaglet(s)On nestHonor and Glory are lying in middle of nest, beak to beak with rumps separated, giving the appearance of a heart shape. They are the sweetest cuddliest couple of eaglets. They are headed for that perfect time of growth with more independence in feeding, the start of wingercizing and hovering and branching all the while they become more physically beautiful into maturity. And it is so nice to have a sister or brother to share all these experiences. kaco4_AEF
5/7/2017 0:15:195/7/201712:10:00 AMEaglet(s)In nestWeather in DC is finally dry and is a comfortable 52 going down to 47! Temps will remain in the 60s for the next few days. Great weather for our cuddling eaglets to keep each other warm at night. No sign of TFL or Mr. President. Am certain one of them is on a perch in the nest tree for the night. Sleep well, First Family of the Arbor.kaco4_AEF
5/7/2017 9:08:315/7/20178:50:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMr P flies into the nest wearing his blazing white necktie and carrying a small piece of fish. Glory swoops beneath him to assure himself/herself of the inside track. Mr P has a focused way of feeding the eaglets. He tears off a piece, whoever grabs it get to eat it. Honor tries her sneaky moves but Mr P has landed in an odd position on the rails and it is impossible to sneak in behind him, each time Honor even looks towards the fish, Glory lunges at her as if to pounce. Glory grabs all the bites Mr P has to offer. He swallows the last large piece just before hopping over to the curved branch beside the nest.Ging3_AEF
5/7/2017 9:21:135/7/20179:05:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL arrives soon after Mr P departs. She has caught a larger fish but she too lands so close to the rails that there is only one way in to the chow line, and Glory has it covered. While Honor chirps and cries, Glory eats. When Honor tries to move in closer, Glory sideswipes her so hard she stumbles into the rails. Honor waits until her determination is as great as her hunger. She squeezes beneath and behind TFL, carefully because she is at the edge of the rails. And finally, success. She swipes one piece, then another, and because she is hidden beside TFL, Glory has no clue how to stop her. Both eaglets end the feeding with gentle crops. And TFL lifts off onto the curved branch beside the nest.Ging3_AEF
5/7/2017 15:34:555/7/20173:30:00 PMEaglet(s)On nestHonor and Glory are resting on opposite sides of the rails: Honor is next to the V, munching on a sprig of leaves and Glory up on haunches and the lying down at rails. Sun is partially out but nest has a good amount of shade.kaco4_AEF
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