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Sept. 2015Sales/Marketing, Fashion Merchandising experience, Real Estate experience, Business DevelopmentLooking for a CTO/Lead Developer in NYC. Someone who loves the start-up world and making web apps. Ruby on rails. I've been working on a project but am open to working on new ideas also. I'm interested more in finding a technical counterpart than on the actual projects themselvescha@monalisastyle.comUSANYCMobile video, data, advertising
Octorber15th 2015LAMP, SQL, .NET, C#, Analytics, Marketing, UI/UX, Facebook Connect, Lean application has been completed Contact me!Similar skills as me, essentially Backend/Frontend whiz with Marketing Expmr.frye [at] gmail.comIndia/USA/GermanyBangalore/San Francisco/BerlinPersonalisation
June 2015I am a business person with experience in marketing, business development and general management. I run a consumer-oriented social network that I am scaling up with several types of ecommerce. Proven business model and great growth potential.I am looking for a co-founder/CTO/developer to help design and build the next iteration(s) of the product and keep developing it going forward. Creativity and experience with ecommerce systems critical; knowledge of multiple web frameworks and system integration a plus. Fun to work with an extra bonus.sara_frankel@mac.comUSASan, Francisco, CAonline site - environmental sustainability
July 2015Enterprise collaboration industry knowledge, Rails/PHP development, business intelligence, financial/manufacturing reporting, data warehousingA fellow coder, a designer, an experienced entrepreneur, anyone with a web product idea they'd like help building, just give me a calldpritchett on HN, GMail, Twitter, and Friendfeed; (901) 871-0139USAWeb services, fashion merchandising, retail,
July 2015Everything outside of design and coding. Have a live app and paying customers. Aiming to change education. ( ) Working on Leanstartup, well past MVP.Front end UI, coder, CTO. Ruby on Rails. kevin@redroverhq
USAMixing nightlife with technology
currentDeveloper with wide ranging/versatile programming skills in various aspects of server side and client side programming using LAMP and WISA stacks. Language of preference is ASP.NET/C# or PHP as close second (but willing to learn new things). I've been programming since as long as I can remember (started with BASIC) but I have around 6+ years of professional experience as a web programmer. Also besides technical skills, I have experience on how to start and run a company. I am currently a partner/co-founder of a dev shop based in LA. In terms of education, I have a bachelor's in CS.Mainly looking for another hacker/developer to brainstorm some ideas. Someone with strong design/UX skills and/or front-end programming skills would compliment my skill-set really well. The person needs to be detail oriented and passionate in what they do. Not necessarily looking for a co-founder at this point since this is going to be my side project (for now) aside from fulfilling my role in my company. So basically I want to start off with some networking/brain-storming to bounce off some ideas and see what we can come up with and then take it from there. In the long run, I hope to transform whatever idea/product we come up with into a full fledge company. If successful, maybe even merge or get bought out by my current company or not.euxtcn@tempalias.comUSA
30.5.2015Developer and architect with experience in wide range of technology. I worked at a very successful startup in the past and I'm currently in finance technology. I prefer to design solutions and code the backend. Python, Java, C, *nix, open source.Cofounder/team; or existing startup that are looking for technical cofounder / CTO. Partner(s) with design/frontend/business experience.kefei.zhou@gmailUSA
29th Nov 2015Design/Marketing/Product/Tech Background (CIS Degree). Most comfortable with products done in PHP, but have dealt with Rails. Past stuff: and Personal site/blog: jasonlbaptiste.comDesire to do a **hardware startup**. Experience in 10 foot gui work/desire to do stuff there + actual linux development skills. First order of business would be creating a 10 foot gui launcher for ubuntu. most software will be open sourced, hn:jasonlbaptisteUSAPeer to Peer Learning powered by feeds, in higher education and corporations.
27.5.2015CS major @ UCLA, finishing this June. Amateur Rails developer, along with extensive business experience in marketing, strategic planning, and more. Working on a startup with another top CS student here at UCLA. Aiming to have a prototype by mid-March. Idea is well developed with a comprehensive business plan along with advisors, one who was a part of PayPal's original team. Revolves around group based social networking / project management, and basically scratches my own itch. However, it is an itch hundreds of millions across the world also have (and is reflected in the feedback and market research surveys we've distributed). Applying to summer incubators such as YCombinator and Lightspeed Ventures.Know-it-all UI engineer. AJAX ninja. Basically, anything front end related. I'm trying to take up that part right now since my partner is experienced on the back end, but progress is slow since I have to learn while taking care of everything else.polymath21 / jobolee@gmail.comUSASubscription-based SaaS products that solve real problems that people or even businesses would pay for. Open to good ideas; maybe something in a nitch market with relatively less competition. Anything that has a good path to monetization.k
26.5.2015- Co-founder/CEO (*acquired* - now Super experienced in consumer space. Strong sales/marketing ability. PHP/MySQL experience. Previous C++ experience. BS Cornell, Masters Cornell. I can scale a sales team. Strong hacker - python/RoR/java or even php/mysql. Passion for coupons/deals. Willing to ride the fun wave with me.albert@dealperk.comUSAbuilding a product/company, large-scale high-performance systems, recruiting, finance, tradingk
26.4.2011I haveI'm looking forContactUSA
25/9/2015Writer/designer/entrepreneur with an awesome social product sharing website already in beta. Just need someone to distribute the development workload and brainstorm world domination with me.Looking for a great developer who wants in on a sweet startup in NYC.shane@scordit.comUSAConsumer web services
22/6/2010Looking for a rock star developer/ co-founder who has time, skills and passion to get stuff done.Twitter: @linaegutkina USAReal time hyperlocal eCommerce
22/10/20103 years general biz @ management consulting firm across industries & strategic question areas. Excellent communications skills in 1-on-1 pitch and large presentations. DIY-er with get-er-done attitude--launched national program to collect pharmaceutical waste for safe disposal. Have creative skills (amateur design/ photography/ writing) & picking up technical skills (HTML/CSS/Ruby on Rails). Passionate about & have ideas in environmental sustainability through collaborative consumption, agriculture reform, and more.Fellow social impact enthusiast with proven experience & positive attitude toward changing the world. Owner-mindset with long term outlook. Ideally someone who is more technical than me (CTO type role), but very open to general collaboration. to work in..
22/05/11I have good Front-end coding skills and back-end coding skills using Node. NoSQL, message queues etc.Looking for a technical co-founder. I almost finished a prototype for a great idea. If you have: 1. Bsc. in computer science or related, or proof you're really good coding backend and smartphone apps (preferrably iOS), 2. Age 22-38 3. Willing to relocate to either NYC or Silicon Valley if needed. 4. Preferrably if you have previous experience in a startup. 5. Preferrably if you have experience with AWS. Then contact me!nev.leo5505@gmail.comUSAWaterloo, Onsocial media, websites, dinosaurs
20/9/2010I'm a very good programmer with a passion for creating awesome, easy to use tools. I've done web stuff in php, sql, (a little) js, java, and gtw. Offline stuff in java, python, c, gtk, played with qt, used to do c++. I tinkered with phone apps using jQTouch, PhoneGap, and rhoMobile. Built a tiny compiler in ocaml. MS in CS from Columbia. Sysadmin experience.Looking for a passionate, smart, disciplined co-founder (technical or not) or very early stage startup. Graphical skills would be useful.
My email's there.
USAWashington dc/ marylandIllustrator, Photoshop, html, CSS
18th Nov 2015Product Speccing Mastery, mastery of many different web 2.0 trends, LAMP/Jquery development, system administration, graphic design, project manage, architecture speccing. the works. What I bring to the table is I can be given a niche and I can figure out what the niche needs to be made more efficient and then I can plan out the software to solve the problem, and organize its execution.The best of the best engineers in, , , DC
18/6/2010VC-experienced media entrepreneur with a shit-hot early-stage idea in the hotel/travel space, with very good contacts with VCs and Fund Managers I'm looking for entrepreneurially-minded dev wiz-kids and marketing/managerial superstarsrichstonehouse@googlemail.comUSAVirtual, or NYC, or San Jose (starts virtual but may need to relocate to those cities later!)To join "my startup" to make it "our startup!"
17/6/2010Talented iOS Developer. Similar skills in Andoird and Web is a big PLUS.Tech Co-Founder. Person will be a significant part of the team.razeebul.mahmood@gmail.comUSAVirtualI'm open to almost any kind of startup that I think is interesting. I've got some ideas for web stuff and mobile apps.k
15/8/2015Low level systems programming (embedded systems). Python, C++, Java. Experience in HPC, parrallelized applications. I'm a student looking for some simple and exciting side projects.Graphic design, social marketing, email: peter.g.hamilton@gmail.comUSAVirtualMaking Web 2.0 money-making software applications, not social fluff that one day might make money.
15/04/2014Expert in marketing, product management, very creative. Have been at Google for 4 years combined with previous and current startup experience. But, would love to have my own startup:))Looking for a technical co-founder. I have ideas, but lacking the technical expertise. If interested, please do contact me.smithjane295@gmail.comUSAvirtualStarting & building businesses; making money
15/04/2011Two experienced entrepreneurs looking for developer to help co-find our next product.If you are a serious talented entreprenuirial developer who wants to join a team with incredible business experience please contact us via email. We have a few ideas that we need a co-founder with the proper skills to develop. Please don't hesitate to contact if you are looking to get into a serious startup partnership. Looking for PHP, Drupal, Android, iPhone, XTML, etc....jerrywifame@gmail.comUSAVictoria
Social, Location, Networking
12-2010Startup background, VC job out of school to learn how to create successful biz. But not a finance guy, want to create something cool. Idea applies best of new tech to solve a basic problem, creating something wholly new but plausible. Will make peoples lives better and has great potential as a business. Plan is ready, I can execute, looking for excellent tech cofounder.Capable architect/developer to be co founder w equity. Driven to create. Qualifications matter but most important is you are smart and get things done. Larger solution uses Google Wave in a simple yet very cool way. Very interesting tech work to be done.pwall.LDT at gmailUSAVenturaI've got a few iPhone apps and websites that don't look great and aren't marketed well. I would also really enjoy a hardware product.
11/20107 years experience running a business. Existing business infrastructure (customers, salespeople, corporate entity) able to directly benefit new startup.

Knowledge on sales, marketing, product. Existing customers and their needs.

I have customers right now who are immediately willing to pay thousands of dollars for SaaS solutions based on the very basic prototypes I have built.
The technical and architectural infrastructure, Initially all coding,

Eventually managing a small team of coders, Brainstorming ideas, and Creating a product roadmap with me.
HN Jason_tko
Skype jason_at_webnet_it
USAVancouver ,BCvideo, geo
08/2011Marketing (PPC/SEO/Strategy), 'connected' online (know a lot of people online with audiences), passion for website optimization, LAMP experience (but not a developer by any means). Idea guy who learns quickly and does whatever needs to be done. Bootstrapper.Someone technical who can bring a strong second opinion to the table when ideas are thrown out.HN: mikeyur
Twitter: @yurechko

(remote is fine)
Financial Markets, Aviation, Entertainment, Business Development, Professional Networks.
08/2011Already have a startup in the medical field, but open to new ideas or just meeting new ppl in Toronto, Waterloo, or CalgaryNeed a tech person to help with creating a prototype.From there, helping convince investors, B2B, etc. General 2 heads are better than 1 co-founder stuff.Cunard. chrisf101@gmail.comUSAVancouver
startup experienced CTO with strong skills in infrastructure (windows, linux, virtualization), software development (php, c++, VB, Iphone...) and also strong skills in economics (, contracts, outsourcing, organization...) interesting ventures, ideas to be executedtcl@spiderstar.comUSAVancouverWeb applications to help small and medium sized businesses take control, by providing them with critical information.
Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2, CloudFront), LAMP, High Availability Systems,Scaled up to 23 Million impressions per dayLooking for someone who is smart and already has sold company for millions must have technical background as well.Twitter: rohan_rockz Email: ,me at rohandey dot comUSAUSASubscription-based SaaS (B2C/B2B)
Social Apps
iPhone/Mac Software
12/9/2016Customer Development, Lean Startup, Django, Python, Redis, LAMP stack (all the needed back-end coding) the whole computer science kitchen sink1. Someone who can first and foremost be friends in real life with !!
2. Someone to help with product building (Django, jQuery, LAMP) -or- someone good with the front-end graphic design (but also be able to implement those designs)
jayliew (HN)
@jaysern (twitter)
Nov 2016Business plan and road map for a new social media platform with a vast global market literally ripe for a good option to come online. Graphic design is covered, first conditional investor with vast cloud infra know-how on board.Someone, or two someones, to build it. Website and app. You'll be expected to lead the IT dept once new people are hired, or do a smashing job at handing over to the person who will.jgk@mingling.meNLHollandRotterdam, remote working can be considered.Please mention us to anyone who might be interested to do some awesome coding with an ambitious startup in an exciting emerging market.
Oct 2016Native web 3-D math game with paying customers. Stellar team and solid educational foundations.Technical, business, or investment. High energy for education space.charlie at supermathworld dot comUSASFMath education games
8/29/2016A world-class location-base Q&A app (live on iOS and Android as we speak) that's getting good traction and am poised to scale it before a series A round A seasoned technical co-founder that I can collaborate with to scale the product and move it in the right direction cikokwu@pinc.mobiUSASan FranciscoConsumer Mobile & Internet
August 2016A well developed MVP video platform which allows folks to make interactive videos (in fact, so well developed that thousands of users from kids to Fortune 100 companies are users). Profitable, celebrity invetors, VC interest and a pretty solid sales advantageCTO/Technical Lead to help take it out of (profitable) MVP and own the product moving forward, helping to build a engineer centric team. Currently using Python, Javascript, etc.dspringsteen@gmail.comUSAUK (London/Birmingham) or anywhere if you are that interested in the venture :)
July 2016I have a well thought out idea for an application with proof of concept done using some research. I'm a product person with strong knack for usability and a good understanding of building scalable web applications. I'm not an expert developer but tinker with some code once in a while. I have a computer science background and worked with technology startups for the last 5 years in product management, data and growth roles.I understand finding the perfect co-founder is almost a holy-grail. But, I do keep my hopes high. I'm trying to find someone who is extremely passionate about building large scale applications with experience handling high performing engineering teams. It would be great to have someone who has developed mobile applications (iOS/Android) with strong machine learning systems.Sunil
USATroy, MIadvertising and consumer electronics
June 2016Sales / Marketing, environmental sustainability schooling, social media skills, and am starting an eco-travel companya technical co-founderlauren.d.mctaggart@gmail.comUSAToronto, ONQuite diverse (everything computer science) .. but for starters: NLP, web applications and mobile applications. I like enabler technologies, things that allow humanity do things previously not possible beforevia hackernews
2/14/2016Music industry background helping artists/labels sell music direct to fans.

Launching Grouptune, a group-buying platform for music (think Groupon for music).
Technical co-founder/CTO, passionate about music, social commerce, proficient in many areas, but stellar in at least one. Someone that wants to change the music industry and has the drive and passion to do it.

We have a small amount of funding, the artist/label relationships are in place and ecstatic about what we're doing, we're growing subscribers like crazy (pre-launch)...I just need a partner that wants to hit a homerun (and spend many many hours over the next few years w/ me ;).
USATorontoDigital media, direct to fan music sales for artists and labels, social commerce, music, gamification, social, mobile, group-buying
12/18/2015Motor control, motor design, power electronicsBusiness developer, in Los angeles, 818-527-6184 powtor.comUSAToledo, OHstart-up
12/6/2015Business model + validated revenue streams + Marketing/PR experience + co-working space membershipTech team to build MVP in exchange for sales profits with option to extend into CTO partnership. Part time at this stage, claro. rlipscomb@techranchaustin.comUSATokyo
9/8/2015A strong developer who can help build an already established 11,000 Alexa ranked website into a more interactive social networking site for bloggers.  We also need someone who can build an advertising platform where clients can login, upload their desired advertisement requests, and allow Members to participate or not. The Network has been around for over 2 years now.  I'd like to professionalize the site, add features for better interaction, and create a strong advertisement platform for clients and Members.
Send me a tweet @Yakezie and say you're reaching out from Cofounder Google Docs.  Or leave a comment in column H to the right to contact you.
USATexasYou want to have fun, be apart of something new, and give back to the community. The company/network/website I've started enables you do to this. The culture revolves around "selflessly helping others". We have some of the best Member bloggers on the web, and 2012 is the year to start aggressively building out the platform. Ideally, you enjoy writing/blogging as well, and like to connect over social media. We plan to be around for a very long time, especially since we're already profitable! Thank, Sam
9/7/2015Developer moving through C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Been trying to launch a startup for past 4 years. Seeking like-minded people to chat, brainstorm, and possibly even work together. | | for talented designers and marketers for potential startup and thorie79 on skype/gmail/yim/aim/msn and on twitter, LondonStartups, tennis, guitar, running, comedy and stand-up, philosophy
4/20/2015Business guys with product idea. Had interesting validation of idea from major players in our niche industry. Looking to hire a talented programmer to help us move from concept to beta prototype, test, iterate, and decide whether or not to preserve or abandon. Looking for talented, disciplined technical co-founder who has a history of building web-based apps and iPhone apps. Preferably someone who is outdoorsy and likes to exercise. fynn.glover@gmail.comUSASunnyvale/Silicon Valley
4/20/2015Employee #3 at, helped build and start 2 other companies, sold one. Looking for hackers and smart engineers that can build killer productsTechnical Co-founder, Hacker type who can help build great products and contribute to the vision and strategy. Experience in PHP, MySql, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Javascript, and moreohaffar@gmail.comUSATampaBuilding the next generation e-commerce engine that merges social, local, discovery and value added services into one
4/7/2015Solid Rails hacker with excellent systems skills as well. Expert with AWS, linux, analytics, MySQL, and more.A top notch designer with some rails skills and/or a great rails hacker. Someone who is proficient in marketing would be great as well. Must be willing to dedicate a significant amount of time to the project. Would be great if you are also flexible and open to moving on to a new project if the current one is a dud (fail fast ethos).Mc_Big_G / hn@mcgintech.comUSASunnyvale, Bay AreaAnything related to startups, music, guitar, drums, motorcycles, racing, Spain, Barcelona, F1, safety, talent, the ocean, flying, swimming
1/7/2015I'm the founder of Economic Risk Management (ERM), a supply chain risk management software company, leveraging my background in software, finance, and manufacturing. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley with degrees in Economics and Industrial Engineering, I've worked at IBM, NUMMI, and Morgan Stanley. I wrote ERM's prototype software, and I'm also an INTJ.ERM is looking for an extremely hard working software engineer in computational finance with a background in physics, applied math, statistics, optimization, and/or industrial engineering to lead the research, development, and automation of our backend systems. A passion for the FX, interest rate, and industrial commodity markets is essential, as well as a keen understanding of derivatives (including futures, options, and swaps) and principles of risk management. Experience with C/C++/Java/Python/R/Matlab, Monte Carlo simulation, Grid/Parallel/Distributed Computing, Time Series analysis, and machine learning is a huge plus.Tony Sabbadini - sabbadini@economicriskmanagement.comUSAStealthsupply chain, manufacturing, risk management, finance, SaaS, B2B, enterprise software, analytics, data mining, business intelligence, quantitative finance, algorithmic trading
11/16/2014Objectivity, front end design (graphic, UI, css, javascript), PHP, mongodb, SQL, basic linux administration, lots of friends/connections in the indie film industryIdeally someone technical, but I'd take generalists. The important thing is for you to share your vision in my idea, and to be truly dedicated and motivated towards its successful execution.chrischen / chris.chen@flixa.tvUSASouthern California (Irvine, CA)Flixa is a service to help indie filmmakers self-distribute and market their films using the global reach and viral capabilities of the internet.
10/6/2014Expert in clean-tech, energy auditing, and green business strategy. Many contacts with clean tech vendors, installers, and relevant gov't agencies. Ex-lawyer, so also experienced in legal + operational issues. Currently working full time on this start-up. Have beta app up and running. Marketing engine starting. Need CTO/Co-founder to drive upgrades and new products.Passion for technology, plus desire to make the planet a better place. Also, expert in: Ruby, HTML, CSS, AJAX. Familiarity with CMS is good. brandon@greenzu.comUSASilicon Valley, CAempowering businesses to go green. And connecting those businesses to the clean-tech installers that can help them make a change.
12/12/2013Connections all over the valley and in enterprise software companies like IBM, HP and Oracle. Also, a rolodex full of VC's. I am the face and handshake man.Hard working, laid back, super intelligent functional coder with network coding experience."vonguard" everywhereUSASilicon Valley & San Francisco Bay AreaCloud infrastructure
11/30/2013Generalist, can do many different things both technical and business related. Technical: Ruby on Rails, CSS/HTML, Linux/Apache. Business: 5 years of offline business experience of a bootstrapped company (skills: growing to profitable from zero, sales, advertising, marketing, production, distribution, legal and IP, , HR). Additional skills: some SEO, business blog writing, vim, touch-typing, advertisement copy writing, direct phone and in-person sales, offline marketing, experienced negotiator, design (GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator)Generalist or technical co-founder. Either of these skill sets is interesting: [RubyonRails/HTML/CSS/webdesign] or [RubyonRails/CLIPS(Expert Systems Design)] or [SEO/Online marketing/advertisement copy writing/business blog writing]. No 'business guys' needed. I prefer to actually do things and expect the same approach from the co-founder. - visit about or contact me via twitter (@kiruri)USASFO Bay AreaProfits from the start, charging customers directly (no advertising or other 'free' models). Interested in CRM for small businesses (have a huge experience on it), but open to new ideas.
10/23/2013Co-founder of Founder2be.comDevelopers, Designers, Marketers, Saleswww.founder2be.comUSASF Bay Area and Kelowna, BCBringing together co-founders
2/8/2012streaming, compression, sockets, key-value stores, distributed caching, fuse, c, perl, erlangak2834@columbia.eduUSASF Bay Areapattern discovery in streams
11/12/2011PHP, RoR,JQuery. The full LAMP stack.I'm looking for business partner. If you are PM type and want to do more business function, let talk. I am also looking for more PHP /RoR coder for the project as well.terencekwan@gmail.comUSASF Bay AreaHyperlocal website (similar to yelp) but not yelp. Also interest in online gaming as well.
9/20/2011Nothing half-ass. Execution, creativity, reliability. marketing, media/PR, communications design. Left news (CNN) for entrepreneurship. mobile/web motion graphics, screenography, videography, photography. Full time or extremely dedicated/disciplined part time developer (s). I don't know much code, but am learning HTML and Ruby to get some basics and not be clueless. Ramping up my skills to do small things and understand development. at gmail
USASF Bay Areamobile-centric consumer apps. Consumer. mHealth. Social. communications. Craigstlist competitors. SMS. telephony. - serious runner, swimmer..mind over matter endurance sports
9/17/2011Technologist, Solid Java, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, Object / Relational, Open-source Tech, End to End (UI to backend)Marketing Savvy, or Technical co-founderthomas.yip AT gmail DOT comUSASF Bay AreaProductivity, Super slick UIs, Adventure
9/11/2011HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, Photoshop, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, MySQL, Analytics, Business Development, Market Research, Community Development, deep SEM / SEO experience, Brand Management.

My life's passion is to get into a "design war" with an 800 pound internet gorilla.
Node.js, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, Python, Java, No-SQL variants (MongoDB / CouchDB pref), Algorithms & Machine Learning.

Looking for a co-founder with extensive knowledge of Ruby on Rails and an interest in creating community applications that harness machine learning algorithms, as well as integrate locally-targeted advertising.
marginalrisk A-T gmail [.dot] com

blueadept @ #startups on
USASFData Mining, Machine Learning, Scalable Computing, Lean Startup Philosophy, Community Development, Mobile, Real-time Web, Targeted Advertising
8/7/2011Front-to-back end web development. Currently on a /Python kick. Was a Java guru, before that a C++ guru. I've done a lot of work with CouchDB and MongoDB. System admin, etc. Was a sales manager/inside sales person for a couple of years. Was away from serious programming for a few years, loving my return.Front-end UI design. I can do css/html but it annoys me. I like jQuery and have middling Javascript skills. I want to work with a UI designer. Location is irrelevant to me. I've been working with a partner in Boston for two years, and distance was never an issue.njl at njl dot us
njl on HN
617 877 3444
USASeoul, virtual is fineLean towards subscription-based SaaS products that solve real solutions that people (probably businesses) will pay for. Open to other good ideas, I'm just edgy about anything without a clear path to dollars.
7/27/2011I've built several web applications years ago, when Web 2.0 was booming. Some of them generated positive return, but I folded them due to maintenance problem. One of my double majors in college was computer science and I have experience in Java, C, C#, JavaScript, OCaml, Lisp, Scala, and so on.Marketing/Business/Fund raisingadministrator at bestpic.krUSASeattle, WAeconomics, trading, marketing, business, stoicism
7/27/2011Functional product, publicity, customers, investor connections, product vision, user experience, branding, search engine marketing, monetizationTechnology Lead: WEB CRAWLING, DATA MINING, SENTIMENT ANALYSIS, TEXT SUMMARIZATIONHN: thorsview
Twitter: thorsview
USASeouleCommerce, semantics, search, marketplaces
7/24/2011I'm a user experience designer, MS in Human-Computer Interaction. Bachelor in Computer Engineering. I focus on understanding users can come up with design solution that people will actually use. I generate ideas and can produce a proof of concept prototype. I do code PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, starting to learn RoR and Objective C. Worked on a start up that was sold to another company.Someone with strong technical background.twitter: @chatreez,,USASeattle, WAWeb, mobile, social
7/20/2011I have a strong technical background. I've spent years doing research and I now have some really interesting technologies that I want to exploit.I'd like a CSS/jQuery person who also can do the Business Development side of things. I'm looking for someone who is extroverted and enjoys working with david927
david927@gmail dot ...
USASeattle or San FranciscoDatabases, Social Networking
7/17/2011We are an online sweepstakes for experiences that cannot be bought. A portion of the proceeds from each sweepstakes will be donated to support a social mission of the celebrity or luminary’s choice. Co-Founders are 10 year-veterans of the entertainment industry, having produced projects for Fox Television Studios, Touchstone, ABC/Disney, Lion’s Gate, Warner Bros., Live Earth, and The Clinton Foundation. Undergrad Stanford, MBA's Wharton/UCLA. We just closed our angel round from top echelon angel and celebrity investors and are looking for collaborators to help build out the vision. Specifically a CTO and Director of User Experience/Product. ryan@untitledthinkers.comUSASeattle or Melbournecreating content that helps people see the world differently, using business as a force for good. (i'm realizing i'm sounding a little self-righteous - I also love basketball, improv, minimalist design, indie music, and searching for the perfect burger
7/15/2011Let's do something _ambitious_ and _relevant_ -- fuck virtual goods, addictive mindless entertainment, and similar nonsense. Skills: Programmer (Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, Go on App Engine); Linux sys admin (Bash; LAMP, EC2, Linode, etc), computer networking; Launched my first product in November 2010 (I wrote the Django backend); Co-founder of Santa Barbara Hackerspace; BA in Math and Philosophy; 25 years oldAwesomeness carnate... or some combination of the following -- the ability to get shit done; Ruby/Rails or Python/Django; HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX; Java for Android apps and/or Obj-C for iPhone apps; Loves programming; Business-centric but with some tech; Twitter: @elimisteve; FreeNode: elimisteve (drop into #sbhackerspace by visiting Monica, Los Angeles (open to virtual collab)Ambitious/world-changing ideas, distributed computing, AI, and MUCH more
7/11/2011Funding, JVs with other successful companies in space, strategic insight, captive audience for marketing, , functioning online prototype, and partnerships set up with manufacturersUSA-based, great web developer (php, javascript, mysql, etc) to join team as partner or co-founder. can be full or part-time.urUSASanta Monica, Los Angelesanything startup-related
7/8/2011Medical student at UCSF. Statistics background, proficient with python and r, would like to bounce ideas off of pain points I see in the healthcare system and ways to approach in a useful way, currently working on a drug tracking system, would love to chat with a designerdesigner, developerHN: alphaoverlordUSASanta Monica
7/5/2011Chinese American living in California, operator of since January 2010. Spent many years in corporate America (finance, sales, operations), bilingual and bi-cultural. Passionate about connecting China and the world.Tech partner, someone that could take charge the technology aspect of the site, web designer, Ruby coder. The site is currently running WordPress template.vivian@KeystoChinaJobs.comUSASanta ClaritaMedical, Health
6/23/2011Entrepreneur, hacker, designer. Launched 2 modestly successful startups, now ramping up for something bigger. Working on making sense of real-time data.Fellow technical co-founder interested in tackling a difficult problem involving algorithmic design and large / newy on HNUSASan Luis Obispo, CA
6/20/2011Python, SQL, LAMP, PHP, jQuery, CSS, Google AppEngine, CodeIgniter

Business Development, Creative Thinking
Good person, Wants to help others, Technically minded, Work until its done attitudehn: arfrank
USASan Luis ObispoReal-time, consumer internet
6/10/2011Busy concert producer venturing into interactive, online video. Starting something akin to Hulu for the performing arts.Technical co-founder / CTO. Need Python framework / Javascript / RTMP & HD video + hi-fidelity audio / REST & HTTP APIs / MySql / server config & AWS (EC2 / S3 / Cloudfront / Elastic Beanstalk) expert capable of coding, and willing to tackle oversight of frontend & backend development of site...for equity stake.sean@bravoflix.comUSASan Jose. Bay Area.Arts and culture. Classical and world music, traditional and contemporary dance (e.g., ballet), theater, art films, video-based art initiatives and projects, live concerts
4/26/2011product management, project management, product design, MBA, marketing, financial analysis, operations, general manager of an outsourcing company based out of Vietnam, international management experienceI'm building a webapp to take the place of this sheet and need two more developers, preferably who don't mind a decent amount of front end work and some tristankromer
twitter: @startupsquare
USASan JoseEntrepreneurship, startups
3/11/2011My focus is on getting users, press and talking with customers.Have a team but looking for a technical leader.simon@rhinocloud.comUSASan Francisco, VirtualSaaS (B2B
3/11/20112 mobile + web entrepreneurs. 1 with background in product mgmt (Yelp & Yahoo), BS & MS in CS from Stanford. 1 with background in venture capital and product marketing / biz dev at web startups, MBA.Experienced iPhone developer. Join the founding team of an exciting app that is in development but pre-launch. App is generally in group + photo space, but the specifics are much more exciting. Drop me a line to discuss in more
twitter: @parkeremmott
USASan Francisco. Bay AreaiPhone, photos, LBS, mobile, social
3/2/2011Currently working on a project I brought back with me from Western Africa. We are importing a rare AFrican fruit that currently holds a small piece of the current novelty market for the product online. a web designer (specifically eccomerce) and SEO expert who would be interested in improving the usability of our current site:, in addition to managing a pay per click campaign in addition to organic SEO work. This would not be a full time job but a passionate side project that would find the two of us sharing a negotiated percentage of the projects net noah@taamiberry.comUSASan Francisco, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, Bay Areaentrepreneurship and being passionate about a project
2/14/2011Ruby/RoR, Perl, Php, LAMP, MySQL DBA, scaling, caching, + other stuff. 15 Years of internet development experience.

Looking for someone who has a monitizable idea and can do the "business" side of the company. Also familiar with the Agile / Lean start up philosophy.wilburlo a.t. gmail.comUSASan Francisco, Silicon ValleyFlexiable, but I like technical/information/large amounts of data, stuff.
1/4/2011Currently planning our next major project and we are looking for a lead programmer to join our small team. We are based in England UK, we all work remotely and have day jobs so please don't worry where you currently reside.Skills in php, python, javascript, xul, html, css, ajax, iphone apps, windows mobile apps, java, android, jquery, python etcserverkill@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, Silicon Valleyweb development, prediction & recommendation engines, data mining, large database management
12/8/2010We are a seasoned team that has a thriving product, We're an emerging leader in the local mobile space for small business merchants. The co-founders are experienced start-up veterans, with strong product management, marketing, and BD skill sets. The company is approaching Series A, and has 1,400 customers.Head of Engineering (VP) - Strong object-orientated design, mostly Java, advanced db/SQL, very strong communication and collaboration skills to work with a diverse range of people and communicate technical plans throughout the company. A strong, independent voice who is passionate about creating amazing user experiences. An aggressive problem solver who likes to hack the simplest solution together to form baby steps toward our vision.paul@fanminder.comUSASan Francisco, CA but the person can be based anywhere really. Preference is to be able to meet face to face.We're passionate about serving small businesses.
12/8/2010Working on a social recommendation platform with a very unique sales model for fashion related products. I graduated in EE in 2006 but have worked in finance since. Leaving my job in 3 weeks to pursue this opportunity full time. In addition to the technology platform that needs to be built, this idea requires a lot of business relationships that need to be built along with a focus on sales (both which i've been doing for many years). I have partnerships in place already and looking to expandTechnical co-founder who is well versed in Ruby on Rails. Should be located in Silicon Valley. Looking for someone who can work with existing code and who will innovate and own the product. Looking for someone to be a true partner and be creative, not just work on whats given to them.pdabir84@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CaliforniaSocial, ecommerce, mobile
12/8/2010Experienced international entrepreneur with an academic CS background (halfway through a PhD), less interested in day to day coding these days, more in design, architecting and planning the vision + working out the fun bits (aka biz side). specific expertise in text processing, data mining and user-centric stuff (hci, ux).a techie who enjoys the bits of hacking i don't, who can stay up til 4am with me solving a problem and then steam through the next day making it happen. someone more interested in being CTO than CEO.jeninca10@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CaliforniaOnline gaming/collaborative play/adding game aspects to nontraditional areas (eg foursquare); text analysis and language; social relationships, respect, influence and authority
12/7/2010Former techie, now more focused on business & design. Business development/Sales, Marketing, Usability/Experience design, CSS/HTML, Industry exp/contacts in Financial Svcs, MBA, can help seed fund Technical co-founder who can code and scale websites. Nice to have: can lead/mentor jr developers

*Long term partner who wants to build stuff that solves real problems*
Twitter: @farazq

Email: fqureshi01 at gmail dot comfqureshi01 at gmail dot com
USASan Francisco, CA
Bay Area, California
Online education, Finance/Investing, Travel, Renewable Energy
12/4/2010Solid product and biz dev background with large rolodex. Have previously founded a company backed by a top VC firm (company just completed another funding round). Looking to join a startup or iterate on a new idea. Have MBA but have learned most things trial by fire. Lean startup methodologies. Blog since 2005: LeveragingIdeas.comLike being paired with great UX and/or technical folks. Experience with iPhone development probably good. @samhuleatt /sam.huleatt at google's email serviceUSASan Francisco, CA
Bay Area, CA
large markets and building companies, as opposed to apps. Squash player, Quora answer-er, thinker
11/30/2010Have investment backing, plus a 90% ready prototype for a great idea with some interested customers ready and waiting. Personally have previous start-up experience, marketing, product development and business skills.Now I need a technical partner to help me launch the prototype and take it to the next level. I need a Rails fanatic with a passion for UI and usability willing to join as a partner and help grow the firm. mark dot seall at yahoo dot com
USASan Francisco, CA
Bay Area, CA
A new and innovative way to sell on-line travel
11/25/2010Business guy that understands start-ups, experience as Business Analyst, Project management, Sales, CRM, Monetization. Some money too invest (not too much it's a boot strap)
Already working on a startup idea.
My ideal co-founder would be more technology oriented than me.
Web development skills are crucial such as J2EE/Asp.Net/PHP, SQL, jQuery, and/or CMS such as Joomla and Durpal. Haven't decided on a platform yet so I'm pretty open in that regard. OR twitter: Claus1860USASan Francisco, CA
Bay Area, CA
Auction system, technology expert
11/17/2010Creativity! Have client side down cold (JavaScript, HTML, CSS). Experience with REST and feeds, and some Python.Python, databasesvezquex@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CA
Bay Area, CA
games, social networks, feeds
11/11/2010Biz guy, recent Penn grad, computer vision start up experience, looking for technical co-founder. A business plan, large commitment from angel investor, and willing to pay relatively modest salary in addition to ownership. Technical co-founder with strong working knowledge (for programming and hiring purposes) in data transaction monitoring, middleware, RDMS, and Facebook. Complex project but big prospects. You are in the Bay Area and, age wise, don't mind spending a significant amount of time with and helping teach two guys early 20srifisherr@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CA
11/3/2010WolfHouse Media is looking for programmers with Rails and/or ActionScript experience to finish developing a social game. Projected alpha release 2 months. Part time work is suitable, ideally in exchange for equity. Post-alpha we'll pursue seed funding and hire full time.Experience scaling quickly with Rails, ideally with games. Strong ActionScript development.wolfhousemedia@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CASocial games, popular music
11/1/2010- Co-founder/CEO (*acquired* - now Super experienced in consumer space. Strong sales/marketing ability. PHP/MySQL experience. Previous C++ experience. BS Cornell, Masters Cornell. I can scale a sales team. Seeking CTO: Strong hacker - python/RoR/java or even php/mysql. Passion for coupons/deals. Willing to ride the fun wave with me.albert@dealperk.comUSASan Francisco, CAReal time hyperlocal eCommerce
10/31/2010Social ridesharing. Run by ACA qualified accountant with marketing experience.Looking for a CTO / lead developer. PHP, MySQL, Facebook integration hello@gocarshare.comUSASan Francisco, CARideshare, Marketplace
10/25/2010Business/product guy. Recent graduate of Penn State's Schreyer Honors College. Focus in Sports Marketing and Social Psychology. Very accomplished student and student leader. Published in the leading sports industry journal. Previous work with MLB, a professional sports franchise, and a collegiate athletic department. Self-taught HTML, CSS, and graphic design, and currently learning Python (the hard way). Hard-working. Hustler. Well-connected. Will succeed.CTO co-founder. Strong interest in working with big data. Loves solving new and challenging problems. Strong communication skills and able to lead a team of developers down the road. Passionate about sports. Willing to commit full-time with no salary (along with me) until Series A.
Twitter: @maxwendkos
USASan Francisco, CASports, sports fans, customer relationship management, identity formation and management
10/10/2010Computer science generalist / software engineer - full stack web developer. Python/Django on LAMP + jQuery on front-end. I also do sales cold calls, marketing, and general hustling startups need. I don't have great designs skills though, admittedly. My startup http://www.killerbees.coLooking for someone with the startup DNA to work with, ideally complementary skillsets but not a hard requirement. Someone hungry to change the world and make some money along the USASan Francisco, CAConsumer internet / web startupsk
10/10/2010Embedded Linux software development - especially taking single board computer platforms and turning them into appliance devices. Also web development skills, particularly using the web as a rich user interface for embedded devices. Have some experience with standalone Rails web apps too.Business development, sales, and marketing. That said, I'm interested in connecting with anyone involved in a tech startup in the Portland, OR area. I'm always happy to help brainstorm ideas or offer some outside perspective even if I'm not involved in the startup personally.zenlinux | sgarman at zenlinux dot comUSASan Francisco, CAEmbedded devices, whether consumer or industrial/medical/etc.
10/7/2010Applied Math grad student with good programming experience (C++, Java, Matlab, Python, etc.). I have background in statistics, numerical methods, machine learning, probability ...People in Toronto interested in something to do with finance. Alternatively, anything with statistical/mathematical content.randomwalk152 @ gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CAQuantitative Finance / Trading / Machine learning
9/21/2010Software engineering, product design, business strategy. I was previously a software engineer at Lovely and I'm starting a company that designs, manufactures and sells custom lifestyle products. Email me for more details.Software engineer, hardware engineer or anyone who wants rule mass-customizationian@gantri.comUSASan Francisco, CAMass-customization
9/21/2010Financial industry, strategic experience. Working for bank. Building a payment processing idea that will work through bitcoin.Developer-cofounder with Ruby / Python knowledge to help me build processing and API (connecting it to payment gateway) to sell / buy bitcoinsleonidtsh@gmail.comUSASan Francisco, CAFinancial Services - Bitcoin
9/11/2010Online marketing whiz with technical background (Ruby on Rails, PHP/MySQL, WordPress, HTML/CSS), and loves design. You can find my projects here: http://netizensmedia.comSkilled Rails developer.Email foress at gmail dot com, Twitter: @bearwithclaws.USASan Francisco, Bay Area
9/11/2010IT documentation startup using graph theory to model and simulate IT infrastructures. Going after enterprise customers, but also applicable to smaller IT users.looking for technical assistance, we use C, Rails, Python, Docbook, and moredevenson@pathwaysystems.comUSASan Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Hacker DojoModeling and Simulation, Sysadmin
9/4/2010Technical, CS, LAMP, backend, frontend and product experience. Already have a ghetto alpha, working on beta for the product.Looking for partner in crime who is passionate about the idea around fixing how people shop online. Backend and big data skills, interest/experience in data mining.Twitter: @gsharma Email: gsharma@gmail francisco or chinaExperience: Apart from being a developer, I have worked with a few startups with user acquisition strategies and started at least a half dozen side projects.
8/29/ NYC startup woking on "Social gaming with pictures" from your mobile phones. Our team is up and running but still looking for a PRODUCT / BIZ FOCUSED or TECHNICAL player to join us on the founder level Looking for a Cofounder in NYC with complementary skills. There are many areas we need to fill in the team so reach out if this sound interesting. jon@piictu.comUSASan Francisco Bay Area, Silicon ValleyMobile, iphone, android, gaming, UX, UI, Community Building, Buisnes Development, Company Organization
8/9/2010.NET dev and Entrepreneur working on consumer web app in the used car /classifieds space. Looking for a co-founder to take my beta site and make it into real business.Co-founder with technical backgroud / knowledge of consumer web who knows sales/marketing and, @philgarnerUSASan Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles area, CAConsumer web, automotive
8/3/2010Computer engineering student, web/graphic/UX designer, web developer, video editorCoding guru, partnership, like-minded / ak@akpro.netUSASan Francisco Bay AreaThe next big idea.
8/2/2010I am ex-military MBA general manager, helped my last company in bay area to grow at double digit rate WOW. But lately I am interested more in growth hacking and development space, so I have binge coding (Django, Python) since last five months. I am looking for a fellow hacker. Like most enterpreneurs, I have ideas. But I am more interested in listening to you and your ideas to find a common ground to dive into. Looking for a passionate,confident hacker of any race/gender/background. If you can slog for 15/16 hours a day, don't give up easily and are not emotional about situation/ideas...lets,Jaspindersingh83 at Github, Jaspinder Singh @ QuoraUSASan Francisco Bay AreaAny Industry
7/27/2010Exploring a new business/taste modifying product I have begun importing from Western Africa (THIS PROJECT IS RELATED BECAUSE IT INVOLVES THE SAME PRODUCT BUT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE POSTING ABOVE). The product is a fruit that has an immense amount of potential in either the healthy living, or pharmaceutical markets. My business experience is limited but I am a passionate driven entrepreneur looking to partner with someone who has experience with bringing a new product/business to market.An experienced driven entrepreneur looking to take on a new project full time involving bringing a new product to market. By using lean startup and Customer Development principles the goal is to identify the ideal market for the product, build the business around the market and the most efficient approach, and benefit/assist the farmers and communities in Western Africa who are providing us with the fruit.noah@taamiberry.comUSASan Francisco / S. Valleybeing a passionate and successful entrepreneur
Co-Founder Wish List Good