Copy of Teacher Report Card - Stevens (Responses)
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Timestamp...respects each student...speaks clearly.... uses language that we can understand.... tries to see the student's point of view.... does a good job of treating all students the same.... explains topics clearly.... provides time for review of material.... shows interest in students' lives.... makes me feel important.... tells us our learning goals.... has a great sense of humor.... seems to enjoy teaching.... keeps the class under control without being too tough.... gives fair punishments.... treats me as an individual.... tries new teaching methods.... gives good, fair assignments.... dresses professionally....leads good class discussions....has a good pace (not too fast or too slow)....answers questions completely....praises good work....listens to our ideas....grades fairly....has interesting lessons....encourages different opinions....encourages me to be enough time for tests that reflect the material in the unit.Sometimes, Mr. Stevens __________, but not always.Sometimes, Mr. Stevens lets the class __________, but not always.What do you like BEST about the class?How can the class be improved?Do you think the class is fair?Your friend tells you that they have Mr. Stevens next year. What do you tell them?What are you doing this summer?What's a good name for a Sierpinski Triangle?How many earrings should I get this summer?Anything else you want to tell me?
6/7/2013 11:10:3855555555555555555555555555555Is picky TalkWhat I like the best about the class is that It's so organized and advanced and we all come together to be better.The class can be improved by using time a little bit more wisely Yes I think the class is fair.
Everyone gets treated the same and gets help if needed.
I would be Jealous .
Jealous because Mr.stevens is simply the best teacher !
I'm working out this summer.A good name for a Sterpinski triangle is "The Torture Triangle" AKA "TTT".I don't know how to answer this question.I just wanna tell you that you've been such a great teacher and I'm going to miss you so so much!
I hope you have a great time wherever you're moving too at your new job!
Your kids are so adorable and your wife is a joy! Don't change Mr. Stevens, because you're already the best you can be! Ill never forget a great teacher like you!
6/7/2013 11:42:1645534543354433235244532434544Gives good explanation
6/7/2013 11:43:2755555555555555555555555555555So
6/7/2013 11:43:5555455544443544555455555534444Is coolKick backI like the fact that we can chew gum as long as we don't get caught.We can have more fun lessons.I do because he hears both stories on something.I would tell them that his class is fun and that you get to have more fun in his class than in any other .Im going to many parties and throwing one and having a blast.The stressed98You should have the engineering class make and race cars.
6/7/2013 11:48:0155555555554555454545555455555Is funnyMess aroundThe unique subject we do everyday.NothingYes you give us extra time and help us when we need it.YeahNothingRage triangle 116Your cool
6/7/2013 11:50:3155555555555555555555555555555kind of meanteach themselvesWe can talk if we're on task.By kicking out annoying kids.This class is fair because he treats us fair.Be careful.A lot of things.The Sierpinki Triangle0Nope
6/7/2013 11:50:3355544343455545433554455554544Can be meanGo outsideHonesty the projects It could be more longerYes because he answers everyone's questionsThat that's a cool classGo to the beach with my familyI don't know ?42 cxMr.stevens you were a great teacher and honestly I'm going to miss you have a great time at RMHS the students will love you
6/7/2013 11:52:4825122542122551252542455335234UnfairHave funAll the projects we doTreat student the sameSometimeThat's niceVacationMany triangle in one 2E+50Have a great class next year
6/7/2013 11:53:2243424554554545454554444355535Helps usTalk loudWhat I like best of class is we talk like a team and I like building. Mr.stevens is a fun teacher sometimes I treat like a friend not like a teacher This class can be I proved if we had more activities and field trips This clad is fair because we all do the same no one is left behind unless they do something badI would tell them you are lukry becaus you have the best teacher in the disrict I'm going to go on a week vacation to sanfrancisco and I am goings to knots berry farm so many time and I'm Aldo going to knots soak cityI DON'T KNOW5I want to tell you that you are the best teacherive ever had I wish I can see you agin
6/7/2013 11:54:2053435353435554535445555433543FunnyTalk and play aroundThe best that I like of these class is that we do really fun projects and we get to know each otherI think that it doesn't have to improve because its really fun how it is.Yes I think that the class is fair because mr. Stevens try his best to treat every one equality.I will tell them that mr. Stevens it's really nice and fun I also will tell them that his class is really fun.In summer I gonna go to mexico to visit my family.Trianglular dimensions 0I dont have any thing else to said.
6/7/2013 11:54:4754354455443444524545255445545Mess upGoof off and have some funWe get to freely do our projects and its up to your determination to finish is still so far the. Best teacher I have ever hadGet a bigger room because there's almost no space for most projects we do.Because mr Stevens jugdes us by how hard we work and how neatly our work is doneTo make sure that you stay on the best behavior you can so that way you can have all the fun you want and still get the best education.I'm goin back home to Texas and see my family. And go on a trip to see all my other family members.
Triangular dimension1Your a very good teacher and I wish you could go to cathedral city high school next year and I will definitely miss you.
6/7/2013 11:54:5345534543354433235244532434544Gives good explanationTalk and have funI like the class because the projects we do is really fun.It can be improved by having more time on the projects that we do.Yes it is fair because we do projects that fairly easy and great to do.That he is a really great teacher and that his class is really fun but not to talk a lot or else he will get mad.This summer,I am planning to go to the beach with my family,and go to knots berry farm.
I don't knowI don't know how muchI hope you have a great time at the new school and make some other students happy,I wish you luck and have a great experience at the math class that you would have.
6/7/2013 11:54:5355455434545455543543454534544Lets us fool aroundJust hang outI like how you like to have fun and has a great sense of humorHave fun projects like the battle bots more oftenIt is fair because you don't seem like u ave any "Favorites"I would tell them that Stevens is a fun teachers and is one of the best I've had in a whileI am going to visit my family I haven't meet before this summerThe Stress out5
6/7/2013 11:56:1155345443355535355344555355333Lets us stay in so we can finish our projectPlay on games when were finished with an assignmentWhat I really like the most was battle botsWe can choose partners for engineering instead of random peopleYes because he tells us what to do and what not to doGood for youGoing to MexicoLink lined triangleNoneNo
6/7/2013 11:56:4055555543244553143544533433555SarcasticHang outWhat I like best about this class is that everything's is fair for each and everyone of the students no matter who you are.What I would tell them is that Mr.Stevens is a funny person that has a good sense of humor.I plan on not doing anything much this summerThe jerky triangleNoneYou are a funny type of person that takes things still serious without joking.
6/7/2013 11:57:1655555555555555555555555555555The freedomYesHardNone If your not first your last -Jarrod Coburn
6/7/2013 11:57:4255555555555555555555555555555Is a little mean Get off taskThe thing I like best about his class is that he makes difficult things easy.I don't think it gets any better than Mr.Stevens.Yes the class is fair but if you don't participate in it don't expect it to be a fair class room He's a great teacher he is very outgoing just make sure you do your work and your on his good side. I can tell you that if your failing he will try his very best to help you until he realizes you don't care anymore This summer I'm gonna work on football and basketball and getting a good body. I'm also going to reflect on how I could of done better as a student and change how I am in high school.Patience 2I really want to thank you for keeping me in your class and pushing me to greatness. You have had an huge impact on my life and I thank you for that.
6/7/2013 11:58:1455544344555544555554555555554Could be meanDo what they want for their projects All the project and mr.stevens cause he is really funny and makes everything funIt could be longerYes I think this class is funI would tell them that mr.stevens class is really fun and that mr.steven is the coolest teacher they will ever haveGo to Hawaii for a monthI don't know4I'll miss you next year and that you are the coolest teacher ever and i hope you have a great time at your new school ill miss you mr.stevens your the coolest teacher I will ever have
6/7/2013 11:59:3854555455555555554545555445555Plays volleyball during lunch with students Use their phones for non-educational purposesI like when we would learn new things and they weren't extremely boring or too hard to do. I don't know how the class could be made any better. Yes I think the class is fair because mr Stevens doesn't really play favoritism with anyone. I would tell them to be excited because even if you don't like math you'll still enjoy his class because he's pretty awesome. All I'm doing is going to knotts soak city and the iceskating rink every week. The Triangle of DeathNONENo
6/7/2013 12:01:1555324554334545435534433434554Scars me Have free time The fact that Mr. Stevens gives us the trust and ability to be creative. I do not like to tell people how to do they' re job , so i'm going to leave that for him to figure out. But I think you've done a good job.Yes I tell them that Mr. Stevens is not going to be here , or that he's a good teacher , and your lucky to have him.I truly and honestly don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?It's name Nun?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No
6/7/2013 12:01:3155545555455555555554555554555Like to have fun and do a lot of new things Joke and get off topick and have fun What's like best about this class is that it is all was fair and funI do not think the class has to be improved Yes because every one does the same thing and we all get alongThat mr. Stevens is the best he all ways jokes and you will have the best time in class I will do my best at foot ball practice The beast None Thank you for being the BEST teacher in the world MR.STEVENS you are asome
6/7/2013 12:03:1255554553555555555555555555555Puts himself in our shoesCome into groupsIt's fun in many waysIt's good the way it is.Yes.Don't disrespect him unless you want to be treated the same.Going to visit family in LA and Mexico and going to road trips.Multiplication triangleNoneHave a great summer and hope you the best at your new job
6/7/2013 12:09:2555555554454545455555545555455YellsHe teaches people with the attitude that he cares. He cares about people's goals, and not gust himself.
There is no way this class can be improved becouse thi class is already educational, and fun!Yes becouse he cares about everybody's opinions not gust one person.I would say that he is lucky becouse he is a fun educating teacher.Not that much gust going over to my friends house alot over the summer, and go to knots soak city.Complicated triangleMake the 2014 Guinness world records I hope you have a good time over the summer, and you better visit us .Have a good time at your new job.
6/7/2013 12:18:1554534554453445454455454554344HelpBe loudI get to work on something great.By add ing pictures to the wall.It's fair because everyone is working on something.Good luck and don't get kicked out.What i always do in summer, go to the knots soak city.SierangleNone.Well good luck.
6/7/2013 12:20:2955434544455545144555444554544Goofs of with us Goof around a littleWhat I like best about class is that we could move around and we do what we have to do and the perfect time to do it.The class can improve by Mr.Stevens letting us chose what assignment e want to do some of the times.I think the class is fair the reason why is because we all have lots of fun and we get rewards if we are doing good in class.I will tell them that he is a good teacher and he will not regret having Mr.Stevens for their teacher.I am probably going to San Francisco.Perfect triangles2No that is all
6/7/2013 12:20:3334534542242554344545445443442YellsBe loud The thing I like best about the Algebra class is the BYOD network. In engineering, my favorite things were the projects during the class.The class could be improved by organizing the notebooks and the classroom a bit more better.Yes it is fair.I would sincerely tell them that there in for a big challenge.I don't know what I will be doing this summer.The rage shapeMore than the world's record.Nope.
6/7/2013 13:18:2054555434445354555454334445545....
6/7/2013 13:21:2355544444345554344444444543354is wackbe wack that I can listen to music doesn't need to be improved very fair to not be an idiot and pull the fire alarmnothing ):Sierpinski triangleone for each day ! :)hello mr.stevens ................... goodbye mr.stevens :D
6/7/2013 13:23:0055444554355555544555554555554funnytalkwhat I like is using the IPAD's because there really fun to use.Doesn't need to be improvedYeahI would tell them Oh my god really well your gonna love being in his classroom because he's really funny and awesome.What Im doing this summer is going to the beach I guess and I don't know what else.I dont Know4Have an Awesome Summer!!(:
6/7/2013 13:24:2655555544455555335545444554553Is funny xDHave FunI like Yes because He's a cool teacherI'm gonna go to the beach, Disney land, u
6/7/2013 13:25:2454555434445354555454334445545...?Mess aroundThe simplicity of it.The class seems fine.Yes, considering the number.Oh, cool. He's awesome.... Nothing... Just, um, staying home and stuff...Triangle of The EVILThree.... Yeah, um, make sure to clean them (the earrings) you don't want the getting infected. Trust me, personal experience.
6/7/2013 13:27:49555354444444555345454544455Is funny ... TalkThat we can SOMETIMES move around and talk. Mr.stevens does do a good job teaching the class. (: even though we did nothing but ALEKS. The class is fair . It's fair because mr. Stevens treats you how you treat him so it always fair . That he is a good teacher.(: This summer I will be going swimming, hanging out with my friends and way more fun stuff. Duhh .. Sierpinski ..! 175 and size double 0 GageNope..
6/7/2013 13:28:39555354444444555345454544455Is funny ... TalkThat we can SOMETIMES move around and talk. Mr.stevens does do a good job teaching the class. (: even though we did nothing but ALEKS. The class is fair . It's fair because mr. Stevens treats you how you treat him so it always fair . That he is a good teacher.(: This summer I will be going swimming, hanging out with my friends and way more fun stuff. Duhh .. Sierpinski ..! NONE ! Nope..
6/7/2013 13:30:5655555544455555335545444554553Is funny xDHave FunI like how easy it isBy kicking the bad kids out Yes because it is easyHe's a cool teacherI'm gonna go to the beachBob0 and a half Nothing
6/7/2013 13:31:4355544543323434344343334454343yellstalkthat we can use electronics & listen to music.nothingyes because every one is treated the samethat your the coolest teacher?noneno
6/7/2013 13:31:5355535543345453145355543534435Is funny TalkThe best thing I like about the class is we use I pads
I don't know how the class can be in improveThe class is fair because he's fair He's a great guyGo to sok city None You are a great treacher and don't for get your 2013 class's
6/7/2013 13:34:2035443541314455435545535534553NiceListen to musicThe best thing about this class is that you could play with iPads and listen to music.Mrs.stevens is a great teacher

It is fear because we do The same thing That he is a cool teacher but sometimes he can be mean when you don't pay attention and that he lets us use iPads and listen to music and be in the computer. This summer I might go to Mexico with my family or I might just be with my friends .NoneNo
6/7/2013 13:37:3555455444455544445544545443445loves to do push ups when a student win in somethinglets the studends listen to music... ectwhat I like about this class is that he lets us listen to music and he is awesome and the best teacher EVER!!!it had nothing to improve because he is awesome and he knows what he is doing..yes because MR. Stevens treats every one the same and he is the best!!that he is awesome and that he lets you listen to music and the best of all teachers..I'm going to yellow stone, Las Vegas and probably go to Mexico and have fun and go to the beach a lot of times during summer.sierra triangelone on each ear you'll look sexytake care and have fun at your new school and enjoy life:)
6/7/2013 13:41:495444554344555555445544544555is funtalkwhat I like best about this class is that its really fun and we use computers and ipads and we don't have much homework.I don't think theres anything that has to be improved.I think the class I very fair everybody gets the same treatment. its very fair.that hes very fun and funny and to be good cuz he doesn't deserve being disrespected.This Summer Im Going To Go To Hang ot with friends and im planning to go to six flags.none!Nah!!!
6/7/2013 13:44:0555555443343455445554534443454Tell jockesListen to music but not alwaysI like best about the class is that we get to listen to pandora while doing workDoes not need to be improvedYesI should tell them that he is a cool teacherI am going to hang out with my friends0
6/7/2013 13:44:0754545445444555545445445554554Tells Jokes Talk For A While I Like The Best About The Class When We Use The IPads & The Computers.By Teaching Us Some More Methods.Yes Mr.Stevens Is A Very Good Teacher.Well I'm Going To Long Beach To Meet New People.7Not At This Time.
6/7/2013 13:44:5355535554444554444445445444454tells jokesI like about this is that we can listen to musicyes just go to the movies and the park2have a good winter
6/7/2013 14:38:5555555555555555555555555555555your try to b funny but not always loluse our phon out and play games The thing I I liked best is that you have vocabulary words all around and that you make thing turn into algebra thingsYou could improve the class by helping us more Yes I think it's fair because you let's us sit where every we want and some of us to our work I tell them oh great your going to have so much fun in is class he such a cool guy but when you don't follow the rules or give him attitude then yeah he yells at you then he get happy he like bipolar lolThis summer I might go to Mexico clean my casa or go to the beach and visit my dad's side of the familymessy trianglenoneI just want to tell you have a great like Mr Stevens we will still have contact with each other I will miss you plus daisy an my mom well yeah bye Mr Stevens sad face :(
6/7/2013 15:28:5155545535545555553554455545545Gives rediculous assignments (triangle)Goof offBeing able to use our devicesMore interesting way of teaching besides writing on the bored/projector Yes very fair, just not the triangle project That he's an awesome teacher NOTHING Torture 0Thank you for being an awesome teacher , I learned a lot in your class and hope to stay in touch . #countrymusicisawesome #lukebryan #HannahsHappyDanceIsTheBest
6/7/2013 17:22:4735552533255555543534525543535gives us assignments that are too hardhave some fun free timeI liked how all the lessons we learned were taught to us in simple terms, but it didn't sound like he was teaching pre-school. He treated us like young men and women.There's not enough time for some kids who don't understand the assignments. This class is fair because we do tests and stuff when we are ready for them. Good luck.Sleeping.WasteofpaperanglePlease, none!Try not to have favorites next year. It made so many of us feel unimportant.
6/7/2013 17:51:5655544545545544534544544444544favors the GATE goofy The thing I liked best about taking this class this year, was your ability to inspire your students.You made me feel like I accomplished something this year!I think this class is great the way it is! (:Yes. I think this class was very fair for a variety of reasons. One reason is because you made each one of us feel important.I tell them that they're very lucky & to have fun but also to take it seriously and do their best!sleeping & wishing i was at the beach lolthe SIRpenski Triangle 76 lolI want to thank you for the amazing 10 months of 1 hour a day in your class. You truly inspire me, Mr.Stevens! I hope to have more teachers like you through out High School. I can honestly say that you've been the best teacher I've ever had! You have taught me so much this year, not only in algebra, but in life! Im sad that you're moving away but i wish you the best! Life goes on.. goodbye 8th grade!
#sorrynotsorry lol (:
6/7/2013 21:13:545552445342453455555545245455Sometimes, Mr. Stevens treats other students better than others but not always. Sometimes, Mr. Stevens lets the class work with who they want but not always. I like that we learned in this class and got all of our work done that we needed to. This class can be improved by treating every student equally and not having favorites. This class is fair because you lean everything you need to. However, with treating students it is not. Some are left out while some are absolute favorites and get good grades just handed to them. I tell them it's not a very easy class you have to work hard to pass it and he is very good at explaining material and tries to help if you don't understand things. This summer I am doing various activities. Exactly what it's called. The Sierpinksi traingle. However many you want. Nope. Not a word.
6/8/2013 0:32:4343534454425555535554344545555gives out extra creditpick partnersBeing with my friends learning Algebra together.I don't think it can.Yes, because he distributes relevant work to us."Oh I like him! He's a good teacher"Going to Europe on a cruise!Fred7Who are you?
6/8/2013 9:15:1855545444344545545544455544445funnysocializeI think the best part about class is that we could use our devices in class.I think the class can be improved by I think the class is fair because we have decent due dates and we have a decent amount of homework every week.Mr. Stevens is a pretty chill teacher, but watch out for Sierpinski's Triangle next year bro, it'll give you a headache.Over the summer I will mostly be playing my Xbox 360 and I will also be going to football and basketball practice in CCHS.Precision Master2I like food.
6/8/2013 11:42:5555555555544444445454544makes me laughplay aroundI love the class it was so fun and interesting. Algebra actually was fun i thought i would be super duper hard but you made it easier to understand. I think the class is the best it can be except for a couple of kids always talking.Yeah, the class is pretty fair. I would say oh he's a good teacher the class will be fun! He is really easy to talk to.To be honest i don't know yet. Mabye go camping, hang out with friends, go to the beach, go shopping etc.ugh The Trouble MakerNoneHope you have fun in Los Angeles. Kids there are REALLY different so watch out trust me hopefully you get nice kids like us.
6/8/2013 11:45:3155455554555555555554545555545Puts on pandora Have group projectsHow we can ask questions and not get in trouble if we don't understand the topic If we have one partner and we can use there help if we need itYes , you give us enough time and explain topics perfectly , and you make them understandableOmg ! You're so lucky ! He is like , amazing ! He is funny to , and competitive !Staying home , volleyball rehearsals .Ain't nobody got time for that triangle .24Bring us food , and Stevens you are one of the BEST 8th grade teachers ! No lie . In going to miss you and you being sarcastic ! And don't think I didn't care because I put a lot of 5 .. Your earned them Stevens .. And I ate an extra bowling awesomeness !
6/8/2013 14:19:0145553555445555555555455555554has an attitude talkI like the fact that we get to do a lot of group projects with whoever we choose and that every lesson we learned , we learned it in a different way than the previous one .I'm not sure how it can be improved . Its like my favorite class and I like it how it is . Except....maybe not having to do the serpenski triangle !Sometimes class isn't fair because you have favorites and Treat them better .I would tell them that they will love the class and have ssoooooooo much fun & that Mr.Stevens is like one of the best teachers evar & that they will get to do a lot of fun projects .....except the serpenski triangle -.- !I'm going to cheer camp ! And getting season passes to soak city aannddd just going to cheer practice . Oh , and going to universal studios for the second time in like evar
the demonic triangle T_Tearrings ? ._. have your ears peirced ? o-o . well...get four for your eyebrows , one for your lip & ten for your ears ...then tell me what your new students think (xEeehhhh , whhhyy aaree yoouuu mmoovviinngg ! Now I can't come back and visit V.V dream crusher Stevens T_T I'm jkai xD . Byyee ! Good luck teaching where ever your going to teach ! *cough*Even though they won't be half as cool as we are*cough*
6/8/2013 14:28:3655445545443455534433345534355is weird in a good waygoof aroundI mostly like how we get these group projects that help more students become friends and get along.The class doesn't have to be improved.I think the class is fair because mr.Stevens makes it as fun as possible but we still learn.Get ready for a world of fun learning. Literally.I'm going to Mexico by myself as a surprise for my cousin and then coming back in July for my father's birthday and my birthday and then marching band camp and unities.Torture Triangle...earrings???? 6 hahaThe school year still isnt over but I hope you have a great time at the new school you're going to go teach at. We are all going to miss you very much. Obviously You're the best teacher we have ever had. To the others I know it'll be the same.
6/8/2013 17:51:0454543543445544345545554554555Can be fun in class and not be seriousTalk with friends and be off topicI like how Mr.Stevens does his best to improve everything. He likes to be perfect and make his students happy. He's a really cool teacher to have. His class was a great experience. Hopefully his next students love him as much as we do.I think that if he has 2 classes of geometry next year but different periods and he makes a club , he needs to pay attention to the other people in the club not just a group of certain people. I think that's something he can improve.I have to say sometimes , because he pays a bit more attention to certain people instead of the people that need some attention. Other than that his class is really fair.That he is the best teacher ever!!! He will teach very well and that he'll make learning so much fun. You will actually want to wake up just to see a teacher every morning like him. He'll listen to you if you have any problems . He's a teacher that will put a smile on your face. You'll love him by the end of the year.<3This summer I might be going to Texas to visit family and go to places likes theme parks and finally sleep and eat .The Stevens challenge ?1I hope you have an awesome experience over there. I know they'll like you. You're the best teacher ever. I hope one day we meet again in the future. Take care over there (:
6/8/2013 19:06:2755554434435554554543334335544Talks to muchgo off topicI think my favorite part was learning to do projects/ learn on the devices. It made the class a lot more interesting and fun.I think the class can be improved by doing more hands on activities and group projects to get kids motivated.Yes I think it challenged every student in a different way and gave us a different look on math in general.Mr. Stevens is going to be your favorite teacher. Maybe not the first couple weeks but eventually he will. He's super fun, chill and is an amazing teacher.I am dancing, going to dance camps, doing ASB training for RMHS, going to Oregon, going to the river and beach and sleeping.Mr. I think I'm going to be the hardest most stressful thing this month triangle!None!I'm going to miss you so much next year you have no idea! I planned on coming an visiting you next year and no we can't because you will be to far. but as soon as I get my license I am going to take a road trip there and come visit and meet your new group of students that will never be as fun or good as us.
6/8/2013 19:30:3034343453354453353543445343555Confuses me by the explanations he gives. He also gives hard assignments that seriously are stressful. Overall, there is always a reason why he gives it to us. It might be a helpful tip or lesson for the future. Lets the class ask questions about something they don't understand. He also lets the class work together with other classmates to give each other help or compare and contrast each other's answers on a warm up problem. The best thing that I like about the class are the challenges given to us. I might achieve it or not. This actually helps me realize what I need work on and what I already know. I also like how our teacher sometimes let's us make up the work that we did bad on or didn't do. I also like how he puts the lessons on Edmodo and we have to complete the form. This is way easier because than if I didn't understand it, I can go the following day and ask him to reteach the part I got confused at. It also makes my life way easier because I am really blind which means I can't see the board. So I can actually learn better and see what he wrote closer by the video lessons. Plus, it's better because than I don't have to go home with homework on the lesson I couldn't see on the board. I think the class can be improved by making sure the people who didn't do so well on a test actually understand why and how to get the correct answer. I would score low on a test and we would go over it but I still wouldn't understand. For example, I would then try to get the correct answer on my own but I would get confused on a step or get a different answer.Well, I think the class is sort of fair. I mean of course teachers are going to favour students who they think are the smartest,coolest, or funniest. Mr.Stevens is strict but funny too. He gives hard assignments that are really stressful, but there is sometimes a point to it. He sometimes loses his temper if you try to be a smart mouth, so don't try any funny business. I'm probably going to be going to knot soak city since I have a season pass. I'm also going to go places with my friends. I am going to volunteer to help my little brother's class in Elementary school with my friend. I am also going to visit my dad. I don't really plan what to do on vacation, it just happens like waking up just happens naturally. So I hope to make good memories on vacation with my family and friends.A good name for a Sierpinski Triangle is a complicated triangle because too many triangles with different sizes! It doesn't have a certain size. It also complicated my life.Don't get none. I don't like men with earrings, they don't look good. Unless your like Elton John, go right head.I hope everything goes great for you in Los Angeles. Although, When I was going to LA before New Year's Eve, there was so much traffic. If you live near the school than it won't be that bad, unless you live far, than you will need a lot of gas money. Thank you for having me in your class. I did enjoy alegebra but not always. It was sometimes difficult.
6/9/2013 7:27:1455455345535555544553455555545Gets upset with the class
6/9/2013 9:56:4555555555555555555555555555555Seems tired The best thing that I like about the class is, that everyone seems motivated to learn and listen to Mr.Stevens everyday, plus the BYOD network was super cool!I totally think that the class is fair, you treat and teach us great and on topmof all that, you listen to everyone's comments every single day.If one of my friends tells me that they have Mr.Stevens next year I would tell them to not worry because he is such a great teacher, to pay very close attention and to turn every thing in on time! Also, to be super patient and be mentally ready for the Sierpinski Triangle and that it would be an awesome enjoyable year.I am going to be at home practicing and memorizing my music for marching band for most of the summer. I am probably going to Mexico as well (not sure yet). I am also going to take a swimming class to learn how to swim. I'll probably have more upcoming things or events that I don't have planned.
6/9/2013 12:06:2055554554455555555554554555545Gives projects with little timeHave conversations about other thingsThe excitement Mr. Stevens has in teaching us something new! He cares so much for his students it's incredible! I can't think of anything because his class was amazing!It's fair because he treats everyone as an individual! He doesn't compare us to his other class! I would tell them that he's an amazing teacher! They'll learn everything they need to learn! He will make the class fun!I'm not sure yet. But probably leaving the desert for a month!
Perfection triangle! Or Death Triangle!As many as you want!I'm going to miss you Stevens! You are an amazing teacher! You are going to do great as a high school teacher!
6/9/2013 12:38:594332334534444434343435433445explains the material too fastredo homework and testWhat i like about it is that you try to make everyone understand the materialI think it can improve not giving different types of project in the same timeYes because if is a big project he gives alot of timeThat is gonna be fun but hard and to be ready to do really hard math problemsI am not sure it i might just go to the beach or somethinghardest triangle in the worldnoneThat it was a fun but difficult year
6/9/2013 12:44:45455444444555554354555554545can be a farttalk to friendsI like how Mr. Stevens is funny and we get to use technology.It can be improved by not doing the Sierpinski Triangle at all. It's fair because we get to have fun and learn at the same time.To be on his good side and to thank him for being awesome.I'm going to be lazy, read all my books, watch TV, and bother my mom and brothers.This is a hard triangle10I'm going to miss you very much, thank you for being a very a awesome teacher, and stay cool.
6/9/2013 13:41:0234532443344534434544443443444can be tough.Have some fun time.I liked that we got to do fun stuff every here and there.More fun projects & less tough work.Honestly, I would think not so much because specific people got to do stuff that other people couldn't do & that wasn't fair.I would tell them he is a good teacher , but they need to be good in that class.I am going to Six Flags & to stay at a hotel with my family The Difficult Triangle.None. Earrings are for girls.Not really. I'm done.
6/9/2013 16:39:3855544533255455455554535455555has a tendency to talk about social networksdiscuss daily activityI like the fact we can use the BYOD system.It shouldnt always be the same routine everyday.Yes, I do think it is fair because we all have a due dat and if the assignment isn't there then u have to go to manditorials.He is really fun but, do not make him mad.I dont know.The most difficult triangle you will ever draw.I dont know.No.
6/9/2013 19:21:0343344253342455554543344443445gives extra time to finish worklearn something newWhat i like the best about our class is the fact that i got to learn more than just algebra.The class can be improved by asking and over checking if some understands a topic.Yes i do because his rules are simple because all you need to do is be on task.I would tell them your gonna have a hard but fun year in his class.I am probably playing too much soccer and celebrating my birthday,and going to marching band sectionals.The Dito TriangleI think about none Nope all done.
6/9/2013 20:38:2855555543345555534555444534545Has swagWork in groupsMr Stevens Is funnyMore experienceYes you grade everyone the same wayHe's pretty cool.but a little boringFootball practiceHeart attack needs to be perfect triangle2have a swagger out summer
6/9/2013 20:46:1355554555544534553555555344545is clear in explainingchoose decisionsThe thing i liked about this class is that when we had troubles in a unit, Mr. Stevens would have enough time to review or understand the unit once again.I dont think the class needs to be improved. Most of our choices are done by us usually.I think this class is fair because we usually choose our decisions, like seat charts.Depending on how we understood a topic, we would be assigned homework, if we needed more practice, or the class was just being too loud or disrupted.I would tell my friends that Mr. Stevens can be always bee in a good mood, as long asa they don't get him mad. He likes you to be challenged, by assignments, or difficult projects, like the Sierpinski Triangle.Basically I can't travel out of the country, since i have vollyball practices. I'm still going to travel, just to different cities i haven't visted for a long timeThe Torture TriangleNot sureHopefully everything goes great at your new job!
6/9/2013 20:47:3055554554555545544554454544535gives homeworkuse technology in an educational mannerMy favorite activity of the class is being able to use devices as information bases. I also like that we can socialize during class as group work. it really helps us students get our work done.The class can't be improved because I think that the class is excellent. It is always fun to learn in that class. I like Mr.Stevens' way of teaching, and he has a good sense of humor too. Having a sense of humor makes the class fun and makes people more confident towards the teacher.I think the class is fair because the activities are fun, the assignments might be frustrating in class, but that's school life. I'll say that he is a fun teacher and according to my 9th grade friends, Mr. Stevens is the best algebra teacher in NNC. You will have fun in that class.In this summer, I am planning to go to Mexico to visit my grandparents and other family members. For about 2 months.Stress projectNONEWell, Mr. Stevens you are a good teacher, and you are also a fun teacher! Well, hope you have a good career. We can only hope the best for you and your family. Now that I think about it, you were my favorite teacher in my 3 years at NNC. Well, hope you have a nice life! And yes, I will eat my vegetables!
6/9/2013 21:05:1745544555454555555554555544555can be meantalk and be loudYour a great teacher and person , you make learning easier and don't move on unless someone knows the subject .Don't be toooo serious .Sometines you can singal someone out but rarely .That's great he's a amazing teacher take his class seriously .FOOTBALL PRACTICES .torchure1 on each ear ?Your a good teacher and friend . I liked having you this year and i wish you could teach again at cchs . Stay doing your thingas a teacher your great at it and keep in touch with us .
6/9/2013 21:21:4754435452455555445554454443554Goes to quick in lessonsTalk to muchI like that we can use our devices.Extend lessons of some materialYes because everyone gets the same respectYou'll have fun next year but it will be challenging Joining the high school soccer team and I be with friends Impossible triangle0
6/9/2013 21:56:1355554554545544533555545554553yellshave funI like that he keeps it interesting and fun. I also like how he lets us talk, but not to much.Nothing.Yes mainly because when someone gets in trouble, it was there faults for doing it.The Troublesome Triangle10No sir.
6/9/2013 22:26:115545455555545555554554555555Turns Too Teenage-ish For Us.Talk Too Much But Not Always.What I Like Best About This Class Was , It Didn't Feel Like A Regular Classroom With A Boring Mean Teacher .
It Felt Like Going To A Class & Being Comfortable With My Teacher & Classmates .
It Was A Very Fun Experience To Have .
& There Is Never Gonna Be A Year Like This .
Mr.Steven's Your The BEST ! (:
This Class Needs No More Improvement , We Have Done The Best We Can .This Class Was Fair Because We Gave Fair Punishments & Treated All Of Us Fairly .(:I Would Tell Them , So Have Fun In His Class .
& To Treat Him Like A ' Teenager ' .
& Make Sure To Follow Him On Twitter .(:
I Am Gonna Spend Time With The Family & Sleeeep .Insanely-Perfect Triangle .3 !You Have Veery Adorable Childreeeen .(:
6/9/2013 23:46:4255544554555555554555455555555HarshUse our phonesI like how he isn't too strict on everyone. I like how we can use our phones.The class can be improved by never doing the serpinskis triangle ever again, poor children.Yes it is fair because there is not one student mr Stevens discloses outHE IS THE BOMB DIGGITY AND BE PERPARES TO HAVE THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFEProbably worry too much about high school. How is this question relevant to this report card?THE DEVIL, DEATH, HORRIBLE, KILLING, MURDEROUS, HARSH.100. Because you can just throw any ugly ones awayYou were awesome, and I'm really gunna miss you :( sad to see you leave. You were gunna be the teacher I visited during colab days. You've impacted my life and thought me things like no one else has. Thank you for this great year :)
6/10/2013 7:59:345444555445555555554555455455Shows how to do the workLets us talk about non school related stuffHow he explains the materialIt can't improve anymoreYes because he treats everyone equalThat he is an awesome teacher.that he will teach you everything you need to knowHaving fun with my friendsThe '' don't do it triangle''Zero!!!!You are an awesome teacher.
6/10/2013 8:01:1535433454245555444554544543545lets one person have/or do something and not otherslets the class talkIt`s funny we joke around and learn as well.i do not know it`s finenope cause he lets like one person drink or do something and others don`tthat he`s actually fun he doesn`t have that much assignments only if you don`t see the video he will make you write 30 problems.I am going to nicaragua tomorrow and complete some of my bucket list!dissapearing triangle causze it gets smaller and smaller3nope
6/10/2013 8:05:4145553554155535354545553534445sometimes he never sees both sides of a problem he only sees the wrong side talk but then yells at us we we talk and say that we were to loud and we were not loud at allthat he made us want to be in his classroomit can be improved by not making so many projectssometimes you can pick sides but mostly neverthat hes a very great student and hes going to teach you a lot of thinksgoing to football and basketball practice and playing summer ballbig time triangle2nothing I said every thing I need to say
6/10/2013 8:05:5035534344345444444554454444444I like how your laid back sometimes and give us a break every now and then.uhh the class can be improved by a little bit more practice time, and we DO need some homework, we didn't really have much this year so its easier to fail when there are barely any assignments.yes because we have a lot of time to complete work (even though some of us like me are lazy)snake bitesim gonna miss this class, it was a great year... but ill probably have to take algebra since I failed the last trimester.. :(
6/10/2013 8:07:3545544554545544454554555544544tries to make the lessons interesting Lets us get off topic just a littleWhat I like the most is that he actually enjoys teaching and we have fun.The class can be improved if we were in groups.I think he is fair sometimes because you don't treat everyone the same.I would tell my friend that they are going to have a lot of fun and that he is the best teacher ever.I am going to the beach and go visit my family .A good name is the death triangle.I think you shouldn't get one .I would like to tell you that you're the most awesome teacher I've ever had and have a great summer .
6/10/2013 8:08:4554545433445434443443454544534is funnyTalkThe best thing about the class is the teacher and my classmates and every ones humorI can't be improvedI think this class is fair because if you don't try to maintain a good grade then he'd help improve it.I would tell them to be good cause he's tough if you're bad in his class.Eating and SleepingDeath Triangle15Have a great summer.
6/10/2013 8:12:3654553455455555555554555554555Is in a bad mood. play aroundI lik the way Mr. Stevens is. I also like the way he teaches usYou should try not letting work be turned in late. Otherwise students take advantage of it.Yes. The class is fair. You treat everyone fair.I tell them he is the best algebra teacher ever. He will help you learn and he listens to everything you have to say. The year will be AMAZING with him.Im going to try new thingsI don't knownoneI want to tell you that you are amazing. Goodluck with your new school. You will be missed.
6/10/2013 8:13:2045444334455345435534455433455is in a bad moodhave funI really like that this class isn't one of those boring classes .There always something laugh at in this class.I think this class could improve by not being lazy. Also it needs more morale.Yes, I do think its fair. Its fair because the teacher listens to all of us. We also get the same work like everybody else.Sorry to tell you but he is not teaching next year. It really sucks for you his class wasn't a boring math class.This summer I am going to Colorado because the desert is too hot . I am also going to join a soccer club.ISCO0You should give me an A. That's all
6/10/2013 8:16:1355554545545555545555545544554seems tried get off topic The best thing that I liked about the class was of course Mr.Stevens, but everyone that I have class with as well. The class didn't seen very hard because Mr.Stevens helped us understand. Another thing that I liked about the class was that we could have fun while learning. The class doesn't need improvement, but we should be switched around the room more often so we get to know more people.I do think that the class is fair, because you show the same type mof attention to everyone. If one of my best friends tells me that they are going to have Mr.Stevens, I would tell them to not worry because he is an awesome teacher and person. They will have a great year.This summer I will be practicing and memorizing all my music for marching band for the most part. But I might be going to Mexico, not sure yet. I will probably have other things to do but they are not planned.precision and patience truangle0I want to tell you that you are the best Alegbra teacher in the whole entire world! You have taught us so much and I appreciate you so much for that. I hope you make more history at your new school. I will miss you.
6/10/2013 8:17:5445445433345534443554544434534is surprisingly hilariousdo their tasks in groups, but somehow keeps us busy (not off task)What I like best about this class is that when Mr. Stevens teaches us a new lesson, he keeps as an enjoyment. As if we actually WANT to learn the material. Coming to Algebra is usually always fun. I feel honored to have somebody like Mr. Stevens be my teacher due to the fact that some students- and excuse me for saying this- have awful teachers. Teachers who really don't care whether they do the assignment or not. However, Stevens is the complete opposite! In Conclusion, Mr. Stevens certainly has my respect & pretty sure he has others' (:The class cannot be improved in any way because it's already at it's best.I certainly do think the class is fair.I'd be like, "Lucky! He's a very good teacher! You won't regret having him. Just try you're really best at the Sierpinski Triangle! THAT'S hard. Also, he's very handsome" (:This Summer, I am going to have volleyball practice. Well, if I make it though the tryouts. I really want this! Therefor, it'd take the WHOLE summer & I'm ready for it!Hell TriangleDepends. Do you want any piercings?Hope you & your family have a very good future. Good Luck on the High School! It sure is very different than what you're used to.. you know, middle school. May God Bless You(:
6/10/2013 8:18:1454135435554543533444544545443mumblestalk loudlyWe don't work so strictly. Example; He plays music when we are working.I'm not to sure, I haven't been here long enough to judge that.Kind of. I just think that triangle project should not have been 100%, and the life mission project is like, 20%.You will enjoy that class, Mr. Stevens is really nice and funny.I actually going to read a lot, I need to catch up on a few book series I enjoy.....That's probably it...Stressing Triangle Scetch That Makes Your Head Want To Explode?!? Oh! That was a joke. :pHope you have a nice summer, and if you do, however, want to know what goes on this summer for me, read my google blog.
6/10/2013 8:21:214345445445554454543444443435gives enough time for projectstalkyour teaching styleThe majority of the time the class is fair , because there is respect .Mr. Stevens class is really fun, and he is really funny. Although there are some really hard assignments like the quadratic formula and the serpinski triangle but overall his class is really cool!This summer I am going camping, relaxing, going to Idaho, and sleeping in, and hiking, and swimming.sierpinski stress triangleidk:)
6/10/2013 8:24:1155455555555455554555555455555gives us second chancesget side trackedThe imagination and challenge.Less head racking assignments.yes Mr. Stevens is fair because he gives enough time to do our assignments.that's good for me because I get good grades in there.I am going to San Francisco, Catalina Island, and I am going to have my birthday party.stress testnonethat is it for now
6/10/2013 8:32:1155455544555555544554454554445Wears classicUse electronicIt is the best one in the school .Keep Mr. Stevens for one more year .Yes , because a little students do goof off .Here's the honest truth he's gone .Knott's Berry Farm with my brother in law .The strees triangleNoneHave a nice life in DHS I might see you because I'm going to DHS for summer .
6/10/2013 8:36:57444454544545454554554544545helpstalkI like that you teach things as fun as possible and it its fun learning it.I don't know but he class is good now.The class is fair because you help everyone when they ask and you get everyone's opinion.I would tell them that they are lucky to have teacher like you because you make teaching funI'm going to go places with family.evil trianglenoneHave a fun summer :)
6/10/2013 8:36:59444454544545454554554544545helpstalkI like that you teach things as fun as possible and it its fun learning it.I don't know but he class is good now.The class is fair because you help everyone when they ask and you get everyone's opinion.I would tell them that they are lucky to have teacher like you because you make teaching funI'm going to go places with family.evil trianglenoneHave a fun summer :)
6/10/2013 8:37:2054345355445445543544555344555can get strict get off taskThe best part about this class is that we can be ourselves and share our own ideas with each other.I don't think this class needs to be improved because it is as its best already.Yes, this class is fair because we all get treated equally and fairly.I would tell them that he is the best teacher that you'll ever have and that he teaches his lessons very good.This summer I'm going to be with my friends and go places with them.Hardest Thing In Your Life or The Brain KillerTwo :)I just want to tell you that you are the best teacher anyone can have. Also that you are AMAZING at teaching and explaining topics. You're one hilarious person by the way.
6/10/2013 9:44:1155545555455555555554555554555Like to have fun and do a lot of new things Joke and get off topick and have fun What's like best about this class is that it is all was fair and funI do not think the class has to be improved Yes because every one does the same thing and we all get alongThat mr. Stevens is the best he all ways jokes and you will have the best time in class I will do my best at foot ball practice The beast None Thank you for being the BEST teacher in the world MR.STEVENS you are asome
6/10/2013 9:53:064554434425555555455354555Can be a tough teacherTalk a lotI like how you have us laugh and have a good timeEverything is fine nothing needs to be improvedYes but not always you need to treat everyone like there amber.Oh girl he sucks. Just kidding your lucky you have himGoing to cabo San lucasMr.heart attack5 pairsI'm going to miss you
6/10/2013 9:54:5844343434433444432533444434433Gives tough assignments
6/10/2013 9:56:1955555555455555555554554544555listens to me have free time What I like best is the technology we use in class.You could use more colors around the classroom.Yes I do think the class is fair because even though he rarely listens to me he makes the class fun, but we still learn.I tell them that he is a really cool & awesome teacher, but a perfectionist, so be good on your work.Staying inside, because it's too hot to be outside.
Except when I have soccer.
The worst thing ever invented .. triangle.1I'm going to miss you & I hope you miss me too .
Always remember me (:
6/10/2013 9:57:0954345333445544444443544523355Has a bad dayTalk freelyThe thing I like best about this class is that mr Stevens is a funny person.This class can be improved by making the classroom more fun/vibrant.Yes I think this class is fair because mr Stevens treats everyone equally and disciplines everyone equally.I would tell them that you don't know what your getting into (because algebra is hard)I'm going to Mexico this summer.Senior sierpinskiAs much as you wantGood luck teaching at your new school next year.
6/10/2013 9:57:0955445535555554543555554454534Is meanTalkI like how we can use our devices I don't think the class needs any improvement.Yes because mr. Stevens treats everybody the same I would tell them that he is an awesome teacher and he explains things well but make sure you get your things in on time and that it needs to be presented well.I am going to the beach, focusing on cheer and spending time with my friends The triangle of death, horror and torture None I want to say that I am honored to be one of your students for the 2012 2013 school year. I hope you have an amazing summer and enjoy your job at your new school. I will miss you and hope to see you again in the future! And thank you for everything you have taught me.
6/10/2013 9:58:1244343434433444432533444434433Gives tough assignmentsHave time to workI like the amount of time for work in this class. Give easier assignments.Yes because he gives everyone the same options.His projects are too hard and suck.Go to Mexico for two weeks.The worst triangle ever.0No
6/10/2013 9:59:2554445545545555444554455545455Ignores meThat we are not always using our notebooks to learn but our devices also.

The class can be improved by adding more color to the wall.Yes I do think this class is fair because he treats everybody's the same and never leaves anyone out.I would tell them that he is a fun and a hilarious teacher but if you do not behave things will not turn out good
I'm going to WISCONSIN FOR WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when I come back starting Marching bandCrying for hours0I'm really going to miss you next year and please don't ever forget my laugh if you do ........... Well I don't think it's possible hohohoho have fun in that one place that sounds like a Mexican city :)
6/10/2013 10:00:3154445545545555444554455545455Ignores meTurn in assignments a day late That we are not always using our notebooks to learn but our devices also.

The class can be improved by adding more color to the wall.Yes I do think this class is fair because he treats everybody's the same and never leaves anyone out.I would tell them that he is a fun and a hilarious teacher but if you do not behave things will not turn out good
I'm going to WISCONSIN FOR WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when I come back starting Marching bandCrying for hours0I'm really going to miss you next year and please don't ever forget my laugh if you do ........... Well I don't think it's possible hohohoho have fun in that one place that sounds like a Mexican city :)
6/10/2013 10:03:3854555455555545543554555535545RightTalkI like that everyone helps each other.
I don't think the class needs to be improved. Yes I do think the class s fair.He's strict and wants everything perfect.
I'm sleeping all day.Annoying2
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