Made by: Desperate Shaco:;
Mobafire Guide:
Updated for Patch 11.13 This is not final and I will add more information as time progresses; FEEDBACK APPRECIATED
This Guide is based on on MY experience in high elo (Master+) and a few Unranked to Master runs. Your evaluaion of
these matchups might differ! This is not a 100% fool proof strategy guide on how to play the matchup, but is meant to give
you a general idea of what to expect!
MatchupDifficultyTips/TricksAP or AD ?
AmumuEasyYou can kill him at scuttle in a 1v1 if you block his Q with your Box or dodge it to prevent Aftershock. If he runs conqueror you might
wanna be careful because the longer the fight goes the stronger he becomes and he does end up winning those extended trades
unless you are far ahead. Just ignore him and play your own game. You easily outfarm and outgank him. Be careful of his burst if
he goes AP, you can dodge his Q and R with your Ult.
Doesn't matter
DianaVery Hard
Really annoying matchup because she clears insanely fast and has disgusting damage, you only really win 1v1s if you get a fear off
and are ahead in Gold aka Items pre 6. Post 6 is kinda the same but you can actually doge the first and second part of her Ult with R
It's really hard to dodge the first part because you have to predict it but the second part is super easy to time its really hard ot mess it
up. This just really comes down to who is the better jungler in terms of macro. Be careful when grouping because her Flash E Ult
combo is really fast and can turn around any game in an instant, so either space out or be ready to q out of it.
Doesn't matter
Dr. MundoMediumHis first clear is really weak so try to kill him before his first back if possible. Do not try to fight him after his first back.
Just concentrate on outganking him. Make sure you or your team buys healing reduction. Botrk and Kraken are good here if your
main objective is just shredding this guy. He does scale quite well and will be super annoying throughout the entire game but if your
team itemizes correctly and goes for proper fights you should be okay.
Doesn't matter
You win fights pre 6 if you manage to stick to him. Your ganks are a lot stronger and counter ganking is really good against him
so try to make use of that. Post 6 you pretty much never win a full on 1v1 because of his ult. If his ult is down you can try to kill him
but be careful, he has insane burst. Try focusing other targets in teamfights unless his ult is down. AP is a lot safer into Ekko
and it allows you to play around your boxes and ult explosion without getting close to him. Ekko E can follow Shaco Q so watch out
with your timing. You can dodge his R with your Ult.
EliseMediumYou can block her cocoon with your Box. You can kill her at scuttle but make sure you don't get hit by her cocoon and make use of
your Box damage. She has pretty crazy damage after her first back and onwards so make sure you respect her oneshot potential
and don't get hit by her cocoon. Usually Elise is a gank heavy jungler so it's going to be a battle of who has the better macro.
Counter ganking her is insanely good because once her spells are down she is pretty much useless. Especially in high elo Elise
players like to dive Top or Bot lvl 3 so make sure you are there to react or get an advantage elsewhere. You can dodge her Spider
Form Q with your Ult if you time it right, this allows you to then try and burst her down as a big chunk of her damage is now gone.
Doesn't matter
EvelynnMedium/HardDue to the recent Q buffs she is now not as weak anymore early on. You still win most fights pre 6, just make sure you avoid her
Charm and don't let her get multiple Q's off. Don't get sweeper first back because you need to ward out her jungle camps to keep
track of where she is at all times. Make sure to get Pinks too. You can dodge her R with your Ult. If you Q in while she is invisible,
she can't see you but you can see her if you are in range. A trick I like to do is I randomly Q down the midlane and try to scout
the Evelynn while she is invis looking for somebody on my team to kill. They usually don't expect you so you have a good time gap
to kill her out of stealth.
FiddlesticksHardFiddle has a really strong and healthy clear so he is pretty powerful in the current meta and can easily outjungle you by just power-
farming. You can stop his Drain with your Box fear, but don't really win 1v1s at most stages of the game. Make sure to always have
vision of potential Fiddle Ult spots and never group up as 5 without proper Vision. You can bait his Ult into your Boxes and if you Ult
in time you can make your Clone pop in his face. Counter ganking him is very powerful especially when all of his spells are on CD.
GragasMediumYou can block his Body Slam with your Box. You can dodge his R with your Ult. His Body Slam hitbox is really weird and super hard
to dodge with your Ult because it also hits behind him. I would not recommend fighting him when his E and R are up, he can
basically oneshot you with his entire combo while you are chain CC'ed. Counter ganking him is usually really easy as his E is on a
pretty high cooldown without High Spell Haste so he has no way to run. (I will add more information once i play against him a couple
more times).
Doesn't matter
GravesVery HardIf played by a good player Graves will bully you throughout the entire game. There is not a single moment where you can fight
back, there is a small chance to fight him at the first scuttle though and start snowballing the game against him if you play it smart.
Ever since the backstab buffs you actually have a slim chance to kill him but make sure to keep the pressure up. The only way you
win is by being the better Jungler and getting as many ganks off as you can before he gets his core items and rips you a new one.
You can also try to outfarm him now that we have our box deal more damage to camps. You have a slight window of killing him at
lvl 6, but even then he still beats you if he plays it right. Just try not to cry when he runs into your jungle and takes all of your camps,
just have the better mental and pray to every god out there that you can get a few free kills on the map and have your laners carry
Doesn't matter
HecarimVery Hard

You can try to kill him at scuttle if he is still lvl 3/4 unless he runs Ignite and his Q is stacked. Hecarim doesn't outscale you that hard
anymore, but he still has really strong mid/late game unless you shut him down early/get your laners ahead to be able to kite him.
But don't be fooled, he also has really scary ganks and counter ganks. Try to get a lead and winning lanes before he spikes and you
can defeat him and shut him down for the rest of the game. You don't ever really win a 1v1 unless pretty far ahead because he either
has conqueror and wins the fight or he runs phase rush and just runs away so concentrate on ganking and farming properly.
Doesn't matter
IvernMediumTry to shut him down early on to prevent him from ever getting into the game. Take his marked camps and try to counter
jungle him if possible. You win most 1v1s unless daisy is around. Killing anyone on the enemy team in the late game becomes
a nightmare with Ivern so make sure to close out the game as fast as possible. Early double Herald and Dragons usually help. Buy
Serpants Fang if you can, usually you wanna do that after Eclipse or Essence Reaver.
JarvanMediumJarvan is quite a bit stronger than he was last season. Because he now runs Iron Whip his clear speed is actually really good which
makes him not only a very strong ganker because of his E + Q combo but because he can also somewhat keep up in farm with most
meta Junglers. You can dodge his E+Q combo and his R with your Ult. If he engages on you with his Combo and you mange to
dodge it with your Ult he is pretty much dead in a straight 1v1, but im not 100% sure as i havent really played this matchup a lot
in S11 yet so i will update once i do. Watch out for lvl 2 cheese ganks.
Doesn't matter
KarthusVery Hard

Don't try to fight him early on he will completely destroy you, he only has to hit 1 or 2 Q's and you're dead. He has a way better
clear and also happens to outgank you with only 1 button. You can dodge his R with your Ult, make sure to use the little HUD icon
to your advantage (you need to ult just after 3/4 of the timer). Later on you can try to suicide for him but that is almost never worth
it because he will 99% of the time trade at least 1 for 1 and deal extra damage to your team with his R. Zhonyas is a viable item
for both AD and AP. On AP you can run your clone into him and make it explode in his face or stop him from using any AOE spells.
Try to snowball the game before he gets lvl 6 and make sure to never take a fight or gank if you or your team is in danger of being
low HP after it to not get killed by Karthus R.
KaynHardTry to abuse him before he has Form, you win fights pre 6. You can't dodge his R with yours so try to use it before he does. You can
dodge Shadow Assassin's Q and W combo with either your Ult or Q and then try to burst him down but be careful his R does
insane damage and he can use it to get his Q and W cooldown back. Your Clone does not copy the mark that allows Kayn to R you
so keep that in mind. Against Rhaast you really want to dodge his W with your Ult and then try to burst him down while he has no
CC or way to run away. Buy healing reduction.
Doesn't matter
Kha'ZixHardYou win lvl 3/4 scuttle fight if you stand on top of your box to prevent isolation and make sure to ignite before he heals from his W.
If he smites your Box try to smite the Scuttle Crab for the heal and you should be fine again.
Neutral monsters do not count towards isolation, so being close to scuttle or camps wont save you. You lose pretty much any 1v1
after that unless you are ahead or are perma isolated by clone before he even deals his first damage. You can try to oneshot him,
just make sure that when he comes out of stealth to hit you back he can literally oneshot you, so either try to dodge and delay his
damage with your ult, or be isolated by Clone or Box before he gets his damage off. His Evolved W can oneshot your Box and still
hit you. You can outgank him and invade him during his first clear. Now that R Evolve first is pretty much Meta it became even harder
to 1v1 him because he can easily get in and out of fights while cycling his Q and W which makes it really annoying so watch out.
Doesn't matter
KindredMedium/HardKindred is really annoying because she can easily kite you with her low Q CD. If you pick a fight make sure her W is down so that
she doesn't have her Q up every 3 seconds. Watch out for her E damage, the 3rd hit deals insane damage. You win a 1v1 but you
have to get ontop of her without using Q so you can Q after her when she dashes away. You can usually oneshot her later on and
if you fail, make sure to ignite her during her R so that she doesn't heal up as much, your E will be enough damage to finish her off
in 99% of the cases.
Doesn't matter
Lee SinMedium/HardVery heavy ganker, make sure to always keep an eye on the map for potential counter ganks as he is very vulnerable without
his Q and W. You don't really win fights ever unless you are ahead or have a bunch of items. You can dodge his 2nd Q and R with
your Ult if you time it right. If he ever takes his 2nd Q and you dodge it with you Ult you can usually kill him. You can also block his
1st Q with your Box and if you put it down just before it would hit you most Lee Sin players will take the 2nd Q thinking they hit you,
this usually results in a free kill as well
Doesn't matter
LilliaVery Hard
She clears faster and heavily outscales you so try to take the game over early on before she gets her Mythic and Zhonyas. The
problem with Lillia is that she is so freaking fast that its basically impossible to get more than 1 or 2 auto attacks in unless she has
her monitor turned off. Ontop of that, all she has to do is hit her Q on you and boom, to sleep you go without any counterplay. You
can dodge the cast of her R but not the projectile that makes you fall asleep, just like it works with TF ult. Later on in the game it
becomes really hard to teamfight into her because with her movementspeed its somewhat easy to just get a 3+ man sleep for her.
Her long range Ball that she can shoot across the map is also super annoying and can get you or your team caught really easily
so watch out. The best cause of action into her is to just try to avoid any sort of interaction with her and go for the enemy squishies.
AP is a lot easier and safer here because you dont really have to get close to her, but you also lose out on a lot of early game
pressure so choose according to your team/how confident you are.
Doesn't matter
Master YiMediumDodge if funnel unless you are confident in the fact that you can destroy him early on. You win most 1v1's if you play it right unless
he has Ignite. You can stop his mediate with your Box, but be careful as his Alpha Strike oneshots your Box. You outfarm and
outgank him so just take the game over before he gets a chance to scale. If he goes onhit you are fine for the most part because if
you get ontop of him with R you kinda just oneshot him before he can get his autos in and he also has a 50/50 chance of hitting the
real shaco and even less if you clone juke him properly. If he goes Lethality though you might be in some trouble, it plays similar to
old AP Yi if you guys already played the game back when it existed. His Q will deal insane damage and can almost oneshot you if
ahead. But not only that he will also get the 5% execute from Executioners and the Duskblade invisibility which with his Q reset
makes for a free Pentakill in a teamfight if he only gets 1 kill.
Doesn't matter
MorganaVery Hard

Basically a better version of Karthus, she has the fastes clear in the game and
counters everything about you. Try going AP and playing around your boxes and staying away from her? Hah no she has a
blackshield that blocks CC and absorbs magic damage. Try playing AD and oneshotting her? Nope, jokes on you, she can cast her
R when you are close to her, EVEN WHEN INVISIBLE. She also usually has a lot of HP from her items and also goes Zhonyas, so
yeah, good luck :D
Doesn't matter
NidaleeVery Hard

A good Nidalee player is probably the worst matchup in the game for Shaco. She has crazy mobility, super fast clear, insane
damage and is just a pain in the ass to play against. She will constantly pressure you, take your camps and still outgank
and outfarm you while you can only watch and cry yourself to sleep. You can try to fight back if she gets too cocky and hope your
laners rotate when possible. Her Spear and Traps reaveal you. She can itemize against both AD and AP Shaco super well and
be a tanky assassin. If she hits her Spear and swaps to cougar form to jump onto you, can you cast your Ult just when you see
the jump animation, this way you can dodge her W and E damage and have a 50/50 chance to dodge her Q damage as well.
In most scenarios and if you arent too far behind you can now burst her down and pray to Jesus that she doesn't have Ninja Tabi's
and Zhonyas.
Doesn't matter
NocturneHardBe careful of his fear when trying to 1v1 him, you really don't win any fight against him especially if he runs Lethal Tempo. You can
dodge his Q and R with your Ult if you time it right. If he R's you, you can Ult his Q and R damage and try to burst him down. You
can't dodge his Fear with your Ult. Its similar to Eve where you kinda wanna ward his Jungle to see where he is which makes counter
ganking him and predicting his ganks so much easier. You also out gank him quite heavily pre 6 and even after 6, just not that heavily
Doesn't matter
NunuHardYou don't really win fights against Nunu nor can you try to secure scuttle against him because of his Q. He does objectives really
fast so try to keep Dragon warded at all times to rotate and potentially kill him and steal dragon. He has really strong ganks and
counter ganks so make sure to watch out. This is a battle of who is the better Jungler.
Doesn't matter
OlafHardDon't ever fight this guy, straight up impossible to win. You can look to counter gank him but make sure his W is down or else he
will beat you to death. Just try to play your own game and win by getting the better ganks off. Your team can easily kite him later on
if they are strong enough and Olaf will be useless.
Doesn't matter
RammusEasyOK. Just don't bother hitting this guy, do your own thing while he is busy trying to taunt you and making you go bald. You can easily
outgank him and outfarm him and if you see him ganking a lane you can easily counter gank as well. Try to not hit him like ever,
you're better off just hitting the gym or any other champ in the game. Basically play the game as if Rammus didn't exist and you're
Doesn't matter
ReksaiVery Hard

While she is burrowed she can see you while invisible with her Tremor Sense making it impossible to ever sneak up on her or
her team when she is around unless the teamfight is very chaotic. Her lvl 3 damage is insane so try to not take any fight with her
unless her Burrow is down. You can dodge her R with your Ult. I highly suggest playing AP into her because it allows you to play
around boxes and your Clone explosion and gives you and your Team a lot of safety and prevents her from ever engaging
on you. You outfarm and also outscale but her early game pressure is insane and super hard to match since going ad here is really
not an option
AP >>> AD
RengarVery HardA good Rengar player is a nightmare and will make you suffer. You can dodge his R with your Ult basically negating almost all of
his burst but it's incredibly hard to time into a good Rengar player as he can bait your Ult. I would highly suggest playing AP into
Rengar to prevent him from hard engaging on you and your team during the mid/late game. You dont really win duels before lvl 6
because of his empowered abilities. You have more gank pressure but he can really strong counter ganks through bushes and his
Ult so keep that in mind. Be careful to never go on your own to not get caught by him and make sure to not get spotted by his R
when looking to initiate a team fight.
AP >>> AD
SejuaniMediumDon't bother fighting her, she is pretty much unkillable with her Passive and Aftershock. She also kinda oneshots you so seriously
dont fight her in a 1v1. Just play your game and focus on farmingand ganking properly. This is a battle of who is better at jungling.
Doesn't matter
Shaco???Play Ranked, Pussy???

Very Hard
Unironically a giga hard matchup because she simply outfarms and you and then just shoots fireballs at you and there is no
counterplay to that at all. You can try to get ontop of her and kill her but she will just R away and shoot you with a bunch of
fireballs until you fall to your knees and beg for mercy. Even if you manage to throw your Clone into her face the Boxes that
spawn will insta die because of the way her E works in Dragon Form. (HAVENT PLAYED AGAINST HER YET IN S11 SO I CANT
Doesn't matter
SkarnerMediumIgnore him and just concentrate on outganking him. You dont really win 1v1's so don't bother. Tell your carries to get QSS and
watch him suffer. He does actually scale quite well and remains a threat throughout the game even with QSS so try to stick to one
another to not get caught or oneshot which he can also do to squishy targets later on in the game.
Doesn't matter
TwitchEasy/MediumTell your Team to watch out for potential lvl 2 ganks and you are pretty much set. You can invade him and you can easily counter
gank him as well. Late game is also really unfun for Twitch becuase you can simply wait for him to appear and then make him
disappear. You can also randomly Q down the midlane and try to spot him out. If both of you are invis, only you can see him, he
can't see you.
Very Hard
You can't touch him at all, he will either kill you or just stun you and run away. He both outfarms you and outganks you so good luck.
He will constantly be looking for ways to invade you so pray for prio and try to get vision on him before he gets into your jungle to
make things easier. He does fall off but not hard enough to just wait and outscale him, he is too tanky, has too much movementspeed
and way too much damage so he will always be a threat to your squishy teammates until maybe like 30 minutes into the game.
Try your hardest to not tilt while he completely takes over the game without much that you can do. Just play your game and hope
for the best or just dodge.
Doesn't matter
ViEasy/MediumYou win fights pre 6 if you dodge her Q. You can also dodge her R with your Ult and then instantly turn on her when you reappear.
Just play your game, you outfarm and outgank and i really dont think Vi is a good champ so ggez
Doesn't matter
VolibearHardDont bother fighting him until you have a few items or are super far ahead, his damage is insane and he is pretty damn tanky as well.
Duel of whoever is the better jungler and has the better macro. He wins duels at most stages of the game so just try to outfarm and
outgank him and you will be good to go. He sadly stays a threat throughout the entire game even when slightly behind so either
put him in the dirt or you might have a problem.
Doesn't matter
WarwickMediumAvoid fighting him pre 6. You can dodge his R wth your Ult and then turn on him to burst him down. Warwick can see blood trails
towards low HP targets so make sure to keep that in mind. He also gains an insane attackspeed steroid when attacking low HP
targets so try to avoid fighting him when you are already low. You can usually outgank/outfarm him or counter gank him really well.
Just make sure that he does become pretty tanky depending on what build he goes especially with his E so even when ahead you
might end up fighting him for a good 10s before he actually dies and chances are he might take you with him.
Doesn't matter
Xin ZhaoHardWatch out for cheesy lvl 2 ganks. Fighting him pre 6 is pretty much impossible. You win fights post 6 by dodging his R with
your Ult, this requires predictions but usually isnt too hard as most people will just panic and ult right when they see you appear
ontop of them. Be careful of his burst with Essence Reaver and dont bother fighting him if he has Shieldbow unless you are really
confident or fed. His build with Shieldbow, Tabis and Essence Reaver is really deadly but even a more Tank oriented build makes
him win 1v1s
Doesn't matter
ZacHardZac has super strong ganks and counter ganks and also has a really good clear. He can stun you with his Q on your Box so care.
You hardly win a fight against this guy even early on so try to concentrate on proper macro and outjungle him by ganking and farming
better. Be careful of his insane heal when on low HP, this guy does not wanna die if he pops his spells at like 10% of his HP