Darkness Day 2013 In Person Trading Spreadsheet
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Member NameFor TradeIn Search OfHotel
(Fri, Sat, Both)
Cellar ListSet TradesOpening for SharingFood, Coffee, etc.Beard LengthOther Info
elliott1184Toppling Goliath Assassin '13 (as part of a trade for BVDL or Brandy Huna), Sosus, PseudoSue, KBS 4 pack, Darkness ('11, '12, extra '13s), Pentagram, Syx, Mango Mama growler, Dave's BrewFarm growlers (BrewFarm Funk, Topaz Single Hop Saison, FramBrewlay), MoAS ('12), BCBS ('12), Mango Magnifico, NG Strawberry Rhubarb, MN/WI locals

Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord, Brandy Huna, Life Is Like..., BB Batch 9000, CW 15, Pirate Bomb, Cthulhu, Hunahpu's, Kate the Great, Zhukov, HOTD Adam From The Wood, Adam, Fred, Matt, Velvet Merkin, Zombie Dust, Kern Citra, Brewery Vivant Trebuchet, Short's Funkin Punkin, Noble Chaoscamping out Friday (local)growlers from Toppling Goliath and Dave's BrewFarm (TBD), '12 Darkness, '12 MoAS, '12 BCBS, Odd Side Citra Pale Ale, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, Founders Breakfast Stout, others TBDJamaican Jerk veggie burgers, Irish cheddar, pumpkin muffins, Intelligentsia La Tortuga< 1 inchSend me a BM if you'd like to set up a trade, either before or during DD.  I'm going w/ 2-3 friends.  We'll have a small green grill and beers for sharing; stop by!
finnstigPentagram, Seviin, Strawberry Rhubarb, Serendipity, 12 darkness, CW BBBW (10-12), KBS (10-13), Blabaer, Abyss (10-12), Cantillion Rose de Gamb., Cantillion Irisassasin, zombie dust, '13 dark lord, murda out stout, morning delightcamping out friday (local)everything i bring, TBD.Coffee, brats, street omlettes-1" (babyface)email is the best way to reach me: finnstig@gmail.com
minnesota ryanglasswareimperial biscotti break, bruery stuff, ska imperial porter and other stuff tooreubens!not long, but thickwill be at Lobo's truck, excited already
KBBS, Assassin 12', Black Tuesday, Chocolate Rain, Surly 4, 5, 6, 7, Big Black Voodoo Daddy,
White Oak, Autumn Maple, Darkness 12, BA Boris, Boris
Speedway, Vanilla Shake (4pk), BCBS, Vampire Slayer, Blaecorn Unidragon, Westy 12, Heady (4-4's)
Black Note, 2010 Abyss, Parabola, ZD, Rare, BC VanillaFriday nighter!!Anything I have. Long enough
scanny792011 Abyss x2, Surly 5, Surly Syx, NG Raspberry Tart, Surly Smoke 2011, Seviin, NG Cherry, Ruination, Lagunitas WTFHeady Topper, Zombie Dust, Dog Fish Head Punkin Ale, Kate the Great, Big Black Voodoo Daddy, Ivan the Terrible, Black Metal Imperial, Pumpkin Ales, Founders KBS, Czar Jack, anything is worth a try too.Friday camper! Whatever I bring, it's a mystery to even me!aabout 3"
DruciferBlack Note, BCBS, BCBCS, HF Vera Mae, Central Waters Bourbon Stout, Barleywine, Scotch Ale, and Cherry stout; KBS, Dark Lord (12-13), Darkness (12), MoaS (12), Pipeworks access (abductions + ninjas), New Glarus access, FFF access, Half Acre access, Revolution access (Death's Tar, other barrel aged releases).Sosus, PseudoSue, Life is Like, Assassin, White Chocolate, Surly Wet and Pentagram, Thirsty Dog Wulver and BA Siberian Night, good locals that I can't get in Chicago, and other wantsCamping FridayNot sure yet, Pipeworks abductions + Revolutino barrel aged releases. Might bring a couple big bottles as well (Port Dark Lord, Murda'd Out)SnacksRuggedBM me for trades, I'm open for whatever. I'll be at DD with a group so we will have a tasting table as well.
MNBeerGeekWow you guys are coming to play... I have some PseudoSue bottles and can get other TG growlers (usually Sue, Zeelander, Golden Nugget), some FFF (Dreadnaught, Apocalypse Cow), MN Locals (Surly, Steel Toe, etc.), Surly SeVIIn, New Glarus, some cellared Darkness (10-12), SmokeGood locals that folks bring. Pretty low key trader. If I just even got to taste HT and ZD I would love someone forever. In a perfect world I could score a BCBS and a Dark Lord or taste themPotentially Friday. Otherwise, Saturday morning (local)Drucifer
I very much want to do a Darkness vertical. I have 10-12 to share. Anyone want to pitch in others? Or contribute to do a side by side vertical (e.g., Dark Lord)?:\BM for trades or about possible vertical
shadetree67Surly Syx, SeVIIn, NB Le TerriorThe Bruery, RR sours, Heady TopperBoth (local)TBDBM me for trades
bobbypaulsonDarkness (2012), Seviin, smoke, Dark Lord (2012,2013), Anything from Fargo Brewing company, many MN locals (just ask), and stuff avalible in Wi too, Bully Guppy, Rum Ba Big Sound, hoppin frogs ba boris royal (b1 and b2), hoppin frog frog's hollow (regular and Barrel agged), alesmith speedway stoutBlabaer (long shot, but I have to try), BA batch 9000 (another long shot, but a friend in Ohio is dieing to try it), Surly Four, surly five, anything form HotD, bourbon county stout (anything before 2011 and any variants) cigar city, funky buddha, captian Lawarence, Midnight Sun, Hill Farmstead, Mexican chocolate cake (any kind), New glarus wild sour blackberry, TG Assassin, Kentucky Brunch, Mornin Delight, kate the great, double daisy cutterThurs-Sun (local) camping out FridayI'll be there when we are allowed to line up and I'd love to share some beers!!!!!just a decent length goat
MNPikeyPipeworks Abduction, Marshal Zhukov, Zombie Dust, DFH 120min, Bitches Brew, Half Acre Choc. Camaro, Hearths Ablaze, TG Pseudo Sue, SOSUS, 3F '13 Dark Lord, Toxic Rev Stout, Urine Trouble, RR Damnation, Jester King Black Metal, Bruery Melange #3, Indeed Hot Box, Sweet Baby JesusTG Assassin, Kentucky BrunchCamping out friday (local)Everything I bring!Donuts?Depends how long I can let it grow before the wife "cuts me off"BM me if you want to set something up
Biglobo8971nothing, will open everything  I bringwhatha got?Camping out friday (local)Everything I bring!wife will bring an egg bake on Saturday, like she did 2 years agogoatee'ing itwill have tasting table and probably several people around.  If you see the big guy in the New York Giants jacket, stop by and say hello.
jarrgalCascade Apricot, Cantillon Kriek '12, DFH Bitches Brew '11, Dissident '12, Frangelic Mountain Brown, Hop Savant, Origins (Batch 2), SeVIIn, §ucaba (Abacus) '12, Supplication, Thensaurum, Wesvleteren Blonde, Wild Sour AleAllagash Cerise, Red, or Rusurgam, BBPt5th, BA Blackout, KBS, Kuhnhenn 4D, pre 2012 DarknessCamping Fridayplumcrazyfx bsyle theCoder BourbonBobEverett, Cuir, Mirror Mirror, and a few others. Let's just make this into one giant bottle share.
Hopsiam14New Glarus Raspberry, Serendipity, Rhubarb, 20th Anniversary, Berliner, Seviin, Syx, Pentagram, Lost Abbey Serpent Stout, Deliverance, BA Bigfoot, Speedway Stout, BCBS, KBS, MOAS, Mango Magnifico, Bolt Cutter, Doom, Black Butte 24 & 25, RR Consecration, Smoke '10 &'12. Big John, Night Stalker, CW La Petit Mort, BCBCS, Fitger's Cherry Batch, Dissident '12, Westy 12, and any other MN or WI regulars.Jester King sours, any Speedway variants, DDG, MD, Mex Cake, Red wine mex cake, CCB cognac sweet stout, capricho oscuro 5, zombie dust, TG growlers, prairie bomb, peg's rareR dos, life is like, or pipeworks.Camping out Friday (local)CCB brewsVenison (jalapeño cheddar) Brats on Fri. Sat is TBD.7th grader scruffInterested in IP trades. Send me a BM if interested. Will have a table set up with 4-5 other friends from BA, I'm the "other MN Ryan"
NIN1988, Charlotte09 Surly Darkness (10 & 11), Syx, Seviin, Pentagram, BCBS (09 & 11) Abyss (10), Dissident(10), Firestone Walker 14, The Bois, Tart of Darkness (Bruery) Awesome sours, Surly 4, Speedway, Black Tuesday, Hunahpu, Dark Lord, Zombie Dust, DDG, Chocolate rain, Pliny, Parabola, KBSFriday camper!!!Sharing is caringTBD, somethingNegatoreBM me, coming from SD, planning on being there right away Friday
miamichael2Hunahpu '13, Brandy Hunahpu, Zhukov '11, BA Big Sound '12, Life is Like, Jai Alai, Mother FunkerSurly Four, Cherry Abduction, Orange Abduction, Darkness '11, Darkness '10, Darkness '09Friday camping, Saturday hotel in BloomingtonWill prob bring Funky Buddha growler(s) to share, unless nothing good is available at FB. With a group of 5 from Miami, arriving relatively early to camp and share beers.
MarcSanyal86Brewery Vivant Trebuchet, 3 Floyd's (Robert the Bruce, Alpha King, Jinx Proof, Gumball Head, Annica, Moloko, Razor Hoof), Pipeworks (Ninja vs Unicorn, Last Kiss Wee Heavy, Citra Ninja, ) Surly (Sevin, Smoke 12, Darkness 11), Abyss 11 & 12, Nightstalker 10, Yeti 11, Central Waters Scotch Ale & Peruvian MorningKBS, Dark Lord, Zombie Dust, TG
a77cj7Darkness 10 (maybe),11,12 (multiples), Abyss 10 (multiples), BT 11, Ivan the Terrible 10, Olde Bluehair 10, BBQ 11 seVIIn (multiple), DL 12, DL 13, Hunahpu, BCBS Cherry Rye, other BCBS, Abyss 12, soursFriday camping, will be in town thurs and sat as wellrichardflyrEverything not for trading, usually bring a good selection. If anyone needs a SD, WY, or MT tick, I can bring something out for ya, BM me. Snacks and Gatoradenone or some scruff at that pointBM for trades. Have a group including a local, will arrive on thursday. Probably at Stub and Herbs till midnight or so
plumcrazyfxSteel Toe Lunker (last release), Saison Brett '09, '11, '12, Parabola '12, BA Bigfoot, Lolita, Juliet, Madame Rose, CW BBBW '12 & '13, Maybe older Darkness (back to '10), Seviin, Pentagram, BCBS '12, TW DB Jack Frost growler, TH Manhattan Barrel growlerSomething different than what I have nowv(open to most BA Stouts, BW, Sours, Wilds, fresh IIPAs), some specific wants: Westy 12, Love Child #3, BBQ, Sucaba, '11 BCBS, Cigar City, stuff on my wants list.Friday 8-11:30, local will be around most of the weekend but not available DDBring a few thingssmooth as a babyPreference to larger trades rather than many smaller - I would rather chill and drink than run around looking for people
MNBuffaloBA Huna, Darkness 08-12(if KBBS and Assassin included/shared), Pentagram, Melange 3, CR, Adam, Fred, Sexual Chocolate, Sucaba, Marshall Z, Big Sound, Raspberry Tart. Assasin, KBBS, BC Vanilla, Four, Jester King, Abyss, Abraxas reg and BA, DDG, Cable Car, 07 Darkness, Kate the Great. I'd be happy to share rather than leaving with the bottle if you're willing to do the same with my bottlesGoing home Friday night, coming back Saturday.**Send me a BM if you have any preference for the following: Cafe Royale, Saison Du Swamp w Brett, Good Gourd, Rapp Lichtenhainer(hand bottled, very limited), Outstanding IPA, Guava Grove, Pliny, Prairie Bomb, Velvet Merkin, RR Sours, Alpine Pure Hoppiness and Nelson, Blind Pig, Sexual Chocolate, White Oak, Coffee Framinghammer and Cascades. I'll split my Mornin Delight with someone who will do the same with their KBBS. Will have growlers of Mango Mama and Bent Paddle Cold Press.If someone can spare a power outlet I can bring a porketta roast in a slow cooker and some hard rolls and mayo. Also have 2 lbs of Polish JerkyLet me know what you want me to bring to trade and share. I'm ready to roll out some killer sandwiches if someone has a power outlet for me.Depends on how tired I am later in the wek.
dbijnagtePseudo Sue, Raspberry Tart, Batch 9000 (not BA), Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Seizon Bretta, Mango Magnifico, Big sky all souls ale 2012, Temptation, Sanctification, Framboise de Amorosa, Boltcutter, 2002 JW Lees, BA Bigfoot, Aged Summit EPA, an do a WI run as well for NG and other requests.2005-2007 bcbs, BA Huna, pre 2012 Darkness, Mexican Cake, Pre 2010 Abyss for my vert (I'm aware of the 09 infection).Misc delcious sours, IPAs, BA beersLocal, camping Friday night starting maybe around 7Most of what I don't trade and maybe a growler or twostill can't grow one, maybe by the time I'm 40?
mnbearsfan2012 Black Tuesday, Jackie Os BA beer, Buffalo Trace BBVD, FIve, Syx, SeVIIn, Older Darkness, Dark Lord and Abyss, MOAS 10 - 12BA Huna, 2013 Darkness, Surly 4, Sour stuff, 2008 Darkness, Cascade, other stuff I should wantFriday at the "truck"Lots of stuffI don't eat at these events, need room for beerI will have to start now if I want one
jegross2Dark Dark Goose, BA9000, 1900 Grand Cru, Rosso E Marrone, CW15, Hunahpu's, Marshal Zhukov, Cycle BA Batch 300, WWS 2008, FW15, Fred FTW, Bourbon Fred FTW, La Roja Grand Reserve, Beauregarde, Or Xata, Windowsill, DL 09-13, BCBS 09-12, Mexican Cake, Black Tuesday, Anything being released by Bruery, Deth's Tar, yada yadaTasty beer. Stuff I've had and loved before, things on my wants list. http://beeradvocate.com/community/members/jegross2Thursday in Madison, Friday-Sunday in the Surly regionBM meWhateverIncapable of growing a good beard
Bruery reserve beers (bottleworks, chocolate rain etc.) GI coffee & cherry rye, KH, Bo & Luke, Westbrook Gose ++, Captain Lawrence Rosso, Southampton RIS 2010 2011 & 2012, 2012 Hunaphu x2, 2010 Dark Lord, HF Twilight of the Idols & Birth of Tragedy (last yrs batch), etc
Possible for fresh jai alai, crooked stave offerings
Toppling Goliath offerings, town hall Mango Mama, Almanac offerings, anything sour, Cantillon, etc.Camping out Friday1/6 keg Westbrook Gose, 1/6 Imperial Biscottti Break, and various bottles this was supposed to be a suprise...Not sure yetWe're Asian Stop by and look for capra's Mohawk.
bstyleZombie Dust (Plenty For Multiple Trades), anything currently available @ FFF. Fresh Chicago locals; Half Acre/Pipeworks/Revolution etc...Dark Lord, Baller Stout, BCBS, BAPt5, FW 14/15, Velvet Merkin, Parabola, Monster 29, Huna.2013 Darkness, Atrial Rubicite, Side Project Origin and Saison Du Fermier.Friday night/SaturdayLoons, Cascades, Rare, Crooked Staves, RR Sours
theCoderPentagram, '10-'13 Double Crooked Tree, '12 Monster Ale (multiples), '10-'12 Abyss, '12 Backwoods Bastard (multiples), Bigfoot ('09-13), Darkness ('10-12), fresh Jai Alai. Really anything in my cellar which there's plenty of more in there which for the right trade anything's up for trade.Black Tuesday, Anything Toppling Goliath, Cantillon, BCBS '10, Zombie Dust, Heady Topper, Eclipse Variants.Camping Friday, local otherwiseBM MeHomebrew (Just bottled Chocolate Habanero Imperial Stout), NG Strawberry Rhubarb, PDBC Maroon and Bold, some 3F IPAs (not zombie dust I do want that though), CCB Jai Alai, 2012 Vintage Ale, Brau Bro BBQ and maybe some others. Have to see what I got by thenSomething edible.1/2 inch but likely around 3/4" by then
mypenguinAssassin 13 (pending trade) , Abyss 12, BCBCS 12, KBS 12 (or whatever the last release was)
Toppling Goliath SOSUS
Will give away my Peruvian Morning I have left to anyone brave enough towant it. It 's the sour batch.
Any other stouts or IPAs. Arriving Friday around 6 and camping in the car. Goose Island Big John, Firestone Walker Porter, Firestone Walker DIPA, Firestone Walker DBA, growler of Pseudo Sue from 10/17, growler of Golden Nugget from 10/17.Not sure yetStubbleBM me If interested. Can find me at Lobo's truck mid-evening on Friday.
maximum12Ryes from distant lands, good beer I haven't had. Friday, 6-7PMCantillon, Cigar City, FiftyFifty Eclipse, growlers of Naughty Temple, Columbus Bandit IPA, Willoughby Peanut Butter Coffee (yeeeah!)Crackers, cheese, stuffWe don't need no stinkin' beardsLooking forward to seeing all you nut-fucks again & meeting more people I'll forget by Saturday morning
UngertakerBlack Tuesday, White Chocolate, '12 MOAS, Dissident, Seviin, BA Edmund Fitz (low bottle number, no infection issues so far), Bourbon County CoffeeGlassware, shirts, BA stouts not available to me, new stuff that you think I should try.Friday evening (local)Huna '13, some HF stuff, some Bruery stuff, maybe othersHopefully something dairy-freePicture a clean-shaven Grizzly Adams.Will be at Lobo's truck; likely tending to a drunken (potentially passed-out) minnesotaryan.
Tjshippen Cases of zombie dust picked up 10/24, darkness '12, WI locals, bcbs'12, other 3F brewery one offsWET, psuedo sue, heady, DL, open to anything not available to me
DogfishRyanHeady Topper (10/02), BA Speedway, Black Tuesday, Melange 3, C.W. BA Barleywine, C.W. BA Stout '11, '12, Abyss '11, Bitches Brew, BCBS '12, BCBCS '12, Flora (w/ Satsuma), Chinooker'd (10/03), Double Sunshine (10/12), Commander '11, Apple Ale '12, Raspberry Tart, Serendipity, Strawberry Rhubarb, Wild Sour Ale, Supplication, Temptation, Lunker (1st batch), Size 11 (1st batch), S.T. Wee Heavy, Darkness '08-12, Five, Four, Pentagram, Seviin, Smoke '11-12, Syx, Two (!), Baller Stout, T.H. Buffalo Bock '12 (750mL), T.H. Tumaltuous Rare '12 (750mL), T.H. Manhattan Barrel (Growler), T.H. Tumaltuous Rare (Growler)Priority always to Bourbon County, Rare, Vanilla, Verticles ('06-10), Cherry Rye, Assassin, BA Mexican Cake (Any), Maple BA Fayston Maple Stout, many more to list! It's stout season so that's what I'll likely be looking for.For sure! Just not sure what they'll be.Smoking Salmon and possibly other meats.I'd give Billy Mitchell's moustache circa 1982 a run for it's money :)B.M. me if interested in anything.
thaghostPipeworks Abduction series,baller stout, deth's tar, '11/'12 Dark Lord, Abraxas, Abyss, SoBro. Also have access to all the Chicago locals. assassin, heady, kbs, bomb, pirate bomb, other souts and ipasCamping FridayGourds of Thunder, Bramble, BCBCS and whatever else I don't trade. Burgers, brats, the usual grilling suspects3" or so
cofeeguruNada, bringing it all to drink!Staying late Friday, coming back early SaturdayBefore the Dawn, Wormtown Pro-Am Porter, Loakal Red, Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad and Saison-Brett, whatever else might show up in my cooler.Beer cupcakes, and whiskey cupcakes if I can swing it. :)I'm woman enough to not need one.
josephwaNANAStaying until 9pm Friday, returning in the morning.BA Numbskull, Night Shift Somer Weisse, Lawson's Maple Wheat Ale, Jack's Abby Copper Legend, others. 1/4"... from the ground!
archi348bringing lots to share mostly, but would trade some fresh PtE (10/9), Blind Pig and RR sours to satisfy my ISOlooking for some fresh Heady and Zombie Dust to do a head to head tasting with PseudoSueCamping Friday (local)Freemont B-Bomb and Old Bridge Rider, RR Sours, Cascade Apricot & Kriek, 3F Oude Gueze, Pseudo Sue, Assassin, Central Waters BA stuff, BCBS, BCBCS, NG Wild Sour, TG Growlers, FBS Growler, Pentagram, Seviin, perhaps some older Darkness, Maine BC Moe & Mean Old Tom, and whatever else i findTBD ScruffyBM me with trade ideas
MplsbrewerFresh HeadytopperDarkness and possibly othersNope. I'll be in lineNopeMy group will have lots. Not sure of line up yetDamn rightAbe Lincoln. I'll be in a top hatBm or email
beerhandyJester King, trash and black metal, mad meg, RU55 ,Censored , and Prairies Artisinal Noir,Gold,Merica,Puncheon, Prairie bomb and Pirate bomb, Boulevarde Love Child no. 3sours from new glarus , Toppling Goliath beers, Schells star of the north ,delicious localsSuper 8 ,inline early saturday 4ishI dont know if I can make it out for the bottle share COOP barrel aged rye , bomb , pirate bomb, Mothers MilfCoffee should it be irish?gandalfesqueeisbock@gmail.com
dougofthefutureBatch 1 White Chocolate, Town Hall Buffalo Bock 64 oz growler, BA Naked Evil, Bigfoot 09-12 (multiples), Seviin, 2010/2011/2012 MOAS, 2011/ 2012 Black Tuesday, Papier/Coton/Cuir/Fruet, BA CuirAssassin, Prairie, Zombie Dust, Cantillon, anything awesome, locals for lots of these would be fineSomething for everyone...
chrisp450asdasdfKBBS, CFH, BCBVS, Rare, Murda'd, BA Behemoth, any BA DL, BA Mexican Cake - Open to other stuff too, but as is the case with many...those are top of mind.Coming early Saturday morning.Will see what I bring!Random snacks.Non-existent, likely some scruff and a bad attitude.I will be the good looking short one.

I kid, I'm hideous. BM me ahead of time if you want to try to work something out. Would prefer not to lug too much with me. Also have some smaller locals/semi locals (CW BB Barleywine, NG Anniversary Ale and 1 Wild Sour left, etc...)
67coupleFW 14,15
2011 Boulevard Imp Stout(infected?)
stuckey_tCentral Waters Bourbon Barrell Barleywine, 16 bottles of Bourbon County 2012, Bruery Tart of Darkness, Bruery Bois, Bruery White Chocolate, Dark Lord 2012, Cigar City Church on a Hill BarleywineToppling Goliath Assassin, Darkness (any year), Heady Topper, Zombie Dust, Shoot me a message if you see something you want to tryIf I don't trade can bottle share any of these with someone wanting to crush some gemsAnyone up for some wicked cigars? Can bring a Cohiba Gigante or a bunch of other dark bastards if someone wants to sample!I will be hanging with archi348 so between the 2 of us we can do some damage
capra12/suitcasejonBrambler, cherrie rie, capt laurence goldish sour/ blacken sour/ CDC, Black Martes 2012, BCBCS, Toppling Goliath Assassin, Darkness (any year) ,KBBStsing tao, saporocup of noodleI AM ASIAN
fixnfunDarkness (09, 10, 11, 12) Surly Five, Syx, Sevin, Pentagram,  Abyss (10, 11, 12) BCBS 12, Dissident 12.  Multiples of most listed.Darkness 08, Surly Four, Heady, Pliney, Assassin, KBBS, King Henry, Sexual ChocolateCamping FridaySomething from the cellar?Maybe sunday after two days?
brydeenAll for sharingFriday 4PMCascade Manhattan, Cascade Figaro, Sofie Paradisi, Melange 3, Black Tuesday, Upright Late Harvest, Brute, Bourbon Ed, BA Hi-Fi Rye, FW XV, XVI, Grassroots Arctic Saison, Funkwerks Solstice, Broodoo, Logsdon's Fresh Hop SaisonBrats, chips, water
McRyanSosus, Justin blabaer, Rye-On-Rye, Hop Savant, Prairie Funky Galaxy, Orgins batch 2, Darkness 12
Huna, Bomb, Velvet Merkin, Morning Delight Friday 9pm Everything i bring if i can't trade it! BM me if you want to organize a trade!
BrewzmaLove Child #3, BCBCS, Tilquin Gueuze, Tilquin Quetsche, Rodenbach Caractere Rouge, RR Consecration, RR Temptation, CCB Marshall Zhukov, FFF Behemoth, FFF BrooDoo, Allagash FV13, Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale, Epic Big Bad Baptist, Deschutes Black Butte XXV, W00tStout, Speedway Stout, Caldera Mogli, Chthulu (for the right combo)Huna, Rumpkin, Black Note, Cherry Rye, Wants (http://beeradvocate.com/user/beers?ba=Brewzma&view=W)Friday campinghttp://www.cellarhq.com/cellar/BrewzmaBois, Rye Bois, Brandy Bois, Vietnamese Speedway, Bo & Luke, Assassin, Mexican Cake, Kalevipoeg at the Gates of Hell, Cantillon Classic2 days without sleepBM me with any trade offers
CLevarSee "To Share"
N/AFriday Camping6 kegs of funky and/or sour and/or 100% brett homebrew. Will be tought to miss us!I hope so.Not as impressive as yours.Come drink my beer!
DeschutesNutSurly 5, Parabola '10 & '11, VE 07-11, Black Butte XXIII, Bitches Brew (Batch 1), Darkness '12, Abyss '11, Growler of Fargo Brewing Company Saison(Hot off the Brite tank), Odell BB Stout '11, Friek '11 Avant Peche '11Heady, ZD, Huna, BA Bigfoot, King Henry(BM me if interested)Friday Campingehh
Dontcounttoday750ml Black Note, GI Cherry Rye, Wild Sour Ale, Dark Lord '10-13, Mainer Weiss, Assassin, Damon, other TG?Friday CampingBA Abraxas, Very Sour Blackberry, BCBCS, Sump, BA 17, Mainer Weiss, Only Void Wine Barrel, Moat Water, Strawberry Rhubarb, Supplication 008, Speedway StoutScruff!
Pintofbrown11 BCBS, '11 Backwoods Bastard, '11 Darkness,'12 Darkness,'12 (Gold Cap) Assassin, Sosus, PseudoSue, a couple Cantillons, '12 Narwhal, Collage, Westy 12, Surly Five, Squatters Outer Darkness, Saint Arnold Pumpkinator, Saint Arnold Endeavor IPABlack Tuesday, Heady Topper, Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Bean Dark Lord, Dark Lord, Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin ale, Mexican Cake, Barrel Aged Abraxas, Hunaphu's Imperial Stout, Cherry Rye Bourbon County Brand Stout, Supplication, Abacus, Indra Kunindra, Great, The K13, Ten FIDYFriday Afternoon CampingStuff from my for trade list. BM me if you are SO curious you can't wait to find out. I'd much rather just table share this stuff than trade, but BM me and we can work it out.Making a run to Matt's at some point and bringing some lava cheese filled burgs back.4 months of majestyBM me if you want to set up a trade. Really, really looking for some Heady Topper and Dark Lord variants. And really looking forward to meeting you people!
crossovertBoxer LightAlso bringing BB Monster 29, PW stuff, Half acre Wodanscraggle
JakeT469Negative! Drinking/ Sharing all this shitYour girlfriend/wife for one nightCamping Fri night. Should be there around 5pmBCBCS '12, BCBS '12, Darkness'12, Darklord '12, Heady Topper, Orange Truffle Abduction, Cherry Truffle Abduction, Coffee Break Abduction, Daisy Cutter, Double Daisy Cutter, Lots of Zombie Dust, Sticky Fat, Revolution Bean Gene/3rd Year Anny/Straight Jacket, Growlers of Toppling Goliath,
mnphishBCBS 08 (1 12oz), Darkness 12, Hunahpu's (probably sharing), BA Bigfoot - I see a lot of ba's are ISO Hunahpu's, I will happily share my bottle in return to for other rare tastings like stouts & sours - let me know via pm!ISO: Rare sours, rare stoutsdrinking from 9-midnight, not camping
Jsmi2024Orange abduction, razz abduction, deths tar, dark lord 13, deesko, Stouts and soursTxt me at 312-415-5673 if you want any of these for trade
Todd Alstrommy brotherfisting