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1/9/2019 22:27:48jaclausi@yahoo.comclausisGoogle, Family SearchHours: Tuesday 7pm to 9pm, Wednesday 7pm to 9pm, Thursday 7pm to 9pmAnaheim Family History CentermbgHours updated
1/9/2019 22:30:24jaclausi@yahoo.comclausisgoogle and Family searchNo phone numberAnaheim Family history Centermbgphone # removed
1/14/2019 own a Native American Genealogy Company for over 20 years. There is no listing for Professional Genealogists who specialize in Native American Research. I would like to to create a new category for this and list my Native American Company as I am full blooded Native American. I would also like to be listed in the States listed above as they are full of Indian Reservations. As per the categories on the Professional sites my information is as follows:
Researcher of Business:
Credentials etc: Certified by the Navajo Nation
Hours worked for clients: over 10,000
Genealogy Experienced: Decades, speaking Native Languages, Reservation Experience in all listed States, and Personal unique Native Databases.
Hourly Rate Charge: Free Research for Native Research as per our website.
Notes & Links: Many contacts including Tribal Leaders and B.I.A.
Indian Reservations, Oklahoma, Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizonambgin process
1/15/2019 9:25:52gbk@prairiegenealogy.combkrootsGrand Forks County, North Dakota GenealogyRecord Loss: Many courthouse records were destroyed during the 1997 Red River Flood and subsequent Grand Forks downtown fire.Grand Forks County, North DakotaParrislPosted to,_North_Dakota_Genealogy#Record_Loss Email sent
1/15/2019 15:26:47carolynkroche@gmail.comrochecarolynmarie1St. George FamilySearch Center Wiki"18 Tips for Writing Family History -and Writing Personal History Plus Extra Tips"ParrislEmail sent asking where they want this submission posted. Posted -- Answer receeived.
1/16/2019 12:33:16trentmeister1@yahoo.comtrentmeister1getting documents translated to Email sent
1/18/2019 17:03:12genresearch@nym.hush.comkmc000African American Resources for South Carolina; South Carolina Online Genealogy RecordsI believe this database would be useful to those researching slaveholders and enslaved people in South Carolina. South Carolina Enslaved Persons and Slaveholders: CarolinaParrislPosted to Email sent
1/18/2019 17:05:44genresearch@nym.hush.comkmc000Middlesex County, New Jersey GenealogyI believe this database would assist researchers of New Brunswick, NJ and Middlesex County, NJ. NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY: NEWSPAPER EXTRACTS: County, New JerseyParrislPosted to,_New_Jersey and,_New_Jersey_Genealogy#Newspapers Email sent
1/18/2019 18:10:32genresearch@nym.hush.comkmc000Lancaster County, Pennsylvania GenealogyLANCASTER COUNTY, PA DEATHS: 1893-1907: County, PAParrislPosted to,_Pennsylvania_Genealogy#Death Email sent
1/20/2019 6:31:03treavams@gmail.comtreavamHours openNew hours 1:30-5:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday, other hours by appointment. Please call to scheduleParrislNot enough information. Email sent requesting the name of the FHC. Posted -- Answer receeived.
1/23/2019 21:09:23tom_wilde@telus.nettomwildeKelowna British Columbia family history centreCorrect the phone number to 250-762-0588 and hours of operation to Wednesday’s 9:30 to 11:30 am and 6:00 to 8:00 pmParrislPosted to Email sent.
1/25/2019 9:31:51jndcarl@comcast.netdcarl,_Napoli,_Acerra_Civil_Registration,_Comune_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records)Related Websites: Genealogy in Acerra, Italy In the Files section we have member created indexes and links to documents. We also have members who live in Acerra and are willing to translate documents.Italy, Napoli, AcerraParrislPosted to,_Campania,_Italy_Genealogy#1._Online_Digital_Records_for_Civil_Registration. Email sent.
2/5/2019 20:41:04research@beavercountyhistory.orgargkernBeaver County, Pennsylvania GenealogyBeaver County Genealogy and History Center 250 East End Ave, Beaver, Pa 15009
Beaver County, Pennsylvaniambgposted to,_Pennsylvania_Genealogy
2/9/2019 13:17:14grandpabear.barry@gmail.combarrywiltonbryantWinchester Virginia Family History Center2 pictures of our Family History Center, inside and outmbgIn process
2/10/2019 9:29:03genresearch@nym.hush.comkmc000Leon County, Florida Genealogy and/or African American Resources for Florida FLORIDA: LEON COUNTY ENSLAVED PERSONS AND SLAVEHOLDERS County, Floridambgposted
2/14/2019 22:48:06vropublic@protonmail.comVital Records OnlineBirth RecordsUSA
2/16/2019 21:15:22lplatt@infowest.comldplattCubaThe following is a sample of the information I have on Cuba. I would like to know the best way to make this information available to Cuban researchers and family genealogists. Lyman De Platt, Ph.D.: 435-319-9987;; 3440 Hidden Hills Loop, Cedar City, Utah 84720. Thank you.

Cuba General Research Guide, by Lyman De Platt, Ph.D.

Table of Contents
Political History
Civil Registration
Ecclesiastical History
Parish Registers
Family Sources
Census Records
Notarial Records
Land Records
Military Records
Family Histories
Other Genealogical Records
Cemetery Records
Immigration-Emigration-Migration Records
Civil-Criminal Cases
Archivo Nacional de Cuba
Archivo General de Las Indias
Archivo General de Simancas
Archivo Historico Nacional

Political History: Christopher Columbus touched the land mass of Cuba during the month of November 1492, but it was not until seventeen years later that Diego Velazquez de Cuellar colonized the island. The first settlements were begun in 1511. The city of La Habana was established in 1517 on the south coast of Cuba and was relocated to the present location in 1519.

The island was divided into two gobiernos in 1620. These were La Habana and Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba was under the jurisdiction of the Viceroyalty of New Spain initially. In 1762 the English captured La Habana but it was restored to Spain the following year. In 1777 Cuba was elevated to a captaincy general within the colonial civil structure of Latin America.

In 1827 the Spanish government divided the island into civil departments under which it was administered until 1878.

Between 1868 and 1878 the Ten Year War took place on the island, but it finally ended without resolving anything. There was a lot of destruction caused by this revolution, both in lives and records.

On June 8, 1878 the island was divided into six provinces which were Oriente, Camaguey, Las Villas, Matanzas, La Habana, and Pinar del Rio. In 1893 the island became one province again with a captain general as the governor, and it was divided into four gobiernos or lieutenancies which were further sub-divided into thirty-one political districts.

Once again, in 1895, there began another uprising which resulted in the Spanish-Cuban-American War of 1898. In 1901 Cuba adopted a constitution which relegated it to a protectorate of the United States. It finally declared its independence in 1940.

In 1975 the old 1878 provinces were subdivided as follows, Oriente: Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, Granma and Las Tunas; Camaguey: Camaguey and Ciego de Avila; Las Villas: Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Villa. The other provinces remained undivided. Within all these provinces, the areas are divided into municipalities.
CubambgMade Lyman and editor and emailed him.
2/21/2019 14:44:43nublelwiki fortnite'lalalalol
2/21/2019 14:45:05<img src="" alt="Image result for belle delphine face"/><img src="" alt="Image result for belle delphine face"/><img src="" alt="Image result for belle delphine face"/><img src="" alt="Image result for belle delphine face"/><img src="" alt="Image result for belle delphine face"/>
2/21/2019 17:40:36ighr-asst@gagensociety.orgpeachy seemUpcoming ConferencesFamilySearch Family History and Genealogy Expo
Saturday, 20 July 2019 10 a.m – 5 p.m.
University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
1197 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602

FamilySearch personnel will provide sessions throughout the day on how to take advantage of the extensive, free resources available online at! This event is free and open to the public, no registration required. See for details.
mbgevent added as requested
2/22/2019 10:29:02kvc801@gmail.comkvc801,_Cheshire_GenealogyThe Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Church was in an area of Macclesfield which was formerly part of Sutton--not to be confused with the village of Sutton, four miles south of Macclesfield. The church closed in 1986 and has been converted into apartments and the burial was converted into a parking lot. The graves were relocated, but no one seems to know where.

The street where the church/apartments is located was once known as Bridge Street, off Mill Lane. The street was renamed to Chapel Street to avoid confusion with the Bridge Street in Macclesfield.

Brunswick Wesleyan Church, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Englandmbgcontents added
2/24/2019 13:00:3817MPoklek@rgtrustschool.netgermanyyour mom
2/24/2019 20:44:33tbhobbs08@gmail.comtbhobbsDade County, MissouriRemove Comment "Dade County formed from Greene County"
Non-County Areas 29 and 32 were under the Military and Administrative Control of Barry County and Polk County.
Dade County, Missourimbgedit made
3/15/2019 12:59:14cfrisbie@lago-vista.orgLago Vista, Texas - GenealogyLago Vista Genealogical Society - Vista, Texasdjbedit made
3/16/2019 9:03:06alandickson428@gmail.comagroesbeckFairfax County VirginiaUnder Genealogy Societies and Libraries the Fairfax Genealogical Society is listed. Suggest adding the website of that society: wttps://fxgs.orgFairfax County, Virginiadjbedit made
3/16/2019 9:12:31alandickson428@gmail.comagroesbeckFairfax County VirginiaUnder Fairfax County Virginia Genealogy Societies and Libraries add: "Mount Vernon Genealogical Society", and a link to its website: Fairfax County Virginiadjbedit made
3/16/2019 18:41:27lizpr70@gmail.comLizPR,_West_Virginia_GenealogyThe county seat of Wetzel County is New Martinsville, West Virginia. As you will note, the address for the County Courthouse is New Martinsville, West Virginia not Martinsville, West Virginia.Wetzel County, West Virginiadjbedit made
3/19/2019 6:23:01jaynestehle@gmail.comjastehle,_Ohio_GenealogyEmail: (The email address for the Washington County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society)Washington County, Ohiodjbedit made
4/1/2019 15:55:47hi@save.comhi@save.com3 goes to trash bin of user
4/2/2019 6:48:15ktrares61@gmail.comPortage County, Ohio GenealogyPortage County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society (, Ohiodjbedit made
4/9/2019 18:16:57martinez2807@atcbroadband.comGeneva Smith Martinez0Edward Smithpearl river county msdjbFamilysearch family tree request
4/9/2019 18:19:44martinez2807@atcbroadband.comGeneva Smith MartinezI don't have a pageInformation about my GG grandfather Edward SmithPearl River County MsdjbFamilysearch family tree request
4/20/2019 20:16:30cherey@gmail.comchereyoungNew York Online Genealogy Records
NYC Marriage & Death Notices 1857-1868/
New York City, United Statesdjbadded link
4/21/2019 19:46:05jthompson@coutts.govkgtpalmer 8Jason Carter-ThompsonCalling and election made sure bless you to this end:: request by Pres. and Sister Nelson. Submitted by Karen Carter-Thompson,^Calgary, Alberta Canadadjbemail sent asking for clarification
4/21/2019 19:47:43kgtcarter@yahoo.comkgtpalmer 8Karen Carter-Thompson^Calling and election made sure bless you to this end:: wiki played in Oct. 2018Morristown, Tennessee 37813djbemail sent asking for clarification
4/24/2019 6:35:54dekram47@gmail.commarked175,_Northamptonshire_GenealogyImages of Bishop's Transcripts, 1701-1812 are available at
Images of Parish Registers, 1783-1811 also:
and Parish Registers 1801-1812:
4/27/2019 20:58:39I am correct and you are not. Please correct the spelling of Winamac.I am not familiar with FamilySearch, but my name is Gail KennedyPulaski County, IndianaOn the site where the map is shown, Winamac is spelled wrong My grandparents lived in Winamac, so that jumped out at me.Winamac, Indiana is the county seatmbgnot a Wiki map
5/2/2019 22:43:51jenhaddad72@gmail.comjenhaddadAlberta Online Databases - Land Records, Canadambg
5/4/2019 17:47:38ighrpublicity@gagensociety.orgljdelgado of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) Sunday, July 21 - Friday, July 26, 2019 Athens, GA [note: the days of the week are incorrect]djbchange made
5/16/2019 16:41:14julielenoxsharifi@gmail.comLenoxshjUpcoming Conferences
The Augusta Genealogical Society welcomes Dr. Tom W. Jones to the 2019 Annual Genealogical Symposium, August 10, 2019 at the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 3500 Walton Way Ext., Augusta, Georgia
2019 Annual Genealogical Symposiummbgchange made
5/19/2019 16:20:43garyleeparks@gmail.comgaryparksNicknames= Formal NamesLish = Elishambg
5/21/2019 13:22:42struththomas1@gmail.comStruth1Wiki Family History opening Hours pageFriday opening hours to be removed until further notice.Bristol, England.mbgchange made
5/30/2019 9:41:37ezaifnejad@gmail.comlnz3,_Malm%C3%B6hus,_Sweden_Genealogyplease add the place name: Afvundstorp as a place in Bosarp parish. As seen here: parish, Malmöhus (NOT Bösarp parish)mbgchange made
5/31/2019 17:45:12dmrwalsh@gmail.comDWalsh2,_Illinois_Genealogy#CatholicPLEASE ADD translated record links to each of these wiki items:

Church Records of St. Joseph Parish, Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois 1866-1958, translated records ( ) courtesy of the St. Clair County Genealogical Society (

Church Records of St. Luke Parish, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois 1883-1956, translated records ( ) courtesy of the St. Clair County Genealogical Society (

Church Records of St. Clare Parish, O'Fallon, St. Clair County, Illinois 1868-1956, translated records ( ) courtesy of the St. Clair County Genealogical Society (
St. Clair County, Illinoismbgchange made
6/3/2019 14:46:41Mark_L_Garrett@yahoo.commgarrett "Finding Living People" change the link for to zroots.orgSpecific Web Sitembgchange made
6/4/2019 14:36:56emmachristine@gmail.comwey00001Los Angeles County, California GenealogyProbate: Original records of cases filed in the Los Angeles County Court and District Court for Probate case files from 1850 through 1900 and for Civil case files from 1850 through June 1910 are stored at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.
Site to search index of probate and court records at Huntington Library:
Los Angeles Countymbgchange made
6/4/2019 15:36:28larryjtaylor@msn.comseagull1The Las Cruces New Mexico FHC Tuesday: 9 AM to 3 PM; Afternoon for Spanish Speaking as well as English
Wednesday: 9 AM to 3 PM; 6 PM to 9 PM
Thursday: 9 AM to 3 PM
Saturday: 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Spanish Speaking or English
By appointment only (call for English 575 571-2910 or for Spanish Speaking Assistance: 575-382-9232)
Las Cruces, New Mexicombgchange made
6/5/2019 16:45:14ubclebucklegionaire2018@yahoo.com1unclebuck1My Great Grandmother / Katherine OlerTirol Autriambgnot for Wiki
6/7/2019 9:37:53ceirrageorgia@gmail.comceirrageorgiaNewton County, GARockdale-Newton County Genealogical Society, email rncgs41119@gmail.comNewton County, GAmbgchange made
6/7/2019 9:53:50ceirrageorgia@gmail.comceirrageorgiaRockdale County, GARockdale-Newton County Genealogical Society - email rncgs41119@gmail.comRockdale County, GAmbggave editing rights
6/11/2019 7:08:57jnscole@yahoo.comjnscole've discovered that enslaved people are included in the Liberty County section of these records, using the first name of the enslaved person and the surname of the slaveowner. The records were extracted from the records of the Midway Congregational Church. I'd like to include a comment to that effect so that users of the collection will know that "Paro Bennett," for example is an adult enslaved man owned by a man with the surname of Bennett, not a child named Paro Bennett, but at my permission level I can't edit that wiki page. Can I submit a comment to have it added to the page? Georgiambghas editing rights, sent email
6/18/2019 12:45:44georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Brunswick CountyOnline Images of Orphans Estates - 1740 to 1781; 1828 to 1843; 1843 to 1853 $ Virginia Pioneers
Online Images of Wills - 1739-1750; 1751-1761; 1764-1769; 1783-1785 $ Virginia Pioneers
Online Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories - 1795-1804 $ Virginia Pioneers
Virginiambgcontent added
6/18/2019 12:55:27georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Westmoreland CountyOnline Images - Wills & Estates, Bk 1, 1653-71; Bk 2, 1691-99; Bk 4, 1707-1709; Bk 5, 1712-1716 $Virginia Pioneers
Online Images - Wills and Deeds 1706-1804 $Virginia Pioneers
Online Images of Wills 1755-1804 $Virginia Pioneers
6/18/2019 12:59:41georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Alexandria CityChurch - Members of Alexandria Presbyterian Church Virginia Pioneers $ Virgiiambg
6/18/2019 13:04:22georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Westmoreland CounthOnline Images of Wills & Estates - Bk 1, 1653-1671; Bk 2, 1691-1699; Bk 4, 1707-1709; Bk 5, 1712-1716 Virginia Pioneers$
6/18/2019 13:17:18georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Chatham CountyProbate - Online images of Will Bk H, 1817-1827 Georgia Pioneers $
Probate- Complete Card Index File (typed) of all Wills, Estates, etc. 1733-1838, Georgia Pioneers $

Tax Digests - Images of 1793 and 1798 Georgia Pioneers $

City Directories - 1898 and 1899 of Savannah Georgia Pioneers $

Military - Wayside Poor Home 1863 to 1864 Georgia Pioneers $

Colonial Records - 1738 Savannah Residents; 1735-1738 Savannah Baptisms; 1738 List of Savannah Malcontents; Savannah Town Lots 1745-1747; 1756; Savannah Town Lots at Yamacraw Bluff 1760; Savannah Wharf Lots 1759 Georgia Pioneers $
6/18/2019 13:20:09georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Effingham CountyProbate - Images of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Wills and Estates, Bk B, 1791-1802 Georgia Pioneers $
6/20/2019 1:31:18ulysis@rapidvisa.comU.S. immigration history and history of K1 visaU.S. immigration historyUnited Statesmbgnothing to add
6/19/2019 20:11:55georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Culpeper CountyProbate - Online images of Wills, Estates, Inventories 1783-1791; 1791-1803; 1803-1809 Virginia $
Virginiambgcontent added
6/19/2019 20:14:13georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Cumberland CountyProbate - Online Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, etc. 1792-1810; 1810-1814; 1814-1817 Virginia $ added
6/20/2019 9:35:13peterdmcdonald@hotmail.comdont understandadditional information of Frederick G McDonald. b.1888 Birmingham.Englandmbgnot wiki content
6/20/2019 11:37:09julielenoxsharifi@gmail.comLenoxshjUpcoming ConferencesThe Augusta Genealogical Society 2019 Annual Genealogical Symposium & Workshop August 9 - 10, 2019. From Brick Walls to Credible Conclusions.
Workshop - August 9 - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Symposium - August 10 - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
GA, Augustambgcontent added
6/25/2019 13:38:59georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Elizabeth City CountyProbate - Images of Wills, Deeds, Estates 1689-1699; Guardians Accounts 1737-1748 and 1827-1843; Virginia $

Marriages and Licenses - 1694-1699; 1719-1720 Virginia $

Land Causes: 1809-1813; 1833-1836 Virginia $
Virginiambgcontent added
6/27/2019 17:07:00harveycox@yahoo.communndEngland Every name probate indexes Probate records. High Wycombe, Bucks, England: EurekA Partnership. 2002-
Every name index for Diocesan and Archdeaconry wills. As of 2019 14 volumes had been issued covering 1733-1825. Related volumes cover the Peculiars of Banbury and Dorchester.
FHL 942.57 P2e v. 1-

Oxfordshire, England,UKmbgcontent added
7/2/2019 11:15:31kjonesfamgen@gmail.comunowhoSerbia Genealogy - Serbia Societies
The Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)

Serbian Genealogy Society

Serbiambgcontent added
7/4/2019 12:39:11georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Fauquier CountyProbate Records - Images of Will Bk 3, 1796-1804; Images of Will Bk 4, 1804-1808 Virginia Pioneers $

Virginiambgcontent added
7/4/2019 12:42:56georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Fairfax CountyProbate Records - Images of Wills - Bk D 1776-82; Bk E 1783-91; Bk F 1791-94; Bk G 1794-99; Bk H 1799-1801; Bk I, 1801-1806 Virginia Pioneers $ Virginiambgcontent added
7/5/2019 13:03:48harveycox@yahoo.communndEngland Every Name Probate IndexesSurrey & South London Wills & Probate Index, 1470-1856
Surrey. England
7/6/2019 15:59:36rosangela.souza@virgilio.itahahumhumgustavo esposito????vinhedo brasilmbgno content
7/9/2019 23:15:12georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Frederick CountyProbate Records - Digital Images of Wills, Inventories and Estates, Bk 2, 1752-61; Bk 3, 1761-1700; Bk 4, 1770-1783; Bk 5, 1783-1794; Bk 6, 1795-1802; B 7, 1802-1804 $ Virginia added
7/9/2019 23:16:48georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Fauquier CountyProbate Records - Digital Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Bk 2, 1783-1796 $ added
7/15/2019 11:47:00georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Bibb CountyProbate Records - Images of Wills & Estates 1870-1891; Images of Annual Returns, Estates, Wills, Bk A 1822-37; Bk B 1837-44; Bk C 1843-51; Bk D 1851-54; Bk E 1853-57 Georgia Pioneers $ added
7/23/2019 20:29:43andriegrant@comcast.netandriegrantkingDavid Anderson Stafford appropriate
7/31/2019 17:47:46georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Goochland CountyProbate Records - Online Images of Deeds, Wills, Inventories: Bk 1, 1728-1734; Bk 2, 1734-1736; Bk 3, 1737-1742; Bk 6, 1748-1755; Bk 7, 1755-1759; Bk 8, 1757-1765; Bk 9, 1765-1769; Bk 10, 1769-1775; Bk 11, 1775-1777; Bk 12, 1777-1779; Bk 13, 1779-1784; Bk 14, 1784-1788; Bk 15, 1788-1791; Bk 16, 1791-1795; Bk 17, 1796-1800; Bk 18, 1800-1803 - $Virginia Pioneers added
7/31/2019 17:50:50georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Hanover CountyProbate Records - Online Images of Wills, Estates, Accounts - 1733-1735 $ Virginia Pioneers https://virginiapioneers.netVirginiambgcontent added
8/10/2019 awdunn ANCESTRY offers searchible content and images of the UK 1939 Registry.
Access is free in ANCESTRY to LDS account holders. See
No mbgduplicate information
8/12/2019 2:30:07Ravindermolluguri123 gamil.com1BarthPeddapallinot appropriate
8/13/2019 9:12:31leakeyroof@yahoo.comTeresa LeakeLocal HistoriesOriginal write-up given on the occasion of the unveiling of the Rio Mills historical highway markerAlbemarle County, Virginiambgcontent added
8/14/2019 11:17:48georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Loudoun CountyProbate Records - Online Images of Wills, Inventories 1757-1771, Bk A; 1772-1781, Bk B; 1783-1788, Bk C; 1788-1793, Bk D; 1793-1797, Bk E; 1797-1802, Bk F; 1802-1806, Bk G ($)Virginia Pioneers https://virginiapioneers.netVirginiambg
8/14/2019 11:21:31georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus 40King George CountyProbate Records - Onlin Images of Wills, Inventories, Accounts 1752-1780, Bk 1; 1780-1804, Bk 2; Inventories and Fidiciary Accounts - 1721-1744; 1740-1765;1794-1807 - Orphans Accts - 1740-1761; Guardian Accounts 1759-1823, Bk A ($) Virginia Pioneers

Indexes to Deeds - 1729-1736, Book 4; 1745-1784, Book 6; 1785-1793 Book 7 ($) Virginia Pioneers
Virginiambgcontent added
8/14/2019 11:24:15georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Isle of Wight CountyProbate Records - Images of Wills, Inventories, Estates - 1636-1767; 1661-1719 (also includes deeds); 1715-1726; 1726-1734; 1733-1745; 1745-1752; 1794-1803; 1804-1808 ($) Virginia Pioneers https://virginiapioneers.netVirginiambgcontent added
8/14/2019 11:27:27georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Henry CountyMarriage Licenses - 1778-1794 ($) Virginia Pioneers
Tax Digest - 1782 ($) Virginia Pioneers
Virginiambgcontent added
8/14/2019 11:31:35georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Henrico CountyProbate Records - Online Images of Wills & Estates 1714-1718; Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1787-1812; 1802-1809 ($) Virginia Pioneers https://virginiapioneers.netVirginiambgcontent added
8/14/2019 20:26:11seweyes25@gmail.comseweyes87Monroe County, Mississippi GenealogyFuneral Homes --- E. E. Pickle in Amory . Website:, Monroe, Mississippimbgcontent added
8/15/2019 10:10:07carolestanford@shaw.caCaroleHainesStanfordWhere you think appropriateAt the time of the French Revolution there are French Emigrees who attended St Pancras Old Church and have information in the parish records. One had their French family tree pasted in.St Pancras Old Church - French emigrees due to French Revolutionmbgcontent added
8/19/2019 12:29:00dmyers3@ameritech.netDorinda Myers Tech Family Discovery Day
Saturday September 21, 2019
9:00am - 3:30pm
Kirtland Family History Center 8751 Kirtland rd. Kirtland, Ohio
Website to register:
Kirtland, Ohiombgcompleted
8/23/2019 13:00:22traylerj@gmail.comjtraylerColeman County, Texas GenealogyMarriage records of Coleman County, Texas 1907-1916Coleman County, Texas mbgduplicate information, no link given
8/25/2019 11:43:31georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40mecklenburg CountyProbate - Online Images of Guardian Accounts 1766-1793; 1802-1812; 1812-1825 ($)Virginia Pioneers added
8/25/2019 11:47:43georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40lunenburg CountyProbate - Images of Wills, Inventories, Accounts 1745-1762, No 1; 1762-1778, No 2; 1778-1791, No 3; 1791-1799, No 4; 1800-1802, No 5; 1802-1809, No 6 ($) Virginia

Probate - Guardian Accounts 1791-1798; 1798-1810; 1828-1851 ($) Virginia
Virginiambgcontent added
8/25/2019 11:49:33georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Louisa CountyDeed Records - Images of deeds, etc. 1759-1765; 1764-1766 ($) Virginia added
8/25/2019 11:52:45georgiapioneers@gmail.comregulus40Middlesex CountyProbate - Online Images of Orphans records 1760-1825; Images of Administrator Bonds 1767-1810; 1821-1825; Indexes to Wills 1675-1800; 1800-1950 ($) Virginia added