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Beast Commander
Tier 1Gnoll10 Gold6-8 Damage0.88 AttackspeedMelee90 HitpointsNormal AttackLight ArmorAbility: Gnoll PoisonA poison attack that slows the target enemy's movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 25% for 4 seconds.
Tier 1 UpgradeGnoll Savage80 Gold34-38 Damage0.91 AttackspeedMelee610 HitpointsNormal AttackLight ArmorAbility: Poisoned FlailA poison attack that deals 8 damage per second and slows the enemy's movement speed by 70% and attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds.
Tier 2Ogre30 Gold11-13 Damage0.78 AttackspeedMelee326 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy ArmorAbility: Club SmahEach attack has a 25% chance to deal 20 bonus damage and stun for 1.5 seconds. The stun duration is reduced to 0.15 seconds on bosses.
Tier 2 UpgradeOgre Basher105 Gold, 1 Food41-71 Damage0.88 AttackspeedMelee940 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy ArmorAbility: Knock OutEach attack has a 27% chance to deal 145 bonus damage and stun for 3 second. The stun duration is reduced to 0.35 seconds on bosses.
Tier 3Harpy70 Gold25-28 Damage1.0 Attackspeed425 Range425 HitpointsMagic AttackLight ArmorAbility: EnvenomDeals 3 damage per second, slows the enemy's movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds.
Tier 3 UpgradeMedusa125 Gold56-63 Damage0.9 Attackspeed425 Range820 HitpointsMagic AttackLight ArmorAbility: Enchanted PoisonDeals 11 damage per second, slows the enemy's movement speed bvy 35% and attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds.
Tier 4Troll Fighter135 Gold63-72 Damage1.2 Attackspeed450 Range575 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium Armor
Tier 4 UpgradeTroll Champion220 Gold, 1 Food
105-117 Damage
0.95 Attackspeed500 Range1000 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorAbility: Adrenaline RushBoosts movement & attack speed of friendly units by 12.5%.
Tier 5Grizzly180 Gold, 1 Food99-115 Damage1.0 AttackspeedMelee925 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 5 UpgradeGreymane205 Gold
142-168 Damage
0.72 AttackspeedMelee1815 Hitpoints25 ManaSiege AttackFortified ArmorBattle Cry25 Mana CostAdds 24% bonus damage and 7 armor for 25 seconds.
Tier 6Spawn of Dragon265 Gold, 2 Food
141-159 Damage
1.44 AttackspeedMelee1360 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy ArmorCircle SlashAttacks deal very small splash damage to ground units.
Tier 6 UpgradeDragon Aspect320 Gold
232-247 Damage
1.30 Attackspeed350 Range2575 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy ArmorWhitefireAttacks deal very small splash damage to ground & air units.
Mech Commander
Tier 1Peewee15 Gold17-19 Damage0.8 AttackspeedMelee125 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium Armor
Tier 1 UpgradeVeteran130 Gold, 1 Food83-94 Damage0.8 AttackspeedMelee1025 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorFinishing Blow!Veteran has a 5% to finish off enemy's with a single blow, doesn't work on bosses.
Tier 2Infantry60 Gold16-20 Damage0.6 Attackspeed600 Range160 HitpointsPierce AttackLight Armor
Tier 2 UpgradeZeus155 Gold, 1 Food16-18 Damage0.22 Attackspeed800 Range450 Hitpoints10 ManaPierce AttackLight ArmorSurge10 Mana CostUnleashes a bolt of deadly energy dealing 80 damage. Zeus gains 1 mana every time he attacks.
Tier 2 UpgradePyro170 Gold48-52 Damage0.48 Attackspeed225 Range1005(3*) HitpointsChaos AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 2 UpgradeDestroyer170 Gold, 1 Food64-68 Damage0.44 Attackspeed235 Range1840(3*) HitpointsChaos AttackHeavy ArmorTriple AttackEvery 3 attacks Destroyer attacks 3 extra enemies with fire balls. Each ball does 40 damage.
Tier 3Captain110 Gold, 1 Food60-72 Damage1.5 Attackspeed240 Range585 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorLeadershipIncreases nearby allied units damage by 7%
Tier 3 UpgradeAdmiral190 Gold
153-173 Damage
1.5 Attackspeed240 Range1235 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorSuperiorityIncreases nearby allied units damage by 12%
Tier 4Tempest140 Gold30-44 Damage0.44 Attackspeed300 Range600 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 4 UpgradeLeviathan265 Gold, 1 Food
263-305 Damage
1.45 Attackspeed325 Range1620 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy ArmorShrapnelBombs have a 40% chance of releasing shrapnel and dealing 50 damage to up to 3 nearby enemies.
Tier 5Cyborg210 Gold, 1 Food
121-135 Damage
1.0 AttackspeedMelee1185 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 5 UpgradeKrogoth290 Gold
176-184 Damage
0.95 AttackspeedMelee2800 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy ArmorVital SliceEach attack has a 27% change of doing x4 damage (Works on bosses)
Tier 6Neotank360 Gold, 2 Food
143-159 Damage
0.9 Attackspeed450 Range1420 HitpointsSiege AttackFortified Armor
Tier 6 UpgradeDoomsday Machine450 Gold
325-375 Damage
0.8 Attackspeed450 Range3015 HitpointsSiege AttackFortified ArmorCounter MeasuresEverytime Doomsday Machine is under attack it gains 1 mana. When at full mana it releases an explosive charge around itself dealing damage in 225 AoE equal to the level of the enemies and maGuardian Doomsday impervable to damage. Additionally it increases Doomsday Machines damage by 350.
Nature Commander
Tier 1Ent20 Gold11-13 Damage1.4 AttackspeedMelee115 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 1 UpgradeTreant Guardian95 Gold53-64 Damage1.4 AttackspeedMelee765 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy ArmorEntangleEntangles a nearby enemy unit, immobalizing it and dealing 15 damage per second. Lasts for 6 second. Duration is decreased to 3 second for bosses.
Tier 2Ranger40 Gold15-18 Damage0.9 Attackspeed750 Range110 HitpointsPierce AttackMedium ArmorVulture EyeRanger has a 33% chance to do 160% damage. Affect air enemy units only.
Tier 2 UpgradeMeliai115 Gold40-43 Damage0.9 Attackspeed750 Range335 HitpointsPierce AttackMedium ArmorPrecision, Mark TargetMeliai has a 33% chance to do 160% damage. Affect air enemy units only. Each attack marks an enemy target, causing it to take 25% more damage for piercing attacks. Does not stack.
Tier 3Sprite80 Gold22-27 Damage0.66 Attackspeed300 Range360 HitpointsMagic AttackLight ArmorFaerie LuckGives a 15% chance to dodge an attack.
Tier 3 UpgradeThunderbird155 Gold
120-132 Damage
1.6 Attackspeed300 Range1220 HitpointsMagic AttackHeavy ArmorAftershock, Faerie LuckGives a 15% chance to dodge an attack. Shocks a nearby enemy for 50 damage with each attack.
Tier 4Tree of Travel130 Gold74-82 Damage1.5 AttackspeedMelee750 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorHelping HandIncreases nearby allied units movement speed by 30%
Tier 4 UpgradeTree of Time165 Gold
138-144 Damage
1.5 AttackspeedMelee1395 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorChrono TriggerSlows nearby enemy units movement speed by 50%
Tier 5Halfbreed195 Gold, 1 Food86-90 Damage0.9 AttackspeedMelee1005 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 5 UpgradeGoliath350 Gold, 1 Food
246-278 Damage
1.8 Attackspeed1870 Range1655 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy Armor
Natural Armor, Reassurance, Finishing Blow, Fury
30% chance to reduce damage taken by 50 every time this unit is attacked. If the attack deals less than 50 damage it will deal 5 damage. 5% chance on killing enemy units with one hit. 20% change to increase attackspeed by 60% for 4 seconds with each attack. Gives 4 additional armor to friendly units close to him, very small area of effect.
Tier 6Yggdrasil290 Gold, 2 Food91-102 Damage0.8 Attackspeed180 Range1250 HitpointsMagic AttackFortified ArmorSacred BlessingHeals up to 3 nearby allied units for 50 hp every 5 seconds (AoE 300)
Tier 6 UpgradeTree of Knowledge380 Gold
221-251 Damage
0.8 Attackspeed180 Range2665 HitpointsChaos AttackFortified ArmorForbidden FruitReturns 30% of melee damage recieved back to the attacker. Deals 220 damage to nearby enemy units when it does (Limited to 35 targets)
Tier 6 UpgradeTree of Life380 Gold
316-360 Damage
1.0 Attackspeed180 Range2350 HitpointsMagic AttackFortified ArmorWater of LifeHeals up to 6 nearby allied units for 80 hitpoints every second (Cost: 60 mana, AoE 400). When this unit dies, it heals up to 6 nearby allied units for 800 hitpoints each (800 AoE).
Tier 6 UpgradeTree of Battle380 Gold
201-221 Damage
0.55 Attackspeed180 Range3700 HitpointsPierce AttackFortified ArmorSacred BlessingHeals up to 3 nearby allied units for 50 hp every 5 seconds (AoE 300)
Shadow Commander
Tier 1Bone Warrior15 Gold4-5 Damage0.6 AttackspeedMelee70 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorFrenzySkeletons move faster and regenerate hitpoints.
Tier 1 UpgradeSkeletor90 Gold33-39 Damage0.9 AttackspeedMelee485 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorFrenzy, Killing SpreeSkeletons move faster and regenerate hitpoints. Has a 30% change to increase damage by 33% for 4 seconds with each kill. If the attack kills a unit, change is increased to 100%.
Tier 1 UpgradeFire Archer90 Gold12-14 Damage0.25 Attackspeed625 Range275 Hitpoints20 ManaPierce AttackLight ArmorFrenzy, Flaming Arrows3 Mana costSkeletons move faster and regenerate hitpoints. Uses 3 mana to add 20 bonus damage to an attack.
Tier 1 UpgradeDark Mage140 Gold, 1 Food27-31 Damage1.0 Attackspeed330 Range375 Hitpoints20 ManaMagic AttackLight ArmorFrenzy, MindwarpSkeletons move faster and regenerate hitpoints. Increases the attack rate for an ally by 62%. Lasts for 20 Seconds.
Tier 2Carrion Spitter35 Gold12-17 Damage0.8 Attackspeed500 Range115 HitpointsPierce AttackMedium Armor
Tier 2 UpgradeNightcrawler110 Gold28-34 Damage0.35 Attackspeed500 Range465 HitpointsPierce AttackMedium ArmorSticky WebsAttacks slow enemy units movement speed by 20% and attackspeed 15% for 6 seconds. Air units only.
Tier 3Gateguard80 Gold, 1 Food24-37 Damage1.0 AttackspeedMelee550 Hitpoints60 ManaNormal AttackHeavy ArmorConjure Fiend60 Mana CostConjures a fiend to attack its masters enemies. Lasts for 60 seconds. (40 Second cooldown) / 14-17 Damage (Chaos), Unarmored, 1.0 Attackspeed, 145 hitpoints - Minor Concussion: 15% chance to deal 125 damage and stun for 1.5 seconds (0.5 seconds for bosses).
Tier 3 UpgradeHarbringer150 Gold72-96 Damage1.3 AttackspeedMelee1330 Hitpoints60 ManaNormal AttackHeavy ArmorConjure Fanatic60 Mana CostConjures a Fanatic to attack its masters enemies. Lasts for 60 seconds (60 second cooldown) / 40-47 Damage (Chaos), Unarmored, 1.0 Attackspeed, 470 hitpoints - Concussion: 25 % change to deal 250 damage and stun for 3 seconds (0.5 seconds for bosses).
Tier 3 UpgradeHerald270 Gold, 1 Food
116-132 Damage
1.05 AttackspeedMelee1820 Hitpoints60 ManaNormal AttackHeavy ArmorCall Menace60 Mana CostCall Menace, a fearsome pet beast to assist him on the death delivery. Lasts for 60 seconds (40 second cooldown) / 96-116 Damage (Chaos), Unarmored, 1080 Hitpoints - Concussion: 25% chance to deal 250 damage and stun for 3 seconds (0.5 seconds for bosses), 15% life steal.
Tier 4Overseer130 Gold64-76 Damage1.5 Attackspeed425 Range625 HitpointsMagic AttackMedium ArmorBlood ThirstNearby friendly melee units gain 8% life steal.
Tier 4 UpgradeKeeper of Souls165 Gold
120-132 Damage
1.4 Attackspeed425 Range1080 HitpointsMagic AttackMedium ArmorSound of MadnessNearby friendly melee units gain 16% life steal.
Tier 5Nightmare215 Gold, 1 Food15-45 Damage0.25 AttackspeedMelee995 HitpointsNormal AttackUnarmoredShadow WalkerGives 10% evasion and 10% chance to deal double damage.
Tier 5 UpgradeDoppelganger240 Gold19-43 Damage0.14 AttackspeedMelee1960 HitpointsNormal AttackUnarmoredFatalityGives 15% evasion and 12% chance to deal triple damage.
Tier 6Lord of Death320 Gold, 1 Food35-45 Damage0.5 Attackspeed400 Range845 Hitpoints60 ManaChaos AttackMedium ArmorInvoke Inferno60 Mana CostInvokes an infernal to wreak havok among enemies. Lasts 60 seconds (60 second cooldown) / 55-66 Damage (Chaos), Fortified Armor, 900 Hitpoints - Immolation
Tier 6 UpgradeHades350 Gold, 2 Food70-80 Damage0.5 Attackspeed400 Range1475 Hitpoints60 ManaChaos AttackMedium ArmorDiablo60 Mana CostInvokes a diabolic creature that reawakens the dead. Lasts 60 seconds (60 second cooldown) / 51-58 Damage (Pierce), Light Armor, 1200 Hitpoints - Summons Imps (They have the same immolation as Infernal.)
Element Commander
Tier 1Proton20 Gold13-13 Damage0.7 Attackspeed250 Range100 HitpointsChaos AttackLight Armor
Tier 1 UpgradeAdept 155 Gold, 1 Food
100-100 Damage
0.9 Attackspeed375 Range560 HitpointsChaos AttackLight Armor
Tier 2Aqua Spirit50 Gold13-18 Damage0.8 Attackspeed375 Range200 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorWater SplashAttacks bounce to strike one additional nearby enemy. Bounce range is 300. Damage is reduced by 25% for the next bounce.
Tier 2 UpgradeOceanus130 Gold49-54 Damage0.9 Attackspeed375 Range575 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorDelugeAttacks bounce to strike two additional nearby enemies. Bounce range is 450. Damage is reduced by 35% for each jump.
Tier 3Watcher80 Gold, 1 Food36-42 Damage0.9 Attackspeed300 Range335 HitpointsMagic AttackLight Armor
Tier 3 UpgradeViolet120 Gold51-61 Damage0.8 Attackspeed300 Range850 HitpointsMagic AttackMedium ArmorBlue WindSends currents of wind at nearby enemies, dealing 12 damage each gust (4 gusts per second)
Tier 4Mudman130 Gold75-81 Damage1.1 AttackspeedMelee1010 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 4 UpgradeGolem210 Gold, 1 Food
166-180 Damage
1.0 AttackspeedMelee2750 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 5Disciple200 Gold57-71 Damage0.75 Attackspeed550 Range670 Hitpoints50 ManaPierce AttackLight ArmorMana Burst10 Mana CostUses mana to add 60 bonus damage to an attack.
Tier 5 UpgradeMessiah260 Gold
119-125 Damage
0.7 Attackspeed550 Range1085 Hitpoints50 ManaMagic AttackLight ArmorMana Burst, Amplify Magic10 Mana CostUses mana to add 60 bonus damage to an attack. Increases nearby friendly units' mana regeneration by 5% of their max mana per second.
Tier 6Seer of Darkness345 Gold, 2 Food
142-156 Damage
1.0 Attackspeed400 Range1520 Hitpoints160 ManaMagic AttackMedium ArmorEnergy ShieldUses mana to nullify enemy attacks. Every 1 points of mana negates 4 damage.
Tier 6 UpgradeFenix400 Gold
193-205 Damage
0.92 Attackspeed400 Range2400 Hitpoints350 ManaMagic AttackMedium ArmorEnergy Shield, Focus EnergyUses mana to nullify enemy attacks. Every 1 points of mana negates 4 damage. Adds 1 bonus damage to every attack for every 3 points of current mana. This skill does not consume mana itself.
Ghost Commander
Tier 1Specter25 Gold4-6 Damage0.33 Attackspeed500 Range75 HitpointsMagic AttackUnarmoredPhase OutHas a 15% chance to dodge an attack.
Tier 1 UpgradeWraith90 Gold14-20 Damage0.33 Attackspeed600 Range230 Hitpoints30 ManaMagic AttackUnarmoredDistrub30 Mana CostSlows an enemy's attack rate and movement speed by 27% for 9 seconds.
Tier 1 UpgradeMercurial175 Gold, 1 Food35-40 Damage0.20 Attackspeed650 Range440 Hitpoints30 ManaMagic AttackUnarmoredTraumatize30 Mana CostSlows an enemy's attack rate by 40% and movement speed by 50% for 11 seconds.
Tier 2Wanderer50 Gold20-22 Damage0.9 AttackspeedMelee285 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium Armor
Tier 2 UpgradeSoul of Villian120 Gold74-80 Damage1.2 Attackspeed400 Range530 HitpointsMagic AttackLight ArmorViolateAttacks reduce the armor of enemy units by 4 for 15 seconds.
Tier 2 UpgradeSoul of Hero120 Gold67-71 Damage0.62 AttackspeedMelee1015 HitpointsNormal AttackMedium ArmorChange StanceChange to attack stance to deal more damage and increase range to 140 / Change to defensive stance for more hitpoints.
Tier 3Phantom125 Gold0-0 Damage1.2 Attackspeed250 Range475 Hitpoints15 ManaSpell AttackLight ArmorSilent Scream15 Mana CostDeals 30 damage to up to 3 units around the Phantom.
Tier 3 UpgradeHellghost130 Gold, 1 Food0-0 Damage1.0 Attackspeed250 Range580 Hitpoints15 ManaSpell AttackLight ArmorCacophony15 Mana CostDeals 60 damage to up to 3 units around the Hellghost.
Tier 3 UpgradeHELLRAISER165 Gold, 1 Food0-0 Damage0.8 Attackspeed250 Range690 Hitpoints15 ManaSpell AttackLight ArmorDeath Bass, Planed15 Mana CostDeals 90 damage to up to 3 units around the HELLRAISER. Gives a 33% chance to dodge an attack.
Tier 4Outcast195 Gold73-80 Damage0.75 AttackspeedMelee1240 HitpointsNormal AttackHeavy Armor
Tier 4 UpgradeForsaken One255 Gold, 1 Food
105-119 Damage
0.6 AttackspeedMelee2105 HitpointsSiege AttackHeavy ArmorInsanityHas a 25% chance to gain the insanity buff for 7 seconds with each attack. Insanity increases damage by 35% and armor by 25. It can't proc multiple times.
Tier 5Apparition250 Gold, 1 Food
118-130 Damage
1.0 Attackspeed500 Range665 HitpointsPierce AttackMedium ArmorSickness AuraDecreases the damage of nearby enemies by 5%. Stacks with other reduction auras.
Tier 5 UpgradeGravekeeper200 Gold
209-219 Damage
1.0 Attackspeed500 Range1025 HitpointsPierce AttackMedium ArmorDespair AuraDecreases the damage of nearby enemies by 10%. Stacks with other reduction auras.
Tier 6Dark Priest325 Gold, 2 Food
100-121 Damage
0.57 Attackspeed700 Range870 Hitpoints50 ManaMagic AttackUnarmoredHaunting50 Mana CostHaunts an enemy, dealing 45 damage per second and slowint attackspeed by 25% for 8 seconds.
Tier 6 UpgradeMeridian390 Gold
196-224 Damage
0.9 Attackspeed700 Range1000 hitpoints1100 ManaMagic AttackUnarmoredGhost Essence, Catastrophe120 Mana Cost
Uses mana to nullify enemy attacks. Every 1 points of mana negates 1 damage, affects 96% of incoming damage. Haunts an enemy, dealing 115 damage per second and slowing attackspeed by 65% for 10 seconds. If a unit dies with the Catastrophe buff, it will rupture, dealing 70 AoE damage (Max 10 targets).
Demihuman Commander
Tier 1Tribesman25 Gold31-43 Damage1 AttackspeedMelee130 Hitpoints-Normal AttackUnarmored20 Mana CostTraps and enemy, binding it to the ground so that it cannot move. If cast on an air unit, it will pull the unit into melee range. Lasts 7 seconds.
Tier 1 UpgradeTribeshunter55 Gold35-46 Damage0.8 Attackspeed325 Range385 Hitpoints20 ManaPierce AttackMedium ArmorThrow Net20 Mana CostTraps and enemy, binding it to the ground so that it cannot move. If cast on an air unit, it will pull the unit into melee range. Lasts 7 seconds.
Tier 1 UpgradeAlpha Male140 Gold76-87 Damage0.8 Attackspeed325 Range900 Hitpoints20 Mana?Pierce AttackMedium ArmorThrow Net, FuryTraps and enemy, binding it to the ground so that it cannot move. If cast on an air unit, it will pull the unit into melee range. Lasts 7 seconds. Has a 20% chance to increase attackspeed by 60% for 4 seconds with each attack. Does not stack.
Tier 2Servant35 Gold20-25 Damage1.6 AttackspeedMelee180 HitpointsNormal AttackFortified ArmorInsignificant OtherThis unit is often ognored in the battlefield as it is often deemed as a non-threat. Frail creature as it is, it takes 65% increased damage from magic.