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'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASETIVA1.4.3In developmentalexustas
Mk1C ASET development thread
Advanced IVA for 'MK1 Cockpit' is a full set of instruments and indicators for your aircraft, made in the General Aviation style.
'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASETIVA1.4.3In developmentalexustas
Mk1LC ASET development thread
Advanced IVA for 'Mk1 Lander Can' is a full set of instruments for your spacecraft, inspired by the Golden Era of cosmonautics (1960-1970-ies).
'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASETIVA1.4.3In developmentalexustas
Mk12P ASET development thread
A brand new interior for the Mk1-2 Pod.
'Project Orion' Nuclear Pulse EngineDrives, Engines and Tanks1.3ReleasedRoverDudePO NPE release threadThis mod puts experimental nuclear drive concepts into the game. Includes a 5m USAF Orion as well as a 5m Medusa variant.
(Almost) Real Solar SystemAlternative Stellar Systems1.4.3ReleasedWillThe84thARSS release thread(Almost) Real Solar System is a kerbalized version of Real Solar System. It keeps the stock planets but changes them to be closer to the real solar system.
[x] Science!Science1.4.5 *Patch availableZ-Key Aerospace[x] Science! release threadAllows you to see the status of all science experiments available for each biome and to see the science status of all your vehicles.This mod is officially updated for KSP 1.4.5 but Flupster has released a patch for 1.5.1, see corresponding entry for download.
[x] Science! (Flupster patch)Science1.5.1Patch releasedFlupster[x] Science! p1.5.1 postAllows you to see the status of all science experiments available for each biome and to see the science status of all your vehicles.1.5.1 patch for the [x] Science! mod originally by Z-Key Aerospace.
10x Kerbol SystemAlternative Stellar Systems1.3.1 *Releasedjsimmons10KS release threadThe Kerbol system scaled ten times the size that stock presents.
1869 Steampunk ModGround and Naval Parts1.3ReleasedFengist1869SM release threadAre you a KSP fan and a Steampunk enthusiast? Then get this right now!
2001 Planet PackAlternative Stellar Systems1.3.1ReleasedEndIris2001PP release thread[Spoilers ahead] Transforms RSS' Jupiter into the Lucifer star following the events in the 2010: Odyssey Two novel.
4X Solar SystemAlternative Stellar Systems1.4.1ReleasedLuka 9994SS release thread If you think stock KSP is not hard enough and you want a bit more challenge for getting into orbit, 4X Solar System is the right mod for you.
6.4x Size 12.8x DistanceAlternative Stellar Systems1.3ReleasedDavis Meyer6S12D release threadA mod that increases the sizes of all bodies by 6.4 and the distances between them by 12.8.
64k OverhaulRealism1.2.2Releasedkerbinorbiter64kO release threadAn overhaul similar to the Realism Overhaul mod, but scaled for the 6.4x Kerbal system rescale.
AB Launchers
Replica Spacecraft and Launchers
1.3 *ReleasedhoojiwanaABL release threadThis is a modular part set for very heavy payloads, based on Energia and its prospective derivatives, using a 5m diameter core and 2.5m diameter boosters.Officially updated for 1.1, but has been reported to work with 1.2 and 1.3. A few tweaks might be needed, read the last pages of the release thread for more info.
Ablative-AirbrakeGeneral Parts1.4.1ReleasedSkalouAA release threadAn ablator coated airbrake for increased survivability during atmospheric reentries.
Ablator TankGeneral Parts1.3ReleasedKSP Bro AEAT release threadA simple mod to add the capability to store extra ablator (the stuff on the heat shields).
ABookCase Orbital Reference System UpdatedIn-flight Information1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerABCORSU release threadDisplays the altitude of any point of your orbit simply by hovering the mouse over it.
Ace's Galactic ExpansionAlternative Stellar Systems1.2.2ReleasedSolar RangerAGE release threadThis is an interstellar planet pack for KSP. An addon for the Ace's Stock System Overhaul by the same author.
Ace's Stock System OverhaulAlternative Stellar Systems1.2.2ReleasedSolar RangerASSO release threadA mod that modifies the Kerbal solar system.
Action Group Manager RenewedPart Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerAGMR release threadThis mod allows you to edit in almost any way you can think of your action groups in flight, and adds several features to better sort out/remember your action groups.XX
Action Groups ReExtendedPart Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerAGRE release threadIncreases the number of action groups available, enables you to edit them in flight in addition to more action group related stuff.
Activated SubassembliesGeneral Utility1.3ReleasedTaziusAS release threadAllows to spawn crafts for missions with their subassemblies activated in-game.
Active Cooling ContinuedPart Utility1.3.1ReleasedcaptinjoehenryACC release threadEver get tired of your spaceplanes burning up? Wish you could use your massive electric reserves to ablate that heat? Now you can!
Active Heat Management SystemGeneral Parts1.3.1 *ReleasedRandazzoAHMS release threadA pack of radiators to help with your cooling needs.Officially updated for KSP 1.2, but has been reported to work with 1.3.1.
Additional Progression ContractsCareer, Credits and Contracts1.3 *ReleasedtjsnhAPC release threadAdditional contracts added in to complement original stock contracts.Officially updated for KSP 1.2 but works in 1.3.
Adjustable Mod PanelGeneral Utility1.4.3ReleasedMorseAMP release threadThis mod allows you to pick which buttons on the mod panel you want to see. You can disable mods on different screens separately.
Advanced Fly-By-Wire Revived - AFBWGeneral Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerAFBW release threadThis mods improves handling of crafts using a controller, and makes keybinding easier.
Advanced Jet EngineRealism1.5.1ReleasedblowfishAJE release threadAdvanced Jet Engine gives jets, propellers, and rotors realistic performance in KSP. AJE calculates performance for air-breathing engines based on real thermodynamics.
Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendez-vousSpacecraft and Station Parts1.4.3In developmentalexustasALCOR release threadAdds a new modern orbital capsule fitted with advanced IVA.
AeroGUIIn-flight Information1.0.5Development haltedNathanKellAeroGUI release threadA small GUI that displays aero-related information.Implemented in stock KSP 1.1
After Kerbin Planet ModAlternative Stellar Systems1.4.2ReleasedGameslinxAKPM release threadAfter Kerbin is based on the stock solar system, but 4 billion years into the future, adding highly detailed and intuitive planets to your game.
AIES Antennas RebalanceGeneral Parts1.3.1ReleasedTK421dAIES AR release threadAntennas have been sorted into direct and relay categories. Each has been rebalanced to mimic a stock version.
Aircraft Carrier AccessoriesGround and Naval Parts1.5.1ReleasedflywlyxACA release threadAdds landing and takeoff systems to be used on aircraft carriers.
Airline KuisineLife Support and Health1.4.3ReleasedJadeOfMaarAK release threadThis mod adds in Mk2 and Mk3 life support parts for a few of the different life support mods.
AirPark ContinuedIn-flight Utility1.3ReleasedgomkerAPC release threadFreeze your vessel in atmospheric flight and resume it later.
Airplane PlusSpaceplanes and Aircraft Parts1.5.1 *Releasedblackheart612A+ release threadA wide range of new parts for aircraft enthusiasts.Officially updated for KSP 1.4.5 but work in 1.5.1.
Airports & Fictional KSCPlanetary Structures1.3.1ReleasedOselA&FKSC release threadThis mod adds several real world airports to your RSS games.
AJE Extended ConfigsDrives, Engines and TanksAnyReleasedCitizen247AJEEC release threadThis mod adds extended support for AJE to other mods and also adds a number of engines not represented in existing configs.
Alcentar Ind. - Vostok, Sputnik
Replica Spacecraft and Launchers
1.2.2ReleasedAlcentarAI release threadThis is replica part mod for the R-7 rocket, Vostok spacecraft and Sputnik probe.
Alcentar Rescue SystemThemed Multi-Parts Pack1.3ReleasedAlcentarARS release threadAdds various parts designed to make your reentries and landings easier.
Alchemy TechnologiesThemed Multi-Parts Pack1.2ReleasedkyklopAT release threadThis is a multi parts pack of various sized tanks, engines, nuclear reactors, and more.
Alcubierre Warp DriveDrives, Engines and Tanks1.4.1ReleasedRoverDudeAWD release threadAdds a new warp drive to allow you to travel faster than light when used correctly. Useful for mods expanding the Kerbol system.
Algae Fuel Synth PackBases and Resources1.3ReleasedLt VaxAFSP release threadYou can now use mulch and sunlight to produce algae, algae to make sugar then sugar to make fuel.
Alien Space Programs Re-VisitedPlanetary Structures1.5.1ReleasedGordon FecykASPR release threadTake KSC And Push It Somewhere Else! (Duna, Laythe, or Eve).
All Y'All ContinuedPart Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerAYA release threadAllows to extend/retract/activate several parts (eg: panels) by clicking a single button.
Almost Free Launch ClampsPart Utility1.4.2ReleasedGalileoAFLC release threadReduces the cost and mass of launch clamps to almost zero so that they don't become a limiting factor in early career.
AlphaMensae's Saturn Mobile Launcher StandaloneReplica Parts1.3.1ReleasedAlphaMensaeSMLS release threadThis is a standalone version of the Saturn Mobile Launcher from from the Simple Overhaul Project, configured to work with the default Saturn/Sarnus 5 from the Bluedog Design Bureau mod.
AlphaMensae's Simple Overhaul Project
Replica Spacecraft and Launchers
1.3.1In developmentAlphaMensaeSOP development threadA project to remake the rocket and spacecraft side of KSP to use real-life rockets, spacecraft and probes along with elements of realism but without all the massive complexity of Realism Overhaul.
Alshain's ModletsGeneral Utility1.4.2 *ReleasedAlshainAM release threadA handful of small mods that change light colors, tweakable settings and electric charge for light use.Officially updated for KSP 1.3 but has been reported to work with 1.4.2.
Alternis Kerbol RekerjiggeredAlternative Stellar Systems1.4.3ReleasedGregroxMunAKR release threadPretty much changes everything in the Kerbol system expect the names, expect to be lost at first.
AltFundingCareer, Credits and Contracts1.2Releasednathan1AF release threadAltFunding provides an alternative approach to funding your KSP career-mode playthrough: configurable, regularly-occurring payments.
Amazing Curve EditorModding Tools1.2.2ReleasedsarbianACE release threadThis mod allows you to edit and see the shape of a KSP FloatCurve and copy the config to your cfg. Only useful to modders and those who edit cfg files.
Ambient Light AdjustmentAudio and Video1.3Releasedtimmers_ukALA release threadAdds a slider to modify the luminosity of the game at night. Useful for video-makers/streamers tired of filming a black screen half of the time.
AmpYear Main & Reserve Power ManagerPart Utility1.5.1ReleasedJPLRepoAYMRPM release threadAllows advanced control of your EC generation, storage and use.
Analog Control ContinuedIn-flight Utility1.5.1ReleasedSerACC release threadThis mod enables mouse controlled flight in KSP, i.e you can use your mouse as a joystick.
Anatid Robotics / MuMech - MechJebAutopilot1.5.1ReleasedsarbianMJ release threadOffers multiple readouts displaying data in flight and in the editor, as well as an autopilot for various maneuvers.
Andromeda Visuals: DaydreamVisual Enhancements1.3UnavailableMatchlightAV:D release threadThis mod adds High-Res clouds and surface textures to the stock KSP system.Download links removed from the KSP Forums due to licence violations, they probably can still be found on 3rd party mod hosts.
Animated DecouplersFramework1.5.1ReleasedStarwasterAD release threadThis plugin allows for decouplers to animate when decoupling, or to animate before decoupling.
Animated Station ScreensAudio and Video1.4.3 *ReleasedEnceosASS release threadThis adds a neat eye candy animation when you arrive at your station. Originally inspired by and made for the mod Kerbal Kommander.Officially updated for 1.2.2 but has been reported to work with 1.4.3.
AnimatedAttachmentFramework1.4.4ReleasedKattenAA release threadThis mod adds a PartModule with the goal to enable generic animations to move sub parts. For modders and players to use instead of the more advanced robotics mods out there.
Antares & Cygnus - Joint Project
Replica Spacecraft and Launchers
1.3ReleasedraidernickAC-JP release threadThis mod adds in the Cygnus and Cygnus Extended space vehicles and the Antares Launch System.
Antares Solar SystemAlternative Stellar Systems1.2.2Development haltedelectricpantsASS release threadThis planet pack adds 1 red giant star, 2 other stars, 4 planets, 2 moons, and 2 asteroids.
Antenna HelperGeneral Utility1.5.1ReleasedLi0nAH release threadt will show you the antenna capability of your active vessel in flight, in the editor and of all vessels in the tracking station.XXX
Antenna Power SaverPart Utility1.4.2ReleasedrsparkycAPS release threadEver wish you could shutdown your antenna while your batteries recharge, and have it activate when they're replenished? Wish no longer!
AntennaSleepPart Utility1.5.1ReleasedSnarkAS release threadThis mod adds a "Snooze" button for deployable antennas so they don't get destroyed during reentry.
AnyRes ContinuedGeneral Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerARC release threadIt allows you to quickly and easily change the screen resolution and switch between fullscreen and windowed. You can use any resolution imaginable as long as it is a positive number.
AoA TechnologiesSpaceplanes and Aircraft Parts1.4In developmentWolfair corp.AoAT release threadThis mod adds in several new cockpits, nose drones and engines for your aircraft needs.
Araym's Stockalike Advanced SuitsCrew Utility1.3.1ReleasedAraymASAS release threadA set of new textures for Kerbals suits to use with TextureReplacer.
Arduino based physical displayExternal Software1.4.3 *In developmentzitronenABPD release threadThis is useful software and information for Arduino physical display's for launching your Kerbals.Officially updated for 1.3 but has been reported to work with 1.4.3.
ArkasAdditional Planets1.2.1In developmentThe White GuardianArkas development threadThis Mod adds a single planet to the Kerbol system between the orbits of Moho and Eve.
AsclepiusAdditional Planets1.5.1ReleasedMrChumleyAsclepius release threadAsclepius is a small, sandy, and fissured world, possessing a very thin oxygen atmosphere that only gets thick enough for planes to fly deep in the canyons.
ASET Avionics PackFramework1.4.3In developmentalexustasASET AP development threadThis pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft, this pack adds a lot of classic analog props for the planes.
ASET Props PackFramework1.4.3In developmentalexustasASET PP development threadThis pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft with set of almost 600 different devices and decoration elements for creation of interiors of space ships.
Aset's Deployable Light GlobeGeneral Parts1.4.2ReleasedBurning KanADLG release threadAn EVA-deployable light globe to illuminate your various bases or landing sites.
ASET/RPM for Falcon CockpitIVA1.3ReleasedSkyKaptnA/RFC release threadASET/RPM IVA for the Falcon cockpit from the Airplane Plus mod.
Ashark's IndustriesGeneral Parts1.4.4ReleasedhoraceAI release threadA few parts including a drone core and an efficient turboramjet engine.
AssemblyReloaderModding Tools1.3In developmentxEvilReeperxAR development threadIt'd be pretty neato if you could just press a button and see your current version running in a few seconds, wouldn't it?
Asteroid Expansion PackageAdditional Planets1.3.1ReleasedFoxtrotUniformAEP release threadThis mod adds a few small rocks similar to Gilly, Bop and Minmus (though a bit smaller) all around the solar system, as well as comets.
Asteroid Recycling TechnologiesBases and Resources1.4.1ReleasedRoverDudeART release threadAllows you to dig the insides of asteroids to change them into storage tanks.
AstrogatorGeneral Utility1.5ReleasedHebaruSanAstrogator release threadAdds a small window containing information on the next transfers to every planet of the system.XXX
Astronomer's Visual PackVisual Enhancements1.5.1Releasedthemaster401AVP release threadA repackaging of the famous Astronomer's Visual Pack, enhancing the atmospheres of all the planets of the stock system.
AtmosphereAutopilotAutopilot1.5.1ReleasedBoris-BarborisAA release threadA autopilot in development that adds in fly-by-wire, mouse control and cruise control, maintaining level flight.
Atomic AgeDrives, Engines and Tanks1.0.5 +Development paused, patch availablePorkjetAA release threadMore nuclear rockets for various purposes! Additional radiators included!The mod is officially updated for 1.0.5, but Deimos Rast has recompiled it for 1.2, see the corresponding entry for download. linuxgurugamer has included this mod in his SpaceTux Industries Recycled Parts mod for KSP 1.4.3.
Atomic Age (1.2 patch)Drives, Engines and Tanks1.2 +Patch releasedDeimos RastAA p1.2 postMore nuclear rockets for various purposes! Additional radiators included!Unofficial 1.2 patch for the Atomic Age mod originally by Porkjet. linuxgurugamer has included this mod in his SpaceTux Industries Recycled Parts mod for KSP 1.4.3.
Audio Muffler ReduxAudio and Video1.5.1ReleasedSerAMR release threadThis mods purpose is to make game sounds feel more realistic by muffling them as the air around your vessel gets less dense.
Augmented Reality Docking RevivedIn-flight Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerARDR release threadAdd this part to project an arrow from your ship to the targeted docking port.
Auto ActionsAutopilot1.5.1ReleasedTeilnehmerAA release threadAllows you to activate a set of action groups automatically when launching.XXXX
AutoAsparagusVAB/SPH1.5.1Releasedhab136AA release threadAutomatically handles fuel lines, decouplers and staging for easier asparagus staging building.
Automated Aerial Refueling System ContinuedBases and Resources1.5.1ReleasedflywlyxAARSC release threadThis mod has plugins that can allow users to automatically connect two aircraft in the atmosphere for refueling and you only need to click one button!
Automated Screenshots (and Saves)In-flight Utility1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerAS release threadHave you ever wished you had a screenshot of a scene? Would you like to have a whole series of screenshots of a mission? Also does automated saves!
Automated Static File LocalizerModding Tools1.3ReleasedNils277ASFL release threadThis mod intends to automate the localization of static files for KSP like textures and KSPedia pages.
AutomatedScienceSamplerScience1.4.3ReleasedSpaceTigerASS release threadThis plugin lets your onboard science instruments automatically collect science for you.
Automatic Abort SystemIn-flight Utility1.2ReleasedJoePatrick1AAS release threadThis mod automatically triggers the 'abort' action group when certain customizable parameters are met during launch.
Aviation CockpitsSpaceplanes and Aircraft Parts1.4.3 *ReleasedMallikasAC release threadAdds in 8 different cockpits through the decades of flight.Officially updated for KSP 1.2.2 but has been reported to work with 1.4.3.
Aviation LightsSpaceplanes and Aircraft Parts1.5.1ReleasedMOARdVAL release threadAdds two types of airplane lights (navigation and warning lights) for a bit more realism to planes in KSP (or just to make them look cooler).
Aviator ArsenalWeapons1.2.2ReleasedtetrydsAA release threadAviator Arsenal is a pack of weapons that contains the most famous World War 2 aircraft weaponry.
Azerite SystemsThemed Multi-Parts Pack1.4.5ReleasedLilithviaAS release threadThis mod aims to bring elements from the Warcraft franchise to KSP. Planets, systems, resources and so on.
B.DynamicsThemed Multi-Parts Pack1.5.1ReleasedlinuxgurugamerBD release threadA parts pack with retractable and vectored engines, as well as the Critter Crawler rover.
B5Fashion1.4.3ReleasedSpaceBirbB5 release threadFalcon 9 Block 5 textures for the SpaceX Launchers Pack mod.