SY 19/20 Base Science Materials (External)
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School Year 2019-2020
Summit Learning Program | Science Base Curriculum
Context for Supplies and Materials

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide context for the supplies and materials required for the projects in the Science Base Curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year. Here is some helpful information for understanding this spreadsheet and how to acquire the necessary materials:

All specified quantities and group distributions are recommendations. We acknowledge that our recommendations might not match the needs and dimensions of every classroom, so feel free to adjust the material distributions as best fits you and your classroom’s resources and needs.

Some items may appear across multiple projects. Avoid over-ordering supplies by noting which materials can carry over to different projects.

Many materials can be easily purchased at any hardware store, craft store, or online vendor. We have made sure to provide specific links in the Source column of the spreadsheet when there is a specific kit that we recommend for a particular activity or lab. (For example, the DNA Barcode Amplification Kit in Biology’s DNA Barcoding project)

Select projects in The Living Earth, Physics in the Universe, and Chemistry in the Earth System courses are still under construction and the materials are subject to revision. These are denoted with a red disclaimer.

If you are following the Disciplinary Science path, please check the tabs for Science 6, 7, and 8 to locate the projects in your sequence.

If any revisions are made to the materials listed in this tracker, they will be recorded in the Updates tab and the row within the course specific tabs will be hlghlighted in green.

For questions or clarifications, reach out to