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TimestampOverall, how would you rate the 2012 Local Food Summit?What was your favorite part of the summit?How many new organizations, businesses, or institutions did you learn about at the Summit?Which new organization, business, or institution are you most excited about?I gained new knowledge at the Summit.I gained new skills at the Summit.What new knowledge and/or skills are you most excited about?How did you hear about the Local Food Summit?What sector of the food system do you most identify with?What is your age?What is your zip code?Have you previously attended the Food Summit? If so please choose the years you attended.If you would like to volunteer or be involved with the planning of next year's summit, please enter your e-mail address below.Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [Using Food Hubs to Build Healthy, Resilient Communities]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [Food Sovereignty: Let's Make it Work]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [Scaling up Local Food Access]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [The State of Farm to School in Washtenaw County]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [What You Can Do For a Fair Farm Bill in 2012]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [Power to the Pollinators! Local Honey Project Is Sweet o]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 1? [How about Investment Clubs!]Which Presentations did you attend? [Permaculture: Edible Forest Gardens]Which Presentations did you attend? [Localization: Some Psychological Aspects of the Coming Downshift]Which Presentations did you attend? [How to Start Your Local Food Business]Which Presentations did you attend? [Farm Real Estate Options and MicroLoan Opportunity]Which Presentations did you attend? [School to Farm: A Dietitians Vision]Which Presentations did you attend? [Tillian Farm Development Center]Which Presentations did you attend? [Secrets of Successful Grant Writing]Which Presentations did you attend? [Organizing Strategy: 10 Steps to Organizing Your Neighborhood, Campaign, or Movement]If you attend one of the late morning activity sessions, which one?Please provide some feedback for your session 1 presenter.Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [Permaculture: Edible Forest Gardens]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [Localization: Some Psychological Aspects of the Coming Downshift]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [How to Start Your Local Food Business]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [Farm Real Estate Options and MicroLoan Opportunity]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [School to Farm: A Dietitians Vision]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [Tillian Farm Development Center]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [Secrets of Successful Grant Writing]Which Presentation did you attend in Session 2? [Organizing Strategy: 10 Steps to Organizing Your Neighborhood, Campaign, or Movement]Please provide some feedback for your session 2 presenter.Do you have any other comments or suggestions?If you attended the late morning activity session, how was it?Please rate the keynote speakerPlease provide some feedback for on the keynote speaker or what speaker you might like to see at future summitsAdditional feedback on the activity session?
4/2/2012 14:25:07Pretty AwesomeNetworking Break1/3/2012Locavorious4Red bud tree buds are edible! courtesy of Kevin Sharp, People's Food Co-op.36-5048103-4667You've probably gotten this suggestion already -- offer trash, compostable, and recyclable containers. And maybe staff the area, since many people toss things willy-nilly w/o looking.

Also, in terms of structure of the event, one participant mentioned the irony of driving all the way to WCC (since few can bike or walk there) for a sustainable agriculture event. I wonder if there's some way to decentralize the meetings. Maybe have 5 meeting places around the area, so people have a better chance to walk or bike. Join the meeting via Skype or -- just a thought.

Great planning & great people! Thank you very much for pulling off another Summit! I'm heartened to see such activity in our community.
2Larry was very entertaining ~ Great content!
4/2/2012 15:18:31Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victories4/6/2012food hub5322-35481972011, 2010, 2009athomason@zingerman.com1:00pm-2:00pmwas this the break our31would have been nice to see more farmers, chefs, more variety in sessions. call for submissions from members of the community prior.
was there an activity ?
4/2/2012 15:18:55Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions7/10/20125136-50481981:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmI wanted to attend multiple sessions at the same time so it would be nice to be able to attend more but keep the summit a one-day event. maybe cut the morning down?2
4/2/2012 16:01:21Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012Michigan Food Policy Network4251-65481081:00pm-2:00pmGood. I did get a bit overloaded with info on all the various related organizations and acroymns. Liked the "what you can do" section - would have liked more of that.2
4/2/2012 16:29:57Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012all of them!5422-35481981:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pm
4/2/2012 16:44:31Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker7/10/2012Tillian422-35481042
4/2/2012 16:51:27Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/20124151-65481031:00pm-2:00pmPresenter was fine, I thought I'd learn more than I did...2:15pm-3:15pmPresenters were very good, provided excellent summaries of their experiences.
4/2/2012 17:07:01AwesomeThe Slow Food Lunch1/3/2012FSEP53Ideas about forming a new business if I decide to do so36-50481762011, 20101:00pm-2:00pmThe session was great. With limited funds to work with it gave me some ideas on how to advocate. I would have liked to see more of an action plan for us to help with, though. Such as what we can do to write to our representatives. We have limited dollars and tax increases are not an option--so what should we ask them to cut in favor of what we need to see in the farm bill?2:15pm-3:15pmI thought the session was very good but a little more structure would have been nice, How they started from start to finish. However I am not complaining, I enjoyed the session and learned a lot.I would suggest that the closing ceremony is more structured such as a closing speaker to tie things together. I love the letter writing to yourself, that is excellent.2At first I thought the topic was irrelevant to our mission but I really did enjoy the topic and once he was done I thought it was relevant and very interesting to see how things have changed.more time should be allocated to the activity session.
4/2/2012 17:09:51AwesomeLocal Food Victories1/3/2012Tilian Farm Development Center CSA's53Learned alot about permaculture which I hope to gain skills in applying.51-65481081:00pm-2:00pmBill Alt ICPJVery specific institutional purcahsing / grower questions asked. 2:15pm-3:15pmThis was an awesome and inpsiring presentation. Very knowledgeable presenter!3
4/2/2012 17:26:50Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012WCC Farmer Training54I'm most excited about the connections that I and my group made with community movers and shakers. These will be key to successfully implementing the UMSFP. I'm also excited about planning our advocacy approach.22-35481041:00pm-2:00pmUMSFPI would have preferred specifics on one food hub. The topic was general to most food hubs.2:15pm-3:15pmVery helpful, this session provided great insight into planning for any project. I will implement the strategy myself.11This speaker was great. The topic choice was interesting, and more like telling a story (less like a lecture).I am involved with the UM Sust. Food Program, and the turnout for this session was great. We got a chance to network with many people who will really help this project succeed. I would have liked more time.
4/2/2012 17:39:32AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Breakmore than 10Agrarian Adventure54Using my voice to influence policy and impact our community.Under 2148197vanwormeremily@gmail.com1:00pm-2:00pmIt was an interesting topic, but I felt that it focused too much on business owners/producers, and not how primary consumers can take control without legal organization. 2:15pm-3:15pmFANTASTIC. Absolute inspiration. volunteer coordination was a little messy. Wasn't aware of the "home base" until my second shift. 11Really enjoyed the different perspective of MI history. I had no idea there were culinary historians!
4/2/2012 18:11:00Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/2012Health Care for Farmers54Organization strategies, to use with the Food Gatherers Farm Project. 51-65481032011, 2010ccrawley59@gmail.comFood Gatherers Farm ProjectI attended the tour of the Farm at St. Joe's., it was well done.2:15pm-3:15pmGood, useful information, and the speaker was interesting but his slides were just his words, literally being projected. I prefer that audio visual, when used in a presentation, add more depth and dimension to the program.Another terrific job! Thanks to the team that organized this event. I almost didn't make it due to work-related constraints, but am glad that i made the effort to attend - well worthwhile!!21I loved that the keynote was connected to the overall Summit topic without being specifically rooted to one cause or aspect of it. I liked that he presented his information in an interesting manner, incorporated humor and educated me all at once - this is my idea of the ideal keynote speaker at any event!Great to get people interested in the Farm Project and to expand connections made at the Summit.
4/2/2012 18:14:31Pretty AwesomeTour of St. Joe farm7/10/20125351-65481032011Green HandsI can't believe Dan B had time to host a tour! He's overworked and I'm sure, underpaid.It was a terrific and inspiring day - thanks to all who helped organize it.31He knows what to do - and does it well. Good slides.More informal skills than I had hoped. Gardening (yes, people need to know how) and knitting. Would like to see heirloom carpentry and woodworking included. Taking care of vintage and Victorian homes.
4/2/2012 18:21:46AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/2012Farm to school group53I was there mostly to learn about the local food scene. I got some great ideas about what part I can play after my retirement in a few months.51-6548103cmilstei@comcast.net1:00pm-2:00pmFood as medicineIt was really great! I would have liked more time. Presenters were very enthusiastic and knowledgable. 2:15pm-3:15pmGreat Presentation, Diana. Loved hearing the history of your journey, and also was interested to find out about the HEN group.I'm not available to volunteer until early fall - my daughter's getting married in August, and I'm still working full time (although I'm retiring in a few months)
Thanks so much to all the organizers, and the people making local food a priority.
31I had a different idea of what was pitched. The idea was good, but it didn't seem as if the person had much of an idea of what she wanted to accomplish.
4/2/2012 18:27:57Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Breakmore than 10Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund44From the "Organizing Strategy" workshop, that was brilliant.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to attend "Grant Writing"- that sounded fabulous, as well.
36-504810420111:00pm-2:00pmRap for FoodAmazing, yet I am very new to this concept. I hope it starts taking momentum in Michigan, and the rest of the nation. 2:15pm-3:15pmBrilliant! He gave wonderful examples by walking us through the 10 steps, and then showing 3 of the movements/campaigns he had been involved with, along with 2 campaign/movements of audience members.

Very clear presentation.
At the closing ceremony, the imagery exercise, (before we wrote the letters to ourselves), was very moving, and thoughtfully done. But in the future, could the closing ceremony, be a bit more organized (by possibly beginning the ceremony even before those who were late in getting into the auditorium) and be timed faster, so the day keeps its energizing momentum.

Thank you all for organizing a wonderful 2012 Local Food Summit!
14Could you please have a speaker who shares how a new paradigm shift can be made/is being made that fresh, healthy, locally grown food can be accessible to everyone, and the methods to bring this about (the poor, the elderly and those in institutions (prisons, hospitals, schools)), and that these people have access to food prep equipment and are shown how to use this equipment and that they have access to refrigerators and stoves. Maybe the speaker could be involved with the double-up food bucks program, or is a revolutionary educator/policy maker.Wonderful and energizing to be with those sharing same passions. It is a great way to harness energy of the people who can bring about important change in our local, healthy food system.
4/2/2012 18:30:16Pretty AwesomeThe Slow Food Lunch1/3/2012Eat Ideas Farm43Just made a lot of network connections and new outreach ideas.22-35481042011, 2010, 20091:00pm-2:00pmBCBS and CSAsQuestions from the audience tended to derail presentation--wish people could hold their questions til the end because I'm sure they were going to cover all the questions if they'd managed to get through their presentation without constant interruption. Also, audience tended to get stuck on their pet issues. Presenters were great--audience was making me crazy!2:15pm-3:15pmOn the nametags: You should make it clear that people are creating their nametags when they enter their names in the online registration--thus we won't have the weird honorific issue and people can choose if they want to use a nickname or whatever. Also, first names and organizations should be the largest type, and title and last names should be smaller. 21A very dynamic speaker--good at holding an audience, so that was fun. Not super-relevant to what I do day-to-day, but interesting and fun for all nonetheless.Better structure than last year!
4/2/2012 18:34:12AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/20125351-65481032011, 20101:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmThis was extremely fascinating! I'd even consider going back to school to learn more about this.1
4/2/2012 18:47:56Just OKBreak-Out Sessions1/3/2012Chiwara Permaculture42??22-35492301:00pm-2:00pmBCBS & CSA shareInspirational faded into specific and seemingly not widely applicable.2:15pm-3:15pmGreat! Yeah, a lot of info to fit into a short amount of time. Really intriguing and well presented.Would have appreciated less cheesy participation elements, for example, "who learned something new about Michigan's food heritage?" or "call out a word that describes...." Anticipate the amount of main course needed to feed the amount of people expected. The chili incident was kind of a chaotic let-down, and now I'm craving chili. 22Appreciated the comic relief... he made history come alive a bit which seems like it helped keep folks' attention.
4/2/2012 19:00:43Pretty AwesomeThe Slow Food Lunchmore than 10Mindful Eating Coalition5451-6548103zufallem-cooks@yahoo.comGardening for Food GatherersDan Baer showed us the Farm at St. Joe's. Great project! Glad this is happening. Check with folks at the Sanctuary at St. Joe's for potential volunteers. They could do a work day with residents, staff, or those who attend its workshops and lectures... Contact Sarah in Sales.2:15pm-3:15pmGood variety of perspectives.Hilary's plan and activity list for the Slow Food Lunch was great. It involved everyone at the table and kept us talking.22Interesting but really broad treatment. Would like something more in depth and actionable.Liked the one minute pitches. Look forward to seeing more on these on the website.
4/2/2012 19:10:59Just OKThe Keynote Speaker1/3/20124222-35481041:00pm-2:00pmFood Gatherers Farm with UUUIt wasn't quite what I was expecting. 2:15pm-3:15pmI like the idea of adding an agricultural component to the dietetic internship.32
4/2/2012 19:26:39AwesomeLocal Food Victories4/6/2012the new farms by young farmers!43Knowledge about food hubs.51-654810420111:00pm-2:00pmVery good overview of what's happening nationally.2:15pm-3:15pmVery good, but the very same panel as last year! Give some new local food entrepreneurs a voice -- they are out there. The three speakers were excellent (again) but next year the same subject should be offered with three brand new speakers.Please bring back the general/community information table. The board with stick pins just did not work, which is probably why so few people used it. Set up another table for anyone to bring flyers -- so that just like the exhibitor tables we can easily browse and pick up information!2Larry Massie was great! A fresh voice and a different perspective than the policy-driven speakers you can always find. And he was amusing, which was a good change of pace. Historical background is important and I gained an appreciation for Michigan's food history -- more diverse than I ever knew.
4/2/2012 19:34:05AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break1/3/2012Local food for hospital patients.51The value of creating community in my neighborhood. Over 65481051:00pm-2:00pmKim's BCBS, then Andrew's open source tools, then Jeff's Co-FarmingExcellent presentation by both speakers. I learned a great deal.2:15pm-3:15pmSuperb combination of interesting, factual and knowledgeable information. Also, it was inspiring. I shall work on this.I really appreciate the time, effort and creative ideas that people put into this summit.11Ray deYoung gave an outstanding talk. I wanted to attend two more of them. I wish I could communicate with the group or at least the instigator today, while it is fresh.
It would have been nice to have the names of the unscheduled folks displayed on the screen.
This was a terrific idea! It created the opportunities that I had hoped to find in the group of folks who came together for the day.
4/2/2012 20:02:18Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions1/3/2012Local seed grower2136-50481032011, 20091:00pm-2:00pmVery good session. 2:15pm-3:15pmI would like less "encounter group" touchy-feely stuff (the intro and the closing were heavy on this) and more breakouts, re-skilling, and opportunities for one-on-one connection. The pitches were great - I loved hearing quickly about a bunch of different initiatives. It was hard to follow up with all the people I wanted to - maybe next year, everyone who does a pitch could also have a poster and sign-up sheet, and there could be a hour for people to peruse the posters, hear more details, and sign up for "what's next".2Less keynote, more pitches and breakouts.
4/2/2012 20:04:19Pretty Awesomenet working 5251-65481981:00pm-2:00pmNot what I expected.. and only one solution was presented, which is not a good answer for all the issues and not the way to create a sustainable food system.

so, not what I wish I had spent my time on. While I understand the purpose of short descriptions to get people curious of a topic, having a clearer explanation could be useful..
one hour lunch would have been sufficient and then time to move on to next part of day!

I loved the food serving method you chose.. worked really well..

Unfortunately I missed it!
4/2/2012 20:17:08Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012educational programs at UofM,WCC & MSU53I found out about what a lot of groups are doing and have a better idea of where to direct my volunteer activity and food dollars.51-65481301:00pm-2:00pmI tried the Food Hubs one but it was too technical for me. It had too many definitions and business models where I wanted to know how they could benefit communities. (I didn't stay for the whole thing, though, so maybe it improved over time.)2:15pm-3:15pmReally good! Maybe too much about the limits to oil reserves, but good information about engaging people in change.Great job planning and organizing the summit!2
4/2/2012 20:24:43AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/20125522-354810320112:15pm-3:15pm12I really enjoyed the pitch activity. I thought is was very interesting and insightful to see what people want to do in the local food community.
4/2/2012 20:29:41AwesomeLocal Food Victories7/10/201251Localization51-65481031:00pm-2:00pmGreen Hand and Open Source EcologyPlease learn a little more about Michigan before your next presentation.2:15pm-3:15pmMind-blowing. Excellent presentation and MUCH food for THOUGHT!

I also attended the last 10 minutes of School to Farm; another energizing and productive session with lots of "to-do's" and connections made.
32Both sessions needed handouts so there was a carry-away to continue the activity and interest.
4/2/2012 20:33:47AwesomeBreak-Out Sessionsmore than 10Reskilling/retooling 5336-50481032011, 20101:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmThis was an excellent seminar and I'd like to attend a longer (maybe 3 hour) presentation by this speaker.Thanks for putting this together. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone in the area, from all professions, to come together. While the title is "Local Food" I really feel it is more about building community. This gathering helps me renew my energy and drive to keep on farming. And for that, I am grateful.
1I went to 2. The first was good because I could add my name to a list quickly and indicate interest and I know I'll be contacted. The second was a long intro of everyone which was interesting but I'm not sure if everyone will be contacted or not. There were many that I'd like to have attended.
4/2/2012 20:44:58Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victories055I am particularly glad that I went to the session on Food Sovereignty because I will find it very helpful in the future. 22-35481971:00pm-2:00pmFarm CareHe knew so much, and he knew how to tell the audience about it! Lots of time for questions, too. I thought it was a very helpful session. 2:15pm-3:15pmThis man also knew quite a bit. His presentation was a little lengthy, but I thought the subject was very important and especially relevant to the local food movement. I was very satisfied with my notes. We could've used more food at eat a lot. 11Great keynote speaker! Very interesting. I thought the subject would be more about the local sustainability movement or something, though. Like someone speaking about a community effort or something. More current, you know? I love the idea of giving us non-speakers a chance to participate! This part made the experience far more interactive and real.
4/2/2012 20:56:24Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessionsmore than 10Slow Money chapter51Didn't learn any new skills...? Gained good leaps in knowledge about agricultural lending and some of the successful food initiatives that have sprung up in the last year.22-354819820111:00pm-2:00pmSlow Money ChapterI presented this workshop, and I thought it went great! It would have been nice to have pre-registration for the break out sessions so the presenters know how many sets of printed materials to prepare, making for better planning. We also could have used 15-20 more minutes, as people arrived 10-15 minutes late from lunch. 1.5 hour sessions might make more sense in the future to account for people arriving late.2:15pm-3:15pmThis was really helpful for me I'm working in the local investing/finance field; glad to know about more resources to direct clients towards. The presenters could have done a better job reining in one of the attendees and her ongoing comments though. Overall they did a great job.I thought the registration said to bring your own plate settings like last time, so I and I know several other people did as well but ended up not needing them. We all thought the table captain idea was great! (way to go Hillary!) Lunch was good but portions were small, didn't get enough time to get a snack between all the networking. I missed the morning sessions before the keynote, but I heard other people commenting that they weren't that great.23I missed some of his talk, but what I did catch was pretty neat. Still, I was more excited about last year's keynote speaker (CEO, Eastern Market).Looks like a chapter will be forming shortly! We're excited!
4/2/2012 21:01:34AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012Open source ecology in Michigan4322-354810420101:00pm-2:00pmVery knowledgeable presenter.... excellent.2:15pm-3:15pmThank you!!1Best one yet. I really enjoyed it.
4/2/2012 21:02:46AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break7/10/2012The ones that sparked at this summit!!52Partnerships =]Under 21481971:00pm-2:00pmThe Giving GardenVery fantastic. Provided ample time for good questions after his very informative presentation.2:15pm-3:15pmSuch a wonderful person to hear stories from. A great perspective!Thank you SO much for this opportunity! I look forward to 2013 =]15Hilarious! This was great. Perspective, wisdom and foundation knowledge for gratitude =]This was my favorite part!!!!!
4/2/2012 21:07:49Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012The Agragarian Adventure4136-50481031:00pm-2:00pmFood & MedicineI enjoyed this the most out of the entire day. Fascinating to hear about the time and effort that both parties are making to make it work. Were very flexible with presentation and allowed questions to lead the talk, which I enjoyed as folks came with many questions. Hope they can make the relationship work!2:15pm-3:15pmVery enthusiastic speaker. Too closely related to my profession - should have chosen another presentation.Lunch and snacks donated were much appreciated. Great venue and well organized. Great break out sessions to choose from. Wished I could have heard at least 2 others. Maybe break into 3 afternoon sessions? Skip closing ceremonies to provide more time. Enjoyed the Local Food Victories presentation - well done!33I thought the idea to share business ideas in that format (1 minute pitch) was great. Just turned out that the "idea" I joined wasn't a good match for me.
4/2/2012 21:26:32Pretty Awesomenot fair to say 'cause I didn't get there until 10:00.1/3/2012Ann Arbor Seed Company43Making sure we have a good strategy for projects we want to accomplish.36-50481032011clarsen@steinerschool.org1:00pm-2:00pmToo similar to what they presented last year. Would be nice for Agrarian Adventure to maybe present some of their actual lesson plans.

Their energy is wonderful to see. But would be nice to either 1) get more in depth with what they are doing or 2) get some different folks in to talk about their programs. I vote for 1). Seems like we're are often skimming the surface and it's time to dive deep!!!
2:15pm-3:15pmQuite good.How about a lecture on biodynamic agriculture? Or a more advanced one on permaculture? Native plant permaculture? Could we involve high schoolers? (might be too disruptive to their day). Wish I had seen him!!!
4/2/2012 21:31:29Just OKThe Keynote Speaker1/3/2012Evergreen Aquaponics3336-50481052011, 2010, 20091:00pm-2:00pmI tried to go to Permaculture but the room was too full. From looking around that may have been a problem elsewhere.1There needed to be better direction about where to go and then once there, space to actually have a conversation. Finally, perhaps having a wall to add your contact information to if you wanted to talk with several people. I was only able to connect with two of the four that I wanted to have a conversation with or at least give my email.
4/2/2012 21:42:01Just OKBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012Seeds for Change41Tilian project. 51-654810520111:00pm-2:00pmKnowledgeable and direct speaker. Answered lots of questions. Well prepared.2:15pm-3:15pm3 speakers - all knowledgeable and informative.2Today's speaker was interesting but it would have been great to hear from someone doing innovative work with local food systems in other states.
4/2/2012 21:44:39Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions7/10/2012all are awesome. Too hard to pick.43slow money, land acquisition and financing options/issues, food hubs36-50481701:00pm-2:00pmslow money and co-farminggreat topic and information, but latter part got too general and as far as I could tell, off topic.2:15pm-3:15pmVery good. Very informative. Minor technical glitch on Greenstone presentation projection ability (didn't work) but I didn't feel too much of an issue. Can't speak for others.Thanks so much for making this available. I will be back in 2013! Being picky here, but throughout this survey, the scales (1-5) should be consistent from left to right (i.e. 1 = positive & 5 = negative or vice versa, but not mixed.) otherwise people (like me) might get conditioned by the 1st couple and not actually look at the descriptions next to the number. Otherwise you might not get valid results. (Compare keynote speaker and morning activity ratings to knowledge and skills ratings - they may be inconsistent)12I enjoyed the speaker a lot, but feel like the time might be better spent in additional breakout sessions or other opportunities to meet and dialog with other folks.First of all I loved it. Second, Can you send out the contact information for each of the activity leaders to all the attendees? I (and perhaps others) would like to follow up with more than just the activities I attended. More time for conversation and brainstorming ideas would be helpful.
4/2/2012 22:03:05Awesome4/6/2012Local Natural Sustainable Produced Food54To incorporate my skills so others can learn also.Over 65492511:00pm-2:00pmThe Dietician and diabetes, and the machinery making person out of MissouriRandy Burns from UMHS was very honest in what he has to deal with.
The Goetz's also were helpful in talking about the real problems with harvesting, loading, unloading, and sometimes miscommunication with trying to get a product delivered.
2:15pm-3:15pmShe was excellent. I like the ideas she is trying to foster and her involvement with the community.I just had a very good time and liked being around new ways of looking at agriculture.25He was very interesting and I liked the visuals of the postcards. Also the celery information...I liked the idea of people getting up and stating their cause within a minute.
It gives you a feeling that you know a little more than just milling around while eating or breaks, which you don't usually get to talk to that many people.

please do that part again.
4/2/2012 22:06:08Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/20124151-65481702011BCBS and CSA2:15pm-3:15pmInterestingReally liked the way lunch was done.33I am more interested in present and future than the past
4/2/2012 22:33:00Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions1/3/20124351-654810520111:00pm-2:00pmwell done2:15pm-3:15pmclear and concise31
4/2/2012 22:44:58Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victoriesmore than 104222-35481051:00pm-2:00pmBlue Cross Blue Shield CSA2:15pm-3:15pmThese folks were super open and honest but seemed to all come from really connected places in the community and just kind of dove in without a plan. Perhaps next year a session on this same topic might include new business start ups coming from more diverse perspectives-- including not just all value added folks but farms, etc. as well.The information tables for different groups (FSEP, MSU SOF, Darcy's cart, etc.) were kind of awkwardly placed, especially for the individuals associated with the organization. The tables were so close together that only one organizational representative could be at the table at a time without interfering with interested table visitors.

32The speaker was funny and taught me new things about MI history.It was a bit awkward standing in a circle in the corner of the auditorium. Perhaps a more comfortable, group friendly setting could be selected for this activity.
4/2/2012 22:52:32Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions7/10/2012Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund2336-50481781:00pm-2:00pmDNR Feral PigExcellent speaker. Very knowledgeable. Was able to answer most questions posed to him and was honest about the few topics he was not expert in, deferring to others. He offered to make himself available after the session which ran long to answer individual questions. Very impressive!!!2:15pm-3:15pmVery good! All 3 panel members candidly shared lessons learned (the hard way) and offered practical tips. Glad to see that audience members who had some expertise were willing to offer their services as well. Terrific job and kudos to the organizing committee. Washtenaw Community College was the PERFECT spot to host this. Really enjoyed the sit-down lunch. It was great to sit and network with fellow attendees and get to know them over a somewhat leisurely lunch without feeling rushed. Food was delicious!22I'm hopeful something will come out of it and there will be follow up of some kind.
4/2/2012 23:05:32Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions1/3/2012The Agrarian Adventure33More knowledge of what exists so the wheel doesn't have to be re-invented over and over and over.22-35481602011cstinsonrd@gmail.com1:00pm-2:00pmFood As Medicine (was this what you mean?)Great information. Not enough time for the subject.2:15pm-3:15pmGreat speaker. As a fellow dietitian this session was very valuable to me.All organizations and contact info of attendees and other known areas of interest into one general list. So many organizations and/or people have specialized skills or they know others who can be helpful. If more of us know what is out there we can more easily make connections to make change or offer knowledge and volunteer hours.33Chef Alex Young?
Dan Carmody was GREAT last year!
Someone who motivates people to make positive change?
In the future an outline as to what questions we should answer or what we should accomplish as a group might be nice. I tend to work well with some sort of structure to build from.
4/2/2012 23:49:31AwesomeLocal Food Victories4/6/20124336-50481182011, 2010, 20091:00pm-2:00pmorganic seed savingInteresting dialogue about how farmers and other community members can get involved with the farm to school program. The panel generated lots of interesting questions. The panel provided a varied and interesting perspective. Thank you.2:15pm-3:15pmDiana had lots of enthusiasm with interesting quotes on her slides. There was lots of information and resources shared. She could tighten her presentation up a bit and leave out a bit of the personal commentary. Thank you.This was very well-organized and enjoyable! Thanks for all the detail to encouraging community building, networking, and education on what is going on out there in our local food system. We appreciate it!31Really enjoyed Larry. He had good, respectful stories of the native peoples and the history of Michigan, which I found interesting.
4/3/2012 6:27:11Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker1/3/2012Mi Folk School54Forming a Buying Club36-50481051:00pm-2:00pmVery vague write-up. I would have attended a different presentation if the description of the Food Sovereignty session more more specific.2:15pm-3:15pmPERFECT!1Overall a great presentation.
4/3/2012 9:04:25AwesomeLocal Food Victoriesmore than 10specialized CSAs5322-35481052009lilyaguzman@gmail.com1Very interesting history of food in Michigan. It was entertaining and informative.
4/3/2012 9:11:49AwesomeThe Slow Food Lunch1/3/20124351-6548130czucc@umich.edu1:00pm-2:00pmFood as Medicinegreat!2:15pm-3:15pmvery informativeI would be willing to teach a break-out session about raising chickens using natural methods (based on my own success) next year - if the commitee is interested.21
4/3/2012 9:21:48Just OKThe Keynote Speaker4/6/20123122-351:00pm-2:00pmUM sustainable farmsort of disorganized. I would have liked to hear more about the food being brought into the school in detail and what is done with it. Taste tests, what the kids liked, did it increase consumption overall, etc.2:15pm-3:15pm22
4/3/2012 9:25:30AwesomeLocal Food Victories02236-50481052011, 2010, 20091:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmexcellent!
4/3/2012 9:37:08Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/20124322-35481981:00pm-2:00pmI think it was a good introduction into what can be done with farm to school. I know they were super knowledgeable but they didn't have very much time to share it. I think it was a good session though. 2:15pm-3:15pm3
4/3/2012 9:37:27AwesomeLocal Food Victoriesmore than 10Ann Arbor Seed Company5436-50481982011, 2010, 2009St. Joe Hoop House Tour2:15pm-3:15pmNathan did a fantastic job trying to explain permaculture in just one hour. He was very enthusiastic and you can tell he had a passion for it. I was very inspired, excited and ready to learn more. I'm glad he had a list of books worthy of reading on the subject. I really liked the lunch idea of having a "table captain" and different folks being responsible for each lunch item. That was cool! Gave us all something to talk and giggle about.

I also really appreciated the theme this year. Hearing about the past, present and future victories was heart warming and encouraging.

Great job you guys!!!
4/3/2012 9:38:06Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victories4/6/20125222-35481032:15pm-3:15pm1
4/3/2012 9:45:19Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out SessionsThe Agrarian Adventure44Improve backyard garden
Network better with school children on school garden I am involved in
51-654810420111:00pm-2:00pmOne minute idea pitches3 presenters were fantastic. The network and team needed for such projects was well highlighted. The grass roots level efforts of these programs was amazing, especially, the teacher at King Elementary School in Ann Arbor.2:15pm-3:15pmExcellent and very encouraging to hear that the UN and USDA are now on board and pushing polyculture/forest/diversity farming. Presenter very articulate, bright and passionate about this topic.Yes, please place regular garbage cans next to compost cans, as attendees were throwing plastic lids from the salsa and foil from the burritos into the compost bin. Duh, they don't compost and this educated audience still did not pay attention.13History is a nice to know, but the need to know was captured on all other aspects of the summit instead.Clever and great networking opportunity. Please report back on the successes (and failures and why) next year!
4/3/2012 9:58:25AwesomeThe Slow Food Lunch4/6/2012washetnew farmimg program32More knowledge in the area of funding for farmers-food business. Hub concept. Slow Money(want to know more)36-50481032011YES1:00pm-2:00pmvolunteered at this timeVery informative! Great speaker. Engaged and knowledgeable. Lots of information I never thought of....provocative! Felt hopeful for our future in this area.had to leave early....still healing and energy dropped. i really was looking forward to "Farm Real Estate.." organizing campaigns.......would have liked to sit in on all of them honestly.

one thing I would suggest is to have more breakout sessions (3-4) less breaks and less ongoing at same time so people can see-hear close to everything they want. I still can see a two day summit perhaps 6 hour days with everyone signing up in advance for the sessions they desire. Eliminate all the pre-event stuff to allow for the educational-informative aspect to shine through with a motivational group gathering at beginning and one in middle as opposed to end for those who do have to leave early and to build energy mid day for the end of day sessions. Helps the speakers out too.
First of all it was a huge success. Very impressive and fun! It flowed easily and people seemed really engaged. I would suggest is to have more breakout sessions (3-4) less breaks and less ongoing at same time so people can see-hear close to everything they want. I still can see a two day summit perhaps 6 hour days with everyone signing up in advance for the sessions they desire. Eliminate all the pre-event stuff to allow for the educational-informative aspect to shine through with a motivational group gathering at beginning and one in middle as opposed to end for those who do have to leave early and to build energy mid day for the end of day sessions. Helps the speakers out too.

I loved the slow food stye meal and the way in which each table partner had a function. This could be done a little more easily I think people were way too confused. I can offer ideas in person on past experience. The whole set up was much better than last year. and the food was simple-delicious.

It would be helpful to have students or retired farmers acting as dossiers-guiding people to where they are going, explaining where breakout session rooms are located, giving directions to bathrooms etc. Passing out schedules and generally being of assistance to attendees. A coat-bag check would be useful too. These people could be managed and trained by one person form planning and one washtenew student lead with a pre-event meeting to train. It would be helpful for all volunteers and organizers to where the same T-shirt or a Badge of sorts.

For the display tables: I would like to see all the display tables to be in one area or room that is designated for this purpose away form the food and registration. Could provide attendees with a bag for them to hold hand-outs etc. and have a set time for people to walk around the displays meeting the farmers-business owners etc. I would suggest each display table has a person attending the "booth" at all times. This is the best way to promote these small business-organizations. That could be an entire session as well." Meet your local businesses-organizations" that would get more people renting tables and participating int hat way bringing with them more information-skills-knowledge.

Was every session taped? Can this be made available to public post-event? Would be nice to start a library of summit sessions-speakers-activities.

Only bummer is that we did not get the brinery pickle donation on the tables- we found it in the cooler after desert was served. Hopefully it made it out for snack time..
54The information was very interesting and useful. Perhaps more conversation and audience participation in regards to "how to preserve our heritage". I think handouts are always helpful for keynotes. It gives everyone something to take home and file away-ponder-explore. Not always easy to take notes a truly listen at same time-while watching slides. Same for all presentations. Next year would work on simple handouts given when people either enter or leave presentation.

He was warm and humorous and very knowledgeable. Had funny ways to connect place to food to purpose. Look forward to reading his cook books! maybe slow food could have a link on our site of where these can be found. ??
Sad that i missed this section as it sounded really fun. Any way we can get info?
Happy to volunteer though as it is fun too!
4/3/2012 10:03:12Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break1/3/2012UM student farm3136-5048103UM student farmDid tour of St. Joe's Farm instead - Dan was great! Honest about both the progress made and the continuing challenges.2:15pm-3:15pm2:15pm-3:15pmLeft Grant Writing session early - would have been good to know going in that it was specifically focused on government grants (not my focus). Organizing Strategy was good - nice to have a presentation with active audience participation. 2Only caught the end, so can't evaluateGreat idea to have pitches and follow-up sessions - I think it worked well!
4/3/2012 10:04:53Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/201253Learned a lot about the story of starting a small food business22-354819720091:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmGreat job! Very informative!
4/3/2012 10:20:42Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker7/10/20123236-501:00pm-2:00pm2
4/3/2012 10:40:57Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012Mr Cox's law firm 55Initiative building skills, anecdotes, strategies, and knowledge from Session #2.

And, not to forget: Michigan's celery past! No, seriously! When you have muck, find out what grows in it! There's a very powerful lesson for all of us there.
36-50483702011michigan_citrus@yahoo.com1:00pm-2:00pmRap for FoodI felt the shortness of the formal presentation and the length of time for Q&A worked out really well as it encouraged the interactivity that makes for good teaching and learning. The sobering realities of food regulation is really a difficult thing to look at, but look at it we must, so I thank the presenter for his knowledge and expertise.

I'd also like to see the same presenter talk about model food sovereignty legislation and how to promote it next year. We'll never be able to win or even fight all the court cases, so it would be better if the laws were changed.
2:15pm-3:15pmVery interactive and goal-oriented presentation. Excellent stuff, and I know the people whose initiatives were chosen as examples for collective brainstorming benefited from that activity, as did all the participants. Quality teaching.

Presenter would have preferred a smaller venue more conducive to the kind of round-table interactivity that made this presentation special. It still worked ok, but asking presenters their preferences in venue would probably be a good idea.
Please, more food and of different kinds, at the lunch and the event in general! I loved the interactivity built into the way the meal was handled, but this is NOT the event to experience food scarcity! Maybe have the Brinery table to sample Kiimchi, etc. FOOOOOD!

Regarding the feedback form itself, I would have preferred "Please list in order of preference your three favorite activities from today." It's quite possible that an activity that might not show up as anyone's "first favorite" might nonetheless be a LOT of people's "second favorite" - and this is useful information to have. Asking only for "first favorites" skews the data by forcing a choice I really shouldn't have to make since it throws all the other activities into the same category.
14While I appreciate the retrospective, I think we needed to make connections between the material presented and actions being taken today. There was DEFINITELY value in the historical perspective, the role of religious cults in Michigan's food past, place-based indigenous diet patterns, modern dietary fads and marketing initiatives, and so on.

My question is, what lessons can be drawn from the past that might have applicability in the future?

Answering this question would require a deeper look at the sociological significances of food and food culture(s) as these relate to the problems and opportunities facing local food activists today. I feel there is a lot of value there; we need to dig deeper into ourselves and gain introspective knowledge to complement the practical skills and conceptual tools we use to create new systems.
As with all the things that encourage forward steps right from the start, this was a great activity in general and Rap For Food was a worthwhile concept to discuss and build participation in.
My only issue was, as a food idea "pitcher," I had to seek out the other idea "pitch-people" after the session to get on their lists. The signs were a good idea as they were large enough to help me to find these people later as spotted them carrying them about.
4/3/2012 10:50:22AwesomeLocal Food Victories1/3/2012Detroit Food and Fitness Collaborative54I learned about political advocacy around food issues.22-3548104amiller84@gmail.com1:00pm-2:00pmEMU Giving GardenVery informative! 2:15pm-3:15pmI would have loved some action items from this speaker - how to apply the concepts to shifting to localization.11
4/3/2012 10:56:41Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012Farm to school connections4336-50481041:00pm-2:00pmIt was great - it was a little heavily focused on the in the classroom component - a little harder to tell what systems might be in place (be in the process of being built) to connect the system of local farming to local schools. Very enthusiastic presenters which was great!2:15pm-3:15pmVery passionate presentation -thoughtful scaffolding of the big picture to the detail of permaculture in your backyard. Thank you for your work. This might seem like a small thing, but I want to mention at one point the presenter talked about his/company's work in Detroit and how permacultlure can fix everything in Detroit, and how simple xy and z is. I would suggest being careful with that kind of comment. After years of work in Detroit, as a white person and an "outsider" with resources and ideas eager to share. That is exactly the kind of comment that makes people of color in Detroit nuts - it simplifies so much - doesn't address systematic and institutional racism that is ever so present in the environment and in the food system. I guess I mention this, again, not to be harsh as I so appreicate anyone who loves and shares their work - but as a way for all of us to keep thinking sharply about food, environment, people and race -- all of which are so intertwined.Would it be possible to include some workshops related to class and race at the next summit?
AND THANK YOU! for doing this work and reaching out to the community!
4/3/2012 11:22:54Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012Hard to single out one from so many committed, enthusiastic, well-presented organisations! 23I am encouraged by the growth of institutional interest in and commitment to local food/slow food/sustainable agriculture issues (Government, Schools, hospitals, etc). The State Gov't's visible, audible push to raise the profile of Michigan's agriculture/food sector and put some funding behind its messages will, I hope, serve to encourage greater interest among private sector and angel investors in supporting entrepreneurs and smaller operators in the food sector.
51-6548176dorotheamd@gmail.com1:00pm-2:00pmWCC Farm CourseRegional Food Hubs is a fine concept. Ideally, their development would be considered in relation to the aims of other sectors in Michigan, that is, integrated with the plans, goals of other sectors.... eg,transport, manufacturing, "aerotropolis", etc... everyone is talking "hubs" again these days.
I'd really like to see a State Strategic Plan exercise happen in Michigan at some point soon... i.e., the creation of a comprehensive TBL framework for the future, based on extensive community consultation, crossing all sectors of the economy and society, so that we have a common mechanism for integrating cross-sector initiatives and an overarching, community-based, continually consulted/reviewed reference point that outlines a future Michigan and articulates the way we will measure whether that future Michigan is coming about.
See South Australia's Strategic Plan for an example of what I mean... ... derived from a US model, actually... State of Oregon in the 1990s.
This framework is not a "central planning", draconian blue print, but rather, a vision for the State as a whole, sector by sector, based on community input... which then serves as a reference point for regional/local endeavours, such that those local endeavours are oriented towards and integrated with the overall goals for the State. A mega-network approach, if you will. Various organisations have made a start at this sort of thing in recent years (Center for Michigan, Michigan Business Leaders, etc)... but these initiatives will not have the power and influence that a community-based State Government sanctioned and supported framework can have.
2:15pm-3:15pmVery good presentation... preaching to the converted in my case.
Glad to hear a take on how the changes to which we will have to adapt can affect our way of being in the world positively. There's so much dystopian material out there at present, much of it targetted at the middle school/high school market ( ...interesting to contemplate how that might affect the future behavioural/attitudinal characteristics of that generation).
Also glad to hear what to my ears amounted to a testimony to the virtues of a liberal arts education!
In essence, the message of hopeful adaptation to change comes down to our behavioural ability to 1) put ourselves in the shoes of others 2) seek to do no harm 3) think creatively.
All of which require imagination, a sense of ethics and responsibility beyond facile self-interest, and exposure to the human experience down the ages and across cultures… and all of which are, in turn, fostered by reading widely and interacting widely with the world... the core principles of a liberal arts education!
Thank you for a very well-run, fun and informative day... it was a relaxed atmosphere, easy to network and meet people... the way lunch was organized was excellent... the food, of course, was excellent as well. Thanks again...

Have indicated I'm interested in helping with the next year's summit. At this stage, I'm not sure how much of a commitment I will be able to make... perhaps there are some small ways I could help out, if I find my time is restricted. Thanks!
22Very entertaining, information talk. Nice dry wit!
I learned a number of MI food stories/facts of which I'd been unaware... I have a new appreciation of the role of celery in Michigan's - and the USA's - economic development!
I hope a 2-year entrepreneurial, triple-bottom-line, supply/value chain oriented course, focussed on establishing the building blocks for business success in small scale, local farming endeavours gets off the ground at WCC... and that it can be developed to complement what's currently available in the way of regional ag/food sector education/training.
4/3/2012 11:33:28Just OKBreak-Out Sessions1/3/20123122-3548207I attended the farm tour and found it very interesting. The presenter was very good. He was informative, friendly, and answered questions. 2:15pm-3:15pmThis session was interesting, the presenter did a good job of presenting the material, taking questions, and providing thought provoking discussion. 5I thought the topic (historical aspect) was rather off topic and kind of dry. It did not hold my attention and I did not find it very compelling.
4/3/2012 11:34:30Just OKBreak-Out Sessions1/3/20123122-3548207I attended the farm tour and found it very interesting. The presenter was very good. He was informative, friendly, and answered questions. 2:15pm-3:15pmThis session was interesting, the presenter did a good job of presenting the material, taking questions, and providing thought provoking discussion. Was disappointed that the organizers seemed to greatly under estimate the number of people in order to provide for enough lunch. The food ran out before I was able to eat and was left with only a bowl of soup (which was very good).5I thought the topic (historical aspect) was rather off topic and kind of dry. It did not hold my attention and I did not find it very compelling.
4/3/2012 11:44:32AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker7/10/20125536-5048104valschcm@yahoo.com1:00pm-2:00pmgreen hands2:15pm-3:15pmAs a first - time attender, this was an excellent, well-run event. Thanks and good job!21I tried to make it to several, but didnt have enough time. It would have been nice to have hand-outs or more information in a central location for each of the proposals.
4/3/2012 12:43:02Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions1/3/2012Washtenaw Food Hub54Permaculture! Maybe we'll try to make a permaculture garden in our garden beds out front! 22-35481042011, 2010, 20091:00pm-2:00pmI led the market task force session.Neha was great and the three of these ladies together is always inspiring! Elissa and Michelle could use some work on their messages (a lot of unnecessary hemming and hawing and not enough solid information on how people can get involved). Next year, I think this session should be more specifically focused, rather than a broad overview of the "state of farm to school". . .that topic is so broad that is hard to condense information down enough that it ends up being useful to a group that's already interested in getting involved.

The other representative from our group went to the Food Hub session, and said that he was also somewhat disappointed with the presenter. He thought the info seemed a little broad and hard to see how it applied to Michigan.
2:15pm-3:15pmGreat! Very informative and inspiring! Would have been cool to do some type of small group activity (like design a permaculture garden) to apply some of the principles he was talking about. Thanks for all the work you put into the summit! It's always great networking but for us networking isn't as big of a need. .. we're excited about learning new skills and thinking about solving issues in new ways. Maybe next year, people who were involved the year before could be asked to submit ideas on session topics we'd like to hear, or problems that need solving and then the team could compile those and come up with sessions based on the need in the community.

Wonderful as always to see everyone all in one space!
22I was very interested in the information he provided, but thought it would have been even more valuable if he spoke to the history of our specific area a bit more in depth. It was good to put our state's agricultural history in perspective, but I would have found information about the history of Washtenaw county a bit more applicable to what I do on a daily basis. It wasn't enough time to really get into things in depth, but getting people's contact info was good and now we can try to meet again at some point. The people who came seemed genuinely interested and the interaction between us all could be potentially useful in the future.
4/3/2012 13:46:29AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012Hop CSA5336-50481041
4/3/2012 14:15:19AwesomeLocal Food Victories1/3/2012ReConsider53I plan to figure out how to move my retirement investments out of stocks and into more local initiatives.51-654811820111:00pm-2:00pmFood as MedicineNot enough time but a great learning experience!2:15pm-3:15pmHe was awesome! He presented some scary stuff in a very sane way, with a positive spin for a hopeful future. I've asked him to speak at our Transition group in Chelsea.Keep it up!21He was great! It was nice to start right out laughing while learning.I hope I'm referring to the same thing you are. The only thing I see as "late morning" was the local food victories future...
Anyway, it was interesting.
4/3/2012 14:19:16Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/20125351-65481041:00pm-2:00pmBCBS funding for CSAVery informative and enthusiastic.2:15pm-3:15pmMs. Dyer was so engaging. Her idea of bringing gardening into training for RDs is a great idea. 21
4/3/2012 14:29:26AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012The reskilling initiative stuck the most in my mind. I think it's an exciting idea.4222-35481031:00pm-2:00pmCo-Farming (Jeff McCabe)Gary was a great presenter, and I think he was an important force to have among so many food producers. Throughout his talk, he mentioned an organization he's involved with that seemed like it should have been a sponsor of the event (not local, but a good group for small farmers to know about). It was a membership group that provided legal help for small farmers. The woman who pitched an idea about heritage breed hogs said she was a member and had used their services and was really happy with their help. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the group. Did not attend.The field above takes away some of the anonymity of the evaluation.34Larry was interesting and a pretty amusing speaker. While he gave a great sense of our place and our history as a state (and of course the story of the place is important in movement around making us more "local"), I felt he could have done more to explicitly frame his talk in that context, and to tie it back to food. Several times throughout the talk, I actively thought "Okay, how is he going to get back to food?" Overall, I found the talk informative, but not necessarily inspiring.It was alright, but I didn't feel like it matched his minute-pitch very well. Again, maybe if he'd had more time to hone he's presentation it would have been a little more representative of the group discussion.
4/3/2012 14:48:23AwesomeThe Slow Food Lunch1/3/20125422-3548105aesha10@gmail.comI enjoyed a lot working with our comitte. I learned many things about the local food. I did not know which are local food stores before except ypsi food co-up but now I do many. I hope I will learn more about our food and community in the future.
Our summit rocked yesterday. I really am glad I was a part of the summit. Thank you guys for giving me that oppturnity where I can show my abilities.
1I loved the keynote speaker speech. I learned a lot about our state( Michigan) that I never knew before. He has really a good collection of our state history.
4/3/2012 14:55:15Just OKThe Keynote Speaker4/6/20124322-35489121:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pm5
4/3/2012 15:21:35Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions1/3/2012Nightshade Army Industries hot sauce & salsa1222-35481972011, 20091:00pm-2:00pmWCC agricultural programEngaging, Informative & Empowering! Connects between growers, educators, farmer's markets & school administrations were made right in the room.2:15pm-3:15pmThere was a great dialogue about all facets of starting your local food business & lots of key questions were raised. All presenters were incredibly engaging, sharing both personal stories & important informational resources to get local food businesses of all types started.21Eileen Spring of Food Gatherers, Malik Yakini of Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, Richard & Deb of Tantre FarmLess Options to Choose From (there were so many great ideas!)
4/3/2012 15:37:38Pretty Awesome4/6/2012I really thought the spectrum of speakers was amazing. I wish I could have heard them all. Perhaps podcasts or transcripts could be added at some conference in the future?36-50481042009suzeharrison150@gmail.comI didn't attend the conference due to financial constraints but I am really passionate about this movement and conference and would like to be more involved somehow.
4/3/2012 15:48:12Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012WCC program53Pre-familiarizing people with how to survive through localization after the decline of our current model of civilization. The condensation model Prof. DeYoung used was pretty cool.
That and garlic and hops CSAs.
36-50481032011, 2010I already am!1:00pm-2:00pmWCC agri degreeVery informative. I was hoping for more info on the Washtenaw Food Hub.2:15pm-3:15pmGreat speaker, made me feel better about the impending collapse.23It's hard to follow Dan Carmody, he is pretty much the ideal thing.Presenters not clear on the time/space they would have with participants.
4/3/2012 15:51:04AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break7/10/2012Washtenaw Food Hub43I was most excited to hear about all that is happening in Michigan and the opportunity to network with people. 22-35488581:00pm-2:00pmThis was a great presentation - it was excellent to hear from both an institutional buyer and two farmers. Great tips, and great opportunities to network among participants. I wish the three presenters had been more clear about ways to overcome barriers to institutional buying/selling2:15pm-3:15pmThis was a good presentation (by an engaging presenter), but a little bit too general for my taste. GREAT idea to have the Pitch Idea networking opportunity! What an empowering and exciting idea! 22The keynote address was great! I learned a lot about Michigan's culinary history that I didn't know. However, it would have been good to hear some more recent history/learn about some of the industries that have been important. While there was a large focus on Michigan's Indian tribes, there was nothing about local fruit production - it's too bad that was overlooked!
4/3/2012 15:53:43Pitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012Farm to School.55My ability to talk to a large group.481041:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmWonderful story of transformation. A lovely woman and mentor.Wonderful event. Extremely well run.1
4/3/2012 16:50:00Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/20125222-35481182011, 2010EMU Growing GardenI attended the tour of the Farm at St. Joe's, which I don't see on this list. Dan Bair did a great job of explaining what he's doing with the farm, and his story gave me hope about the future of institutional food in this area.I want to mention the chili debacle, but I'm sure you're already well aware of it.21Larry Massie was just great. He was by far the best keynote speaker I've heard at a Local Food Summit. (And I've attended three.) His talk was just the right mix of information and entertainment.
4/3/2012 17:13:55AwesomeAll of the above4/6/201254I learned a new recipe for beets.51-6548103Both Chelsea Soup and Slow MovementI went to the hospital garden and hoop houses.

This was fantastic and hopeful.
2:15pm-3:15pmGreat!21For people who asked about the celery growing in K'zoo, if it is gone from that location, it is still a thriving farm business in the Hudsonville area. This is between Grand Rapids and Holland.

As for next year's speaker, you all have the best ideas.
It was difficult to choose from the great pitches and to figure out what was in each room or location. Maybe the info should be quickly displayed on the screen or the location could be mentioned at the end of each pitch.
The other problem was that this was my first time and it was confusing. Perhaps during lunch some of the "pitchers" could be present at some side tables and have info there. Or are you going to post a summary of these and their first action steps that they are taking? -- I hope!
4/3/2012 17:23:53Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victories4/6/2012Fork to Fork3222-354810520111:00pm-2:00pmFood as MedicineI believe this was the farm to institution one? It was a great conversation!! And kudos to the presenter for being bold to enter this community and answer hard questions about when, how, etc the hospital is going to buy local food and advertise it2:15pm-3:15pmVery interesting, but power point and dim lights in the afternoon made it hard to focus, though I really wanted to!Thanks to the coordinators, you work so hard! And are just awesome people:)32I thought he was funny and entertaining which was essential for early morning. Also, I learned a lot about my state! Great choice:)

In the future, it might be awesome to feature a local innovator, entrepreneur or just someone from our neighborhood who we ought to hear from!
As long as I am referring to the right thing.....when we gathered with the person who presented a concept?

It was good to gather, though our space was cramped, it was hard to hear and folks were cutting each other off in the discussion. I am hopeful to see where this goes, though launching a pilot research study seems like a large undertaking, I am eager to learn more and potentially be involved.
4/3/2012 18:48:48Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victories1/3/201223Following up with other participants with similar goals to possibly pursue new projects. 51-65481301:00pm-2:00pmBCBS and CSAs, Food as MedicineInteresting2:15pm-3:15pmInspiring, informative.With so many options, it was difficult to decide which session to attend. It would be beneficial to have 3 shorter sessions (45 minutes?) to allow participants to hear more speakers. I feel like I missed a lot. 32Larry Massie's keynote speech was interesting, entertaining and informative. My only disappointment is that it did not leave me inspired. At the end he spoke briefly about the stresses on the Great Lakes, however, I would have preferred some elaboration on the pressing issues of today and how that will/may impact our efforts in the future. I understand the keynote was intended to address our history, and for that, it was successful.

I would be interested in hearing Oran Hesterman speak, but maybe he addressed earlier Summits.
I started with the Food as medicine group but eventually migrated to the BCBS CSA group, as the first one seemed disorganized (many people talking, few listening).
4/3/2012 19:30:30Pretty AwesomeLocal Food Victories4/6/2012WholeFoods and Capella Farms4351-6548180francesrudd@wowway.com1:00pm-2:00pmExtremely well spoken and knowledgable, very professional in all ways.Should of staed for moreYes as a volunteer and an activities director of our church and prior activities director of Troop 74 Boys Scout in Mt. Clemens, you need a Co-Director of Duties and Activities and Coordinator so plans can be carried out; with job descriptions and better portion control of food and food direction. Trust me I know you'all did a fine job of pulling off a great semminar!2
4/3/2012 20:59:01AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break1/3/2012St. Joe Hospital Farm 13I did not know about the history of food in Kalamazoo or battle creek. I knew Diana Dyer did a lot of outreach work, but I had no idea of how much. I had no idea there was such diversity in our community interests - it was great to see!36-50481082011slow money, EMU water hoses, DNR black pig ban2:15pm-3:15pmI found the session to be informative and inspiring!Keep up the great work - thanks for doing this!

Wonder if we can do podcasts...vodcasts....for next year? There were a number of presentations I would have liked to have attended but there is only one me....and it would be an incredible archive and source of information for others who could not attend for whatever reason.
11There are a number of successful food hubs - would any of those be willing to come talk? I think Amy Heath would have interesting things to say......Kris Kaul....Amanda we can't go far, there's a lot of folks right here who are doing great work in our communities!I did not have time to go to all I wanted to go to.
4/4/2012 1:35:13Just OKPitch Activity & Networking Break1/3/2012n/a21Good to know that masturbatory activism lives on, I guess? Did anything that transpired justify the energy and waste expended in the process? 22-35481041:00pm-2:00pmUM sustainable farmThere was nothing in this presentation that I couldn't find in a 10 min. google search, and the only "get involved" message that came across was to sign up for e-mail alerts and contact our legislators. Seriously? Do you think people at this summit aren't already doing that? 2:15pm-3:15pmPrezi is cool, and you use it well, but a lot of the definitions were awfully abstract. Not everything can/should be modeled on "nature," as if nature always provides singular, obvious models. The practical info at the end was the most useful, could have done much more on that: how much time does it take to get a 7-layer permaculture forest to full production? What can people without a stable living situation do? How much time in an average summer/fall week does maintenance/harvesting take? What kind of initial investment does it require? How do we make this possible for low-income communities, schools, etc.? 33I would like to hear more about the challenges and conflicts within the Slow Food/local foods movement. What do we do about the fact that conventional ag sometimes has a smaller carbon footprint than local food systems? How do we reconcile differences of opinion about the ethics of eating meat? Do innovations like Real Time Farms introduce inappropriate surveillance of farmers from consumers with no farming experience who might not know that chickens and pigs can't survive on grass alone because they're omnivores, not herbivores? How does the local food movement contribute to fat stigma and eating disorders, including the growing problem of orthorexia? Less insipid celebration, more critical thinking. If you could get James McWilliams or someone like that, that would be great.Not enough time to actually get anything done.
4/4/2012 8:26:02AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions7/10/201213Using permaculture St. Joes visit 2:15pm-3:15pmPresentation was very informative. I really enjoyed the location. The rooms were large and open; was easy to get to and had plenty of parking. Lunch felt too early (still full from breakfast) perhaps one breakout session before lunch? Would also give people more time to return and what-not 21I really enjoyed the "history" approach to MI agricultureLogistics were a little rough, but mostly it was a great experience
4/4/2012 8:50:02Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/2012Food Systems Economic Partmership4322-35481032011mmerrins@umich.edu2:15pm-3:15pmall in all, excellent job. just one suggestion:

the local food victories presentation fell flat this year. the audience should be allowed to cheer. they are, after all, victories. the presentation had none of the grit and sweat that was poured into each of those projects. working or volunteering on the farms, we were outside, we were hot, we were tired, but our friends were there and we were motivated. we gave a lot. it was simple gift to give. you've gotta capture that if you're gonna get people stoked. it's about lighting a fire, not giving an award.
4/4/2012 9:41:30Pretty AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012The Conservation Fund4336-50483481:00pm-2:00pmLocal Food VictoriesGood info. Speakers were flexible and allowed an interactive session with questions.
But I found it too difficult for speakers to keep on their presentation material.
Hand-out at closing session was good.
2:15pm-3:15pmGood bundle of speakers with various expertise. Sit-down was nice and pleasant surprise. I brought my own lunch utensils/plate as instructed. Lunch was scarce, as our mall salad and soup was not filling. And our table had to wait 30 minutes for soup. The amount of chips and dip on the table was not enough for a table of 8 persons. Disappointing.44
4/4/2012 9:52:50Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/2012Farm program at WCC4351-654817620111:00pm-2:00pmThey were all enthusiastic and had way more information to share than they had time for!2:15pm-3:15pmRaymond DeYoung was excellent! I will be attending his book reading at Nicola's Books on April 23 - he was inspiring and gave the audience much to think about.1Larry Massie was excellent! Thank you for bringing him in.
4/4/2012 10:36:08AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/201253All the great people I met.22-35481041:00pm-2:00pmAnn Arbor Seed CompanyI enjoyed the talk.
I didn't know exactly what to expect since food sovereignty is a huge topic.
Mr. Cox gave a clear picture of one strategy to protect a farm or buyer's club from overreaching gov-regulations. This was helpful to learn about, but I was hoping to hear a broader overview. Of course there may not have been time for that in a one hour session.
2:15pm-3:15pmEnjoyed the talk very much. Speaker was clear and very professional. (somthing you don't always find in the permy world)
There wasn't enough time to cover everything and include Q&A. There never would be, since you can spend two weeks solid on permaculture and still call it an intro.
12Mr. Massie was entertaining and informative. What more could you hope for.
He wasn't able to focus on Washtenaw specifics, but I don't know if that's necessary for the keynote since the rest of the day stayed very local.
Great idea to include audience participation so early in the summit.
4/4/2012 10:56:57AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012Ann Arbor Seed55How to get my business off the ground and how to legally provide good wholesome produce.36-50481982011dhollida@wccnet.edu1:00pm-2:00pmFood SovereigntyGreat Information :-)2:15pm-3:15pmTotally InspiringThank You :-)15The Summit last year was great but this year was totally awesome you really had it together with the slow food lunch I love meals family style and the idea of us serving each other made us connect in that time and space...Last year I didn't really connect with anyone in particular but this year I made four great connections...One was during Pitch Activity & Networking Break...I am totally excited about WCC considering a program for farmers...Thank You so much for giving this opportunityTotal Love...I did not get the opportunity to visit any farms but have no regets because the afternoon activity sessions taught me not to be discourage and to hang in there if determined I can do it.
4/4/2012 12:51:07AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker7/10/20125522-3548167mairgood@umich.edun/an/an/aMake sure you have plenty of food next year :) 1Success stories from around MI or the Midwestn/a
4/4/2012 14:10:52AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions7/10/2012Ann arbor Seeds53Food hubs in Michigan.
Localization, and the psychology of transitioning.
22-354810920091:00pm-2:00pmVery good.2:15pm-3:15pmExcellent. 4Less history, more envisioning.
4/5/2012 8:12:18Not GreatThe Slow Food Lunch1/3/20123236-50481982011, 20101:00pm-2:00pm1:00pm-2:00pmmore workshops around current efforts to improve access to healthy food for low income people.

24someone looking to the future and sharing some innovative thinking around the food system
4/5/2012 9:39:31Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/2012ELEN, the new seed company42info about new businesses and how the local food scene is changing...people's different ideas and how they are all coming together22-35481052011, 20101:00pm-2:00pmIt was very policy driven...not exactly what I had in mind...but he would be someone I would want to consult with if I were starting a food hub.2:15pm-3:15pmIt was informative and kept my interest. It made me want to plant a tree and not dig up my comfrey. lunch was awesome! perhaps a session or two that is more ideas generating like some of the ones at the 2010 food summit.1I would err on the side of entertaining more so than local food relevance. For example, a statistics-driven presentation about the local food economy might be boring, while this year's speaker was more entertaining, but maybe less relevant to the future of local foods.
4/5/2012 9:48:31Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break7/10/2012Ann Arbor Seed Company34I will definitely use the info I learned in the Organizing Strategy workshop. 51-65481982011, 2010? not sure N/a2:15pm-3:15pmThought it was good. Engaging presenter. Wish it was not in the auditorium. The morning presenters/MCs -- kim & the intern who presented the Local Food Victories -- were NOT exciting. These two are far too introverted to fill this role for the Summit. Advising that we "hold our applause" til the end of the Local Food Victories killed the energy and put everyone into a trance. This is the very presentation that should have built energy and excitement, rather than lulling everyone to sleep. I understand that these two are highly efficient and important organizers with many terrific gifts, but presenting on stage and energizing the group needs to be done by others with stage presence, extroversion, and JOY. It set the tone for the entire day -- and not a good tone. It was the biggest disappointment in an otherwise inspiring and exciting day. 2While I loved the historical info and wonderful graphics (for example from Dr. Chase's book, etc.), I did find Mr. Massie's terminology insensitive when speaking about Native Americans. Referring to the "Chippewa," rather than the Anishnaabe, and saying that "the braves" were out hunting while women farmed, was not really accurate according to latest scholarship and kind of disrespectful. OTHER than that, I thought it was very interesting. But because of that, I didn't trust the research. I thought the pitches immediately followed the keynote. And they were FANTASTIC, interactive, exciting, and inspiring. And fun.
4/5/2012 18:35:37Pretty Awesome1/3/20124351-65481982:15pm-3:15pmI found it very interesting. I regretted it wasn't longer so that he could have had time to relate the theory and philosophy to actual practice and to field questions.3I thought this year's speaker was a little amateurish, a little rambling, without a clear train of thought except to tell a few interesting facts or stories--not boring but not very professional.
4/7/2012 22:27:27AwesomeBreak-Out Sessions4/6/2012Ann Arbor Seeds54Collaborating with classroom teacher to pilot multidisciplinary food & farming curriculum for elementary kids!36-50481032011, 2010, 2009lauradotm@gmail.com1:00pm-2:00pmThree very enthusiastic ladies with a lot more to share than time permitted! So glad I went.2:15pm-3:15pmJeff was thoroughly prepared, and his slides were excellent. Very knowledgeable and pleasantly humorous.Huge and hearty thanks to all involved in planning and executing this great event! Each year it gets better and better. The sit-down lunch was a great improvement over long lunch lines, and the food was so nourishing and tasty. Lots of fun, excitement and inspiration!1
4/9/2012 16:57:52Pretty AwesomeThe Keynote Speaker4/6/2012Locavorious3222-35481071:00pm-2:00pm2:15pm-3:15pmNot what I had expected. I was hoping to hear about some potential grant opportunities. The speaker was engaging it was just not what I had hoped to get out of the session. 1
4/9/2012 21:36:55AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break4/6/2012DYI Engines5551-654810320091:00pm-2:00pmDYI MachinesThanks for your advocacy. It's a David and Goliath battle.2:15pm-3:15pmExcellent! Thanks!12I'm hoping to see more. Web links would be appreciated. Thanks!
4/10/2012 11:37:36Pretty AwesomePitch Activity & Networking Break1/3/2012Seed company43Making new contacts! and getting a chance to touch base with people working on sustainable food systems!!36-50481052011, 2010, 20091:00pm-2:00pm1Love it that I learned new things! Celery & crackpots in MI culinary history - who knew?? His in-depth knowledge and engaging, humorous style made it a lot of fun.
Future ideas - restauranteur, organic farming techniques, heritage grains, wild edibles/foraging, mushrooms, bees