Riddle feature list - by plan (August 2018)
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Riddle quiz maker - feature list (by plan)
Quiz makerBasicProEnterpriseKey benefit
Intuitive quiz makeryyyThe most intuitive quiz maker on the planet - create/embed quizzes on any website in minutes.
12 types of quizzes, lists, surveys, and pollsyyyKeep things fresh - use our variety of quizzes to keep your audience engaged.
Create unlimited numbers of quizzesyyyAbsolutely no limits - create as many quizzes, polls, and other Riddles as you like.
★★★★★ customer servicveyyyWe're big customer service geeks at Riddle. Our entire team (from our CEO Boris down) race each other to respond to our user questions... often in under five minutes.
Scored quizzes (right/wrong answers)yyyCreate pop quizzes - each question with a right/wrong answer. Explain each answer - add images and correct/incorrect answer descriptions. Examples: "How much do you know about retirement saving?" "Test your Harry Potter knowledge!"
Personality quizzes (result based on all answers)yyyOur most viral quiz type - unleash your Sigmund Freud! Ask a series of questions and give the user an overall result, based on HOW they answered. Examples: "What city should you live in?" "What is your leadership style?"
Four types of pollsyyyGet your audience involved (and voting) with our four types of polls. Start with our opinion poll - then keep things fresh with our animated slider 'reaction poll', upvotable ranked list, and our unique 'ranked poll'
Surveys (with data export)yyySurveys don't have to be boring. Riddle's flexible survey tool makes answering questions fun - and supports open text as well as single and multiple choice answers - with full data export.
Social stories (where quiz meets blog post)yyyUse our 'social story' to quickly create long form, rich media articles. Super flexible - you can embed pictures, GIFs, videos, Tweets, and your other quizzes in a fully immersive experience.
Conditional logic quiz (interactive story)yyyUse branching logic to show different questions based on their previous answers. Ideal for engaging your audience (each quiz is different), as well as gathering highly specific data from each user. We've seen partners use this for product recommendations ("What cruise vacation should you book?"), as well as 'choose your own adventure' stories ("Are you a good manager?").
Multilingual (67 languages and counting!)yyyFrom Malaysian to Mandarin, Swedish to Spanish, with 42 languages so far - the chances are very good that our quizzes will speak your language. And heck - if we're missing one, just let us know hello@riddle.com - and we can add it within 2-3 days. How's that for fast?
Quiz sizing: choose wide, tall, or squareyyyWith quizzes, one size does NOT fit all. With Riddle, the right layout for your needs. Have a lot of vertical images? Go with our 'Tall' option. Using a lot of Instagram pics? Our square format is right for you.
Single and multiple answersyyyWe support both single and multiple choice answers in our quizzes - for extra flexiblity.
Free text responsesyyyOpen text answers was a popular request from our community. More than a click, you have the option to let your audience type in the correct answers.
Image answersyyyGo beyond text - and add images to any answers for extra engagement and visual 'pop'. (Why? Questions with image answers get a much better completion rate.)
Score as you go - or at end of quizyyyChoose to give instant feedback after each quiz question - or wait to show the user's results at the end of the quiz. The hold off/wait option is a powerful combo with lead generation - you can boost conversions by requiring people fill in your form before seeing their quiz results.
Add correct/incorrect answer explanationsyyyYour quiz is personal - and so should the right/wrong messages for your users. Customize the text to suit your site - and add more detailed answer explanations to educate your audience.
Custom 'correct/wrong' messages & other quiz text fieldsyyyYour quiz is personal - so we let you change the 'correct/incorrect', 'play again', and other quiz fields.
Random quiz answer orderyyyWant to keep things fresh for your audience? Turn on 'shuffle answers' - to give each user a new experience each time they take your quiz.
Random question orderyyyShuffle the order of your questions each time a user takes your quiz or personality test.
Rich text formatting: include links, lists & emojisyyyPlain text is bland text. Liven up your quizzes with bold, italics, H1 headers, lists, bullets, hyperlinks and even emoji. :)
Hide vote totalsyyyHide the number of people who vote or take your quiz. Useful feature to hide votes until you get a good number of participant. No need to re-embed - turn them back on, and your quiz will auto-update.
Hide percentagesyyyOur standard quiz format shows the % of people who select each answer - but you can hide this to suit your own styling requirements.
Automatic close polls (pick date/time)yyySet a date and time to automatically close your poll. We all get busy - this option means you don't have to remember to close your poll.
Hide start page (show 1st question)yyyYou can decide to hide the 'start' page for your quiz. Showing question #1 is a good way to boost engagement - and get your audience clicking.
Unroll quizzesyyyDisplay quiz or personality test questions 1 per page - or unrolled, all on one page
Show multiple personality results (X% for #1, Y% for #2, etc.)yyyPersonality tests can be incredibly compelling - with each user getting the result based on their answers. You can show how they scored for the other results (ex. "What dog are you?" a user might see 'You're 87% golden retriever, 74% sheep dog, 42% chihuahua', etc.).
Quiz statistics - track starts, completes, leads, sharesyyyTrack stats to view starts, finishes, shares and leads. Optimize your quiz - for example, too few finishing your quiz? Our drop off meter might show that question #5 is too difficult.
Detailed quiz info - by question & resultsyyyGet detailed analytics about how your audience responds - down to an individual question or result level.
Optimize quizzes using 'engagement graph'yyyOptimize your quiz - from start rate to completions. For example, too few finishing your quiz? Our drop off meter might show that question #5 is too difficult.
Add multimediaBasicProEnterpriseKey benefit
Upload your own imagesyyyQuickly add your own images - JPG, PNG, and GIF
Google image searchyyySearch and embed images via Google. Includes automatic attribution from the image source.
Pexels - classy stock photosyyyStock images that don't suck. Make your quizzes 'pop' with Pexels' non-cheesy, free stock photography. Tens of thousands of images across every subject under the sun.
Giphy - search/use animated GIFsyyyNothing beats animated GIFs for engaging your audience. Search, find, and use any of their millions of GIFs - from cats to show biz and everything in between.
Twitter - embed any tweetyyyKeep your quiz hyper-current. Grab and embed any public Tweet into your Riddle quiz or other content. Provoke and engage using the latest social conversation!
Facebook - add imagesyyyEasily embed your Facebook images to any quiz
Instagram - add imagesyyyQuickly embed your Instagram images to any quiz
Articles - embed any online articleyyyInclude articles in your quizzes. Simply add a link - and Riddle will grab the main image and include a link to the article. Great for 'weekly round ups' - or 'what do you think of this article?' type content.
Sound files (coming soon)yyyUpload your MP3 files to play within any Riddle quiz type. Ideal for: 'guess that song', name that quote, language teaching, and loads of other use cases.
YouTube videos - set start/end pointsyyySearch and use any YouTube video in your quiz. Set start/end point for each clips (ideal for 'guess what happens next' type questions).
In-tool image editing (crop, filters, text)yyySave time and quickly edit images within Riddle. Perform basic crops, cool image filters, and add text in seconds.
Timed quizzesBasicProEnterpriseKey benefit
Add an overall timer to your quizyyAdd a burst of adrenaline to your quiz - set a time limit to answer all the questions.
Add timer for individual questionsyyAn additional option - set a time limit for each individual question.
Collect leads and quiz responsesBasicProEnterpriseKey benefit
Collect unlimited leads and user responsesyyyQuiz lead generation with no limits! Collect unlimited emails and sign ups with an in-Riddle lead gen form.
Basic form builder - free text onlyyyyCollect emails and quiz responses with our basic form builder. It's great for getting sign ups - displayed between the last question and the user's results, when each user is excited to learn what their results are. View this example from the Chicago Bulls.
Optional or mandatory formsyyyIdeal for lead generation, you have option to require users to fill in your form before seeing their quiz results.
Link to your terms and conditionsyyyKeep your lawyers happy - add a link to your terms and conditions.
Add opt-in check boxesyyyAdd more 'opt-in' checkboxes (mandatory or optional) - so you can ask questions like "I agree to be contacted by telephone/email" or "Please send me offers from selected partners."
Download to XLS or CSV fileyyyDownload your leads and their responses to a CSV or XLS file for easy import into any other software.
MailChimp (native integration)yyyAutomatically send leads to your MailChimp account.
AWeber (native integration)yyyAutomatically send leads and responses to your AWeber account
Connect to any data system with Zapier appyyyUse our Zapier app to easily send leads and their quiz responses to your email marketing tool. No coding required!
Connect to any data system with our webhookyyyUse our webhook to send leads and their quiz responses to your email marketing tool or any data system.
Automatically send emails to each quiz takeryyyContinue the conversation - automatically send emails to each user that finishes each of your quizzes.
Segment leads by quiz results for follow up marketingyyyGather user contact details and responses, then send powerful follow up marketing messages via your CRM tailored around your user's responses.
Multiple field types (drop down, radio button, etc.)yyyMake data gathering easy to boost conversions. Use drop downs, radio buttons, and 8 other field types in your forms. Keep data more consistent than free text (ex. same date format) and faster for leads to complete - especially on mobile.
Data validation (ex. Is this a complete mail address?)yyyCollect complete data. Our data fields will verify that each lead's data meets your criteria - from a full email address to a complete phone number.
Connect to DropBox (coming soon)yySend your leads and their quiz responses to your DropBox account.
Send leads to Google DocumentsyySend your leads and their quiz responses to any Google Document such as an automatically updated spreadsheet.
Call to action buttons - vary by quiz resultyyAdd a call-to-action button to present special offers in your quiz results. You can also show a different button for each result to display different offers matched to users' results.
Custom landing pages - send to any URL (based on quiz results)yySend users to your custom page depending on how they answered. Riddle passes their name, score, and result type - so you can create the perfect contextual landing page. Easier to experience than explain - here's a live example on our PastaFun demo site.
Deluxe form builder - with drag/drop, enhanced fields, etc.yyUse our drag/drop form builder to quickly create in-quiz lead generation forms.
Select unlimited form fieldsyyTotal form flexibility - add as many fields as you need.
Pre-designed form templatesyyQuickly create and save your forms as a saved template - or use one of our preset templates.
Save your lead forms as templatesyyQuickly create and save your forms as a saved template - or use one of our preset templates.
Use your own formsyUse our 'in-quiz iFrame' to easily place your own landing page, form, or any other content in your quizzes.
Display videos or adsyUse our 'in-quiz iFrame' to easily place your own videos or ads in your quizzes.
Quiz stylingBasicProEnterpriseKey benefit
Customize quiz colors and fontsyyyAll our plans let you pick your font - plus give you full control over all the colors in your quiz to match your site.
Choose styles and themesyyy Guide your creativity - start with our styles (7 in all) and layouts (classic/modern) to give your quiz a different look.
Full control control (buttons, fonts, background)yyyEnjoy full creative control over background colors - including a hex color picker.
Select background patternsyyyAdd texture to your quiz with background patterns.
Accessibility features (hearing/vision-impaired)yyyMake your quizzes accessible to a wider audience. Riddle features alt tags, tab navigation, and other features to help the hearing/visual/motor skill impaired.
Customize social text (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger)yyyDrive more social shares - create unique social share messages for each social network. Add different text, URLs and hashtags to suit your goals for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Messenger.
Hashtag support (Twitter, Facebook)yyyAbsolutely - add hashtags to boost your quiz's visibility across Facebook and Twitter.
Change in-quiz button text (ex. "Play again")yyyEvery quiz and site is different. We give you flexibility to change the text for our standard buttons like 'Play again' to match your site's brand and voice.
Hide Riddle logo (100% white label)yyRemove all Riddle branding, including the Riddle logo and 'Create your own' footer. You can also add your logo - or your clients'.
Add your own brandingyyRemove all Riddle branding, including the Riddle logo and 'Create your own' footer. You can also add your logo - or your clients'.
Add your own clickable logoyyMake your logo at the bottom of your quiz clickable - send quiz takers to any URL.
Include custom footeryyAdd a footer - perfect for displaying your terms and conditions, contest rules, or a compelling call to action.
CSS editor - full control over your quiz stylingyExtensively customize elements of each Riddle to seamlessly match your site.
Team templates - save/appy your own style combinationsySave and apply sets of fonts, colors, and branding to match your site with just a click.
Use your own font - Google, TypeKit, upload your ownyBlend your content on your site - use any font from Adobe Typekit, Google Fonts, Fonts.com, and Fontdeck.
Publish and Multi-userBasicProEnterpriseKey benefit
Embed on any siteyyyEmbed your Riddles on your website or blog - use our embed code options or our free WordPress plugin.
Fully responsive - displays perfectly on any deviceyyyRiddle quizzes are fully responsive - and will resize to whatever device, from smartphone to tablet and desktop.
Wordpress plug-inyyyCreate, edit, and publish your Riddle content directly from within your Wordpress.org site! Download now. <LINK>
Google AMP supportyyyUse Google AMP to load your Riddle quizzes faster on mobile devices.
Thunder / Drupal plug-inyyyQuickly embed quizzes into any Drupal or Thunder CMS post or page with our free plug-in.
Customize embed widthyyyEmbed on your site at any width - from 200 pixels to 2000
Choose three different embed options yyyPick the shape (aspect ratio) of your quiz to suit your images. Go wide (16:9), tall (9:16) or square (1:1) - the choice is yours.
Include quiz text to enhance your site's SEOyyyEach time you embed a Riddle quiz - all quiz text is included in the HTML so that Google can read it, and boost your site's SEO.
Facebook pixel supportyyyAdd your Facebook pixel to any quiz. Learn which ads result in completed lead forms (potential customers) - to optimize your marketing spend. Track who answered what on each quiz - then build custom Facebook audiences for further marketing.
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