TopicPosition Link for Reference Where did the MSS advocate for it?When?What happened?Related CFMS position
2022 (S)
Motion for MSS to support the statement called"Official Statement regarding the American Supreme Court Reversal of Roe v. Wade".Position of support was shhared on social media
Instagram, MSS websiteJuly 2022Motion passed unanimously of those who voted
2021 (F)
Motion concerning the Athletic and Recreation fee paid by students based at the Outaouais campusMSS Approves the the motionMotion to Establish MD-PhD Representation within the MSS General Council.pdfn/aNovember 30 2021motion was passed to elect a non-voting MD-PhD representative to the MSS general council.
Motion to Establish MD-PhD Representation within the MSS General CouncilMSS Approves the motionStudent fees motion.pdfn/aNovember 30 2021Motion was passed to advocate for the reimbursement of the student fitness fees to gatineau studetns, given that they were unable to use the montreal campus facilities.
Emergency GA June 2021
Motion for the MSS to Support the Statement Titled "Call for Solidarity with the People of Palestine"/Résolution pour que la MSS soutienne la déclaration intitulée "Appel à la solidarité avec le peuple de la Palestine"The MSS signs onto the letter. 2021The letter was signed by the MSS. However, the authors of the letter decided to not publish the letter.
Motion Regarding Language Barriers in Healthcare - Motion concernant les barrières de langue en santéAdvocating for changes to UGME curriculum to educate medical trainees on the effects language barriers in healthcare LeadershipSL: May 2021SL: Will share this with the Physicianship rep to bring forward to the Physicianship committee
Motion to Promote French Language Proficiency in the Clinical Setting Of Undergraduate Medical Students at the Montreal Campus/Résolution visant à favoriser la maîtrise du francçais en milieu clinique des étudiant.e.s en médecine de premier cycle du campus de Montréal
Advocating for mandatory academic activities that will allow students to practice and develop their clinical skills in French LeadershipSL: May 2021Will be revisited
Motion to adopt the Strategic Plan 2021-2024The MSS adopts the strategic directions and the objectives of the MSS 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.
Motion concernant la décentralisation du système de santéthe MSS recognise that the centralisation of health and social service governance undermines the quality of health and social services in Quebec and the MSS stand with health professionals and workers calling for the decentralisation of health and social service governance.
Motion to Mandate an MSS Position on the Standardization of CaRMS Letters of Reference 1. a referendum be held as per usual MSS guidelines, including a campaigning period, for the MSS to formally take position on CaRMS Standardized Letters of Reference. 2. in the event that there is no interest from a general member of the MSS to defend a “FOR” and/or an “AGAINST” campaign, the MSS General Council be mandated to run the campaign(s), and/or to create an objective list of arguments “FOR” and “AGAINST” to ensure members’ informed decision-making. 3. this referendum be completed prior to the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) 2021 Spring General Meeting.
Motion to Adopt the IRP The Medical Students Society (MSS) shall adopt the IRP AND fulfill the conditions outlined in link
Motion to Endorse the FMEQ Positions for the Provincial Lobby DayThe MSS will endorse the FMEQ’s position in favour of promoting seniors' health and addressing the challenges and opportunities of telemedicine at the Journée d'action politique.
Motion to implement MSS Policy on General Council Positions and Press Releases / Politique de la MSS sur les prises de position par le conseil général et les communiqués de presseThe MSS implement the Policy on General Council Positions and Press Releases for a trial period of 12 months AND fulfill conditions outlined in the linked appendices
Motion to Implement MSS Sustainability Guidelines The MSS permanently implement the Guidelines for Sustainable Events AND abide by conditions outlined in linked document
Motion to Ensure French Language Proficiency of Undergraduate Medical Students and Postgraduate Resident PhysiciansThe MSS call for the French test administered after the undergraduate admission process and after the admission process for resident physicians but prior to the start of the program.
The MSS call for newly admitted medical students and resident physicians who fail the French test to take a mandatory intensive French course prior to starting their studies or residency.
The MSS call for this exam not to have an impact on admission.
The MSS call upon the Faculty to provide the necessary financial and human resources to ensure that all medical students and resident physicians acquire sufficient fluency in French as quickly as possible.
​The MSS acknowledge the linguistic rights and privileges of the anglophone community in Québec and further recognize the importance of English as the teaching language at Montreal campus of McGill University. This was brought up at the Dean's meeting.
2) Brought up by the Dean at Faculty Council.
1) and 2) Beginning December
Motion to Support French Language Education within UGMEThe MSS advocate that the faculty provide ​ongoing and regular​, mandatory, appropriate, proper, affordable, accessible, realistic French workshops/classes with a focus on improving conversational skills of the attendees, with a medical focus. This was brought up at the Dean's meeting.
2) Brought up by the Dean at Faculty Council.
1) and 2) Beginning December
Motion regarding the eponyms of Sir William OslerThe MSS believes it appropriate to rename that which can be renamed when the individual thus honoured no longer reflects our current values.the MSS recognize that Sir William Osler, while a pioneer in medical education at McGill, should no longer receive such recognition at the present time, given our evolving social norms

The MSS recognize that Sir William Osler, while a pioneer in medical education at McGill, should no longer receive such recognition at the present time, given our evolving social norms that do not endorse such things as white supremacy and sexism.

The MSS affirm that there can be exceptions to this rule, such as the Osler Library of the History of Medicine, given that Osler’s personal collection forms its backbone and that his ashes are kept in the library.

The MSS advocate that such eponyms be renamed to be more descriptive, and that some locations named after him be named in honour of other meritorious McGill alumni and faculty (including but not limited to women and people of colour).

The MSS urges McGill University and the McGill community to exercise self-reflection about the way Sir William Osler is glorified and how his name is uncritically used. This was brought up at the Dean's meeting.
2) Brought to physicianship by the rep.
1) and 2) Beginning DecemberThere has been a committee formed of medical students who will work with librarians to investigate the points brought forward by the student body.
Further action will come after this committee brings fourth their findings.
Motion to Advocate for Medical Student Access to the Dossier Santé Québec (DSQ)The MSS advocate, in partnership with the FMEQ, for clinical clerks studying in Quebec to have access to the DSQ.
Motion concernant la fermeture et la réduction de service des Centres YMCAThe MSS express its support to the communities served by the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Pointe-Saint-Charles and Guy-Favreau YMCAs.
Motion to Inaugurate the CFMS’ HEART Curricular Competencies into McGill University’s Medical CurriculumThe MSS advocates that the SAPHHA committee integrate the HEART curricular competencies into the medical curriculum.
Motion to Support National Medical Licensure for all Canadian DoctorsThe MSS support a Canadian medical license for all Canadian doctors.
Motion to adhere to
the CUTE Campaign
The MSS adhere to the CUTE campaign and advocate that all unpaid mandatory internships at every level of study be justly remunerated across Quebec.
MSS stand in solidarity with the associations going on
strike, including but not limited to the McGill Social Work Student Association. Publicised the motion on Facebook.
2) Brought to FMEQ.
1) The provincial government is working on a proposal for such a way to move forward.
Motion to Support the Renegociation on Physicians’ Remunerationthe MSS supports the government’s efforts in renegotiating the aforementioned agreement between the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec to increase the remuneration of physicians; The MSS mandate its President and Vice-President External Quebec to stand for the renegotiation of the agreement at the FMEQ and other relevant forums;
The MSS stands for a reevaluation of the remuneration of all physicians, specialists and family physicians, towards a more socially responsible distribution of resources across healthcare services; Wrote a press release. Shared it with FMEQ + our members by email + on Facebook 2) brought it up at the FMEQ CG in JanuaryMid December 2018
Motion to Endorse the SSMU Campaign
to Change the “Redmen” Name
The MSS, as a student group, sign SSMU’s open letter “Call for McGill to Change the Redmen Name,” attached in Appendix I. The MSS mandates the Medicine Senator to advocate in favor of
the name change at the University level. SSMU was made aware of MSS support 2) Shared statement of support on FacebookDecember 2018On April 12, 2019, the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University (Suzanne Fortier) announced that the men's varsity teams' name would officially be changed - a new name is expected by the 2020-2021 academic year
Disincentivize Medical School Applicants from Partaking in VoluntourismThe MSS advocate that the McGill Medicine Admissions Committee include a statement on the admissions webpage, or any other measure judged appropriate by the MSS, discouraging applicants from including voluntourism trips on their CVs; The MSS advocate that all 16 other Canadian medical faculties enact provisions discouraging their applicants from participating in such activities. The MSS prepare a press release announcing this position to relevant organizations such as IFMSA-Qc and CFMS-Global Health and other organizations that promote these activities as part of the medical school application process. Faculty of Medicine Admissions Committee 2) FMEQ 3) TBD
Motion to Prohibit MSS Members from Obtaining any Commission for the
Provision of Services Relating to Admissions
MSS act to prohibit any MSS member from obtaining a commission
for the provision of services relating to admissions [consult the document for full list of measures put into place] Committee on Medical Education Governance (C-MEG) 2) FMEQ 3) TBD
Motion to Endorse the FMEQ Positions for the Provincial Lobby DayMSS will endorse the FMEQ’s position in favour of promoting family medicine at the JAP. Be it further resolved, that the MSS will endorse the FMEQ’s position in favour of addressing the issue of climate change and its impact on health at the JAP. 2018
CUTE CampaignMSS adhere to the CUTE campaign and advocate that all unpaid mandatory internships at every level of study be justly remunerated across Quebec.The MSS stand in solidarity with the associations going on strike, including but not limited to the McGill Social Work Student Association.The Executive Council of the MSS encourage members to take part in the day of action against unpaid internships on November 21, 2018. The Executive Council of the MSS be tasked with promoting the details of the campaign to relevant media outlets and community partners. The Executive Council of the MSS provide information to their members about ongoing actions by other student associations. 2018Press Release was written and disseminated to key stakeholders
Unmatched medical studentsthe MSS advocates for increased flexibility in the completion requirements of PIAT and TTR to facilitate accommodations for unmatched students given the matching occurring and affecting these periods and the MSS advocate at the FMEQ to bring the issue to the table deconcertation for the access to clinical electives for unmatched graduates, in full recognition of its
impacts Student Leadership meeting (with Dr. Cummings) 2) Dean's meeting (with the Dean) 3) FMEQ 4) CFMSSpring 2018 and Fall 20181) 2) Basically "this is impossible because the QC Government does not want to let students do a 5th year since there are so many family medicine spots left in Quebec" 3) originally "this is impossible because the QC Government does not want to let students do a 5th year since there are so many family medicine spots left in Quebec", but MSS advocated for FMEQ to create a working group on unmatched students. As of Oct. 2018, they will be working on identifying different strategies to help the unmatched studentsSupport for unmatched Canadian medical students (2017)
QC's Resident Physicians MSS stands in solidarity with the ARM and the FMRQ in their effors to secure better working conditions, and called on its members to suppeor and collaborate wiht residents undertaking pressure tactics. The MSS calls upon Minister of Health to negotiate in good faith with ARM and FMRQ 2018The residents had a strike day and the Minister of Health re-negociated with ARM and FMRQ
Oppose Physician's Remuneration Raises and to Support a Strong Public Healthcare Systemthat the MSS oppose the raises of remuneration for physicians and support a fairer distribution of resources across the health care budget; Be it further resolved, ​that the MSS mandate its President and Vice-President External Quebec to take a stance at the FMEQ against the recent remuneration raises and to advocate for a better distribution of resources across healthcare services; Be it further resolved, ​that the MSS endorse the protest “United for healthcare” organized by Médecins québécois pour le régime public on March 24th. 2018The MSS wanted FMEQ to take position on this issue and therefore brought it at the FMEQ congrès public in April 2018. 2 out of 3 of the other associations had not taken position on the issue, and FMEQ could therefore not take an official position. However, in Fall 2018, the Délégué aux affaires politiques formed a working group on doctors' remuneration in order to create an informing document for all medical students.
McGill Medical Admissions Processthe MSS, specifically the Executive Committee should raise the delayed publication of the diversity survey results as an issue that needs to be addressed, and collaborate with Faculty Members to implement a strategy to solve this issue. Be it resolved, ​that the MSS supports the development of resources to assist applicants much like U of T’s Community of support (COS) model. Be it resolved, that ​the MSS support an admissions strategy that allows applicants from underrepresented groups in medicine to have their personal statement reviewed in the same way as University of Toronto’s Black Student Application Program. VP Global Health portfolioFall 2018 / Spring 2019The MSS VP GH Sr for 2018-2019 has taken it under her responsibility to develop a program to help applicants from underrepresented groups to apply to medicineDiversity in medicine (2010)
Letter to appeal Bill 62We are very concerned about this Bil (62). We believe it is Islamophobic and discriminates against Muslim women who wear niqabs and burqas. Published statement on websiteFall 2017 / Winter 2019The adopted statement was posted on the MSS website ( In 2019, based on this having been adopted in 2017, the MSS voted to oppose the implementation of Bill 20.
Conflict of Interest Policymedical students, as future physicians, should be aware of potential conflicts of interest in their dealings with industry and outside agencies or organizations;
Gatineau Campus MSS actively lobby the Quebec Government to change the language of instruction of FMD lectures at the Gatineau Campus from French to English.
FMEQ JAPthat the MSS will endorse the FMEQ’s position in favour of an improvement of the medical coverage offered by the RAMQ and the FMEQ’s position in favour of raising public awareness of the myths surrounding vaccination and, if necessary, working to deconstruct
them. JAPSpring 2018These two positions were endorsed and represented by the FMEQ at the provincial Lobby Day (Journée d'Action Politique) in 2018
FMEQ CaRMSthat the MSS oppose any law, rule or policy aiming at limiting the interprovincial mobility of medical students and graduates.
Adoption of an Equity PolicyMcGill Medicine’s Diversity Statement recognizes that not all populations have equal opportunity in society. It affirms not only the importance of creating a diverse faculty, but of working to ensure the meaningful participation of all its members as a way of serving our community to the best of our ability.
Canadian Campaign in favor of Neutral and Standardized Packaging of TobaccoMedical Students’ Society of McGill University supports that Canada demands neutral and standardized packaging of tobacco products as follows 2017The resolution was postponed and I am not sure if it was resubmitted in the next SGMPaper withdrawn by author - "Canadian Medical Students Updating Position on Tobacco – Tobacco Industry Interference in the Development of Governmental Policies through Front Groups & Plain and Standardized Packaging of Tobacco” (2017).

See Resolution 7 at
Motion to endorse FMEQ’s Comité d’étude sur la légalisation du CannabisHas 10 recommendations that they have agreed upon Desroches?
MUHC Glen Site Gym/Fitness Center (6a)MSS support in creation of the gym at the MUHC
MSS Support on MedPASS Report Recommendations (6b) [Amended]Healthcare is a shared jurisdiction between the federal and provincial governments. As it stands currently, Bill 52 does not go as far as the Carter ruling goes as it limits physician-assisted death to patients at the end-of-life, whereas the Carter decision allows for anyone who is in grievous suffering have access to this service.
Approval of Provincial Lobby Day Positions (6d)1. "In favour of increasing access to psychotherapy services by increasing the public coverage of psychotherapy delivered by psychologists and physicians" [1] 2. "In favour of using specialized organ donation centres ("Centres de Prelevements D'Organes [1]") to improve rates of organ donation and access to organs for transplantation" Hamad?
MSS Support for an Advocacy and Leadership Curriculum (6e)MSS support the adoption of the Policy Paper on the Inclusion of an Advocacy and Leadership Curriculum in Canadian Medical Student Curricula by the CFMS, and support the integration of an Advocacy and Leadership Curriculum into the McGill Medicine Curriculum. Advocacy (2017)
MSS Support on Paper Regarding Human Trafficking (6f) MSS support a position paper submission to the CFMS aiming to include in the curriculum of medical schools across Canada a class on the statistics, validated screening methods, and interventions for human trafficking. Support the implementation into the McGill curriculum as well Pre-Clerkship Canadian Medical Students About Human Trafficking (2016)
Out-Of-Province Medical Student Return of Service (6g)MSS seek legal advice on this matter, and consider legal avenues for resolution should alternative efforts, such as direct contact with the MSSS, fail to result in an acceptable outcome. The MSS take a stance against the return of service requirement for medical students from elsewhere. The MSS engage in advocacy aimed at eliminating this requirement, including the sending of the letter in Appendix A to the appropriate contact
MSS Community Refugee Co-Sponsor for a Syrian Family (6h) [Amended]A subcommittee of the MSS be created to examine the MSS becoming a community refugee co-sponsor for one Syrian family (two adults and two small children) in the Montreal region, and that this subcommittee present its findings with regards to the legal and financial implications to the general MSS membership via online referendum
FMEQ's Demonstration against Bill 20The MSS Officially support the FMEQ’s strike against Bill 20. went on strike to protest Bill 20.
IFHP CutsMedical Students’ Society (MSS) does not support the reduction healthcare coverage available to refugees in Canada.
Tuition DifferentiationMedical Students’ Society (MSS) does not support the differentiation of student fees.(More expensive tuition for certain fields of study)