F4 Evidence
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TopicsWho killed Kyle Crawford?
Who is the new mastermind?
Who caused the nuclear meltdown?
Otto is CoolFor this trial, you may find Otto helping you. Otto is very cool, so he usually knows what he’s talking about. If he says your theory sounds wrong, then it’s wrong. If he says your theory sounds right, then it’s correct. If he’s just aimlessly theorizing rather than agreeing with someone, then he’s most likely just leading you in the right direction. Otto would never lie to you. If you accuse Otto of lying, the dog dies.
Evidence (Present)
Facility Radiation LevelsOn the first floor, you'd be fine with exposure: you'd feel sick, but wouldn't get any major problems unless there for a long time. On the basement floor the radiation is stronger and you'd likely slowly die if exposed. Inside the reactor itself is certain death, you'd die within just one hour.
Collection of Radiation SuitsSet up by Otto in lockers at the end of the tunnel leading to the facility. There were meant to be 8, but one was found missing at T-60 despite having been present when the lockers were set up for the killing game a few weeks ago. When exploring the facility, the 6 humans took one each while VAL went in uncovered, leaving another suit behind.
Mastermind (Abby)'s Secret RoomFound at the end of a passege in Abby's room. Contained newspaper clippings on the disaster, monitors, a fax machine for motives and a laptop with several files in it, including one which opened all the locked doors on the blimp.
Kyle's JukeboxWas playing tunes even after he died :( Bryan found nothing out of the ordinary when investigated, however.
State of Kyle's BodyNo external wounds or readily-apparent cause of death. His body was cold, but otherwise he could have just been mistaken as sleeping. His glasses were wet with condensation. It is very likely he died from extreme cold.
Folding TableFound leaning against the wall in the men's bathroom. Probably the one Jack used 1 year ago.
Kyle's Bomb WarningFor some reason Kyle called the people in the control room at one point and told them there was a bomb in there.
RopeFound by everyone outside blimp. Covered in knots, which is how the rope was in storage. Found where the blimp exit opens out into the facility tunnel, stuffed between the blimp and the staircase leading to the door. One end is anchored to something out of sight. It is very long. The rope seemed worn, and had unrecognisable stains on it.
Bottle of OttopoisonFound in the waste basket in the captain's room. Empty. Apparently makes the victim fart sparkles.
Call to JackKoichi tried to call Jack from the control room when Ortwin was found, but got no response. Might have been due to all of the steel in the way between the two areas.
Grimy Captain's ControlsCovered in pringle crumbs and grease. Bad Otto.
Blimp Auto-PilotAllows the ship to fly with pre-set instructions. Manual control is locked away behind a password.
Loud SinkThe sink in Kyle's room makes a very loud, high-pitched noise when used.
Kyle RuleKyle was not allowed to be in the same room as any passenger. This was to keep him out of the killing game.
MotivesSent to Kyle via fax from the secret room. Technically anyone had access to the secret room if they could find it. The first motive (definitely from Abby) was very verbose, and also mentioned to target Abby's house first. The second motive was strangely short and simple, just saying "Otto hides a prize in the water park." The third was more thought-out, but was still nothing compared to the first. The fourth could not be found.
DeadboltWas in Kyle's room on the door. Could be used to keep the door shut even when electronic systems had opened all the other doors.
Evidence (Mixed)
Map of the Facilityhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443050478075641876/480736117445099520/Map_5.png
Radiation ShieldRepels radiation within a 200ft radius. One was evidently installed on the blimp, which is why no-one got irradiated at any location. Developed by Ortwin.
Decontamination RoomCan change temperatures to extreme lows or highs in addition to usual decontamination procedures. Even has an incineration feature.
Radiation Suit DetailsIt is impossible to see who is inside any given suit as it is all-covering and has an opaque visor. Each is equipped with a speaker that allows for speaking out loud as well as communicating privately with other suits.
ReactorBotTried to kill Keri >:( Built by Ortwin. Broke Koichi's gun. Was reset by VAL, at which point it lost all memories and became a relatively ordinary cleaning robot.
Ortwin's CorpseFound inside the control room. In a radiation suit, though the helmet was removed. Had a picture of Abby.
Footage From Day of IncidentShowed the control room door from the outside. Someone in a radiation suit (likely Ortwin) could be seen through the window into the control room. Outside the door was a familiar-looking figure (of one of the passengers probably), though they could not be identified due to poor image quality. In the footage the mysterious figure turns and walks away, leaving the radiation-suited figure alone.
System Failure NoticeOn a control room monitor, VAL found system logs and one said that a facility-wide system had broken down sometime before the meltdown 1 year ago. Different warning from the popup Abby saw. Probably referred to the ventilation system breaking down.
Decontamination Room ManualSays to keep stuff out of the decontamination room that it can't deal with, which would potentially be dangerous. Includes household electronics and sources of combustion (such as matches, things that can catch fire by themselves).
ReactorIn the end, no-one actually investigated the reactor. Who knows what's inside?
Scrap of PaperFound in Kyle's suit pocket. Dusty, rancid and browned, it was clearly very old. Parts of it had been burned away. Seems to have been Jack's blunt from one year ago.
Decontamination Room Control PanelInside the control room, therefore someone outside the decontamination room can adjust the temperatures of it.
Otto's Vent Details"Alright everyone, listen up!" Otto explained, returning to his podium. "So, as you can imagine, the vent set-up isn't that complicated. It's always circulating air, which means its pulling in and pushing out air. Judging by some old manual I found, the only thing the vents can really detect is how much air is getting through them. So, if there's not enough oxygen getting into the vent, the whole system speeds up, transferring air even quicker to compensate. I wasn’t able to find any special protocols other than that though.."

"Oh, one more thing. I crawled around in the vents to see what the layout was! I think the vents on both floors form circuits, which are connected by long, vertical shafts. The vents going into the reactor also have bars in them, for some extra security I suppose. But the bars have gaps between them, so they aren't perfect or anything."
Evidence (Past)
Air VentsFound just about everywhere in the facility. There are some in the bathrooms too.
Air Circulation EventMostly everyone can attend to this happening. There was a grinding sound, and then the air felt strange, as though it wasn't circulating through the vents properly.
SmokeSmoke was hanging in the air in the auditorium and the storage room. Keri's bombs shouldn't leave smoke normally, though. Could be weed smoke.
Footage From Day of IncidentShowed the control room door from the outside. Someone in a radiation suit (likely Ortwin) could be seen through the window into the control room. Outside the door was a familiar-looking figure (of one of the passengers probably), though they could not be identified due to poor image quality. In the footage the mysterious figure turns and walks away, leaving the radiation-suited figure alone.
BombsKeri planted them about the place. One under a folding table in storage, another in folding chairs in storage, and the last two in the control room, placed to avoid damaging the reactor itself.
Control Room DoorSealed shut when VAL left 1 year ago, leaving Ortwin alone inside.
Control Room WarningAbby noticed it pop up on a monitor just before the explosion, but didn't get the chance to say what it was. Different warning from the system log about a facility-wide system breaking.
Testimonies (From 1 Year Ago)
BryanWas with his dad at the facility. Went backstage to call his sister, where he saw Koichi watching the 'Employees Only' door. When making the call he saw Irene phoning someone as well. She finished and left before him, though he left soon after. Some time after sitting down again he heard the grinding sound. Then the speech happened, after which there was an explosion. Bryan and his dad went with the evacuation, which was led by General Tachibana, though eventually they were told to leave as well. Bryan saw Irene escaping around this point, and also saw Jerry helping people around this time.
V.A.L.Was in the control room with Abby. Just before the explosion, Abby noticed something happening on the screens, but the explosion caused something to hit her head and knock her out before she could say what. Sometime after Ortwin arrived and told V.A.L. to leave with Abby to protect her. In the meantime Ortwin would stay to try and lessen the impact of the impending meltdown. As V.A.L. left the door behind it sealed shut.
KoichiHe and his squad had been assigned as security for the day. His task was to watch over the 'Employees Only' door, which lead to the reactor. As he arrived he saw a cloaked figure leave through it, but thought it was just his imagination and ignored it. Later he saw Florian, Oscar and Ortwin arrive to take a folding table outside. Around this time he heard the grinding sound. Sometime after Raul rushed in, wanting to steal nuclear notes to avoid a war, which Koichi politely refused and led him out. It was at this point that he heard the explosion. General Tachibana and his squad helped people evacuate, with Bryan, Raul and Jerry helping out.
KeriEcoterrorism rules and nuclear power drools! Took four bombs with her to the venue. After sneaking backstage, two were placed in the storage room, one under a folding table, the other in a stack of folding chairs. She then went further inside and planted the other two bombs in the control room, positioned to avoid damaging the reactor itself. Going back upstairs, she sneaked past Koichi using her robe and returned to her seat. Later she heard the grinding sound. Then the speech happened, after which Keri set off the bombs. However one had ended up at a buffet table in the auditorium somehow. After this was the meltdown announcement and Keri evacuated. She noticed smoke lingering high up in the hall, which was unusual for her bombs.
OscarWas scheduled to perform that day, but it was never to be. He was backstage scoping the area, where he saw Alex and James talking and Koichi guarding the 'Employees Only' door. Later Ortwin came backstage too, looking for a table. Florian was there too, and together the three of them took one of the folding tables from the storage room out to the auditorium. Then the grinding noise, explosion and evacutation all happened.
JackWent to the men's toilets and turned it into a hotbox, barring the door with a folding table that he took from just outside. He blocked the underside of the door but couldn't block the vents. Then he passed out from all the fumes. When he woke up his blunt was gone and the fumes were too, and the meltdown warning was playing. He went out into the backstage which was empty, but instead of going to the auditorium he went downstairs through the 'Employees Only' door. The storage room there was a total mess, and there was smoke hanging in the ceiling, but otherwise he found nothing of note and left to evacuate.
UrumiWent backstage to use the bathroom. Saw Jerry trying to use the female one, as the male's was shut somehow. Koichi was watching the door still, Boetius was talking with Circe and Mitzi was with Rinea, returning to the auditorium. Soon went back to the auditorium herself, then the grinding noise, explosion and evacutation all happened.
Captain's Room (Everyone)Auto-pilot system. Control panel is grimy with pringle crumbs. Empty bottle of Ottopoison.
Secret Room (Oscar, Koichi, V.A.L.)Ottofile, examination of Kyle's body. Scrap of old smelly paper in Kyle's suit. Loud sink. Kyle's Rules printed on a poster on the wall. Fax machine that could be opened by Abby's room key, which was next to it. Nothing special about the jukebox.
Crime Scene / Kyle's Room (Jack, Urumi, Keri, Bryan)
Blimp (Everyone)The rope.
Unanswered Questions
How exactly did James kill Kyle despite already being dead himself? Frick you all
Can we bring the dog back pls
Otto Confirmations
Abby noticed a system shut down right before the explosion. It makes sense that the vent is what broke, but this doesn't mean it was impossible for smoke to travel in the vents first.
The suited figure in the security footage from 1 year ago was likely Ortwin.
The decontamination room should have been at around room temperature on the day of Kyle's murder.
The slash in the discarded radiation suit could be (probably was) caused by something we have not seen yet.
Decontamination doesn't help treat radiation poisoning.
The system that broke down could not have been the meltdown directly, as that was announced everywhere. The system was something that only got announced to a small monitor in the control room.
Vent placement isn't particularly relevant.