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TimestampWhat God is this PP expenditure for?Please Paste the Expenditure HereWhat sort of action is it?
1/29/2013 16:03:34Agni3AP: Command Universe: A massive ball of flame (the Sun) appears and traces a line in the heavens along the East-West axis.Create/Destroy
1/29/2013 20:30:12Zebus4 AP Create greater plane: Zebus creates the twisting nether, also known as The Great Beyond, through the energies pouring out from him by his edict. Create/Destroy
1/30/2013 10:49:25Agni/Pruinus2 AP (1 from Pruinus) Ascend God: Onus, God of Stone!Ascend God
1/30/2013 12:43:06Pruinus4 AP Command Universe - Create Winter.
If this is allowable, Winter comes every few years and lasts a few weeks, but everything in creation is affected by it. All Possible places and planets will be affected by Winter at this time. Planets that are capable of weather such as snow & hail will endure blizzards and hail storms, whereas planets that do not have such weather will simply lower in temperature for a time. Winter does NOT effect other planes of existence. Although Pruinus does not yet realize how this works, the cause of Winter is primal spirits of cold increasing their activity all across the universe when Pruinus commands it. Pruinus can demand that Winter come early, or late. She can also cause Winter to end earlier or later then usual.
1/31/2013 11:48:33Leaf3AP Populate Populace: Guardian Angelsare immortal servants of the gods/Leaf. They're tasked with preventing Zebus/Death from interfering with life. Even though they aren't planar beings (yet), if one of them is fatally injured, they're teleported to wherever Leaf is with 1hp, instead of dying. He heals them, gathers information, wipes the memories of their most recent life away, and sends them back out into the world to continue their work.Populate/Depopulate
1/31/2013 16:51:09Onus1 AP Command Land: Create a ring of mountains around a deep valleyCommand
1/31/2013 21:42:06Zebus2AP command: As Zebus flew threw the faceless army, he imparts a soul and a gives them faces to show it (ie: emotions)Command
1/31/2013 21:42:06Zebus1AP command: Free will: as Zebus continues to leave his mark
upon the other god's army of angels, what he doesn't tell them is that
he also gave them the ability to choose, or free will.
2/1/2013 6:42:22Pruinus1 AP Command Land - create a ring of glaciers around and inside the mountains themselves, positioned in order to make the ring of mountains to resemble a crown.Command
2/1/2013 9:21:13Leaf1AP: Command Angels. Define culture. In guardian angel culture, showing someone (even yourself) your face is the highest form of insult: it's absolutely taboo. At present the angels hide their faces as best they can, but as more resources become available, they will craft featureless masks and veils to wear.

Also, their culture is defined by their primal impulses: the orders they were under when Zebus gave them free-will have become those impulses.
2/1/2013 3:29:00AzgoCreate Plane (2AP): The Godcrater
2/1/2013 17:43:44Agni/Leaf3 (2 from Leaf) AP: Populate Agni'Vohda. Fire Elementals who are servants of Agni, but can and do serve others and do have some degree of free will. Not natural warriors, they are, instead, designed to be saboteaurs and assassins, able to vanish into a single spark of fire or transform into a roaring elemental blaze at will.Populate/Depopulate
2/1/2013 22:41:08Leaf1AP Nourish - Leaf creates the twilight garden, the only place in the world where odd flowers in the shape of men grow. They are highly poisonous, and can quickly kill anyone foolish enough to pick them despite their hideous warning screams.Nourish/Harm
2/2/2013 0:49:51Agni2 AP: Ascend God: Thereus, God of Magma!Ascend God
2/2/2013 2:09:26Marcus1 AP - Command Land - New rivers rush from springs in the mountains, flowing into the cracked earth and forming a deep cold lake at it's center beneath Marcus.Command
2/2/2013 2:09:43Marcus1 AP - Nourish Land - Rain falls within the mountain basin and shrubs and grasses begin to grow. These plants are simply normal wildflowers, shrubs and trees.They life and die naturally as is the natural order..Nourish/Harm
2/2/2013 7:10:28Pruinus1 AP spent command land
Pruinus has created the halls of creation, a monument to all the gods of creation, dead and alive. The halls are magically protected and resistant to most damage, although this does have limits.
2/2/2013 19:02:26OnusCreation of the Galeb DuhrPopulate/Depopulate
2/2/2013 19:02:53OnusCreate mountain chain extending from the world crown.Command
2/2/2013 19:03:20OnusNourish Galeb Duhr populaceNourish/Harm
2/3/2013 9:06:04AzgoCreate Race (3AP): Craterspawn (Corrupted Angels)Populate/Depopulate
2/3/2013 9:07:56AzgoNourish Populace (1AP): The Craterspawn swell in numbers from their creation vatsNourish/Harm
2/3/2013 9:09:04AzgoCommand Populace (1AP): Azgo instructs the Craterspawn in hatred and turning anger in strength. The first Barbarians hunger for blood.Command
2/3/2013 20:10:42TASOE3AP: Create Exarch - Artun, god of vanity. Artun has no set physical form. He appears to each viewer as the most pleasing visage imaginable. Even if there are three people present, he will appear to each as best pleases that individual.Create/Destroy
2/3/2013 23:32:08Marcus3 AP - Populate Populace - Angel of Death - From the body of the first mortal death trises the Angel of Death. These immortal servants (currently servind Marcus, Will likely be granted to Zebus later) are couriers of souls, buiding the depated into the afterlife. However, as a side effect of how they were first created, they have a distinct dislike and distaste for Guardian Angel, often seeking them out and using their unique abilities to kill them in the honor of their creator. To Angels of Death, killing a Guardian Angel is an unmatched religious experience. To make matters worse, each Guardian Angel killed has a small chance of being revived as an Angel of Death.Populate/Depopulate
2/4/2013 8:35:28Leaf1AP - Nourish Guardian Angels: Their numbers expand, and they gain the ability to turn other angels back into guardian angels. The chance of this happening is relatively higher, but that is balanced by the fact that guardian angels are also weaker and not hunters, so it balances out.Nourish/Harm
2/4/2013 14:04:07TASOE3AP Modify Populace: Create Humans. Artun turns guardian angels into humans.Populate/Depopulate
2/4/2013 16:45:34Sa1 AP - Nourish: Dozens of species of useful flowering plants spread throughout te regions surrounding the Garden of Twilight. Nearly every one can be brewed, eaten, milled, processed (cloth / paper), or otherwise used.Nourish/Harm
2/4/2013 16:45:52Sa1 AP - Command: Humans develop agriculture, making good use of the flowering plants, and cementing their continued survival around the garden (for now, anyway!)Command
2/4/2013 16:54:29Onus1 AP: Command Populace- search out Thereus' cavern sculpting.Command
2/5/2013 1:18:39Agni 1 AP: Command Land: Form the Eternal Volcano, a crag of obsidian which is the site of a continual eruption of magma. The Agni'Vohda reside here, and those wishing to call on the powers of the Agni'Vohda must travel to the caldera of the mountain and ask them there. If they are feeling generous, an Agni'Vohda will appear to barter for the services of the assassins. If they are not, then the Caldera is a nice place to swim... you're made of fire too, right? Oh.Command
2/5/2013 1:18:39Agni1 AP: Nourish Land: Obsidian and Gems are sprinkled across the world, with a higher concentration in the lands nearest to the Eternal Volcano.Nourish/Harm
2/5/2013 4:14:00Sa/Onus1 AP: Ascend the God of Light (Onus contributes the other 1 AP)Ascend God
2/5/2013 5:24:18PruinusCommand Land - Form landmarks within the crown. 1 AP spent.

Pruinus causes forests and grassy fields to raise within the crown, giving it more life. She also creates four great lakes along the crown, one reaching incredibly deep. The depth of this lake is meant to be vague, but could serve a plot point.
2/5/2013 5:24:44PruinusAqquire Domain - Primal Spirits. 2 AP spent.

Pruinus befriends the primal spirits of the world, the last remants of the first who had not gathered together to create a god, but rather a huge, uncountable colony of spirits who reside within nature and all creations. It is upto each god to state whether they are creating using Primal Spirit (either intentionally or unintentionally.) or with their own divine power. This has no effect on the gameplay, but can be important for fluff.

Special Domain conditions: Those who have the primal spirits domain have no true power over the spirits, but are allied with the spirits and they will allow themselves to be guided by that god to create. The primal spirits cannot be forced to do something against their will, but the player with the domain has the final say over what the spirits under his control are like anyway. Also (And I may regret this later) when The Primal Spirits domain is shared, it cannot be reclaimed back at will, as the primal spirits have their own say in whether they wish to continue assisting the god.

1 AP Left.
Claim Domain
2/5/2013 11:48:02Urru1AP - Acquiring the Lightning DomainClaim Domain
2/5/2013 12:55:07Leaf1AP - Nourish land: Leaf creates a meadowish biome to the south of the Crown. It has the normal level of biodiversity: plants, shrubs, trees, mammals, lizards, etc. In particular, cats are here, and in addition to their normal nature, are capable of seeing (though not interacting with) gods and other paranormal things. A picture for reference: http://amitkulkarni.info/pics/greenery-pictures/photos/lush-green-meadow.jpgNourish/Harm
2/5/2013 12:56:56Leaf1AP - Nourish land: Leaf creates a dry savanna biome to the east of the Crown. It is mostly barren ground and grass, with some shrubs and a few trees. There's the normal level of biodiversity, though hyenas in particular are there and were dedicated to Agni. A picture for reference: http://techhouse.brown.edu/~dmorris/africa/3207_amboseli_hyena_notes.jpgNourish/Harm
2/5/2013 12:58:08Leaf1AP - Nourish land: Leaf creates a wintery forest biome thingy to the north of the Crown. Foxes, there, are particularly devoted to Pruinus. A picture for reference: http://palmlix.com/images/f/204021-free-snowy-pine-forest-vasterbotten-sweden-download-.jpgNourish/Harm
2/5/2013 15:09:35ThereusCommand Land 2 AP: Forming the Southern Mountains. A vast cavefilled vastness of lifeless mountains, hills and volcanic rocks. Command
2/5/2013 17:21:50AzgoCommand Populace (1AP): The Craterspawn adopt a vicious warrior culture, killing the unworthy and sharpening the strong. Every living Craterspawn is a practiced killer.Command
2/5/2013 16:40:07Yr3 PP Create Artifact - Modify the Sun. Split it into seven smaller suns. More details to follow.Create/Destroy
2/5/2013 16:40:07Yr4 PP Create Plane - The Moon. The home plane of Yr, its manifestation in the material world is a small silver disk in the sky.Create/Destroy
2/6/2013 14:10:51ThereusAP: Nourish Humans 1PP: Teaches the Humans how to melt metal and make tools, weapons and other useful things of it.Nourish/Harm
2/7/2013 18:40:49Agni/TASOE1AP+1AP from Agni (pre -approved stealing) - Ascend Umbra, god of darkness, who happens to be in the middle of smothering AgniAscend God
2/9/2013 9:34:49Thereus3 AP Create Artifact: Unnamed Armour for Azael who may name it if he so desires. He may also decide of the exact effects it will have other than its ability to change size and form. Create/Destroy
2/9/2013 13:42:49Agni1 AP: (de?)nourish land: A desert stretches between the Everlasting Volcano and the mountains to the south. Nourish/Harm
2/9/2013 20:33:48Sa2 AP - Create/Modify Artifact : Sa diverts one of the seven suns from its rotation to hover endlessly, centered above the Crown, known hereafter as The Beacon. This sun provides light and warmth for the surrounding Earthmotes, and (once the suns ignite again) will provide a constant guide for any terresterial races, below. As it is remains always directly above the Crown, it allows travel by night, as it's position provides a constant, fixed position, to navigate against.Create/Destroy
2/9/2013 20:34:03Sa1 AP - Command Land : Sa raises Earth Motes from the Crown Valley into the sky. They float between 200m to 425m above the highest peaks in the Crown. As Earthmotes go, these are on the small side, the largest having room for only three small buildings (or one large building).Command
2/9/2013 20:34:18Sa1 AP - Harm Humans : The humans "saved" by Sa are not well adjusted to life on Earthmotes, and the humans still in the Crown Valley are not well adjusted to having a goodly number of their brethren suddenly spirited into the sky (not to mention the loss in resources and production).Nourish/Harm
2/10/2013 12:13:18AzgoNoursih Populace (1AP): The creation vats spew craterspawn faster than they slaughter each other. Their numbers become legions.Nourish/Harm
2/10/2013 12:13:18AzgoClaim Domain (1AP): HateClaim Domain
2/10/2013 12:13:18AzgoAttack God (1AP): Pruinus. Azgo charges and attacks Pruinus in The Godcrater; the first battle between gods occurs.Attack God
2/10/2013 14:27:36Zebus2AP: Claim Domain - Shadow: With the darkening Zebus takes control of the latent shadows of the world under his control to work with due to current debilitations....

Claim Domain
2/10/2013 14:27:45Zebus2AP: Create Artifact: The Reaping Sword. This is the sword Zebus currently inhabits. As it is in Pruinus's possesion, it is slowly starting to gain abilities eeked from its current owners. In its current state it (not only contains the essense of Zebus god of death) is a shadow/frost sword, with its power capable of expanding in the future.Create/Destroy
2/10/2013 14:27:45PruinusAttack Azgo: 1APAttack God
2/10/2013 15:14:45Marcus2 AP - Command Land - Form a great mountain chain on the western shoreCommand
2/10/2013 14:27:45Marcus1 AP - Nourish Land - A redwood forest grows on and around the immediate vicinity of the new mountain range.Nourish/Harm
2/10/2013 14:27:45Marcus3 AP - Nourish Land - Life flourishes in the area, ranging from squirrells and small plants to wolves and even birds spread throughout the forest despite the now raging winter.Nourish/Harm
2/10/2013 17:22:03Zebus1AP to finish creating the Reaping Sword: A 3AP artifact of shadows, freezing ice, and death.Create/Destroy
2/10/2013 17:22:15Zebus1AP Attack Azgo: Lashing out through the sword, Zebus attacks Azgo making it seem Pruinus is being openly hostile to him.Attack God
2/11/2013 5:03:10Umbra5 PP: Create Plane (the Shadow)Create/Destroy
2/11/2013 5:03:37Umbra2 AP: Primeval shadows.Populate/Depopulate
2/11/2013 19:48:03OnusCreate Exarch- CumbrousCreate/Destroy
2/12/2013 20:15:29Zebus2AP= Ascend God: As the divine energies lashed about, Zebus lost control temporarily and something else, more sinster awakens. Arise Altruis. Make your mark upon the unknowing that brought you forth! (ascend Rimmon)Ascend God
2/12/2013 20:38:29Urru4 AP: Create Avatar - PharosCreate/Destroy
2/12/2013 20:15:29Urru1 AP: Nourish Land - Re-ignite the minisun Nourish/Harm
2/12/2013 20:15:29Urru1 AP: Command Populace - Make the Luminaries, the first sorcerorsCommand
2/13/2013 12:40:29TASOEModify Artifact: 1AP (from Agni) TASOE shatters the suns, hiding six of them, and tying the Beacon's own illumination to the others. As they're recovered and put back in the sky, the Beacon will shine brighter. Now if only we had some mortal heroes to hunt them down...Create/Destroy
2/13/2013 12:40:29TASOEDenourish Land: 1AP (from Leaf: I had gotten Pen's permission). The western lands are turned into a scorched wasteland. I would call it a desert, but deserts are comparatively nice placesNourish/Harm
2/13/2013 14:16:29AltruisCreate Artifact (2 AP): Mormhaor(Corrupted Death)

The white blade, opposite that of Zebus's Reaping Blade. Those hit by this blade not only are made to bleed but lose their sanity, leaving a mark on their soul until it eventually rips it from them, the sword absorbing it. The malice in the sword is so strong it entering a region simply causes anomaly's that mortals can't understand playing with their sanity until they too go mad. Only Altruis and the one who wields this blade(if Altruis wields it only him) are immune to its effects. Depending on the amount of souls "reaped" by this sword increases its power as well as Altruis gaining power himself empowers the sword.
2/13/2013 14:16:29AltruisClaim Domain (3 AP): Chaos

The way Altruis came into this world was born from a chaotic battle of hatred, madness, and chaos between the three gods, causing not only undeath and fear to come into being but chaos as well.
Claim Domain
2/13/2013 20:46:29AltruisPopulate (2 AP): "Soul Fiends" Beings created by corrupted elementals they have a remanance of what they once were before hand, but now only seek to gather souls to sate their own hunger and that of their god, Altruis. They can morph into shadow and disappear, be invisible, take the shape of animals as well, but still covered in blackness. These particular ones have frosted eye sockets which glow blue inside.Populate/Depopulate
2/13/2013 21:35:41AzgoCommand Populace (2AP):Craterspawn. The craterspawn legions fly
out and divide themselves into countless flocks. They attack large human
cities, towns, and villages as well as gelab duhr communities.
2/14/2013 21:17:41Agni1 AP: Denourish Land: The Burning Lands are created, filled with burning piles of the Goo of TASOE (which Thought tells me will burn for centuries, at least). This is a hellish place, filled with caustic smoke and choking heat. Nothing much can survive here.Nourish/Harm
2/14/2013 21:17:41Agni1 AP: Command Land: The Collapsed Mountain: The 'body' of Angi has formed a tall mountain of rubble in the middle of the Burning Lands. Command
2/15/2013 9:34:41TASOE3AP-Create Exarch: Seg, god of cake-I-mean-lies. Normally appears as a homely man, somewhat short and stout. He wears simple clothes, but always has his sleeves rolled up, a well-worn work apron, and his arms and hands have the look of someone who works with their hands. He has a ready smile and a generous heart. However, currently he is taking the form of Leaf.Create/Destroy
2/15/2013 14:07:41Leaf3AP: Create Avatar - Brother Branch. A tiny natural spirit, made
of wood like a puppet, but dressed in leafy armor. A little taller than
Leaf himself, but still very very short.
2/15/2013 19:10:54Sa- 3 AP Claim Domain: Magic -- Sa claims the domain of Magic, establishing the rules governing its nature. These may be added to over time.

Every use of magic is powered by an amount of "Mana" directly proportional to the strength of the task.
Every being with a soul has a maximum capacity of "Mana", from which they can cast spells. This replenishes rapidly over time, and most beings can regenerate the entirety of their mana within an hour. Gods are the exception, as their use of magic is capped at 4AP, and regenerates over the course of a week. Other exceptions exist. Angels, with their two souls, can hold particularly large amounts of mana.
Arcane magic, such as sorcery, must have its cost in mana 'paid' upfront. If a creature cannot generate enough Mana to fully 'fund' a cast spell, the defecit must be accounted for, a violent process that rips the caster apart at a molecular level, burning the caster's soul to provide the necessary mana. Igniting one's soul in this manner is often irreversible, leading to death and a violent explosion.
Primal magic works similar to arcane magic, but the primal spirits provide the mana that fuels their spells. In civilized locations, there are less primal spirits around. As such, the power of the spells is much more potent in the wild areas of the world where the primal spirits roam free.
Claim Domain
2/16/2013 3:39:54Pruinus--- 1 AP - Command populace/Spirits Through bonds with mortals, Primal Magic is born into the world. Primal magic works similar to arcane magic, but the primal spirits are the mana that fuels their spells. in man-made locations there are less primal spirits around. As such, the power of the spells is much more potent in the wild areas of the world where the primal spirits roam free, and primal powers only recharge when the wielder rests in an area with sufficent amount of primal spirits. Addiontially, primal spirits cannot be devoured by soulfiends when a member of a primal class is nearby, as these people protect the primal spirits simply by being around them.
2/16/2013 13:47:54Thereus2 PP Creating the Dwarves. The Dwarves are divided in an tribal society.
Most Dwarves live amongst the Southeastern mountains with their God.
But others can be found in small villages dotting the world or as
primitive nomads. Feel more then free to use these "Free" Dwarves as you
see fit.
2/16/2013 21:21:54Agni/TASOE2 AP (Agno TASOE):  Ascend God:  Karak, God of Corruption, you are finally here! 
Ascend God
2/17/2013 10:43:54Pruinus1AP Populate Populace

Creatures of many different
shapes and sizes inhabit the crown, surving in its forests, lakes,
mountains, grassland and tundras. These creatures include Polar Bears,
Snow Hares, Penguins, Oxens, Snow Owls, Snow Foxes, Orca Whales, Snow
Wolfs, Snow Leopards, Seals, Walrus, Deer and Reindeer and Goats. I may
add other creatures to this list which I did not think of at the time of
2/17/2013 14:26:54Azgo/PruinusPopulate Remorhaz (2 AP, one given by Pruinus): The dreaded
Remorhaz have been unleashed upon the world and are found in mountain
chains and thrive in the Northern Forests and wastes. They eat flesh and
stone alike, and often hunt for pleasure. They are mostly immune to
cold-based damage and diseases.
2/17/2013 14:26:54AzgoHarm Populace (1 AP): The humans of the south-western coasts, later to be called the Spirit Tide Coasts for its unusualy high affinity with primal forces, become ridden with the first mass-plauge. Most are blinded and at least some fall dead.Nourish/Harm
2/17/2013 18:17:09Onus1 AP: Nourish Galeb Duhr - Being made of stone and having control over it to use as weapons against
the crater spawn, they are able to weather the worst of the attacks
sustaining minimal losses.
2/17/2013 18:17:31Onus1 AP: Command Galeb Duhr - Travel to the assistance of the human populace, providing whatever aid
they can. And of course, spread the faith while they are at it!
2/17/2013 20:17:31Marcus4 PP - Create Exarch and Claim Domain - Somewhere hidden in the
world, a new god has been born, the god of deception. He'll make his
appearance when the time comes. I don't have time to write it out this
2/18/2013 6:47:31PruinusNourish populace: 1 AP The creatures living in The Crown begin to swell in number, spreading out from the crown as they do, mostly upto the northern forests. Nourish/Harm
2/18/2013 6:47:31PruinusRaise Elder Spirit - 2 AP The Horned Knight appears before Pruinus,
acting as her lieutantant in the fight against the Soul Eater.
Mechanically, an elder spirit is the same as an Exarch, but also like
the primal spirits, the god has no Direct control over them. When an
elder spirit is "raised" it is merely the first time the spirits have
chosen to take that particular form, the raising god has not actually
created the elder spirit.
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