Final ABC Allocations 2016-2017
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Club Name
2015-2016 Allocation
ABC Vote
2016-2017 Final Allocation
Reason for Decision
4x4-Y: 11 N:1$0.00
Strong programming, but hadn't gone through recognition until this past semester, still have money, want to see how they spend it
African Students Association
$1,960Y: UNANIMOUS$1,960.00
Increase requested for new or augmented events which need to co-sponsored first to show efficient spending
Allsex$0Y: UNANIMOUS$0.00No external funding sought
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
$4,445A:0 Y:Unanimous$4,444.98
Money mainly for parts, reading materials, food, solid programming, efficient spending, didn't ask for an increase
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
$4,445A: 0 Y: 9 N: 2$767.00
Increase spent inefficiently on conference that was duplicated in funding by Dean Travel Fund
American Medical Students Association
$1,760A: 1 Y:10 N:2$1,760.00Efficient spending, requesting increase, applied for funding
American Society of Civil Engineers
$1,886A:1 Y:12 N:1$1,886.00
Receive outside funding, solid programming, money from the department, don't need more money for programming
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
$722A:0 Y:12 N:2$200.00
Barely any programming throughout the year, problems with account, don't need that much money, requesting around $3k but allocated $722
Anime Club$1,320Y: UNANIMOUS$1,320.00
Spend money on licensing, no inefficient spending, no increase sought
Application Development Initiative
$2,910A:1 Y:10 N:3$3,210.00
Requesting increase, outside sponsorships, but only for limited reasons, efficient spending
Architecture Society
$1,640A: 0 Y: UNANIMOUS$1,345.00
Requested increase, but can apply to JCCC for new events, spent inefficiently and had over $1000 leftover, still need to figure out their recurring programming, money spent was spent efficiently, new events planned but would need to be co-sponsored, cannot fund them giving $900 grant, with projected food and publicity and mantaining current level of printing - 1345
Armenian Club
$420A:0 Y: UNANIMOUS$420.00
Poor communication with ABC rep, spent all of their allocation on one event in February, somewhat inactive this year, but strong incoming board and good event
Artist Society
$1,824Y: UNANIMOUS$1,833.41
Larger events and smaller events, have gotten Gatsby to pay for supplies, just want $50 to get an extra live model at regular live drawings
Asian American Alliance
$6,307A:2 UNANIMOUS$6,307.11Not requesting an increase, strong programming
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
Bach Society$2,897Y: UNANIMOUS$2,897.10
Co-sponsorship received $750, speaker fees projected for a new event next year at $750 but we cannot fund a new event through allocation
Ballet Collaborative
$2,773A: 1 Y: 12 N: 0$5,309.38
Very professional Ballet group, had to apply to many sources of outside funding because Miller starting charging atronomical amounts, had to sero out revenue essentially, got just $2,500 and $3,000 just from ABC, want to stay at Miller to remain accessible to Columbia community, as well as outside venues with lower costs, will still need to apply to Gatsby and P&P, sell out two shows of 600 seats every semester
Bellydancing Troupe
$550A: 2 Y: UNANIMOUS$910.00
ABC cosponsored $600 for event in which they did two nights instead of one, improved costumes, did NYCairo event which went very well and they brought a lot back to Columbia
Bhangra$4,200A: 3 Y: UNANIMOUS$4,831.80
South Asian dance group, competitive nationally, Bhangra in the Heights on campus, got $1575 from JCCC for travel, only get costumes every 3 years, it the money they deserve
Biomedical Engineering Society
$356A:1 Y:7 N:5$356.00
BME-related events, unclear programming, mostly food-related costs, do not need an increase
Birch$2,385A:1 Y:8 N:1$2,385.00Solid programming, didn't apply to outside funding
Black Heritage Month
Black Students Organization
$6,366A:1 Y: 6 N: 4$6,365.89
Strong programming, only additional allocation would go to tech/food costs which there was no co-sponsorship submitted for and can apply to securities fund, allocation increase for Chicken & Waffles event which they were unable to have this year due to increased costs for Homecoming event
Black Theater Ensemble
$1,000Y: UNANIMOUS$1,480.00
Significant cut last year from last year, did lots of programming this year, need money for increased tech and food costs for increased number of productions, efficient spending, applied to multiple sources of outside funding, received $800 from Gatsby over the course of the year
Blue and White
$9,245Y: UNANIMOUS$9,244.92
Inefficient spending for throwing out issues early on, but they were orientation issues, and they have already developed new distribution plan, very visible, not requesting increase, get grants every year and have ad sales
Brazilian Society
-A: 0 Y: 9 N: 2$300.00
New group, funding the panel and the freshman reception, currently funded by OLAS
Caribbean Students Association
$5,147A: 1 Y: UNANIMOUS$5,146.94Strong programming, not requesting increase
CFIG$550A:1 Y:Unanimous$550.00Efficient spending, don't need extra funding
Chandler Society for Undergraduate Chemistry
$0Y: UNANMOUS$0.00No allocation, no increase requested
Charles Drew Pre-Med Society
$1,184A:3 Y:10 N:0$1,183.99
Efficient spending, submitted the same budget, apply to JCCC every year, requested increase but did not show what increase would go towards, same budget as 2015-2016
Chess Club$3,218A:1 Y:10 N:0$3,218.00
Very successful, one-time cost, not guaranteed recurring, increase requested for conference that is likely non-recurring
Chicanx Caucus
$4,246A: 0 Y: 10 N: 1$4,246.14Strong programming, no external funding sought
Chinese Students Club
$7,185A:2 Y:9 N:5$7,185.00
Requesting increase, have applied to outside funding, $500 ABC co-sponsorship well used, have not used any more than the $500 for Luna Gala for increases in programming, intending to do new events but have not yet proved effective spending, rep recommended $500 increase, group will not be able to have students designers do costumes for Luna Gala if not given increase but the fashion show will still go on, and they can apply again next year, no certainty that they will have student designers again next year
Chowdah$0Y: UNANIMOUS$0.00No funding sought
CIBD$300A:0 Y:8 N:6$100.00
Efficient spending, food for events, not requesting a change, didn't spend all of the money
Classical Performers
$992Y: UNANIMOUS$992.00
Solid programming but did not apply for outside funding, and requested increase only for new events
Clefhangers$971A:1 Y: UNANIMOUS$971.00Just sustaining current programming, budget mostly food and tech
Club Bangla$3,240A: 2 Y: 8 N: 6$1,000.00
Not requesting increase, not very active except one event, food spending mostly on pizza, not efficiently spending, the one event this year and in past years not well publicized and not well attended, problem is membership, $1000 food $250 advertising for small number of student attendees, groups can hold events in Roone for >$1000, do not need Roone, do not generate revenue and have not applied to co-sponsorships, Bengali catered food $1000 - what they need for the event
Club Zamana
$5,311A: 2 Y: 9 N: 5$6,067.14
Put on South Asian Ivy League conference, have been doing a lot of new programming this year as inter-group facilitator, got $500 for Tamasha food from Barnard Student Life fund, want to work on inter-group bonding as they are the "Inter-group Facilitator" for South Asian community - to increase dialogue between South Asian groups (dance, cultural, etc.), depend on publicity to get people to come since all the dance groups have already performed by time of event, fill Roone for Tamasha (~1000 attendees), spend $1500 on publicity for Tamasha (out of ABC, GBB, and revenue), cut $1000 on publicity as they should not be spending more than $500, with $500 increase for Tamasha food
Columbia Association of Pre-Dental Students
$0A:1 Y:12$0.00
Internal board struggles, requesting increase from $0, barely any programming
Columbia China Law Business Association
$786A:0 Y:12 N:2$785.85
Strong programming, spend money efficiently, requesting increase to $900, didn't apply to other sources of funding
Columbia East Asia Review
$515Y: UNANIMOUS$250.00
Did not print this year so they did not spend on printing, no FTFs this year, do not need money for online appearance, need food for annual symposium research conference ($250)
Columbia Esports
$250A: 0 Y: 10 N: 1$400.00
Increase requested because they have grown a lot, just use allocation to register for tournaments, need to register new tournaments, a lot of new programming this year
Columbia Pops
-A: 2 Y: 11 N: 1$0.00Newly recognized, did not ask for more funding
Columbia Review
$3,141A: 1 Y: 7 N: 3$3,440.31
Spend mostly on printing, give away copies at Activities Fair and Days on Campus and have none left, want to print more to increase visibility (220-250 copies), but can apply to co-sponsorships or fundraise, have cut events and food at board meeting in projected budget so can go towards printing as well, requesting $150 for expansion in launch event
Columbia Sports Business Society
$100A:0 Y:13 N:1$0.00
Weak programming, requesting increase, can apply to JCCC for new events, haven't applied to outside funding
Columbia Undergraduate Consulting Club
$500A:0 Y:Unanimous$500.00
Only consulting club, run panels and competitions, solid programming, haven't applied to outside sources of funding
Conversio Virium
$516A: 0 Y: 10 N: 1$516.00No increase requested, solid programming
CQBS$300A:1 Y:Unanimous$300.00
Efficient spending, new events every year, didn't apply to outside sources of funding
CU Environmental Biology Society
-A: 1 Y: UNANIMOUS$74.37
Spent money they did not have because of miscommunication ($185) because they were a new group, spent efficiently
CU Financial Engineering
$300A:1 Y:12 N:1$300.00Not requesting an increase, efficient spending
CU Generation
$0A: 1 Y: 11 N:1$0.00
K pop dance group, spent all their money on gear which members keep so last year cut to $0, did not seek additional funding, spent $100 on food for workshops but no external funding
CU Players$1,600A: 1 Y: UNANIMOUS$1,600.00Did not ask for an increase, solid programming, efficient spending
CU Records$200A: 0 Y: 12 N: 1$200.00
Have done many more events, live music events, not much by way of resources this year, over 200 people at all events, hosted events out of pocket or in places without texh to avoid costs, have not applied for outside funding
CU Society of Hip-Hop
$400A: 1 Y: UNANIMOUS$400.00Good programming, no external funding sought
CU Sur$670Y: UNANIMOUS$790.45
Relatively new, co-sponsored for $200, most of allocation spent on final event, efficient spending
CUINFORMS$0A: 1 Y: 9 N: 1$0.00
Can be funded by department (if not can come for co-sponsorship), no other recurring events
Culinary Society
$2,138A:1 Y:10 N:0$2,100.00Asked for decrease, efficient spending, solid programming
Dhoom$840A:2 Y: 11 N:0$500.00
Did no programming last year, except one showcase they were not transparent about, a competition group, apply to competitions but can't go to any of them because they don't have enoguh money (wasted on application fee), did not apply to external funding even for the competition they got into this year, each competition fee is ~250, can apply to two competitions each year and would have to be more particular about where they apply (in terms of ability to go, feasibility)
DKA Professional Cinematic Society
Just passed NGR, approved for $0, still getting acclimated to ABC, want to see more programming
Double Exposure
$1,638Y: UNANIMOUS$1,735.20
Publication and food costs, without new events (which can be co-sponsored), increased costs from printing and events
EAT$0A: 0 Y: 9 N: 3$129.60
Paying for people to eat at restaurants, need money to mantain website, and enough money to start reviewing websites
Economics Society
$1,486A:1 Y:12 N:0$1,485.86Efficient spending, solid programming
Engineers Without Borders
$6,000Y: UNANIMOUS$2,750.00
Inefficient spending (ex: $550 for a 20 person dinner), $3000 in allocation spent on a $3000 revenue-generating conference, does not need to be rolled into allocation, a fundraising event should eventually replenish the money, first time occurence
Ethiopian and Eritrean Students Association
-A: 1 Y: 9 N: 2$348.00
Co-sponsorship for $180 received and efficiently spent, rolled into allocation
Federalist Paper
$4,561A: 2 Y: UNANIMOUS$5,087.52
Large campus and social media presence, print multiple times per year, increase requested because $1500 in debt because of issue with printing company (do not need recurring funding), for another edition (7-8x per year) ($637.50), and new events (need to be co-sponsored), and an event they were unable to this year because of the debt issue ($240)
Ferris Reel Film Society
$6,829Y: UNANIMOUS$4,292.00
Applied for increase, outdoor screenings most popular, but most expensive, costs in rights and tech costs, partnered with other groups but have not applied to external funding
Film Production
$0A: 0 Y: UNANIMOUS$999.00
Strong progamming, but they only applied to CIF for one-time expense, want to see more sekeing of external funding, increase requested for costs that they have shown efficient spending for
French Cultural Society
$1,000A: 0 Y: 10 N: 1$1,224.50
Strong communication, increase request based on plans for the future not previously demonstrated efficient spending (ie. should be co-sponsorship), did not get any outside funding
Fruit Paunch$0A: 2 Y: 11 N: 1$150.00
Requesting increase, travel for competitions but we can only fund at 50%
Gadfly$0Y: UNANIMOUS$0.00
Inactivity, should prove sustainability before recurrring allocation given
Game Design & Development
-Y: 10 N: 2$300.00Received money from companies and ADI, newly recognized
Games Club$250Y: UNANIMOUS$250.00
Growing rapidly, need to buy more games and expand (recurring), but no external funding sought
German Cultural Society
$713A: 1 Y: 8 N: 2$100.00
Did not attend Townhall, only event that needs funding is Christmas Party but say they did not spend allocation past $80, newish group and have been good in the past
Glee Club$0A: 0 Y: 10 N: 1$0.00
Bulk of $7000 goes to expensive outside conductor, not very proactive in fundraising, have not made a contigency plan for if they don't get the full $7000 for this conductor (in terms of fundraising and music directing), need to meet with
Global China Connection
Last year did not host their biggest event given $0, asked for $600 increase but only want it to book a certain space
Gosh Yarn It-Y: UNANIMOUSLY$180.00Need money for yarn and programming, no increase sought
Gospel Choir$944Y: UNANIMOUS$943.51
Good programming, can generate revenue from performances, new events planned need to be co-sponsored first, only JCCC cos-sponsorship for unexpected tech and venue costs (non-recurring)
Haitian Students Association
$1,334A: 1 Y: 8 N: 1$1,634.08
Received and efficiently spent co-sponsorship of $500, rolled into recurring allocation
Helvidius (Journal of Politics and Society)
$5,106A: 3 Y: UNANIMOUS$5,106.00
Strong programmingand requesting increase but inefficient spending got group dinners $500 for 8 people dinner in projected budget
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
$560A:0 Y: Unanimous$560.00
Requesting increase, solid programming, haven't applied to external funds like CIF
Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society
$1,037Y: UNANIMOUS$1,036.95
Rep recommending no increase, have not applied for outside funding, using current allocation well
Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
$1,693Y: UNANIMOUS$1,693.00
Solid programming, no outside funding sought besides securities cost which can be covered annually by the securities fund
Iranian Students Association
$787A: 1 Y: UNANIMOUS$914.90
Requesting increase, received $600 Kraft sponsorship for successful film screening (co-hosted by Turath)
Japan Society
$4,246Y: UNANIMOUS$4,665.99
Have applied to many sources of outside funding, Matsuri very costly with facilities outside Low, biggest cost is a stage which they say they do not need, were not doing well last yearinternally to board, rep recommends same allocation
Jazz House-Y: UNANIMOUS$0.00SIC, did not request funding
Jester of Columbia
$2,343A: 2 Y: UNANIMOUS$2,342.88Strong progamming, no increase requested
Journal of Literary Criticism
$135A:0 Y:9 N: 2$135.00
Department will only fund publication itself, need money for events, extremely frugal but did not apply for outside funding for increased food and publicity requested
Kings Crown Shakespeare Troupe
$7,137A: 1 Y:10 N:1$7,954.98
Strong programming, fundraise aggressively, apply to outside funding
Kingsmen$500A: 1 Y: 9 N: 1$500.00
Only needed to buy new blazers (non-recurring, costumes), Europe trip one-time, no need for increase
Korean Students Association
$8,245A:3 Y: 13 N:3$8,245.00
Not requesting increase, have a lot of programming, spend efficiently
Latinx Heritage Month
Lean In-Y: UNANIMOUS$0.00Not seeking funding
Liga Filipina$2,164A: 1 Y: 7 N: 4$1,546.00
Requested increase, rep recommended decrease, only spent allocation on food for event, generate a lot of revenue, seem to have efficient programming
Lion Dance$0Y: UNANIMOUS$0.00They have no money, they asked for no money, they need no money
Malama Hawaii
$770A: 5 Y: UNANIMOUS$1,126.40
Chronically underfunded, received co-sponsorships ammounting to $904 for their recurring funding but $310 for Facilities fund which they can apply to every year
Metrotones$521A: 1 Y: UNANIMOUS$598.40Very frugal, solid programming, but not outside funding sought
Mixed Race Students Society
-A: 1 Y: 8 N:2$60.00Allocation requested for new events (need to be co-sponsored first)
Mock Trial$14,000Y: UNANIMOUS$12,740.54
Did not apply for outside funding, yet requesting an increase, most money/person in Academic, very frugal this year
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