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NameUsernameGroup Size preferenceLooking for members/group?Preferred Method of ContactSkype nameEmailNotes (date added, misc.)
Alexaalexa_k8AESTMostly sci fi/fantasy, whatever I feel like at the time sounding board, feedback, criticism, motivationAnyYesReddit11/26/2013
TheInkermanAustralian EST (GMT+10)Fantasy/Sci-FiDiscussion, criticism and weekly story exchanges1 to 4Yesemaildeclan.c.sullivan@gmail.com
Eric SerraRiboflaviusAustralian EST (GMT+10)Fantasy/Sci-Fi, mostly shortcriticism, feedback, poison tastinganyyesemaileric.serra@outlook.com
Kevin RnuffjahAustralian EST (GMT+10)Comedy, ActionCriticism, feedback, bouncing ideas on short scriptsAnyAnyreddit, emailkevinbiness@outlook.com
Dustin AmodeoDustinAmodeoCentralComedy/Short story/Novelmotivation, general conversation about writing, brainstorming, review/feedback1 to 3YesSkype, IRC, Reddit, email, etcdustinamodeo
JudeBlue58Centralfantasy novels; exploring controversial themeshonest criticism, whether charac. connect, etc., I have used a pro editor and can offer some helpful feedback1 partner, maybe 2? Have time constraints. Duh, we all do, right?yesReddit/email at first. If times work, Skype is an option.gregarious_hermitancientchild22@gmail.com
Eric M.persecutionxiiicentralHorror, fantasy, anything fictionBeta reading, critiques, motivation, and talking about the craft2- 4yesgmail, gchat, or whatever's convenientpersecutionxiii@gmail.com9/26/2013
hemingbirdCEST/UTC+2Fiction, short storiesMotivation, competition, accountabilityAnyYesSkypehemingbird_write
MimimaybeimjustkiddingCSTPoetry, FictionGeneral feedback, idea bouncing, talking about writing, motivationanyyesEmail, but can also redditmaybeimkidding@gmail.com
Tez GTez205CSTHistorical FantasyNew writer so Im interested brainstroming concepts, idea bouncing, critiques, character direction. I also have a lot of ideas that I dont know what to do with. anyyes!Email, Reddit, skypei.tipwellshakejuntkaing@yahoo.com
CybloodfyrCSTPretty much everythingBrainstorming, motivation, critique, need someone who has a brutal honestyanyVery much soEmail, Reddit, Steamcyanea85@gmail.comSteam name: sparrowsong
GarretteverythingisspinningCSTSci-Fi (Especially apocalyptic, military, or deep space)Motivation, Feedback, anything really. I want to get back into writing more outside of school so having a buddy might by a way to do thatAnyYesReddit or Emailmarshallgm8@gmail.comadded Dec 13, 2013
JuliaKeguriKeguriCSTScience-Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Post apocalyptic, ProseMotivation, Feedback, Guidance, Beta Reading, Critique
Kevin Lambertsnozberries11CSTFiction, short stories, poetry, proseAny sort of comments, criticisms, or praise. I am also looking for someone to keep me motivated to write. I would like a writing buddysmall enoughyesreddit/emailsgsports25@gmail.com1/23/2014
vadramEastern Europe (GMT+2)fanfiction: MLP:FIM, will settle for sword and sorcery fantasybounce ideas off, general criticism, and if he/she could help me with fightscenes that would be perfectAnyyesskype, google docs, IMvadramy
CameronResnovEDTFiction, short, could do a longer story getting towards a novelRead eachothers work, critique, motivation, colaboration?2 peopleyesReddit/emailcammcb1@gmail.com
Ashleighshadowsdeath938ESTAnyMotivation, feedback, idea bouncing, critiquing, maybe someone who would be interested in trying to co-author if we can come up with something astounding 1 to 2yesEmail or redditfirecracker938@gmail.com
Christian A.CHAOTIC_midgetESTAny but strong in fiction, young adult, psychological.Feedback, possibly someone who can help me get through writer's block, someone to pass ideas to, and help me improve.AnyYesReddit, email/Gmail, mostly anything I can chat from.chaoticmidget2@gmail.com
Anna F.annarfayESTAny, young adult, mostly fantasyFeedback, motivation, writing friends, a steady connection to chat about writing and nerd stuffAnyYesSkype, Emailannarfay
Mike JMikeinottawaESTAny... must be unique.get something published together.1 to 2yesReddit mail for nowreddit mail
CheesePenisESTBlog, lyrics, spoken wordI'd love some feedback on my writing style. Plenty of people say it's interesting but I want to know what is and what isn't. How I can improve my style of writing, it is all non-fiction.AnyYesSkype, Em@il. Preferrably Skype because it's real timetakanuva0123mlofichenko@gmail.com
V. M. JaskierniaFaustynaESTDark Fantasy, RomanceFeedback, motivation, writing friendAnyYesReddit, Skypevictoria.jaskiernia
OrangeredValkyrieESTFantasyI'm not particularly worried about the storyline, since that sort of thing takes time, but I am interested in feedback on my sentence structure, word usage, and other such things. Any and all criticism is welcome, but don't be surprised if I have an explanation for some strange choices.AnyYesSkype, emailcobercommandrawolfienumbah2@gmail.com
Brandon WrightarshemESTFiction, Horror, Short StoriesWrite weekly short stories (under 2k words) and someone to bounce ideas off ofAnyYesSkype/Reddit/Email/IRCbwright.sugarcrmauthorbwright@gmail.com
Josh Trumaneasy_as_pieESTFiction, Short Stories, ScreenplaysConstructive criticism, someone to bounce ideas off of, motivation1 to 4YesReddit/Emailjoshua.i.truman@gmail.com
DevinhendeverESTFiction, short stories, short and long form comics, all mostly fantasymotivation to write, accountability, idea/thought sharing. Goal: just write more.anyYesAnything that doesn't involve voice or video I can do.hendevertheengineersagitir@gmail.com
one4jjESTFiction, usually longer. Mutual motivation to start/press on. Freely bounce ideas and provide consistent feedback.AnyYesSkype/Reddit, IRC at night.
Andrew HarmonZyclinESTFlash fiction, short stories, poetryGoal: Stay motivated ... From partner: critiques, bouncing ideas off one another AnyYesEmail, Reddit, Google Docsanharmon@iupui.edu
vocalshrapnelESTgenre writing (fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, whatevs). Mostly aspiring novelsideas, encouragement, feedback, criticismsmallish. 1 to 3yesemailnone, but I'd make it happen if need bejvj9000@gmail.com
mayadivineESTLonger pieces, trying to do short stories. Romance and erotica, fantasy1,000 Words a day, someone for motivation and accountabilityAnyYesReddit and IRC, Skype
Chris WhitlingTwist36ESTmostly prose poetry and short storiessomeone to bounce ideas off of and give other prespectives on peotryAnyYesemail or redditcwchriswhitling@gmail.com
Sophie Kirschner_MadkESTMostly sci-fi, and mostly short stories.Motivation, constructive criticism.1 to 3YesSkype is best, reddit PM will do.m4dk__meapineapple@gmail.com
bethrestESTPoetry, prose, short fictionForm a schedule, stop procrastinating, get/give feedbackAnyYesReddit/Skype/IRC
Get_LowESTPoetry, spoken wordWrite poetry every day. Get some older stuff edited/cleaned up. Wants partner with strong understanding of poetry and can provide tough/provoking editing. Willing to dig in.AnyYesGoogle docs/email, IRC, Reddit
kkiniaesESTProse, short stories, once in a blue moonWrite a short story once or twice a month. Constructive criticism both ways.AnyYesReddit
Jenna BturkturkeltonESTSci-Fi and HorrorI want and will give honest criticism. I'll share completed pieces only (novel in chapter forms, but they will be reviesed beforehand). I perfer to read completed pieces or complete chapters, but I'll take whatever you want.AnyYesEmailnoneshakeitwithyou@yahoo.com
Alex "I'll actually respond to you" JenningsToxiliumESTSci-Fi, Speculative FictionFeedback and criticism of my writing, someone to bounce ideas off of, motivationAnyYesAny, telepathy welcomealexjennings92alexjennings@rogers.com
Mike KernmiekkenrESTA wasp called the tarantula hawk reproduces by paralyzing tarantulas and laying its eggs into their bodies. When the larvae hatch, they devour the still living spider from the inside out. Isn't that fucked up? Write a short story about how fucked up that is.Feedback, motivation, community and brainstorming2 to 6YesSkype, Emailmiekkenr
Michelle RMrsmicaEstSf/F mostly shortBeta reading exchange, brainstorming, writing conversationAnyEmail, skypePenden_rel
trv333ESTShort Fiction, PoetryImprove short story writing and gain insight on poetryAnyYesReddit or IRC
Chris M.longsincedarkESTShort Stories and Fantasydiscussion, ideas, criticism and improving skillsAnyYesemailtheabscission@gmail.com
RyantellyouwhatitshwasESTShort story, FictionInterested in general feedback, someone to bounce ideas off of, motivationanyyesemail, gchat, skype mayberjmcbrearty@gmail.com
Trevor RythornESTMedieval fantasyCritique, discussion about story, ideas, anything else reallyAnyYesEmail/Reddit/Skypetrevisgod@live.comtrevor2215@ymail.com
HannahSmallFruitbatESTmedieval fantasy (no magic, novel length)idea bouncing, plot direction - I have to decide if I'm keeping characters I like around, plot hole plugginganyyesemail/reddit/skype/gchatminifruitbatyounggrapefruit@gmail.com
DakotavVvRaptureESTScience Fiction, Mech, Novels, Short StoriesBrainstorming, motivation, writing discussion, bouncing ideas off, setting goals, help with consistently writing, critiqueanyYesSkype, Reddiet, Emailvvv_rapturetri1337@hotmail.com
PyroIsMedicESTSci-Fi/Supernatural/FantasyWilling to beta read anything in the genres listed, need my novel read by someone I don't know, new writing I'd like to bounce off someone and vice versa anyyesEmail, Reddit, Steamtylersherer@gmail.comsteam name: Magnemite
christoperESTHistorical fiction/YA novelWant someone to create accountability and just chat about writing. Doing about 500wpd, 4-5 days a week. I'd love to have someone write along with me for like 30-60 minutes a day.anyyesReddit initially
NickCogito4816ESTFiction, fantasy, or sci-fi...it varies Motivation and someone to bounce ideas and shorts back and forth with. I have a hard time getting stuff done, so having someone to hold me accountable would be great, and will hopefully get me to write more. If there's anyone willing to get in touch almost every day, so that we can keep each other writing, that'd be awesome.AnyYesReddit, for now
Steve HockenyosprimordialstoryestSpeculative scifi/psych horrorDevelopment, idea bouncingIDKnot sureanything works, aspiedraw on twitter and gmaildon't know if i have one...aspiedraw@gmail.comAutobiographical fiction. Think Arthur C Clarke meets Jacob's Ladder
RobertHamlet7768ESTCrime, Science Fiction, open to reading othersIdea bouncing and discussion primarily2 to 4YesReddit, Gmail, gchat, AIMbringerofwords@gmail.com
systemjoltESTFantasy, horror, adventure.Talk about writing, chat, keep eachother writing. I just started writing, so I'd need someone patient.1YesReddit first, then e-mail or Skype.11/24/2013
GavinmetaranhaESTsci-fi, short stories, fantasy, maybe even some non-fiction at some pointtough criticism, motivation, and idea judge. Preferably someone in mid-late 20s at least.2 to 4yesreddit first for introductions, then gmail and/or gchat11/30/2013
ChrisOneSourDudeESTScience Fiction, Regular FictionTo hold me accountable, so I stop procrastinating. Feedback would be great as well, especially if it's very honest. Goal is to actually finish a project. I've got 3 or 4 pieces on the go and I always seem to be scrapping them and starting over.
AdamLANeiraESTSF (science, speculative, fantasy), YA, non-'experimental' literary, prose, short stories and novel length works. Might also look at non-fic with an interesting premise. Looking for a professionally-aspiring critique partner on novel-length fiction. I am a beginner--please let me know if you are one as well! I just finished the first draft of my first novel and would be open to a critique swap.small enough so we can read each other's work!yesreddit/emailluke1ira@gmail.com1/21/2014
RikkiMistressFeyESTI'll read most anything, but right now I'm writing a fantasy/fairy-tale piececoments and critisisms
ZacharythezlincolnESTScience-Fiction, Fiction, Dystopian, YA, Fantasty.Feedback, lots of feedback. Would also like some motivation and guidance. Collaboration is not out of the question.Fairly small.Yes.Email and or redditthezlincoln@gmail.com1/25/2014
Tonyajustasmalltowngirl89ESTFiction, Novel, Non-fiction, Psychological HorrorDiscussion, Feedback and Idea Bouncing, Motivation
HyperOmegaGMTFantasy/FictionDiscussion, CriticismAnyYesSkypehyperxomega
JodiephilososquidGMTShort story, fantasyMotivation, feedback and lots of idea bouncing.anyyesEmail or redditjlbrown93@live.co.uk
Robert Dollar (pename)BilINyeTheRussianSpyGMTFantasy, Sci-Fi, Short Stories,Any
ChevyGMTScreenwriting, crime, fantasy, post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Most things.Can offer: soundboarding, beta reading, prompting, crit/motivation and collab. Would be great to have a writing buddy to just chat to when I'm in a funk and to bounce ideas off.
wowmoGMTFiction, novelMotivation, help me stay on track, feedbackanyYesReddit1/3/2014
Jack WilfredJackWilfredGMTScience-Fiction, Distopian, Short Stories.Honest feedback. Motivation in semi-regular updates.
Duy Tonghaiduy2011GMT +7Fiction, where does modern day Atlantis fall into?Brainstorming about concepts, critiquing discussions. I like discussions about how stories flow2 to 3 in a groupYesemail, reedithaiduy2011@gmail.com
ByrappaByrappaGMT or GMT+5:30Blogs, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Short StoriesFeedback, guidance, collaboration. Prefer someone who can give honest, objective, and constructive ciriticism.
David NRecitelessGMT+1Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, and more!Motivation and inspirationAnyYesSkype, email, anything reallysilentium321davidnilsson91@gmail.com
ed-adamsGMT+1Horror, post-apocalyptic, paranormal/supernatural, short stories and serialized novelsJust another writer I can talk to about the craft, motivation, critique if you want, collabs if it works outMyself and 2 others would be perfectyes!Reddit for first contact
neschalandermanGMT+2,CETShort Stories - Fantasy, flexible on format, can editGet writing again, support with writing goals, mutual reads/discussions/edits, reaching word goals3YesReddit,Gtalk, IRC
Damnatio (penname)WFWGTM +2Fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk.Let's keep each other motivated! I mostly write in French so I will not expect much in terms of feedback or critique, but it'd be nice to have someone to bounce ideas back and forth with.AnyYesReddit, Skype, IRC, e-mail, whatever. Please send me a Reddit message and I'll send you my e-mail and my Skype name.
ShwetaISTFantasy, horror/paranormal, detective fictionMotivation, someone who's feeling the same crazy up-downs of writing business and can just nod in understanding at vague emotional downloads. Mostly I am cheerful and love to motivate people as well! Want to chat on the craft of writing itself. Open to exchange of works and critiquing too, but not as a primary thingummy.1 to 3yesemail, gchat, skype chatshwetawritesredpixie@gmail.com
IshanIshan_PsychedISTFantasy, Sci FiDiscussions, Ideas and a new universe to write stories inanyyesReddit, Skype, E Mailishanthegreat7ishanamity@gmail.comSteam name: Ishan_Psyched
Jason A. StevensiamdoubleplusungoodMountainPrimarily fantasy, but not exclusively; short fiction with an interest in writing longer worksmotivation to write more frequently, feedback, friendsAnyYesAnything text based (Reddit, email, IM clients, IRC, etc), but can also do Skype or the like
Austin Q.AustinQPDTShort stories; mainly fiction. Mystery/action for the most part. Somebody who will be able to give me feedback after I've spontaneously decided to write a story at 3 in the morning. Mostly short stories, (less than 5000 words).AnyYesRedditDaleksDubs@gmail.com
EvieSolnishka PST Any , short story, prose, non-fictionMostly I can't get myself to sit down and write. If i am answering to someone it works a lot better, and I would love some feedback. Anyyesemail, skype, gchat - whatever works
Tim KimbirkRealisticsPST Any, FlashFictionFeedback, motivation to write daily1 to 3YesSkypeayoitstim
TaskEvasionPST Fiction and poetryFinish & publish a short story in 30 days. Wants reliable, easy to talk to partner. Focused on writing more.AnyYesSkype or Email, IM
Erich D (pen name)erichthewriterPST Fiction, poetrymotivation, feedback, friends that are writers1 to 3yesreddit, skype or gmail
RyanMajesticOwynPST Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasy and Sci-FiConstructive Criticism, Motivation, Improving writing skillsAnyYesSkypeOwyn Morinstayfrosty1991@gmail.com
Janey LbeaucoupdemoolahPST sci fi, fantasy, short fictionfeedback, community, motivationanyyesreddit, email (jantnle@gmail.com)
Stephenie WernerfactflyPST Short stories, poetry, spoken word, novelsShare ideas/talk about writing. AnyYesEmail preferred, can do reddit/skype
TheItineraristPST Fiction (Horror/Psych Thriller/Drama/Flash), Creative Non-fictionWorkshopping ideas and drafts, maintaining accountability2 to 4yese-mail, gchat, redditpyleela@gmail.com
JeffGryndylPST Fantasy, horror, sci-fiAlpha reader feedback on work in progress. Currently doing approximately 1,000 wpd.3 to 5
yesReddit initially, Skype or private subreddit for groupgryndyl@gmail.com
Sydneyspooky_footPST fiction, short-stories, poetrybrainstorming, feedback, readinganyyesReddit
TaylorecstaticandinsatiatePST Speculative, contemporary fantasyMutual beta reading and general think tanking would be rad.No more than six or seven.Suregmail or skype. Possibly even reddit.imperatrix.xoco@gmail.com
Nicholas PotterpotterzotPST scifi and other novels and short stories.Beta reading and critque exchange, discussion, enforced deadlines.Smallish, 3-4Yesgmailpotter.nicholas@gmail.comadded 9/17/2013
MarissanovellyderivativePST Speculative - sci fi or contemporary fantasy, but open to most thingsMotivation/accountability, idea bouncing, esp looking for weekly exchanges/collab as an exercise/for fun (trading 1000-2000 words back and forth)2ishyeslet's start with redditadded 11/6/2013
JunejuniejuniejunePST sci-fi, YA, creative nonfic, poetryBeta reading, critique/feedback, chatting3 or 4 max.YesReddit or email first.rodeotwist@gmail.com12/22/2013
gmz1023Radioplay, horror/sci-fi dystopian fantasyESTFlesh out stories, keep on track, feedback/reviews.AnyYesSkype/Reddit
Aaron BrownItaryumUK GMTFantasy, Horror. anything else is good thoughIdea bouncing along with encouragement and motivationAnyYesSkype, ventrilo, any other is fine though but voice chat is preferablebrowney14brown.1165@hotmail.co.uk
Nate SpencefedorakUTC-7Fantasy (novel-length)Discussion, serious criticism, weekly exchanges. Goal: get published.AnyYesGtalk, Skype, google docsnate.spenceNathanLSpence@gmail.com
RodrigoGX10UTC/GMT -6 hoursMedieval fantasy/sci-fiGet something done. Wants brutally honest partner.AnyYesSkype/Anything
Benryuk1979UTC/GMT +12 hoursFiction, short stories Feedback/critques, practice, motivationanyyesReddit
SammybipolaroidGMTfiction, some fantasy, some contemporary fictionlooking for a good brainstormingg buddy, mutual feedback, help with plot progression and time management. happy to help however i can
ChrisNinja_please117ESTFantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Poetry, Short StoriesI've been harboring a desire to meet and work with other developing (or successful) writers for a long time. I'd love to pair up with someone or have a group where I could discuss, critique, develop and engage with others who like what I like! AnyYesReddit, Email, Gchat, Facebook, Old fashioned letters (anything)moxieman117moxieman117@gmail.comadded 02/14/14
Joejlawrence0723PST young adultLooking for accountability and correspondence (via email). I'm a 25-year-old English teacher for grades 7-12. I write sporadically (maybe 3-5 pages a week). Unpublished. Mostly short stories.partnersmmhmmReddit, for now2/14/2014
KelleydreadfulpenniesESTslipstream that leans toward fantasy and/or horrorSomeone to swap critique, talk writing, and discuss ideas with. Mostly a friend, really. I am a lonely writer.AnyYesReddit or Gmailkharmon22@gmail.com2/14/2014
Miguel GuaschPanglossMantraGMT +1Philosophy, Poetry, Reflective Essays & Short StoriesAnyYesRedditmiguel.guaschmiguel.guasch@hotmail.com
Ricky Ortizricky2234ESTFantasy, Crime Fiction, Horror, mainly short storiesLooking for someone to just be an overall writing buddy/buddies. Given that I'm young and there's not many people I know that are serious writers, it would be nice to have someone review my stuff. Not only that, but I could review their stuff, we could help each other out with ideas, coming along with plots. stuff like that. Any of this would be nice, since I myself am a lonely writer with no one but a few teachers and friends to review my stories. AnyYepReddit, Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Google Docs, anything really. It doesn't matterrickythewriter88rickythewriter88@gmail.com2/19/2014
Joshua CurryjoshcurryPST Fiction, short story, pilots, scriptingI'd like to be more involved with the writing community. I'd like to get serious, and move forward. I'm not a good writer by any means.AnyYesGmail, Gchatjdcurry87jdcurry@gmail.com2/24/2014