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CompletedNserafI'd like when I save a new log entry for the window to close instead of staying there.

Kin: Yes, this was confusing, the window stayed open with a "cancel" button at the bottom, I wasn't sure if it worked or not.
RequestedNserafIn cell there's a menu for "open/all/other statuses" I'd like to be able to set which one I see as default for all cells, like I see all instead of open etc.

susi: agree
CompletedNserafpopup windows dragable in screen. (like history, cell list etc.)

susi: agree and possibility to drag window smaller and forward-backward-buttons for last opened tasks
Added in 0.3.0
RejectedNserafIs there a way in history after a cube I have TBed gets its' 3rd player submit and consensus for "history" to show accuracy of my trace? if yes it'd be hugely useful as well I think.The percent value in history is from the time of submission. This data is not otherwise available.
CompletedNserafsave position of chrome extension if pos. changed and then refreshed/closed+opened tab/browser.

Clio: I said earlier that when I have the bar vertically on the side, it doesn't reset the location on refresh. I have now noticed, that if the bar is moved outside the screen so that only a part of it is visible, then the position resets (and also it resets back to horizontal). If it's fully visible (like I have it now), it stays where it is. However - I second this request as in order to not having to move it on every refresh the bar now partly covers the ranking list.
The position reset was added to avoid people losing it from their screen. I could set it so it remembers the position regardless and add a "reset toolbar" option somewhere (like the icon next to the address bar)
CompletedNserafI'd like it as an idea in chrome extension to have fixed cell list and history only and statuses to appear only when something of that status has been logged, so for example if there are 3 watch and 2 missing nubs only in all the cells to see only missing nub and watch with numbers, as is now "need admin/scythe" is fixed and for everything else we have to go "fishing" in cell list.

E: I could make an "Open Tasks" button which just lists everything open. Could also have a drop-down to filter for a specific status. Would that work?

N: I think so, would have to see some kind of visual to confirn it but sounds good here in type. in 0.1.7
CompletedLotteryDiscountzI would make use of a Jump link from inside the specific task I'm looking at, eg:
because I'd view the entry's info first, then go right to the cube

Clio: I second this request!
kin: I third this request! :-)
At: I fourth it!
N: what they said :p
CompletedAtaniIs there a way to be able to draw circles or arrows on the captured image? That'd be lovely to be able to

Kin: I second this request!
N: 3rd it :D
Rin: yes please
Added in version 0.2
CompletedAtaniOthers may dispute me on this, but I'd love it if anything marked "merger" triggered the flashing # on the need scythe box. That way we'd see there is something needing our attention sooner rather than later. And I don't think we put need scythe as a status very often.

N: look at line 9 I think I have you covered in there. :D

E: the "Need Scythe" button could include merger as a status--would definitely be more visible. Thoughts?

N: no one marks a merger as need scythe in my exp, merger status is for that lol, in my exp. need scythe is usually used by inexperienced new scouts when unsure of how to mark an entry and want 2nd opinion from a more experienced scout/scythe/admin.

At: I like that idea. I'd be happy with whatever you decide. If mergers show up as a flashing #, whether it is under need scythe (which is true, they do need a scythe, :-p ) or under a special merger heading/button then I'm golden! :D

N: no you're turquoise :P jk lol

At: Lol, usually I'm purple! :-p
Updated for version 0.2
Completedmam711Could the new menu bar be hideable/recallable?
skruffy: I second this request :)
RejectedNserafcan the statuses in new log entry become alphabetically ordered plz? It would help my poor brain so much lol.

At: I was gonna ask the same thing! is language-dependent and right now I don't have a way to support based on current language
RequestedNserafwhat happens with tab "new scouts" ? new scouts will from now on log in cells from start? Or perhaps Elden can create a "cell" "new scouts" new scouts can log in there and admin/scythe have an extra button "transfer entry" to proper cell. until new scouts "graduate" like now to logging in proper cells?great question
CompletedNserafkorean scouts/scythes. As is now they have to use it in solely english, would it be easy that they see the UI in korean? or maybe both? Maybe have a "terminlogy theasorus" button with the basics engl=korean like we have in tabs in scouts' log for nub, branch, merger etc?This is in progress
RejectedNserafsearch for ID in cells list and/or inside each cell in case we want to find if a specific cube has been logged/history etc.Can use the regular EW jump box and then click the "Cube Details" button
show last user comment in cell's cube entries list:

susi wants all comments to show if more than one entry in history of each cube, I think it would clutter the list too much with too much info since we can view all comments history when we click in an entry's full history. What do you guys think? think it would be too cluttered.
Completedmam711It's hard to navigate between the different windows. From the log entry, I'd like to be able to jump to the cube. And sometimes I'm trying to mark it as good, but I'm not in the right window, and seem to have to start over from the cell list.Added in 0.1.6
CompletedNserafI'd like a back button from cube details to all entries of that cell. rather than only cell list> cell enties list> cube details, but also cell entries list < cube details.
mam: yes, please!
susi: agree!
Related to line #4

Added in version 0.3.0
CompletedNserafCan "need admin" be yellow/gold instead of red? in 0.1.7
CompletedLotteryDiscountzrelated to line 7, maybe make bar customizable. I rarely care about instanotify of watch, need scythe or need admin. I would really use instanotify counts for merger, missing branch, missing nub.
mam: seconded
Related to line #10

Added in version 0.3.0
RequestedKinryuuWould like to be able to just click a "I reaped it" button in the cube details if I reap per the image and no additional action other than SC'ing it is needed. As oposed to having to create a new entry, click the "Reaped" status, and the extension takes a screen shot of someting that might not be relevant. If I reap and the cube still needs another reap, then I would want to create a new entry so I can say in the comments the areas that still need to be added/deleted.

mam: it might be nice for it to ask if an image is needed

E: I could do a "reaped" button which keeps the cube at the same status and adds the user as having reaped the cube. This would be used if the cube still has an issue after it has been reaped.
I feel like this warrants an actual discussion of how the different status should be used and the "proper" order they should be done.
CompletedNserafadd plugin/addon for firefox (for extension). FF and chrome are the 2 most used browsers for ew. For example skruffylooter uses FF because chrome glitches on his PC/laptop and he can't see seeds in cubes. Others use FF as well.
skruffy: as Nik said :P I use OS, and firefox works perfectly but with chrome I constantly face problems, so it'd be nice to have a FF-compatible SL
FireFox is an officially supported browser for EyeWire and as such an extension will be developed.
CompletedNserafCan we have an option in pic taking in "log entry" to also include 2D?
djajsl : Agreed! :)
skruffy: agreed
Added in version 0.2
CompletedNserafIs it easy/possible to make things in log entry/cube details/ most of extension windows (drag+select info) like how we can select cube ID from ew scouts' bar? if aobve request is not feasible we'll need this or make links clickable like IDs because we sometimes need to show 2D in pics for mergers/missing stuff and if we can't click link or select it and copy paste it in new tab it will make things more difficult on this subject.

Maybe make it to recognise links no matter how many are placed in a comment and next to "view image" have "view link(s)" ? So if I had added 3 links it would open 3 tabs. entirely sure what is being asked here.

Additional images can be added using the "note" status. The web site will allow pasting of URLs while the extension is 3D image capture only.

Also related to line #23
Rejectedskruffylooteris it possibe to put back the cube details option in the toolbar? it can provide important informations, such as weight, and it's disturbing having to quit the cube to get these informations

N: it's weird I don't have it in normal play but others do. Details will only show when inspecting a cube or a cube is selected in overview.
CompletedAtaniIs there a way we can display all active cells that don't have any open tasks? I went to look at 46a but cannot get to the task list.

N: Should be in the extension, in "Cells list" as well but for now you can do it in , there it has "open" and "all" all shows cells with 0 entries as well as the ones with entries in.

At: Wasn't in cells list, I'll look at the page. Thanks!

N: yeah thus the "should be in the extension as well" :P

At: lol, I realize that now... Maybe multitasking isn't my thing! :p

N: *shrugs* :P
As long as a cell has not been completed, you should be able to view it in the Cell List on the web site or browser extension.

I did add a drop-down option for Cell List to show open or all.
Add Flagged and Reaped cubes to the history list, could add to the "type" column.Reaped cubes = Scythed in type list

I will have to investigate if I can capture "flagged" cells as a submission
RejectedNserafmake all names in chat clickable, like:

username earned/trailblazed/scythed/scouted a cube/points

username clickable with profile appearing like if you click a name in leaderboard or chat if that person is chatting.
This really does not fit within the scope of the Scouts' Log. Please submit this feature request to EyeWire HQ.N: you have a point. :)
CompletedNserafmake information selectable in the history and elsewhere, like Cube ID, comments, links etc.

E: What do you mean by this?

I'd like if when I clicked "history" I could select with drag (left mouse) and select the ID's or other information, like how we can select ID from scouts' bar or /debug.

E: (See image link) As an example, the white text for cube and cell would be plain text which can be easily highlighted and copied

N: yep as per discusion in game chat (pm) I think this is good. :) text has been added for version 0.2. History view will also display entries as shown in the image link.
CompletedLotteryDiscountzI love the new pulldown options for the history! I would like just 1 more; besides the <50%: also have an option to pull up the 50-90% range, because this is likely to be the missing nub zone

N: agreed.
Added in version 0.2
CompletedAtaniWould it be possible to make it so the boxes close when we click somewhere other than the box? Kinda like how the profile box goes away by clicking somewhere other than in the box. I keep trying to close history by clicking outside the box and inadvertantly coloring in the 2d.

N: have you tried clicking on the reaper-rectagonal icon low right screen next to other rectagonal icon next to gear cog icon? if you have history or other app win open it closes it.

E: Clicking the X in the corner will also hide the window. Additionally, ALT + L will show/hide the window.
Added in version 0.3.0
CompletedNserafI would like to be able to edit my comment(s) in an entry. Say I log "removed player merger." but instead of merger I write meregr, I'd love a button in my comments "edit", so I can go in and edit.Added in verison 0.3.0
Completedtwister2Chrome 0.2.311/8/2015Would it be possible if clicking the Grim Reaper rectangle button (in the lower right area of the screen) could hide the main scouts log box just like it does for all the boxes that pop up from the main box? Having the main box visible at all times drives me crazy. :p

See image.

N: I always have it open, I can't think life without it lol :P in version 0.2.4
CompletedNserafChrome 0.2.311/12/0215N: not sure if it's a bug or a feature request or if you can even do anything about it or it's chrome and not the app log, but I would love when I click in new entry "delete/recapture picture" 2D/3D that I don't get the popup in the pic:
things would go faster if we don't have to click yes to that popup every single time we want to delete or recapture the pic.

ok I searched it some and it's a chrome thing but maybe log app code can be tweaked on this a bit? capture was re-worked for version 0.2.4
CompletedNserafChrome 0.2.311/13/2015N: I'd like in need admin/scythe/wherever else applicable to the left of "last user" a "logged by/first user/call it what you want :P" because especially with mergers where a lot of scythes may reap and their name will overtake logger's one in "last user" and I find myself jumping to entrties I have either logged and/or reaped already, not a huge one but it is a time waster especially when the log says "20" (random number) lol.

N: yes both/either would be useful, I just need/want some way to know if I have reaped a cube after someone else has made an entry on it and it no longer displays my name so I don't make pointless jumps to discover I have already reaped that cube.

susi: agree with Nik, especially the latter would be very helpful.
Original/first user can be included if that is helpful.

Would it be more helpful to indicate if you have made an entry for a particular cube?


Indicators for log entries and cubes previously placed on watch added for version 0.3.0
RequestedNseraf11/15/2015Not so much a feature request for the extension but for the website, I think we should have a "new scouts reseources" with: and the links to the scouts' training from eyewire youtube channel.

N: user guide sounds great, but these vids (mine and HQ's) are not just about interface etc but of how/what to scout etc, experience passed on, so it'd be nice to have them somewhere so that new scouts can download and watch them.
I have started working on a "user guide" for the site/extension which will serve as a manual/guide for everyone. I didn't want to do too much early on.
Completedsusi12/3/2015It would be helpful, when default-status in „new log entry“ would contain status the last user has set instead of „missing nub“.Added in version 0.3.0
Completedtwister212/4/2015Might be useful to put an extra column in the "Need Admin" and "Need Scythe" lists, containing snippets of the first comments for each cube.
This way I (and other admins, and scythes) can more quickly tell what's wrong with each cube by the time I'm headed there. It also allows me to triage the cubes so I can jump to more important ones first.

N: related to line 35.
Added in verison 0.3.0
Requestedrinda0.2.512/18/2015hope this is a small request - could you please make the choices of line width "sticky" for the annotating cubes page? Thanks! I'm thinking the choice is probably consistent over time for others also.
CompletedNseraflatest12/20/2015I've been thinking for a while now that we need some kind of messaging system in scouts' log. What I mean is in google docs if say scythe A missed a nub and scythe B added it, scythe B would set on scythe complete and leave a comment so that scythe A could rereap.

Even if/when the entry would turn GOOD bc of google sheet it wouldn't hide so scythe A would eventually see and rereap.

Ofc this can be done in /gm scouts and/or pm, but scythe A may not always be present at that percise time and/or Scythe B may not always remember to keep ID etc and now GOOD entries hide. option here would be to have the "task details" screen automatically refresh every 10 seconds while it is open so that new entries would appear.

Added in version 0.3.0
RejectedNseraflatest12/20/2015I would like if possible, if someone leaves @<username> in comment(s) then that @'ed username would see another button appear "MSGs" and in there like the rest of the UI (history etc) see entries where his/her name has been mentioned like that. So he/she can rereap or more importatnly in the case of new, learning scouts they can see our feedback to them like "NEW SCOUTS" was in old log.This would be a regular EyeWire feature and not something for the Scouts' Log.
Completedskruffylooter12/22/2015just a small thing: it would be nice to have the status "sticky" so if someone left it on for example "merger" and I make a new entry the status will not be "missing branch" on default (like now since that's the first in the row) but remain "merger".

N: relating to lines 39 & 37.
Duplicate of line #37
CompletedAtani1/16/2016I think this may be relating to some of the above requests (or at least the desired ends would be similar) But I would love it if there were a way to sort/show the cubes in the log that the player has been active in. I'm bad about writing down cube #'s but often want to check on something I either logged or put on watch, but have to guess and look at several cube entries before I can get to the cube's log that I am wanting.Duplicate of line #35
CompletedAtani2/2/2016Can there be a way to edit the notes we make in the log? Right now we have to make another entry with the correction.Duplicate of line #32
latest4/9/2016I'm a frequent History user and use it to check on cubes I've played/reaped/etc. to see what's happened to them. I know there's an automatic tickbox for cubes I've made a log entry for, but would it be possible to have a tickbox just for myself? Like I can check the box to let myself know that I've checked the cube and it's ok, even though I haven't made a log entry.

N: would be useful.

b: i'd really like something like this for rechecking complicated/big tb's.
randompersonjcilatest7/10/2017not really a feature request nor bug, but the promotions tab is gone ever since eyewire mystics started. my guess is that you accidentally edited the promotions tab to the mystics tab instead of making a new tab altogether. i really want to see this fixed, as i don't really use bookmarks that much (unless for eyewire, youtube, and the congrats video i drag and drop to the chat whenever someon makes an achievement lol). thanks.
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