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Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet
School Pseudonym:Wonderland Elementary WES
Your Name : Rebecca Muller
Clearly mark the box that best represents the level of maturity achieved at your school site. Please refer to the Model Benchmark Rubric for detailed descriptions of the categories. EmergentIslandsIntegratedIntelligentEvaluator Comments
ADMINISTRATIVEPolicybehavioralxWES is currently in the development stages for technology use. We have no technology policy at this time, and the amount of technology use varies from teacher to teacher
resource/infrastructurexThere is no formal technology policy.
PlanningbehavioralxBudget drives every move that WES makes, and no formal plan exists. However, the staff has collaborated to come up wtih next steps for our technology team.
resource/infrastructurexThere is no formal technology policy. Our district has made us wait to order apple TVs per classroom because of infrastructure and security.
BudgetbehavioralxThere is no formal technology policy..
resource/infrastructurexWES has a new principal, who started last year, and purchased many new technology for the staff. Currently, our budget will be doubled by the fundraising of our PTO. Our PTO, over the years have funded the technology for our school with extreme support.
Administrative InformationbehavioralxMoving towards all paperless communication, however, some paper systems still exist. Office staff very resistant to changes to paperless.
resource/infrastructurexThere are some records that teachers cannot access, but we are all on the same system
CURRICULARElectronic InformationbehavioralxMany teachers are hesitant to commit to electronic information resources completely
resource/infrastructurexSee above comment
AssessmentbehavioralxWES does all MAPS testing online. However, there are still many assessments done with paper and pencil.
resource/infrastructurexMAPS testing is done on the computer, but that is a traditional assessment
Curricular IntegrationbehavioralxAgain, this is for the majority of teachers
resource/infrastructurexAll students had access to RAZZ kids, an online reading program at WES.
Teacher UsebehavioralxWe are seeing behavioral changes with staff memebers as more and more are willing and engaging in technology discussions and PD because they want to increase their usage.
resource/infrastructurexThere is a class set of netbooks which can be checked out of the library. If more teachers decide to use technology, it will be very difficult for teachers to get the materials they require. This year more then ever before teachers wanted to check out netbook cart, last year only one teacher used it.
Student UsebehavioralxMajority of teachers use the computer lab with their students at least once a week, teaching their own desgned curiculum. Some teachers seem to get at least twice a week into the lab and use their devices in their classroom to it's fullest capabilities.
resource/infrastructurexThere is a computer lab, an iPad in every classroom and primary classroom they have 2 or 3 each, 4 chromebooks per teacher and a netbook carts, but they are not utilized consistently.
SUPPORTStakeholder InvolvementbehavioralxWES has a formal technology leadership team and this team develops and implements the professional development needed for the staff.
resource/infrastructurexThere is a stipend for each teacher on the technology team.
Administrative SupportbehavioralxAdministrative support exists and is principal is very much a forward thinker when it comes to this area. He wants to pave the road for other elementary schools.
resource/infrastructurexThere is time allotted for professional development and tech training. If we had a formal technology plan, this area would be higher because we could show movement towards set goals.
TrainingbehavioralxMost tech training is done in-house by other teachers; all teachers participate willingly. We had a special guest on iPad apps come present on a Saturday and we had 40% participation from staff.
resource/infrastructurexWES's school district has professional development dedicated to technology and implementation, however, their major free conference was held one week after school was out. The professional development that is offered during the year are done in isolation and in response to what a school asks for. There are some classes online for professional developemnt but again, they aren't required or advertised.
Technical/Infrastructure SupportbehavioralxTech support is regularly utilized by teachers by coming to the people in the building that have the "know - how".
resource/infrastructurexThere is one staff member at WES who gets paid extra for tech support, but mainly it is provided by district hired personnel
CONNECTIVITYLocal Area Networking (LAN)behavioralxAll communication, attendance, gradebook, etc. is done online
resource/infrastructurexHigh-speed network, but many sites/opportunities are blocked by district filter
District Area Networking (WAN)behavioralxBroadcasting videos is blocked by district filter
resource/infrastructurexSeveral high-speed dedicated lines exist throughout WES's district
Internet AccessbehavioralxStaff frequently uses Internet, for curriculum integration, cooperation and lesson planning.
resource/infrastructurexEvery teacher has at least one high-speed computer in their room
Communication SystemsbehavioralxNearly all communication is done through email, facebook, teacher's websites linked to school's website and still some paper.
resource/infrastructurexWES uses Google Apps for Education, so all students and teachers have a free gmail account through the district from grades 3-12. 2nd graders got special permission to get these email accounts last year and will do the same this year.
INNOVATIONNew TechnologiesbehavioralxMany teachers have great attitude about new technologies offered and how it can help them and their students.
resource/infrastructurexUsing our early release days, training opportunities have been available, so new technology and applications have been showcased and embraced by most.
Comprehensive TechnologiesbehavioralxDocument cameras, projectors, and computers are the bulk of technology usage by teachers for instructional purposes, but we are noticing changes with use of the iPad and Chromebooks that more integration is happening.
resource/infrastructurexI see many different items being used as we teach new technologies and applications to our teachers. They are all willing to move forward in this technology era, but some are slower then others.