Copy of EOY Superintendent Eval Form_May14 [Administrative Evaluation Report - Superintendent] (Responses)
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School Committee Member Completing the Evaluation Form.Step 3: Rate Overall Summative Performance Step 4: Rate Impact on Student Learning (Check only one)Step 5: Add Evaluator CommentsCreate budgets that are predictable, reflect educational expectations, are supportive of student performance, and meet student needs.Professional Practice Goal(s) Comments.Analyze data and work with grade level or individual teachers to develop action plans based on student needs which is driven by principal led, site based data teams and supported by the leadership team. Student Learning Goal(s) Comments.I-A: Curriculum: Ensures that all instructional staff design effective and rigorous standards-based units of instruction consisting of well-structured lessons with measureable outcomes.I-B. Instruction: Ensures that practices in all settings reflect high expectations regarding content and quality of effort and work, engage all students, and are personalized to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests, and levels of readiness.I-C. Assessment: Ensures that all principals and administrators facilitate practices that propel personnel to use a variety of formal and informal methods and assessments to measure student learning, growth, and understanding and make necessary adjustments to their practice when students are not learning.I-D. Evaluation: Ensures effective and timely supervision and evaluation of all staff in alignment with state regulations and contract provisions.I-E. Data-Informed Decision Making: Uses multiple sources of evidence related to student learning—including state, district, and school assessment results and growth data—to inform school and district goals and improve organizational performance, educator effectiveness, and student learning.Overall Rating for Standard I: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by cultivating a shared vision that makes powerful teaching and learning the central focus of schooling.Comments for Standard I: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by cultivating a shared vision that makes powerful teaching and learning the central focus of schooling.II-A. Environment: Develops and executes effective plans, procedures, routines, and operational systems to address a full range of safety, health, emotional, and social needs.II-B. Human Resources Management and Development: Implements a cohesive approach to recruiting, hiring, induction, development, and career growth that promotes high-quality and effective practice.II-C. Scheduling and Management Information Systems: Uses systems to ensure optimal use of data and time for teaching, learning, and collaboration, minimizing disruptions and distractions for school-level staff. II-D. Law, Ethics, and Policies: Understands and complies with state and federal laws and mandates, school committee policies, collective bargaining agreements, and ethical guidelines.II-E. Fiscal Systems: Develops a budget that supports the district’s vision, mission, and goals; allocates and manages expenditures consistent with district- and school-level goals and available resources. Overall Rating for Standard II: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by ensuring a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment, using resources to implement appropriate curriculum, staffing, and scheduling. Comments for Standard II: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by ensuring a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment, using resources to implement appropriate curriculum, staffing, and scheduling. III-A. Engagement: Actively ensures that all families are welcome members of the classroom and school community and can contribute to the effectiveness of the classroom, school, district, and community.III-B. Sharing Responsibility: Continuously collaborates with families and community stakeholders to support student learning and development at home, school, and in the community. III-C. Communication: Engages in regular, two-way, culturally proficient communication with families and community stakeholders about student learning and performance.III-D. Family Concerns: Addresses family and community concerns in an equitable, effective, and efficient manner.Overall Rating for Standard III: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff through effective partnerships with families, community organizations, and other stakeholders that support the mission of the district and its schools.Comments for Standard III: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff through effective partnerships with families, community organizations, and other stakeholders that support the mission of the district and its schools.IV-A. Commitment to High Standards: Fosters a shared commitment to high standards of service, teaching, and learning with high expectations for achievement for all.IV-B. Cultural Proficiency: Ensures that policies and practices enable staff members and students to interact effectively in a culturally diverse environment in which students’ backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected.IV-C. Communication: Demonstrates strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.IV-D. Continuous Learning: Develops and nurtures a culture in which staff members are reflective about their practice and use student data, current research, best practices, and theory to continuously adapt practice and achieve improved results. Models these behaviors in his or her own practice.IV-E. Shared Vision: Successfully and continuously engages all stakeholders in the creation of a shared educational vision in which every student is prepared to succeed in postsecondary education and become a responsible citizen and global contributor.IV-F. Managing Conflict: Employs strategies for responding to disagreement and dissent, constructively resolving conflict and building consensus throughout a district or school community.Overall Rating for Standard IV: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by nurturing and sustaining a districtwide culture of reflective practice, high expectations, and continuous learning for staff.Comments for Standard IV: The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by nurturing and sustaining a districtwide culture of reflective practice, high expectations, and continuous learning for staff.
mcraneExemplaryHIghDr. Hopson brings a personal touch and years of experience to his job as superintendent. In his daily running of the district he strives for collaboration, reaches out to stakeholders and always looks to protect and promote Gateway students.ExceededDr. Hopson shows a major strength in the way he prepares budgets and can explain the complicated parts of school finances to the public. This has been a very difficult year with the legislature allowing a town to leave our district, resulting in very difficult budget discussions. This is a work in progress, but Dr. Hopson strives to rise above the difficulties and always advocates for student needs.MetDr. Hopson expects a lot from his administrative team and from students..he has high standards and sets a good example. He is always an advocate for what's best for students.ProficientExemplaryProficientProficientProficientExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientExemplaryExemplaryProficientProficientExemplaryExemplaryProficientExemplaryProficientExemplaryExemplaryProficientProficientProficient
Noreen SurinerNeeds ImprovementModerateTalented students will do well. Those with IEPs will get the needed support. I worry about those students who would do well with creative teachers. However, those teachers are having to manage the few students who do not wish to learn and bring the entire class down with them. Those middling students are the ones that have no advocate. With our rating of nearly 50% students needing help or failing, I think the school district must focus on how to support those students who need teacher support or help but do not know how to ask for it. With the budget cuts, many of the support programs are being cut where some of the middling students would shine, gain a greater sense of self worth and grow into their full potential..Some ProgressDisappointed that financial goals do not support the student more. While the budget is predictable, I feel it does not reflect educational expectations, supportive of student performance and meeting student needs as much as I believe should be done.
Disappointed that finance committee resolutions were not even discussed in full School Committee meetings to be either supported or voted down. They were simply dismissed.
Some ProgressCould not evaluate. While I found the reading informative, I did not find it evaluative.Needs ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementWhile the High School has moved from level 2 to level 1 school, one elementary school has moved from level 2 to level 3. Making two level 3 schools, out of 4 schools in our district.
ProficientUnsatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementUnsatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementHaving one of the lowest paid teaching staff it is no wonder we have high teacher turnover. In my conversations they feel threatened, unsafe to speak their minds and therefore low teacher and staff morale. Hiring key people from within the School Committee is ethically challenged and speaks of the dysfunction identified by Attorney Dupere.ProficientNeeds ImprovementExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementWhile there are many written documents, reports and presentations, sometimes the amount is overwhelming, daunting and uninviting. Sometimes it is difficult to sort out what is important. The spin made is sometimes disingenuous (Blandford vote on budget).
While the amount of professional development is commendable, it seems that teachers and students do not have relationships with the superintendent. In fact I often hear they have not seen him but a few times a year.
Gateway does not have a current strategic plan and is not currently forward looking. It is commendable to review what Gateway has been in the past, but if we do not look at the trajectory upon which Gateway is on, it will jump off the tracks and crash. I would hate that. A plan needs to be put into place before it is too late to make significant changes and instead are forced into positions that are untenable.
jwyandfProficientModerateSome Progress
Significant Progress
ProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientNeeds ImprovementProficientProficientNeeds ImprovementProficientthe budget that was adopted by the school committee does support the district mission, however it was developed through the community stakeholders. The initial budget presented did not support the mission and vision but was more about the bottom line total. This is a very important part of coarse, and to keep it as low as possible takes sacrifice in areas that won't erode the vision and mission.ProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficient
Martha OtterbeckProficientHIghDifficult position to meet a variety needs and issues. Provides consistency, clarity and always a willingness to learn, explore.
MetMetProficientProficientProficientProficientExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryProvides and demonstrates exemplary skill and diversity in this areaProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientPromotes engagement, however difficult to assess as the larger community is the real assessor, and they appear to offer little feedback, as a whole. ProficientExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientProficient
Shirley WinerProficientHIghDivisiveness in School Committee reflects the gap in being able to get better feedback from the community in all our many communication channels. Communication without audience responses is hard to evaluate. Is there a way to improve on this? ExceededMetProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientAmazing progress...still a work in progress.ExemplaryExemplaryProficientProficientExemplaryProficientHard to know where/ if more needs to be doneProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientWhat keeps this from being exemplary is what is almost a one way street: hard to get feed back from the schools' effortsProficientExemplaryProficientExemplaryProficientProficientProficientThis district has a history of conflicts and thus in the School Committee.Sometimes includes negativity re the Superintendent.
A challenge for open communication and cooperations, and difficult to mediate and work with at times.
Terri garfieldProficientHIghExceededMetExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientExemplaryExemplaryProficientExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryThe superintendent and the management team are proven leaders in all areas relevant to the budgeting process; implementing efficient data management systems and creating effective hiring and retention plans. ProficientExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryProficientProficientExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryProficientProficientProficientThe superintendent uses the vision, mission, and goals to engage and support a highly collaborative educational team that together produced an accomplished group of Gateway graduates in the class of 2015. This is due to the expectations and leadership of the superintendent and the follow through of that vision by the educational staff and supportive families.
Sarah FoleyProficientHIghMetDuring the budget process Dr. Hopson has provided the school committee several options for budgets in response to the ever changing fiscal outlook and district composition. He, along with his staff, have had to make some difficult decisions along the way however it appears that he has tried to keep the effects of an ever shrinking budget away from the students as much as possible. MetDr. Hopson, along with his team have devised creative ways such as screening students before school starts in order to preserve instructional time and adjust practices as students needs evolve. ProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientDr. Hopson satisfies the criteria for proficiency on this measure. I do have one question on one piece of evidence: How does the full committee access the minutes of the evaluation subcommittee..??ExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientI believe the district safety protocols are models for other districts to emulate. The commitment to after hours security as well as routine drills and demonstrations help to create a safe working and learning environment. One question: What is the district Happy Hour??ProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientThis particular area has been an especially important aspect during the recent restructuring of the school district. Dr. Hopson has regularly visited the town meetings in order to explain and promote the school budget and also attended outside committees such as GTAC in order to actively be involved in the development of the long term changes to Gateway. On another note, I am impressed with the district's Chaperone Expectation Agreement that I have been asked to sign as a volunteer chaperone on trips. I am not aware of any other districts that do this and it clearly sets the expectation for role model behavior and responsibility. ProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientAgain, what is the Happy Hour Committee??
Sue LevreaultProficientModerateMetMetExemplaryProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientCould not find the Superintendent's Evaluation "End of Year" update in the support documentation that was provided. ProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientProficientNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementProficientProficientAlthough communication vehicles are in place, the opinion of some demographic groups are discounted, dismissed and not taken seriously. The communication vehicles may be there, but it is what is done with the communication that is gathered that counts. ProficientProficientProficientProficientNeeds ImprovementNeeds ImprovementNeeds Improvement"None of us, is as good as all of us." - It's so unfortunate that the Superintendent and members of the Gateway Regional School District haven't been able to effectively listen and try to understand the goals and wishes of their fellow communities. In the support documentation the Superintendent provided for this evaluation, the 2015 report said "the district provides the glue for the communities" Yet in another document, the EAC (facilitated by our Superintendent) failed to recognize that the local elementary schools provided the "glue" for each individual town. One EAC document looked at the cost associated with the dollars that would be lost if virtually every child from the town of Worthington left the district, yet when I asked our Superintendent to provide a cost analysis to School Committee members and the Gateway member towns showing the total educational dollars the Gateway District would loose should the town of Worthington leave the Gateway district, he failed to make the potential dollars that would be lost known. As a member of the Gateway School Committee Team, I "trusted" my Superintendent to respect my concerns and provide the rest of my School Committee team members documentation that could help us make the best long term financial decision possible for the education of Gateway Students. Because of this past event the Superintendent has lost my trust in him because of his failure to provide information that I felt would generate vital conversation before the decision to close schools was made. The Superintendent needs to rebuild the trust of School Committee members and Gateway member towns in his ability to successfully lead the Gateway Regional School District.

Ron DamonExemplaryHIghExceededExceededProficientProficientProficientExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryI hope and pray that the time to replace our present superintendent is years from now. Any replacement would have a learning curve of 2 to 3 years, if he/she lasted that long!ExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryProficientExemplaryI feel rewarded for my years on the school committee by the success of our students, by the commitment of our staff, and by the remarkable progress of our school.ExemplaryProficientExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryDr. Hopson demonstrates by his manner and outgoing personality his concern for the ongoing success of Gateway's educational program. He cares!ExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryExemplaryProficientExemplaryThe act that we are still in business in spite of all the problems we face is an indication of our good fortune in having Dr. Hopson as superintendent!
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