Department of Environment FOI requests log 2005 to 2012
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Requestor CategoryInformation RequestedDate Request ReceivedDecision DateDecision
Oireachtas Member/Councillor(a) Records in relation to the consideration of the iregistration of household waste water systems along with the household charge details; and (b) records relating to correspondence between the Dept and with ​NGOs in relation to the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011. 04/01/201220/02/2012Refused
Oireachtas Member/CouncillorCopies of all correspondence between the EU Commission and the Department in relation to the preparation of the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011.
JournalistAll documentation provided to the Minister from 1 December 2011 to date to inform the decision to drop the septic tank inspection charge from €50 to €5​.05/03/201213/03/2012Refused
JournalistThe amount of monies paid to, the name of and a breakdown of the work done/undertaken in 2011​ by external consultants, contractors, PR agencies, advisors, legal firms.09/01/201202/02/2012Granted
JournalistDetails of the top ten posts within the Department, their role and remuneration​09/01/201201/02/2012Granted
JournalistAll records of expenses incurred by ​Minister Hogan and all other members of the delegation (whose expenses were paid for by the Department) that travelled to Durban in December 2011.05/01/201202/02/2012Granted
Journalist(a) Copies of any submissions to the Minister or Secretary General re the introduction of a household charge of €100, any reports costings of strategy documents commissioned or received by the Department regarding the charge; (b) the minutes of any meetings held regarding the charge any communications between the Minister and Secretary General regarding the charge; (c) copies of any records explaining why the household charge includes gathering of household details regarding water supply.09/01/2012Pending
JournalistDetails of all spending at the Mahon/Flood Tribunal​ from its inception to date.10/01/201206/02/2012Granted
JournalistDocuments relating to preparations for the introduction of domestic water meters for the period 1 June 2011 to date​.16/01/201203/02/2012Part-Granted
AssociationAll correspondence in relation to the options explored by the Department in regard to the cleanup of the dump at Haulbowline Island in Cork Harbour since March 2011​.16/01/201227/01/2012Part-Granted
AssociationAll correspondence and documentation in relation to the decision to increase motor tax in Budget 2012.16/01/201201/03/2012Granted
Journalist(a) Copies of all correspondence between the Department and Limerick Regeneration Agency​ in relation to the allocation of funding to sports clubs and community organisations since June 2007; and
(b) Copies of all correspondence between the Department and Limerick Regeneration Agency​ in relation to meetings held with criminal elements in Limerick since June 2007.
JournalistCopies of all correspondence ​from individuals to the Department seeking the retention of the Limerick Regeneration agency once its term concludes.30/01/201229/02/2012Granted
Journalist(a) Copies of the minutes for all meetings of the Board of Limerick Regeneration Agency since the beginning of 2007​; and
(b) Copies of the attendance records for each meeting, giving the names of board members present
Journalist(a) Copies of records indicating:
the cost of all foreign travel by staff at the Limerick Regeneration ​Agency from 2007 to 2011;
(b) the purpose for each foreign visit; and
(c) costs associated with any foreign visits since 2007 which ended up being cancelled or postponed.
JournalistCopies of all credit card statements in respect of credit cards supplied by the Limerick Regeneration Agencies for official use by staff members, executive members, council members and board members from 2007 ​to date.30/01/201229/02/2012Refused
Journalist(a) Copies of all records indicating:
the number of staff employed by the Limerick Regeneration Agency for each year from 2007 to 2011
(b) the pay grades for each member of staff in 2011
(c) the individual amounts each member of staff was paid in 2011
(d) all expenses, allowances and other benefits claimed by staff at the agency in 2011
(e) the remuneration of the chief executive each year from 2007 to 2011
(f) all expenses, allowances and other benefits claimed by him each year from 2007 to 2011; and
(g) all pay, fees, allowances, expenses or other benefits given to individuals on committees associated with the Limerick Regeneration Agencies.
JournalistAll documents, memos, and correspondence regarding the possible sale and/or use of e-voting machines to another body ​or Department, to include any expressions of interest in their purchase/use since they were put into storage.30/01/201227/02/2012Part-Granted
JournalistThe amount spent by the Department ​in 2010 and 2011 on:
(a) directory enquiry services; and
(b) calls to the speaking clock.
JournalistAmount spent by the Department in 2010 and 2011 on flowers (fake and real)​30/01/201214/02/2012Granted
Individual (Non-Personal)Copies of all correspondence in relation to the design, tender, construction, completion, payment and financing of the Gorey Regional Water Supply Scheme​  Wellfield Project from 1 January 2007 to date, and
all details in relation to applications for, sanctioning and receipts/provision of finance and funding for the project from 1 January 2007 to date.
06/02/2012Extended with agreement of requester
JournalistHow many laptops , DVDs, usb devices and documents containing important information have gone missing from the Department in the last five years and the cost of replacing them.08/02/201215/02/2012Withdrawn
Individual (Non-Personal)(a) Copy of all correspondence with the former Minister in 2006 with regard to planning and ​and rezoning issues in Bundoran, Co. Donegal
(b) Copy of purchase documents of coastal conservation land at Tullan Strand, Bundoran by Bundoran Town Council.
JournalistCosts involved to State in fighting legal actions​/cases brought by the European Commission for its failure to implement European environmental law and breaches of environmental law , including names and earnings of legal firms representing Government and travel and accommodation costs.
JournalistAll memos, letters, submissions and documents prepared or received by the Department in the last year concerning the proposed septic tank charge​.13/02/201209/02/2012Part-Granted
JournalistThe diary and diary-related notes of the Minister since taking up his position​.16/02/201220/03/2012Part-Granted
Journalist​(a) All correspondence between the Department and local authorities regarding the maintenance and inspection of septic tanks;
(b) All complaints recorded by the Department regarding pollution caused by septic tanks in 2011, including all complaints, correspondence with European Commission regarding the inspection of septic tanks in Ireland; and
(c) Any internal reports on the cost of the roll out of the septic tank registration and inspection system.
JournalistCorrespondence between the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform since 1 August ​2011 regarding planned changes to pension arrangements including the awarding of added years and the payment of lump sums and special gratuity payments for city and county managers in local authorities.27/02/201220/03/2012Part-Granted
JournalistCopy of the Murtagh Report in relation to homeless service​s.27/02/201222/03/2012Refused
AssociationAll documents in Department's control relating to Draft Review of Services​ Addressing Homelessness in Dublin (Murtagh Report).01/03/201205/03/2012Withdrawn
JournalistAll documentation ​in the last four months - excluding from members of the public - concerning the household charge.05/03/2012Pending
Journalist(a) The names, addresses and individual valuations of the 100-plus sites that local authorities applied to the Department to transfer to the Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency by end of 2011​; and
(b) The number of sites approved for transfer by the Department to date, with the names, addresses and individual valuation of each, as well as the council which originally owned the land.
JournalistAll correspondence between the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government and the Department of the Taoiseach​ regarding the Tullamore Waste Water Treatment Plant in 2009 and 2010.05/03/201220/03/2012Refused
JournalistCopies of all written submissions to the pyrite panel established by the Minister​.13/03/201204/04/2012Refused
JournalistComplete details of salaries and expenses paid to all press officers and press advisors in the Department ​ since the Government took office in March 2011.28/03/201224/04/2012Part-Granted
JournalistNames of the companies, if any, used by the Department for press and publicity work and salaries, expenses and overtime.28/03/201223/04/2012Refused
JournalistAll correspondence, memos and records held by the Department and/or Minister's office concerning​ the use of An Post to collect the household charge.28/03/2012Pending
AssociationAny records relating to any company used by the Department to print leaflets in relation to the household charge​03/04/201217/06/2012Granted
AssociationAll briefing material provided to Minister Hogan since he took office in relation to enquiries into planning matters in seven local authorities​ and also all similar briefing material provided to former Minister Gormley since he first announced these enquiries03/04/2012Part-Granted
AssociationA copy of the assessment of funding application from an named organisation under the Funding Scheme to Support National Organisations in the Community and Voluntary Sector 2011 - a copy of the assessment of this funding application under the Funding Scheme to Support the Role of National Organisations in the Community and Voluntary Sector 2007- details on anyone who has requested information the named organisation under the Freedom of Information Act in relation to the  funding applications as above.
- records of any emails, meetings or documents that refer to the named orgainsation in the course of the assessment of funding application under the above schemes or in the review of the scheme in 2010
JournalistThe terms of reference for the external planning reviews of county councils and documents relating to them.
All records relating to the decision to conduct external reviews of planning at local authority level
All records held by the Minister's or then Minister's office relating to the cancellation of the reviews
All records relating to the decision to conduct internal rather than external reviews into planning matter at local government level prior to the review process beginning
All records received from Cork City, Cork County, Dublin City, Meath County. Donegal County, Carlow County and/or Galway County Councils relating to planniing matters between 1 March 2010 and 31 March 2011
Documents submitted by any managers (or the managers office) of the above-mentioned councils received between 1 March 2010 and 31 March 2011 All records created for, or provided to, Minister of State Jan O'Sullivan as part of any briefing given upon her appointment.
JournalistAll correspondence received​ by Minister Hogan from other ministers and junior ministers in the last year in relation to the household charge and the Minister's response to such correspondence12/04/201207/06/2012Part-Granted
JournalistAll correspondence between:
the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government and other Government Departments and
Ministers Hogan, O'Dowd and O'Sullivan and all Government Minister
relating to the €100 household charge
CompanyAll documentation in relation to any dealings with a named company and named individuals or any other party ​relevant to the Priory Hall Complex, Donaghmede Dublin 1317/04/201215/05/2012Granted
JournalistCopy of Minister Hogan's appointment diary between 9 March 2011 and 10 April 2012​18/04/201218/05/2012Granted
Individual (Non-Personal)All documentation in respect of all meetings between officials of the Department and of Sligo County Council, including meetings with the Minister, between 1 Jauary 2012 to date and
Copies of the quarterly financial reports submitted to the Department by Sligo County Council, in accordance witht he EU/IMF Financial Support Programme, from 1 January 2012 to date​
JournalistReports, including consultants' reports, to the Minister informing him of the various options for metering the use of water in households
Reports to the Minister ​on the options for the make-up of a national agency to oversee the metering of water in hospitals
BusinessAll records concerning various matters relating to the construction and certification of Priory Hall Appartment Complex, Hole in the Wall Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13​23/04/2012Withdrawn
The top 40 amounts paid by owners of property concerning the Non-Principal Private Residence tax in 2011 and 2010.
The names (company or individual) of the top 40 property owners. If they cannot be named under the Freedom of Information, their town/city and county.
The number of properties owned by each individual/company in the 40.
The top 10 top amounts paid arising from late registration penalties and charges in 2011.
 Any internal Dept reports and correspondence with the Dept of Finance concerning the level of compliance in paying the tax in 2011.​
JournalistCorrespondence ​beween the Department and the CEO of the Limerick Regeneration Agencies from September 2011 to date23/04/2012Pending
JournalistCopies of all correspondence from members of the public to the Minister re the household charge​24/04/2012Pending
JournalistAll correspondence on water metering and water charges between the Department, including three Ministers, and ​the following:
National Pensions Reserve Fund, Department of Finance, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, National Teasury Management Agency
JournalistCopies of all submission on payment of fees for registration of septic tanks​24/04/201216/05/2012Refused
JournalistExemption of Catholic Church and Church of Ireland from household charge​24/04/2012Pending
JournalistMinister Hogan's communications with Michael Lowry T.D. and Insight ​Consultants and details of any meetings held; copies of the official diaries of Minister Hogan and the Minister of State excluding any records previously given to the requester; expense claims made by Minister Hogan, expense claims made by Ministerial drivers since the formation of the government. 24/04/2012Pending
AssociationAll documentation in relation to the tendering for; the establishment ​of Irish Water, the criteria and the basis for decision to award contract to Bord Gais
the rationale for establishing Irish Water as a subsidiary of a State Body and the basis for overruling the PWC Report and briefing material provided to the Minister
AssociationAll correspondence in relation to the due diligence carried out in advance of the awarding of Irish Water to Bord Gais​24/04/2012Pending
AssociationAll documentation relating to Eirgrid and the East-West Interconnector​30/04/201229/05/2012Part-Granted
JournalistCorrespondence ​between any multinationals working in Ireland and the Department in relation to access to a guaranteed, safe, uncontaminated water supply30/04/201223/05/2012Refused
JournalistCopies of the Minister's appointment diary from March 2011 to 31 March 2012​30/04/201218/05/2012Granted
JournalistAll mileage and other travel expenses paid to staff over the past year,how much was paid in respect of how many staff and to include the five highest claimants in the Department​02/05/201231/05/2012Granted
JournalistCopies of correspondence between Minister or the Secreary General/Principal Officer and the Chief Executive of the Local Government Management Agency​ in relation to the Household Charge since the start of the year08/05/201213/06/2012Part-Granted
JournalistRecords of all expenses sought by Minister Hogan since taking office on 9 March 2011​09/05/201207/06/2012Granted
JournalistAll correspondence relating to the investigation into planning irregularites at six local authorities announced by John Gormley in June 201015/05/2012Pending
JournalistThe ministerial diaries of Phil Hogan, Willie Penrose and Jan O'Sullivan during their periods of office​15/05/201228/06/2012Part-Granted
JournalistAll correspondence relating to the filling of vacancies ​in State Boards by the Department since March 201115/05/2012Pending
JournalistAudit log of the Department since March 2011​15/05/201205/06/2012Granted
Journalist​Copies of all mileage claims (actual forms) made by the Minister of State Batt O'Keeffe in 2006 and 2007
Copy of his official diary for that period
Copies of all expenses claims made by his drivers in those two years
JournalistCopy of briefing documents supplied to Minister of State Jan O'Sullivan on taking office in December 2011​29/05/201214/06/2012Part-Granted
JournalistA list of all allowances (and their value) paid to members of staff at the Department.​31/05/2012Granted, Awaiting search & retrieval fee
JournalistThe minutes etc of all meeetings in 2011 and 2012 of the following groups:
National Co-ordination Committee on Unfinished Housing Developments​
Local Government Mortgage Arrears Guidance Group
JournalistAll minutes etc for 2011 and 2012 of meeting of the Pyrite Panel​07/06/2012Pending
JournalistMinutes etc. of all meetings held in 2011 and 2012 of the Inter-Departmental Group on Property Tax​07/06/2012Pending
JournalistMinutes etc of all meetings in 2011 and 2012 of the Environmental law Implementation Group​07/06/2012Pending
JournalistMinutes etc. of all meetings held in 2011 and 2012 of the Steering group to oversee independent assessment by consultants on the establishement of a water utility07/06/2012Pending
JournalistMinutes of all meetings held in 2011 and 2012 of:
Local Government Efficiency Review Implementation Group​
Independent group to review staffing levels in Cork City Council
JournalistMinutes etc of all meetings of the Historic Landfills Working Group​ for 2011 and 201207/06/2012Pending
JournalistMinutes etc of all meetings held in 2011 and 2012 of the Waste Management Planning National Co-ordination Committee​07/06/2012Pending
JournalistCopies of all records relating to the timing of the publication of the DDDA Report
Any correspondence between the C&AG and the Department in relation to above​
Individual (Non-Personal)All documentation etc. in relation to the re-development of St. Anthony's Park halting site, Hollyhill, Cork​07/06/2012Pending
JournalistCopy of any correspondence​ with the chewing gum industry14/06/2012Pending
JournalistCopy of any correspondence ​with Ikea, including in relation to a proposed store in Cherrywood and a copy of its submission as part of the retail planning guidelines public consultation14/06/2012Pending
JournalistCopy of any correspondence with the Department or Minister in relation to appointments to state boards since the start of 2011​14/06/2012Pending
Journalist​All correspondence with the ESRI in the last 12 months18/06/2012Pending
Journalist​Access to all research and correspondence held by the Department concerning the impending water charges18/06/2012Pending
ConsultantCopies of records held by the Department's Audit Service and Local Government Audit Service in relation to Carlow Town Council - Royal Hotel site​18/06/2012Pending
JournalistAll documentation relating to the possible sale and/or use of e-voting machines to another body/department, including any expression of interest ​in their purchase.
Also, the minutes of any meetings held in the last 6 months at which the e-voting machines were discussed.
JournalistAll correspondence in relation to the Earth +20 ​summit to the end of June25/06/2012Pending
JournalistAll expenses etc. in relation to the Rio +20 Summit​25/06/2012Pending
JournalistMinisterial diary from 20 may 2012 to date​26/06/2012Pending
JournalistDocumentation in relation to Homebond, documentation in relation to Belmayne, ​copy of the Ministerial diary from May 2012, documentation in relation to the Euro Chinese Trading Hub26/06/2012Pending
Individual (Non-Personal)Engineering report and appendices in relation to a specified development in Bantry26/06/2012Pending