Why have you put this together?
What's the point of this directory?
Hey there, I have had far too many conversations about how I know only a handful of people who are Bangladeshi and work in my field. And whether it's one to one, or in smaller groups, it's been easy to just say "Where the Bengalis at?"

And to be honest, after reading the Runnymede Trust's report on "The Colour of Money", I was in my feels about the systemic barriers we as British Bangladeshis have and continue to face. It wasn't entirely new information because I could see it in my own family's history in the UK. It felt like I wasn't meant to have "made it." (And I still feel like I haven't and I don't know if I ever will). But what I want to do, is the best with what I've got. I just don't want to do nothing with all them facts. I work in the arts, specifically in museums and galleries. And I'm all too aware of how we are lumped together with other South Asians without taking into account how class, caste, colourism and racism have a role to play in how Bangladeshis experience life in the UK. (Technically our very "diverse" UK cabinet government has more South Asians on it, but we know that they ain't our kinfolk). And this is all before we get into the intersections of ableism, gender and sexuality amongst ourselves.
- To help us not feel alone
- To help build a sense of community
- Not everyone is on the same social media platforms we use, so it's almost luck when you find someone who is Bangladeshi!
- To help out anyone if they need career advice at whatever stage of their career. Some people look upwards, some people look sideways
- To signpost other people to if they need another Bangladeshi person for the job. This is especially important if you're self-employed!
So it matters a lot to find your people. I just wanted to build a directory so that we know that there are people like us out there. If you're Bangladeshi working in fields that aren't typical to what people expect, please put yourself down in the directory. Put in what you feel comfortable to put in! This directory isn't meant for dickmeasuring, it's more to celebrate that you're here! When you are yourself, it gives people around you and younger people hope that they too can be themselves too. And the fact that you work in the areas that you do, we're intrigued and want to find out more.
Any other notes
If you have any questions, please get in touch with me via

Aksana x
1. Please only put in information you are happy to provide publicly!
2. If you are just starting out, that's wicked, put yourself forward too. Everyone starts somewhere.
3. I work full-time so won't have the capacity to organise any events or facilitate any email introductions