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5/7/2010 12:06:03 Area trumpet player Ian Carey ruminates on his blog about the millions of dollars being given to universities and corporate jazz nonprofits like SFJAZZ (hear about their new $20 million building?) suggesting that there might be a better, more grassroots way to spend money to benefit the jazz
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7/3/2010 9:32:29'm not sure if you're hip to Brilliant Corners but Chris Rich in his typically abrasive fashion makes some very interesting points about arts funding organizations giving the shaft to jazz ... I'm really curious to know your take on this.
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9/30/2010 8:30:38 conversation about the implications of jazz education on the current scene -- reminded me of our conversation the other day about who the "audience" is and who the "performers" are being more complex than people imagine
12/7/2010 11:51:23 Ian -
This is what I do at my day job (awesome, right?). The basic story behind the site is that Steppenwolf commissioned a report on social media tactics that big brands were using to attract young audiences, implemented a lot of the ideas, and was really successful. The awesome part is that Steppenwolf and Doris Duke, who funded the research, were totally down with writing up a short version of the research and sharing it with other arts orgs for free so that everyone could benefit.

The story is a great example of large orgs sharing resources with smaller orgs in our open source culture, and the ebook is a really helpful tool for arts orgs (or any orgs) creating social media strategy.

The full press release is at, but http://tippingtheculture is fun and has a little background and then the free download, available in full in ePub or pdf, and then also by individual chapter in pdf.

Pass it on and let me know what you think!
Ellen Willett
5/8/2010 7:27:25 Invest in Art?

There was a time when art was valued because it was aesthetically pleasing and because it brought grand ideas into public discourse. In modern times, art is also gaining value as an investment – not just as a long-term source of goodwill, but as a short-term source of quick profits. Over the past ten years, the art market has shown volatility similar to that of the stock market, and yet some of the prices that works of art have yielded at market have made it an attractive investment asset class. Indeed, the art industry has a worth in excess of $3 trillion with an annual purchasing and selling of over $30 billion – and the returns are often just as lucrative as those in the stock market, if not more so.
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5/11/2012 1:45:23 is a San Diego based company that includes professional educators who help organizations accelerate business performance through arts based learning, coaching and consulting. Curriculum is drawn from transdisciplinary perspectives of business management, art, science, math, and cognitive research. The focus is on fostering creativity and innovation in the 21st century
3/3/2011 12:59:47"Museum crowd-curation and the way we live now"Kamella Tate
6/9/2011 10:01:49www.award.szpilman.deThe SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time.
The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations.

Everyone can apply. Worldwide!
There is no participation fee.
Closing date: September 30, 2011 (postmark)
3/18/2013 19:51:27www.musicloudlessons.comMusiCloud: Online music lessons... Music education is taking to the e-learning space much like other online courses from colleges and high schools. MusiCloud is between an online music school and a marketplace for instrumental teachers, featuring one-on-one lessons via video conferencing in an online classroom setting. The MusiCloud faculty is made up of Berklee College of Music and Thelonius Monk institute alumni, all of whom are young, though accomplished working musicians and educators. MusiCloud breaks location dependence bringing together teacher and student in a global music community.
4/8/2013 14:25:16 is a blog and discussion community dedicated to art and forward-thinking ideas. Our core principles are openness, inclusion, and human connection. We believe that everyone has a creative spark inside, and that the world is a better place when we follow our passions and share them with others. The site was founded by a group of individuals who support the arts as a catalyst for creative