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1/16/2010Marketing guy and Designer girl; and an idea. A tech person who wants to work with a young team with new ideas!!arnav@ruvein.comIndia/ USAMobile/ Web Technology/ Small Businesses
I am looking for a technical co-founder for a BaaS in cologne germany. Remote work possible !You should to be able to reproduce complex structures and authentification with JWT, angularjs and rest APIs and help building a similar backend like you see on the screenshots and integrate a deposit payment solution.more info at marc@let.deWordwideCologne, germanyBaaS , WebRTC, Rest API, Angularjs and Nodejs
Datacoms Consultant, Telco. Tiiming is eveything and timing is now.

Looking for co-founder with Automation/PHP/Python, Linux MySQL but gerneraly, with the programming skills to create magic for several hundred of thousand of customers. Since infrastructe is in POPs Work is remote login only
lm30012@yahoo.comUSA/AUSLos Angeles,CAWeb Automation/Linux Automation
mounds of customer discovery, beta testers +wait list, self funded MVP, strong business background, sales pipeline, customer validation, have raised $7mm in investor capital in past (not for this project)CTO/Co-founder - Python/Django developer to pick up where MVP leaves off, desire to deep dive into data, intense interest in machine learning, desire to quantify everything, professional, enthusiastic, passionate about the problem we're solvingjsamuelbutler@gmail.comUSANashvillequantified workflow management
I am currently the single founder of and I am looking for a tech cofounder. I have a business background, having worked in marketing/growth hacking in bizdev for a few big corporations and start-ups, before switching to tech a few months ago. I started learning programming on my own, and developing an app for Google Glass that saves the location data of your stuff so you don’t lose it. I have a prototype so far that somewhat works (I have Glass to test it), but my coding abilities are today way too limited to go to the next level. I also have a business plan drafted, along with contacts among VCs in Europe, some of whom expressed interest in the cofounder with Android/Java development skills and a deep interest for wearable tech. I am really not looking for a just programmer to execute what my ideas, but someone who would like the vision of the app, build it and challenge it. Someone who is easy-going also, and enjoys working and having fun / twitter @AdrianaVeccSan Fran /Silicon Valley
Development team of (discount coupon stores tool, affiliate network). Specialize in building modern web applications using Ruby on Rails. Experienced in building products for Daily Deal niche.Co-Owner with solid internet marketing/sales experience, who will take care of our product(s) promotion and sales, participate in business development and product creation. Experience with affiliate network services is highly is preferableSan FranciscoDiscount coupons, affiliate networks
I'm a 3rd year Canadian student with some design and programming skills. I have experience in Perl and Actionscript programming, and am familiar with other languages as well. I am pretty useful with Linux stuff.Development, design, or marketing would all be appreciated.HN Sunir,, Twitter: @sunirvirtualSan FranciscoBibliographic software; Open Academics; Information Architecture, UX design
San Francisco
PHP, jQuery, MySQLGerman developer working in North Carolina on social network geared to neighborhoods and HOA's. Successful beta launch.animoduro at gmailSan FranciscoMy right and left brain hemisphere are in excellent balance.
17 years web expertise, co-founded VC backed company that went publicfucktards!USA, but I can work with a person who's not necessarily in-countrySan Francisco / ChicagoApplication platforms for iPad/iPhone - building a HyperCard based on HTML 5 (and yes, I have tested that this can technically be done)
I m a solo tech founder (Bs/Ms in computer engineering) with over 3 years of successful startup experience. Easy going, well rounded tech cofounder who can commit full timenguyenhdat@gmail.comSan Francisco, Bay Areamobile/ecommerce/online payment/outsourcing
W/LAMP(hp) Developer (10+ years), Business Degrees, Fortune 250 Experience, CSS, Several Open Source Projects.A more experienced coder for W/LAMP(hp) development.bmickler / brycemickler.comUSA, AustraliaSan Francisco, CAWeb app development, developing the business structure and getting things going in a startup environment
Experienced software product designer, thinker of big ideas, designer of simple user experiences, great front-end prototyping skills. Former Googler (left to pursue becoming a founder). Lover of doing good. Fan of free and open source software.Deep grasp of all things CS: machine learning, NLP, data structures, algorithm design, creating API's, fellow lover of free and open source software, believer in doing good, with good business acumen. Ideally you are an artist, crafter, programmer. penisUSA, but flexibleSan Francisco, CAI'd like to help re-invent how the news is created, delivered, and consumed, but have many other ideas, and would be open to hearing your ideas, too.
10+ years experience in web development services, products and ideation. Strong experience in iPhone & Android apps, PHP, Delphi, Webservices, Ajax and skills required for any web based applications.Strong PR, business, marketing to scale our Labs initiatives to Silicon Valley/USA or any countries where Web2.0 is appreciated or any country where Web2.0 sellsSanta Barbara, CAcreate a bilingual job board with slick user interface and rich content
Programming, fun, curiousity. I love adventure and stepping away from my pixel-box, but I also want to change the world where it counts.Let's disrupt the festival ecosystem. Let's be young and ambitious but also willing to work for the common good. timothybone@gmail.comUSASanta Cruzfull-stack
_crypto_, _python_, c/c++, linux (sys, sec, net, serv), web (not as first skill though)pythocurve25519 at gmailUSA but can work virtuallySeattle, WA or virtualcrypto / web apps / cloud
, Python, C#/ASP.NETDesign, CSS, UI, Javascript, Templateshn/twitter: megamark16
USA and Sweden, for now.Seattle, WA.Building things that make my life easier that might also make other people's lives easier.
Product Management | Information Architecture | Front-end Development | Top Quality User Interface/Mobile Design | Data visualization | User Experience Research | Online Marketing | Customer Validation | Entreprenueral skills. I already founded a Startup, worked in a VC-funded startup, Advised two+ ventures and have a good network of entreprenuers and some business angel.A partner, a co-founder, Technical (back-end) or Marketing oriented or someone compeltely new to the Computer business. Believer in Lean/UX/Business model canvas/iterative development/Customer validation methodologies. me AT ✎ +1 508 315 7967 ☎USA or UKTorontoOpen to feasible ideas within niche markets. I have a well planned vision for a new venture. $$$
I'm an Ivy League university graduate, looking to start a company in the adult entertainment space. I have business, sales, and adult industry experience.A technical co-founder to help build out my vision, as well as angel investors who are willing to fund entertainment apps.dgsconsultingservices@gmail.comVirtualVancouver
Sense of humor, team player, get things done attitude, unique sense of design, successful founder (enterprise software company), wide network in Silicon ValleyI recently founded a startup located in SF and would love to chat with you. Is there an email or phone # to use? What's your contact info? send me an email wallstreet.sam@gmail.comUSA
Successful online project manager and marketer (more than 2 million users recruited), with strong analytic and usability skills Rails coder with site admin chopsmatt@risetribe.comUSAconsumer-facing application for goal tracking
UX and product specialist with startup experience. Design and front end competence. Public school teacher.Lead Mobile Developer.studyslate@gmail.comUSAK-12 education
27 years old. Previously founder/CEO of a startup backed by Bessemer Venture Partners ( and some angels in NY. Before that I was a VC at General Catalyst Partners ( My skills are around product vision, recruiting, fundraising, business dev/distribution, etc...sort of a first 12-24 month CEO...I have a new company in the online classified space...a couple weaks from finished alpha product (built by a few PhD/Undergrad guys quick and dirty)...student of the lean startup model, going to find product/market fit before building out a full feature site...My dream is that you are Paul English (CTO of combination of product vision and technical capacity to implement it...the site we have now is written in PHP...don't really care if we work off that, or scrap it and build in Ruby or anything else you rock at (this site is basically for data collection and testing) ethic, intregrity, ability to recruit and manage junior developers, Strong communication skills super important...willingness to take guidance and advice from experienced advisors/investors...etc... (my email is there, i blog about our company, startups, venture capital, etc...USAonline classifieds, consumer internet, online real estate, consumer finance
Former highly certified IT professional who was a CS major in school, currently working on active Alpha of consumer financial application. Highly technical on IT systems side and moderately technical in coding. Application is built in C# and uses Microsoft technologies (OS, web server, DB server). Hard working, driven and, focused. Business savvy. Started an IT company in college and then moved it to NYC. Looking for a cofounder who can help me to "build" the product to take the startup from the ground. Either an amazing designer with HTML/JS scripts skills or an outstanding architect/CTO with experience in cloud multi-tenant applications or enterprise middleware.Twitter: @buddyboy2006
Email: buddyboy2006buddyboy2006 at gmail dot com
USAConsumer Finance, web services
Engineer with experience building large, scalable websites. Previously was a co-founder of Beatlab, couldn't get past the product stage into a functional business model. Lots of experience building lots of different kinds of systems, APIs, and data processing pipelines.Looking for a smart, business co-founder who is interested in either working on the first real bitcoin brokerage or brings their own more interesting idea to the tablejgailor@gmail.comUSA
Life-long entrepreneur working on the Web for 10+ years. Background in design, marketing, business. Web skill set includes Graphic design, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, SEO, some JavaScript, PHP, Linux administration. I have developed 6 figure revenue generating Web projects from the ground up in the past. Looking to build new projects that hit 7-8 figures.My co-founder is a talented software engineer working @ a top company and we're seeking a 2nd Technical founder. Ideal skill set would include a strong background in LAMP, JavaScript, jQuery, databases, iPhone / mobile and related technologies. Most IMPORTANT is a die-hard passion for building something great and the ability to see a project through. Whether it's a smashing success or we run it into the ground, it's about dedication. The real failure in life is never wdm954USAreal-time, location-based, search, crowd-sourcing, API, mobile
Serial entrepreneur (web-based communities), skilled front-end web developer, graphic designer, average server admin, and average programmer (PHP, Java, and Django). I've run a number of web communities since I was 16 (over ten years ago) and sold one of them to a large company. Jack of all trades due to mostly running the businesses on my own.Preferably someone who also considers themselves skilled in a variety of areas needed to create a web/mobile app. THE KEY: an interest in mental health, therapy and how in situ technology can be used to supplement and improve therapy adherence and (it's a real email address!)USAan interest in mental health, therapy and how in situ technology can be used to supplement and improve therapy adherence and outcomes
Georgia Tech undergrad in Industrial Engineering. 5+ years in BD/Sales & Ops roles (all startups) Python/Django developer. Already have a product that is a few weeks away from beta. Have beta customers lined up and plan on continuing to execute on the sales side. product isn't difficult from a technology perspective, but it will grow to be over time. Drop me an email - happy to chat about it!vladik.rikhter@gmail.comUSAB2B focused on SMBs (I have experience with this product/space)
Berkeley EECS alum with 10 years of strong technical (Perl, PHP, iPhone, Cassandra, algorithms, data mining) experience launching his own startup in the location-based social networking space. I have a solid technical background having worked at consumer-facing startups for the past 10 years. My startup is aimed at the professionals vertical (think Foursquare meets LinkedIn). I believe there's a largely untapped opportunity here that has obvious monetization paths. I'm driven, innovative, passionate about technology, innovative and independent. Believer in lean startup, customer development methodologies. Looking for 2 people to become co-founders. First is a very strong technical person who can do front, middle and back-end with at least 3 years of experience at a startup. iPhone, Cassandra, Search is a plus. Second is a product manager with experience in the mobile and/or social networking spaces with at least 5 years of experience. In both cases I'm looking for someone dynamic, innovative and driven. Ability to crank code, produce quality work and stay personally motivated is more important than where you got your degree from or how many acronyms you have on your resume.peter78@gmail.comUSAMobile (iPhone), Social Networking, Location-Based Services, Search.
Founded and launched the company already www.timesharejuice.comTechnical / programmer - PHP, MySQL, jQuery, understanding how to scaleerick@timesharejuice.comUSAgrowing this to $1B
Startup guy, designer, can create beautiful mocks and contribute in business development, networking, marketing and sales. I'm the ideal business guy that understands what the coder is going through when i design web based projects.Someone who can code, front end skills, awesomephillipyang04@gmail.comUSAStartups, technology, gadget lover, design
Strong product design skills, 5 years experience at Google launching products/features - know what it takes. Background in computer engineering. Great network of contacts from Google and etc.Looking for strong technical cofounder - someone who is a lot better coder than I am and will be an awesome CTO. Also someone I'm happy to spend 12 hours a day with :)rose.yao@gmail.comUSAgames, mobile, social
We are an ambitious & exciting, recently funded, bay area Startup based in San Francisco looking for a Chief Architect to complete our team. Technical co-founder/chief architect.pablo.saba.aramayo@gmail.comUSARaised angel/seed capital.
cResearch experience preferably in the medical field, business skils would be a plustwitter/gmail : kartikqUSAHealthcare
I'm a 3rd year Canadian student with some design and programming skills. I have experience in Perl and Actionscript programming, and am familiar with other languages as well. I am pretty useful with Linux stuff.Someone with a business plan and a desire to work with a student. Technically minded. windsurfervirtual, US ONLYperl, web, games, design
0Technical skills and knowldge to build web / mobile apps from scratch. We developed few products (look at for co-founder who have strong skills and experience in IT products / services business development space. We want someone who can prepare goto market plan, do market research, pitch for funding, reach out to customers with IT product / service offerings, drive sales (grow it). We currently have two products TravelCRM ( and FindSmartly ( - to be launched), as a business development co-founder you need to own the business development these products as well as do business development (end to end) to get some IT service projects in web / mobile space. Its good if you have prior experience in IT products / service selling (business development).http://www.gaurav-dhiman.comYou can be anywhere, but good if you have strong business links in US, Canada, Australia, UK or NewZealand.
I am ex-military MBA general manager, helped my last company in bay area to grow at double digit rate WOW. But lately I am interested more in growth hacking and development space, so I have binge coding (Django, Python) since last five months. I am looking for a fellow hacker. Like most enterpreneurs, I have ideas. But I am more interested in listening to you and your ideas to find a common ground to dive into. Looking for a passionate,confident hacker of any race/gender/background. If you can slog for 15/16 hours a day, don't give up easily and are not emotional about situation/ideas...lets,Jaspindersingh83 at Github, Jaspinder Singh @ Quora
C, Virtualization, Rails, JavaScript, Python, Django, Drupal, Linux kernel programming, OS X kernel programmingLooking for Tech cofounder/ Biz Dev who is highly motivated.blacklife85 [at] gmailEducation Space, I am open to other ideas as well
Rails developer and designer. Technologies used include HAML, SASS, jQuery, Git, MySQL and recently MongoDB. I'm passionate about good code, love to learn new things, and master my craft every day.Looking for fellow hackers who need a passionate dev like me. Can travel if
2.5 years of experience as a Google Product Marketing Manager, ecommerce enterprises since 2000 when I was an undergrad at Stanford. Highly analytical marketer / product / bizdev guy
Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2, CloudFront), Bleeding-Edge Technologies (CouchDB, Ext-JS), Extreme Page Optimization (Memcache, Minification, Obfuscation, Concurrent JS Pre-Loading, DataURIs), Greyhat Security Testing (systems, infrastructures, client software), WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, Linux Server Administration, LAMP, Scripting and Automation, Python, PHP, Frameworks, MySQL, SQLServer, Postgres, Plesk, Linux and OSX Application Development.Business Practices.
Business development, raising funding, team building.The business idea has been validated by few key industry executives. Need to get the prototype done. Looking for a really good hacker to join the founding team -someone with hands on experience in - information retrieval, extraction - social network APIs (linkedin, facebook, twitter) - experience or knowledge of social graph (desired) - social networks aggregation (desired)99
I am MBA with a working proof of concept. 60K facebook fans. We have gotten some good press in both startup and industry blogs. REcommendation engine that appeals to women and leverages social commerceCTO Technical Founder who can be visionary and serve our users both who is also all about building and execution. Looking for Full Time. Will be seeking funding soon. nomorecubes@gmail.comrecommendations, personalized web, social commerce, facebook.
I'm a nights and weekends Rails programmer interested in founding a startup in the immediate future. Ten years ago I cofounded, the premier AOL hacking community around 2000/2001. I've also written successful Tetris and no limit poker bots. My first Rails project, Domain Pigeon, which I launched about a year ago, made CNet and other popular news sites. I have strong analytical skills and great work ethic. I'm currently working on Preceden, a web app for creating simple, powerful timelines. My blog,, has more info on all of these.Business, sales and investor relations. Or a good hacker willing to work with Squeak Smalltalk. Or just anybody with the founder or hacker mentatily.squeak pharo etoys scratch
Java, Lua, Matlab, MySQL/Oracle, and 5 million and a half ideas. Also animated GIFs. I'm stuck in the 90s. Also biotech stuff..Web programming :/ I hates it. Pluses: has no interest in making money, hates the word "entrepreneur," and is INTP. J would be okay too. araneae /
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Programmer - mostly Java and C++ experience,but I have a pretty good understanding of dynamic languages - plus a strong background in language engineering. Very interesting in geeky high-tech problems (I worked as compiler engineer for high-performance DSP's for 4 years) as well as more user-oriented webapps. Always interested in indie games! No biz experience, but interested and willing to learn. Haven't done any "product" startups yet but I'm co-founder of a small on-the-side freelance business. Interested in modest, small-scale startups with a reasonable chance of success - more so than dozen-man-year-multi-million-change-the-world projects - for now!Business with a good sense of what's a viable idea and what's not (something I lack - I float between hyper-naive and hyper-cynical!) - and a fun person to be around!wlievens on HNWebapps, games, innovative tech (e.g. new models of user interaction)
ruby , online video, Amazon AWS, user experience. Founded - video transcoding APIbusiness development , with interest in online video space, technical leadtwitter: rexchungonline video
Software developer with strong technical skills. Experience: C/C++, PHP, Java, Lua, backend programming, embedded programming. Comfortable working with any language, as long as we can build a good product. Also interested in the business side. I'm an INTJ.
Xhtml, CSS, Adobe, Business minded and visionary, Leader and Speaker. Photographer, Time.Designer or Coder but Coder for small 2person team.Tyrant505@gmail.comArt, Design, Cooking, Elephants, Helping the world, Nature, documentaries, photography
In short, 2 young dudes who are good developers.Front-end UX, desiner who is not effraid of HTML/CSS and marketting. We use d3.js and have a few ideas on some frameworks we could use on the front-end.emanuel@in-sight.ioInsight brings transparency to software development with slick looking analytics dashboards for dev-teams. We do not believe in vanity metrics.
I'm looking for a smart, hardworking technical cofounder who has a history of building and launching apps. matt1, matthew.h.mazur@gmail.comRails, analytics, startups
We have launched and are also close to closing our first round. Looking for a technology co-founder for our business
Experiecne business guy, worked in insurance and knows the industry outside-in; tested idea with partner et get started quickly in placeTech person who wants to be co-founder/CTO and help accelerate (or manage) the build o the MVP; Company can pay small salary if needed. Location is
Experience in Marketing and Business Strategy. We are launching an app that I outsourced to India in 7 weeks. It is a photo sharing app that doesn't require rocket science coding. Technincal cofounder with strong UX/UI skills. We have outsourced the app to India. They are good back end developers but not so good on the front end UX/UI and design. Any front end developers or designers out there please contact me henryamoloja@gmail.comUSAMinnesotaPhotosharing, photography, design , UX, UI , FrontEnd
An Idea on Food technology and a prototype ready. A business analyst - experience on Health Insurance and US Public sector domainsTechnical co founder with strong web and mobile development skillssaishankar@live.inIndiaFood technology, Point of Sale, BLE devices, QR codes
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